The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 1, 1955 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1955
Page 2
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'. ,sr<j«i' ; ' "^ Wi W&. : alilKlhlfH 'M^day,^ pe lvlfi|he' I|f|emy;"fi^ : ll;3o t viSl6.s!;.i"' ; : - ! ;"'" ; ..'-' ! .'v;V : --V .. . " v. Getjeyieyfc Hartshorn was lake to . St. Ajrm .hospjtal Monda morning. She suffered an attac of asthmai:? Mr and'Mrs Henry Furst ha their son arid daughter.-irt'law, M and Mrs Richard Funjt of Hum bdldt: as gjn'her' guests SuncJ Mrs Lesfer Clement, of Ames nee Nina 'Blossom has man friends hete who wjll be sorry to le'arn. We is'in a hospital .a Mr and Mrs E«a Blanehard had as guests Friday until Sun day, Mrs Paul Reid afid ''Her 1 ;son and wife of Columbia, Mo. Mr, Reid is a sistef of EM.'. Mr-and Mit t Chaster Bailey weekend at Sio"u&tttM?#tth^heir son-in in laV^palulhter^Mrr and Mrs C. N; Aalfs ah'3 family',' Mr .and'Mm -Garn«ii Ackerman Were visited over the weekend by the former's brother., and sis- .ter-irt-Iate, :Mr'randKMrs Clyde Ackerman s lndi. ; son J , David of Hocheste'r!' Minh^ ' Mrs Fjank Hofius relumed Jo the Park .hospital at Mason City Wednesday and later in the week will undergo major surgery. She had been there.; recpntly for a period ; 6fs observation] Mr'and Mrs Waller SchUd- knechtifiad $lr ahdi'Mr's W. T. Schildknecht'' and Mrs 'Martha Albright .of Estherville as Thanksgiving guests. They are parents and mother of the hosts. Mr,and Mis George Scuffham took' !their,. Saughter, •. Janice, to Spencer'Monday and :from there she virerit fo tQmaha. She will visit'a friend there and if she find? < suitable employment, , will remain. ' ' ', Mr.ajid Mrs Frank Stebritz had , as Thanksgiving; dinner guests thein I sonHn : law . and daughter, Mr and. -Mrs?Charles. Rolling and children, r 'Vin.c?nt, Virginia and Patty. Mr Rolling farms near Ceylon, -Minn. . . • ...... Sgt, Paul G. Stebritz spent last weekend, at the home iof his' pair- cnts.L'Mrfand; Mr? -Frank- Stebrjtz. Paul 'is'lsbtjoned atj Fpft Riley, Kan.^antfha'd a- pass. He spent 2% years in Austria," and after,Feb. .l/'he will be dis-, charged,'. '•• V I Mrs Bertha, Pommer speni ThanksMving Day yith'the Pam- mef •cnfiajeni afc'the 'Elmer Meyer h'pme Jiear Woden. •- Present were Mr SiW Mvi toick Ffanzen of Ti- 'tonka; 'Mr and' lyirs Henry Porn- mief-'-'df ",'Wesley;'.'-Mr>---anJi. .-Mrs Harold Pbrnmerbf-B'ritt and their families;. . , , • j Bela Sjgma Phi. wet at the home "of' Mrs' Pat Me'tzen Tuesday, Jfpv. 22; -President Anita Thiesen had charge of the meeting. Ramona. Amfahr had the lesson and Mr Louis Lenz showed his vacatipn pictures. Next meeting :wil, : be'Tuesday, Dee. 6 at the h,pme of 'Mrs Jerry Mc- Kcan. , ' '".".' Mr? O. F. Apple and daughter Martha and Mrs Roger Christensen, Roger afid Cjndy have returned to their respective homes at Anchorage, Alaska and Los Angeles,.,Calif., pfter being here several weeks with their mother, Mrs Loretta Giffin. They came at the time she had surgery at a Fort Dodge hqspital and remained during her conval,esence. Sheila Sullivan, a student at St. Mary-of-the-Woods, Ind., spent her Thanksgiving holiday with her parents, Mr and Mrs Wade- Sullivan. She was taken by them to Mason City Sunday where she took a plane for the return trip. Prior to the Thanks- Hiving vaca,tipn the Junior prom was hole} and Sheija was chosen uinong eight in the Prow Court. Mrs Jog Bestenlehner leturned with her son and daughter-in- law, Mr and Mrs Sigwell Wood of Detroit Lakes, Minn., as far as Minneapolis, and is spending a few days there with her son and daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs Bob Wood,. Tne Sii-well Woods