The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 1, 1955 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1955
Page 4
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.fax- -._-..;.-- Thanksgiving day dinner? jjfuests at yarloiiS homes hef4 tyjlSre: Mr ant} Mrs !i Palmer Jensen'-ind family'' with revives at (Rut^Veni Mr- and -Mrs't Ed Ford, Henry Eich and Alice Lohg Of Deis > Moines at the Arthur Long home; Mr and Mrs C. C. Imnan:*and Mr and Mrs John Re'ding and* family' at the Ross 'h6me. Mr and Mrs Gene Fox, of New « Ulm, Minn, spent the week'end at * f the Wilbur Fox home; Roger Fox « Mankato was also -. here for the * weekejid, ^ Mrs Mary Schumaker, : R., N. .*" of Des Moines and Eugefle Seh* * utnaker, St. Bernard'f'Serriihary, * Dubuque, spent'the Weekend at * the I. F.-Engesser arid JC. R. Mc" Giiire homes; j.Mr| Mary Lieu" ranee and.Delbe/k with her, dau- ,. ghtor's at; Sioux City, la;',; ; * *M'r and Mis Bernard McGuire v- and family,. Titonka, Mr and Mrs cistus) Lafiff neth Mr and Mrs gjtiari family, Ken- and Mrs Chas. -•and family, William „ iSt,,' fault all- had j 1 h8nfc!ilj||vii|| dinner together Atten^Brbiher's Rile* ' Those* ,s*<lip attended funeral services if<3r*Wiilii|n1 Sanat/ 64, at >;Lake Crystal.* WedhesdaVj wer«f' Ms bfothgS, ; Nick ; Saridt and 'family,; Peter Sandt, A. J. RengeJ'jahdr'f amily, Mr aftg Mr* Bured ' >. : St. John' t 'tiem- Edward 1 Sch^ 'former Bancroft resi- Wh)) passed away at Dude|it* bu^Ue. Edward was the son of Schneider. the Mr.B'nd Mrs'Paul Inman and Mrs RbsJ Inman took Mrs C. C Inman /to Dies Moines, Saturday Mrs C. C. Inman spent Thanksgiving h6re. ' Mr and Mrs Arthur Schillz and family, attended the golden wed- ding'anniversary pf Mr and Mn William Crosgrove Sunday. Mrs SchiltzA is;,a daughter. with his parents,- Mr ^Mid,< Mrf Perry Torino. ' Sister, Mary Qerriiairie who has been a patient of Mercy hospital, ftjrt Dodge,.where flic, underwent major, surgery, returned to the Convent here Sunday. Sis» Germaine |r4de.l ; '; *. tdasfchfes 'jl the 8th Host A Family Reunion, SUoe • St. Je«— Mr and : Mrs Hubert CJ'BHen \srere, Thanks||Ving hosts 4 * the Q'Brieh * iainfey ! t eUn 'P n - rhV reunion }$*9lW!Kl in nono. of Mr and lira Ffanlc Horan of Albuquerque/ Jf, At, and Mrs Vic Kurka and of ^airfield, la. Those attenjlWg ti&re Mrs Catherine O'tiriejn'j *t&t knd Mrs Bernard O'Brien* and family, Mr and Mrs Edmund. P'Brien and famay ail oi "Whittemoris^Mr and Mrs Tim O'Brien* and Ann, Mr and Mrs L£o Itollasch' and family, Mr and Mrs Joe King all of Algona; Wr and Mrs Dennis O'Brien from Rochester. Minn.; Mr and Mrs Sill Rooney and family of Armstrong, and Mr and Mrs Loyola '$<&®KIXS&^^ Knit Dress Special ON ANY HANDrLOOMED, FUtL-FASHIONED KNIT DRESS IN STOCK GORGEOUS COLORS - SIZES: ] 2-14-16-18 Jjusf Perfect For Your Holiday Wear Elva & Jessie's "The' Shop of Beautiful Fashions" , CT Lyle-- Torjne who is with th£ j O'Brien and family from Burt. navy 'ind.Avho 'has been at the! ;— Great Lakes for eight weeks on] Mr and Mrs Hubert O'Brien his return from .overseas, camel were at'Mason City, Wednesday,' Sunday -for a 30 day furlough to meet Mr and Mrs Frank Hor an, Albuquerque, N. M., who