Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 5, 1963 · Page 10
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 10

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 5, 1963
Page 10
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10 Goloburg Register-Moi I, Galesburo, 111. Soturdoy, Oct 5, 1963 School With High Morale Evades Numerous Problems By OAvm NYDICK UPl fttacatk* Sp*ctAllst Morale has an Important effect upon a school and its program. High moral creates an attitude which leads to an enthusiastic and effieent operation. This is normally true of any organisa­ tion. In a school with good morale teachers and Students seem to solve problems with a minimum of disturbance. If the morale is poor, minor problems build into major difficulties. Morale is complex in that it involves all areas of the school program. It also appears to be con tagious. One unhappy group tends to create other unhappy groups The reverse is also true. Satisfied individuals and groups tend to influence others to feel the same. If this attitude is so important, we should consider its makeup and how it develops. The many components of morale are closely related and therefore overlap con siderably. The students, staff, and parents should feel they they belong to and are an important part of the organisation. In this way they become personally responsible for its successful operation. This brings about a pride in themselves and the school. Individuals who know that their opinions are seriously considered feel important. They begin to have respect for their own ability. Others respect them. There is a strong feeling that the quality of the school program is a result of their efforts. Students can be given the op* portunity to participate in a student government or other similar activities. Sports also play a major role. In addition, students will be deeply affected by their sue- HOT SHOT SPECIALS Trading Post Super SAT. NITE AND SUN. MORNING PEPSI 6 ,o, PLUS DEPOSIT m CHEF-BOY-AR-DEE PIZZA MIX 39* GRADE A SMALL EGGS 3 DO. 79* CREAMERY BUTTER » 59* HORMEL Pkg. CHIPPED BEEF 19C Jacoby on Bridge South Needed Just a Peek NOBTR • 4KQJ9 VAXQ4 • Q10I • 84 WEST EAST 4 8 752 41064 9783 VJ86 • AJ5 407 •>A52 + QJ08S SOUTH (D) 4 AS viots 4K8042 •K107 North and Sooth TUteabto Sent* Wast Mrlfc Past Pus X 4 3 4 PIM 3 4 Pus 3N .T. Past Pan Pus Opening lead—4 2 Greenbush Woman Returns from Kansas GREENBUSH - Mrs. Robert Fengel has returned home from Topeka, Kan., where she visited her uncle, Walter Wolf and fam- ily.Mrs. Fengel accompanied her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Wolf of Bushnell to Kansas. Attends Convention Mrs. Dorothy Fengel has returned to her home from a trip to Chicago. She went as a delegate to the annual Eastern Star convention. Special Rate NEW YORK (UPI) - All the 11 major U. S. airlines offer golfers a special rate for transporting their equipment on domestic flights, instead of charging normal excess baggage rates. By OSWALD JACOBY Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Some hands are mighty easy to play when you are looking at all the cards and very hard to play when all you see are your own hand and dummy's. North was one of those players who refuse ever to open a four card major suit, so he selected one diamond for his opening bid. South jumped to three diamonds and, after North tried three spades, South gambled it out at three no-trump. West decided the best chance to beat the hand would be a club opening and he placed the deuce of clubs on the table. East's jack lost to South s king and it was up to South to take it from there. As you can plainly see, South can run off four spades and four hearts and leave the last four tricks for the defense, but South was only looking at his own hand and North's. No one had told South that the hearts were going to break and that clubs would not. He cashed two hearts just to see what would happen. There was a chance to drop the jack, but that it failed, South was right back to his original problem. He finally concluded that West's deuce of clubs had been fourth best and that he could afford to lead a diamond instead of a third heart. Needless to say, he was wrong. West grabbed his ace of diamonds and played ace and another club to let his partner bring in the rest of the suit. cess in learning. It is only natural to fetl good about something in which one is successful. Teachers need to feel that they are professionals. Their opinions should be solicited and used. They should take on important responsibilities. They must be respected. Parents should be given the chance to plan and be responsible for certain school activities. They