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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois • Page 15
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois • Page 15

The Pantagraphi
Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

Fifteen Pantagraph, Blooralnrtoo. EL, Tnetu, Not. 28. 1956. AGRICULTURAL AGRICULTURAL AGRICULTURAL ANNOUNCEMENTS EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT Bulletin Board Livestock Business Persona! t-'irm Fnnlpmerrt Farm Eqnlpmenr Central Illinois Deaths LOCAL MISSOURI and Western cattl TRACTOR FarmaU "MD- 1945.

good CI Salespeople) Wanted Hetp Wanted SUPER 4 Hydraulic manure loader, will fit IHC or JO. tractors. Kelly quarter mile east of Merna. condition. 11.493.

TRACTOR FarmaU 1953, like new. NURSES Registered: 8-e Oay. 40 hour I J995. Not knowing how to drive Is touch Especially when you gad The price of bus sure has gone up So why not grab that Yellow Cab Yellow Cab Phone 5-2025 TWO FREE THEATRE TICKETS If V( publish your 4 line rhyme here. shipped direct to you: have on hand 85 head of young Western bred cows.

Contact Kenneth Lancaster. Delavan. Central Illinois Representative for Burton. Webster Cattle Compsny of Moberly. Mo.

Phone Dels van 8613. SALESMEN BIRTHS Mr. and Mrs, Luther Watson. 104 W. week: 9140 beginning salary 1th auto-1 matte lncree of 85 per month twice) PLOW Three bottom I C.

good. $223. Used Machinery Plow Case, good 8 00 Manure Spreader "MM." $293.00 Hydraulic loader Midwest for TOLLER IMPLEMENT CO. TWMlt Kt Mnmal tt linv hApn THi vearlv tr 1274: extra oar for evening Cridley. 111.

Phone 48 and night Outy; or, em I and laundry $13 pr Jay to start while- Ifl trill aay at bC Joseph's Hospital. I Mr. and Mrs. John Marcum. 601 S.

W. D. Allis $150 00 of uniforms furnished free: paid vaca PROVEN MINNESOTA-No. 1 year TOBIEN NURSING HOME Aged, con John J. Diebel CULLOM (PNS) John Diebel.

85. died at 10:10 a. All is W. D. '45" Diesel Demonstrator.

J. Clayton boy. born Tuesday at valescent and bed patients. 2 hour Good discount. ling; 400 pounds.

$60. Robert Lemon. Forrest, 111. jnennonue nospiiai. i nursing care.

Phone 83, El Paso. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Russell. 1003 COLFAX MOTOR SERV1CS A-C New Idea tion and sick leave, social security.

Blu Cm. Flue Shield and Income insurance available; openings in medical, surgical, operating room, obstetrics and geriatrics. Apply Brokaw Hrwpttal between 19 and 1 p. m. N.

Morris a boy bom Monday at 300 Western Cattle 300 Where to Go Colfax. 111. Phone 80 TRACTORS Only a few 1958 Deer 80. i 70. 60.

and 50 left, so hurry and take advantage of the tremendous savings on these tractors. COMBINE 1956 Deer No. S3 with 14 foot header and No. 10 corn attachment, used or. our farm.

$1,800 discount; will sell separately. COMBINE 1956 Deer No. 45 with 10 foot header and No. 10 corn attachment. SI.

800 discount. 29 Choic Black Whit Face steers. $23. USED TRACTORS CHICKEN. Fish and Steak.

Friday, St Joseph's Hospital. SHIRLEY Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Funk, a girl born Monday at Brokew Hospital in Normal. baturaay.

Sunday, open Sunday at 1 John Deere Models Harry's Tavern. Deer Creek. 111. 8250 and up. IHC large pistons, good tires.

PARTS MAN 18 to 29 years old: with high school education; farm experience preferred company benefits, opportunity for advancement. See John DELICIOUS Hot chocolate made with ing. The outstanding organization In its field will select 2 men for career work. Persons selected will receive a basic starting wage greater than some men ever earn. Your fulure with the Company depends on ability.

Applicants to be considered should be between 13 and years of age. have a car, and be willing to travel 4 nights each week in your area. For personal interview contact: LEXINGTON Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Lee Payne, a girl born Monday at St Ili.iO.

33 Choir White Fac steers. 813. $19 4G. 35 Choice White Fac sheers. 833.

$19.25. 37 Good Black steers. 875. 25. Choice White Fac steers.

814. $20 30. 31 Good Wht Fac steers. $43. $19 50.

54 Choic Whit Fac steers. 457. $21 90. all milk. rich, smooth, creamy.

Wher 81.050. USED PLOWS Joseph's Hospital. Bloomington. Monday at St. James Hospital at Pontiac.

He had been ill three days. His funeral will be at 2 p. m. Wednesday at the Cullom Methodist Church, with the Rev. Lester Wence officiating.

Burial will be in West Lawn Cemetery. He was born at Washington, May 7, 1871, a son of Mr. and Mrs. 21955 Deere No. 45 Combines with 10 else but Hubbard's Cubord.

Puttier, manager. Tractor Supply Co, FAIRBURY (PNS) Mr. and Mrs. AlHs Chalmers Case David Bradley foot headers, rtew guarantee. S3.

400. DELIGHT your "Date" with a creamy 111 s. ln'fr. International and John Deer 8-14 Richard Aberle. a boy born Saturday at Falrbury Hospital.

1952 Deer. No. 55 Combine In perfect condition. 52 Choice Whit Fac steers. 485, hot chocolate at Boylan's.

505 W. and 3-in. 8100 and up. HAWN OVERTOV CLINTON (PNS) Pic. and Mrs.

2 Massey Harris Super 26 self-propelled Farmer City. lit Phone 3031 Howard Whitted. a boy born Sunday at FIREPLACE WOOD Presto logs and Combines. 81.950 and 12.150. 9 Choic Angus Steers.

$20.50. Choice Amu and White Fac heifers. 40, 1B 50. PAUL SHOEMAKER Neckarsulm, Germany. The mother Is 1949 M-M self-propelled Comhlfit With WANTED On or two 11x28 tractor Cannel coaL Parker 23 E.

Grove. Phone 4-3035. tires. Writ Bill Blade. Saybrook.

14 foot Header. 1.250. 1949 IHC No. 123 aelf-pronelled Com John Diebel Sr. He married Mar in.

THE NEW TWO WHEELS RESTAU West Edge of Colfax. Phone U4-R-2 Product Design Engineer the former Bernice Thorp, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Thorp of Clinton. The father is the son of Mr.

and Mrs. Howard Whitted of Wapella. RANT at Lexington. I1L, offering com bine with Hesten Auger, scour-kleen. pickup.

$1,450. 1956 Behlan 500 bu'hel dryer used on Feeds -llay 43 rain Atraw S2 FORREST Mr. and Mrs. Melvin AUCTION SALES plete lnanKsgivina dinners from 12:00 to 12:00. For reservations phone 5-9030 In Bloomington or 158 In Lexington.

