New Castle News from New Castle, Pennsylvania on April 25, 1917 · Page 18
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New Castle News from New Castle, Pennsylvania · Page 18

New Castle, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 25, 1917
Page 18
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Ik two NEW CASTLE NEWS, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 1917. Two Fortune Tellers Are Behind Bars They Told Other Peoples' Fortunes but Failed to See Their Own. MAN IS A HINDOO WOMAN IS AMERICAN Constable J. M. Rae Works Up Cases and Has His Own Fortune Told. Alleged ability to tell other peoples' fortunes, but failure to fure-Eea their own, resulted in Prof. C. Braganza and Mrs. Kelley being placed in Jail last night following a hearing before Alderman Gross. J'rof Uragaai-.a claims to be a Hindoo, lie says lhat he has ruada IWu trips here (mm India and has traveled practically all over the United Slates. Mrs. Kelley lias been hern fnr utmc lime. Constable J. M. lLlO. who worked up the rises for the district attorney, doesn't know where Blio came from. The "professor" has been located . la a local hotel. His room was hung with oriental draperies and when peering into the imure wore a big rd turban, supposed to mystify hii dupes with due regard (or his oc- ; LI,. .K-riiinnrl 1,1 D'lCgCU imnuLiiui i"t "' o hand hills, on theatre program . and any oilier way that suited his lancy. ',. When arrested by Constable Rae er but claimed that he was able to read the future by scanning the heavenly bodies and by the art of palmistry. Two women were secured to have their fortunes told in order that evident1! might be nbtalu- ed. Braganza didn't seem to know that they were after his scalp, but 1111UJ UlfcU L.ICLII 1 Liu 1 ll ..ithim . -what his in store for them in tlie luture. Both had their fortunes laid arid gave testimony before tho alderman. Their evidence was to the effect that Uragania had undertaken to foretell future events for a consideration. Brasan-a T--l represented at the hearing by Walter S. Reynolds and ,; the commonwealth, by District Attorneys Ailey. Braganzi claimed he had : iust heen engaged to travel with of Invention and production and that nothing now will deter- you from pursuing your adopted course," . Deeply Moved. Mr, Balfour spoke Willi a voice tilled with emotion about the suffer ings or his own country and of 'France in the two years and ti halt lot war. lie was struck, he said, by the- feeling ol security which just being on American soil gives lo him. "I have been very deeply touched," ho said, "by the welconio given this mission. All of our hearts aro touched with the egressions of sympathy and even more so by the out wan! and public manifestations of synipalhetic emotion wherein lies llio rc-iil seen lit; of success. "No man who has sano through I ho experiences I have. In the last two days can doubt lite full determination of Iho American people, I don't suppose It is possible for you, and surely not for mo, to realize In detail what this war means. "The full realization ran only cumo from experience. "Over them we have been living in the- atmosphere of war since A u he L, Hill. Lights llnle Him. "I nrriied Sunday afternoon, That evening 1 uiuk ;i walk in tho park, and was struck by a feolins which at first I co n Id not analyze Then it came lu ine suddenly it was the first time in two years and a hull (hat 1 h;;d walked down a street at night that was properly lighted. Think what that means! Iondoii is wrapped in gloom. Kverywhci e is darkness. It is much like living inl ibo early ages." The. tall Union spoke with seriutvj-uoss of tlie manner In which the war has touched every licrirt ;tnd home in the L'jiited Kingdom. "I saw with very great regret I hat !tl:o son ol Ilonar Lan- our chancel lor of i he evehenuer Is wounded and missing in I'nltsline. It brought home to me even more