Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 2, 1973 · Page 20
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 20

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 2, 1973
Page 20
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V IQ^QgJeibMrflRe^iste^Mail^^ . Mondoy, July. 2, 1973 Bugging Ripple May Turn Into Election Tidal Wam\ WASHINGTON (UPD - Sdbw political professionals have assumed that the ripple effects of Watergate could turn into a political tidal wave in the 1974 elections. Washington Window Now they're hot sure at all and wonder whether the reaction won't be more like a Dead Sda with voters bugging out of any political Activity. -^Phere have been some signs of a developing attitude of a plague-on>-allipolitic9 because of Watergate. -Contributions to the Republi can party have dwindled since Watergate so that free tickets have had to be passed out to fill seats at political rallies. Contributions to the Democratic party also tell off after a brief increase when Watergate revelations neared a peak earlier this year. Since then, the Democrats have made major attempt to raise funds, using Watergate as an appeal. Strauss Cautions Democrats Letters were sent out to series of combined mailing lists appealing for funds to continue the civil suits against the Nixon campaign committee because of the Watergate break-in of the Democratic National headquarters, it is also too early to say whether that money drive can be Habeled a success. However, Democratic Nation al Chairman Robert S. Sltaauss has expressed private and public concern that the most serious effect of Watergate may be. to make people cop out on jHjitlcs. He has cautioned HBtffioerats against counting upon Watergate to carry the plihy'a candidates to victory ngct year. jj^he revelation that the White I 3Jjuse kept a list of political Mrtieitties is a new factor adding to the concern of the political professional*. According to the testimony of John W. Dean tn before the Senate Watergate Investigating Committee, peo» E le on the list were intended to e targets of government investigations, possibly including audits of their federal income tax returns. On the list were some btg*time contributors to Democratic presidential candidates. Serious Deterrent Seen Some reacted to the news with amusement or With the facetious remark that they're happy to make the "Dean's" list. Privately and publicly some expressed resentment and outrage. There also is the implication in the Dean statements that government contracts might be denied firms on the list. That could be a serious deterrent to future political contributions which, under the present law, must be made public in future election campaigns. Charles W. Colson, former White House aide, insists there were two lists: One of people who just shouldn't be invited to White House social occasions; the otter, prepared by Dean himself, as vulnerable to political attack, Colson says his office prepared only the list of those subject to the social affairs boycott. On it, however, are some obvious names of people who wouldn't aooept art invitation from President Nixon. Letters Invite Audits There is considerable ques* tion how much use was actually made of the enemy list. Documents presented by Dean indicate resistance by heads of the IRS to pressure from the White House to get the tax collection agency into the field of politics. But Dean also indicated the same could be accomplished with anonymous letters to field offices of the IRS. If somebody knowledgeable wrote the letter, a tax audit usually was the result. At this stage of Watergate, the political consensus is that the 1974 elections will be fought out on strange and uncertain waters. Saigon Scandals on Horizon, Scrap Metal and Medicine By PHIL NEWSOM UPI Foreign News Analyst Saigon Sbnmcrings: Two new scandals may erupt shortly in Saigon. One, which already has surfaced partly, concerns alleged illegal sale of scrap metal which had beeni Window on the World turned over to the South Vietnamese government by the U.S. military. The other concerns the alleged sale of •oil* Debbie does me lob! In 1972, Debbie Dishwashing Liquid washed over one billion dishes. Debbie does the job...why pay more? medical supplies to the Viet Cong. Informed sources say high officials are involved in both cases, Under the Summit Rug: Soviet leader Leonid I. Brezhnev told French President [Georges Pompidou that he and President Nixon had been unable to come up with any new approach to the Middle East crisis, but the French are not wholly convinced. French senior diplomats believe that Brezhnev and Nixon in fact were determined to make a new effort to find the outlines of a Middle East settlement but were not anxious to discuss their plans with cither powers at this stage. Taking the Chill Off: There are signs that the British government is anxious to repair its relations with the Soviet Union which have been chilly since the expulsion of 105 Soviet diplomats in London in 1971. Prime Minister Edwaird Heath has dropped a broad hint along these lines. He said in parliament that, while Britain's security must, of course, come first, the government is willing to talk to the Soviets. He added there ialso were indications that the stiffly formal relations between the Kremlin and the British embassy in Moscow are easing. British officials are waiting to see whether the Soviets take up the prime minister on this apparent peace gesture. 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