The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 1, 1955 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1955
Page 7
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. •: . .,,. >.„:.•• • V^^^t'^;'' : % T !l^:?.''^ r '?"v'y 4*ii'-€l'*t#l»^S: Hii ,;;,MiUv, ' •i'lSV'.S. 'iy.i.> 1 -i.'.! WHERE MORI PlOPii RO MORE BUYING AND SELLING! ..„ .spinet Pfario in this, yicimty^fdr/'immediale sale. Must"'-havi :; i > 6spofi«bie *g6fty.-; to takeVepMo'wim'ori'tr -'•"•" •'"••• l< For:fifflc»sW- Bp;Xf 6||r • Hgfr f-ty CHRl^l^JPjecpRATIONS 7 ^"" ' * ; En.chantment,<Ore- , - -pfiiritedr pine cones, „_._. boughs^ and unusual Ghfistpas iCteations; •>. byi Helen; Decoi^tpr's * Workshop) % , mile North, of Fort 'podge" on Highway? 169. ! ''rW'XC- ••'••'/, " ' .:• 48 tfn goh ' ?i- 2 OIL' BURNIN0 hpt^^teiybfllefej*. R-? ir'ohs He'fttiri'g & 'Plumbing; i&gbh&Vl' '•."*'>• * : '.. t : ;7;:? ',:".• .'j'S FOR : ' .'•'Hay.' 200Sbajesalfal£s:,]f!iis 370R2I Rayttorid ; Kram'e'f;; A166- na. f- ;';";'. •&,..>: .-'•• .v. •?%&••' 49% PIANbS ji- 2. spirtets. 3Uso rebuilt ' All :pficed ftir qUick ; sale.' Terms available. May Tie. seen in 'area. WriteS Mid west vPiano Co., Seen' cer, %wa; .*•••-••'••>••:'• ; .r ; : ' 47-48 HEAVyWElOfiT > TARPS? ^s LrCHTWElGHf PRICES If W* Haven't Got Hi or Can't Get It, It's Not Manufactured. DIAMONDS SURPLUS s ' ' i;, 7 x; SBBoatedlegs ltis tak. CfefribHd's FOR -gALE, — FERN'S ; <FAMM freih turkeys, dressed ready fbr the oven, tthorie 187J1 or wjlte Fern Specht, R. R. 1, Box 2l8, •Algona, ;lbwa.,' -;,; "'4; ;••*; 43tfn ^-JAN. 1 TO APRIL rp6m house, furiiished'br unfurhisMd. , Ph. 1184J. AUen ROOM AND rapt.' private garage. Phone 42-W, -;'' : • e : :Y '\ .. . 47-48 Wanted FURS WANTED — HIGHEST :, prices alWsys. See ? us before you sell. A; :P. Nelson' No; la. Fur and; Wool \Go.r phone, 2551-2553, Brift,' lA. " ; • : - - ;"'' '"' 48tfn GRANULATED-, ZONOLlTE. IN-' sulation Rock Wool Batts and granulated'wool are available for your'home. You too can insulate' your home. See us. F. S. Norton & Son./ ' :; .P-];.. ; ;28wl9tfn WANT ADS iBRING :.RBStJLTS . , _ _ .. We Are Open Bptl) Friday & Saturday Nights •"; >' ' • '.. _»nT.3-»'".' •' '_»».• \i. frop*('Rfp*l Mpfchlag tfncll i • , WILTGEN .WANTED — CHAIN SAWING. Horses to break, Horse shpeihg andj other ipdd Jobs. ;^l]one'139.0 ;R2 or SCB Jf G. Graham', Algoiitl. WANTED — 'ON ; THfi CAR • radiator 'and block cleaning, $5.por' Cook's" Radiator Repair §outh PliUlips street.:' ' 16tfn ? THANKS- t •'•'' Wg wish to tljank pur neighbors^ friends and relatives for the many beaijtlftil i and. usef.ul gifts and money received.'at"our recent Gpfd.en Wedding afmiversa- ry,' : arid' also -thanks' to Rev. and Mrs;Qpldman.>rid the W- &••$•'& for the refriBshments'i5erv,ed,::ahd a.thank foy to ithpSe 'who furnished 'ehtertairim'eht.* Mr. and Mrs Oscar E. Mj|ler,'Titbrika.' -- 48 Ff HANKS •" .^ I am r <ieepjy gjateful for the m.any cards apd .