had been here for thu Thanksgiving holiday with others of thp family who were guests of Mr and Mrs Don Wood. j M? and W** "Bud" Zender wpre visited from Thursday till Sunday by the liter's brother- in-law and sister of Minneapolis, who also spent some time with Mrs Sorflaten's parents, Mr ar\d Mrs Harry Pptter. Saturday a coffee was held at Mrs Potter's at which the sisters, JVlrs Francis Lonergan of, Wh'Utemore; ivjrs Leonard Baas pf West Berid Mrs Sorflgten arid Mrs Render were guests. Mrs Loreen Brown left Wednesday evening for Chicago where she will be met by her son-in-law, Walter Greenwood, who .\v<as there on business for the Central Electric company with which he is employed. They flew from there to Boston, Mass., and were met there by Mrs Greenwood for the trip to the home at 'Marble Head, Mass. Mrs Brown plans to be gone till after the holidays. Mr» Ernma Hagg had as Thanksgiving guests her son. Perry, who is attending u Waleh Makers College at Elgin, 111.; Mr and Mrs Robert Ifagg and family of Deir Rapids, So. Dakota; Mr and Mrs Wilbur Christcnsen uhd family of Wesley; Mr and Mrs Clarence Cliristenson, Won- dpJl Christen-sen, y/t'iley, and friend, Esther Huase of Burt. fto- _ !'o|'ifSKl«r*dJ HflbCFt;' wn' of Arnold Hilbert, Hartley, Iu. Mr and Mr* Robwt Clsirk had Mr ajid'Mrs !Aire'A Hitllebaugh as dinner' guests Sunday. Oft afld Mn A. W>. Amunson spent Sunday at Ellsworth with Mrs Amuhsoh's parents, Mr ano Mrs A. Reynolds. * • ' Mr and Mrs Robert Slckerl were. Thanksgiving guests' of the former's brother'-in-law and ,'sister*, "Mr* snd Mrs'Fr'ank Fischer at Sloii* f alls, S. p. ', ':- •;? • • \Mta Leofa Halpin returned .Tuesday' from Ankeny where she had spent a few days with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr and'Mrs Bob 'Kuhn. ' ? MllMd Mrs E. W. Ada.ns and family^ 'arid Mr and Mrs Max Stfatton Were 'guests 5 of Mr; and Mrs Frank •Stratton at Mason City-last week,' Thursday. MM Bertha Dally has been confined to bed the past several 4ays with a kidney ahdibladddr infectldh. She is now'improving. Her daughter, Mrs Walter Zeht- ^ei* has been caring'for her. Phil, Anderson*, Stanley Hanson and NeaP Anderson have returrt'' ed^,to.Iowa'City where they,are mrolled at t'he university.* Tjh^y had spent the Thanksgiving weekend with the respective parents. ',-'';.' •.',,•"'.'"". Mr and Mrs C. E. Zaugg were visited 'over."". the Thanksgiving (veekend by their daughter Marta arid friend, Mary Tribbean, of Gilford. Both young women are attending *St Joseph • school of nursing at Sioux City? Mr .and Mrs Max Bast had. heir soh-in-law and daughter; Wr arid Mrs Burton Varcoe and children of, Emmetsburg as dinner guests last week Thursday. The /fhildren Charles, and Jans remairjed here over the weekend. Mr and Mrs William Anken- lauer, Jr. have moved to Fort Dodge where the former is. em- )loyedj with an auto parts co. Till they are settled the infant ion, William Ray, is here with he grandparents, Mr and Mrs William Ankenbauer Sr, , .We Are Open Both ridgy & Saturday Nig Mr i.'i .... ni\\i\\\ \\\\ if you give him i Waterman's the cartridge-filled] fountain pen that PENS from $595 SETS from «)95 of real ink. * Cartridge is transparent and unbreakflhle. t No moving parU to break or wear ou», t Virf? choice of ppiqtf qnd bequtiful color combination?. *B?fil|*-Pfor50* • nppl|,iH(,r WHTOIN 'Mf* •TiicifijtJfi^ fit st will- |e tjj^e several • d|ys. * iM M«» J.