The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 1, 1955 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1955
Page 19
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Tidbits fmm IveM • •" ' ' ' * •- /•-;-'»..,* , *Jti< arid M*s Rick ratuuio spent a recent weekend at Guttenberg with Mr and Mrs Robert Pousch.. Guttenberg 'is "a 'quaint Nttte. tpwa on .the' v&y : the Mississippi river where'a very good View of the. locks mat be seen.' The Fabrizibr were hopeful a boat or boats would go through but luck wasn't with them. • , .• ' '* * * „ . The Ab Longs had already ar"} rived, before their card which i stated they would be here in a i few days. The card pictured the ? Hot Fish Shop at the foot of " f "Sugar Loaf" hill on the eastern edge of winona, Minn. I saw* it ••• a year ago arid we passed the "Shop" because there were already so many cars parked there we figured it would be a con: . siderable length of time' before We could, be seryed. Night was falling and we were anxious to , get to a hotel. We x were'guests of "Mac" and Evalyn McDdugall the following day at lunch arid their home seems almost at the foot of the hill, yet distant enough to enjoy the view. It is an abrupt rise of ground,'shrub and tree covered and at the top is a ' white shaft much; smaller than the hill itself, and it Is probably this white "loaf": which gives it the name "Sugar Loaf. 1 ' I wish the "Des Moines-Register" would go back to it's qld way. of presenting the radio programs, I .certainly don't like the new way—hunt all over the* gage! for the station wanted. The: old way was so simple. | . ',•'/"' : Here I am, writing 'news' fdiir 'days per week and didn't -find out till a few days ago that Mr and Mrs Irving Urch had moved to Greenville, S. ,C. where their son Albert is attending the Bob Jones University: They have rented the' farm'-to Wesley Mains and the house' to Mr and Mrs Harvey Graham. It doesn't sound as though they have des- 1 erted Algona all together, but probably just till Albert finishes college. ,. ' ' '• \ .';• • - > , •. Jane Barnes, nee Jane Laird, of Des Moines has been spending some time here -with her mdth&r,' .Mrs Cidney Laird'prior^to moving to Santa iMonica, Calif.', ' where her husband Stewart is al- i ready located., .The' Harry God| dens lost their* daughter afld her ; family to ^California too.- They are Mr and ; Mrs Tom Rabun (Joan) but .a nice; side b£ lit ;s that the girls' have-'kriowri,each .bthfei'-sirice' children and will b abld to resume this, friendship. Irt fact; Joan ; has 1 Volunteered to get theV apartment ;'snipisha]b! „ £of Jane '.before her arrival, ^ L. S. BOHANNON We were looking at new homes. I was amazed at Ihe high, prices. A home like burs would . cost $5,000 more than our fire'-'insurance, to' rebuild it. , Could we insure to; full value for only about $9 more per year. . For the answers to your insurance questions, feel free to call me at .the Bohannon Insurance Agency, Phone 103. MAGIC PLANT DAVIS PAINT Mr. and Mr*. BUI Atnon Fatieef Handier __<_metal~good sturdy stuff—and I am sure Mrs Led Mcfinroe Will agree with me. Thanksgiving day she had the-misfortune to have one of' the porcelain or china kind break and cut her hand badly. She had to go to St. Ann to have it'token care of. • i ''.*• • .* ';"•' * •' -"•'.'. '"' I had a folder froitt Mr and Mrs Sherman Little a fdw days \ ago. It was a program of the,California Dairy Industry lnci ( meeting held at the Miramar, Sarttft Monica, Calif. Sherman's 'hame ; was listed as an associate; member and Mrs Little's was, listed, among the hostesses, at .the Ladies Ccfctt- tail -party.: The^iWbm'en were entertained by a tbur of Disney* land. . Thirty riihe: Companies were, listed, .among' them the Cherry Burrell With Which-Albert Granzow was • associated-so many years, and the Webel' showcase and'.fixture company for which Sherman works. "Sherm" and/Estelle will be remembered by, riiany here, especially Sherm who is a native Al- gonan. He moved with his parents ' and ' brother, Tom, and a sister to , California /many years .ago. •'••., '.'