ROLLED OATS PIG STARTER FEED Mechanical Draftsman Lenz, a boy born Sunday at Fairbury our farm. 81.450 discount. Hosoital. Fairburv. MR.

WILSON 5 P.M. TO 8 P.M. TUESDAY, NOV. 20 Tilden Hall Hole! Eloominston, UL New Deere No. 10 Corn Attachment for 88 ton.

Custom grinding and mixing. Axcady feeds. garet Hartman at Cullom, Feb. 18. 1896.

Surviving are three sons, Lloyd, Harvey; Lester, Kempton; Russell, Peoria; five daughters, Mrs. Lula Hahn and Mrs. Sarah Gin- ELKHART Mr. and Mrs. Joseph No.

45 and No. S3 Combines. Domestic and Personal Services 8 SNOOKS FEED HILL. INC Buttell. a girl bom Sunday at St 1952 IHC ME Picker in good shape.

Route 51. Phone 3-9443 Manufacturer of Domestic Water Pump. EXPERIENCED TYPING WILL DO IN Clara's Hospital. Lincoln. AUCTION S6O0.

Case Picker Shelter. 1400. MY HOME. PHONE 5-B629. GET HEAVY laying and low mortality MARRIAGE LICENSES wim u-o-r egg Dreeder mash.

AUen Lindauist and Carol Pemble, WILL CARE FOR CHILDREN In my ter, both of Cullom; Mrs. Elva both of Peoria. Its feeding richness balances more grain. Phone 2-4505. Ceo.

Agl 4c home. Oakland School District References. Phone 3-8409. uws Mowers. Clouvrs Dryer and ciner hard goods has tmmediat for Product Design Engineer and a Draftsman with several years experience tn sbov or similar products.

Sit AAA-I Piart Central Illinois location. Writ P-sa-M. Fantagrapo. 1955 Deer 70. fully equipped with new guarantee.

82.200. 1956 Deer 80 Diesel fully equipped, used very litUe. $3,500 and guaranteed. 1953 Deere 60 fully equipped, sew John J. Archer end Phyllis Jean ova.

Airacher, West Palm Beach, Sons. 207 S. Center. Tonight 7:30 pjn. hoth of Rlonmin p1 nn.

WILL DO BABYSITTING Weekdays. Mrs. Clara Kaufmann, Phoenix, Glenn Gilliam and Julia Martin, do in PLANT Farmers" seed corn So. 201- Emerson School district Phone 1-529 of Bloomington. 2oO and 100.

Fertilizer blended to fit Mrs. Ethel Rocke, Tiskilwa; guarantee. $1,875. 81948-1951 Leere A's. $800 on UP.

Freddie The Fox Says Vernon Dunn and S. Kay Green. Potn soil needs. Custom spreading. Ap- EXTRA MONEY For Tour organisation, school and church clubs.

Scout troops, lodge. auxiuns, etc Can rtak $50 vs. Ho limit. Writ B-84. JP nuigr aph.

FULL OR PART IS'. AN -In Bkm-Inrton-N'nrmal area. national-y vruaed SALADMASITR product. Manager poaition open. Writ rail.

Modern Craft Aociate. E.oommgvei. lit 335 cr 1 1 21952 Deere B's. $750. good condition.

four brothers, Frank, Conrad and of Bloomington. Lost and Found 1950 Deere G. fully eauipped. (1.150, Gene Cwick. Bloomington.

ana wum proveo sou testing service, we are in the market for seed oata. Would like temples. Henry, all of Washington; and -High bid tonight Wlii be ust right" DOG LOST Wire haired Terrier. Tag Ann Cleinmark. Normal.

1953 Deere Diesel, fully equipped, in perfect condition. $2,150. 1951 Deer Diesel fuUy equipped. George, Des Moines, Iowa. His No.

169. Female, white, black and tan. FARMER CITY GRAIN SALAD LADIES (Two) also wait pnone 9-iia. Funeral Notices Phone2185 Farmer City. IH.

wife and three sisters preceded $2,000. DOG Male, nine months old, tan and resses, two short order cooks. Davidson's Restaurant Ru. 84 and Towanda Ave. Fheme Vrxirgrrm 158 arvr $.

MR. H- Tj. sohn Tee. we give thanks to you, our cus him in death. 1NSURX YOUR MERRY CHRISTMAS I 1950 Deere Diesels, fully equipped.

Urnestone Phogptiate 63 white, Brittany spaniel: has chain and stake. Reward. Phono 8-804 Services In the METZLER Memorial tomers for the business you have given 9 ALLS MAN For th carpet and it note- Lost in Normal. 1951 IHC with speeds sleeves COMMERCIAL FERTILIZER Lime-and pistons. Disc brakes and live hy-1 stone, phosphate and potash blended draulic with cly.

and hoses. $1,400. I to suit your needs. Also sand and Earn your Christmas money seuirg Avon's nat'onaUy advert: a gift sei. Phone or writ Distitct Btx lit, Heyworth.

tor personal IrVrvifW Home. 401 E. Washington weanes-dav, 1 p. m. Interment Park H1U Cemetery.

Visitation in the Memorial Home, us. and to sort of repay you. it Is possible that you ran eat your Thanksgiving turkey on us. Bring your tickets, we ill have ducks, gees and turkey WATCH Lady's Gruen. ost between Mrs.

Rachel Rau FARMER CITY (PNS) Mrs urn department: must be experienced In thia line; salary and mmmiuion plus all companv benefit. Mr. Carey. Montgomery Ward aV Co. 1948 IHC MO in excellent condition, grave Floyd CUne.

fhon 3SaL Krogers and 105 E. Kelsey, Monday; keepsake. Reward. Phone 8-6865. Funeral services for Mr.

Howard L. 1.250. noy. iu. Richards of 610 S.

Indianapolis will NATIONALLY JCNOWX Capo-Homes Pwachel Rau, 100, of Decatur, the 1951 MMU with aluminum sleeves and I FERTILIZERS Four Leaf Rock Pho- for the lucky numbers. FOR YOUR be held from the Beck Memorial Home, FOR ARTICLES LOST IN A YELLOW CAB PHONE 5-2025. SALESWOMEN One full time and one phate. Approved soil testing lab. 209 E.

Grove St. Wednesday afternoon 1949 MMU in very good shape. $750. Myers. Tnc.

Lexir gton. phone 81 part Urn until Christmas. Applv tn pe-ton to The Toy Certer, 414 N. at 1:30 o'clock. Friends Invited.

Inter We have the greatest show on earth ment Park Hill Cemetery. Friends may mother of Mrs. Emma Nowlin of Farmer City, died Saturday evening at Decatur and Macon County Hospital in Decatur. She had been PHOSPHATE. POTASH.

