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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 16

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 16

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:

16 MONDAY EVENING, 'APR-IE 26, 1909. OAKLAND TRIB ON PRELATE ADMINISTERS CONFIRMATION VOWS TO TRANSFERS MADE1 IN COUNTY FUNDS TO BE MO TEO 1ES DAUGHTER AWAY FROM HER HUSBAND TWO HUNDRED CHILDREN Special Values in Boys' Wash Suits $1.00 $1.25 $1.50 1 1 Likely to Be Returned to China Where He Was During Boxer Outbreak Supervisors Authorize Changes in Expenditure of Public Money Bishop O'Connell on Occasion of First Appearance in Oakland, is Greeted by Devout Throng. i "-y Chases Elopers Across Conti nent and Drags Wife amongst lis. You will meet targe con i IVe show a fine assortment of these smart little suits in Russian and Sailor styles for boys 2 1-2 to 10 years old. Away gregations and be entertained in more stately edifices' than here in St. An. Nearly two hundred children took-their first vows to the Catholic church yesterday at St. Anthony's Parish In East Oakland, being: confirmed by Bishop Dennis J. O'Connell. This is one of the largest clacses ever assembling in any of the The following transfers in county funds were authorized this morning: From Elmhurst school bond fund to State revenue fund, Elmhurst school bond fund to county general fund, Elmhurst school bond fund to county infirmary- fund. Elmhurst school bond fund tQ common school fund, $91. 4C; Elmhurst school bond fund to exposition fund, Elmhurst school bond fund to Oakland school bond fund, Elmuhrst special school fund to State revenue fund, Elmhurst CLAIMS BRIDE IS ONLY thony's, bit we wish to assure you that nowhere will you find hearts morevloyal or souls triore resolute to second your YEARS OF AGEbay parishes. The ceremonies were every endeavor for the glory of God arfcl the tsalvaClon of souls." The following Is a list of those who were confirmed: 1 Wve'Caught You at ast," Is Mother's Greeting to Child Homer John Crotty Russel JUueian Fitton John Piul Cosgrave Ambros John Zolskl M. J. KELLER CO. Washington Street unusually ui-nuiuui iiu writ? UUUUVH .1 without a elnglti mistake on thu part of the eager young worshippers. In sell there were eighty-eight young gle-fs con-flnnel and nlncty-two boys. Bishop O'Connell was so impressed with the e'vi-dtnt training of the large class' that he took occasion not only to praise the children for their efficiency but also to compliment the pastor. T'iie confirmation services marked the first! appearance of the dlstinguished'pre-late-l in Uils city. Many hundreds of David Maloney George Uoseph Noya Harold iattnew Mc.UucKin William! rVIILADELriltA, April 2. After following tho couple at rocs the continent, wltHi exciting chafes In various cities. Ralph Matthew Byrne seph Toole i knthony Silveria special school fund to county general fund, Elmhurst special school fund to county infirmary fund, Elmhurst jrecial school fund to common school fund, j'llmhurst special school fund to fund, $3.88 Elmhurst special school 'fund to Oakland school bond, Frultvale fire fund to State revenue, Frultvale fire fund to county general fund, Frultvale fire fund to county infirmary fund, Frultvale fire fund to common school fund, Frultvale fire fund to exiiosltion fundi Frultvale fire fund to Oakland school bond, Oakland school bond fund to: Berkeley school bond fund. $324. 82. Josepr William Cornelius Mclnerney Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Panders of "William! Peter Harrison IjCi A'ftgelrs yesterday confronted their worshippers attended the mass lnimedl- tlrjujjhter, TKabrllu Danders Neeley, as ately r-rccedlng the confirmation, and so tii was Handing: by the olde of her great was the desire of Wie parishipners huHbimd, J. Madison Neeley, as he was to see and hear the bishop, that many ngunertng at tne hpuotu, Bimuom. i were unable to secure admittance. Fath "AVeve caught you at last." said tnejer Casey, pastor of St. Peters parish in Ban Francisco, was the celebrant of TAYELFTil AND CLAY STREETS Sunset Phone Oakland 711. Home Phono A 3333. moiht 'Tmisrrifer, you must come home at the mass which preceded the confirma tion. MECHANO-THERAPISTS FORM NEW ASSOCIATION Bishop's Address Aftftr the confirmation ceremonies had been