. ' .•* Mrs Emma Dehnert has mada good recovery from her recent heart attack She says every one tells her it was similar to "Ike's", but even that doesn't make her like it any better. , She has always been so- active it was a hardship to have to remain in bed a few weeks. She is now able to be up and. around,..goes across the hall to her. daughter's apartment (MfS'R.'A. •Johnston') and" has her meals With'them. 1 " •''*.' ••' '*•' -'" Hele£ ZiitrUsch "is here from Huntington Park, .Calif., and, will remain a. couple, of weeks [with her mother, Mrs Mary" Zittritsch .•and bther ' relatives! v; She flew, from .Huntington Park tpVGreen- Ville, Pa'., in the interests of the Decca company. With which she is employed. % v 'The' comapny manufactures 'aluminum ,'patio and/julvenile furniture; *?Helen had planned to fly from Pennsylvania", ,.thence Chicago and to Fort Dodge, reaching there around ten o'clock p.m.-'Mr arid Mrs Jim:,Kelley,'Jra'cie Kelley and Elizabeth Post 'were to have met her; v ^LisiJde" and ,1 were dinner,''guests ' at Hazel Lusby's along with the A. L. Longs, when a phone call came.; Lizzie was informed the ;trip to 'Fort Dodge was OFF. Helen's plane had been grounded at Chicago and she was coming in on the train the next, morning. , ' . V .:. • * * -'*,.'• is .not,a new expeHence; ; as she made a-trjpvvia' plane to Honolulu last year. She loves, it, thinks there' is no other way, plans to go'back to California via plane,and one can hardly, blame her for her enthusiasm for she can get' places so quickly, whereas, as she said,"It took me eleven hours to get here from Chicago." Think where you can get in eleven hours in a plane. *,.; . Adrian Casler* doesn't stand the cold,weather very well and was told by his doctor to get away from here till spring. He chose Plateau, Fla., and left a few weeks a'go. He misses the home folk and would appreciate hearing from his friends. His address is 42$ 8th Ave. He has met a few former Algonans, among them Mr and Mrs Dennis Goeders who are at St. Petersburg, or is" it Clearwater? En route to Florida he stopped af Joliet, 111., to visit tyis niece and her husband Mr and Mrs George Simmons. Mrs Simmons is the former Barbara Schneider. * * . * Now for a few more 1896 items —Miss Josie Pettibone is in Brooklyn in her second year of study in china decoration. She will graduate in June. (She was art teacher in the schools years ago) Mrs Harry Wilson pajnt china too, and taught it. I remember well the beautifully dinner set Lucille Crose painted, under Mrs Wilson's teaching. There was a sister Jennie Pettibone and they lived with their mother in the house just east of the Methodist church. Can't you "old timers" see the Pettibones" and Mrs Jim Patterson ' riding around in a surrey drawn by a single horse? The animal neyer went off that slow walk. If it had, I wonder what the ladies would have done. Judge Quarton let in 34 new citizens at Estherville, Monday, and opened court long enough here to let in six. Theo Chrls- chilles (grandfather of our Theo H.) G. F. Peek and Perry Burlingame are subpoenaed to Fort Dodge to sit on federal juries. None of them enjoy the job. LONE ROCK NEWS Mrs W. J. Cotton and Mrs M. G. Bourne of AlftPna attended a bridal shower at Humboldt, Sat' urday afternoon, at the Brandt Amlie home in honor of their daughter Kaye Frederickson., The Idle hour club met Nov. 7 at the Joe Volmer home with a 500 party.. Florence Yager wpn high, Mrs Freil Tigges, low, Jim Cody Jr. high for men, atut Harold Nelson low, Mrs Albert Shaser travel. Mr and Mrs Raymond Bierle an4 family w?re dinner guests Sunday at the Cart Swansoh home at Shower Nov. 18 ForLivermore Girl, Bride Nov. 20 Harry , Clark, Mrs Alice Smith, Lois Smith, Mrs Kenneth Hdwtr:d, .Mrs John -Olt s5n, Mrs J, Bedford, Mrs S. Fox, Mrs Ouy Ratify and Margaret Molirf entertained at a miscellaneous shower in the Presby ter- iart church Friday evening, Nov. 18, in honor ; of Beverly Martin, Whb was married Nov. 20 to Clifford Sturbe'vant in Ft. Dqdge, 'The bride -.opened i her gifts from a beautifully decorated table.