^ell-.wishes, also for tpe bl^nts/andjrpse buds. They were beautiful and so much i-HA; '-• Many thanks itp our friends, relatives and neighbors for thje iniariy, many cards,. fj[pw«rs aad gifts giveij to us for our Golden Wedding anniversary. Mr and rs Wify CoPgrqve. Wesley. 48* TO ^VY — CLEAN "'cotter} press rags. Upper Des Mo|nes Rub- Co. v over these buys • V'Vf P.R-K^E-S l-0-W-E-R ' ON THESE PICKED "OK^ USED GARS 1951 FORD 2-OOOR - mechonleally very very good, tires fir?f retf, f ««^fir« sold os Is _- . model ' LATI Moppi fhsfMi rwJIy and truly the "t?pl" 1952 PACkARP;4.D99R, thll f peellent road ear is i shape, a pJJMVWfr "ft» »»W Iff , flrttit condition ___- T -l-, -------------- , 195p CHiVROL^T 4rpOQR Fleetline model, and a rnjflhty lot of ^«d jgr for thi* money ----1949 PACKAI19 4'POPR Sedan, extra ejean heater, defrosters, ft ' vary good rubber'*-,-, -------- r — — - QNIY Two efThtwJ 1951 P(,YMQ4JTHS both foyr-dwrs, both in top wndjMon all thrash — - ........ , YOUB CHOIC6 We Have a Group of Fordf, Chevrolet*, p|ympMths, Hashes and sther rnakfi - 1946, 1947, 1948 mode!* * that, are going ,0«t at prices axed! Take ' Ir9lj Used fflF tP> 91 See YOM 8oth Places! « Kossuth Motor Co, SW of C9wrtbeu»e SnMfl« J0AftS/WlN*|EftS^AT 7AIgoha! fai^, 4'Offieial ^llSfa^mpflt^bickiJ^ Otio Marian, 3>/aWesJ oh 18 -•''• sALEji- 20 HEAD WHITE faced feeder cattle, about 700 Ibs, Louis Laubenthal, phone S928Y Bancroft, lowai > 48r >•'» Ed'^roesder.;: > ysto^mft SALE IP PttREBREt) ,,spbtted. IPblarid Chiha' Bbdfs', with ,lpts of length; New blopd for old dustoMerfe: "O; T. Cherland,- .1% N and 1% £ of Lone ' '•, ' 4B-4& FOR SALE: PUREBRED BLACK ,'Poland China boars. John Bocikes, LuVerne.; ; - ; 45-52* FOR SALE'; PUREBREbYORK^ shire' boars. From, a litter, of 15. Charles Hantelman, ' Swea City, phone 12F2 .,.'..'...' 45-48f FOR .SALE -^ HAMPSHIRE • , spring ibpars, new blood for. old customers! Joseph Skbw, - Wes^; ley..;:;' i?; ....••'^'•. ;• , .45452*, FOR SALE —' SPRING AND ' aged Tatriworth boars, meat- type. i'Johh' GranygehSt't,< 3% mL E on McGregor.' '".."< « -48-51 .'$425.00 PWk.l^^ -;^»««. '-" •••^T.^^"*'"'*^ ***„**''^*^ overhauled and. A-l __;$39S.OO J^.200 '-I 1 Spreader ^ FOR SALfe —:i YORKSHIRE boars. Paul Arend. Burt. .'.-:..-•• ; ; •;•-•' 48-49 FOR SALE-^PUREBRED CHES- ter Whit^ and Tamworth Boars.. George a'nd Gail Wolf, LuVerne, auX:;'*»-' • : C'..,)37tfn FOR'SALE: PUREBRED'HAMP- "• 'ahire Boars February and March farrow. Lawrence Hansen, 1% west and ,1% north of, Weijley. •••••.. .48-52 FOR SALE — REG. -BLACK Poland China:.boars. Strictly Meat-Type. Bangs free"herd,.Mj- ahd Mrs Louis' H. Reilly/. 