flew, in by Braniff Air Lines from Miami, Fla.,'.where Mr'Horan had attended a City Attorney Convention. Mr and Mrs K. L. Kohlhaas and Mr and Mrs Wilfred Kohlhaas and family were Sunday dinner and supper guests in the Math Bormann home near St. Benedict. Mr and Mrs Julius Becker and family of Livermore and Mr and Mrs Willie Erpelding and family of LuVerne were Friday evening visitors here in the Norbert Friders home. Medicinft :• t,$kfi, aMjJttfe ;• ents of ,._. lelie born on met ,of , ._ parent. Mrs Andrelinas was the former Susife;; ZJelgtfe^frideKi df here. .- • Mr arid gfr^of Mrs L George and teSheftson, " ov. 10 ^ Fetttont Meaiealf Emantlel truln, Whitterhbre, medical; afl C. ' " 'On- Mt« Erpeldinf s a sister. Rev. Leo ,C. ducted Forty, services in St. Johi ClaVion on Sundayj Tuesday of ihis . 's Parish in ^ndaS'iirid ek.' Father Stahl of AlgrJna read: Maas'iljisre in St.- Joheph's Church on MSm- day-and Tuesday. ' ' RELAX FOLKS High blood pressure and strong language, won't clean out your clogged sewer. Boyer's ROOT DESTROYER will easily remove roots, rags, paper 'and grease. Costs little — works fast. Get BOYER TODAY. HALJ.-STRAHORN HARDWARE ALGONA BBMBBBi^3.Wff»ff»f!f^^?!sJ7 WE HAVE THE TOY* CHILDREN „ .-. 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Mr and Mrs Glenn Clark and children, arid ; William Barger pent Thanksgiving at the home of Mr and Mrs Frank Waid. Charles City. Mrs Clark and Waid are daughters of Mr Jarger. Mr and Mrs Richard O'Greeh and sons Johnnie and Mark,, and Mrs Fern Peterson Visited from Wednesday^ until Sunday'-;at the ie ,qf l$Sf .'and. JM[rs .^gd Bo\^an, Peoria.-i 111., -s ri ^JSr Wauhita Guerdet' who'; IsAaking a nurses course at ^ Briar Cliff college, Sioux City, "returned Sunday after a few. days, stay at _ the parental Leo. Guerdet home. Art Emmanuel Anderson and his cousins, Lulu Hoglund and Ann Linde, were Thanksgiving dinner and overnight -guests Thursday .night of Mr and Mrs Mel Anderson^ Waterloo. Art and Lulu returned Friday morning. Mr and Mrs • Bruce Shafer of Brpokings, S. D. spent Thanksgiving and weekend at the JrJhn Jongberg home. Mr and Mrs Leon McCoy and their children Mark and Beckie visited from Wednesday until Friday at the home of his parents, Mr and Mrs Floyd McCoy, at Ames. • •> Mr and Mrs Walter C. Peterson were called to Bancroft Sunday morning by tne sudden death of heart trouble of his brother, Art Peterson. Mr and Mrs Floyd Brekko are parents of a daughter born Saturday, Nov. 26, at Estherville hospital. 2^x34 Bulletin BLACKBOARD Slot> finllh hordboard and imooth cork bulletin board with chalk tray. Easy la hang. Over 60 Gome*/ GAME BOX 89° Super iiz« box packed wilh fun! Gam. book and (election of garn*i for all oget. [7 Wptf N'*« U'e "HOWDY DOODY" I Cool bweiag bulb for Ivif pn 1)0-129 "9 1 '' I Ch«.ry |it< for child'l I room or bath. Somethlng-ta-Da BOOK BOX ?o 770 laeki I I fun bcok« , . full of action. Includ* p v z tilt, drawing and coloring bccki. 8 light $•<•/«* TREE MCHTS 89 6 BTP Value 9 I Imported C6, tS Yolt lampj to d r e 11 vp y o w f tre». 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Si;> tw , •( •»;;•.. • •*- i. ife.-^n*'- .