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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 18

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

OAKLAND TRIBUNE MARCH 12, 191Z.T TUESDAY LEGAL NOTICES. OFFICIAL RECORDS jroM VALLEY 5s rrri 7HTr FOR THE NUMBER frera Meyer Berwick, Seventh street. Same was referred to the Associated Charities and Indigent Clerk. REPORTS OF COUNTY "AND TOWNSHIP OFFICERS. The following reports wera received and ordered 1 A.

F. Ooraes, foreman Castro Valley Road District Report for February, 1912. E. R. Jensen, foreman Palomarei Road District Report for February, 1912.

1. H. Whitfield, foreman Mission Road District Report for February. 1912. Hiram Pallev, foreman Llvermore Road District Report for February, 1912.

Frank H. Saylcs, foreman Newark Road District Report for January and February. Wl. Carl Holm, foreman Murray Koad DIs trlct Report for and February, 19U, J. J.

Santos, foreman Centervllle Road District Report tor FelfruarJ', 1912. Dr. W. A. Clark, superintendent County Infirmary Report for January, 1911 Dr.

C. L. Tlsdale, Coroner Report for February, 1912. AFFIDAVITS OF PUBLICATION. The following affidavits of publication were received and ordered filed: Twp.

4 Newark Register Liquor application of Michael Dever, Alvarado. Twp. A Newark Register Liquor application of M. E. Conners.

F.EQUISITIONS.. Requisitions were received and acted Inra L. Harferd wtf of Lymon Harford) (separate property) to Char Is and Claire A. James (wife), lott 1 and 8. nap of suMlrlilon of bTIT, -Tfnlrerelty Terraee, Be-keley; $lft Warren T.

Clarke to Elisabeth' A. Clarke) (wife) Le Cant arena 171.86 ft Northeast from the east line of Arch at. 120, northwest iox.23, smith 127.98, souuieaat along the northeast boundary of lot 1 and aid line drawn at right anglea to I Cent ireone from beginning, 3.7itt to beginning, being lota 25, 26 and 27, blo 1, map of Daley's Scenic Park, Berkeley; $10. George A. and Emma J.

Lank (wife) 'to Elisabeth Jane Petersen, W- Buena Vlsra arenue and Sherman st (St. George tt), cist S9lN 76, put ot lott 1 and t. block map et 144 lota In Page tract, Alameda; $10. Frederick J. and Nellie M.

Russell (wife) to Ida M. Olaen and OeorgellA Lowrey lott 16 tnd 17. block 18, map of Russell City, Eden town-ahlp; $10 Thomas Lawler (widower) to KllaabwCh M. Berry (married) lot 6, block 71, map of Southern Addition to Llrermore; $10. Johanna Schilling (widow) to Maria Qoulart (wife of John quit claim deed; lot 18.

block map of Knox tract, properttea of Mllo and William Knox, adjacent to town of Hayward, Eden township; $10. H. W. Meek Estate Inc (corporatloa) to Maria Goulart (wife ot John F), beginning at point In -center line of Orchard arenue 673.21 ft northeast from center line of Bote road, tbence north 57 degree 27 minute east 848.16 ft, south 81 degrees 67 minutes 45 seconds 126.92 ft, south 57 degree 27 minutes west 848.16 ft, north 31 degreee B7 mlnutee 45 seconds west 128 93 tt to beginning, containing 1 acre, being portion of lots 25 and 25, block map of Meek Orchard tract, Eden township, referring atrip 25 ft wide across tbe western portion of said property for prlrate road; $10. DEEDS OF TRUST, Eleanor B.

and Robert Dunn (husband) to W. W. Gsrthwsite and J. V. Ecrleston, trustees of the Oakland Bank of Barings (corporation), aame property as deed or M.

A. Brewer to Catherine Holland. Oakland; $3000. Inea A. Craig to aamt, lota II to 14 inclualre, map of Craig property, Piedmont; $7000.

J. A. and Lulu A. Aaderaon (wife) to Me-Multn A Jones, trustees of the State Barings Bank (corporation), tame property at truat deed of J. McMnllen, to State Sarlngt Bank of Oakland; It.

R. and Hasel Lamb (wife) tb J. F. Carlitoo and Arthur L. Harris, trustees ot Elizabeth G.

Row, Intersection of the south line of Lawton arenue (Third arenue) with tb northweat Une of Broadway, aortheaet 61.416 to beginning, portion of lot 41, map ot Woodlawn Park, Oakland; $4500. John Auseon (single! to A. N. Mscdonald and Henry Elsenherg, trustees of Mabel Goldstein, asms property aa deed of J. P.

