Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 15, 1896 · Page 14
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 14

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1896
Page 14
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"•- ' ''' '•'"'''"'"'"•"• '• ' ' i- '•"'•'• v: '--"'"- •'' •'' -'"'= -'-- '••• •"•'"• ••"" ; '' ; - r ' '•'• v> '- -•• '• • --••• •" •* •' •> ?8- THE "• !' *••• 5 v 1 • f" -, f GRATfD AfiWIYr The Briti8h :: Parliament Has Been •, : .'.. '• ^ / :-• '.Prorogued! •'" -' :; : ••••- Explain» ; tiie ! Nire-'Expedition—Turkey Come*; In for.Mentioir—Thank*;,; • 1 , the Commons, London, Aug. 14.— Zhe.qi^eenls speech,, proroguing parliament;" was ''delivered' to the house of commons at 0:15 o'clock Tri d ay af tern oon <-• a'he^spe^ih «ay s : ' ' 3 The best reason in the woritf = some things'sell so well is because they == 5 are good. That - is: one reason for the = 1 grat%a&.cf ^BATTLE;AX/V j = But good quality is only half the story. =§ 1 The other half is the size of k 5 cent piece, '.s j It is as big altnpst ; as a JO cent piece of -5 s other and poorer kinds. = S , ; Facts are facts. You can buy arid see ,for = =i yourself, 'Five cents isn't much to invest; s S ' •-•...-,, . , • • ' SE5* <-• "My ' relat'lons with the powers con- ;tlmie toibevfriendly.-. Thejhostllfemprer 'merits of tfie "dervishes 1n the* valley 61" •tht Nile .against the pio«iUoiis ; occ,upled) ; by 'Itaii' 'east 'of "that" river, co'rivTncea me that it^v.as^necessary.foT^gyp Inke steps HffriTird'-ufre'stirig^their vnnce. By my advice and sanction an expedition has under.taken T -to;,re» to!-.thfe' R-oveririment'' ofLtlieVikhediye,, farjas'lpongbla, tha'Herntory which \v _ 'los't' -ri" ddcnde ago. V 5'he operations to. the expedition are proceeding, and ijy tlic brilliant action at Fcrket, n large ..proportion. .pfythc.J.err.itory. .hns. already .. been"reeovered'. ...... ..... "" " ...... • '"' I Nontrttlity Toward Turkny. .- ':i'A-l 'The condition of por.ti.ons ot Turkey continues, to cause. anxiety .'Biid, at present^ Crete" is the principal ocriter of 'the cisliurbniices.'.':I- : li!ive'.observed.i >trict .neutrality, bwt in conjunction with the powers I -endeavored to .reconcile the contestants by proposing n system oi government, which should lie equitable 1 uhd equally accnptablu to : Christiana. nnd' Mussulmans. . ... ; ,; . • "I . 'rcgi-et Hint n sorious rebellion, signiili?ed ''with 'rrup'l murders, has- hrokc'n' out in Mntiibcle lane!, 'the rising .'having e3»ti'ndml into Miishonnland. The work of defense' and repression has been undertaken;' the. settlers display-- ing-: great, .courage.. ..-They-- have .since- been reonforcid by hupcrial, and. other, Ftout for the Thirtieth-National Encamp: ment at St .Fuul. St. .Paul; : Hiim., 7 Aug." li.--The: thirtieth national cncampment,of the:.Grand .-Army of the Republic will lie held in •Si. Paul from 'August 31 to September 6. A rate of one cent per mile has been granted' for -encampment -travel "by- -all' passenger associations, ..o.utside.'of a 250 i'niile radiua'for St.''Paul.'"With'in 'the '250 mile limit from— St.- Paul, and throughput , the .northwest generally, the Tate'will be 'one" fare' for the'rourid'' .trip. The tickets -..will., be,, good -.for 15 days, but may be extended to September 30 by special arrangment, . Hotel rates will vary from one to six dollars per day;' boarding-house rates from one Jo -thre'e'- dollars', ''Free"' sleeping' qnar- ter-s, will 'be given veterans.coming with ,-their. 