2. mi. W. % N. jet. 18 and 169/Phone 98,R1, Algona, la. 44tfn FOR SALE—PUREBRED HAMP- shires "—• Purebred Durocs . — Purebre3 Spotted Poland China Bbars:arid:Gilts. New blood lines fpf old.customers. Calvin Vaudt, 4Q9, and Fritz Freyholtz, ll^ Fenton, Iowa. 36-52* FJDR SALE — PUREBRED Landraee boars delivered at youiv'farm. Guaranteed to satisfy at a'price you can afford. J. H. Schrooten, 2 mi no. of Fairmont, Minn., .or phone collect 3115. . " • 48-51 FOR SALE — PUREBRED MON- tana No. 1 (MEAT-TYPE HOG) Boars and Gilts, February and March pigs. Jerry and Marlene Freyholtz, Fenton, Iowa, phone 116. 36-48» FOR SALE — P. B. DUROC boars and gilts. Good meat type. Sired by 3rd group boar Iowa State Sale. A. Hi Streeter, 13 mi. S. 3 E. Wesley. 41tf FOR SALE — YEARLING Hampshire boar, good breeder. 9 yearling sows bred for last of Jan, or first of Feb. farrowing All longtime vaccinated. Phone 2520. Clarence Casey, LuVerne. 'OR SALE!••«- DUROG BOARS? a few good ones left. Sited b» our Grand /,;Chamfiion boar fit Bpencer. MrV I* 1?85; , ; John ,|!r Weber; ,2 r miles' east' of -Irvtogteft on the^biaek^gp^- •> V* .--':: l4B-Bp Machinery than 30,000 p 1940 $i25.pp ttcikup, IMS P A'l ;and z. v:, ;1 ' •'•? 101 ' Brand spreaderj|.>'Ypu .niBke li|;iirf:;of-f fer to buV 4r iradf/F ; ¥*--,; TIRES 2-10x38 6 ply Tractor HjNg ARE D ADMIRAL ALGONA Phone §2 OllosenHayt Silver Wedding Ollosen-^Mr pnd Mrp Ellingson "observed t^e wedding anniversary on giving Day xwith'-tjie-'f dinner guests" at.'thenv he.,.-,.,. and Mrs s Peter 'Movick'^arM; R f? ^ OrvUl.e Oppedahl and children, of Mason Cityf-'Mr . and Mrs\Jbhn Benjamin of Buffalo Ceptej; Mr arid Mrs Harpjd. I^apaniessei' an4 family qf '(kmorg Sjty:? Miss Helen•Hedgesbjrof Hijmbpldt; Mr and Mrs Ernest Habeger and family, Mr and Mr§ Jujiiis Har;ns and famjjy.and Otto Berhinghsufi of West Bend: M.r and 'Mrs Les Johnson an4'Sharoh H of Rb}fe and Mr and Mrs ^IdonvEUingSQri and Roger/bf Burt.' 1 In the• afternoop, Mr and Mrs Clyde Qingerjcn and Mr and Mrs Jpe Traiib of West Bend were callers. ' P.W.O. Meeting • The Presbyterian Women's Organization held a regular meet- -: Friday- 'attetfnboh •' ! in the' itirch pBHofs'^ltH M?Sv!Dhe?ter fme arid Mrs* 'Mike" dpyle host* 'les. The/ vice ^residenL Mrs jsi Vanttuskifk .was'inffinafgfl 4^ the'-to'eettKi; 'ih thV'-^Bti&tae if the presidertt Mrs G^ I.'Purdy ((•ho was ill. : Mrs Earl Lbng and rlrs Ralph- Richafds read; shdrt jfticles arid-Mrs "Mike frb""" |Tig. ' Mrs Eugene Hofius |fs Jesse VahBuSkirk als'o^ irticles. T,he pe?(t meetjnfi ..,_ the Christmas meetlttgl Deo. iCalvin Haug, son of Mr 'and [rs Olyin Haug was four ,ye£rs lid Npy, 23. An all day,yisltor it the Haug home that d|iy. was ne little boy's grandmother, .Mrs Harie Haug of Bode. .',' , . «i Thanksgiving dlfihei'-gueifs at ! He Eugene HofiUs- home were tr arid Mrs Alf Le.e and family E Brit'tv^nd. Mr and Mrs" Knut «appedah'l and'fahiJlyi' '- . "' S,The-' family pf';Mr •and Mrs ! , Sliver . Kinseth', gathered: at : "the aCinseth; home for •ThanltsgiVln'B Sinnef. Those present wer'epMr ahd Mrs M. O. Kinseth and .Sus'ai. -of Algona, Mr ahd Mrs • Robert .Naeve and son of Dakota - City, Mrs Marie'Haug of Bode, Mr ahd Mrs