Begalaa to John Auseon. Oakland; $650. George and Ma R. Preeton (wife) to Oakland Bank of Sarlnga (corporation), trustees, Charles M. MicGregor, lot 8, block 11, map of Fourth Avenue Heights, Oakland; $.1921, B.

W. and Adella Hammond (wife) to Garfh-walta ft Ecclestoo, trustees of tb Oakland Bank of Barings (corporation), lot 11, block 7, map of Boulsrard Park, Brooklyn township $110. sAN BRUNO TJ A f8" IkSvNa. VsW MATEO I ifVV MENLO PARK WrtftP oil Rapid ffV vac a. Jt I ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE WHY ORDER OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE 8H0ULD NOT BE MADE.

In the Sunerior Court of the State of California In and for the County of Ala meda, Department ko 4. In the matter of the estate and guardianship of Ara Otis, Incompetent No. 14671. Order to show cause why order of sale of real estate should not be made. It appearing to this Court from the verified petition this day presented and filed by Edwin M.

Otis, as guardian of the person and of Ara Otis, in competent, praying for an order of sale or certain real estate described in said petition and belonging to his said ward, that It would be beneficial to said ward that such real estate should be sold: It is hereby ordered that the next of Kin of said ward and all persons Interested in the estate, appear before this Court on Thursday, the eleventh day of April, 1912, at ten o'clock A. at the Court Room of Department No. 4 of this Court, at the Court House In the City of Oakland, County of Alameda, State of California, then and there to snow cause why an order should not be granted for the sale of such estate. And It is further ordered that a copy of this order be published at least once a week for three successive weeks before the said day of hearing In the "Oakland Tribune," a news paper printed and published in said County of Alameda. Dated, March 11, 1912.

K. B. OGDEN Judge of the Superior Court. (Endorsed). Filed Mar.

11, 1912. JOHN P. COOK, County Clerk, Bv W. W. CRANE.


In the superior, court, tn and for the county of Alameda. In the matter of the estate ot MlUi DKP1ERRE. deceased. No. 16154, Department No.

4. Notice Is hereby given, that an application for the probate of the will of EMILE DEPIERRE, deceased, and for the Issuance unto JULIE DEPIERRE of letters testamentary thereon has been filed in said Superior Court, and that Friday, the 15th- of March, A. D. 1912, at 10 o'clock a. of said day, at the courtroom of.

Department No. Four of said court, at the court house In -the city of Oakland, county of Alameda, state of California, has been set for the hearing of said petition, when and where any person interested may appear and contest the same, and show cause, If any he have, why said petition should not be granted. JOHN P. COOK, Clerk. By W.

W. CRANE, Deputy Clerk. A. COMTE, 333 Kearny street, San Francisco. CaL, attorney for petitioner, all matters connected with said estate of George Deake Welch, deceased.

GEORGE DEAKE WELCH Executor of the estate of George Deake Welch, deceased. Dated: Oakland. February 8th, 3912. CHAPMAN. TREFETHEN, Attorney) for Executor, room Oakland Bank of Savings Oakland, California NOTICE TO CREDITORS.

Estate of Agostino Calorl, also known as A. Calart, also known as A. Calorl, also known as Aug. Calari, deceased. Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned Battlsta Calorl, executor of 'lie last will and testament of said Agostino Calorl, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons, having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary vouchers within four (4) months after the first publication of this notice to the said Battlsta Calorl at his reslrjenae at 3026 Broadway, in the City of Oakland, County of Alameda, State of California, which said place the undersigned selects as his place of business in 11 matters connected with said estate ol said Agostino Calorl, deceased.

BATTISTA CALORI, Executor of the estate of the last will and testament of said deceased. Dated: Oakland, December 20th, 1911. O'GARA and DE-MARTINI, Attorney for Executor, Mills Building, San Francisco. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Frank P.

Runyan, deceased Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned administrator with will annexed of the estate of Frank P. Runyan, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the said, deceased, to exhibit hem with the necessary vouchers within four (4) months after the first publication of this notice to the said administrator with the will annexed at the office of Abe P. Leach, room 1113, Union Savings Bank Building, Oakland, California, which said office the undersigned selects as his place of buslnoss in all matters connected with aald estate of Frank P. Runyan, deceased. H.

B. EHRMANN, Administrator with tho will annexed of the estate of Frank P. Runyan, deceased. Dated: Oakland, February 28th, 1912. Date of first publication.

ABE P. LEACH, Attorney-at-Law, Union Savings Bank Oakland, Attorney for Administrator. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of August Despaux, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned administrator of the estate of August Despaux, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them wtth the necessary vouchers within four (1) months after the first publication of this notice to the said administrator at the office of Abe P.