Uqut-Blend. 1953 WD Allis with 3-14 mounted plow, $1,250. This is only a few of the many good AGRICULTURAL call at the Memorial Home. A complete soil-build- STOCK HELP Apply Miller's Ready-tA-Wear 10 W. Jefferson St of Des Moines.

lr a. Is now axpandir to your area. ecportumn wtth unlimited earning potential iv aggresaiv fuil time salesman. leads and advertising furr.iai-.ed. No repaired.

Thorougn training program. Send fu'l particular recarrtirg experience, availabiiity date and othar data with snapshot tn: M. Capo Manufacture last Court Ie Moines. ya. tonight In high quality lU-ms for auction.

None better anywhere, you buy th best for less. Com and see tne big Friends are invited to attend the fu ing program for you. including a Free Soil Tet. Schrock Fertilizer Service bargains we have in used tractors, there are many more to choose from. neral services for MR.

THOMAS Baby Chicks. Poultry, supplies 49 hospitalized for a week. uongervuie. Ul. TOOLMAKEA Top wage.

Msy fringe BABY CHICKS Feeds, bousing. Kit- 15.000 TONS of that fin dry fresh show. THREE LARGE CONSIGNMENTS 5-14 Case plow on rubber, four years old. $375. 4-18 Massey plow, one year old.

$395. 4-14 IHC plow on rubber for hydraulic Benefit. General FIer-trte Co. Funeral services were to be held at 1 p. m.

Tuesday in Harmony HOGARTH. 107 E. Olive which will be held from the STAMPER MEMORIAL HOME. 814 N. MAIN Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock.

Interment Bloomington Cemetery. Friends ground OCOYA agricultural limestone sn equipment, supplies. Roth-Honeg-ger. Normal. Hopedale.

now available. fo waiting. Early UPHOLSTERER Some experience United Brethren Church at La VI is. morning loaainz. uluia siu.

HENS 150, Gasson Leghorn yearlings. needed. Apply tn person. Walt's L'D- COMPANY. 14 Deere mounted plow with 830 ay call at the Memorial Home.

tham. Burial was to be in War- rtoistery Shop. 5n Jow, LL caoice at il.lKI each. Eugen Brown. R.

S. phone 4132 Le Boy. Base cabinet rubber tired wheel barrow 18 creoeoted 7 foot post bitch. $273. Miscellaneous Notices livestock rensburg Cemetery.

L'SHEH WANTED For evemegs and week end. la person. Kormal 3 IHC 3 bottom plows, $100 on up. Case 3-14 plow on rubber. $125.

and eat hoes rake HONEGGER LEGHORN PULLETS 300. drapes saws Ilk new mans ANGUS BULL Purebred, three in Theatre. 220X Leti pto Mill with trailer, two hlood tested and banded: ready to lay. Daniel Teuscher. Fisher.

111. six 40 leather jacket lots of spring. Charles Brown, Lexington. extra nice clothes stuffed dogs. years old.

S2o0. M-M Model B2 Sheller mounted on IHC rnont 34t-r-io. WAITRESS Meaia and transportation furnished. Dot experienced, will LEGHORNS Year old Honegger hens: 0PF0RTL7OTY AGE 19 TO 45 limited to three pies who are siiv-rerely lr.terid la their buatses future. tlf you ar Just curious pieas do not apply.

A Ccwrpan repreeentativ terview and e.ect three men each of whom must sncet the) fcuiowia: OjuaUftcationa: truck with 40 foot drags, 1.400 bushel I ANGUS-HEREFORD Forty sell any number. Arnold Lage. Phone train. Night work. Applv In person to MORE? tteers and heifers.

average 700. Anchor 18-F-21. Catena llrra Palace. Main. ARMODY Calendar WEDNESDAY, NOV.

21, 1956 an nour capacity Sl.3o0. Deer no. Sheller two Years old. 81.0O0. Francis Leahy, Glenarm.

Fhon WHITE ROCK HENS 30. Laying. $1.40 WAITRESS Experienceo: good Yee. rut glass fruit bowt hand tnatnam Lunde.U Chopper, two years old, $475. apiece.

Phone 2-572 Ellsworth. all benefits. Aopir ia pertoo. painted plate and bowls, eld win ANGUS CALVES. 4-H Registered cows Cafe.

W. Front jug Sugar and creamers For the best deal on Chevrolet Cars and with calves: and bred heiiers. Clifford rurkoo clock 4-h P. electric drill Trucks stop at the Martin Chevrolet Ahiman, Le Roy. Phone 1872.

Mrs. Rau was born May 20, 1856, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Davidson. She was married to John Rau on Feb.

1, 1877. He died Jan. 13, 1939. Survivors in addition to Mrs. Nowlin at Farmer City are a daughter, Mrs.

Pearl Nowlin of Decatur; four sons, Roscoe, Latham; Orville, Elfrieda, and Glenn and Lynn, both of Kenney; a brother, George of Decatur, John Howard Allison HELP YOUR HENS LAY TO THEIR FULL POTENTIAL! WAITRESS Monur.g. experience recensary. Bungalow Bestauract 1105 12:00 Noon SERTOMA CLUB, luncheon Co. in Roanoke, 111., befor you buy. ANGUS STEERS two! weight 800: T.

Oakland. With attachments WHAT ELSE? meeting. Illinois Hotel. No meeting of CANTERBURY CLUB. Feed higher energy WAYNE EGG educatioa or MARTIN IMPLEMENT CO.

ROANOKE. ILL. three registered Angus cos with calves: bulls, servicable. Loren A high school equivaiect MASH, now with completely new 4:15 P.M. ST.

MATTHEW'S EPISCO three-way total nutrition balance the Schllpp, 4 mlies west El Paso. PAL CHURCH. Junior Instruction Class. TRACTORS Yes. bedroom suite chrome Ratio.

Wayne will help you BOARS Choice meat type Hampshire. 1958 Oliver Super 55. Diesel sew. 7:00 P. M.

PARK METHODIST Church Praver Meeting and Bible Studv. gei mu xne eges your nens can lavi S. W. HAYES HATCHERY bargain. Leading blood lines.

Julius Muter 4k Sons. Colfax. 111. I95B Super 88 Oliver. Diesel with 7:30 P.

M. BLACKSMITH'S LOCAL 312 S. Center St. Phone 2-4215 19s4 mounted picker. Special bargain.

BOARS Purebred Spotted Poland No. 1079. meeting. SchenK Hall. 208 Vi dinette sets silverware electric clocks tool boxes tools pop-up toasters electric motors towel seta Chests of drawer TV chairs dressers dishes gas stoves refrlgeratort porch glider ehifforob platform LIQUID POULTRY and Hog Wormer.

1953 WD ALUs 45. with a 3-14 bottom W. Front good choice meat type. 2 mile north Yuton. Edwin T.

Williams. plow. Proven very satisfactory. Feeders and 7:30 P.M. ORDER OF DEMOLAY.