1 depar i tments. .-.,...,..- : ,. : The, route of the, .p. ..A. JR.- parade, ", Septqmber r 2, .is less. than '' : ' NEW YORK HAS A GHOST Frlshtenod Italians Pray at tb.8 Mere Sight of It . t«o mllea'rpng,'ail : down, 'grade on asphalt streets.-free from'itrect car tracks Slnd- shaded ; for 1 most of the distance. 'jiiieicoijunn- will move at. ten a, m, >-'!< ii? txpected that about 30,00.0 veterans r »:il|l participate in this pai;ade. . The official . programme promises many parades,' receptions, reunions, camp,fires : and" the '-like. Members 'of the Boys': brigade, wearing-white caps, will be stationed, all over town to give in- iormation, and act as-, guides, without charge.. ..--.. , . • • . A DARING ASSAULT. troops.' . The speech voters. to the' ,Main bele CRANKS; < of Them f (Ei>rsoN. Walked from Montane, to Orange. "Why.,, ypvi .talk about, cranks,", said Idison reoep.tJy. ( at ..Orange, to,a New,(York World VcpoYter;' "t have more of — , come around-here"than any man Blithe-country. They come out with all, ' - of! s.ch' etaes ivfhieh they want -me; 'tb~ puzzle through". ' These 'long-haired 'Allows, with dandruff 'on thelEhcfuJdcrs |af> their coats, meander around here in •hoals... One; of 'them (got .in here the other day,; and. -he :wa»;a. walker,vtoo.! •HV-bfrkwgedjOut.in ^1'ontana and got. thc.-Mea.that,be was the first man who Wer Inyen-tcd an electric light, nod that jaiad rob'bed him 'o'f 'it'. ' So h'c came'on tore to.jmak.o_m.e,ffly.e_upjialt.the.pr.o- Wcds, anil he.^nlket^ev.Cjry, foot of the •way.' Toil ought' to"hnvb seen him when 'Sr>gothcre. ;..'i Vi'A ;;;;''.• '•'•''• "Some of, the boyg sa^y his,trail down? ' ,, here tut ont at' tie-mines/ and ' be hanged if h« didn't-] waik'there.- When he got out there thV foreman'— we'd posted him— ask'ed.him if he hadn't invented the. arc .light. . The ; man from Jlontana •'swdt'iift-'had. «.' Then, the iore- Wn told- : hii$;that I had np.t^nvenled. th« arc light', tut that.it hod been in- Vented by Thomp«pn ' ^.. was Tlgrawayan the foreman told Wm Thompson waii down In IiyntiVMiiss, " 'How., <Jo... you", get., to Lynn?' .asked. tSe man from Montana. : The. foreman, *»ld him- tbp.!road *md he, started .to. 'thimp down iliere. I expect any' day to Bear of til's raining tie 'deuce there some-' 'fihw. \Vr have 'em here all the time, 'Sat they don't boWiefm'e any." jg^gMENTS. •.lor, People: Afrmld .•*! ier bed used PAPER He Latest; -Tnti A gloss house-.—.-.,--_. : r -, - 7 _ -i* be 'considered 'the iightning-pfobf mediums behln-d which timid persons oould seek refuge'from the possibility «f being stricken,by dielectric bol't. But these, are , old-fashioned ideas sow, compared' with'the'lighihinff-propif paper suit which a"Mew York genius, £aa Just invented, patented and invited 'fearful-and apprehensive-people to try. Thin suit Is, made.of doer pulp and can te made .to,1ook, exactly/Jike.any other. •nit of clothes. - Paper is a.poor. con- d net or, and a man"arrayed In such .garments might go "forth and defy lightning-; even if it'should show special preference for him. " > • • • 'This ifl particularly .the .case if. a hat, ft worn-made of, the same stuff.. In- •ide of this should, be'.placed a piece of newspaper, 'and Inside . the clothing •hould also be laid folds of a news- has b'are.ly room" to. stand/ up, so ne kneels most of the time and'stares at the stage before''hirh. • •' '' . Below >:are persons trying to look- 'BO cool' and.. comfonta-ble tihat the sight of them must be ; a,pe,rpetual aggravation.; They sit and langh'and^talk, and take no notice of the uncomfortable fellow perched high aloft and yet in/f u'li yi'ew. He is there for 'four hours every'nlgh't. He shifts' about and occasionally stjvnds up in his endeavor to'get the kinks' out' .of his legs. .:He sits, kneels flnd some-times .leans back, against, the. big, iron girder . behind . him. -. He ; sees tho . show- over and over again.,, He Ijstens to the 'endless sp'lasli.of the'water.on .thcjcrys-. tal: roof 'and 'sees the same little comedies nightly enacted, around 'the round "tables beneath. -': ' ' 1: '•!' -_ ; • " • ' ' - - Spmetlmes a,:slgn.of "human interest: is shown In a bending forward as some" woman with a more towering hat than usual, or a boy wlth.a more; resplendent fcat band than common parades through . .thegordch. ' .' '- ..'...'.••,,...,; -..'- f ', .country and expresses' hoj>e that the rebels'Avill-'sli'6J i tI.vacccpt ; the''clenieii'cy wliich h'as'bee'n offered tb'them. : ' r iTbe. InUlan Frontier. • : Referring to -the-matter of-the de : i invitation of the. Indian .frontier, the, speech, says.that the .agreements be- ..tw.een i-he^hah'oi: Persia and the ameer >.f, Afghanistan, upon the subject, are friendly'-to the'Chitra-la;' Eelief garrisons seni; to Chiti'al have'received the cdoperation'Of the.tribesraen. '• • ,'Her. ma'josty expresses her thanks to the house ai commons for their proyi; •sions and-'service's for-the.year and concludes, by saying that ^sh'c. has given 'uer ponscn't with pleasure to the measures' for ; navul defenses," for lessening 'the iagr'iciiltural'taxes, for the'- ; pr'ote«.- tjon; ofithe cattle imports froni disease nud nueaaufes, for .various other purposes, including .the^riHh, land. bill.,. . : j JTI'J bidding, fare\\ell,'to the members SM ALL ;, PROFIT ..IN :CIQARS. Dealers Complain That They Muke Very ' •' would ; db as well as a paper, wJiich paper suit. *,<•. The paper suit is :also a 'good thing l&r summer excursions,- for if it' in coined in .the.raln, there won 't bemnch: 'joss. Those .whose nerves are .upset by, '«tmosphefi<>"dtsturbanceB had better fwap thwn«elv«t<ttp.lnvp»pw during thw •lectrlc summer atorms, even if they do. 3»t'Kave suits «BQade»ug/a to mode and with seams and^utjorii to BoW thenV together. .'•'''• \~ [ J_ ,f '' AN 'MAN. UNCOMFORTABLE WltneM HI* WrUhlnfl md Show No Pltr. v .,. ;1 -f.% ;- -: On • narrow platform, qloie^to the' fiaos roof of Hammersteln's" Olympia •oof garden, may nightly be seen, says OieNewYorkHeraldi'one.ofjthem^stun;. (comfortable &e&"An ! Rew York. < fi.tf if . •the man wh«| *peniite» -the calcium., B«rhte which^l'ay'.upo» s tne. -' ' , ."There is ; not a;largC|-,percejitnge-of profit ln^cigiars.l'.sald.D. B. : Talbent,of Baltimore!, a"clgbi.r..^olesnian,.,at. ;the. MetropolitanV'to a W,ash' Jngtob. Star r.e- -porter.- "And there la'prtibabTj; rio.Jine •', of goods in which customers 'swindle tho dealers with so. Httle compunction of .conscience. There orii GO' cigars in n box of ordinary .goods, but .the dealer gc'ldom gets .paid" for.' SO, .even .though .he credits none end glyes.none away, -.,. , "A man buys a : ciga.ri'taiting it out of the bb».with Tils' thumo and 'forefinger/ at the «ame:time closing Kls. 'other fingers over another .wbich'Tests in- tho ^palfn of his hands, -He gives [the dealer. a dime and almost invariahly.receives a, nickel In change. ,0r.'he,may.buy ; a quarter's worth arid gets one top many in, the same way.'