The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 24, 1955 · Page 36
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 36

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 24, 1955
Page 36
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Thumloy, Nav. 24, 1955 Housewarming At St. J oe For Bormann Newlyweds 8f. Joe—Mr and Mrs Howard Bormann, newlyweds, were ten- dfeted a surprise housewarmirig' by their neighbors Friday evening in their new home. Included were Mr and Mrs Peter Bor-- fnann. Mr and Mrs Julius Cap- «sius. Mr and Mrs Wilfred Schneider. Mr and Mrs Hubert O'Brien, Mr and. Mrs Laurence Thilges, Mr and Mrs Anton Weydert. Mr and Mrs Paul Thilges, Mrs Genevieve Weydert and sons and Mr and Mrs Nicholas Wey- derl. Cards were played with Mrs Peter Bormann, receiving high prizes and second high to Mrs Genevieve Weydert. A lovely pot luck lunch was served after presenting a gift to the couple. Mr and Mrs K. L. Kohlhaas and Mr and Mrs Sylvester Wagner and family were dinner and supper guests in the John Thul home on Sunday. Mr and Mrs Robert Bormann entertained the 500 club in their home on Sunday evening with Mrs Leo Thilges receiving high prize, Mrs Richard Kohlhaiis. travel, and Mrs Harold Thilses. low prize. Mr and Mrs Frank Stattleman entertain the club on December 18. The Riyerdale Rustlers Unit 1 4-H meeting was held Nov. If) in St. Joe School Hall. The club decided to have the Christmas party on Dec. 20 and names were drawn for a gift exchange. The program and wishbooks were handed out. Alma Illg and Ann McGuire are in charge of collecting used clothing for a charily project. The meeting was adjourned with the pledge to (he- flag. Janet Reding gave a demonstration on cleaning and remodeling furniture. Lois Wilfong and Kay Ann Friders gave a demonstration on wrapping and decorating Christmas packages. Lunch was served by hostesses, Betty, Patricia and Eileen Wagner. Yon can irin the battle of the budget if you'll SAVE BEFORE YOU Si>E\D AyYouitelfFiist Treat your savings account exactly as though ii were one of your own creditors. "Pay" it promptly and regularly every month, just as you would do your regular bills, and ses for yourself how very much a modest easy-Jo pay amount can give you — and ho\v s;c.;J HOME FEDE SAVINGS & LOAN ASS'N. iiMlrv? 4-TT TTnif 1 mi.-1 Nov. 10 in St. Joseph's school hnl! calli'd to order by president, Alice Illg. Roll call was answered by 21 members. A talk was given by Jeannctte Kellner oh "Renovating Furniture." A demonstration was given by Alice Illg and Mary McGuirc. The Club painted color wheels. Lunch was served by Betty, Patricia arul Eileen Wagner. Mr and Mrs George Wagner atv.i .•-•on John spent Saturday in DOS Moines on business. On their reUir.0 home they were supper quests of their cousin Rev. Frank lily in Ogden. Mr and Mrs Alfred Kohlhaas and family of Corwilh were Sunday afternoon visitors in the Raymond Kohlhaas home here. Mr and Mrs Edward Bovmann and family had the following a? dinner guests in their home on Sunday evening: Mrs Annie Gci.seherker of Algona, Mr and Mrs John Bormann and family, Mi' and Mrs Ernst Bopmann and JoAnn an:) Mr and Mrs Raymond Koh'hans arid family, all of here. Mr and Mrs Nicholas Weydert and family entertained at dinner and supper .Sunday, Mr and Mr?. John Wc-ydert. and Mrs Veronica Rfielhler of Algona, Mr and Mrs Laurence Kirsch and family of Whittemore and Mr and Mrs Anton Weydert and family of here. Rovings Crtttli ACE** A LH1U Of ThU, • LiliM of ThM: Net Muc» of iidsncs Addition To Home In Portland Twp. Portland—Mr and Mrs Clifford Young are building a new addition ,011 their home. They will have a new living room, bedroom and small sewing room. Those helping Clifford with the work are: Herbert Nelson and his father. Henry Nelson of Titonka, Joe Loebach and boys of Whitlemore and Edward Ka"in of Algon a. Herbert Nelson was confined lo his homo a couple of days last week, with the flu. Mr and Mrs Marvin Marlow of Lone Rock, were supper guest? Friday evening at the P. W. Marlow home. Mrs Will Ringsdorf of Burt spent Sunday at the Donald Ringsdorf's, Mr and Mrs Delmar Angus were afternoon callers. Mr and Mrs Jesse Harms and family spent Sunday afternoon visiting the Henry Sleeker Jr. family at Titonka. Mr and Mrs P. W. Marlow and family were Sunday dinner guests of Mr and Mrs Paul Olsen and family of Estherville. Mr and Mrs Arnold Danielsen <ind family of Algona visited Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr and Mrs Victor Fitch and family. Mrs Henry Harms, Herbert and Johnny called at the Jesse Harms home Sunday evening. Mr and Mrs Joe Loebach and family of Whittemore and Mr and Mrs Edward Kain of Algona \ve:-e Monday dinner guests at the Clifford Young home. Mrs Edmund Larson and Mrs- Jesse Harms dressed about two dozen Muskovi ducks at the lal- U.T'S home Monday. to your *X> IN \ IN THE COUNTY! BEST MINES or Gome and See Us I am in receipt of a letter written in Eickon, Alaska, by Melvin Graham, of the Burl neighborhood, and he asks me to sign up the personnel in the field house, air base, with which he is connected. He tells me that the personnel have their coffee twice daily with a