«• \C :~- -. -. f -1 lT--* ? I.'-.V- •'. ' Longtime Swea Resident Dies AtAgeOfW 1 Swea 8c Eagle — Andrew Jacob Peterson passed ayvay at his home in Swea "City, Tuesday evening, Nov. 22, at the age'of 85. • '"'..; He suffered a stroke last Octv 1 and has been bedfast'since. ", He was born June 16 r , 1870, in Sweden, and came to this county as a young man. In March of 1901 he married Alma v Johari- , son. To this union five children i were born. .' I Mr and Mrs Peterson farmed in this community over 40 years before retiring to their present home in Swea City. Funeral services wepe held'/at 1:30 p.m. at the Imm.anuel Lutheran church with Rev. A, M. Youngquist in charge. Interment was in Harrison cemetery. He is survived by his wife, four ;ons, Clifford, Minneapolis; Milton, Harold and Lenis, here; and one daughter (Hattie) Mrs L 31air of Guckeen, Minn. K. Pert!, Fehtoh, bpardfer; j ; wdsJ Ham D. Morck, Algona, boarder; Mrs James Gifford, Bancroft, ma> ternity; Mrs Loretta Giffin, Aj- goria, medical; Mrs Augusta Lav*' renz, Algona, medical ' Noy. 16 — Mrs Robert. Kay ser,j Bode,j maternity. '.'.'• . . '•,'.... V' N«Sr. 16 — Rae Ann Kollaschv Whittempre, medical; Stephen Shell, Algona, medical. NOT. 17 —.Mrs Donald Meyer, Algona, boy, 9^4; Mrs Gordon Dudding. Bancroft, girl A 8-^3 V> . Nov. 18— Mrs Hex Voyles; Algona, girl. 8-4%; Mrs Elizabeth Eisele, Whittemore,' medtcal; E; We Are Open Bothv Friday & Saturday Nights TWO RINGS THAT LOCK AS ONE!! BONDED DIAMONDJIn NtODINO RIW1. m «y&K< t ,•:! ..a ./fc4m>-:.^a^3aS««:. kL.^ ft*-'*•(< !•<• wvloboD Mr? Al ;*jwi ,,».. tembre^. _. _ ., . mm, &m* mm •» .medical; P iw NEW TRIADS APPLIED ON SOUND TIRE BODIES OR ON YOf/R ftEOPPABLE TIR6S Ofdlnary rlnii twin, tut «n Ike flnier. "t^\ WILTGEN JEWELERS longer than ' . .nyloribarrels. |- : / available in bladfc, green,'red, 'greyTr 1 Jewelry-flnished stainless eteel cap. Always? freshly-, inked point Each press of cap button turns ball and bronze seat to a new writing • f position ... assures instant • . starting, even wear. Choice of 4 points." 'ALMOST OFF NEW WINTER TJRES !p» WILTGEN JEWELERS SIZE 6.00-16 VUMtMOt \t rout oio '; TWCK Prices Subject to Change Witftowt, Notice • Sam* Irfetim* Ouarante* ai on • Sam* High Qwalily Tf«od MdlN • Same.Tread Dttign at N<w TIr*> '••'-'",' ''• • Sam. Trwd Depth at New TJrw • Same Treod'Wjdtfc a* New Tim / WINDSHIELD ICE AND SNOW SCRAPER Come In And Get One! IT NOW Algona's eaufifu Christmas Tree Year after year, the trorgcous Christmas tree at the CHRISCHILLES STORE, brings joy and huppincss to hundreds of_ Koseuth County rerfidents. .This year's tree, ntfrsery green and fre«h, is more lovely than ever. Illuminated with over 200 lights and dee* orated with hundreds of costly and priceless ornaments, the Christmas tree at the CHRISCHILLES STORE is truly a joy to behold. Bring the children, come yourself and just relax a few moments and gaze *at this inspiring sight.' You will not be urged to buy merchandise; yqu may 'find complete taxation in this annual holiday j delight, ON DISPLAY in the Keacly-to-Wear Department on the Second Floor ppl JP|| t The Chri

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