should become aware of the quality of the school program. They must be convinced that the school is continuously improving and that (hey play an important role in this growth. In an organization morale is a reflection of the administration. The school principal's approach and attitude influences the approach and attitude of teachers. Parents and students will also reflect these attitudes. Morale depends upon feelings of individual worth and cooperation. Actually morale is a result of every aspect of the school's activities. They cannot be separated. Individuals and the groups to which they belong must feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in themselves, the groups, and the total school. If your school has warmth and personality, it probably has high morale. Maqtion Area News Items Hootenanny Show Slated At Western A&PS SUPER-RIGHT TOP QUALITY GROUND BEEF Ground Fresh Many Times Daily Idtal for meat loaf, meat balls or hamburgers. Hootenanny folk singers will appear on the stage of Morgan Gym on the campus of Western Illinois University Oct. 10, 8 p.m. Folk singers featured are Bob Gibson, The Wayfarers, Josh White Jr. and Raun MacKinnon. Bob Gibson has presented a full concert in New York's Carnegie Hall — and at college concerts, on radio and television, and in night clubs. The Wayfarers are also recording artists and have appeared before packed houses in San Francisco. Josh White Jr., 21, has been performing for 17 years. He has appeared on British broadcasts and Grenada networks in Europe. Raun MacKinnon is a self- taught guitar player. She is from Philadelphia. Skinless All Meat Franks Fresh, Meaty Spare Ribs AAP's Super-Right Mb. JQ* Top Quality pkg. f / AftP's Super-Right .. AJtt Top Quality ID ' f JJ GOLDEN YAMS * * NEW GREEN CABBAGE YOUR * FRESH CELLO CARROTS '£ CHOICE Fancy Wisconsin Reg. 69c Sharp Cheddar Cheese Mixed Pieces-Freestone (Dozen $2.99) Pict Ripe Peaches Special This Week Gold Medal Flour White Beauty Shortening 3 59 c . u. 59' 3 c °n< Y9 5 a 49' A&P Tomato Juice 52-01. 2 tin for 55< MORTON'S FROZEN CR.EA.M PIES # Banana •lamon •Chocolatt t Strawberry •Naopolitan G.W. Brand Sultana Brand Reg. 39c Pure Beef Sugar Salad Dressing Pumpkin Pie White Bread Made with Buttermilk SAVE CASH ANP HAID STAMPS TOOI 5 ... 59* t 35 c Reg. 55c Monday «Iz« Jane Parker A v«u«bi« I" Jane Parker 30 -oz. lAc loaf IT All Prise* Effoctivo Sun. Thru Oct. 8, 1963 READ THE WANT ADS! MAQUON - Mr». Ruth Swear irujra, HOT. UOJ uineriirBi Mrs, Joy Roberts, Mri. Geneva Thw* man and Mrs. Lara Motes attended the Fulton County Institute at Lewistown Sent. 17. There was no school in the Spoon River Valley district No. 4, due to the teachers Institute. Filfty-three descendants of W. M. Halsey held a get-together and dinner Sunday at the Lincoln Park at Galeaburg. The huge angel food cake was baked by Mrs. Frank Moras. Candy bars were given to all registering from Rapatee, London Mills, Knox* ville, Maquon, Henderson, Cameron, Avon, Galeaburg and Oneida. Mrs. Catherine Albertl of Springfield was a recent caller at the home of Mrs. Susie Simkins. Mrs. Alberti was called to Galesburg by the death of her father, Lewis Astle. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Peyton of Homewood called at the home of Mrs. Susie Simkins last week. They visited Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Austin as they were looking after their farm interests. From Missouri Mr. and Mrs. Sam Taylor and son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Forest Taylor and three sons of Kennett, Mo., came Sunday to the Harold Halsey rural home. Mrs. Sam Taylor will visit her twin sister, Mrs Ruby Halsey, who is a patient at St Mary's Hospital in Galesburg. Mrs. Arthur Widmer recently was hostess to' the bridge club at her home. Mrs. Dot Donaldson was a guest Mrs. Lena Foster held high score, Mrs. Floy Bond, second, and Mrs. Martha Shafer, third. Mrs. Lois Van Fleet held the traveling prize. Miss Beverly Cecil left Monday for Las Vegas, Nev., where she will visit her sister, Miss Lila Cecil, who is employed at the Catalylic Construction at Las Vegas. After visiting her sister, Miss Cecil will drive to Los Angeles, Calif., where she will make her home. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Mathews attended the dinner meeting of the Rural Letters and Auxiliary Sunday evening at Pekin. Mrs. Viola Folkenroth recently visited her daughter, Mrs. James Dunn and family at Orion. Returns From North- Miss Judith Morse returned home Sunday from a visit in Minnesota and Wisconsin. She visited Mr. and Mrs. George God- Reserve District No. 7 State No. 70-133 REPORT OF CONDITION OF Bank of Galesburg of Galesburg, Illinois, a member of the Federal Reserve System, at the close of business on September 30, 1963, published in accordance with a call made by the Federal Reserve Bank of this district pursuant to the provisions of the Federal Reserve Act. ASSETS 1. Cash, balances with other banks, and cash items in process of collection $ 1,630,680.38 2. United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 4,243,996.09 3. Obligations of States and political subdivisions 902,563.41 4. Other bonds, notes, and debentures (including $224,875.00 securities of Federal agencies and corporations not guaranteed by U.S.) 224,875.00 5. Corporate stocks (including $12,750.00 stock of Federal Reserve Bank) 12,750.00 6. Loans and discounts (including $174.80 overdrafts) 1,381,490.89 7. Bank premises owned $1.00, furniture and fixtures $1.00 2.00 8. Real estate owned other than bank premises 1.00 11. Other assets 2.414.34 12. TOTAL ASSETS $8,398773.11 LIABILITIES 13. Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations $ 3,953,467.80 14. Time and savings deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 2,825,435.64 15. Deposits of United States Government (including postal savings) .. . 207,449.44 16. Deposits of States and political subdivisions 633,856.99 18. Other deposits (certified and officers' checks, etc.) 23,521.02 19. TOTAL DEPOSITS $7,643,730.89 (a) Total demand deposits 4,752,295.25 (b) Total time deposits 2,891,435.64 24. TOTAL LIABILITIES $ 7,643,730.8 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 25. Capital: (a) Common stock, total par value $125,000.00 $ 26. Surplus 27. Undivided profits » 28. Reserves 125,000.00 300,000.00 280,042.22 50.000.00 sil and family of North Branch, Minn. Among tm pwm.sns tour* ed was the state capttol building, Cambridge woolen mills and Taylor Falls. Mr. and Mrs. A, K. MKchel and Mrs. Edna Harper motored to Carthage Sunday taking Jerry Mitchell back to college, He had spent the weekend at hit home, Mr. and Mrs. Laverne Allen and children of Abingdon and Mrs. Ileen Allen were dinner guests Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Allen, Twenty-one members of the MYF of the Maquon Methodist Church attended the Black Hills Bride Honored At DeLong DeLONO - Mrs. Richard Petrie, the former Linda Hatch, was the honoree at t postnuptial newer weonesoay evening in ine DeLong church diningroom. Host- Passion Play in Galesburg Sun* day afternoon. Mrs: fteeoe Thurman and Mrs. teddy Kennedy attended the play Sunday evening. Rev. and Mrs. Clarence Burnett and Mrs. Haskel attended the Passion Play Monday afternoon. Penny Buckingham of Galesburg accompanied Mrs. Sul- teen. esses were Mrs. BorreD McWilliams, Mn. Clark Wise, Mrs, HaroW Hotr, Mfs. HaroH ft* mer and Mrs. Arthw HoweHen During the evening, games were played and nrites were won by Mrs. H. K. Johnson, Mrs, Leslie McCoy and Mrs. John Meier. the honoree was assisted with the opening of her gifts by her sister, Sue Hatch. Refreshments were served to those present from a fable centered with a floral arrangement and tapers using the bride's col* ors, lavender and white. Mrs. Lloyd Petrie and Mrs. Walter L. Hatch, mothers of the bridal couple, were accorded serving honors, 29. 30. TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $ 755,048,2 WE MJW3BVB THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES GREEN STAMPS WITH COUPONS BROW AND PURCHASE OF '5 OR MORE BACON COLUMBIA BRANO Dttictatt sanrtd with Hvtr 1 -Lb. Pk* TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS - $8,398,773.11 CASCADE INN OLEO 2*~ Orange Sherbet or Cherry Delight COOKIES 39c LIQUID GOLD DETERGENT 49c Statute** Steel Adjustable Injector and SajfS FREE 50 S&H GftBBN STAMPS f t With Purchase of One Family Sto Tube CREST TOOTHPASTE This Coupon Good thru Oct. S Limit 1 Coupon Plena* VASELINE CR0BMK MEMORANDA 31. Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other purposes ... $ 646,632.81 32. (a) Loans as shown above are after deduction of reserves of 137,165.63 I, Lambert Peterson, Cashier and Trust Officer, of the above- named bank do hereby declare that this report of condition is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. LAMBERT PETERSON We, the undersigned directors attest the correctness of this report of condition and declare that it has been examined by us and to the best of our knowledge and belief is true and correct. SAM COFFMAN HARRY W. ROSE L. H. STREEDAIN Directors. HAIR TONIC 17c SS IN PLASTIC JUG C10R0X *•* 43c HILANO POIATOCtW* 39c Bm 9 LIVES 2» 37c Dfanarswtft 39c 24-0*. ffcf. OPEN SUNDAY 9 A.M. to S P.M.

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