few cups in between. The main coffee breaks are at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. The boys drink at least two cups and sometimes throe during the break. There are eleven personnel in his section and there are at least 56 cups gulped during the day which would bring the total to .336 cups during the week for 14 persons, and this is just in one department. Melvin is being transferred to Sioux City and he expects to be home within a couple of weeks. And, by the way, he is driving from Alaska to Iowa. He wrote that they had several inches of snow there early in October and that about November 1st it begins to get dark at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Sure be glad to see and have a visit with Melvin when he returns to Kossuth and which, after all, is one of the best neighborhoods from every standpoint in the western hemisphere, so to speak. —n— Oh, yes, this is Thanksgiving Day, Observed in nationwide display Of gratitude in mind and heart In which we all take honest part. And we will sure be grateful, too, The two of us. yes, me and you. For many things have come our way To add of pleasure day by day. In health we've lived a happy year, At no time have we met with fear, We've taken on the daily grind With open hand and open mind. And often, when on pleasure bent, Results have made a good per cent, With weather, seasons just the type. Conditioning our living ripe. And through the many days and weeks Not once has working time sprung leaks. Yes, thankful we have right to be, The two of us, both you and me, That we have met with all the best, A year of health and work and rest. And thankful, too, we sure can be That we have homes in this city, For tops we find Algona, true, In which to live for me and you. It won't be long now until tax figuring time will be with us again, opening on December 1st. And by the looks of things we are going to be stuck for mor.o p.nd higher income taxation t"his time. There is a C 2/3 per cent tax boost because on account .of the tax rates, formerly ranging from 0.75 per cent to 3.75 per cent, now will be from 0.80 per cent to 4 per cent and this makes the increase of 6 2/3 per cent in tax rates. So, get ready brother, because on account of you're going to get stuck for more income tax this time, so to spenk, —o— The weatherman sure pulled some good ones on us the past week. The first of the week wei experienced snow and sleet and the streets became so icy that driving was misrable. And then on Sunday the weatherman handed us thawing weather and we almost felt as though spring was here. One day we took on an inch of snow-fall and the next day, after we dug up for having the walks shoveled, there was thaw galore and today thore's nary bit of snow. That weatherman sure pulls sort of tricks or '•wits 'm us, so it seems. But Jens P. Sorensen, 2nd district supervisor, and another good Dane, tells me that we can expert .some real winter between now and Christmas, because on account of tha.t seems to be a weather stunt that's pulled each year, with lovely fall weather w;'v into December we can expect, and usually get the toughest of winter through the holiday, so to speak. And if I remember rightly I guess Jens is right. I am a memker of the National Dunking Association, headquarters in Brownsville, Texas, and so is John Thuente because on account of it was recently that John and I had a dunking competitive session and he proved such an expert that I sent his name to the Donut Dunking Queen of Texas asking that he be signed up as a clunker member because of his expertness with dunking. He dunked a donut so perfectly that there wasn't even a touch of coffee on his finger nails. And there was not a drop of coffee fell from the donut between the cup and his lips. And since that dunking session I have had several other gents named to get membership with the dunkers, ar.u that I am going to attend to. I have a list of a dozen coffee gulping and donut dunking gants here in Algona who are entitle^ to membership in the National Dunking Association because of their expertness in handling a dandy donut after it has been soaked in their Java, so to speak. GOOD ADVICE Before leaving the family home near Perkins early one morning itvenlly, to take a son to the train, Mrs Sam Poilfina tuld the four smaller children that in case of fire they should crawl out the north window of the one-idoor home. At 5:20 a.m. the stove exploded and the children dutifully headed for the window. Early Resident Of Ledyard Dies, Aged 88 Ledyard — Relatives here received word last Week of the death of Alfred Welfare at his home in Morris. Minn. Mr Welfare was a brother of Sam Welfare, Mrs George Looft and Mrs Albert West. Alfred Welfare was born ia England, the son of Mr and Mrs Alfred Welfare. He came to the United States when a young man and the next year his parents and his brothers and sisters also came and they lived in the vicinity of Ledyard for many years. After his marriage they farmed west of Ledyard until 45 years ago when they moved to Morris. He is survived by his wife and children. He would have been 88 years of age on Nov. 26th of this year. HLs death was due to