James Barber'and family of "'est:B£nd, .Mr j.arid .Mri Olvin - ; aug and family and Mr ah'd Mrs Richard Kinseth and family, Mr and Mrs Mike Coyle. were thanksgiving . dinner guests at Qie ' Donald Brandhoij home at Bradgate. &Mr',and Mrs K. R.. McLiieh attended funeral services Tor her brother-in-law, Harry J. Rich- ,rds at Des Mpihes last', week- end. Mrs :Ted .Uriderbefg ined a family' group "'for ,_ 'haftfogiving dinner at the- Ken- tjettfunderberg home at Liver- rnore. , • v • ' '.' ?:•..' ".., $'• Thanksgiving dinner, guests .-at the i-Vincent Salz ;home were Mr |nd,Mrs Charles'Salz of Whittemore and Mr'and Mrs, George "fjar of West Bend;: Mr and Mrs teipajii - Salz: an4,>fiamily : visited jit th'a- yiTicent galz/home Sun- Say, afternoon.' , y" ';>;'-,. I , Guests at the' Lqyis J?elley's for Thanksgiving.' dinner , were'rlflr and'Mrs C. E. Kelley and Qo'l. aijH Mrs-D. 'M. P*owler of Twin Lakes, Miss Marian' Fowler..^ Eprn'ell College, Mt^ Vern'on, Mr nnd-Mrs J, L. Hovyarfl qt Schal- sr, .Robert, Kelley and .• daugh- ;grs, pf Se^tori and Margaret •liey, student; t at Drake' ,UhU ,. •Qes'-'Mqines. - Alt »* ^ ;. "TJnrs Manda Mitsven and Alton Miwyen -ar\d Kathy Guggisberg bt BojJe arid Dorothea ..Falleson ofiigra'dgate 'Were Thanksgiving (Urnier guests at the Percy Wat- • TOIr "and ^Irs Clarence Kroeger ^id| family, of Laurehs and Mr § 'a'-Mrs Gerald lyerson and'f am-. Of Storm Lake were-Thanks_ 'ing dinner guests ; at the Jesse VahBuskirk home, > Mr and Mrs. Eugene Struthers and -family and Mr and Mrs* Wattson Strutters were Thanks- gjying dinner guests pt the Ralph Struthers home. Mr and Mrs. Robert Loos and Christine of Ottumwa were Saturday, and Sun4ay visitors ai tb^ ft parental Raymond Loos hqn^e. Other .Sunday dinner at the Loos home were / WM. TJADEN CLOSING-OUT FARM ' AUCTION Having decided to move to Illinois, I will sell the following property at public auction on my fstm located 4 miles West and 4 miles South of Algona Highway Junction "169 i»nd 18. or 4 miles East and 3 miles Soufh of Whittemore. THURS., DEC. 8 g.tartjng at 1:QO P.M. CATTLE. 3—3-year-old White face heifers, bangs vaccinated. 1—3-year-old Shorthorn heifer, bangs vaccinated. 1—7-month-bld White face bull calf, 1—7-month-old White face heifer calf, suitable for 4-H work. Zumach Lunch Wagon on Grpunds ^ « S P I 0 $ Wejg)wng HO Ibs. 1 Longtime Vaccinated 300 BALES HAY Mixed Re4 clover, ajfalfa and timothy, in barn 100 BALES STRAW Wire tied, in burn MACHINERY & MISCELLANEOUS • 1850 DC Case tractor with lights, starter, hydraulic and wheel weights, f Comfort cab heat houser, f 4>row cultivator. » Horn- draulic manure loader with snow bucket to fit Case, t J?50--4-row cp«» planter and 16Q rods of wire. * J852_Mg < < Case . t 1949-,A ? Case combine with m^tPP «*n4 P.i*up, * ow Oaf* 9ornpictee», t 1950-^21" Minneapolis sprmgtooth. • w *' TT^-TT'I - wagen with 2 years old. • Case 4>wheel rubber tired t 8'xU' flat rack on rubber..f.8>Hl waaoH with flare bo«, w _^,, .