the tragic losses of this war. Of I he cabinet ministers who were serving the government in August, 1911, one has been killed in action and at leas! four have lost their sons, ft is characteristic of what Is happening everywhere, throughout T rance and England. "Ill France tho losses have been even more tragic, because she had a large anny and was engaged in actual conflict from the very start whereas we had a small ariuv and could not tret started. Today wo have coming to America a mission from Franco. I feel certain flic welcome, Ihoy will receive will be no less warm than tho one yon so generously pave us." Here the Dritish statesman paid a glowing and heartfelt compliment to Marshal .Toff re, who stopped the Germans at tho Marno. Marno Most lyc-risive. "Gen. Jolfre will go down in history of all tlmo us the successful general of tho allied forces at the most critical moment In the history of tho world. When I was a hoy 1 used to read In school tho 'Fifteen decisive battles of the world.' There can cn longer be any doubt but that DO YOU WANT A LOT TO GARDEN? JOIN THE GREAT SERVICE ARMY. The crop reports to hand from nil sections, predict a lean year for elapla crops wheat, corn, rye, etc. Every American everywhere, and especlslly every cltlJCn of N'ew Castle should prepare fov fall and winter. (.'oninion vegetables are ensy lo raise, thc-y thrive KVerywliero, with care. We cannot Import Iherj. We must grow thoni and they uhould he grown Jn (unnlUlc unknown before. Tlicy bliould be grown by the rich and by the poor, and by all who care to Introduce themselves betwixt and between, litans, Onions, Peas, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Hadlshes, Lettuce, Cabbage, even Turnips these should bo everybodles' crop. Grow vegetables. Don't waste your time on (lotters. If you aro willing to spade and plant, and give the necessary rare and you do not own or control a lot, the board of trade can get a lot for you. N'amo Address Ward. Phone. Butler Man Substitute Walter K, Sumner Addresses Weekly Lunch of Board of Trade. r Deaths of the Day j Berlin Fears Neutral Rage ROTARY CLUB HONOR GUEST Jucob Mujnjwllcr, Hti. v. G. Ayers received a tele-j grain Tuesday tolling her of the.) death of her uncle. Jacob Mundwller, which occurred yesterday at hls home in Iloytvllle. O. !o - ' nu; t njr.. n Mr. Mundwller. who was about OUttm uiuiubkuiu uo . , . i . H , ,i i 1 t years oi age, iDrmeny inm ... ; Neshannock Kails, and was widely known In . (Ills vicinity, especially I among the old soldiers, as he fought in llio riv l war. lie leu. ock Falls many years ago, and had How many lots will you work? What is the longest distance, in blocks from your home to tlie lots that you would travel? I-'ill out this coupon null mall It to Iho hoard of trade, Jinfl-aon.,110 treer DulluTng. Do il now. Many Inspiring Patriotic Speeches Mark Postprandial Program at Y, W, C. A, Her to Modify Submarine Warfare. made his home in Hoylvllle since that lime, ilia widow survives hlin with, four sons and three daughters. Mr. and Mrs. Ayera will leave this ovenlng to attend the funeral. MINISTERS ARE CALLED HOME Big Honor ForlExamina,io"sT , ,T ror teachers IN. I. Women L Chosen, to Knit for Tars on ' "Pennsylvania" and "Melville," inly Supt, lloy fi. Islln Announces DaIos on Which They Will bo Held. Although dlsapointed at the eod-ii.-rival ot either of ttia speakers scheduled for the occasion, members of Ihe Hoard of Trade, which assembled at tho V. w. C. A. for (heir regular weekly luncheon, with the J .notary club as their gue-sts, received un inspiration to a concenlrateu en-doavor in the Interests of tho home city, and hoard a burning appeal for ho national support of tho president and our government In the present crisis from tho lips of tho speakers who were characterized as "pinch hitters" by David Jameson. who presided. Several hundred .gathered in the symuasluin at the Y. W. C. A. for the luncheon. Secretary of the Board of Trade, Kennedy, read telegrams From Lucius E. Wilson ot the merinan City Rureau, and from A. ;dams, president of the First Na- Mrs. Daufrheriy ltirrlod. The funeral of Mrs. Sadie Daugh-ei-iv if of n 11. DauEberty, was held at the family home, 1306vWc3l Washington street, Monday even-ine- and was attended by many friends and relatives. Rev. , J-Vaughn, pastor of the Wesley M. E.