."This has caused some dealers to .ask how; .many are, wanted. and to give but just what are .called for, but it Is doubtful If 'this 1 Is wlsc.'aa a customer likes to help -himself, a-rid :goes where hc;can dp:so." ;-;.:.: ! - : CALVE tarn She Wonld Prefer It to Any Conn• : - • •'•••' try But Her Own. Mmc. Calve' is us. loyal 'to tJieAmerl- wms when she Is in Paris as they are to her when she is In New York, says Harper's Weekly. She has been talklng.toa. . yarlslan reporter. ( about . L'Ameriqne, and assures him that l£ is^aji enchanted and dreamlike ixiu'htry, to which, if she were not' French, she would VlSj to belong. She "brags handsomely-'tp heir countrymen ' about 'our : villeis'' mag-' nlflques,. with /avenues as .wide as the . Champs ^Elyqees, bordered .with structures two or .three times asAIgh OB the- buildings. ,in' Paris",; and .brilliant .with 'electric llghtsY , Even more, warmly, she praises 'the' remarkable development ,of ourartistlc instincts, %vhibh enco'urages' of ;the house her majesty ( prays _ they niny receive the blessings of prpyi-: dence and rest from their labors, . I "DR.'.NANSEN'S TRIP; "••_ . : . The Gre»t Arctic Explorer Found Open ',' • : ..Water In the F»r North.. ,.-. London', !.Aug, 'l4i—The 'w.ife..pf Dr., Xansen','the Arctic explorer, .confirms .the report that her husband has arrived at Yardoe.'on his return froiirthe Arctic. ' Yardo,'Aug.!14'.—Dr.'Nansen, the're- turned, Arctic,'explorer; says the Tram drifted with thence.,,to a we«iter,ly,-direci. lion,' to-84.Degrees,,and he expects.tfie Vessel, w-iil. eventuaUy. arrive at.Spite-, bergen.''"He'adds'that whereye^' they. ^penetrateU they''fo.und ! ttie' ice 'brpkeiv 'Large patches'p'f'water were also fonnd,' "3,600;meters deep."': Belbw-thd depth'of 190,meters, the. water west appreciably 'warmer, probably owing to the.fulf streain. .Rocky scars, of, which-the ex- .plorers, hod, no 'previous knowledge, -prevented 'entrance into ' t!he Olenek riverjfdr'days. •"'• " : •''•''•"" '•'' In consequence-of the'scarcity of'dogs with; the expedition, -Dr-.-Nansen was compelled - to turn-, back; at ,86.15,. He 'adds!that.'if he'had.been prpvided.with a sufficient number of.dogs andcanp.es itheipole wouid'haye been reached,' ._,. ..', ..The land• voyage ( was most'arduous,' but extremely valuable scientific results • were obtained. "• ''•' '"•'" '' : In 1895, Dr,. Nansen reached'the north coast' of ^ranz-Josef..Land;.and built a stoite.house, 'in.-which^be, lived-the whole w ; inteK ''.'^'. .,..,.., --'-it-i.- The 'Jackson r Farnsw6rth expedition ; 'arrived at Franz Josef Land, the follow- '.ing spring.-' - ' ' " " ' " : : " '". ' Chic-aero Man Robbod In Broad ISo-fore Two Hundred 'People, Chicago, Aug; 14.— A most daring assault and robbery to.ok place on Clark street,,near JIar.rispn, within a block , of tbe police station, just before noon Friday.' One man is locked up and William Ci ; twii, a waiter, living-at 8Si>8 Car. pent'er' street; 'the victim;is being held. The robbery was witnessed by a large number of people; The man under; arrest is John Connolly,- who arrived in 'Chicago recently from- tha west, nnd who, the-police say, is a vagabond. Crown : was accosted'by two roughly dressed men arid beaten almost into insensibility and fell to'the sidewalk in a dazed, condition. One: of-the m 'en then, isoarched- his' pockets .while'''a 1 crowd of nearly 20.0 j>ersons looked-on. offering.no assistance. ,Cro\yn had but; . $17''on" his person at. il-.he.time.. ... ..TRI£D TO-jKILL HIM, --i A Polish Striker Attempts tlie Life of • ' ' . . .,-,yuarry. Foreman. ^ • -.' ' . Cleveland, 0., Aug. 14.