Leach, room 1113, Union Savings Bank Building, Oakland, California, which said office -the undersigned selects as his place of business In all matters connected with said estate of Au gust Despaux, deceased. H. MEHRMANN, Administrator of the estate of August Despaux, deceased. Dated: Oakland, February 28thi 1912. Date of first publication.

ABE P. LEACH, Attomey-at-Law, Union Savings Bank Oakland Attorney for Administrator. NOTICE OF TIME SET FOR PHOVINQ WILL, ETC. In thc Superior Court of the County of Alameda, State of California. In the matter of the estate of Theo X.

Dyer, deceased. Notice of time set for proving eto. Notice Is hereby given, that a petition for the- probate of the will of Theo Dyer, deceased, and for the issuance to John W. Gwtlt of letters testamentary thereon has been filed in this Court, and that Friday, the 15th day of March, A. D.

1912, 'at 10 o'clock A. M. of said day, at the Courtroom of Department No. 4, of said Court, at the Court House "In the City of Oakland, in said County of Alameda, hits been set for the Searing of said petition and proving Bald will, when and whore any person Interested may appear and contest the same. Dated: March 1st, 1912.

JOHN P. COOK, Clerk. By W. E. ADAMS.

Deputy Clerk. NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP. Notice Is hereby given that the copartnership heretofore and down to the date hereof existing between the undersigned tn the business of conducting, a hairdresslng and costuming business 'at No. 222 San Pablo avenue, In the City of Oakland, County of Alameda, State of California, under1 the firm nRme of Charles Hoffman Company, has this day been dissolved by mutual consent. Mrs.

Annie H. Eaton retires from the said firm and Mr. Charles Hoffman lll continue to carry on the business under the same firm nttme, but ai sole owner, and la alone authorized to collect outstanding accounts and will exclusively pay all debts and liabilities of said firm. Dated: Oakland, CalifonUay February 1st, 1912. (Signed) CHARLES HOFFMAN.

(Signed) ANNIE H. EATON. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. My wife, having left my bed and board, I hereby give notice that I will not be responsible hereafter for any debt she may contract. Dated: Oakland March 8th, 1912.

HERMAN KELTINO. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 8th day March, 1912. (SEAL) MAX W. KOENIO, Notary" Public, In and for the County of AlanWlV, Stat of California, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS IN ftisk TfVfiUNB. PA- BiQt KSTUMNS SEEDS FILED MOITDAT, KABCK 11.

Margaret A. Brewer (widow) to Catherine Holland (wife of Dentil. Ramon arenae at Dolnt iwhtfh Is eoothweet corner of lot 18. stock 0, thane east 63, northeast 117.00 to solnt on Um dlTliUnf lots IS ana lu rrora 18, IT, distant tbereon 84.10 ft eatt from the BorthWMt eour of Mid lot 16, thence Mt 84 ft to the northwMt corner of lot 1. thence oBttwMt 128.13 ft to betnf all of lot 1 aDd portion of lot 15.

block 0. ma; of Omtral riedmont txiet. Piedmont; 110. Cttherlne and Prof Holland (busbsod) to Eleanor B. Dam (Iwfe of Robert), um prop-arty at aborej 10.

Robert 8. Hoy la to Oric o. Morle (wife). (W BiHlnn arenne 1W.T8 rt northeast of Preseott (ewmtr road-JNo. V) tbence Borth-east 40, anith 42 degreee SO minutes east 132.07 ft or I to the eoutheatt Una of lot block thence touts 65 degrees 0 minutes 29 eee-onda want to tba Intersection with line drawn oath 43 degreee SO oilnutet'Mst from thence north 41 degreee 80 minutes west 124.75 ft or 1 to beginning, belnj nortTieast JO ft Of lot 27 and aonthweet 80 ft of lot 2d, olnek.y.

map of 8telnway terrace, Oakland; Emilia and Patau (tnabenfl) to Jaa. Troflta, eaat 10 ft of lot il and weat 20 ft of lot 12. block 11, map of Lendregsn tract, Oakland; $10. R. J.

McMnllen, trnstee. J. M. and Cora t. Rlrkefts (wife) to State Ssrlngs Bank (corporation), trnet deed under deed of fruit mde by J.

M. Rlcketta and wife Jan 24, 07, to Mc-Mullen Moody, trustees for State Ssrlna-s Bank (corporation), 1M1P98; W. Adeline at S07.78 south, of 12th at, tonth 0iW 12S 3, por. t.lon block 663, B'l map of Oakland; 144M.10. State Seringa Bank (corporation) to 1.