-church, conducted the services. The remains were tacn Tuesday to Grove City, where interment waa made, Rev. Vaughn accompanying . .-.i ... n..,. CSnin: -iinil me mneiai uanj- im:"., IRfp (iniieeriied sons-in-law of Mrs. Danglierty acted "e eoncerued as pallbearers. Norway Hears U-boat Restrictions Are Already in Force. International N'cwi Service) LONDON, April 25. Indications piled up today pointing to a move by Germany to modify her submarine, warfare at least In so far us neutrals Coincident with the announcement that Spain, in her latest note to Uer- Hiss HiLiniltoi) Hurled. many protesting against rolontlcas The funeral of Miss Louisa 8. submarine warfare, had virtually Hamilton was held Wednesday ' sfrvcd an ultimatum, it became morning at 10 o'clock, at iliee s. jn()vvn tlial Germany has summoned chapel, with friends and relatives In I Liomo her ministers to neutral coun- County Superintendent of Schools K. C. Leslie will hold an csamlna- tlon for provisional certificates for jail those who have taught one or i more years at tho New Castle high mn -n-n m a -pl-ct ttpd o : sell on 1 building on April 2S11I, be-10 Dili IHAUli Hj Kb ginning d S a. m. All ninterials, 'except pencils, will be furnished ihe lapplioanls. All those who want to OfTinitl.l of GamfoTtS Comrflit-llo iff eiprcteil, as private or spc MANY ARTICLES tee of National Branch Yisits Here, attendance. Rev. Robert Jittic oi tho First Presbyterian church, conducted the services. Interment was made In Greenwood cemetery, and the pallbearers were T. F. More-head, John Taggarl. T. J. and Samuel 5. Hamilton. 15 tlonal bank of Voungslown, stating ineir inability tu be present. Mr Adams' telegram read: "Unexpected' ly called to Newport on matters ro luting to my son's enlistment. In the naval service and cannot be with you today. Very sorry, but could neither forsee nor avoid 11. Pleaso nisiko my eicuse to your meeting. A. E. Adams." , Walter Kellogg Sumner, secretarv of the Chamber of Commerce of Duller. Pa., was present, and upon re-Quest of Mr. Jameaou addressed the meeting. Mr. Sumner touched on the present national crisis, and lha duty of every loyal American, concluding with a sumiuarliatlon of some of the work tho Chamber of Commerce had accomplished recently. Me told of the new community building, which :w?s opened at Lluller on Anril 9 i John S. Ourslcr, superintendent ot Lite t arne'le steel mills, neib-spoke, Mrs- II. A. Itoyd. Mrs. Mary E. Boyd tries for a conference on the U-boat situation. A dispatch from Copenhagen say.i tho German minister to Denmark already has lefl for Berlin Frou) Chrlsllana comes a report lha'. Information has been received ibtre that Germany already has agreed to some restrictions on her J-tDat warfare as it atlects neutrals. This report could not be con- llrnjed. The Spanish note, which already is declared to carnival comnnny and showed a the liaute ot the .Marne was tho most ticket which tea had rscevved to iaV.c i decisive conflict in llio history of the Turn to Boston, to ioin the com- world. And il is with great satis-tiaii-v Ha said that he had been faction that we greet her hero of selected out of a mt ot . i appli cants hecnuse o his unusual powers. He was tiabk to furnish bail and was cnmmiiicd tu jail for the June term at court. His charge for telling a forfaae was usually one dollar hut sometimes more. yirs. Kelley, who was located on Long avenue, only charged fifty nr- In nrdsr to