concluded Bishop O'Connell addressed the boys and girls who had been once," said Danders. According- to the father the bride, who was married In Ienvc, is. only 16 yealrs old, and was Eersuadcd to leave home and be married Nct'ley, who Is an artist. Not Considered Proper "ifr." Neeley wns not considered by mysolf and my wife as the" proper hus-'hand, for our daughter." said Danders, confirmed. He said: JAMES W. RAGSDALE. Dear children The light that you John MJchael Murphy Maurice, Joseph Roach Rudolph Aloysius Kretz Edward! Anthony McGorry Harold iLiician. Spletzen Thomas Patrick Ryan Richard Joseph Harding Chaiiesj Anthony Gregory" Charles) John Downey John Jsejih Kennedy Anthony Joseph Agrello Joseph (Anthony Calilster William Patrick Mahonejt Otto Patrick Chan Anthony Joseph Lemos Charles Andrew Cummings Joseph "Benjamin Casanova Brian Aloysius Byrne i Klorende Aloysius Furlong John Anthony Machado AValdo Vincent Rios Francis Gabriel O'Connor Aloysius Bartholomew Ryken Walter! Joseph Waldron James tCharfes Murphy John Tjhomas Cummings Edwin George Perkins Anthony Joseph Silva Merlin Patrick Henry Mervyn Patrick O'Sullivan George Andrew Gillan James Andrew Gillan Nazareho Armando Malsano Alexander Joseph Silveria William Nathaniel Green i Joseph) Andrew Egenberger William David Rogers Another Big New Show! Matinee Every Day! Elsie Faye, Miller Weston, "The ACT DAINTY;" Fred Ray's Players; Avedano Quartet; The Sandwinas; S. Miller Kent Company; AdelineDunlap and Frank McCormick; Gordon Marx; New Orpheum Motion Pictures. Last have reoelved today is BupernaUural When the Almlihty created man he James Ragsdale. consul at St. Petersburg, Is slated for promotion and For the purpose of advancing and disseminating the science lot the natural healing and treatment ot disease and ajy other abnormal conditions affecting animal life, human or otherwise, the California Association of Meeliano-Therapists, Naturopathic Physicians and Orthopedic Surgeons has been organized and its articles of incorporation filed with the County Clerk. Drugless healing, naturopathic treatment of disease and orthopedic surgery are the scope of the cor-; created him on the supernatural plane. This is what distinguishes man from the may be made consul at Shanghai, China, animal kingdom. to succeed Charles Denby, who will be recalled to. answer "When the first representative of the Ragsdale was consul at Tientsin during week--Joly Violetta, Parisian Dansueuse. human race fell, from the high estate the Boxer outbreak and was transferred who lit a banker. refused to al- low Isabelle to receive him at our home. March 26. my ditughter left the nous, saying she was going to a rhurch ententalnmcnt. That was the lst wei saw of her, until this afternoon. From what I herd In Angeles, Neeley, who and sketches, but does not sell any of his pictures, met her a square Trom our Home. Then they went to Denver. In which he was placed, Christ, the-sec Matinees PRICES Evenings 10c, 25c, 50c, 75c. Box Seats $1.00: (except Sundays and Holidays), 10c, 25c, 50c. to St. Petersburg at a reduction of ond Adam, came to repair the ruin brought about by the first Adam. Christ founded Church and thus provided a means for us to regain the gifts lost OIL BARGE GOES ASHORE poratifon, the incoporators and directors of which are F. S. Lewis, Thomas L. Pryce, John S. Renshaw and G. W. H. Neely of Oakland, and J. A. Atkinson, W. J. McKee, Hiram V. Gilder, M.j Bloom, It. J. Bross, J. W. M. Sutherland and G. W. Bickford of San Francisco. o- through the fall of As a result of the founding of the Church we are no AT MONTEREY BAY Wants Divorce longer creeping creatures but once again SAN FRANCISCO, April 26. The are able to partake of the divinity with which we were originally endowed. For playVhouse CS schooner-rigged oil Roderick Dhu, which left this port yesterday, went ashore early today on Point Pinos at the i entrance to Monterey which was the vessel's destination. The! Roderick Dhu, man is but little lower than the angels. "In the sacrament of tho confirmation we are. strengthened in our faith. The word confirm means to strengthen. By receiving the sacrament of confirmation were ore strengthtned to meet the battles which 11 before. After the sacrament of confirmation comes the sacrament of This is designed for While the