A. Anderson, tame property aa abore; $10. Angnste Moffltt (tingle) to Nellie W. Mof-fttt (single), NB East 21at at 100 ft northwest 10th arenue, northwest BOxNB 100, northwest 80 ft of lota 11 and 12, Mock 181 map afore- La'chland i'nd Mtglef Mcintosh Jwti) to J. D.

Fosgett, northeaat of.Kose at IM ft northeast of Warren, northeast 00, aontheast WO, eouthweat 60, northwest 100 to commencement, being lot 11 and northeaat 10 ftf lot 13, block 11, map of Fitchburg Homestead loft, 'llsmeda eeunty (aa recorded); l. Fred 0. (teflon to Iaabella B. Sheldon (widow) and Sadie K. Balrd (tingle), quit claim deed; toutheaet of George It 144-1 ft from the touth line of San Leandro road, tbence southwest CO to point on west line of Jessie.

at 30S ft, aid point being 220-3 ft from the touth line of Ban Leandro road, thence northeast BO, thenae west 208 to beginning, portion of block i of Fitchburg Homestead tract, Brooklyn township $1. Edward and Annie Caranagn (wife) to Antonio OotelU, Telegraph arums B0.28 ft north of Vernon arenue, north B0.2A, eaat 154.43 10, west 40, soma 40, west 208.20, to commencement, lot 2 and portion of lot block map of Humboldt Park, Oakland; tubjeot to lease, 88 Leasee 150; $10, Matteo and Flloraena-Clrella (wife) to -H. Hrlnk, Hlllalde at 671.M ft north of Grand aremie, north 16 degrees I minutes 181.67 ft, eouthweat 82H.18 ft, touth 18 degree! 81 mlnutee eaat ft, northeaat ft to beginning, lot 87, map of aubdl- vision el Frank 6Ur tract, Elmhurst, Oakland; $10. Same to lame, eoutheaat of 8th arenue 200 ft northeast of Franklin at, northeast 87.48 to the northeast boundary, of blofk 10, Anseon't 11 oss tract, thence southeast 101.45, aonthwestl7 northwest .41 to beginning, lot 6, block 10, piap aforeaatd; $10. Mary and: William Storm (husband) to Fred F.

Carina, deed glte; 8 Union st 810 ft west of Maple at, weat. lOOxS 155, lot 10, block 2, map of Maxwell tract, property of Oakland Association, Oakland township. Mary and William Storm (husband) to Fred -F. Cartas, deed gift; Hallett arenue 890 -ft rt of Gfeen st, east WOiN IMS, lot 45, block map of Maxwell tract, Oakland township. Jean P.

and Madelein Begalaa (wife) to John inaeon (tingle), Mllla tt 846 ft east of Seminary annua eaat 50 north 230.40 to the tiorth boundary Una of J. Lert, tract; thence weat 60 ot 1 to Intersection with line drawn from commencement, thenoe south 228 at 1 to commencement, portion of lot 1H, rerited ap of Lrrt, tract, Oakland; $10. Manr Olirt (widow) to Alice Robertson (widow), lota 10 and 71. up of Bowie property, Piedmont) $10. H.

S. McKeen (single) to Jamie M. Andersen (wife of John), Hamilton place 18 ft from the tonth line of lot 18, thtnee west 1118.72 ft to weat line of Hamilton tract, thence north 86.0$ ft tothe northwest corner of lot ID, tbence aut 20LP6 ft, south 06 degree' eaat 4.S0 ft to (he north line ot Hamilton place, thence west on curve to left radius 15 ft 12.50 ft, thence along weat line of Hamilton plaoe on tangent to aald cnire 41 ft to beginning, being north 66 ft of lot 18, map of Hamilton tract, Oakland; $10. Leila M. and Wilfred B.

Darnell (husband) to Ida B. Whiting, lot 88, 87 and 88, map of gtone Orchard Extension, Stonehurst, Oak- Jand: $10. Xlijabedi I. and P. de 8.

Olnay (husband) to 0. M. tnd Annie Ford Bulock (wife), beginning at point on the aoatheaat line of plot 16, lit 0-6 ft northeaat from east Una of Bay place, tbence northeast 88, northwest 108.38 or 1 to tbe eoutheaat litis of Vernon st (Lee are) thenae touthwest to the Intersection with line -drawn northwest through beginning at hlgbt angle to southeast Una ot lot 16, thence south-saat lint direct 128 ft or 1 to beginning, por- tlon of said plot 18, map surrey No, 124 for Henry Lee 100 acre tract, Oakland; (10. 1 0. M.