secure evidence Constable Hae went in to have his ami gain your assistance lo the end fortune told- Mrs. Kelley produced athat Ihe nohle cause for which wo that memorable conflict. Not only Is he one of the greatest military leaders of all time, bul in him Is embodied (he soul and spirit that is animating the allies in the great struEfis. "Again lot in? impress upon yon, gentlemen, that onr mission lo America is not to Interfere, not. to : suggest or advise, hut lo co-operate i cial examinations are under the ban. The branches to be examined In are: Oihograpby, reading, writing, j arithmetic, geography, grammar, history of the United States and of Pennsylvania, physiology and hy- s. , i glene. civil government, clcmenlarv -Now Lastle women who are -ilfTebrtti ,.0C5vl musir, drawing, theory bers of tho comforts committee ofo( teaching and one book on peda-Ihe local branch of tho Navy League jgogy. The book selected Is Char-have been assigned tho honor ofiter's Teaching and Common Rrancb- Lnaking knitted goods for the men nilcs- . ,,., h.. fn one ot Uncle Ham's greatest battle-, ' vi ,;ihll, ! sending forth an appeal In the Inter ships, the "Pennsylvania." and also ' -frv , ;":.,,'. -,. i csts of the Lawrence county Hed Cross lor those of tho destroyer llal-; - ",.., vllle." Large contrihutlous to the;510??.1 ce"" l1' .. ,. fho if i ma ,,in ha All such teachers will take the ei- welfare of the.e men will be made , aminalion on Salllnlav. Aprj, 2Sth. iroui I ins city. ph;Al! subjects in this examination in Miss harmony, reprcscnllng the . J .,:.,., Loague at Washington, made a ' La i. , .Ji ' eyamlna tion. Final examinations for professional certificates will be held at the Eig-hlh Grade building. N"ew Castle, Tuesday, August 21st, 1S1T. The branches rennlred for a professional certificate are all those re- uuiTed for a provisional certificate. also any two of the following: Gen eral history, Knglish literature, phy- wife ot TI. A. iloyd, died Tuesday, April 24, at her home. 3H drove street. She was 60 years of ate, and was a native of Sllpperyrock township, has reached Berlin, having beeii born there uctobcr 8, say In part: 1866- Her parents were iguana j. if ino imperial Herman govcrn-and Ilebecca (Delrumple) Luti. nient persists in declaring that it Mrs. Bovd was a member or the adheres to Its determination in order Third United Presbyterian church. Ho defend Its lite, It must not bo and of Willard Council, D. of A., lastonlshcd if Spain, for the same and had many friends. reason, must cmphaslie lier right 9he Is survived by her nusDano, i to defend her own jtre. and bv tlie ioiiowing oruiueia n slaters'. James Luti, of Bllwooil Clity: Albert and Willis Lurz, or tins cliy; Charles Lutz, of Chewt'on: Mrs. NToblo nooher, of Shenango township, and Mrs. Homer Welch of tlllwood Clty. The funeral services will be held Thursday allernoon at 2 o'clock at iho family residence, and interment will bo made In Harmony naplist cemetery. Big Mixer Made Here; In Operation PeriiiHylvrvnlii ECnjrineeriiig' I'Jiint Product installed nt Vonus-towii Mills. pact of cards and told bin; io cut them twice. He did so, turning up a three spot and a live spat. Mrs. Kelley's interpretation was that something was going In happen within from thTee to live hours, but she did not seem io know that it was going to happen to herself. She also informed the constable that he was badly worried. This was I true for Kae was worried for .ear that she would not charge him the customary ah cents and hp would' uc unable to place, her under arrest. When Mrs, Kellny told him that all of. his worries would be over in a short lime he heaved an Sxlu sigh of relief, for be foresaw lhat she -would charf-a the fifty rents. At least thai was Hae's interpretation. When Mrs. Kelley told him lire now lighting may be brought to glorious end nH,i.n-l W tTfKlll. tZnl!.l campaign for a.",.