headquarters of the association will be located in San Francisco, itj'is the intention of the organization also hold regular annual and special meetings in Oakland, Los Angeles, San Jose, Sacramento and Stockton, or such other cities in the State as may be determined upon in the future. Branches of the association will be organized throughout California and other steps taken that may help to advance the science which the incorporation fs seeking to popularize. "I will do ever' thing I can to persuade my dirughter to get a divorce from the artist on the ground that she was too young to realize what she was doing." Mr. and Mrs. Danders and their daughter went to th Hotel Walton for supper. Baying he woud take legal action against the banker if the daughter ws not given her freedom. Neeley ate his dinner at the Hotel Pt. James, a short distance away. He will return to Los Angeles' at once. eald he believed he would ro Frank I lielgrano Rertraad Jerome Rose Georgel Andrew Somps Gordan Joseph Taylor Charles Thomas Egenberger Louis I James Egenberger Leo Francis Von Hacht Albert Joseph Stoll Joseph David Cadoza WalteT Joseph Driscoll Albert Joseph Ruedy Lester Paul Musante John Florence Randolph FranklLouis Fields Edward Joseph Shannon w-hich was empty, had on board Captain T. Haskins and a crew of. nine men. It I is believed that all were savied. Tonight And all This Week, Matinees Saturday and Sunday. felSHOP'S PLAYERS In the Celebrated Lauiin- Su cess "MRS. TEMPLE'S TELEGRAM" FUN'XIEU THAN' "CHARLIE'S AVXT." Evenings 25c, 50c and 75c. Matinees 23 and 50c. Next "Alabama." THE BURTON HOLLIES TRAVELOGUES Next Friday Afternoon, "Berlin." Scats 50c, 75c and $1.00. HAVE POSTPONED THE WALSH-FRAYNE FIGHT Rlcharfl Joseph Higgins to Kurop" with his wife and daughter hoping that by having Mrs. Neeley there Elmer Carlo (John Trueman Laurence Belgrano NEW YORK, April 26. Believing that me perpetuation or the human race. Then comes the sacrament of Holy Orders and finally the Sacrament of extreme unctlonA "Men Pieces of God" "We have been called the children of God. We are In reality pieces of For this reason the heart is always slgh- she would bo C0MMITTEE WILL FRAME PHILIPPINE TARIFF BLL cured of her Infatuation Edward Guido Ernest the frequency With which boxing bouts are being held In this cityj will arouse Paul Costa for the artist. Willie Francis Aloysius Fisher further opposition to the fighting game and cause the police to continue their raids of boxing clubs the management of SUIT' OVER $8.50 CALF WASHINGTON, April 26. The Senate committee; on" the Philippines today named Senators Beveridge, Heyburn and Johnston of Alabama as a sub-committee APRIL 26, 27, 28 the Bairmont Club has postponed for a TONIGHT Tuesday Wednesday Joseph Anthony Cadoza Victor Joseph Plppetone Robert Dominic Fisher Georgel Anthony Perry Anthony Joseph Cabral William Anthony Bums William Joseph Santos Alfred! Laurence King 1UolO LUUNTT SZOOOhVe are destined for a higher horn and week the ten-round bout between Freddie tne longings in tne heart Indicate that Chan P. Hall. Prop. Phone 'Oakland 17.. to frame a tariff bill for the Philippine Welsh of England and Johnnie Frayne of KLAMATH FALLS, April 26. Islands. California. which is supernatural in us. Those wise children, scholars, philosophers and Charles Frohman Presents Raymond Joseph L'Heureux An Unqualified Triumph scientists who write books, but without Paul Fisher Henry ANNOUNCEMENTS ANNOUNCEMENTS A suit over a calf. Iworth about $3.50. has cost the taxpayers of Klamath rounty over $1000. and the expense promises to reach before the case Is disposed of. J. J. Arant was tried at the light of faith, know not wither they Joseohl Manuel Cabral OTIS SKINNER in "The Honor of the Family" ore drifting. They do not know, what William Joseph Merkle their destiny Is. With all their wisdom they cannot see as far as the light of CLAY ABOUT -lac. TOM" THE MATHEMATICAL HORSE faith will penetrate. They do not rely upon that which Is supernatural In man and consequently their vision is obscured. They tell you that man should live ac Does Problems in Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication. Big Feature BlU Besides All This Week at the cording to nature. There are two parts in a man' composition, the soul and the the June term of court on charge