Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 30, 1947 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1947
Page 5
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Coe Looks Forward To Year Of Constructive Programs Introduce Bill To Raise Rents Chemical Co, Official Heads New Haven Section, American Chemical Society Dr. Wesley S. Coc of the Nauga- lnck Chemical Division of the United States -Rubber Company has been elected chairman of the >;cw Haven Section ot the Amcri-| cur Chemical Society for 19-17. He sticceds Professor Henry C. Thomas of the chemistry department ot Yale University. Dr. James English, Jr., assistant professor of chemistry at Yalo, nnci Section secretary in 1946, was chosen chairman-elect. He will b<- come chairman on January 1, ]9'1 Other officers of the Section, no embracing the chemical profcssio of New Haven County, are D George Murphy, associate profe sor of chemistry at Yule, secretary and J. W. Wilkinson of the Con ncctlcut Hard Rubber Compan Xcw Haven, treasurer. Named to the Society's Nationa Council wore: Dr. B, J. Humphrey m.imiger of the chemical dlvisio of the Connecticut Hard Rubhe Company; Dr. B, J. Dodge, profes nor of chemical engineering a Yalo, and Dr. W. F. Brusksch o the United States Rubber Nauga tuck Chemical Division. Dr. Coc has been In the techm cal service of the United State Rubber Company since he received the doctor's decree from the Unl vcrsity of Illinois in 3936. He joinert the Naugntuck Chemical Divlsioi ns a rest.ifch and developmen chemist in 1937,' coming from the laboratories of the Company in P.-issalc, N. J. In 19-10 he has placed in charge of chemical process developmcn work on rubber chemicals, agricultural chemicals, and some plastics products. Durinpr the early part of tfic war he was ncHve In process development on synthetic rubbc Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights FOR BAJVGE OR FUEL OIL TEL. 5618 Bill's Fuel Oil Service 5!) Woodland Street "Bill" Miirlnrlll, Prop. THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson Ntmry Bnlldlni N*D«ataok. (Dona, IJR. WKSLEY S. COE FroNldent in cooperation with the Government's GR-S program. Dr. Coo was born in Mt. Pleas- tint, Iowa, on May 1, 1912. He received the B. S. degree from Iowa Wesleyan College in 1933. The boundaries of the New Haven Section, Dr. Coe announced, have been expanded to include all of New Haven County. Nearly one Hundred members of the Connecticut Valley Section have been transferred to the New Haven Section. Thcue chemists, Dr.. Coe Jointed out, will now be able to participate more actively in the ivork of organized chemistry in the State because of their proximity to •ejzular meeting locations"This chanfje in boundary, along with an active program for new member procurement," Dr. Coe iddcd. "has brought the present enrollment of the New Haven Sec- ion to approximately 300. We are ookinc: forward to a year of con- tructivc scientific programs, with ill-Islanding scientists as spcakera. Four of the five Republican senators, who Introduced a bill that would authorize an Immediate 15 per cent boost In rents iind end rent controls on April 30, 1948, lire shown studying- the moiiHiirc In Washington. They lire (hoatnd, left to right): Senators All>crt W. Ilawken, of New .Jersey and Homer K. Capehart, of Indlunu. Standing arc ' Senators George W. Malone (left) of Nevada, nnd Hurry f. Cain, ot Washington. (International) . Some Portal Suits Seek Almost All Firms'Assets . Cleveland (UP) — Some Clevo land employes who have flic large povtal-to-portal pay suit may possibly end up working- to themselves. .- In many instances here the suit asked nearly the total assets of th company. . If-the full 'claim wet- allowed, the employes could tal< over the-corapany—and lind them selves owing 1 themselves a lot o money. . For instance, on behalf of cm ployeg at the Cleveland Automat ic Machine Company a $3,000,00 portal suit has been tiled. Stand ard's corporation records list tola assets of the company at J3;250, !000. ' Of, if the 815,000,000 claim gainst the Midland _Stoel Prod uct s Company Is allowed, th firm's assets would dwindle t< ,$3,000,000. •The same situation exists in three other- Cleveland Industrie faced with lartfe portal suits. (Continued 'from Page Four) will jret an answer when he proves that he deserves- a listener!" ' If there w«re elderly, lading. In the audience during the exhibition of films at the White House, FDR enjoyed teasing them by malting mildly risg-ay -comments about the trim torsos of the actress on the screen.... And when he heard the shocked sasps of the elderly ladies, FDR would roar. Uoo.srvelt led the