-1 caeacc w. Hocd infant son oi . tuuT-.h , i;,a, Charles snd Ida Hood, of Shenango Mr. Ourslers statement that 3 ut of ,rt"l, ,f th ' fnm,iv hnm short call on orricials of the local branch of the league Wednesday, afternoon. She is stopping at the Wiuiatu Penn hotel in Pittsburg. Miss Karrnony reported that the Washington headquarters is overwhelmed with work, and lhat enthusiasm runs high. She said thai ofucers and men of the ships are pleased at lha prospect of being sup plied with the warm Knitted goods 5ica seophy, plane geometry, el' nients of botany, elements or zoology, elements of physics and one book on pedagogy. The book is Cutler and 1. 1he 1 S00 employes of the steel null 1 763 had joined the fled Cross was re ceived with applause and ehecTS. He added that he thought they would reach 100 per cent at the plant. In conclusion Mr. Jameson inspired the men with a sllrring appeal to the duty of every citken In the present crisis. "As the leading nation we must make the sacrifices for tlie liberty of the afflicted nations, just as our fore fathers sacrificed themselves for out liberty," he said. Cutting Affray At Birthday "Party" ColoTcd Woman Accused of Wield-.Tip; linifc nt Lawrence Street Kiuiclion. which tlie government does not sup ply but which will he highly serviceable on board ships and will pre- seilL lu a situ CIIUIIL LUK uu ui D, . ..r-j,,, T,,.-., vh, T fn, havln'g the- men later attended by Q(s an, iliB!l,emBnt - ' , , , . AH applicants for a professional The loca officials gained from her ecrtiticatfi mU5t secllre an pica lurther information about yarns. Iin MnU. frnm thll ,,. needles aml other articles used in teildBnl an(I rcturrl u prop"erlv ,ni6l the worr. out bflfore August 1st. Miss Karmony expressed d.ap- An anp,ican t0r reneWill of polntment thai she could not remam fcsslonal ccrificll0s must secure an for the meeting of the Business .--n-Hn- r-, ., tiii .3 hi mi. rr.rrii.uh. , j , j , . rt n 6'. 5-iinRriTilen iv uieaaea "nil iiib jminuue viuit. rU. fnl . . ,Mi,iB., which is soing on all over the conn- b " h , ' , . ;. ., CAPITAL ROARS WARM WELCOME near the school house Tues day afternoon al 12; 3') o'clock. Pneumonia, from which hB had been suffering about two weeks, waa the cause oT death. The child was nine months' or age, In addition to the parents, three brothers, Harry A., Kenneth and Elmer .1., and one sister, Frances, survive. The funeral will be held Thursday afternoon at 2:35 o'clock, at the Ar lington Avenue Free Methodist church, with Rev. F. M. Hall officiating-. Interment will be made in Graceland cemetery. tie was Irym-T lo ncnievt n certain frav Emma nailey or Baily. colored was arrested last night, accused of having wielded a kniie at a party at the resiilr-nr-p ll! t.a't rpnrt- krrfpr stwI cut that William Mnrrls. alo colored. The al- (CroUnnaA Vtom XgB Odi) William Pliillips, "Warren Roherls and Lanier Philips of the slale department; Col- William W. Harts, personal aide to President Wllson- Maj. U. S. Grant, III, V. H. A., ann Lieut- A. F. Carter, U. R. X. In addition to Minister Vlviani and superintendent and return it prop-1 Marshal Joffre. the visiting party in- YOUNGSTOWX, O.. April 2a. According to announcement Monday the Youngstofn Sheet and Tube Co. is preparing to operate Us new 1.-300 ton hot metal mixer, which has been under construction for many niiiiilhs. The lnixer will be operated for the first lime this week, states General Manager W. C. Rellly. The company has two smaller mixers of 300 tons capacity each. Construction work for the new device was accomplished by the McCllntlc-Mnr-shall Co. of Pittsburg. The mixer was manufactured by the Pennsylvania Engineering company of New-Castle. COLLECT PAPERS WHEN WEATHER IS GOOD Hour of I'uneral. The funeral of John Carney of 521 East Lutton street, will be held Thursday morning at 9 o'clock, nt Rl. Mary's church. Time of -Funeral - The