of Healing the calf, and the Jury disagreed. The second trial will begin today and teventy-soven men are here at county rxpense in connection with the case. The prosecution Jias fifteen witnesses, the lefcndant thirty-one, and there Is a special panel of twenty-four Jurors, besides seven left, from the regular partel. The rWense contends it was a case of mistaken Identity as to the that the found in Arant's possession was his own. JILL SELL SECOND body. The multitude live the life of the body To them life Is but to eat; drink be merry and die. They do not live for BELL THEATER TO MOVE HAND the soul. But faith Is the complement ot the soul It Is the supernatural. In AMUSEMENTS the saci-ament of the confirmation we are anus at a sacrifice brought close to this faith, and faith will guide us farther Into the Impenetrable Oliver 1 JLavia Aives Wllliai Laurence Fisher Louis (Charles Worth Margaret Mary Perry Catherine Mary Murphy Marie Klizabeth Kennedy-KdithMay Kindle Josephine Mary Fraga Mary Ursula Kohler RamoAa Mary Walters Catherine Margaret Kennedy Ruth Cecelia Waugh Ethel (Mary Aspem Beatrice. Dolores Zolskl JuanlCa Mary Doyle Irene (Cecelia Jollymour Margaret Mary Mahoney Stella I Agnes Millet Marion Rose Cunningham Delflne Mary Cabral Mary-jPhilomena Brusher Margaret Mary Brown Margaret Mary Fulcher AUce (Dolores Ryan Bessie Marv Carvs Kathleen Mary Maloney Grace Mary Lang Irene Genevieve Corden Mary Cecelia. Matthews Mary Elizabeth Harris Genevieve Mary Dowling Josephine Gertrude Hinas Claire Mary Garcia Teresa. Mary Burke Mary Frances Brown Gertrude Aloyse Saul Cathejrine Frances Harrison FIREMEN ATTACKED BY FIGHTING RATS blue or the heavens than mere Intellect can ever hope to go. The meaning of all 'THE PARK 'BEAUTIFUL. of the ceremonies of this morning Is that we shall be enabled to live the ideal life. NEW YORK. April 26. Firemen LEAPS FROM TRAIN; GOES TO HOSPITAL John Williams of 910 Kearny street. Ran. Francisco, Jumped from a local train last night at the corner of Seventh and Washington ttreets, and hit the pavement on his knees. Both of them were to bvdJy cut that had to go to the Re-rlvln Hospital for relief. OAKLAND The Ideal life Is composed of faith, love of God and reason. Faith is the light that will enable us to live the onljn ideal pwho were called to flsht a blaze In me tne lire unrist led Live By Faith "We are partakers of the divine nature and we are destined to live with God A WONDERFUL NEW BILL. CHANCE Or PROGRAM DAILY. Patrick Conway's Gilmore's Band AND PREMIER SOLOISTS, Special of the La Nole Brothers. Comedy Acrobats. See the Peerless I'otters Lrugh With tho Mora Clowns. 10c THAT'S ALL IT COSTS 10c Coming: Pain's "Vesuvius" 500 People. a junk shop in One Hundred ana Eighteenth street late last night were attacked by huntlrods' of large rats. So vicious was the onslaught of the rodents as they climbed the legs of the firemen and bit their hands and ran over tluir shoulders and helm-ts that the firemen turned the streams of water from the five onto the rats. After tho rats had been washed away, by the terrific force of the water, the fire wa.p'ex-tinffuished. i It la by faith that we shall be recipients or the seven gifts, of the Holy Ghost. "The evll that lies before you Is the crime of the flesh, against the spirit. It i has been told you that man is but little lower than the angels. This Is true when he has faith within him. But when he is without spirit, when the flesh, has triumphed, he is lower than th lowest animal of the fields." In concluding his remarks Bishop OPPORTUNITY A few' select departments to lease in large department store best location in Oakland-especially adapted for ladies' line-rent reasonable. Apply W. J. MONTGOMERY, 1067 Broadway. TO TRIM HATS WITH RAISINS0N APRIL 30 FRESNO. Arril 26. Rasins will BBS Mary IRpse Calilster Cecela Mary Chan LillaJLoretto Behan Lillian Aloyse Wilson Laloie Mary Carew Edna Mary Osmond Cora (Mary Gallagher Margaret Mary Alves Frances Msry Lombard Lillian. Dolores Reno Audrey Ursula Basset Hazel Mary Harris Agnes Mary Sherwood Alva Aloyse Helburge Nellie Frances Jordan Marjorie Gertrude Smith Gloria Anna Guido Marlon Agnes Donegan Imogene I pi da Martin Rose I Frances Cadoza Olive! Helen Cryer Ida Helen Armant Maryi Hannah Heinatz Anita; Marllna McNamee Josephine Mary Healy Jessie Lucille Wilkes Helen Margaret Waldron Elena Theresa Marl Hazel Frances Rimassa Flora, Veronica Amaro Floroace Agnes O'Connell Mabel Gertrude de Freitas Mbtv Cecelia Burkhardt soon be seen dangling from ladies' hats along with pears, apples, oranges. BROADWAY THEATER TONIGHT AND ALL THIS WEEK The Broadway t'layeis will thl Great Play of Period. 