-F*. Mrs*: J. "G. ' of cora. Eldoft Movey and Busch^r attended a farm im rnentni^etirig "at DeS Mo Tuiesday. '; ;' ,' ; ii- Xi Xi chajiler of Bella Sigma Phi sorority is holding a sale of dolls clothing Friday afternoon and evening at the J. C. Penney store. • . . : \ •Mr ana;t«rs L. E. Lirtnan iii Chicagb a fe^ days last weekf iVfr Linftah attended the Natiofr* if Derrlocratic meeting and bah- jue't Saturday night. ( . , ? Mr aiid Mrs * Dean Binagon- b^rg had Mr and Mrs Robert Van Pfelt of Beaver ^nd Mr and Mrs Eftiory Luther of G^and June-; tiibn as, dinner guests Sunday.; ; Mrs Henry Seiler reiurned Sal- .urday from Fort Dodge where she had spent a fortnight at her sdh Vincent's; His \vife had been at Mercy hospital and Mrs Seller cared for the children. Mr and Mrs R. A. Behnke were visited, over ; the Thanlcsgiving weekend, by' their son drtd daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs Harold Behnke and family of Perry, / Thanksgiving evening tfie parents and visitors were slipper' -guests; of 'Mr and Mrs Herman Behnke at Whitteinore. f ather t '... Mr and s^ent - . . attend! ;'{;dlitf e B>M< .. ; Madrlce . daughter Stevens college^/ Columbia, ; Sheila nu'rsis ; at Des tbtne LiritfalKBia »R nn/'v'.. : ; :;i -fi-%ii*/-i; Lois Riebhoff, ^aftieef Kio and JJordthy Hagg \were: rhet t Ma$oh 'City " Wedriesday'^pri brought home '.for fit' the f. h6m e-? af; Were , : Mini GSrdon liuhn had 'gues'ts ^h a . daughter*, Mr and iSs Kleift '«rtd Rickfe. Cut ehtBl.,Rii£ihfif d , he sickness > erf; the daugMer ...... , Iowa a'rcia the lo'Wa State if;,^Sj=f'V Mrs Wade Sulftan udyjMTjMahon arid^Ma'rcia Still ian, s * Indents' at th were'sUpperrgu ' >&%&&*&*&*&%;?'?*'*•%£??,< giving" at fiagle prftve^H ; |^i§ Bolar, a friend.;| Mjtl^icieiis^ former- resident there a {mMbfer Of'years ago'' wHeft'^he^ the late Mr and 1 ; Mrs lived there. ;: Mr and Mrs Phil Kohlhaas _.._ Mrs Rose Scanlari were ctinner. guests Thanksgiving 6f the-Kp,hf>* haas son-in-law and daughyi?. Mr'and M^'sDab Brandli^QthCT^ guests' Tvere : \the f ' son P.hil • Jr. v iH^ his friend, Larry La ,. Br'on, '" Omaha", Neb; The young'.itiien- students at.low^a City. ^"' v '' IJjl^tter's ^^4pi.dr^-..Mr. and «*io M.^. . jtWson^mother, Mrs Hari^ C§ll|y^|Hd v;bT6iher, ^pJ1h|.igg --..«rw sehagf • la;well M ettS \tea .wife ,the i MdtessM - j^'.;\JTIACO b^^/wsjivv.A k> inCiUuGQ »«*«-—.-^ niembefS;'from Iowa Statef Cql- legtf;': Mercy : Hospital 6f$Mag&n AVg^f ..»»**•* yj; iJiVifcr^'aMM*- ***---'* ^Crifii.* : Cit|r S Hamuton.^Busihe^ciMel'es Sexton Resident .ervices - rese.o *f6r',th6 ? :p6st' half /centur ,heldf- Tuesday Vat vMcCU •Funeral Chap(sl,^fti 2 |;W Harry Whyte, Met.Hddistlpastdr, officiated, "and ; ; buH|H} -was i-1n ' tofi&Mi^SlSi'^ mfdiBathiri iflSfl/ j s , liakbJa.' ^••. :lK)ppenrMfld"'Mf- and; Mfft .<K60en5 We'nt to Osakis, Mitln. 3V[on"day;to attend funera'l servide's •f6r::Nibk's v ;btothemAhdr.ew','arid fr^lfe,' J WWaiet; < a?i'W&ek ago ifrom gunshot wounds. , : .! The ekaet:caUse':Of the wounds that .brought .death Js.npt fenowrt. Andrew had lived in this commu- hify 'and Bancroft befSre.'mdving to SMIhnesota* ">'':'!' '-',•,'•'.•• ' m^r&yy?: r#J: r 4 I 'Hi w M f/f/j •«% ^^ m&' imag* T^'^ Wji4>, ''Ms ^^ oec, z FRESH PICNIC -.ff ; M ' LfeS; \" riM i:> A -\ ROASTS SMOKED PICNICS 6 to 8 UBS. Lb. FRESH^ PORK^rEAK^ FRESH BULK POIPAUSAGE FRESH 8MCEP PORK UVER Lb, SWIFT'S PREMIUM BACON l-l*. Pkg. fRESH PORK FEET or NECK BONES Pure Ground BEEF 3-87' FLAV-R-PAC FRESH FROZEN STRAWBERRIES FANCY GOLDEN YEULOW BANANAS IBS, FRISH HAMLIN JUICE <SET A BIG .?flW ,^^r: W ^^^ ^^ BARGAIN , ICY A £,. M OO-» «IWEBIIIT 6 ™ r2 « RIO TOKAY or EMPEROR GRAPES K3r' PLYMOUTH MAID ^«fc • i§W' ^fc ^- ICt N <^ CREAM I CARTON PLEASE) t ™~ • •"• * ^ ^ ^^ ww mm f ff ^^ : / I-LB.CAN.,.. (LIMIT I CAN PLEASE) $3.00 ORDER W T-V SPECIAL JOHNSON Peanut Brittle Ib. (full of peanuts) CHOC., WHITE oaYBLtOW % M Qt, Jar HARTiX NIAPP 'No>''9.03 cant

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