Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 8, 1963 · Page 5
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 5

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 8, 1963
Page 5
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few South Rules Capitol Hm Says Douglas By J, W. DAVIS WASHINGTON (AP)-Sen. Paul Douglas, D-Ill., complaining the other day about the power eft Joyed by Southern members of Congress, declared: "The sober truth is that while Grant might have taken Rich* mond, the South hat taken Capitol Hill." Douglas, who wants new laws on civil rights, was somewhat in the position of a football coach talking about how tough the opposition is. Still, as can be demonstrated mathematically, the South does have a strong position at the Capitol. This is a factor contributing to new talk of diluting the role of seniority in reaching the top in Congress. As things now stand, seniority is the basic factor in getting good committee assignments and chairmanships. 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So safe as directed, yon don't need a prescription. Don't depend on headache remedies to relieve nervous tension. Instead, get Alva-TranquU* at all Druggists. »»•«. so many of thtm have teen In Commas for so long, iMnaUfnii lympctnetK! tin someurnnB opposed u» nattonel administration purposes. The n#w talk Is circulating among a group of self-styled "loyal" House Democrats who fly they would not abandon seniority. But they would strike at the seniority of those members who were found to be actively disloyal to the party in presidential elections. They would have the party caucus, which makes committee assignments in the House, pass over those representatives who support the opposition in 1914. Those named could be removed from committees on which they have long seniority or could be denied further promotion oft the committees. This would lessen their chances of becoming chairmen. An appraisal of what chances this movement has wilt have to await the 1964 presidential campaign, to see who among the Democratic members might bolt the national ticket. Some Southerners have bolted in the past, and some are restive about 1964. But the chances of Congress tinkering very much with the claims of seniority are not all strong. This is true even though arguments can be made that the system gives power to men who are not necessarily qualified. The question that up to now has countered attempts to junk the system is this: What better way is there to choose the chairmen? Chairmen could be appointed by the speaker of the House and the Senate - majority leader. But 50 years ago Speaker Joseph Cannon had that power and abused it so that the House took it away from him. Couldn't the committeemen themselves elect the chairman? This idea was advanced during the time that Sen. Alben W. Barkley, D-Ky., was majority leader. He said, from the background of a lifetime of political experience, that it just would not work. He predicted: "Jealousies, ambitions and all the frailties of human nature would crop out in the electioneering methods of men who wanted to be chairmen of committees." The handicapped offer a large, mighty source of manpower. Charter No. 241 Reserve District No. 7 REPORT OF CONDITION OF THE First Galesburg National Bank and Trust Company of Galesburg In the state of Illinois, at the close of business on September 30, 1963, published in response to call made by comptroller of the currency, under section 5211, U.S. revised statutes. ASSETS 1. Cash, balances withother banks, and cash items in process of collection $ 5,426,780.20 2. United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 14,242,253.45 3. Obligations of States and political subdivisions 4. Other bonds, notes, and debentures (including $797,049.68 securities of Federal agencies and corporations not guaranteed by U.S.) 5. Loans and discounts (including $179.88 overdrafts) 8. Bank premises owned $1.00, furniture and fixtures None 12. Other assets 3,403,044.79 1,087,589.82 9,940,882.15 1.00 390,513.08 13. TOTAL ASSETS $34,491,064.49 LIABILTIE8 t 14. Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations $15,728,060.52 15. Time and savings deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations . 8,374,532.08 16. Deposits of United States Government (including postal savings) 1,514,891.61 17. Deposits of States and political subdivisions 4,463,984.80 18. Deposits of banks 633,108.14 19. Certified and officers' checks, etc 286,070.56 TOTAL DEPOSITS $31,000,647.71 (a) Total demand deposits 22,586,615.63 (b) Total time and savings deposits 8,414,032.08 25. Other liabilities 539,325.67 26, TOTAL LIABILITIES , $31,539,973..38 VALUATION RESERVES 27. Reserve for loan losses under Internal Revenue Code $ 156,818.07 28. Valuation reserves on securities , None 29. Other valuation reserves $ 100,000.00 30. TOTAL VALUATION RESERVES . $ 356,828.07 CAPITAL. FUNDS 33. Common stock—par value per share $100.00 No. shares authorised 7500 No. shares outstanding 7500 $ 750,000.00 84. Surplus ,.,...$ 1,000,000.00 35. Undivided profits $ 944,26304 — 268 W. — 277 S. — 226 S. North 27. TOTAL CAPITAL FUNDS $ 2,694,26304 3$. Total Valuation Reserves and Capital Funds $ 2,951,091.11 39. TOTAL LIABILITIES, VALUATION RESERVES AND CAPITAL FUNDS 40. Time certificates of deposit outstanding $34,491,064.49 -$ 1,484,976.56 I, H. C. Richardson, of the above-named bank do hereby declare that this report of condition is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. H. C RICHARDSON We, the undersigned directors attest the correctness of this, report of condition and declare that it ha* been examined by u§ and to the baft of our knowledge and belief is true and correct. H. F. NICHOLS W. E. TERRY JR. A. M. BOND! Directors. Notice is hereby given, that the following named persons have been selected to serve as Judges, of Election in the various precincts, ittthe City, of OSieahurgT for the years of 1M4 and less, by The Board of election Commissioneri of the City of Galeebdrf, Illinois. „ A report of the selection of such e arsons as Judges of Election, has eefi made to the County Court of Knoir County, Illinois, and filed in said Court and application made to the Honorable Daniel J. Roberts, Judge of tne County Court of Knox County, Illinois, for appointment and confirmation of the following named persons as Judges 0* election, as required by law, and that pursuant to said application, an order haa been entered in the County Court of Knox County, requiring that cause be shewn, ft any exists, why the following named S ersons be not appointed and con- irmed aa Judges of Election in and for the City of Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois, on or before the opening of Court of Knox County, on Wednesday, Oct. 30. 1863, at 10:30 A.M. of said day, a day set aside by the Honorable D. J. Roberts, Judge of the County Court of Knox County, Illinois, and that If objections are, filed to the appointment or confirmation of any of the so named persons as Judges of Election, the Court will, on that day, hear such objections, and evidence Introduced In support thereof, and shall confirm or refuse to confirm such nominations as the interest of the public may require. The Judges of Election so named, and Precincts for which they Were selected and appointed and their street addresses being as follows: Precinct 1 Margaret McDermott — 20 E. Main St. Effie Sweeney— 246 W. Simmons St. Muriel Snell Neave Tompkins St. Donna t>.. McKenzie Cherry St. Edith M. Mahoney — Prairie St. Precinct 2 ' Blanche Ogden — 740 E St. Bertha I. Nelson — 819 Peck St. Helen J. Suydam — 778 Peck St. Bertha G. Carrier — 663 E. North St. Josephine Cheesman — 211 N. Pearl St. Precinct 3 Ruby Graflund — 448 Peck St. Vera M. Johnson — 470 Peck St. Nancy Cree — 420 E. Grove St. Nina I. Stephens — 123 N. Seminary St. Jennie O.' Pearson — 204 N. Chambers St Precinct 4 Nettie H. Frankeberger — 423 N. Broad St. Alice R. Brittain — 57 E. North St. Ethel M. Lone; — 74 W. North St. Mary Lou Simmons — 491 N. Cedar St. Blanche G. Cokel — 486 N. Prairie St. Precinct 5 Bonnie Burford — 566 N. Broad St. Doris Moon — 889 N. Prairie St. Ann Bower — 888 N. Prairie St. Bessie G. Lewis — 265 E. Losey St. Leah Pagan — 560 N. Prairie St. Precinct 6 M. E. Fuhr — 1150 N. Cherry St. Zetta V. Olson — 1471 N. Cherry St. Hazel F. Telford — 1109 N. Cedar St. Irma L. Morley — 926 N. Broad St. Mildred E. Wyatt—52 W. Dayton St. Precinct 7 Katherine Perschnick — 081 Willard St. Dorothy Bowles — eas Bateman St. - • . •• Wintress W. Foster — 1310 Willard St. Grace L. Wilson — 1023 Bateman St. Anne G. Gaston — 957 Willard St. Precinct 8 Gwendolyn Kirkendall — 803 Bateman St. Verna M.