„_„ ,_ ; _ _„ -—^••^,.~ .-.-• rack, f 4-wbeel rvjbber tired wagon with box. « 10 John Hammermill. if 50' ffammermill belt. * John Deere en4g«te seeder. • S' WP mower. * 6 f JHC mower, f 30Q gallon gfts baKeL stand and hose. » S3 steel wafer tanks with hPi wMerws, * Wos4 «»w on rubbej with 2 blsi4M- • Stone hPftt- « fl9**W*9V9f mower• post drill and other small tools, t 1—35-bushel Hog feeder and ,M>«.£u6lwJ ««0 t*»f&r-*M 9994 sb?w, e Ff«4 ihed/*S PR * t H'»lff ^nt. f ftbjr arfcfes too numero^i to pennon, ' , Aii'.14*?WBfry H«s Been Sh«d(Jf(i when not fp wje ajjd ha? • ' ha§ „„.„,.- - Chrome kitchen set wijtb 4 chairs, chair, coffee table, chaiis. studio couch, living table and othe? furniture. TB8M§! £,£Jj|Hj No property to be removed until settled for. JJ^jl responsibly for Accidents WM. H, TJAPEN Vungebeyg if Quinn. Auc*i9»eei;s — Iowa State Bank. Algona. Clerk Mr and. Mrs W.; H. Wehrspann ' had>a Special, Thanksgiving when | thdr son '*and daughter-in-law and famijy. Dr. ^hd Mrs Donald WeBrspann"ahd 'fajniiy of Joliet, 111. werfe" 1 he|!6';for' the weekend. Elhter Beflrtett of,. Loveland, Colo, was'a r'ecent visitor at the Loiiis Kelley h.pWe, Mr and Mrs Kelley afebtptWer and sister. Mrs • Ho\var.d Thompsori ^vas 'hpfecl 1 n at a ' pink ahd blue shower Sunday afternoon at the Sherman SJlbaugh home in •Jumbdldt. Attending from Ot- ,osen. were: Mrs Thompson, Mrs Movick and Eleanor and tfrs Magnus Bratland. Mr and Mrs Alfred jSchultz and family returned home Sunday evening -following a five day vacation trip to South Dakota.. , Mr 'and Mrs Destine Telford entertained-frlends a£i'a 500 party Saturday ,evening; . ' • iMr : and, Mrs Mike-Coyle entertained friends'at .a seven o'clock djhner at their home Monday evening. Thpse present were/ Mr and Mrs Loran Daniel, Mr and Mrs Donald Larson, Mr ,and Mrs Eugene Hofius, • Mrs Kermit FPwler, Mr 'and Mrs Edward Zinnel,. Mr and Mrs Roy Telford and iLeRoy Worby, .and"Mr and • Mrs Martin • Meyer. ' ' . . : Funeral services for Mrs M^rie Anderson,, long time Ottosen resident, were held Friday afternoon' at the St. O]af Lutheran church in -Bode. Mrs Anderson was bprn -Aug. 24; "1872" in Norway and died at a rest home at Clear Lake, Nov. 22. Talk Ways To Aid Storaae tiff %r)d Mi-s Richaj-d Kinseth amily. dinner guests at S e peanne felford home were j-'and Mrs Edward VonBank and family, of Rolfs, Mr and Mrs Edward £innel and Leslie Ann, Mr-.anci Mrs Roy Telford and Larpy, Mrs Caroline Telford and Lajvrence Telford and Mr and Mrs Louis Jacobson and family, yhsnksgiving 4inn'er« guests at je Mfirje Holt home were Mr Mrs John Mulljns and sons. r and Mrs Lepniard Mullins and 9>i a'nd Mr and Mrs Bill Ship- mart arid family, all 6rCorwith. Mr and Mrs Duane Kropf and of Crestqn gpent the iving weekend with the ^arn Kropfs and \vith her parents, Mi- and Mrs Clar- SHattabo ai Wallingford. Grain