LLCOLN-(PNS)-John Howard waterer. Miner Hatcnery ra rm store. 11 foot Kewanee wheel disc. 1948 Ford, with hydraulic loader. BOARS Duroc.

purebred, vaccinated. Charles E. Dagenhart Chapter, stated meetins. Scottish Rite TemDle. SEE US For the most economical egg A JOB WITH A FUTURE Yourf man for Bark Note Teller Good future and salary Vacation with pay Hospitalisation Benefits Apply to: Fim National Bank Normal.

Phone 3 AirUJ" NEED YOUNG MEN See Cur Ad Ueder Ciift-tion Ko. 89. AIRLINES NEED YOl 'NO WOMEN See Our Ad Under CU-ficaton Vo. to. Allison, 59, of Springfield died at Good selection of 2, 3 and 4 bottom rocker dolls Bears 7:30 P.M.

PARK CHURCH ADULT producer you can buy. It Staley plows. blood tested, large utter, popular blood line. At farmer' price. Aupperle 3 miles east.

Sj miles porta of Fatrtuirv. Phone 35-F-12. 11:43 a. m. Monday at St.

John's zo gram balancer. $4.75 a hundred CHOIR Rehearsal. 8:00 P.M. WOMEN OF THE MOOSE, 1949 Model John Deere. Humpty Dump ties table lamps SPECIAL ATTENTION A.

B. Hatchery. 918 E. Grove. Phone Hospital at Springfield where he 1947 IHC.

8-speed transmission, M.W. 2 -9 1 09. regular meeting. 8:00 P.M. PARK CHURCH COMMIS BOARS Duroo meat-type: purebred.

had been a patient for 19 days. Blood testtd. vaccinated, ready for pis ions. ARENDS SONS John Deere Dealer SION ON MEMBERSHIP and EVAN r'iriti Equipment Floor samples ef roffe end service. Era in Duzan, Lexington.

Phone 344-F-5. GELISM meeting. He was brought to the Holland and Barry Funeral home where BEARINGS All types. Ball and Roller, Gibson City, 111. Phone 192 limken and Fafnir: and Pillow blocks.

TRACTOR 1952 M-M 1947 Oliver I BOARS Registered Landrace $00-300 visitation was to begin at 2 p. Dlice. Ciaddv and Marherla ANNOUNCEMENTS See your favorite repairman or C. A. SANDBORG SON 70." ma John Deere with plow rarmers table, step-up tables, corner table in all colors, fireproof tops, in brass and wrought iron.

You can own them below wholesale or diacount prices. Come and get them. Hundreds of Item pot listed. Lanevue Farm. Phone 8-318.

ana cultivators: used Birch wheel disc X. Abie to travel limited territory Monday to Friday Inciuaiv. Own own automobile. 4. Ready to begin at once.



Olive St. Phone 3-2R4B 1953 Allis combine. BOARS English, registered York'hir. 'Tuesday. His funeral will be at 2 p.

m. Wednesday at the Irish Grove Presbyterian Church with Cemetery Lots CHAIN SAWS Homelite chain saws, KOHLER FARM EQUIPMENT boons loruhir farm. Forrest ill. AWBITTOVS young men. 18 er ever, for In te rerun curb work.

See Mr. Red ger. Steak Shak Drive In. Main. Normal.

pumps, generators, new and used 1810 S. Main St Phone 3-4970 EAST LAWN Memorial Park, beautiful Memorial Garden sections. Endowed rentals. We service all makes. Saw the Rev.

C. Ward Simpson offici Burks, gees and turkey Hungry? BOARS Registered Duroc: popular TRACTORS Shop. 610 N. Center. Phone 5-2640.

care. Moderate prices. Terms. Model 1942. 1945.

1S47 and 195L ating. Burial will be in Irish Grove piooaunes. 'severei from Congress. Clipper and Captain). Fanner's prices.

CORN PICKER IHC 1 ME and trac Master-Harris 1950 DieseL tor. Will sell separately. Also IHC -W lead, others follow" Bargain Center Auction House Towanda. LL Cemetery. farm.

G-txon City. Phore 258 with OLIVER 1953 -8a." excellent: No. 125, self-propelled combine. Phone bOARS Landrace. Four mues south of He was born Feb.

20, 1897, in 8-4277. Anhydrous Ammonia applicator. F. M. McGRATH neyworvn on 31.

Urbel Smith and BOYS YETS EMPLOYMENT 18-24, neat alert, free to travel entire Includirg Hawaii and Alaska, and return. Average earnings 10-4125 weekly. Travel in new ears. Experi Mrs. Fred Crrir.g Fred Gertng Clerk Auctioneer FERTILIZER SPREADERS Ezee-Flow County, a son of John and Gibson City.

111. Phone 400 Karl r. Adams, phone CUrton 30-R-3 May Couchman Allison. He mar or Gandy. Accurate spread for nitrogen or phosphate, special prices.

Six PARK HILL HAVE YOU PROVIDED for your family' needs as to a burial space? If not. we invite you to visit Park Hill now to select before bad weather seta in. Terms. "A Cemetery for the Living' BOARS Meat typ. Hampshire, vacci TRACTOR SPECIALS P.

S. Door Prlaeg naiea. nkngs-rree. Waliy orris. Nor- ried Irene Croft Feb.

20, 1919, at roint implement. 1954 J.D. 40 U. with Stan Hoist loader. trtttl PK.

A. alln9 HAMMERMILL McCormick 10-C. good ipnngueld. She died Oct. 18, 1948.

BOARS RtS'ered Hampshire, nigged ence unnecessary. Immediate expense advanced. Mr. Udkoff, Iinota Hotel. a.

m. p. m. with traveling feed table and cyclone. Surviving are a daugher, Mrs. ts mu oruaey, tnuaa J. U. B. 195(1 D.

G. 1948 A 1950 H. 44. Exceptionally clean, 1950 M. V.

rortn. Gridlev Ft'RNITVRE AUCTION Thursdsy nights. 7 JO p. m. Buy, sell or trad.

or better pric call BARGAIN CENTER AUCTION Phone 58 T(i a nd 8- 22 1 5 Bloom In gton i ear en a special, aiza.uo. Lunde Implement Co. McLean. 111. Ida Mae Sampson, Greenview: BLLL Angus.

Will Mood. Phon 2601. Business Personal two brothers, Dr. Garnett Allison, STALK CUTTER J). Demonstrator.

nangar iner Bittner. Good field. LEAF kiULCHERS Sun Beam, steel Special price. hi. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Fellow caoles.

rope, fencing, steel posts, grease guns, electric fence, bolts, nails MIN'IER FARM EQUIPMENT Wheatland, Harry W. Allison, Denver, a sister, Mrs, ship Group. Phone 4-5693 days, 5-8198 CALVKS Hereford. 23 head, choic. EXPERIENCED Single farm worker, livestock and dalrv.

rr around em- piQTmert WrMe Y-H-M. Partag-aph. LXPUUENCED aileraUn Lady, full time. Enenberger ftcady-to-Wear. 5e Mrs.