- Sargent — 350 Selden St. Audrey C. Kay — 835 N. Seminary St. Loretta Drasites — 841 N. Kellogg St. Geraldine M. Reed — 571 N. Seminary St. Precinct 9 Grace Brissey — 350 Dudley St. Mae V. Goff — 1137 N. Kellogg St. Evelyn H. Ross — 1131 N. Cherry St. Louise L. Pence — 953 N. Prairie St. Faythe H. M — 1154 N. Kellogg St. Precinct 10 Anna M. Carlson — 547 Rio St. June L. Ward — 906 Florence Ave. Hortense Selander — 943 Warren St. Frances Leppert — 754 Florence Ave. Ruth I. Charneskey — 511 Rio St. Precinct 11 Bessie Harvey — 1060 Brown Ave. Marie F. Scott — 1449 Florence Ave. Lucille Gadbois — 1148 Brown Ave. Olga Ekstrom — 727 Johnston St. Mary Jane Buck — 1450 Florence Ave. Precinct 12 Loreda C. Nelson — 1431 N. Prairie St. Loraine Erickson — 360 E. Dayton St. Pauline Pihl — 370 Park Lane Ave. Drusilla Moran — 345 E. Dayton St. Catherine P. Shea — 452 Fifer St. Precinct 13 Faye May — 1456 Moshier Ave. June Kehoe — 1341 Harrison St. Ida Gustafson — 1410 Arcadia Dr. Nelda Neave — 1288 Nelson Ave. Delorea Erickson — 1750 Rock Island Ave. Precinct 14 Sadie Quarterman — 939 Arnold St. Bertha England — 1521 E. Losey St. Nancy Carlson — 1151 Russell Ave. L, Ruth Horn — 1159 Family Court, Mary K. Harvey — 709 Lincoln St. Precinct 15 Edna Westerdale — 153 Fulton St. Perle A. LaFollette — 56 Blaine Ave. Harriet L. Paden — 1103 £. Main St. Annsbelje G. Burgland — 188 Fulton St. Juanita E. McPherrio - 221 Blaine Aye. Precinct 16 Deters* F. Erickson — 1034 Mulberry St. Betty M. Van Fleet - 654 Mulberry St. Mary Mitchell — 939 Cottage Ave. Carrie Cochran — 76 Aliens Ave. Ruth J. Specht — 1100 Grand Ave; Precinct 17 _ Kathryn McKay — 278 Phillips St. Joan Karns — 70 Lake St. Willa I. Hilgenberg — 510 Irwin St. Marjorie J. Coasiahr — 408 Irwin St. Maxine E. Whitt — 343 N. Farn- haro St. Precinct 18 Forrest Owen — 1413 Mulberry St. Mildred M. Frakes — 1518 Mulberry St. Elsie M- Shrsgsl — SO s. ram- ham St. „ _ Grace Bradburo — 244 S. Farnham St. „„ _,, AUce Morrison — 230 Indiana Ave. Precinct 19 Eula Van Fleet — 355 Lincoln St. Adelia O. Hesley—146 N. Wnites- boro St. Harriet Smead — 46 N. Whites- bore St, E te I. Carlson - l«i Nuffield . MS felucker-401 N. Whites- 1 hero fttx_ precinct to • Irene M. Newberg — 430 Lombard it. Grace k Lop*rnan — 1088 ft. Ber* tnel M. Meyer — 104i E. South S lartha McClaih - 1249 E. rooks St. LOfie Cfaln — 360 S. Whitesboro St. Precinct 21 Violet M. Alderman—866 Churchill Ave. _ „ Nellie E. Sedwick — 857 E. Knox St. Eleanor K. Sargent, .838 E. Berrien St. Helen Selk — 899 E-. Brooks St. Arloa M. Kilgore — 542 8. Pearl St. Precinct 22 ^ ^ Oakla M. Walsh — 946 8. Seminary St. _ Hazel R. Meid — 1463 S. Seminary St. Leona Brock — 1478 S. Seminary St. Alice C. Sullivan — 814 S. Seminary St. Birdie L. Daugherty — 1110 s. Chambers St. Precinct 23 Bernice White — OSS E. Knox St. Jessie G. Hardine — 786 Lombard St. Vashti O. LaFollette — 773 Day St. Blanche Carlson — 723 Pine St. Leah Bradbury — 794 Pine St. Precinct 24 Lynette I. Johnson — 748' E. Thrid St. Grace D., Randell — 1278 Day St. Eunice B. Sholl — 1446 Day St. Norma Wood — 597 E. Fourth St. Deane Milan — 990 Day St. Precinct 25 Joan E. Smith >— 1880' Grand' Ave. : Maxine G. Drake — 1987 Robertson Ave. Olive Page — 1946 Grand Ave. Ogda Naslund — 1798 Grand Ave. Dorena Billeter —- 1872 Baird Ave. Precinct 26 Eileen McKillip — 891 S. West St. Lucy B. Cratty — 729 S. Academy St. Laurane Ritenhouse — 643 S. West St. Lillian J. Hoben — 379 W. Second St. Catherine M. Kennedy — 1018 S. West St. Precinct 27 Alice B. Windom—349 W. Brooks St N Nellie Gibbemeyer — 264 W. Berrien St. Margaret McKillip — 461 W. Brooks St. Kathryn Phillips—357 W. Brooks St. Anna Marie Johann — 404 W. Brooks St. Precirtct 28 Shirley J. Taylor — 724 