1'A HUMAN SLAVE" A Powerful Modern Melodrama Easr5 1 Upon the all Absorbing Theme of Capitpl vs. Tfilxr. SEE the great ro'ling milt scene in fur operation. The duel in the dark. cast, elaborate scenery. A play' you cannot afford to miss. $550 in Gold Offered Fot the capture of Miss Dimples at thl( theater tonight. Every evening at 8:20. Prices 15c, 25c, 35c and 50c. MATINEES WEDNESDAY. SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. 10c and plums and other articles of feminine adornment. The puggeytio or raisins O'Connell took occasion to praise the children for theif conduct and the pastor of the church, for the great care with whlrh he had prepared the class for confirmation. li said: "I have traveled in many lands and In many places, but it has never been my fftrtune to witness a more beautiful confirmation than this. I have been lrr great cathedrals with their great luxury of surroundings, but I have never seen a more splendid confirmation than in St. Anthony's parish. I congratulate the children, the pastor and the clergy." Bishop Dines- Following the confirmation services there was an elaborate dinner served the parish hall in honor of the distinguished prelate. The banquet was at as a ladies' hat ornament came from a local millinery establishment, which is 0- Sherman, Clay' Company's Building Now Being Erected at Everybody Fourteenth and Clay, Opposite Pennoyer s. now designing some hats trimmed with beautiful bunches of raisins. The leading society ladies have signified their intention of wearing the raisin-trimmed hats on Raisin Day, April 30. -O tended by thirty priests. Including nearly The society matrons say there is-no reason why raisins should not make as fittingan ornament as oranges or grapes, and they propose to set the pace for the new style by wearing hats decorated with raisins. Grac Mary Ryan Ednai Frances Mueller Josephine Frances Gillan all of those resident on this side of the Working In bay and a few from San Francisco. At the reception the address of wel NEVER HELD A SALE IN ALL THEIR HISTORY, BUT REFUSE TO OBSERVE PRECEDENT, IF NECESSARY, IN ORDER TO DISPOSE OF USED PIANOS. BEFORE MOVING INTO NEW BUILDING-'CLAIM THAT PRICE IS NOT AN 'IMPORTANT OBJECT RIGHT NOW come was made by iiugn itogan, who said: I "To the Right Reverend Dennis Marv Cecelia Meuo Lena Elizabeth Vargas RoslJ Elizabeth Silva Mary Elizabeth Silva Annie Cecelia Machado Susan Geraldlne Pestana Louise Henrietta Guido Emma Henrietta Caten Mary Helen Machedo Elmma Evelyn Guido Josephine. Elizabeth Longo HOUSEHOLD CARES, Tax the Women of Oakland the Same as Elsewhere. Hard to attend to household duties With a constantly aching back. A woman should not have a bad1 back. And she wouldn't if the kidneys were DoanV Kidney Pills make well O'Connell. Auxiliary" Bishop of San THE POPULAR Oakland Francisco. "Right Reverend and dear Blsliop Sherman, Clay Co. are causing "In the name of the parishioners of sell them if we can only get a dollar apiece for them." St. Anthony's I bid you a hearty wel considerable- excitement on account of the radical method they have adopted As an example, Mr. Sherman showed come. We are very pleased to have you THE TRIBUNE man a magnificent with us today to perform your first pub thousand dollar Stcinway Baby Grand lic function In the City of Oakland. You are no stranger tp us, for we that had been used for concert purposes which was for sale for less than in selling a number of pianos they have hand. These pianos have all been used, -many of them by teachers and In concert work, and as a consequence are second hand. The firm Is have followed your distinguished career and admired your many noble works for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Annie uertruae Iouise Margaret Simmonds Margaret Louise Davis Mary Catherine McKenna .1 TERRIFIC HAIL STORM SMASHES IN WINDOWS OKLAHAMA CITY. April 26. Ddzeng of window panes were smashed In residences and down business houscf here last