Bcyne. GIRI TRAVXL EMPLOYMENT JONES AUCTION HOUSE 327 S. Fa.t St Sal very Wednewlay night Will pick up. Morris Jones. Auctioneer.

Phone 4-3078. John Deere Dealer evenings, p. o. HOT 2H. hog waterert and feeders, grass seed.

quality, weight 450. Paul Cattrou. I0 XXN ar to team beating and air roaditionirg busuw-aa. Average 8100 per wa for thos who Apply la person. 1C-4 rw Sltaatloes ft an tod Minler.

III. Phone 145. Irma Osborne, Bolder, and ncya orxn. ALTERATIONS Draperies made: satis rooting. bvii creen stamps.

Miller Hatchery Farm Store) Grove and Madison faction guaranteed. Bonnie Davis. 405 WHEELED DISCS Used John Deere. two grandchildren. in.

uatnennc. mone 7-3087. 11 foot like new. $385: used Kewane Cattle for F.aie FRFtlULL CATTLE CO. Melrln 111.

Phone 105-T-22 it 24 CATTLE FL PAIO VABrw MILK CANS Forty Grade A. $120, 14 1 foot. M50. EMPLOYMENT ASK US about our business trip demon Charles W. Green.

McLean. Illi STALK SHREDDERS Used Lfflerton. stration. flight in a Piper Tripacer or nois. Three your.g Ud es, IS-24.

neat alert, free to Uatel 4 slate Including H-j wait Alaska, and return wita properly) chaperoned group. Experience un-, like new. $4X) Schultx demonstrator. W. P.

DALRYMPLE SON Apache. Let us appraise your aircraft before you trade. Lincoln Flying Serv- 61 THAI mHS ITka1 Jnhn Jmmr in a tlrlp WantM PICKERS Olive and Allis. late models new guarantee. 1952 Masscv El Paso.

202-Black: Bloomington. $-8879 ice. Lincoln, m. TRACTORS M-M and GENEKAL CIF1CS. oc( or rterttoii r.

tiMnnxed 8 days prcisrred. rw T-9. Partigrph. tut PLE DESiiti WORK Md(L aee, reiiabie. experienced tn rea'-aurant and eriling.

Reference. Interested In ar )omt poaltioa. Fbon -3U7 a'er 4 p. m. Harris 5o and sleeves and pis- CATTLE HIGH QUALITY ALTO SALESMAN tiet your best deal selling the bet car at Zimmerman Mercury Eureka.

AUTO LICENSE Money orders. Notary Edward Craig HEYWORTH (PNS) Edward L. Craig, 71, died at 11:45 p. m. Sunday at Brokaw Hospital in Normal where he had been a patient two weeks.

He had suffered a stroke. model Case. Koehl Sales and Service. Eureka tons, $2,350: 1851 M-M UTU. very 50 head choice Colorado yearling steers.

ooa. service. Hunting license. Open Sunday 8:30 to 11:30 a. m.t Mondav o.

m. SHREDDERS New Wood Brothers. 80 or 60 inch: used Wood Brothers and Baauty Operators Wanted Will teach you advanced hair styling. iisni weigni. 9S STRICTLY CHOICE MON- Bloomington Gun 604 N.

Main St. tieoatary. Immediate xpens advanced. Cuarantoed salary to start Average earrargs weekly. Parent Invited at Interview, free Mrs.

Uflkxff, 1 tro -sH ote i. a rv 4 p. LOCAL retail deoarurwnt store has opening for experienced delivery driver. da woik week, pmtant working conditions: good salary, permanent position. Writ X-87.

We have plenty of used two, three, fotsr and five bottom plows. See us for your needs. Heller a Store. El Paso. 111.

Phone 8. MIDLLE-AGED man waxu CARPETS A fright? Make them a beau any Case shredders. Six Points lmpl ment Co. TANA YEARLING Slsis-f Mn St" sltm Levixen cf work. preferaUiy farm rk.

tiful sight with Blue Lustre. It's Mar ang, Phcn si-x velous. Ensenberger Basement. JUST ARRIVED, MEDIUM and SOWK bulk tanks Installed in your CLEANING LADY For prnlessionai of- nres: morning work; $1 Per nour; Aliis-Chtlmers Parts and Servic CHRISMAN IMPLEMENT CO. 1402 E.

Lafavette. OfT Route 130. LIGHT EIGHTS Darn as low as (40 per month. Stoiler I.H.. Pontiac.

repicg at les borne; borne: reference required. rite K-SW-M. for widower or moihcrles can DEMAND for Beauticians ever increasing. A paying career in six short months. University Beauty School.

S3 Colorado steers, choice. K9 to 800 Pantagraph. drive, free to travel; retereac. In' SPREADERS I.H. good cash pounds.

S-S. Par.taarapa. iiit in. Main, pnor.e 2-5310. COOK Appiy tn person.

BrandtvlU MARRIED man for ear around farm work. No dairy. Start at one. Eatel or liberal trade. While thev last.

HUDSON IMPLEMENT CO. 80 Colorado steer calves IF IT'S cosmetics, tnr the new Stud Cafe, afternoon or evetucc Embree. Hartshurg, I.L AUTHORIZED Dari-Kool dealer for McLean, Livingston, Tarewell and Wood-ford Co. Teck's Appliance Eureka. HAWES IMPLEMENT CO.

John Deer Dealer New Holland. 111. Phone 271 Hudson. 111. Phone 11 Girl.

Unconditionally guaranteed. 509 FINANCIAL priced. D. S. CATTLE CO.

Phones: Chenoa. 38-F-2; Pontiac. NEED TWO MEN for local em pi menu i ront. r-none e-MH. DISHWASUER Apply tn pemon after His funeral will be at the Ise-minger Funeral Home at 2 p.

m. Wednesday, with the Rev. Gayle Hollingsworth, pastor of the Hey-worth Christian Church officiating. Burial will be in the Heyworth Cemetery. Visitation will begin at 3 p.

m. Tuesday at the funeral home. He was born near Downs, Sept. 6, 1885, a son of George and noons or evenings oruy. xuaactvui Cafe.

Excellent opportunllv wiin snanv secuntv benWiu. Starting salary 834 per month. Mut be between 21 and 25. MODEL STORAGE WAREHOUSE Expert crating for shipping. 210 Va E.

Market Phone 8-3065. Btlae OppomartX and Gilta. Ln.Ji".V. vT, rl; ckester white boars Neat appearance and woliing to meet Registered meat type. L.

F. kiesaer. lexington. Phone il-18 Gridley. for loaders: new and used Wagner.

pu i ie phor.e 8-1 1 1 a poir. tmer STALK SHREDDER Used Woods. $225. TRACTOR 1952 M-H ,44" Diesel, good $1,850. TRACTOR 1951 I.H good.

$950. TRACTOR A-C WD-45 demonstrator. $1,995. TRACTOR New M-H live PTO, $2,150. STUBBLEFIELD IMPLEMENT CO.