his age and complications due to his advanced years. Mr and Mrs George Looft and Mrs Violet Miller, Kenneth and William Welfare went to the funeral on Friday. Mr and Mrs J. H. Welfare and Mr and Mrs Eldon Bonnicksen of Estherville and Mrs Watts and son Bill of Waseca also went. Lee and Delores Marshall and daughter Brenda Lee, 'Mrs Alma Gelhaus, Virgel Gelhaus, Mrs Wilma McKinnon, Mrs Ethel Busch, Mrs Nadine Jorgensoft, Eldon and Dale, and Mrs Carl Burrow. Plans were also made for a Christmas party. Louie Miller left on Thursday with Orris Franks of Blue Earth for Two Harbors, Minn, on a deer hunting trip. Mrs Minnie Galagan, a long time Ledyard resident, who now (lives with her daughter and son- in-law, the William Weinbergers, .at 3728 Colfax, South Minnea- jpolis, 9., Minn, is to celebrate her 89th birthday on Nov. 29. Friends here are planning a card shower for her. ,Mr Fred Button accompanied several from Algona to Des Moines on Friday where they attended a Tax School for two days. Breaks A Bone Mrs L. A. Ternes fell and broke a bone in her left arm near the wrist while washing last Thursday. Rheumatic Fever Strikes * J;*cqueline Lynch has been ill at home with rheumatic fever the past several weeks. She is better and hopes to be back in school in the near future. Wflliam Wierner and Robert Barstow left on Friday for Two Harbors, Minn., on a deer hunting t'rfc. Mr a.<ad Mrs J. F. Sullivan were Tuesday evening and luncheon guests ait the George Thompson home. "Galloping breakfasts" which were held a few weeks ago have been resumed. A group surprised Mr and Mrs Bill Baurnan and children Thursday morning, Nov. 17th, at their home. Guests were YOU CAN CONSOLIDATE AND REFINANCE YOUR FARM DEBTS ONLY later** ^""••* WITH A LAND BANK LOAN ON YOUR LAND Get these extra advantage* • No feet or commiiiioni lo pay. • 'Former cooperative — locally owned and managed. • Long term loan — Payment! geared to normal farm income. • Dividend* reduce tour \rnan cot t. Caff, wr*e tr •*• EUGENE H. HUTCHINS Secretary-Treasurer Algona Nat'l Farm Loan Ass'n. 110 S. Dodge Si. Algona, la. LAND BANK LOANS Federal land lank Sytte* 44-47 READ THE WANT ADS—IT PAYS CONVERT YOUR GRAINS TO SOLID MEATY GAINS "As Much As $9.00 Savings Per 100 Lbs. Gain" MINRAL MEAL Corn savings now pay off more than ever! And you can get first class RESULTS with your hogs on Sargent Min- ral Meal. Results on corn savings are greatest with proper supplementing. Tests prove that you can save up to 6 bushels of corn" per 100 pounds gain, compared to ordinary corn feeding. That cu's normal corn costs in half. If corn is $1.50. you can save up to $9 cash per 100 pounds of gains. On a 200 pound hog, that adds up to $18. Sargent Minral Meal gets such big corn savings RESULTS, because it has the genuine pork building ingredients. Blends these into a great money-saving hog supplement. Sargent Minral Meal has vitamins, proteins and minrals plus extra factors. On Minral Meal, hogs just naturally make a healthy, profitable finish. 4 Big Meat-Building Supplements All In One Bag — All At One Low Price On Sale Also At Algona Flour & Feed Co. Sargent & Co "Makers of Famous Sargent Feeds" A his one is the news-maker that's front-page big. This one is the new Buick SPECIAL for 1956— the biggest bundle of high-powered energy and high-fashion luxury ever offered in Buick's lowest-priced Series. Just a quick listing of some certain facts will give you the picture. First— its engine is a big new 322-cubic-inch V8 engine with an all-time high in horsepower for this Series — and an engine that hits the record book at a neat 8.9 to 1 compression ratio. Second— iU getaway-with the double-action take-off of the new Variable Pitch Dynaflow*— is spectacular even at only part throttle— and comes with a new boost in gas mileage to boot. Third— on ride, this new SPECIAL is more than great— what with all-coil springing, and torque-tube stability, »nd a new deep-oil cushioning, and a whole new front- end geometry that adds a wonderful "sense of direction* to the car's travel Fourth -on room, luxury, interior finish -there's never been a Buick SPECIAL like this before. From the big, broad seats to the stunning new instrument panel -r there's new decorator smartness and quality throughout. The 1JJ4 Buick SPtCIAt 4-Door Km wo But get the picture on price, and you have the biggest reason why this sizable automobile is so v extra special a buy. For this Buick comes to you at a figure so close to thosa of the most widely known smaller cars, the difference in price is small change. So-come in and see and sample this beauty. You'll find it, we firmly believe, the biggest package of automobile at anywhere near its budget price. •New Advanced Variable Pitch Dynaflvw fo the only Dynaflow Buick builds today. It it standard on Roadmaster, Super and Century-optional at modest extra tost on tfte Special, MCKIf GlEASON ON TV f very Soiwdey Evening f t MTTII AUTQMOIUIS ARE 6UIIT BUICK Will WILD THEM 0»» 4-tcaion Comfort in yegr n*w l»lck with FRIGIPAIRE CONDITIONING-now at g atw low frict 105 N, Hall St. BRANDT IU 14 K Algeria, femtjl. '.. ,-, »u. .

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