W. First St. Thelma Jackson — 886 W. Second St. Ruth Duncan — 747 S. Henderson St. Roberta M. Nemeth, 745 Ave. "A" Myrtle C. Mills — 836 S. Henderson St. Precinct 29 Lysle Kann — 532 W. South St. Helen R. Marry — 473 Mon. Blvd. Mary O. Weigand —-727 W. Berrien St. Bernice Poplett — 742 W. Berrien St. Ethel H. Bishop — 587 Mon. Blvd. Precinct 30 Pansye M. Straub — 77 N. Ivan Ave. Shirley Carter — 392 Columbus , Ave. Alice Colver — 1223 W. Main St. Gertrude Hennenfent — 282 N. Pleasant Ave. Marion Sternberg — 165 N. Ivan Ave. Precihct 31 Edna R. Tenhaaf — 170 S. Pleasant Ave. Dorothy M. Wilbur — 141 N. Henderson St. " Mary E. Wager — 130 S. Pleasant Ave Frances Richardson — 135 Olive St. Patricia J. Cratty — 235 Olive Stl Precinct 32 Lois Stivers — 583 Maple Ave. Golda Asplund — 790 N. Cedar Margaret J. Mulloolly — 922 N. Academy St . Ruby E. Bailey — 563 Maple Ave. Sonia J. Gray — 794 N. Academy St. Precinct 33 Grace Murtland—160 Cedar Ave. Catherine Sheahan — 186 Cedar Ave. Joyce Nooosn 4» Cl«k .St. Eileen L. McClurg -* 179 W. Main st Eiieen lt< iennett — 378 N. Academy St.. • Precinct 34 ne* Clin*. — .larjoHt E. Harvey — 899 Mon- Inez CIHW — 730 Jefferson St. Mar|on - Ruth^Wisehheusen — 1063 Jeffer- DorothV ftatt-» M« Mjpie Ave. Barbara Elledge " 1326 Monroe St. Precinct 38 • , „ Gene B. Larson — 634 Maple Ave. Marion E. Griggs — 337 N. Henderson St. Martha Hicks — 173 Garfield Ave. Edna Bifdsall — 366 Jefferson St. Margaret Haines — 71 Garfield Ave. Precinct 36 _ Helen B. Fenelon — 1367 N. Academy St, Jeannette E. Taggert — 1245 Clark St. Florence' Johnson- — 1319 N. Academy. St. Lucille ft: Cutshaw — 1363 Clark St. Virginia Poster — 1257 N. West St. Precinct 37 Violamae Crouse — 1262 W. Losey St, Norma P. Hill — 1380 Spruce St. Maria Showers — 551 Columbus Ave. Viola Standard — 1433 W. Losey St. Dorothy M. Johnston — 544 Franklin Ave. Precinct 38 Marion Duke — 1043 W. Losey St. Anne M. McClure — 1251 Park View Circle. Evangeline M. Page — 549 Lawrence Ave. > . Mildred Bost — 954 W. Losey St. Georgia Howard — 527 Olive St. Dated at the City of Galesburg, Knox CoUnty, and State of Illinois this Oct. 8th, 1963. Board of Election Commissioners of the City of Galesburg, Illinois. Chairman: Robert W. Anderson Secretary: Holland O. Root Member: Robert Hallberg By Chief Clerk: C. D. McConchie 10/8; IT Galesburg Register-Moil, Galesburg, Oquawkmia Attend Medical Meet at Moline OQUAWKA - Mrs. Catherine Reilly, with Mrs. Beulah V. Braun as her guest, attended the 4th District Medical Society meeting Oct. l at the Holiday Inn, Moline. Mrs. Reilly was formerly a member of the Peoria County Auxiliary, and since moving to Oquawka, Henderson County, is a member at-large. Mr. and Mrs. George Shook of Des Moines, Iowa, spent a week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Stimpson. The Snooks and Mrs. Lottie Parsons visited the latter's sister, Miss Bess Wood in Galesburg. Clifford Essex was admitted to Monmouth Hospital for treatment. Trust Funds Sound, Say U.S. Trustees 200 Attend Second Annual Stvle Show WOODHULL — Approximately two hundred persons attended the second annual style show Thursday evening at the AlWood school cafeteria. The event was sponsored by the Naomi Circle of the Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Gayle Brown was the general chairman. Serving as models for the showing of clothing from a dress shop at Galva were Mary Jo Malcolm, Gertrude Clough, Donna Carlson, Cleo Bohn, Jean Horner, Ann Hayden, Anona Palm, Ann Ryan, Grace D. Brown, Lois Sipes, Karyl Noy, Doris Lowery, Diane Sullivan, Liz Litton, Joyce Gohn, Jean Olson, Caroline Swartout, Linda Litton, Beverly Barton, Caroline Swartout, Caroline Downs. Anona Palm served as master of ceremonies and Mrs. Mureen of Galva as narrator. Door prizes were presented to Mrs. Florence Cole, Mrs. Gene Fowler, Geneseo; Mrs. William McGaughy and Mrs. • Marilyn Graham, New Windsor. Refreshments were served at the close of the program with Mrs. Chauncey Malcolm Jr., as chairman of the refreshment committee. The koala bear lives on the leaves of certain species of eucalyptus. LEGAL NOTICE Notice is hereby given to all interested persons that a public hearing will be held at the London Mills School in the gymnasium Wednesday, October 23, 1963, at 3:00 P.M. Daylight Saving Time, at which time they will be given an opportunity to be heard concerning . their views on the proposed improvements of sections of the following two routes in Knox and Fulton Counties: 1. State Bond Issue 41, (also designated as Federal Aid Route 41 and Marked Route 41) from the south city limits of Abingdon to a point approximately 2200 feet north of the intersection with Marked Route 116 at St. Augustine. 