- A special from - Berea, p., says': A deliberate, attempt was rriude to murder" Foreman Araoa . Morley, of No. 7 quarry,.Friday morning.- George- Eowrislibnskl assault.rd 'Morley with a sho'vel rind'then'threw' him 'into.ithercreelc, ^He attempted' tc hold .him,.underwriter with his shovel. -Thej assiiult., occurred-in i,-the .-qunrry, Bpwnskonsiii was placed under .arresl. and' charged wi th' assiiuit^with intent to kill. He'made no shp\y of resistance, .Morley - is a^oh-uniori'man. Dynamite whs-vfouhd under-his house Ihs1 : vrcek. He ,is 'probably ihe'inost bitterly l.atod pt' : any,body,.b.v the.Polishistrikera; :an4j they, have vowed ,thnt.they would have ,lii.? life. Bpwnskonski was en- rftged'beciiu'se Mprlcy refused'to let hiu .go to work: '.-•'•• ••••••' A- Policeman' Trier to tllve n Sclnntlflo ' Explanation • of the PhenomcDOn, : • But the. Crowd .Talre*. ^'o k '- fi - Stock ln ; Hl«'- Theory. - ''-' • West TKirty-ninth street, in IS'ew /York city, \vill not recover from;itfor months. It saw a ghost—s gho's't peep- Ing out of Hie upper window of a house nt Seventh; aYenup 1 ;' Two hundred persons saw'the-face, -They sn^d'It-looked like the face of Virgin Mary, surrounded by the aurcolltc. ',; ..'• > ; Policemen burst open the door of the room,: whore., the .g-hostj was supposed to He'. 'No'trace 'o'f it 'uo'uld be' fouhd. When the policemen returned to the street, however, the face still appeared at the .window. There bav^e been queer rumors about the Jffouse"a?-'>Jo! 200 West ThTrty-niiith '.street, o>09jiD^ed;;by, Alberta Albextjeri, ,.hi» wife arid, child. 'They "are IlalJaris, and have been in tbJs'country only a few months,:.; The^hpuse'.Js a, big-;bro.w,n stone structure, four stories high, and their rooms 'are' all'ori the first floor.' : ' Mrs. Albertieri has bean ill for some 'time,- nud last Sunday af.ter;dinner/.her; husband took her for. a walk. When they 'returned Albertieri looked at the- top floor'of tlie house. He started back. There,,plain as.day, he says, in .the second story from Seventh avenue, a,p^ peared a face-and p:irt : of a "figure; A halo.waved'to.and fro about.the head, and the figure.seemed, to..sway back- ward'and forward. 'Albertieri called his' wife's attcution, and they stood for a moment, spellbound. ....,- .... Services in the church across the street had just'been dismissed, aid many o£ the congregation;-attracted by -the remarks, of the Italians, gazed fix- "cdly at .the.window. AH co.uld see, the figure plainly,,but to. some it took one forjn' nnil 'to otAiers 1 another. A crowd (juickjy gathered. 1 ' .'•-"•' ••';'• •'• "God forgive me!" said one Italian, dropping on his knees on th'Ci'sidewalk. "My .sins have.found.me out. It's the Virgin, Marj;.come to conflcinn,.me," , .;. A wild .waijl'.went "P- from, many .throats.' They did no't believe in ghosts, many of them, but there was the fig- Your Kidneys?, the blood., tteiltky pur* blood. ' Dr. Hbbb. cur» MMueTMihrta, BKlnclie, Palni.OroMy.Piln In the A ) FrequtntJMMtlon, Influnn KldiKy»,lete. Kndortcd by »u,-4- I cf«n« »nd DnureintK. 