funeral of Mrs. Lydia A. GaTt- lev will he held al the family resl-itow or the liral good day. dence in Wayne township. Thursday! .'Anyone having papers or maga-aMernoon at 2 o'clock, and interment I lines to contribute will confer a fa- Owing to (lie inclement weather, Ihe Visiting Nurse association which was to have collected papers anil magazines this afternoon has post poned the undertaking until tomor- try. Miss Karmony went from here to Beaver Falls, leaving on the 8:10 train last evening. wishes to be examined These blanks should be secured at once In order that they may be properly tilled out before August 1st. i Clirrcd at midniuht. Morris, as result and that his cfrnrtf. would i u samxl. ttns anorebended meet with success, Itae h rei,lie 11 , by the police j easier some more. Then when Mr.,. , morning Morns was discharged 1 Kelley reached tor bis fifty cents he . -, . r,nla-i was rivm nver m Women Conductors For Trolley Cars displayed his badttc, which she bad lailed lo see through the lapel of his coat and she was a prisoner. It is said that Mrs. Kelley ha:-heen telling fortunes hire or sometime and that hnr place has been -visited by scores of people who were Anxious lo learn what was going 1n happen. Her fortune telling was mostly dono with a pack ol card.. WE COME TO SERVE. NOT TO DIRECT YOU Brown Pursued By a Mad Bull One Df the Red L'wss publicity men,' C bid Brown, motored toward iiaul T:Jc ToI(, j lining Lull nun u aiau uioldjii. ii'i" that place ran out of gasoline. He I usually has plenty of "gas" but not the1. Und that runs automobiles. He dcciil--cd to go through cross lots and car- 1-,-Ir.dr I. It In1 fVnrrC n-HT rrriK IllTVI I VounBstoim Poller. Tly Vomnn .SMklnR Huhliy in New fnslle. i cu.lodj of i he coimtr deleclivc, an in- formation having hecu made against her. Mnrri i Tainted Hint he did not know who rut him. while the woman declared that she did not know either. Police sav that from recinrls of wit- nrsses Emma Davis wielded the ' r"'n? . ross uag wun inni. Mrs. Thomas Murphy of Portsmouth knife. , lilting Morris as he was frolng - painoiio io run i.nncipies "-Stayed two days and a night nt the out of Ihe door. Morris roomed aL the taeked by a raging hul , which chased ErIe rtcpot awaiting In vain for the same liou.o as ihe woman arrested three miles through tho briers snd arrlval ot her h.lstlantl who is emplo-. that they were bnishes. H was finally rescned ly j cd 1n a New Cast,e st(Je, mlM n, h"t. Red Cross nurse at the Overlook tle wonlani hHrdb. more (tlan nuLsiae oi a ik girl (CoQllnaed Fi.m Fzzb One) serion der. i and llritish rnmmlsrions is lo "tell I America how 'u run th'- war." Nothing, he rcpea:etl, conld he further from t'ne triitb- tlonfiileiur In AnicTic.i. "Our coming lo America," he Fail), "is lo ro-upr-rale wiih Anrrica and to gain a;i-taticc In this pr,?.t Elrugg'.c inio whiih we ail now arc launched, We l:ae no: c:nc ! , r ' lo riiake a Ireaty. rir to involve your . country an alliance. Our -em ing is not hacd -.inon sui V, sballow considerations. No ineri' lr-aly could Ins-phe in us more confidence than vc already- hap thai Anirric-i. now thai she is in Iho war, will en the limit, as you say. H there i? anything certain in human affairs, that much Is certain. "Two years anil a lislf base pone by since Ibis grvat war broke out. During that tini'i America has waleh- ed with growing inteic?! Ihe pro gress o the hlooil-siaineil conflict. and r. fleers .Tr-r.l,,.irJvr. " The rut .Miffcrcd hv Morris Is n(ll Fiinnamra. was penniless and had no food for hcir.i; a v.'ound In tho shoul-' craicni iu " ' v" " ' over 36 hoiirs when she tottered into lit was decided that his heart action CaDlljn icX1choliu orriM ftt was soon anu was Kr.nirai . Bu . Mion th,s mm-nin she tM heT his journey. He received a rousing re-, Forv h(!te Kin(( ncBTlc(. poHce 0 replinti at (he village of New W il- ,I(.uls lt)ol( lp