2. State Bond Issue Route 97 (also designated as Federal-aid Route 87 and Marked Route 116) from the intersection of Route 41 at St. Augustine, thence east 14 miles to the intersection with Route 97 south of Rapatee.. Two relocations' are planned along Marked Route 116; one immediately south of a curve half a mile east of the Hermon Blacktop road, and the other relocation immediately north of a curve at the Spoon River at the west edge of London Mills. Marked Route 116 at other locations along these 14 miles, and Route 41 along the entire length of this proposed improvement, wijl be modernized along the line of the existing pavement. A map showing the prooosed location of these routes will be on display at the hearing. This map and partly completed plans may be seen at other times at the Office of the District Engineer, Division of Highways, 6035 N. Mount Hawley Road, Peoria, Illinois. Interested citizens from areas and communities affected will be heard, particularly with reference to the economic effect of such locations. 10/9; IT. A new booklet published by the trustees of the two social security trust funds asserts "the overall financial status of the old-age, survivors, and disability insurance program is sound." Income from the schedule of tax contribution rates now in the law, the booklet, said, "is estimated to produce adequate income to pay the benefits now provided in the law to all present and future beneficiaries, and to pay the administrative expenses of the program, without any subsidy from the general funds of the Treasury." C. Douglas Dillon, secretary of the Treasury, is the managing trustee of the social security trust funds. The other two trustees are W. Willard Wirtz, secretary of labor, and Anthony J. Celebreeze, secretary of, health, education and welfare. The new publication, said William Tipsword, social security district manager, is a summary of the detailed annual report submitted by the trustees to Congress earlier this year. The publication says the combined assets of the trust funds will increase by an estimated $3.1 billion over the five calendar years 1963-67, but the assets of the Disability Insurance Trust Fund are expected to drop. The trustees recommended that the law be changed so that a small portion of the increase in social security contributions in 1966 be allocated to the Disability Insurance Trust Fund. News Notes Of St. Augustine ST. AtJGtrSTlNB - Mm. fwwii Hefner of Peoria and Mm. Charfaf Hillier of Galesburg speW tin weekend with their sister, Mft» Maude Ryan. Wednesday guests in the homi of Mr. and Mrs. William McDtfii were Mr. and Mrs, Joe Taylor and Gary of Roseville; Ralph BuV ton of near Abingdon arid Mr. and Mrs. Leo Landon, formerly of Abingdon and now of St. Augustine. Mr. and Mrs. Owen Ralston and Carol spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Jim Carmean and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Sand;' in Burling* ton. Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Clark of Western Springs, visited recently with his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Boyd. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Chapman and children have moved into the Orville Chapman property. Corns? DR. •CHOLL 'S) ZINO -PADS STOP Relief Sterts In SICONDSI Dr.SchoU'e Zino-pade speedily relieve corns, sore toes, tender" spots. They also remove corns one of the quickest ways known to medical science. Zinc-pads are water-repel* lent—do not come off in the bath. Get this truly wonderful relief today! 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