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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 32

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 32

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:

THE TRIBUNE'S W. E. DARGIE I PRESIDENT I WHILE WE WAIT ON WASHINGTON Hon closely approximates. He, hathe same bowed forelegs, short In' 'proportion to jthe hinT legs, and quarters llghtty In comparison with his ttroad and massive Great Work of Oakland's Chamber of Commerce. 1 'The' Oakland' Chamber of Commerce has jcarricd on its propaganda Sot an increased membership during the past week with marvelous success. It started out with the slogan a membership of five thousand strong. It had something like twelve hundred when the wick's work began. It is estimated that it. has added three thousand new members to its roll as tile fruits week's work, jlvcry member, -old and new, has an enthusiastic worker "or the accomplishment of the common puVpose in view. The success "of the first week has been so great that it has been decided to. carry on the propaganda for another week. It is a wise fronjt. Altogether, he is the quaintest and, most delightful of toy dogs, but so jealously is he cherishpfl hv th rnvi David Hughes, of Gawen Five Roads, a village outside LlaneUy, lias Just died at the age of 101. lie rver lived out of the village where lie was born. The Cambridge Borough Council has appointed school dentist for both 'inspection and treatment i at salary of 300 pounds annum, i froni April 1st. 1909, jbn a tenure similar to that of the school medical officer. I Many trains are worth 30,000 pounds, while the recently constructed Southern Belle, which between Victoria and family of China that It Is difficult to obtain! a really good mirrinn A'; very curious pamphlet Is. being cir culated describing a new German sect. -whose sole creed is to go wlthfut clothes. Brighton, Is said to have cost 40,000 They have established themselves as a icolony at a clearing in the forest about twenty miles from Berlin, 4nd In the Immediate vicinity of this loncjly spot tha pounds to build. But, 'take an ordinary train: The engine and tender are valued stranger will casually come across men. at 2.100 counts: the lusreaxe vau. 200 women and children divested i sat of every pounds; the mall van, 400 pounds; pw ordinary passenger coaches, 2,000 pounds are dlsln- they keep very high and It is each; three first-class passenger coaches, 3,000 pounds each. Total, 15,700 pounds. rag of clothing. The police chned to Interfere so long as to a very limited area. A state of. morality Is claimed, declared that the rigors of i Prussian 4 The Sleeve dog of China- Is the rarest breed of dog In the, world. With the decision. The object in view is worthy the: effort. Its attainment means placing the Oakland Chamber of Commerce in the lead of similar organizations on the Pacific Coast tand in numbers and unity of purpose it will be the strongest and most influential on the coast. The Chamber of Commerce is working 'unselfishly for the common of the community. There need be no modification of that asseition on the grdund that every, member, new and old, expects to. reap a direct benefit from his association with it. That goes without saying. Cut the five thousand members whose names the Chamber of Commerce to have registered on its rolls as. regular subscribers constitute only a small proportion of Ims "great and growing community; and the fact should not be overlooked that whatever direct benefit- accrues to them from the relationship, a winter in no way affect these! folk, who head of a pug, he has the underjaw and have grown hardy from exposure to wind and weather and who lead a very out -of characteMstic "wheel of the bulldog, a type to which his body conforina' I door existence. much'greater benefit will be derived indirectly by Oakland's inhab-- 1 Hook Bros, are not going out of the Furniture business. On the contrary we are adding to our already large and comprehensive stock, many desirable patterns of furniture and, car-petings itants at large. iivcry interest in Oakland will profit from the, work the Chamber ui Commerce has in har.d.: Every new member-it acquires enlists as an enthusiastic missionary, for Oakland's advancement, and whatever gain is made as the result, of his efforts inures to the common good. The GiaYnber's propaganda is far-reaching. It touches every vital interest in the community." The more money poured into the Chamber's coffers broadens the field of its operations in the matter of advertising abroad the advantages of Oakland for industrial and commercial. opportunities and its incomparable attractions as a desirable place for permanent settlement and home-rhaking. For per-fection of climate, beauty and picturesqueness of location, means for commercial development and opportunities. for the successful building up of industrial cnterprisesit stands indisputably without a peer on the Pacific Coast; These facts are What the Chamber of CommcrcV' has undertaken to exploit. Its efforts to do this on as broad a scale as is essential to accomplish best results have been restricted hitherto because of the limited financial resources at its command. The situation is now changed and every member of the community will reap a benefit from what will follow, and no one will reap a greater indirect benefit from the present work of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce than the wage-earners, the small Vrudcrs; the hotel, and restaurant keepers and the property-owners of Oakland, 1 2 SPKIALS OR- THIS WEEK 2 1 IH CiM LlOrl NEW YORK PRESS. FURNITURE DEPARTMENT SPECIAL. A 54-inch Hastings ten-foot golden oak or early English Dining Table; regular $75.00 Special '-rf week pO OU CARPET DEPARTMENT SPECIALS. Print Linoelums at big reductions. Regular 70c values at. per yard Regular 75c values per yard Regular 80c values at 65c per yard Regular 85c values at 70c per yard Hook Brothers' quality and guarantee back of every special. Ant Overworked Judiciary. Wihen the subject was-up before the Legislature and the people to increase the number of the superior judges of the State and the salaries of the judiciary, some carping newspapers which are always pandering to the unthinkingand the ignorant rashly asserted that California already had as great, if not a greater number pf judges than Great Britain, although containing only one-twentieth the pop New Plan for Equalizing County Assessment Rolls. BROKERS TO FACE SERIOUS CHARGE 1, Commissioners Holds McKay and Colby on Complaint of Using Mails Fraudulently That means something to you. The State Board of Equalization has hit upon a happy plan for establishing a reliable basis for a uniform and equitable adjustment of county assessments for the purposes of taxation. If it produces, the results which are expected of it, all causes -of complaint and all charges of discrimination between one county and another which hare harassed the board in the past will The matter was fully exploited at a joint meeting of the members of the State Board and the Oakland Real Estate Association which was held Friday