bin superintendents, of- fjce managers, and district and state ASC officials; met in Al- goffa last Monday for an all-day meeting on the subject of better ways to store grain and maintain bin sites. There were 97 present at the sessions, held in the VFW building here. Speakers included Harold Brightwell, grain storage ^specialist of the Iowa ASC committee, A. W. Trick/ area grain and bin supt., and other district and state Officials including •. Max Soeth of Esther.ville; member of the state A.S.C. committee. . C. ..R. Schpby, district A.SiC. supervisor^ and yirgil Rohlf, Kbs- suth.A^S.C. off ice . manager, iact- ed as hosts and handled arrangements for the meeting which included representatives from- 24 counties .in 'the northern part of the state. :. Brightwell told the group that there is an investment at present of three quarters of a billion dollars in corn and bins around the state, to emphasize the value of the Commodity Credit property that the grain bin superintendents !and. maintenance' crews watch over and maintain. . UDM W?nt Ada Pay Dividendi Beverage Headquarters LOWER PRICES Barry's Recreation Kropfs, -the " Harold family qf D^H,ota City and end Mr§ Clarence Skattabo <^flWJfc HOMES TBAPE NOW \ Why ngt live in warmlhl Get one ®f WfS — They're" warm! KINO'S KOURT Trailer Sales , Welwte* City. Iowa Phone 12$i 14 tfn FOR SALE or Loans — Free Inspection Farm Management . EMMETT KNARY Phone ?291 — ,. LuVerne, la. Now Available In METAL For Long-Lasting "NO HUNTING" SIGNS Easily Seen — Red Background with White Letters I Upper Des Moines PUBLISHING CO. Phone 1100 Algona Thursday, December 1, 1955 Algona (la.) Upper Des Moines-? TYPING PAPfR 98c ream Upper Des Moines Services WEAVE-BAG Repair Burns, Moth Holes Tears in Clothing ILA'S WEAVE-BAC SHOP IS E. College St. Phone 837.W Algona COAL Delivery dry or Country PHONE 229 F. S. Norton & Son F-R-E-E LOANER TIRES While We Retread or Replace; Your Tractor Tires See Us'For All Your Tire Needs Low Prices Easy'Terms BRADLEY BROS. POST BINDERS — FOUR DIF- ferent sizes, toplock in black imitation leather or blue canvas. • Also ledger sheets and A-Z in • iexes to fit. Upper Des Moinei DIRECTORY PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS Collins, Thompson and Willis Professional Engineers Morton W. Bittinger, P.E. Manager, Algona Office 122% E.- State • • Phohe 1372W .Civil — Agriculturai — Municipal Land Development INSURANCE Lef Us Solve Your PLUMBING & HEATlKlG PROBLEMS ' •^ ! .• ••: ••• ;! : ' ; Emergency Service Depend on us any hour of the day or night when you need expert plumbing or heating repairs. C^LL 1070 SIGSBEE PLUMBING : & HEATING - i • Algona. / TELEVISION and RADIO •"• SERVICE When you buy a television set or a radio, you want to know ;hat there is prompt, expert service to back up the sale. That's what you'll get when you from ' GENE'S RADIO & TELEVISION (7 Years Experience) Phone 215-W Algona