Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 7, 1963 · Page 16
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 16

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 7, 1963
Page 16
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16 Golfsburg Register-Moil, Gotesburg, Til. Mondo Oct. 7. 1963 03 C YOU ALWAYS MAV/E A BIG SMILE FPOM ONE EA« TO TME" WELL, WWY MOT ? -WW J If [•>:- f;^,«ff:::¥: . r . 4 • - • 4 77 * 1 H hF • i +1 . e < - -•- v.:• • h _ + _ <9 THESE PLAYERS APE HOT FROM PRACTICING SVLVESTER i GET SOME WATER OUT HERE! WOULDN'T PUT UP WITH THAT LAZV CLUCK FER A MINUTE IF WATER BOYS WEREN'T SO HARP T 1 SET 1 (VAWNO RIGHT '. AWAY/ SIRE! 1 (0 I9tii fer Wmwr trot, fiehtrei, Int. T.M. H«f. U.S. Far. Off. • » • i— • i di 1 1 • dom V " "tgu wow EVEKYBOPr HAS A 3IKTHPAY P Rartfo and Television. Station WGIL. Ra.Ua ° lB «<> A K™ N « HOUSE-WW. M *r H .„,p. 140L JCllOCVClM MONDAY, OCT. WHBF-€h<mnel 4 5."00 5:30 6:00 6:15 6:20 6:30 7:00 7:30 6:00 6:30 9:00 10:00 10:10 1015 10:30 11:00 Leave It to Beaver. "Beaver Runs Away. Cronkite—CBS Newt, John Ravenoroft Newt Don Wcoten Weather. Don Sharp Sports. To Tel) the lYutn. I've Got a Secret The Lucy Show Danny Thomas Show. Andy Griffith Show. East Side-West Side. Jim Koch New* Weather Show Sports Pinal Bat Masterson: "River Boat/' Suspicion: "Protege." WOC-Channel 6 5:00 5:30 6:00 •6:30 8:30 •9:00 10:00 '10 30 12:00 12:02 Quick Draw Mctiraw HunUey-Brtnktey Report. Report to Area 6 Monday Night a* the Movies: "The Wreck of the Mary Deare." Hollywood and Stars. "The Glamor Girls." Sing Along Wit* Mitch. Report to Area 6 TontRht. Midnight Headlines. Sea Hunt. WQAD-CJwnnel 8 6:05 615 fi 30 •7:30 9:00 10-00 10.05 10*15 10 :25 10-30 12-00 Weather News—Sporta. Ron Cochran ABC News. Outer Limit-.. Wagon Train. Breaking Point Veather Dick Richmond News. Murphy Martin News. Jtm King—Sports .Steve AUen News Final. 6:05 6.35 7:0b 7:35 10:00 10:15 MONDAY News. Reporters Roundup. Music. World Today City Council. Nightcap News. Music Till Midnight. DONTT ASK MB, LADy, X TPO^T K'NONM IN IT/ X 3UST GOT A>i ORDER T<9 PICK VT OP AT TR V WAREHOUSE: A^ v A DOLLAR AND-A MALP COLLECT^ IF THAT MAM iSt^T DRA601N<3 HOME, sowe FKICSHT FROM. AS\ AUCTION,HE GOES FO* TWt^B WAREHOUSE BL\t^O Haws on the Hall Hout 4:55 6:00 6:05 6:15 6:35 6:55 7:00 7:05 7:10 7:15 7:30 7:45 0:00 8:05 8.5f 9:00 9:05 9:25 9:35 10:00 10:05 10:10 10:35 11 OO 11.05 11:35 11:50 11 ;58 12:00 12:15 12:25 12:40 5:00 5:15 520 5:30 5:45 5:54 ti 00 6:05 6:35 7:05 7:35 10:00 10:15 Up Show Fare Program. Up Show •John Reporting. TUESDAY Wake Uo Show News, Wake Farm Wake Robert St News Weather Forecast. Sports Scoreboard. Wake Un Show Local News iMornine Show N e ws. Weather Forecast. What's New h Pink & Blue. News, Bulletin Board. Uncle Harry. Morning Melodies News Market Reports Music Problems and Solutions. News. Morning Melodies Trading Post Farm Advise! Program. Noon Da.) Devotions. Noon Farm Markets and News. U.S. Weather Forecast. Local News. Music News. Fulton Lewis Jr Music. Sports Parade. Wall Street Report Weather News Service Show DELW6R IT HERE TO MASO* M^SSpZtSt^Sl «P HOOPLA WERE* A n^^l^^J^ ANO A HALF COLLECT, AM V ' » uV ALL THE &LLY c ^ u ^^ SlGM -TH" TOP -SLIP.' Public Music. World Today. Music, Nigtitcap News Music Till Midnight. News on the Half Hout < * .1 'A * 4 6EFOR& HE GOT A CASE OP CLOTHESPINS= 7 • 1H) br NEA. Ue. Til Ki|. Ui M. Jaeoby on Bridge WTVH-Channel 19 Station WAIK. Radio 5:00 6:00 6:15 6:30 •7 :30 9:00 10:00 10:10 10:15 11:45 Cheyenne: "The Rebellion.