NEW YORK. April 3. Charged with using the mails to defraud In ulation. Whether the comparison of the number of judges is correct or otherwise is a of little moment. The', false impression was raised that the California judiciary had an easy time of it and were practically holding profitable sinecures'. Never was a more misleading comparison or a falser deduction drawn. The comparison is misleading because it does not take into ESTABLISHED 1873 afternoon at the association's rooms in the First National Bank building. vestors In mining stocks in various parts of the country to an aggregate amount which the authorities say will reach $150,000, George Xi. McKay and Charles R. Colby, members of Geo, McKay brokerage firm of this city, were arraigned before U. S. Commissioner Shields and hfeid for examination April 16th. There have been complains from several investors, among them Dr. Francis E. Williams of Goldfteld, Nev. Both prisoners denied the charges. McKay came from Tacoma, Wash. M5 LJ account that the administration of law hikes back in Great Britain to a period long before the conquest; that social conditions TWELFTH STREET, NEAR BROAD WAY have been fixed for centuries; that the principles of personal and community rights have been established for an indefinite time; that criminal jurisprudence is free from the technicalities with which it is The very simplicity of the plan causes surprise that it should not have bcerv thought of long ago. Briefly stated, it is to employ the various County Real Estate Associations in existence in the State to appraise at their true values a list of properties in their respective counties selected by the State Hoard will represent the various classes of From the returns thus obtained through the agency of experts, the board reasonably assumes that it will have in its possession a reliable basis on which a fair average struck and the true valuation obtained of the taxable property in each of the several counties in which these associations are From the result thus derived the board Will be able to reach a just and equitable assessable valuation for the. purposes of taxation hampered in this country on the theory, fair or false as we may con- sidcr it, that it is better a score of guilty persons should escape the penalty of their misdeeds than that one innocent person should suffer, and that civil jurisprudence has been, through centuries of experience reduced to such a simple and perfect condition, that only in the case of disputes affecting entailed estates and the rights of inheri tance which carry the issue and the operation of the laws of consan-guinitV for numerous generations back, complicate and prolong litigation there, and that the right of appeal, in most criminal cases, at least, has been curtailed to a rational limitation -r California is a new community. Many social conditions growing out of the cosmopolitan character of the population and property rights exist in California which cut no figure elsewhere in the civilized world. Complex issues springing from a changed sovereignty and as t'ie law directs which will be uniform, throughout the State. Various methods have been tried in the past, but none of them havf given entire satisfaction. The rural counties, as Controller Nye said, hive charged that the counties in which the big cities-are located, were not assessed high enough, and the metropolitan counties have retorted, that adjustment of values by the State Board of EuuMizatfon lii not' been made on a uniform basis and has been therefore tinjust tothem that they have been'assessed too high and have thus been -paying a disproportionate share of the taxes collected ta defrar the cost of government. from physical and climatic conditions arise and increase the Idifficul I WV'f 1 1J ft v-e i ill 11 I I I ties and the labors, of the judiciary. New principles must be forrmi' I Ls L-JL-JI lated and invoked" to equitably adjust some of them. 'For example: Local conditions have forced a new interpretation of the old established law of riparian rights' and cognizance has been compelled to be takea of the natural law of percolation. Most people erroneously think that the demands on the time and the mental and physical resources of the California judges are limited to the hours in which the courts are in actual session. Never was, a greater mistake made. "Wlia't about the consumption of midnight oil they must consume and the mental strain they must suffer to reach a righteous judgment in th issues involved and. which have developed during the public hearing? The wonder of it is that more of our judges do not break down from mental and physical exhaustion as Judge Waste did this week. 5 On the new plan the State Board feels assured that it will get a reliable basis of State values on which the county assessment rolls can. be uniformly ana equitably adjusted. It relies upon the cooperation, civic spirit, the integrity, and expert knowledge of the members of the Real Estate Associations to help it out. 1 he new plan is unquestionably a great improvement on any method of adjusting ounty assessment rolls so far tried. It ought to produce results, as near perfect as it is possible for human judgment and. intelligence to reach. The Real Estate Associations, Clearing-house Associations and the commercial bodies in all of the counties where these organisations exist, are cheerfully agreeing to render the service desired of them and the systematic manner in which they are going about the work. promises complete successt i Does your houW, woodwork, floors or walls need recoating? See our samples. I The inauguration of the Young Men's Christian Association's campaign to raise funds for the erection of a hall such as they need and such as will be a credit to the 450,000 people contained in this city and the territory tributary to it, ihich will be-opened tomorrow night, ought to meet with such a pronounced response to its appeal that its success will be assured at the start. The association is working for the moral and social improvement of the young men in the community and for the elevation of humanity in general. It is a great work worthy of the mostj generous support, Oakland's leading citizens jliave started to "boost" the city in earnest and they never undertook to "boost" anything which had a better claim on their energies br was worthier of their efforts, i Important Iotice to All New Members of Chamber of Commerce Our attention has been called to the possibility of unauthorized collectors taking advantage of our new membership. We wish to state that no collections will be made until after Tuesday next and that our official representative will carry a letter of authorization signed by the President and Secretary of the organization. Any impostors should be reported, at once and arrested Immediately. CLAY, President Oakland Chamber of Commerce. EDTTON STEARXS, Secretary. lUSWELIbPAl Manufacturersi---Broadway and 8th Streets According to the telegraphic reports of Theodore Roosevelt's voyage to Africa, whatever else he may have lost en route, his strCn- i

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