A'cross from Norton's Lumber ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY • C. R. LaBarre and R. -C.' LaBarre . feurety Bonds—All Lines 1 • of Insurance - 206 East State St. BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY All Lines, of Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan 7 N. Dodge Phone 123 BOHANNON INSURANCE ' SERVICE \: 6 N. Dodge'St.' Phone 101 Home - Automobile - Farm Polio Insurance ,. CHARLES D. PAXSQN Dwelling, Auto, Liability, ' Lifej General ' KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION . Oyer 49,000,000 worth of in- 1 , surance in force.'A home company. Safe, secure. Lola Scuff ham, Sec'y MAURICE THOMPSON Insurance For Every Need' Service - Savings - Security . 610 East .McGregor St. . Phone 1368 HERBST INS. AGENCY ' *foP^fi ! tci,*rbuse Household Goods, ^and Many Other . Forma . ' Phone 93 , Ted S. If erbst COLWELL BROS. AUCTIONEERS ieady, Willing and Anxious to Conduct Your AVftion Sales, Real Estate or Property Sales. Years of Experience in Auction work. Graduates of Jones Na tlonal School of Auctioneering. Phone HUSH Pt 445 or LEEqtSlFll ALGONA BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE, Headquarters For COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS Phone 520-W, 1008, 787-J, 1452-W for evening appointments Established 1925 Easy Terms ZENITH GENERAL ELECTRIC Radio & Television Service Phonograph Records Popular - Children — Classic KOSSUTH RADIO Milton Dahl 214 E. gtate Phone 1190 UTILITY BUILDINGS QUONSIl IMMEDIATE DpUViRY lots come in pairs, four, or six. Financial Term* Easily Arranged MILLER . Phone 1ff4 MUw. Bepsi ANDY'CRAWFORD General Agent Iowa Farm Mutual Ins. Co. Affiliated with Farm Bureau Auto (with $10 Deductible) Life - Hail - Tractor A. J. RICKLEFS , All types, including Life, Accident, and Hospitilizatioh Insurance Phone 354 HAROLD C. SUNDET Representing ' State Farm Ins. Co. 300 E. Elm St. Algona ' > • Phone 841 AUTO—LIFE—FIRE—HAIL OPTOMETRISTS Drs. SAWYER and ERICKSON Specialists in Vision 9 East State Phone 564 Hours: 9.00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed Saturday Afternoons DOCTORS J. N. KENEFICK, M. D. Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Office Ph. 300, Res. Ph. 328 MELVIN G, BOURNE. M, D. Physician & Surgeon 118 N. Moore St. Office Ph. 197 Res. Ph. 194 C. H. CRETZMEYER, M. D. Surgeon & Physician 108 So. Harlan St. Phones: Office, 310; Home 444 DR. R. A, EVANS. M. P, Specializing In Asthma ALGONA, IOWA DENTISTS "" DR. KARL R. Office in Home Federal Bldg Office phone 44 Residence phone 116 DR. N. J. KELLEY * Office over Hall-Strahorn Hdwe Office Phone 605 Residence Phone 425 DR. C. D. Office over S & L Store Office phone 991 Residence phone 174 BEAUTICIANS MODERNISTIC BEAUT SHOP Valerig. -~ Orpba 501 South Dodge Phone 290 SHOP Alice Wilkins Delores Hackbarth US N, Moors St. Phone 279

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