a r.0ncc(on aIlrl Tai;ed mlnslon and discovered the people , ; 50 f(r her and 5ne Ml fnr there have set ineir goal as j.ucm mem- Nc,v CaBtl(, nhcT catnR a hers. Imeal She was also riven a letler to the N'cw Castle police asking aid iri lo-raling her husband. Youngstown j Vindicator. Chief of Police M. J. Voting faid ' this afternoon that nothing had been j seen of ihe woman here. IcTnT-CW A TTTA T?fTTWn VJ A. U11U11 ,1 J A- i VJ J 11 U Woman Sent Here; Fails To Arrive SuprnntrTidrnt lkunr Vjil- Fine Concert By Thayer Quartet: u , Women ronduiiors iu charge Wrsicrn Pf-nn-ylania troiley ear.-. T'.V no dream. War makes strange conditions Annnunr r nirnt wa-; made in leaver rminty esi'rda by iipcrifi ten dent eluded Vice-Admiral Chucliepral, dean of the French navy: Marquis Pierre DeChambrun, memher of the chamber o! deputies; M. Simon, Inspector o finance; M. Kovelaeque, Inspeclor general of piihhc instruction: l.ieut. Col- Fabry, chief or Marsh?.! Joffre'a staft; l.ieut. Col. Kec i:ln of be war office; MaJ. Al fred Dreylus of the medical corps, and l.ieut. DeTossan or the 10th army. !nvnlry Escort. Llnedup Inside of the ward were two ironps of Iho Second cavalry ot the regular army, who after the wel coming greetings had been exchang ed, axted as personal escort to the visitors. The latter had been accompanied up Ihe buy anil river from Fortress Monroe by the French ambassador to the United Stages, M. Jules Jnsserand: Col. Vlgiual, the French military attache; Commander DeBlanpre. the French naval attache: Third Assistant Secretary or f.tatp Long; Assistant Secretary of the Navy franklin D. Roosevelt, near-Admiral HaTry McL. Huse. U. S. X., Major Gen. Hugh I.. Scott, chier of the army general staff: I. lent. Col. Spencer Cosby, l S. A.: Major Fox Connor and Captain Philip Sheridan. V. a. A. The general public was nrt admitted to the yard and the poller, had cleared the streets for several blocSs so that It was not until the procession swung into Klghth street that the populaco could make Its wel come known. The route laid out or the passage ol the distinguished visitors took them through the capltol grounds. across the. capitol plaT.a and down will be made in Locust Grove tery. Mrs. Eliiabeili Courtney. Mrs. Elizahctli C. Courtney, widow of David Courtney, died about 1:30 Wednesday afternoon at her home, 326 Park avenue. She was one ot the well known women ot the northern part of the city. Further announcement will be marto tomorrow. vor by caning Mrs. tiram Curtis. Mrs. R. G. Maxwell or Mrs. John Lamb. Coltls Cause Hcndaclic und Kiip LAXATIVE DROMO QUININE removes cause. There is only one "Brnmo Quinine." E. W. GUOVE'S signature on box. 2 Be. Wed. Mrs. William Gourlcy. The following article Is from The Tribune-Republican of Meadvllle: Mrs, Gourley. widow of William j Gourley, died at her home In New I Lebanon, near Cncliranlon, ahout 101 o'clock Tuesday morhing, in her SJnd .year, and following a lingering illness. Mrs. Gourley was a' memher of Hie ew Lebanon Pros-1 byttrlan church and was held in high esteem. Surviving her arc four daughters and one ton, MrR. Arthur Hill, of Meadvllle: Mrs. J. S. F-lHoll. New Castle; Mrs. J. F. Andrews, .New Lebanon; Mlsa Jennie Gourley. at home, and It. A. Gour ley of Franklin. Funeral services will be held at the Cochranton Presbyterian church al 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon, con ducted by the Rev. Mr. Crewe, of Vlica. Interment in tho Cochranton cemetery. HULL 1'IIDMl I'JO. W. I I0S. s. flMRAL DIM El.1. E. KOHTJI 31- RICE Bell-ans Absolutely Removes Indigestion. One package I proves it 25c at all druggist. IT AT HILLSVILLE - jjrnmids lo historic Pennsylvania . rvenne. Atonp that thoroughfare, Itho visitors passed, swinging south of Chief of Police McCartney received . .,.,,.. n;lt. th, r, ... in ! "There has been nothine oeti your country . i rr.lranre into the meir sit' in s w u.r .nvrrniiiriii niiu struggle. You" aro animated bv no ' it 1- anticipated, lhat unless there Is a small motives but bv Ihe facl'specdy peace the er.'