and Annie Ford Bullock (wife) to Mary A. Donne 11 2-8 tnbirest), Henry 0. "Donnell (husband) (undlrlded 1-8 Interest), same property at above; aubject to deed of trust of 10600; $10. Alta Piedmont Land Company (corporation) to Charles M. MacUrego'r (wife) to George 11.

used Ida R. Preston (wife), aamt property as Abort $10. William H. and Sarah 0. Orlm (wUe) and Emma Eleonora Kelso to Wlllard White, quit claim deed; Warren st 60 ft northwest of George at, northwest 100, southwest 100, northwest 80 to southeast Una of iCora at, south-' west 100, southeast 200 to Bald Una ot George et, northeast 1CKV northweat 60, northeast 100 to beglnulng, lots 2, 8, 6, 7 ud 8, block 22, map of Fitchburg Homestead lota, Oakland; $10.

i Fred F. Carina to Orayeoo-Owen Company (corporation), 8 Union avenu 800 ft west of Staple st, weat IOOiS 810. lota 18 and 45, block map of Maxwell tract, Emeryville; $10. Sustav A. and Utile Ztmmermtn (wife) and Andrew Bend (tingle) to Natalie teaman (widow), Broadway (single to Natallata (widow), Broadway 184 ft touth ot Birole at, being the center of certain btlok all shown on aurrey Mo.

800. thenoe tonth 24 to center of certain brick wall thence weat 47.88 ft to eaat line of Telegraph avenue, north 24.85 ft -to center of root brick walL thenoe eaat 48.22 ft to aommencement, Oakland; $10. Lola J. Fard, Frank A. Hunter, Rosa and Byron P.

Hunter to Ed Mfhoonhall, Ji BrockhjirttttJU)t83 ft east ot nVest it, 'north 100 or 1 to point distant 100.45 tt touth of 83d tt on line drawn parallel with West tt, thence eaat 82-6 south lu direct line 00 ft or 1 to point on the north line of Isrockburet it dlstout 82-8 ft east from com- mencement, tbence west 82-6 ft to commencement, portion of block map show lug re-mtloUg property if Central Laud Company In blocks and Oakland; $10. East Piedmont Land Company (corporation) Mary J. Baudle (alngle), lot lb3, map ot (Fourth Arenue Terract Cztenaton, Oakland; 4,0 and Arthur T. Ehrennfort (single) to William C. tEhrenpfort, lot 4, map of LUUofleld tract, Oak-, 'land; $10.

Charlea B. and Kate 0. Gould (wife) to B. "(W. Hammond, kt 1U block 7, map of Boule- ivard Park, Brooklyn township tnd tgt; 10.

Breed ft Bancroft (corpontton) to M. Wtl-. cox (widower), lot26, block 10.. map of Bteln-way Terrace, Oakland; and agt; $10. H.

W. anft'Concepclon Horn (wife), Thomas F. and Clara J. Bntler (wife) to Belden U. Dunbar, quit claim deed; Bast of 37th st 110,9 ft northwest of 25th arenue, northwest 40i8W 100, portion ot let 4, map of Butler tract Oakland; $10.

Selden H. and Birdie Donbar 'jctfe) to City of OaKland (municipal corporatlunf, tame property as abore; $UO00. Klrby and Carrie A. Poarch (wife) to Mary 3. Kegel, Intersection of the soujtieait line of Ayala arenne with the nortbeaa' line of Miranda st, southeast lOujNU iO, northwest 100 ft et lot 116, block map ot V.

P. Heaerratlon traot, TemeaaaL Oakland! subject to mortgage aSMltti $10. Thomas F. and Clara J. Brier (wife) te Georgia Fiancee Cantor and IK, F.

Wakeley, quit claim deed! Intersection of touthwest lint of Eaat 7tb at with tne northwest line ot 5tb areane, northwest 4Ux3W 100, lnt-1, map of Butler tract, Brooklyn township; $10. Georgia Frances Cantor (separate property), end F. Wakeley (stngla) to City of Oakland (municipal corporation), same property as above; WlllHam M. A. and Marie Edwards (wife) to Thomas Vail Dakewell, lot 1, map of Uallndo tract, excepting therefrom portion being atrip 46 ft wide running along the northwest side of laid lot and frontage ot 48 ft en Ualludo It, Oakland; $10.

V7. H. Lelmert (tingle). Wlckhara and Florence W. Harem (wlSe) to I.

J. Truman, Jr. (married), HW Lakt and Madison its, treat 120, Oft land; $UX J. B. Lanktfea (commissioner), Farmer and Merchant! Barlngi Bunk (corporation), vt.