50 cent* *. Dftz. > SaraptoPlKiMd V.lmble Book free. A For.Sile in LQGANSPORT, IKD,, by. TT Ben-'Fitber, 311 Fourth Si. and John if. Coulson, 304 Mark:! St. pozzoms COMPLEXION POWDER for .forty year» l» more popular tosiar tliun ever before. I !i uio Ideal complexion' pcirdcr— bp»nl!f jlne,- . refresLinc, cJcnnly, bmltliful and hormlCM. A deiloatu, Inrlhiblo prpte^tlnn totbo iftrh-t Tlrt;|nlu Uumqcrntn: .' . AIex:in;1r,iii'.' V.;'i.. .Aug.. 14.—After.ja deadlock of' two tlii.vs"and one of the, closest politicnl contests of recent years. Judge John F. Uixey, of Culpepe.r, was Thnrsdny night nominated as the choiciv.fpi; congress of-the democrats of the Eiglit^i .district ,of Viii:ginia., i ' THE " lemperarnentfl arid to interpret the mas- An&tlca ihe- hardjjfc di on "a Parisian stage. Calve soys she iympathlzes with her, and, fond as she to of i tl»e «Porl«lan,.p>;b,ll«r'^»l<s . for- 'g be- Horc It again. ,-nheat In China. 1, Chinese ^rlters data ^ Uvition|of^heat tvoj'introdjucj t&ej'ccrlQstlil tmplre ' niing 2,700 years before Christ-,- SLAIN ;ey THOUSANDS., : Mohammedmni ;M»n»«r«a In China- b> ''' Imperial Ordert, , . •-._.;.,. ... yancciuver.'B'/Cif Aug. ,i4.7-T.he steam-., er ''Empress! of 'Japon,^ wjilch arrived. Wednesday night, brought mail odvlc'es^ :from thd orient-as followsV '-The news 1 from .Kansu:ls 'that' the famous Tung' Fuhfiiang, in obedience to the Imperial' command, has begun,a massacre ,of all Mohammedans that he comes across. At. Hsinlng-Fu 1 he slew 1 3J006 'business rneniand sold their wives and female ;children.: Eears-are'entertained 'of'a general, uprising, especially in Pintain- F.u.,and Haltien, .which have hitherto' remained faithful^ .. .. . . ... . •/•'• ... Floods" a're doing terrible damage, in China. In many places entire towns arid :; villages are submerged. All railroads . : havo stopped rucning. Many' .dentha have taken place-and hundreds- of homeless men, women and children" ''"''''' .; ;. Grain, :Provl«lons, Etc, " •• '• ••'• " ! ' : ', .•• \ . •'; ,!•.:.-,.-! -Chicago,! Aug.' 11.<', J^LOUR — Quiet and steady. Prjco« ransedi as followa: ' Winters-Patents, tS 1C 03.60; seconds, ;J1.'9C©2;00;: low, '(Trades, tl'.'^H 2.00. : Spring— Patents, $3.23ig;3.75;- straights,, »2.<Wf3.20;-baker3'.' ?2.10®2.20; 'low gradca, .41:5C'S1.75; .-Red, Dog,. 11.2001; 40; : Rye;i 13.00(3 ' "' " . , ~_^ «g Tlgor end ftu ly bctiurely restorftf .~B«iIlycirw<!il!nT«it~ mfww VHBK——"..-- ".- .— ., — T rock.-t. Price «1.00 » p«ck»«i).,. six Cor •ft.OO wltk • wrltlcBiriiiiri>iitr<!(«T»Fc«?>>Mirrr*riiii<ri. Don'; tmi/an tvltatlon, Imt insilt -on h»vf«« 1MOAFO, 1C id luaii:n>! drucEistt e -..; L,»:-!'.t-- - HE-8TAKTRD BACK.' , ,... . active and unsettled. : 8epternbe'r,iM' < ^i.55%c; December; ES'/4@5Cc.' • -.- CORN-r-3tea(T'.er. No. .-2,r.22Wiif22%o:: -Vo.- 2 Yellow,' 22V4'8'22%c;"Septembcr, Z2.%<3.Z>Vjc;. October,' 23!4(5:23V4c; December, -23%<3i2^e;; May,. 26%i8!27c;;. . ,-.- : :;.,-. : ... -,.-.i: '. ., OATS— Fair, trading ,and higher. No. I cash,) l«?4cr September, 16%@J«<Ac;.May, 19 ®19Ko.-': Samples -.steady. *' No 'Grade, 10© Me;. No. 3, 15@20c; No.. .3 White, 18@19',4c; No., 2, 'l7@lSc; No. '2 White, 21@21Jic. ' RYE— "Was quiet and flrmer.- No. 2 ca"h, 28y4@2S14c; No... 3, -24c;. September; delivery, 28940230.' •"".• '.••.' ; •; ;,:,,. ,, . Barley moderate sale i\nd Doesn't Know Where Tt Stand*. *| New Haven, . Conn., Aug. 14. .