- ;•,.'".;•"'<, 7, •"'.'•. -•'.-. ..- • /; , ftefreshnierits were seryed by the committee. ; i ' Ai'sod , •'"-.':' 4: '. , Mr and Mrs Bill Wilsdh eh* tertained their 600 club at a pot lubk supper Sunday evening; at their 1 farm home. -> v ; . Mrs Elmer Grohbach and- Mary Melavin left '• Wednesday, for Chicago, 111. where, they visit.ed until Sunday with the letter's father,' '....-'•' ' . Mr and Mrs ,Orin Beardsley spent this Weekend here with his parents, Dr. and N Mrs R. 'W. Beardsley and her parents; Mr and Mrs Forbus Stiltz? • Mrs Lizzie Nygaard and Mr and Mrs .Virgil Smith and family spent Thanksgiving , with the former's son-in-law and x daughter, Mr and Mrs Ray Von Vories, arid family in Wichita, Kan. Mr and Mrs Ernest Logue spent their Thanksgiving with their' son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Rex Cottington and family in Council Bluffs. , Mr and Mrs Jess Martin and family attended the wedding of their daughter. Beverly Martin and Clifford Sturbevant at Fort Dodge • Sunday afternoon, Nov. 20.. "•••:.•••. : Mr and Mrs Dean James and IF IT'S NEWS Wg WAST IT TEST-PROVED Pnced ot'less than Has much, but per-, Me* incWti «f lormance- proved ' equal to 5 leading competitive aid* averaging $2681 •mm m *m rnr OITAIU DEMONSTRATION & PERSONAL SHOWING Algeria Hotel' TUBS., DEC. 6 d a.m. to 12 Noon Batteries and service for. most makes — You are, invited to come in. . IOWA AUDIPHONE CO. 16 Years 611 Fleming Bldg. 6th & Walnut St«« D. M. ' Authorised Zenith Hearing Aid Dealer ' ' family of Hardy 1 were Sunday supper guests,with s heft.parents^ Mr and Mrs Karl Baesslef..-, , , . Mr and Mrs Neai Hanifan of Dakota City., wef e Thanksgiving Aintiet guests Of his rtiother, Mrs Alice HaWfany and JSligette and Anna Hariifan, Mrs Dave Fisher, who spent a few days,i4t-"flie'; home •; of: her Son;, Rb'lbert' F3shW, in,; Titonka and in? Mason City; feturned home Sunday;, >V. ''•<*. .Mr ahd Mrs Lofen Holmes and Mr and Mrs Reimers and son went to Marion* la;, where they visited over Thanksgiving with the former's son Herbert Holmes arid family. /• f Mrs Margaret Smith was call" Webster City. ; -;Her sister- Ifi-law, I,,Mrs.. Wheeler and Son wei'e ;kUied in a car acdident and her brother was injured and ;hbs- pftalized 'in the .WebsteJ" City hospital.,, ' " ?Vi • • Donald Smith, Who is-:.attending Mt. Sti. Bernard's Seminary, in DUbuque spent, his .Thanksgiving ' vacation here' with his motlier, Mrs Johanna Smith and his EJistefs and brothers. u Dinner guests Thanksgiving Day 'at the Art Vaudt home were Mr akid Mrs Raymond Berte and famili' of neat 1 LuVerne ahd Mr and Nlrs Wayne VaUdt ahd-famv ily. " Mr iand Mrs Gordon Scott and family of LuVerne and Mary Ann JScott, R. N., of the Lutheran hospital in F6rt Dodge were Thankjsgiving dinner guests of her parents, Mr and Mrs Norman Scott. ' V i Mrs Harold Manson and family Of Algona were Monday evening Visitors' with.her parents, Mr and Mrs Zeiak Smith. Dinnar guests Thanksgiving Day at' the Mrs Dorothy Malk- ftius hdme were Mr and Mrs Peter Mjalkmus, ,Mr and Mrs John Renquislt and family, Mr and Mrs Harold iThoms, 'and' Mr and Mrs Cjlaf Briivik and SOn of Ottosen. . Mrs Harry Clark, -Mrs Alice Smith iknd Mar'gafet Malin attended the' vifetiding of Clifford Sturbevont arid'Beverly Martin ALL THE by fh* 1O th of the . 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 2? 23 24 25 26 27 28 2£) 30 31 EARNS ' "'."