Massey-Harris New Idea A-C Atlanta. 111. Phone 3551 ELECTRONICS COMMUNICATIONS SALVATION ARMY For truck pickup service of clothing, rags, papers, etc. Phone 7-8765. 206 S.

Davis and Deereborn loaders. Six Point Implement EWES Registered Hampshire bred to our top show ram. also some ewe WOMAN For part time, working salad counter, meals and uniforms furnished. Apoiy la person to Kay Grassiieid. Jeffrraon Cafeteria.

Funeral Directors Your men. high school graduates, for Deere MC Crawler with Wagner Loader. $1,530. 2 Cat No. 15 Crawlers Ion with dozer) lambs and rams, from our show flock.

The would make good rlub project. John Kir. 3 Norwood Drive. Normal. Phone -22.

aooo on up. Cat No. 10 with Inarier IWI Inaid plant maintenance work on radio and telephone communications equipment Steady Job with scheduled wage Increases, employe benefits, peiioa plan and paid vacations. WOMAN Wanted full tune to nut a.ada in klUhen. Good salary.

Mesa and uniform furnished. Appir dn per-sna to John Grassisekt. Jefferson Cafeteria. Allis HD5 Crawler with hydraulic' EWES 250 good quality; solid mouth bred to lamb Jan. 23.

Frank J. Barr, Pump, used 2.050 hours, onlv S3 S7S Mazon. Phone 3731. STALK SHREDDERS McCormick heavy duty demonstrator. Special price.

New McCormick 12 foot fertilizer spreader, off. PFISTER EQUIPMENT CO. I.H.C. Dealer Danvers. Til.

Phone 33 Brand new Deere 420 Crawlers with Reply by letter only, stating age. de industrial loaders. FEEDER PIGS Will sell by head 140 BARBER SHCP Ideal shop and location, tn prosperous tauj eofosBunt'y 2 minute from Bioorr.Watoa. Will LMPLEifENT BVSLVESS New Idea ni Kewane con. tarts wita many ether popular Loe.

Will aU or If r.gv-t tvarue are accptb.e wi'l 1 parts. Ray Jtath-bun. phone 80 Cc'fax. 1.1. MAID-RITE SANDWICH SHOP To low rent S.

exceUer.t business and 5 prrer.t; $2 4er: owi mccey nker. Fhoo 2152 rret I 1. WONI'lLa LOUNGE E. Froct: go-1 location and wta propvrty; due to other tnlerest.

Phee.e 8-2 1 3 er 8-S9X MUST SELL School eeigv.Dorbod store: tourin. lunh. s-undne. rtr. A t2.0C9 ga paymext and the ether 1 -X e-4l lnaraar tails of previous experience on military or commercial radii and commu meat type.

Dal Voder. R. it Georgia Green Craig. He married Eleanor Van Orstrand April 10, 1907, at Heyworth. For a number of years he was a livestock buyer in the Heyworth and Wapella communities.

Surviving are his wife; a brother, William, Beardstown; a sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Delahoyd, Clinton, Iowa. Charles Krantz Danver. 1.1. nications equipment List details of Brand new Deer 420 Utility with back-hoe and loader.

New Jeep-A-Trenchs. New Backhoes to mount on trucks. If you are Interested in any of these GILTS 8 bred slits. Start farrowing major school courses specially relating to mathematics, physics and electron- next 2 weeks. Frederick Knap p.

Con- WOMEN DRIVERS WANTED Need 30 worsen to train for cab driving- Day only. Apply ta pertoo 8 a. m. to 12 noon, to Do EcUiat. Ye I rw Ca b.

527 N. Eatt St YOLNC MAN 18 to 25 o.d to learn our busutes and becom stor manager: several opening now In city TANDEM discs converted to wheel discs for less than half the cot of new. Workmanship guaranteed. Fry's Welding Service. Phone 67.

Carlock. rrrvme. BAMfttmii boars. Any sue. on AMERICA TTLFFRONi: AND TELEGRAPH 920 FVLTON ST, PEORIA.

XXX. yearling, on Hereford bull. Hern nems. win pay you to check our prices. We have them In stock ready for delivery or demonstration.

MARTIN IMPLEMENT CO. ROANOKE. ILL. TIRES and wheels (15. 16 and 20-inch axles, passenger car type and heavy Mema.

Flinspach-Kurtli HAMPSHIRE Boar R. btters. Bangs FARM HAND Married man: modern ef Chicago. Apply Mr. Pearson, r.

ron. r. duty trucks, suitable for farm wagons and trailers. Triangle Truck Wrecking, 2000 S. Bunn.

Lepto free. Reasonable. Sam Ream. FRANK HILPERT. INC.

Stanford. LX houe: 400 acre; general farming. I ilorui suren.oom;ngTar i.i rtoew Saybrook. Phone 2ri54. WENONA (PNS) Charles profit sharing plan; reference.

Frank r. Ins traction HAWIHIKS BOARS Production rec Phone 1191, Waahington. 1.1. Heiple. Krantz, 71, a Wenona mason, died GOOD USED FARM EQUIPMENT 1950 Massey Harris Model 44 Tractor, $1,175.

ords. Littermates to Charlotte Test Station boars. Howard ugate. Phoi.e FARM WORK General and livestock at 6 p. m.

Sunday at the LaSalle FUNERAL SERVICE jftemoriai Phon 2-5565 TRACTOR W-8 Diesel. TRACTOR International H. good. PLOW Case S-14. BALL SALES it SERVICE Allis Chalmers Dealer Saybrook.

111. Phone 3811 12-F-4. Falrbury. Tuberculosis Sanatorium at Otta feeding; married man; year around; can start at once Writ K-B8-M. Parta graph.

1945 IHC Tractor. $1,473. 1951 John Deere Model A $1,475. Motel Men. women and couple to train for Motel management and operation; only matured wul considered; lit lo 88.

Writ National Motel Training. HAMPSHIRE AND DUROC BOARS wa. He had been a patient there Tractor, Tractor, Purebred: open Hampshire and Duroc gilts; Bangs free; champion bloodlines; GENERAL OF i ICS WORK GUI part three weeks. TRACTORS 1944 and 1941 PLOW Case 4-16. on steel.

PLOWS Two used I.H. 4-14. RLG13TFRED CATTLE lnure4 amrrt fro-n almost ar.y cause. A b.oa C. lke.

it gton. rrr- Has Your Car Insurance Been Carter led? LARRY LOVNTTf CAX TXSVR YOU THE SAVF CAY (or as UrJe as 5 down 8ClWt Market St IJ.r!bJrl?739 Illinois Small Losta Lkv8srt Jrtc.P Ugraptv Model Model A Model He was brought to the Thierry la purebred Cheviot ewes; one purebred ram. Laurenc Bopp. Gibson Tractor, 1950 John Deer $1,475. 1945 John Deer $575.

1939 John Deer 8575. time: must hav some knowledge of "bookkeeping, able to answer telephone. Give and references in letter. Writ D-8S. CORN SHELLER Used Ottawa Model CI SJfpeople TCtd Citv.