— The 'Monticello cliib, ,.the big de.mocratijJ, Club ; of J,thisi:cHy.4?.crosea %3'ts *doors' 'Thursday night. It Is said that .the club, Is in flnaicialistrafltillanai .tha¥i<ihere' It a conflict in;the.clTjVs management between!' ',th6 1;bia; 'and ,sil of the preridettt j' . Killed In » Michigan 4lshpeming, Mich., Aug. Heana and John Kumplo, were killed fhursday night by a premattire blast 111 Lake Superior section '16 mine, -, 'stertdy,..but .new.,at the earno time rule*, dull. :New JBajlcy, 2p@24c lor No. 3, accord-. Ing. to'quality; No. : S old'Btirloy, ZCtJEiCc. MESS J"OKK—Market moderately actlvo andi prices-, steady ..at J6,30@6^B-,for.-.ca^h; J6.27M,@6.6:37!i tor September: JC.05®C.JO for October,: "and |7.00@7.02V4 for January. •• 'LARD—Trailing moderate and prices higher at $3.22^@3.25 for cash; |3.2Ega.Sp for September: |3.32%@3.S5 'for October, and Jir.G5ffi3.70. .tor , January:n; : : . • .•••"•.!.'. , BUTTER—The market Is rullngr .quiet, with quotations i at 10©156 'for creameries' and'9®12c for. dairies, • •....• ••;., , I-LIVE POULTRY—Ftflr dnmand. Turkeys, agilOc; Chickens,:81518140: -Ducks,;'.« -ig«t4c per pound; Geese, per dozen, .f3<00 WfllSKY—Steady on ;tho.,basla of ii.St 'for high wines.. , . -. --., . , .. '•:'-,.. .... New.Tork.jAug-. K'- 1 -FL : OUR—Quiet, unchanged, 1 . ••• .'WHEAT—No. 2 Red moderately active, (teady, %e lower. September,: .62<5>62fc«; 'November, 04^ic; December, 64%@G5 l-ltfc; 'May, 68%c. CORN—No. '2- qulot: and .steady. No- 2, ' 28%®29%c;. September,, SS^ic ;• October, December; :30%o; May,'32%c. '. ..;OAT8—No.!2 dull; steady. 'Statfl, Western, 21@31c; Septe.mber,;;209ic BEEF^-Steady. Extra mess, J6.00<g-'7.QO. ... $8,6608. 75;' 'old mess, tS.OO@8.26. LARD— Quiet and steady. Steam rendered, S3.67H. . • BUTTER— Steady, fair demand. Wcit- orn dairy, 9@12c; do; crenmery; •• , . , CHEESE— Quiet and. flrm. Part^ skimy, ; t®6c:«^ -:'\'Ci ^OU ":liO^^.-^'j'- ; " '' • party. Judge lynde Harrison .Is ^ ttt ^ofi *he j'olub7. Ti £•' . ,:§ iPO'Iv dull. ,(vi-.8tocit."rj CATTLE— Marjtiit strorl ' - Western, ll@12c. - "•" )i! Aug-. t l-». ffiedei'B, ; mixed .Cow l - HOOS-Market nctlvc, Off-lOc .. Llirht 'I8.'00fii,135; roufrh packlnK, f2.CO@2.SO: mixed-and- butchers', »2.M@3.25: heavy packing and shipping. $2.8503.15: Pigs, J2.70 O3.36. .-•', •-.--.' .lire]in the window visible to all. Albertieri said no one"h"a"d~pccup)e«l the room'for months, and that the : bouse was; entirelyemp'ty. ; - - - •'- : : - - The^cries .of jtiheicrowd iwon, attracted- the attentlpaiof; Policeman,;Bunnison, of the!Wesi TwentyTseventhB.treet.stQtian: At' first he wasi inclineid .to laugh, but he'too saw the figure, and ofter gazing ot'it a : few'mihute8he whistlol for assistance, ana^Policemari Gankling-ap- : peared. He says he saw the ghost,'too.. •vl'If it [were ft; man," he:eaid,..'.Td not be.af—" ,;.-,; :.• ., ;,.,;.; . ;; ,;, ; , -,; -.,..0 •: . 'Jiou'ndsmna Tubbs appeared^t , ; the. corncV! He'.gazed intejtly'.ia.t the . w: ' n " do'w, Which "'as just then beginning to 1 lose: its figure. Only for : a ' moment,' hbwcver, for It flarod-'out again ln ; great brilUancy. ::'•'::•.:: - 1 -'::.'-'-::- :.:•:>':,.'-:'i "Man or devil," said, the [roundsman, , "we'll sec what's the, uta.Her, miyhow." . ..Witb.that.ihe sei/.ed' the,key jOf,.th.e hou.-jc from Alber.tieri, and, ac.com-: papied : b'y the 1 policeman,' marched into the bouse/'-The mob outside ! could see 'the Ifp/hfr ^asocndJug 'the"stair's: ' Wh<>n' they reached the top floor.'they found thnt;thedoor was locked. •••• -Pol iceman Gunnison, however,'braced^ ,b.ls. huge..Ehouiders- and set .it-off .its hinges. .The.three men;rushed in w.ith their lnrnp ;/ .