Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 7, 1963 · Page 17
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 17

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 7, 1963
Page 17
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Gdlisbur ist#r<Mait, Ga(«sbur Monday, Oct. 7 D(htfrYour $elf esigner By MR. FIX * Enterprise A Hon it and place it around the pipe, this can be held in place with a tone damn. You mav need A leaky water' pipe mm the size used for radiator hose. time for 'fiat action, but ftet If you " ' panic. twisted tichtlv around First thing to do is to turn off A generous use of friction the water. There may be a valve tape is another method. But for that line alone. If not, turn since the tape is porous, use other patching material RADIATOR I PRAMS. 41U t ANO NAIL Hm" JOIWT8- i 0* IMI OAOOJO)H1f I IP YOU WAVE A J fOWSR «AW cLiMANa m RAWATOHAMO VALVt iTOPiTRIP off the main water supply. With the pressure off, you have time for an emergency repair. some with it A piece of rubber cut from an old inner tube or other rubber item is best used by directly over the Best method, and one that will £™»8 * , last Indefinitely, is the use of a break ' T4 fen wind tape or string special pipe clamp made for f™ nd tth 8 ver y this mm*. The pipe Wra P P lent y ot aroUnd the purpose, consists of two metal area * just clamp halves that fit around the pipe. Lacking a piece of rubber, The inside of the metal is lined just use plenty of tape in many with rubber. Nuts and JOINT* in place. Its layers going in both directions, lamp tight once it is Rememb€r) that thoUg h this >rt of patch may not be com- If you don't have a pipe clamp p ] e tely waterproof, it will stop on hand and the time isn't ap- the spray until you can make a propriate to run to the hardware permanent repair, store for one (these things al- A leak that wxm near a joint ways happen at night or on Sun- may in4kate that the jo|nt needs days and holidays), then look repair Threaded fiHings must around the house for materials ^ taken apart and CO ated with • ADJUSTABLE SHELF | STANDARD* I L MATCH BASEBOARD FRAME. STAPLE AINUM GRILLE TO BACK. INSTALL 2 JLLET CATCHES TO SIDES HOMES FOR AMERICANS CUP AND SAVE RAINBOW LOOK in chair and bench upholstery and Venetian blind is are chosen by interior designer Ellen McCluskey for a small vacation home. Do Cement airs Now with which you can improvise. An old piece of garden hose is an excellent substitute. Split WHEN PIPES SPRING A LEAK ^FIIST THING TO DO TURN OFF WATER SUPPLY TO TURN OFF: TIGHTEN pipe compound before being put back together. A soldered joint will have to be taken apart and cleaned of all the old solder. A bad spot in a run of copper pipe is cut out and rejoined with a copper sleeve that fits over both ends. If the pipe in your house is steel or galvanized iron, cutting out the bad part and joining the parts together will require threading the ends and joining them with a union. If you can remove both pieces of pipe you can take it to a hardware store to be threaded. Unless you're an expert, it's best to call in a plumber to make those permanent repairs. Small placed By ANDY LANG AP Newsfeatures QUESTION: I have a project coming up which involves the use of concrete blocks. Can you tell me something about them? I have never used them before. ANSWER: We could have been more specific if you had told us what the project is. We'll assume you are talking about the common type of- concrete blocks — the lightweight or standard wall Milt Mi if- INSURE AGAINST FIRE 1 Commercial fc DomtiHc Fir« Insuronct tk About Our Hom« Own* •rt Policy Plan. Huff Insurance Phono 342-3414 MO HU) Jtrcado blocks with two ># ffiree cores and with 8 f 10 or l&irich nominal widths. Be sure to" : aart-them while they are dry, since wet blocks will shrink later and possibly ruin the joints. In making the mortar for the joints, be sure not to use so much water that the mixture runs easily. This is true whether you make the entire mixture yourself or buy one of the ready-mixes to which only water must be added. For a homemade mix, use 2Vz parts of sand to one of portland cement. As you proceed with your job, check each block with a lev- Don't rely on your eyesight. Another part of the job which should be done as yqu go along is to wipe off any mortar which falls on the face of the block. Remember that there are many different kinds of concrete blocks on the market, so if you are looking for some special effect, ask to see some of the types other than the standard wall blocks. Concrete blocks can be given a coat of silicone waterproofing or painted. ^ (Questions of general interest will be answered in this column. However, individual correspondence can not be undertaken.) Pre-mjxed cement products like Sakrete make cement repairing as easy as baking a cake with cake mixes. AU of the ingredients are pre-mixed in the bag in the proper proportions. Several different types of these cement mixes are available for different jobs. For large repair work, a gravel mix should be used, including sand, cement and gravel. For small repair jobs and building projects, Sakrete