fight to nholish the openly flouted Prohibition law. He pointed out: "The difference between an unwritten and a written ml to more active participation : law 3ccrn s to bo that the former is •y Connecticut chemists in the af- ' ofto11 enforced. , airs of the American Chemical So- : lety, the '.arpest professional So- i While he was Governor of New icty of its kind in the world, with I YORK FDR arrived at -his office national membership o£ nearly : accompanied hy a friend. A num- 0,000." FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 MAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co. 4 OAK STKKET ber of men were in .the anteroom 'waiting for him; He- paused as he I passed through and relayed an ancient quip. Later his friend told him that it was a very old joke. "I know," Roosevelt laughed. "But I wanted to ;,'ind out which ot those fellowsw anted favors. They wero the ones who laughed'." Mnn.v of FDR's Npcechcs crackled 1 with crisc word age. One |sharp observations has — Attention Students — Graduate Nome Curds by Kraft, Sunshine Notes. 1'or.ionnllzed Stationary. Tel. 3889 of his ul way H jstuck in out- mind. It wa s a rap .against the greedy-gangs, To wit: "They are trying to clip the wlnsra of the American Eagle in order to feather their own ********** WE'RK ALTERING OUU STORK Wiitch tl.s Grow! CORNER CANTEEN S92 No. Main Street "Doin" Tellcrlco, Prop. Men's »n<l Women's Custom Taflornil Suits Larcc Selection of M.Ut«rl«ls mid Styles. EMBRUSKI •131 No. Mil In St. Tel. 3807 Listen to Al Vestro's Play-By-Play Broadcast LEAVENWORTH VS. NAUGATUCK IMSKKTOALL GAM 1C SATURDAY NIGHT — 8:30 P. M. ON vouu IHAL ON YOUR DIAL 1' resented by ARMSTRONG TIRE HEADQUARTERS JOE'S TIRE SHOP, Joe Samoska, Prop. 2-11 NO. MAIN ST., WATKRBUHV Come In and Take a Peek At Our SPECIALS! ! They Will Open Your Eyes Southern Host Liquer Harry's Liquor Shop 23 SOUTH MAIN STREET TEL. 2«75 Pop's Liquor Store 24 CHURCH STREET TEL. 2666 correspondent for a ladies' once interviewed Roosevelt, uncl requested his opinions about msrriajje. FDR promptly quipped: "Matrimony seems to be a proces^ l>y which the grocer pets an account the haberdasher once had!" After FDR became President many money-bags pleaded wit'n him to rescue their fortunes. And when he licked the depression (and saved their fortunes) the same dollar signs started an anti- Roosevelt barrage that never ceased ' ...When Roosevelt heard about the attacks of the well-heeled, he aid: "T a m not trying to muzzle ho tipper dofr—but I want to get the iindci-clogr off a leash. TJioro WHS nothing- FUR despised more than bigots and snobateurs who u.i-c always brag-Bins' about their ancestry. He reminded one of them: "You can't choose your ancestors, but that's fair enough, They probably wouldn't have chosen you!" Roosevelt once mowed down a political opponent with: "He has i one-track mind and It doesn't oven go in the rig-ht direction!" FDR expertly Rulded the Ship of State through the most perilous years of American history. There vere times when the future looked dark, but Roosevelt never lost 'aith. When problems seemed Insurmountable and his aides became pessimistic, FDR would perk them ,up by repeating an observation he had read as a youth: "Some people worry because roses have thorns while others are grateful that thorns have ro^cs," There can be no arguing- the tact ^ Roosevelt was the greatest 'public speaker of all' time. Before iono nf hi.s Fireside Chats, a radio jannouncer asked him the secret of 'hi s oratorical success. I FDR explained: "I learned a long tlrno ago how not "to dilute a two-minute idea v/lth a two-hour vocabulary." ' ; Roosevelt';, pet anecdote wan the FOX CLEANERS 14 CHURCH ST. TEL. 5474 Work Culled For and Delivered Venetian Blinds In Stork, I Dar ISnrilf* LEBON'S 17(1 No. Muln St. !>!', 8-7«31 [oldie about the man who, on losing his sight and hearing, visited a doctor to soe what was the matter. The doctor told th epatient that he could retain his faculties jf he would stop d-rlnking. Six months '•i.ter the doctor passed the man on the street and asked him if he had followed his advice. "No," the man replied. "After the things I've been seeing and hearing I decided I wouldn't be missing much, BO I'd rather drink," FDR disliked stuffed shirts nnd tried to steor clear of them. After being bored by one such visitor, Roosevelt cracked: "The reason there is -so much humor in the world is because there are so many persons who take themselves so-ri- ously!" After lie heard n pompous politico proclaim: "I must run for. office. r hear my country calling me," FD.i-1 quipped: "He must be a ventriloquist!" Tin- crack-up of the Demmy piir- ty