.i.-lment of wo-that the liberty of all mankind is ' men a stft car conductors is very hanging in the balance, and to that l)rohabli in the I'.r-avcr valley, cause America felt she must nuh-j Similar action will he taken In scribe. Surely no nation ever wen;' other elite? lo war on mere noble plalforni. j "And now lhat yon hive found: Wnlrli T1tumiM. your place by our fide I feol certain! One iTiseri in:-, in tile News Classi-thal von will throw into the conflict Ned column, was instrumental In r- nil vnnr ii-icnua leil resources, ereal-, rr- 11 r:i ne m watui In i s owner, ter- m nan 1 lose (il auv o nor naun iic. iinur" - i s: m i le J in tho world, all your groat power. same In Ihe cemetery on Sunday. An audience of ahout fiflfl people atlcnded the concert last evening In the Third I". P. church by the Thay-i er String Quartet. The extensive program arranged by the young ar- lisls was Erceteil with volliable ftp- -rnrri lacr nieht thai the Overland auln I . . Tirv,i, ir.,, j ,i w. 11. Uoyc of tiie Iraeiion coTdpany piau,e, ihe audience showing great j ,. llich ,vns stnten from the Rroadway I ,i,rough Ihe fashionable residential tin. appli.-a.oiif oi women ror posl-: ,-, ppr(,ci,-.tlo Ihroughmit. I garage last Friday night bail bc.n re-UecUon until the residence of For- :tion a (nii.liinor nr. icvrral nf ibe Thc nliarirt was ably assisted by ,.ov,.rPrl at illlsvllle, sav. a Karrell L1CI mhas'ador Hctirv White al .line.- in rt-c -.ilh - wnuM lw received Carroll Kotirns ?' soloist, and by;rorreSBondent. ir,-i Credent Place" which ' has I in be ule.l n r 1 1 a time as I here Mrs. Cbristman, a reader. Their of-, There wcre thrcc yo.,llE ,ncJ1 jn tlio 1 heen turned over to the' visitors was Is a shoring of men lor the po'lhon--. rr,ns vere also highly rommendablc fal. ,vlf.n ,,e p0cc, n0,,pPli it, but he-1 reached because or I he demanil? of war. fln,l ilrew rrneatrd hursts of ap- inT Hie officers had n chance to ar- Th ,ci nhhnrni,. r,r,lniun. Many of iT.e carnicn have offered : piause. Tlie s:ri I.nurf-n Thayer. William Stewart Francis Kissinger and Lyle Newberry, These boys are making & good start in concert work and they aTe exprcted to have much success In the work. . ircst them they succeeded In making bad been taken for the sifelv of the rr:ar(et U rnmrn'ed of tlu!ir c osne. They are known to thc I French officials. In addition to their police and il Is believed they will hr military guard they wTe led and apprehended within a short time. The I followed by picked men of the se-cir was not damaged. Rev. Father Du-!cret service and- of the Washington pan of St. Elizabeth's church anil John police. Armed men stationed on Fagan left for Hillsvillr yesterday . roofs at advantageous points alung morning and will drive thc car hack to hhe route watched against possible Farrell. George Wellman of Johns-1 attacks Trom above. Thcsrj precau-town who was recently awarded the i lions wctc taken In order to prevent car. notified of Its recovery and any untoward Incident. rni: ifl vi'" .i. .u..,,,. . v- m..i... . t i - ,ir,i. iTdiu ge iiiui.Hi oi ijviisure Horn to Mr. nnd Mrs. L L. John avenue, who spent Ihe winter in of Sumner avenue, a daughter. tho south, lias returned home. Urnnie liodaba.igh of Plalngrovc, has concluded a visit lo local relatives. W. H. Miles of Cleveland avenue is threatened with pneumonia. il i Buy Your Rugs Now from the largest selection in the city. Our April rug sale is now going on. Humlrsds of customers bought last week, Make your selection while you can get what yoa want and at the price you wish to pay. We have just opened a new lot of rugs for this week. W. F. DUFF0RD & CO. 318-320 EAST WASHINGTON ST. J

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