Sand Mix should be used. It is a scientifically mixed, high-strength cement guaranteed to meet 4,000 pounds per ed out and all loose material removed. The sides of the old concrete should be wet down to prevent the robbing of water from vou will use. square inch test. For brick laying and block laying jobs, mortar mix with fine mortar sand and mortar cement properly proportioned should be used. Cement sidewalks with cracks and holes in them, as well as driveways and indoor jobs can be repaired in a matter of minutes. The crack or hole should be clean- Add water according to instructions on the ready-mix bag, mix thoroughly, and work the mixture into the area being repaired. An inexpensive trowel, available at any hardware store, can be used, or in the case of small cracks an old kitchen knife will do the trick. With the Sakrete in place it should be smoothed off level with the walk by scraping the smooth edge of a board across the repaired area. Within an hour or two, the new cement work will be firm to the touch and can then be finished off smooth and hard by working a trowel back and forth across the hardened sur- By VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfeatures Writer A great many American families have become two- home families, so many in fact that one versatile interior designer, Ellen McCluskey, has designed three homes based on that theme for the fall National Decoration and Design Show. Easier transportation facilities to shore, mountain and other vacation spots have put the American family in the mood to have one home for serious family living and the other for complete relaxation, she says. "And something to keep in mind in furnishing that second home is that nobody wants to work around the house any more than they must to keep up appearances. Everything must be bought for easy maintenance," she advises. The kitchen in the new home, as she illustrates in one display, will not be for slave labor. It will be a gourmet deal, a place where the homeowners will have fun experimenting with new recipes, properly chilled wines, entertainment for guests. Miss McCluskey has put snail dishes, spice shelves, decorative casseroles around as accessories. It is a kitchen where prettiness is on display, she points out. Cabinets Converted The cabinets are covered in a vinyl with white mil distributed locally face. Sakrete is through most lumber, hardw; and building material dealers. brown and gray w a brown cane pattern on vinyl on backsplashes and walls. The floor is black tile. There is a small television set, a mirror for a face-check before the company gong sounds, director-style chairs with canvas seats. A dining pavilion off the kitchen is recessed and glass enclosed. The banquette style seating arrangement is pillows with backs and seats in gray vinyl; the floor and if necessary, in- Excessive LASTING PAINT USE PAIR \ An autumn home checkup in preparation for the winter heating season should include inspection, repair, stallation of a humidifica tion system. Excessive dryness can damage the house, cause discomfort, even illness, and at the same time waste fuel. Aside from the loss of fuel, the destructive qualities of lack of humidity are just as bad in areas where artificial heating is not necessary but where the air is too dry much of the year. The relative humidity in heated unhumidified homes averages between 10 and 15 per cent in the winter. And in many homes, the relative humidity drops as low as 3 per cent when the inside temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit and the outside temperature hits zero. When one shivers in the house, puts on a sweater and pushes up the thermostat, the real need may be higher humidity and not higher temperature. With the proper humidity, one can be comfortable at temperatures three to eight degrees lower than the reading required for a relative humidity of 10 to 15 per cent. Cited dryness can furniture to cause veneers on lurnicure co peel. Moldings shrink. Paintings tend to dry out and crack. Fine leather bookbindings crack and the pages become brittle. Leather furniture dries out. Rugs and carpeting create static. Their fibers become brittle, break loose and wear life is shortened. Wall- loosens or puckers. Floor- and annoying ALESBUR 85 n. BROAD inm« ***** VP w •If OIMUINI UlflTfR mnsTER TOILCT TANK IALL •fficitnt Wafer Maittr in|t«ntly gopi flow of water af>«r tad) luiblog. HA HOW AM JTOil S paper boards separate creaks result. A variety of minor household troubles also occur: house plants wilt and the piano goes out of tune. More serious is the effect of excessive dryness upon human health. The head of the ear, nose and throat section of New York's Lincoln Hospital, Dr. Joseph Lubard, says there is a definite correlation between colds and humidity, "It is significant," says Dr. Lubard, "that coincidental with the institution of furnace heat in the fall, individuals, especially children, become subject to repeated attacks of the usual seasonal upper respiratory infections. Examination of the nose and throat of these patients will show the characteristic dry spots, incriminating