K. and Annl H. Miner. W. M.

Gardner, James A. Hall, Guy C. Calden (defendanta) and Gee, U. Crittenden (crose -complaint) to Farmert ft Mercnanta Sarlnga Bank (corporation), Dwlght way 850 ft east of Fulton it, east 50T 133. portion of lot 8, block 4, map of property of College Homeitead Ataoclatlon, Berk, ley; $46.16...

Harbor Citle Realty Co. (corporation) to J. II. Treger, lota 4 and 6, block map ot Be-i-nts Park, map No. Iwrlulryi aud agt; $10.

Stntett B. and 0. P. Weber (huaband) to Mlnnl R. Nickerton, 18 tod north 6-8 ft lot 15, map of Elmweod Park Addition No.

Berkeley; $10. Ferrtar-BrocH DerelopmetifT Company (corpora-tiori) te Z. C. Ward (single), lot 65, block -t 1n44gtli 7i "TWO-NUMBER" service, in which calls are made by number instead of by name, is in effect between OaKland and the points shown above. TO MAKE A TWO-NUMBER CALL give your operator the de-sired number, preceded by the name of the city.

For example: San Francisco, Kearny 123. Remain at the telephone with the receiver at the ear until the number called for answers or the operator reports, in the same manner as on a call for a local number. THE ABOVE REFERS TO CALLS BY NUMBER ONLY. For upon aa follows: Frank isarnet, tsnenti unaerwooa typewriter. Granted.

Willarn S. Wells, Superior Judge-Window shades, Granted. S. W. Piatt, Steward Recelvlng'Hospl-(al.

Repairing water heater. Building' Commltteo with power. Infirmary Committee Supplies. Granted. J.

M. Page, Superintendent Detention Home 2 requisitions for supplies. Granted. C. F.

Horner, Assessor 3 requisitions. for repair work, etc. John P. Hook. Countv flrtrk 8 remit.

sklons for stationery, auto supplies, etc. Granted. D. McLaren, purchasing agent, supplies for engineer. Granted.

Frank Barnet, Sheriff, four requisitions for stationery, auto supplies, eto. Granted. S. W. Piatt, Steward Receiving HospitalSupplies.

Granted. INVENTORY OF PROPERTY AT CO. INFIRMARY. An Inventory was received from Dr. C.

A. Wills of property received by him as Superintendent of the County Infirmary from Dr. W. A. Clark, retiring Su perintendent.

Same was ordered filed. APPLICATIONS FOR LIQUOR LICENSES. The following applications for liquor licenses were received: Frank N. Orpin, Nllei. M.

S. Slmaa, Centervllle. The applications were referred to the Judiciary, Printing and License Committee, hearing on them being set for Monday, March 25, 1912, at 10 o'clock requisite frotice to be published iri tho TownsTiip and Newark Register. REPORT OF JUDICIARY, PRINT3NG AND LICENSE COMMITTER The Judiciary, Printing and License Committee reported favorably on the following liquor applications, there being no protest: Michael Dever, Alvarado. E.

Conners, Nlles. Thereupon, on motion of Supervisor Bridge, seconded by Supervisor Foss, appropriate resolutions were Introduced nd adopted granting to said Dever and said Conners permits to obtain licenses for. the sale of liquor for one. year, by the following vote: Ayes Supervisors Bridge, Foss, Kelley and Chairman Mulllns 4. Absent Supervisor Murphy 1.

REPORT OF" WORK ON DUBLIN -HAYWARD ROAD. A written report was received from the County Surveyor stating that the Ran-some'-Crummey Co. had completed sufficient work- on the Dublln-Hayward road under, their contract with Alameda Countv to ent lie them to a further pay ment of $3033.75. Same was ordered filed. BID FOR PLUMBTNO AT COUNTY INFIRMARY ACCEPTED.

A bid was received from the Crane Co. to. furnish certain plumbing materials for the County Infirmary for the sum of $181.81. On motion of supervisor Bridge, seconded by Supervisor Foss, same was accepted by the following vote: Ayes Supervisors Bridge, Foss, Kelley nd Chairman Mulllns 4. Absent Supervisor Murphy 1.

BID FOB PLUMBING MATERIALS ACCEPTED. A bW wae received from the Crane Co. to furnish certain -plumbing materials for the sum of $334.80. On motion of Supervisor Foss, seconded by Supervl-j or Bridge, same was accepted by the following vote: Ayea Supervisors Bridge, Foss, Kelley and Chairman Mulllns 4. Absent Supervisor Murphy 1.

APPLICATION TO LAY SPUR TRACK AT DECOTO. "A written application was received from Wlllett Burr for permission to lay a spur track at Decoto. Same was referred to Supervisor Murphy. OPINION OF DISTRICT ATTORNEY IN RE "INTERNET The following opinion was received from the District Attorney: Office of the District Attorney, Oakland, Cal- Feb. 27, 1912.