„.. : . .. .. -, ... •(••;.-;.; ! "' The.rpprn wasjabsolutely bare, ; .Itdid not cp'ntj'iin an! article,'and' there[wasiip sign-of "the ilgure'in the'window. The room -was 1 a' cheerless apartment, the walls:an<]- ceilings being painted'-the color of mahogany.:. .' .'•.••• •'•••••'. •" -,. Thcorpwdpn the,streethwl.anioment of terroivvyhije the policemen : were in 'the room. : They'.heard ( the craehing of .tlie:doorl and 'then, when the'light ap 1 peared; the 'llgure'vanished from their view;- Another yell went up, and itwa* supposed that the-ghost-had-left: ita :plnce at the window to deal sutnmarily -with : the!,pol!ceinen'. p , 'When-tbe' ; police- ; ,men cam<S:out they.were .warmly greet-' ,ed,-and. the-figure once, more took it« ' place at tije.;windpw and,overlooked the Itnllan's?,"., '.','.'.-"•'.- '.-.;".,-.,-, .- :-; -:•. s---;,- ..;• Uouuds'ma'n. Tubbs, 'says ' v the, Jfew York Herald r ,' is spmething of a scientist," however,'and, as he descended'thestepB, his eye'wuglit thc-glairebit the blg-elec- ,tric> light across the street, and a solution of the problem^came .to^hi^i. t jrh« ; struck the window at a peculiar angle. 'The glass was thickand un*ve^j,Knd,by ,bjf,,the'blncirbackground inside the ^toom'. He attempted to. make this ex- ''.pla'natlon to the crowd in the street, bwt; jitjyas' of no use. The ng^iff «B ^ghoit^ 'to 'them,! bnJ ghost*it"w111 .remain.'al< ?'?$'•'' . .• . I *, 3 The COAST LINE to MACKINAC ' , ,.^ iV ^ ; ,. 2NewSteeiPassengerSteamer8 Thc.Qrwtixt Pcrtactl^iyet^ttalMd In B**l- CoaitrucUod'-Cuuriolu Equipment, 'ArtlctM PBrnUbtei- O*»«Uo» -.«nH. nfflfliar Scrvlo*. Iniuring the highot degree of • , COflFORT, St^E';' AND , ' LOW RATE5 tg Return, lodudlnc i ud Bcrtlu.. •1340. ' '": ________ -.,^..,,...^^., Between Detroit and Cleveland for «11 polnui Bast, South and Southwest *nd at Detroit for Ml poiuU North and Nprtbwe**. . 8undtjTrlMJun», Mj. Augutt >nd («pttnbir,g^, : . EVERY DAV"«eTWEtN" r '/'' x ' : ' ; eieyelandr:Put-Jn^Bay / Toledo 6end 'for Illuttrated P»mphlet. Addre» -:.-.' A. A. »OH ANTZ. «. .: ... DBTHOIT, MIOII. Tie Detnit aiiiiKneiami Stun nr. d. Big « If rwnodr for Qooorrhr^,. OljBt. 4pnrn»tortku% , or «ny -inn, irritation or ulnnr tioa. of r m u c o u • mefcr. or 3 boTth*; |z.7A. d»,old •orei-knd bumij 'Brv i U of priceleM- Tirfu*. ' ?or cnt», -wound* from • guathot, ••, broken-••-, clue, or torn flesh it almost- in«t*ntly • •top* theywin;;imd ! pleed,in«; preyenU;. cases? if'used'yat oace,;*hd.heU»JHSi •; naKic. Itcleante»old tore» k »ndulc«rt ; , from "proud fleeh;" r kin»',.the,njjcro:be whlch ; c«nses the ft>rta»tlon of pus, thV, •topping,:the diich«rgev and promote* granulation and healing more rmpidly . tntn- any known remedy, .'For Brni»e», . - 'Spnin»>'Buri»V Blackened "Eyeii, e'tc., it U equally prompt »nd effic*cibn»l^ It i» indi*penMible in : every factory and . home. See Te»timonl»l§ in circular. ' : ; that " ..' protluc;n~apoplexy !n 'the minds of ihc-.inry." ' . people wit.h lore eyei, andtred and infi 15 or 20 drbpTo? Balm into • ipoonfull of warm water and bathe the eye* well b.t and morning, getting jome of thj Ltia%-inU> the.,ey«B.^-T,u;'-relief and lifiCi^"*^dU^ >iT3mrfSJri>*i^tiye§ t^iv lM F«T»T. theft «««it» i Very light and^«w»yi prevent! destneti «nd- thromt troubl«i; which icsrlct fever and m*a*le« to ofte. l«»ve behind. Alwmyi keep on h*nl "''"

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