-. THE FIER||; AH the money you can save by the 10th of the month . . . can still earn a liberal return for the full month, It's not too late to share in the big year-end dividend our savers will re* . ceive. Why not open your savings account with us now and enjoy real profit On your sayings, ..... —WITH {COMPLETE SAFETY! HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASS'N. Since 1917 Algona Iowa at Fort Dodge Sunday afternoon. Miss Martin is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Jess Martin of Livermore. ' Phyllis Faith who is employed in Des Moines spent Thanksgiving here with. her uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs John Olson. Mrs Earl Armstrong was hostess to the Frog Hollow Club at her home Thursday afternoon with Mrs Bill Ojergerson co- hostess. Jackie Zeimet,.son of Mr and Mrs John Zeimet, and Harold (Sonny) Lane, grandson of Mr and Mrs Everett'Lane, have enlisted .iA the army and left Tuesday for 'Des Moines, From there they were sent to Camp Thursday, December 1, 1955 Algona (la.) Upper Des Moines-3 Chaffee, Ark. Mrs Hartley Mackintosh was hostess to the W.S.C.S. at her farm homo Wednesday afternoon. Mr and Mrs Elmer Gronbach and Mary Melavin were Sunday dinner guests at the Lylc Ranoy home in Algona. Mr and Mrs Forbus Stiltz and family spent Thanksgiving with Mrs Stiltz' parents, Mr and Mrs Ray Fitch, in Hurt. Jerry Howard, son of Mr and Mrs Kenneth Howard, is confined to his 1 home With the mumps. IF IT'S NEWS — WE WANT IT Far Instant Relief of Sore, Aching Muscles, find chest cold discomforts, use BEN-GAY . As Advertised in this month's Farm and Home Section RUSK DRUG 'tfiay a FEEDS UUMUUINM mir Mtwi « MINERALS Sure, your livestock need supplementary minerals. But a bag of minerals doesn't have to be high in price to be good. Felco Minerals contain all the supplementary minerals your livestock need . . . and in the right proportion. And, Felco Minerals are priced right. Compare the ingredient tag of Felco Minerals with any high priced brand. You'll find Felco Minerals contain everything your livestock needs and at prices you, want to pay. Ask your neighbor about Felco then stop in and get a bag this week, West Bend Elev. Co., West Bend Farmers Cooperative Society, Wesley 3urt Cooperative Elev. Burl FELCO'S THE BEST- SA VING'S THE REST ASK YOUR NEIGHBOR Lone Rock Cooperative' Elev. Co., Lone Rock Fenton Cooperative Elev. Co., ' Fenion Whittemore Cooperative Elevator, Whittemore The Farmers Elevator, Bode Farmers Cooperative Elev. Co., Swea City tv tfa liiilllllllliiillill ______ r NO uncertain terms, this one makes your travel bows prideful as well as practical, It's aD Buick, you see-all 1956 Buick. Which means a new lift to anyone's spirit—from the new sweep-ahead look of it —the new might of its 822-cubic-inch V8 engine raised to lofty new power highs — the new sizzle of its advanced Variable Pitch Pynaflow*—th^ true sweetness of its great new ride, \ But it's a lot more than that. It's Buick's highly versatile Estate Wagon—new sub- ttontiany lowered in price for 1956 — and how much more practical can you get than that? For with this one, and for an easy-to-reach figure—you have a car with all the suavity of a smart sedan plus the all-duty handiness of a suburban vehicle. You have a car completely steel-bodied, so its exterior upkeep stays simple and inexpensive—and a car more than roomy enough to carry six and their gear. You have a covered platform that's plain wonderful. It can take an inflated air mattress. It can freight a small rowboat and camp equipment. It can hold luggage, or golf clubs—or the results of a mad shopping spree, even if you go in for antique furniture 1 . You can even have the rear seat come, at your option, •;-f;^^sK-!^'^^^^X-&iii:^^'^fKfy^f:-KKiSi&iimii The 1956 Buick SPECIAL 4-Door, 6-Passenger Estate Wagon in a handy split-section that lets you carry both rear- seat passengers and extra-long loads like skis, or fishing rods, or young trees, or two-by-fours. So what more can we say, except come see it. The Estate Wagon is available in Buick's two lowesti priced Series — the budget - tagged SI-ECIAL, and the high-powered CENTURY. And, we repeat, both newly price for 1956, *New Advanced Variable Pitch Dynafiow is the only Dynafloto Buick builds today. It is standard on Headmaster, Super and Century—optional at modest extra cost on the Special. CONOmONtNO ~m>*9 «*f fcw fri* WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUIIT 105 M. Hall BRANDT BUICK Algona, Iowa

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