To the Honorable the Board of Supervisors, Oakland, Cal. Gentlemen: In answer to your request for arKpinlon as to the power of your honorable Bpardto employ a student In medicine as Interne at the County Infirmary, I beg to advise you as follows; Webster give the following definition for the word internet "A resident physician or surgeon In ft hospital." The power of the Board of Supervisors to establish a County and provide for Its malntertanee Is granted by the Legislature In subdivision 5 section 4041 of the Political Code of California. In that section it is provided that: "The Board of Supervisors shall- appoint some suitable person to take care of such hospitals and almshouses, and shall also appoint some suitable graduate or gralutv In medicine to attend such indigent sick or dependent poor, and to the patients in su-h almshouses and hospitals." You re, therefore, advised tbat yot nave not the power to employ a student in medicine as interne at the County Hospital. Retpectfuily suTmiltted. H.

DONAHUE, District Attorney. By LEON A. CLARK, Deputy. Thereafter, the resolution providing for the appointment of Frank L. Herrick as Interne at the County Infirmary was dropped.

COUNTY INFIRMARY EMPLOYES. The following resolution was introduced: Resolved, That the following changes In help at the County Infirmary, as made by Dr. C. A. Wills, be and the time are bereby ratified by this Board: M.

MiUnar, cook, No. 8. in M. Kruse's place, from Maroh 1st, 1912, at $50,00 per month. J.

Nunei, barracks nurse, in J. Flood's place, from March 1st, 1912, at $10.00 per month. Op motion of Supervisor Bridge, seconded by Supervisor Kelley, the resolution wa adopted by the following vote: Ayes Supervltors Bridge, Foss, Kelley and Chairman Mulllns 4. Absent Supeivisor Murphy COMMUNICATIONS. Communications were, received and acted upon ae Douglass Voting Booth Co.

In re election booths. Committee of the Whole. State Mining Bureau Thanks for Map of Alameda county. Filed. ADJOURNMENT.

No further bualrress appearing, the lrt -yrrtd--un 11, 1912, at 10 o'clock a. m. JOHN MULLIN3, Chairman, Attest: JOHN P. COOK, Clerk. By H.

M. WlLBON, Iputy. LEGAL NOTIC1SS NOTICE OF SALE. the undersigned, having told rhy grocery business loeated'at 92d ave. and Oakland, to M.

H. Tremble, will not be responsible for any future bill or I obligations contracted In connection I therewith, PaUed: MMCla-a, this service the rate has been reduced, the connection is made with ing as. soon as the for. (OFFICIAL, BOARD 0FJ5UPERVIS0RS REGULAR MEETING OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS, MONDAY, MARCH 4, 1912. Pursuant to adjournment, the Board met at 10 o'clock m.

On the call of the roll the following were present; Supervisor Bridge, Foes, Kelley and Chairman Mitlllni 4. Absent Supervlior Murphy 1. On motion of Huwrvlsor Bridge. eeo onded by Supervisor Foss, the reading ot the minutes or the previous meeting was waived and they were Approved as entered In the minute book, without al teration, by the following vote: Ayes Supervisors Bridge. 'Foss, KeUeT.

and Chairman-Mulling 4. Absent Supervisor Murphy 1. ALLOWANCE OF CLAIMS. On motion ot Supervisor Bridge, sec onded by Suporvlsor Foss, the following claims, as approved and presented by the Auditing and Finance committee, were ordered paid to the respective claimants in the sums and out. of the funds designated, by the following vote: Ayes Supervisors Bridge, Foss, Kelley, and Chairman Mulllns 4.

Absent Supervisor 1. COUNTY GENERAL FUND. H. Acktr, Frank Barnet, J14-95, 4.50; Bowman Drug $30.00, $29.24, Howard W. Bray, John Breuner $8.90, J2.0U; A.

Carlisle oV Co 12.75; C. B. Curdts, Citizens Bank of Alameda, assignee of C. R. Bond, H.

L. Dieta, 116.00, First National Bank of Liver mo re, assignee of F. WV Tretiel, -W. Olbson, Hardy's Book Store, Oeo. Hoeck, II.

R. Hunt, $66.60 Harbor Bank, assignee of EX O. Simpson, same, assignee of Myra Knox, same, assignee of J. 8. Riley, same; assignee of B.

Simon, same, assignee of 11. D. Bell, same, assignee of Q. W. Blethen, R.