* 1 Ron Cochran—News. Local News. Weather and Sports. The Outer Limits"The Architects of Fear." Wagon Train: "The Widow O Rourke Story." The Breaking Point. "Bird and Snake," 'Aumbv Martin—News. Local News. Hollywood's Finest: "The Iron Major." Evening Inspirational. 7 mn-C,hannel 31 5:30 6*00 6 30 7*30 8 00 8:30 9 00 in no 10;30 11:00 1130 CBS News. Peoria Today. To Tell the rruth I've Got a Secret The Li'cv Show Danny Thomas Show. Andy Gr"fith Show. East SiH« W*st Side. Prnhe: "The Brave Ones," Pp'rr Gunn: "The Candidate. '• At Dav'c End WF .rK -Chnrmrl 4 5iK) 5 '30 6 00 6 10 of 8 :30 H-Jckelb^rry Hound, Huntjcv-Rrinkley Loc News 'Veather 615 Sports »6-30 Monday Nitfht at the T^avies: "The Wreck the Mary Deare " Hollywood and the Stars: "Sirens. Symbols and Glamor Girls." 9:00 Sing AJong With Mitch "High School Vear Book." 10 00 Harrison and the News 1C 16 Weather 10 20 Gordon Joyner on Sports. • 10-30 Tonight Show Evening Medit«tJon 12 00 • — Denotpg rolorcast Howard 6:30 6:31 6 -.32 6:50 6:55 7:10 7:25 7:35 7:55 8:00 8:15 8:25 8:30 8:55 0:00 9:55 10:00 10:45 10:55 11:00 11:05 11:30 11:55 12O0 12 20 12:30 12.55 1:00 1:15 1 :25 1:55 2:041 2:05 2 :.'J0 2.45 2:55 3:00 3:15 3:25 3:55 4 .00 3:30 4:30 4:45 4:55 5:00 5:15 5:40 5:55 6:00 6:25 6:30 6 55 7:i 1590 Kilocycle* TUESDAY Sign On. News Hcadunes Farm Report. Weather-Watch, News Around tha World, Local News. Speakim Sports. Astrogufdc , Paul Harvey News. Local News. Weather Watch. Hospital Notes. Viewpoint. ABC News. Breakfast Clup. ABC News. Local News. Town Crier. ABC r'ews. Local News. Tradio. Viewpoint. ABC News. Orrmu/a e t -News Farm Markets. Pn \U liarvrv News ABC News Local News Obituary Report Flair Reports. ABC News. L<»eaJ Nevf Show Time on Broadway. Viewpoint. Town Crier, ABC iews, Loral Ne s. Civic Newcomer FUir Reports ABC !lews Local News Inside Books Viewp' int. Local Sports. ABC News. Local News. Sports Round Tom Harmon \BC News. Local News. Flair Report*. Viewpoint ABC News Sign Oti Jacoby Explains Limit Raises By OSWALD JACOBY Newspaper Enterprise Assn. In the earliest days of contract it you wanted to raise your partner you did and the better your hand the more you would raise him. Translated into points the single raise indicated 7 to 9 or 10 points in support; the double raise 10 to 12 and the triple raise 13 to 17. The double raise was not- forcing and the 13 to 17 triple raise was a wonderful slam killer. If the opener saw slam possibilities he would have no way to move below game and obviously he WQuld be deathly afraid to try for a slam with even 18 points. His partner might have jumped to game with only 13. The experts solved this crisis by inventing the forcing jump raise and it is described and used in almost ail textbooks today. The 10 to 12 point hands are called bids of 2 l . ; ; and arc shown by first bidding a new suit and then WEST NORTH AKJ54 • A 108 62 EAST 4 10 3 2 V A Q 10 7 • Q3 + KQ94 *9 VK J9864 • X J 7 + 862 SOUTH (D) A AQ876 ¥5 #954 + AJ107 No one vulnerable South West North East 1 + Pass 3 + Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— +K Sports raising partner. Of course, a passed hand still uses the old-fashioned nonforcing jump raise so students have to learn two distinct systems at the same time. The modern trend is to go back to limit