111. Funeral Home. Funeral arrange Tractor, 48 foot of drags. GEORGE H. DUNN HAMPSHIRE BOARS Meatv.

growth ments are incomplete. rn, Bangs. Leotoperosis tested: rea- 1937 WC Allis Chalmer Tractor. $250. Farmer City.

111. Phone 2154 sonaoie. Harold Biclfeldt Anchor. IL HOt'SEKEEPER Middie-aged lady for two te-n-age children In mother! COUNSELOR To sell dinrerwar and tableware. No canvassing.

Full or part time. Supervisor petition open. Writ or call Modern Craft Associate. Pioorrangtoa. Li.

Phon 4-X17J or t- II. He was born Feb. 13, 188G, in Poland, a son of Vincenty and TRACTOR 1952 "44" M-H DieseL lAiwuia i.m-'LfcAitjST sioai The John Deer Stor HAMPSHIRE BOARS Meat type. Vac CORN PICKER 1956 M-H "S.P." J-rOW. honie.

Write T-99. Pantigraph. 701N. Main St. Phone 4-8545 cinated and tested, win deliver.

complete, used very little. Josesa Breleuska Krantz. He came HOCSEKEEPER Needed at once; mid ffi trinity riovl GUARANTEE! turn piius Clinton Wendeu, four miles north BALERS Several, excellent 1952 LAD1 to Wenona in 1913 and has lived uewitt in. Itn pleasant voice to do New Holland's. dle-aged lady for new home: two teenage daughters; live in; hav us of car.

Write G-88. Pantagraph. COMBINE 1951 No. 27 M-H LONGWORTII LOANS TO $500 CORN BELT FINANCE CO Baa ment Pans; Bjig. Pbon S-2SU.

HEREFORD COWS 16 head. Also here since. telephone sale work for local or-ganitation- fu.l or part Urn. Apply 404 Eddv Buildleg High Clearance LH. 3-14 plow.

1954 Genius 3-14 with Yetters. Case 2-18 and 3-14 plows. RITTEN'HOUSE 8c SONS I C. Dealer and Parts with Scour Kleen and Chopper at- seven black cow. Will ealv In March and April.

Also registered Polled Here- MECHANIC Surviving are four sons, Walter OFFICE HOURS Daily 8:30 A. M. to IP. M. ound-ys and Holidays, 0 P.

M. to 1 P. M. tacnments. All In Excellent Condition.

ROTH PONTIAC IMP. SALES tord bull. Paul M. Zehr. nana gan, 111.

and Theodore, San Francisco, SALESMAN Experienced: op-Dor tun it tor axivancinent: aaiarv nlu Long Point Til. Phone 48 Experienced. Must have own hand tools. Good salary, vacation with pay. Pleasant surroundings, foils Motor Ford Dealer.

El Paso. HEREFORD CALVES 35 head: steers Edmond, Portland, Gibson City, 111. Phone $7 commisaion; vacat on with p.y, 4-. hour week. App.y In person.

Mr. tlOCfy LCWV and heifers; choice quality. SS2.3Q per HAWTHORNE BOYLE International and Font nale TRACTORS Leo, Seattle, a daughter, neaq. William IJailv. Danvers.

1952 Model John Deer. nney. urowa auio stores, lit Front St Saybrook. 111. Phone 2101 HOLSTEIN heifer calves week old.

Mrs. Margaret Ogrm, Seattle, 1948 Model CITY Real Estate Loons po moc Lo ly pymenta. PTepavmer prtvi.ef e. JTerP-re t-4 CO Robert Rengel. Bloomington, one John Deere "50" loader complete with three brothers, Max, We AMBITIOUS married man for estab- 1iKmI ii 1 Hnnh enul far mile west one south Yuton elevstor.

For best results, fully describe your proposition. Start the ad for 8 davs cancel it when results are obtained. You will be charged only for the consecutive days the ad actually ran at the price earned for that period. The daily cost becomes relatively less as more words of description and more days are used. CASH PRICES DAILY COSTS John Deere Sales 8c Service.

Goodfield. Phone Deer Creek 260L HANGARTNER BITTNER MECHANIC General. BENJAMIN FORD SALTS Colfax. 111. Phon 33 RECEPTIONIST and bookkeeper In doctor's office: typing essential; position open January referencaw.

Writ Bqx J-W-MPantagraph. coo bucket nona; Joseph and Ignace, in Po- HOLSTEIN BULL Registered. 14 sary, 8M guaranteed to Urt Phone Money tVsJlte-d Several good used 3 and 4-bottom plows. MASSEY HARRIS 444 Deuel tractor, air. aunioni.

mria -ivi lor micr-J WOULD like to borrow ilVol. months. Dam made over 800 pounds butterfat Reasonable. Donald Sche- man. Pontiac.

Phone 8M8. (Ask For Free Demonstration Of The wiae front end. Will pav tntrei. If interested land; and seven grandchildren. William Firth CORN SHELLER M-M Model with X-88t Psrtagriph.

69 Inetroct'OB Help Wanted drags. HOLSTEIN SPRINGER Four years old. hew im Diesel. I LEXINGTON IMPLEMENT CO. John Deere Parts Servic 1945 Model John Deer with selec 1 DAY DAYS SIZE DAYS Clinois Small I jo a Licenses 13 heavy producer.

Glen Bay les. Arrow-smith. Phone 38-F-5. HUDSON The funeral for Wil tive lift: IHC F-30. Lexington.

111. Phone 250 Knoedler Burr Mill with lateral augers. Cash I Daily Price -Cost Cash Price Cash Price Words In Ad aily I liam Firth, 73, will be at 2 p. TRACTOR 1940 M-H 101 SR with heat- smau or large wneeis. FATRBURY IMPLEMENT CO.

houser. good rubber and condition. 1.19 15 I 4.97 .62 3.02 .76 Wednesday at the Union Funeral Home at Gillespie. Burial will be Falrbury. 111.

Phone 491 starter and lights. V. L. ANDREWS CHENOA HOLSTEIN COW Freshen lit December. Alwln Funk.

Gndiey. IX Phone POLLED HEREFORD BULL Registered; Domino breeding: gentl disposition. John Van Devcnter. Mt Pulaski. 111.

1.44 .79 3.82 .95 John Deere and New Idea Phone 109 6.34J 7.56 in Benld City Cemetery. Visita 22 28 .95 4.50 1.13 1.71 MOVED TO OUR NEW LOCATION 1S03 W. Washington St. TRACTORS tion will begin at 3 p. m.

Tues John Deere 1951 $1,525 John Deere 1949 $1,475 2.05 34 9-071 1.13 I 5.40 1.35 day at the funeral home. Mr. Firth PLENTY OF PARKING SPACE POLLED HEREFORDS Several good young cows, double registered. John Haning. McLean.