L. Jump, E. LeweUlng, J. B. Lanktree, of C.

M. Belfridge, $5.00, same, assignee of F. Oltllhan, same, assignee of T. C. McCleave.

same, assignee of C. M. Helfridge, same, assignee of K. fl. BtocKton, $90.00 same, suslgnee of Courier Pub.

Co. same, assignee of C. M. Selfrtdge, $5.00, game, assignee of J. B.

Wood, sam, assignee of Pac. Tel. Tel. $8.00. $10.00, $27.25.

sam assignee of C. M. Self ridge, $54)0, same, assignee of W. K. Sanborn, same, assignee of S.

H. Jee, same, assignee of P. Ander son, same, assignee of W. H. Irwin, $16.00, same, assignee of Rlggln, same, assignee of W.

S. Porter, same, assignee of C. Hall, same, assignee ot H. M. Fine, H.

A. Makinson, F. T. Malley, $308.97 C. H.

Miller, J. L. Milton. Harry Nelson, Oakland Enquirer Pub. Oakland Ice $3.40, $3.40, $8.40, $3.00, $3.75, $3.00, $3.00, Oakland Bank of Savings, Pierce Hdw $8.00, $11.76, $9.00, C.

P. Pond, Ransome-Crumraey $3033.75: Smith $8.50, Standard Oil C. L. Tlsdale $3.80, Typewriter Inspection H. Tyson, Underwood Typewriter C.

It Warver, J. P. T. Wintems, Bank of Alameda County, assignee of W. W.

Hlrsch, Nlles State Bank, assignee of P. C. Hansen $21.85. COUNTY INFIRMARY FUND. Alnsworth H.

Arendt Bowman- Drug $206.93, $32.87: B. L. Brown, Bank of Cen-terv'lle, assignee of W. E. Rogers, $19.00 Bank of Haywnrd, assignee of Golden Gate Couipreoeea Yast Cog-orno 4 Adams, F.

B. Cook, Costa Gaspar, Crane Denny House, First National Bank of Berkeley, assignee of Cutter Laboratory, W. Haley. O. F.

Hammaok, Hayward Review, a N. Hlrsoh Harbor Bank, assignee pf O. W. Blethen, same, asslriee tf Tobriner, $68.00, J. B.

Lanktree, assignee nf Pac. Tel. Tel. O. Matrnrstaedt, J.

McDermott Son, $5.00, Mvers A Rudolph, Osgood $143-47; Scott, Magner Miller, J. Fill $27.00 Standard Gr.ocery Stinaet View Cemetery $10.00, Valley Merc $30.00. GENERAL ROAD FUND. Bank of Alameda County, assignee of W. V.

Hlrsch, Nlles State Bank, assignee of P. C. Hansen CKNTERVILLH DISTRICT ROAD FUND Bank 'of CentervllU, assignee of M. F. George, $82.00.

DECOTO DISTRICT ROAD FUND. Bank of Alameda County, aslgne of F. Kellv, same, assignee of J. Roble, Bank of Ontervine, assignee of C. P.

Ferelra, Nilea State Bank, assignee of T. Ibberson, same, assignee of F. W. M7or, some, assignee of B. Meyer, $34,00, M.

Robbe, $12.00. MT. EDEN DISTRICT ROAD FUND. Harry Gansborger i Henry Gansberger, game, assignee of C. Jorgensen, $61.75.

NEWARK DISTRICT ROAD FUND. Bank of Alameda County, assignee of W. W. Hlrsch, $1.00. NILK8 DISTRICT ROAD FUND.

Nile State Banlrftsf Igiwa lXDeV $46.00." BAN LORUiraO DISTRICT ROAD FUND Bank of Haywards, taialgnee of H. Quigloy, $18.00. WARM SPRIN09 DISTRICT BOAD FUND. Bank of Centervllle, assignee) ipf F. Comas, $12.00.


C. Wines, assignee, of Josephine ivunsmuir n. jo. uo APPLICATION FOR RELD3B tw ABlkrtlin- irr2itj.avsortTw3.

i charge comment the number called "VA A A Calls for individuals by name will be handled through "Long Distance" as heretofore, at particular person rates. Service between OaKland, San Francisco, Hayward, Rich mond San Leandro is exclusive "two-number." DO NOT KNOW THE NUMBER, asK your op IN CASE YOU a IaT eraiur iur imurmauuii. THE EXCELLENT SERVICE IS AVAILABLE TO OVER 139,. 000 Bell Telephone subscribers in the cities shown above, whose telephone numbers, are listed in the current issue of the directory. i PROMPTNESS AND ACCURACY OF SERVICE, increased con-venience and added facilities for its patrons are the constant objects of the pacific Telephone and telegraph co.

One System One Policy Universal Service.

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