raises so that the jump to three shows 11-12 supporting points for partner and is a strong invitation, but not a force. This right on the nose after losing one heart, two diamonds and a club. If North merely bids two diamonds East will surely muster up enough courage to bid two hearts and West will raise him to four. North can sacrifice at four spades or pass and watch East wrap up a game. Grant led the Monmouth Park jockeys in 1957 and again this year with most vie-(first pJayer to score four runs in tones. In 1926 Babe Ruth became the one World Series game. has a fine preemptive effect may be seen from today's hand. North's limit raise to three spades shuts East out and South makes his three spade contract Academic Athlete KANSAS CITY (UPD ~ Hank Stram, head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs in the American Football League, won the 1943 Big Ten medal awarded annually to the student best combining athletics and scholarship. Stram was a football and baseball star at Purdue. Wyoming has had 10 unbeaten football teams since it first played the game in 1393. WSU, TM0P*, WtVf S6T A SfiNKI* & ft NldHf. ] KMH, MWMtM Vl$ lliUTY AM «l UNS. I UP OS TOP, WrUfSNPM V0US WITH DOLLARS, irt\9 71 HOURS KEFUEUNS tMif mm PU&WT NI6HTH6 SlAttft .V ^ fefcav 5fi •^^s ^r Wilt trinitr Predwtloni VOTING TCD HAEQ hfJ^LB WHV OONT NOJ TAKE <50WB TIME OFF? MP. 800M5£/ WHEN WDULP OH... HOW ABOUT me FALL OF me? - 'm k • 1 mmm P*^r«.CLANi MU^T TAtK WfH V0U TONIGHT* DM*E&Wi my IMPORTANT! ZM W> TVPHOID CARWBRi WR DOT 15 < AT SIS SELLS «ACH A POINT WMBR6 TH 1 CONTINENTAL VKR$ SEAWARD. PROM THEN OW 70 TH 1 CARIBBEAN OUR 5HIP LAME 15 9i WATER 700 5HAL10W, OR TOO PAR 4 OF^5H0Rfi TO RI5K 5CUTTDN" 4- ? 1. WHAT! Z OKAM.ATF0UR THE DECk HOUSE OM THE POOP 7 WB...WB1L DO IT THIS SIDE O' THAT P01MT, WHERE ITS DEEPEST! .0CK *IW W TH' 8R»a» WP . HR0W TH' KEy* OVERBOARD! I AIM TO MAKE *URB THAT MBPPLIN' 5WAB GOE5 D0WU ( mi i\ #11 AS AH IS BEIN' FED TO TH' SHARKS AH'LL HAVE TH' LAST LAFF !! V'ARS FUM NOW, HONEST A&E WILL MARRV VORE. DOTTER!! HE'LL BE SULTAM, AM' HE'LLTURN THIS FURRIN MESS INTO A LI'L AMERICA, OM ACCOUNT HE'S A LOVAL LI'L AMERICAN THE ENGAGEMENT IS SEND % EM BOTH HOME THERE MUST BE ONE OM EARTH THAT IS FOR UN AMERICAN if * n - IJJI-Ll .a h 4 - ft •1 / Ae JOHNNY FROM COVER, 6MNG KANE AN St: < S OPEN SHOT, -MROVEl HOW V\V„?CM, NO—THAT FOOL WOMAN BRACIHG FOR AN EXPECTED BULLET. Joumy RACES ONUNAWARE THAT KANE HAS HI5 OWN FEARS* I CAN'T BE HUNG UP HEKE, 5TKANPEP,,, NOT NOWi MUST WAY OUT > THE mCNSmi HERMAHO PROVE THEM WHEN WE FIRST 5POT1EP THIS NEST/ 7H£Y'KE MY ROUTE BACK UP,~ %2 C O -J ERE Wff HAVE "THE STRAN£E SPECTACLE OF ALLEY OOP LEAPING AN ALJEN MILITARY FORCE INTO M0O/MI6 3ELOVPP HOMELANP/ „;.A PART OP HIS • PEVIOUS SCHEME TO RESTORE THE FALLEN GWJZZLE PYNASTV TO POWER. - VOU 6AY YAKKAHIK9 fiOT. HIS TROOPS PRETTY WELL, 6CATTEREP* ATS RIGHT- TUN*, WHAT PEW HE'S GOT... ...BUT WITH 7* MAGNIFICENT PERFECT ( OF-COU&©* Tf I3.«AN' STRATEGY v WEIL, HfTs'EM JU6T FORCE// IFIfiGER \ MXIR * \ AT SUNUP/ BE A Y A FRONTAL / HIGHNESS WALKOVER AdfiAULJ/ ^10-| (#5 I WELL, HOW'P VOU MAKE OUT [ WITH YOUR FATHER MR* PELL? FINE. HE (5RLW^8LEP A BIT WH£W I 701 D 3P1 H/M SURGERY WAS RECOMMENPEP- BUT IT ONLY TOOK PR. PUVAL TWO MINUTES TO SOFT EH HlMUfi.. Wf PY THE WAY, HOW IS SHE POJMG HERE? X MEAN, WHAT KINP OF POCTOR SHE GOING TO MAKE? 1 I 1

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