evidence against the low humidity. The irritations TERMITES? FOR FREE INSPECTION -CALL- ALEXANDER LUMBER CO. *15 EAST SOUTH STREET MtVtm Agtito for COPPEfi TERMITE CONTRO SERVICE, INC. of the nose and throat will usual- the the ly persist until the air in living quarters, especially bedroom, is properly humidified." Unpleasant Effect Lack of moisture in the air also has an unpleasant cosmetic effect. Overheated dry air evaporates the natural moisture from the skin, causing rough, chapped skin and lifeless dry hair. Relative humidity (the amount of moisture in the air to what the air could hold if completely saturated) should be related to outdoor temperature. An authority on the subject, James H. Manecke, says that, for example, when the outdoor temperature is 10 degrees, the relative humidity inside the home should be 30; when the temperature is 20, the humidity should be 35. As the executive of a company that manufactures automatic controls, he naturally believes that the best way to make home humidifiers work properly is to equip them with such controls, which automatically turn the moisture on or off according to the relative humidity setting. He adds that, for the best performance, the humidity control should be is a gray marble chip, vinyl-topped tables are around for dining. The wall is upholstered within moldings with a gray baroque scroll pattern that separates parrots of gray, brt)wn and black on a white background. "I have gone away from color in this room because people do not need so much color in the second house. They are likely to wear coolrs so vivid that they can supply all the color themselves," Miss McCluskey says. Another second - home dining room has a trellis and a fountain with flowers and is done in a sophisticated b'ack and white, "a color scheme which is always fashionable in clothes, should have the same understated effect in the home," she says. Eye Tropical Garden The rear wall is glass behind which is an illuminated tropical garden giving the room its only color. Two white sidewalls are fronted with a black trellis. A black lacquer dining table is round with a pedestal base and Louis XIII dining chairs are covered in a black and white Provincial print. The white floor has an octagonal border which repeats the fabric design which was photographed and reproduced in vinyl to achieve the effect. For a young couple who have a little beach or country house, Miss McCluskey chooses a rainbow look that is easy to maintain. Two walls are wormy chestnut; One wall is covered with blue vinyl. The floor is a blue traver- ; tine vinyl. Venetian blinds are blue and lighted from behind. Two chairs are covered in a pink cotton, a wingchair and bench in a carnival stripe of pink, green, ted, blue and white. Tapes on the Venetian blinds have been made from the same fabric to give a multicolor effect all the way. Random-length bookshelves hold Mexican objects, photographs and various objets d'art. There are primitive paintings on wood, a clock and i i BACK TO FRONT SPLIT LEVEL, includes a large living room with a 10-foot wide window-wall, full-size kitchen with service door to the carport and three bedrooms with generous closets and windows. On the lower level, two large sliding doors extend the recreation room out to the patio. The utility room has its own door to the side yard. Samuel Paul designed plan RA311P, with 1,066 square feet on the mat* floor and 483 square feet « the lower floor. He auasetU a plot 75 by 110 feet. -1 reproduction other paintings chestnut wall. antique on the wormy mounted on the inside wall, not in the direct path of furnace discharge air or drafts from open doors or windows. Plumbing Booklet Aids Whether you are planning to buy a home for the first time or are about to buy a second or third home, the booklet "What You Should Know About Plumbing," can help you have the kind of home you really want. It is available for 15 cents from the Plumb- i n g-Heating-Cooling Information Bureau, 35 E. Wacker Drive, Chicago 1, 111. The booklet covers all aspects of the home plumbing system from the piping behind the walls to the selection and care of fixtures, fittings and accessories. Industry representatives throughout the nation report that selectively placed and properly utilized physically handicapped workers actually increase the efficiency of their departments. JOHNS-MANVILLE INSULATION Call WHITE'S 342-0185 Your Neighbor Sayi COMPLETE PLASTERING SERVICE R. M. Sandbercj PLASTERING CONTRACTOR 342-4005 COOKING WATER HEATING HOME HEATING Manufacturing Co. ANNOUNCES THE OPENING OF THEIR 646 W. MAIN ST Feat THERE'S NOTHING LIKE SOFT WATER • tot L<*ufidiy • f-or Both • Foi Kitchcfi With an WATER * SOFTENER Custom Millwork For Home & Office Headquarters For Weldwood Products. Formica Tops, Vanities Hardwood Paneling — Folding Doors and Other Specialty Products OPEN: 9:30 A.M. TO 5:00 P.M. DAILY 9:30 A.M. TILL NOON SATURDAYS EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT Galesburg Soft Water Co Phon. 343-9061 in. fcp«4*bl# wvtc* I 1 175 N. Chvrry Gilesburg, III. \

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