since his death recalls FDR's s'hrou'd admonition: "Political troubles ai-c multiplied by division!" Polish Society Meeting Saturday The Polish Falcons and 1 Ulans Society. Nest €5, monthly meeting • Saturday • night at 7:30 o'clock at the club rooms. Probate Notice District of Naugatuck ss. Pro bate Court, January 29th, 1917. ESTATE OF Harry S. Rogers Jatc of Naugatuck, in said District deceased. The Court ot Probate for th. District of Naugatuck hath limited and allowed six months from dato hereof for the creditors of said ci- tato to exhibit their claims for sct'flemont. Those who neglect to .present their accounts; properly attested, within said time, will be debarred a recovery. All persons .indebted to said Estate are requested to make immediate payment to The Naugatuck National Bank Administrator, C. T. A, by R. M. Johnson, Assistant Trust Ofliccr ll GOING AWAY? GET YOUR LUGGPGE At FISHER'S , 111 South Main St., Watcrhnry | If You Want to Buy or Sell REAL ESTATE See "Tony" Farrar Tel. 4233 Couple File Intentions " . Marriajrc intentions have been filed in the office of Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John by Walter Stanley Polonis, 31 Prospect street. and Jennie: 72 Prospect street. The couple plan to marry in the Holy Saviour Polish National Catholic church. FOR YOUR FAMILY NEEDS!! HAT'S 410 North Main St. Union City TEt. 6188 RADIO EXPERTS Since 1925 ., SWAN'S IK Church St _ ToL 2574 Jose Rodrigues Wins Compensation ' Jose Roclrlsucs, NauRatuck. will receive weekly payments of J27.DO, bcg-inninc; Rec. 17, in settlement of n workmen's compensation claim asrainst William Elliot and Emmett Money, doing business as Valley Construction Company, Ansonia. according to on agreement approved yesterday by Harry Krasow, workmen's compensation commissioner in Waterbury. The payments are for injuries to face, right arm, hand, abdomen, lefjs, and left eye. NACGATUCK NEWS. (CONN.), THUR8I>AV, .IAN. 30, 1M7—PAGE S SEABEKSS WHITTLED DOWN . San Francisco (UP)^—The Navy's flph.tinsr Soabccs cclcbralcd their fifth anniversary wH.h the announcement that construction battalions have been .reduced from -o wartime peak of 250,000 It is estimated that aboul. 10 percent of all of the births in the United States arc never officially registered. VERPLEX SHADES 09c to SH.95 STMSIK'S , te Center St. Wmt^roury. Conn men to .nn autjorlzrd complement of 7,000:' ANOTHER SHIPMENT AMERICAN MADE GUARANTEED ALARM CLOCKS $2-20 Inc. Tax CCHNEERC *^ GDI PIT .11 Vr f I f B«,*J ROSENBLATT'S Bring To Naugatuck Drastic Price Reductions DON'T MISS THIS MAMMOTH MONEY SAVING EVENT! CLEARANCE SALE SAVINGS UP TO 50% IN EVERY DEPARTMENT We List Just a Few of the Hundreds' of Items - On Sale Famous Brand MUSLIN SHEETS 81" x 99" Sale - $2.95 Bee. $3.98 PILLOW CASES 36"x42" Sale _ 65c Rc.K. 79c Men's iind Women's BLANKET BATHROBES Well tailored— RCR. $.V!M Sale - $3.95 Up to 50% Off On All Winter Merchandise • Women's mid Girln' Coats ; 0 Women's and Girls' Dresses 41 Children's Snow Suits • Men's and Hoys' Mttckiimws. Jnckcts and Wool Shirts MEN'S OVERCOATS Topcoats - Reversibles and Sport Coats Save Up to 50% Sale-$15.00 MEN'S FELT HATS One Group to go at Sale -$1.50 Fine Quality MEN'S SHORTS Full Cut — Snap Clonings live. 93c Value Ribbed ATHLETIC SHIRTS Sale — 49C Women's RAYON PANTIES *• Ilcir. 79c Sale - 59c MEN'S SWEATERS Slipover & Coat Styles Novclly Weave* Conservative and Sport Style* ROB. to $1.05 Sale — WOMEN'S DRESSES ColtonK - Spun Rayon* Silks - Wool* All Sliww Value* to (10.93 Sale Group 1 — $2.60 Group 2 — $3.00 Group 3 — $5.00 • COTTAGE CURTAINS — Sale $1.59 • 22"x44" BATH TOWELS — Sale 79c ONIS GROUP OF • WOMEN'S SHOES Sale $1.00 ONE GROUP OF • WOMEN'S SLIPPERS Sale 50c SEK OUR SPECIAL TABLES CLOSROUTS AT 50c — $1.00 — $2.00 icc of OddK and Knds — Viilurn to Sti.!*5 SHOP AND SAVE AT 85 Maple St. ROSENBLATT'S TWO GREAT FLOORS OF VALUES Tel. 3742 FINAL WEEK!! of FLOOR SAMPLES SAVINGS OF PLATFORM ROCKERS Wine or Blue Covers Were $20.50 $13.95 NOW WHAT NOT SHELVES Mahogany or Muplc FiniNh Were N.OW $2.95 CHESTS OP DRAWERS Maple Finish DrmvcrN Wcrp $S5.f)5 Now S15.95 (As IN) MAGAZINE RACKS Mahogany Finish Were S5.0S NOW $2.95 CORNER PIER CABINETS Mahogany Finish Were $12.95 >;ow $6.95 HASSOCKS All Colors Wore $5.!IS NOW $3.95 HURRICANE LAMPS Were 33.!)<S Now $2.95 BOOK CASES y finlHh, Inr^c Wcrr XOW $9.95 OAK KITCHEN ROCKERS (As Is) Don't Miss This Unusual Value! ! ONE LOT OF ODD PIECES One Of A Kind Chairs, Vniilry T:itili>s, Toy* and AT COST SHOP EARLY AS SOME OF THESE ARE ONE OF A KIND Naugatuck Furniture Co. 15-25 SOUTH MAIN STREET TEL. 2711

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