night by one of the most Sterrlflc hall and rafti storms ever known here. The rain assumed the proportions of a cloudburst. We know your great teal for the cause of Christian education, and we look upon Kidneys. Mrs. H. Shaff, 2104 Clement avenue, Alameda, says: cannot praise Doan's Kidney Pills too highly, as their use in our family has been followed with the! best of results. My daughter had a severe illness about a year ago, and, after that she com it as a peculiarly auspicious omen that preparing to move into their new bunding and have resolved to sell every second-hand piano In their present store before they move Into their new quarters. They have never beld a sale in all their history, and the fact your first visit to us should be to con SCOTCH wmisky Have you noticed the great amount of buildinp, pipe laying, track laying, that is being carried on today It all means wages. And while you are working SAVE. Bring your savings here and let them earn four per cent interest. No argument, needed you know we're right. the price of many of the new Steinway Uprights. Another piano that attracted the writer's eye was a rosewood Steinway Upright that to -all appearances was perfectly new. "The Steinways that we offer are of unusual interest," said a member of the firm. For second-hand Steinways are very seldom found. We handle a great many secondhand Knabes and Chickerings, but seldom get hold of used Steinways. However, we will Arm in the faith the little ones of the flock. "We pray God to bless you and strengthen you unto every good worn that they are offering these pianos at reduced rates Is causing an plained a great deal of backache and and to grant you many and happy years other annoyances, plainly immense amount or interest among piano buyers. "We would rather sen tnese secona- showed that she was suffering from kidney complaint. Reading of Doan'a Kidney Pills, I decided to 'have her French Bakeries Company J. CASSOU, Manager. N. W. Cor. Fifth and Clay Sts. Telephone Oakland 365. First auality French Bread delivered to all parts of Cakland. Berkeley and Alameda. Loaves made to order for hand piano's for 5000 less than neces- sary in order to avoid advertising a sale," said Mr. Fred Sherman at their give them a trial and procured a box Their value was quickly proven, a the backache was removed and ttv kidneys were restored to their: norma Security Bank condition. My daughter gained iq flesh and herjjhealth has been muclj put them in with the rest and let the lucky first-comers have them. We have about 45 of these pianos in all. Including grands: i and squares. We have also several cabinet piano players and a beautiful Sterling Inside Player. They're all up for 'a quick clean-up and first come will be first served." Sherman, Cday Co. expect to move into their new building about July 1st and considering all they have to do have but little time to dispose of this stock. 1 It is the first time in the history of this concern that such a radical move better ever since. 1 also used Doan Big Deals are Transacted Over the Lunch Table You will meet everybody who is somebody, at The Forum Cafe The Place With an Atmosphere GUSTAV MANN, Manager. Broadway and Thirteenth Street store today. "We prided ourselves heretofore upon the fact that we had never herd a sale and we propose to keep up our record. This is a sale and there never will be a sale because we do not believe in hurrah methods. These pianos are greatly reduced in price, that is true, but our friends are finding out that, the reductions are bona fide and honest and are buying the pianos, so why should we try to excite the public by making a big lot Kidnev Pills and they acted Hk Trust Co. magic. I do 5not believe there is- romoffu that can comnafA wiih them Tfnf sale, bv all dealers THce 50 lALL BRANDS OF THE BEST WHISKIES 1 AT THE E. F. THAYER CO. 907 Broadway, Oakland COR- ELEVENTH AND BROADWAY OFFICERS: cents. Fcster-Milburn Buffalo, New York, sole agents for the United If. C. CAPWELL I States. Remember; the name Doan's and A. D. WILSON Vice-President A. SlUTH to sell goods ivas ever made, but they are determined to fctfsir ideas of noise about a sale. The pianos are here, and at lower prices we ever i take 310 OtilSf. to the BoMjjJlajioa and propose to

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