III. Phone Arming-ton 2403. 40 110.58, 1.32 6.301 1.58 died at 9:45 p. m. Sunday at Bro John Deere 1948 8650 John Deere 1945 $550 John Deere 1947 $650 239 2.74 YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN AIRLINES NEED YOU Men and women for ground and Eight positions.

Opportunities ll over the world. Low-cost basic training need not interfere with your present Job. You will be tlown to nearest school, transportation paid. Write for full details. Send your name, address, phone No.

and hours you work to: AIRLINES. Dept. AS, Y-95--M. Pantafcrraph. Mail and Messenger Clerk Must high school graduate and own a dependable car.

Fiv day, 40 hour week. Company benefits available: Paid Vacations Hospitalization Xnsuranc Life Insurance 8) Retirement and Annuity Pro (ram Ralston-Purina Co. Phone 3-2231 for Appointment kaw Hospital at Normal where he 46 12.10j 1.51 7.201 1.80 PLOWS had been a patient since Oct. 23, 3.08 PONIES Will hold Phone McLean 3724. 52 113.611 1.70 8.10 2.03 till Christmas.

Roy Burden. John Deere 2-14 $35 CORN PICKER He was born Oct. issJ in USED TRACTORS I HC, good shape. I C. excellent condition.

I C. good shape. I.H.C. Two "B's." good shape. Case D.C with 4-row cultivator, John Deere good shape.

Allis Chalmers W.C fair. PlnwRrarilpv 3.42 58 15.12j 1.89 9.001 2.25 I.H. Model "34" 2-row mounted has England. shucked only 35. acres special price $825 FONIES Nic gift for children.

Will hold til Christmas. Bachman Ford Sales. Roanoke. Phone 41. Surviving are a brother, Joe Sr.

A LOAN DISC Benld; a half brother, Georg 10 and 12 new Kewanee priced to sell. nd Plow LH.C. No. 8 3-14. excellent SHEEP Cheviot; registered rams used eignt ana lo.foot.

ewes; excellent Quality; reasonable. Young, Hudson; two sisters, Mrs, STALK SHREDDER from HFC often Fred Ensminger. Heyworth. Phone 155-F-14. Case, used very little.

CARL LAUER IMPLEMENT CO. John Deere Dealer SHEEP Registered Shropahires and snape. Several good used plows. Several good used discs. We have good buys on new spreaders and wagons.

RUST LMPLEMENT CO. Your International Harvester Dealer 1803 W. Washington St. Bloomington, 111. CI Salespeople anted Lincoln.

111. Phone 238 TRACTOR A-C WD-45 at old price. Hattie Bernard, Chicago; and Mrs. Ada Daugherty, Auburn. He was a member of the Methodist Church.

Mrs. Lizzie Massanari FISHER (PNS) The funeral Dor-sets: ewes. Priced reasonable. Frank Davis, Pontiac phone. STEERS Ten head Shorthorns, average 87S pounds.

Frank W. Wieting. R. R. No.

2. Bloomington. Phone 8-0742. mow TRACTOR IHC 3-14 Inch hydraulic Cash rate earned if paid by city advertiser within five days from billing and by suburban advertisers within seven days. Every other day orders payable at the day rate.

National rate, 44e per line, for ads from outside primary circulation zone. Classified deadlines as follows: 7 P. M. daily for following day's issue: 12 soon. Monday through Friday for Evening Edition.

Ads appearing in one edition only charged for full circulation. Liability of Publisher and Newspaper for errors is limited to space occupied by ad. Credit for errors not the fault of the advertiser will be limited to 1 day's republication of ad. The Pantagraph is responsible for th first incorrect insertion only. 25e service and mailing charge for blind -ds.

Quotation of rates gladly given for other than set solid Classified Ads. Pce of mind. Ton may barrow to pay overdue feC r1i-tl expense, for say rod rvrpooa. Up to 24 months to repry Loses to $500 ar ssad proaoptly. 1 privacy, oo Ssttb yo appro.

Borrow wit coo-fidence from HFC where pearly million popW do ab yvas. wneei now. DANVERS MOTOR CO. A-C and New Idea Dealers Danvers. 111.

Phone 115 SWISS COW With calf. Just fresh; seven gallon cow. Kenneth Bohanon. Forrest. IU.

TRACTOR 1951 Massev-Harns 44 with hydraulic system. M.H. three bottom One Stan Hoist manure spreader loader, like new. $235. Humbolt loader with hydraulic pump.

$145. Two-wheel manure spreader on rubber. $73. HammermilL $125. HammermiU, I.H, 10-C with traveling feed table.

$25. HARPER SAUDER Eureka. 111. Phone 32. Collect.

rARMERS Bring your livestock to the Bloomington Sal Pavilion every Wednesday. Harold Kindred. Auctioneer. Phone 9-1835. piow, iM.w.

four row cultivator and New Idea Horn loader. Bargain. All for $1,850. SHANER IMPLEMENT CO. Gibson City.

111. Phone 47 EXCELLEfsT SALES OPPORTUNITY Notforclry known ESectronicj Mfg. Company hot on opening for solas-man to contoct farm troo in local area. Wonderful epportuniry for od-voncement for right men. Seed corn hcv don w'l in rhit buvirtett.

Coll in person only. Tu ond Nov. 19, 20. 21. to 9 p.

m. Ask for Mr. Durst or Mr. Hol Sc-gs-s. 0USEH0LD INANCP of Mrs.

Lizzie Massanari, 71, will be at 2 p. m. Wednesday at East Bend Mennonite Church. The Rev. Howard J.

Zehr will officiate, and burial will be in the church cemetery. Mrs. Massanari will be brought Tuesday afternoon to the home of her son, Russell, from the Mittendorf Funeral Home in Champaign. Mrs. Massanari died Sunday morning at home.

USED PLOWS Two 3-14 I.H. $150 each lt Dalltj Patttagrap!) 2-14 I.H $100 Lik e's Hybrid Boars Dealers R. Bullta Arrowsmilh. Phone S8-F-11 W. Gilmore Colfax.

Phone 6S-F-11. H. Oieson Shirlev. Phone McLean 2S21. A.

Goller Pbone 2168 Le Roy. Albert Knapp Goodfield. III. 4H SPRINGER COWS Angus and Hereford: also 200 steers, replacement cattle, weighing 800 to RICHARDSON CATTLE CO. Sheldvi.

lit Phon II TRACTORS Massey-Harris 44-4. perfect condition, $1,495. Oliver $350. Wide front end for Oliver tractor. $125.

PLOWS M-M 2-bottom 2-16. $100. BARTELMAY IMPLEMENT PARTS CO. Oliver Massey-Harris Minier. III.

Phon $4 3-18 Case J145 Phone 4-3041 Ask Far Classified Ad Taker 3-14 Case $12S Cor. Cent Wsthirrtos Ith lof. Psopltt Bank ldf. PH0Htj7-MH JSt-W MANURE SPREADERS Two 200T I.H. at $275 each.


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