The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 24, 1955 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 24, 1955
Page 21
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WHERE TO GO WHAT TO DO Behind The Movie Sets '•••iV:' : .; WITH / BUDDY MASON Hollywood. Calif. — "I wa beaned by a full ox-yoke, Bud dyl" The speaker, normally a spry man of middle age, leanec heavily s on a cane. When we first met Harry Wagner, he was doubling Larr£ Semon, a silent day comedian. Your, Hollywoo( errand-boy Was then a young stunt-man, hastily loaned frorr another unit to complete a jqb that went "haywire" on the Wagner lad. » * » Mrs Marjorie Apple * '• * .• Arriving •hurriedly from a neighboring set, Harry's hospita' trip was delayed by two wardrobe men who were crowded into the back seat of a standby car apparently, wrestling with the in- PLANTATION BALLROOM WHITTEMOHE, IOWA , Thursday, Nov. 24 Thanksgiving DON HOY Friday, Nov. 25 ANDY DOLL Sunday, Nov. 27 /CLEM BRAU Friday, Dec. 2 BABE WAGNER Sunday, Dec. 4 DON SHAW Friday, Dec. 9 Jolly Lumberjacks , >•'• ca— ii— i —- .-,'/;' No Advance Booth Reservations Doors. Open at 8:30 Thursday - Friday Randolph Scott ' I" "TALL MAN RIDING" — plus — THE BOWERY BOYS in "JAIL BUSTERS" ALGONA^ SATURDAY ONE DAY ONLY THE GREAT MOUNTAIN WARS BUZE WITH All THEIR VIOLENCE!..,while one man's destiny Is caught In their cross-fire... and his love is trapped in a woman'* arms! and CARTOON jured lad. Actually, they were trying to peel off his double's coat and < shirt without hurting Harry, They had to start dress' 1 ing the new double. Fortunately for Harry's'dignity, they had a sisare pair of trousers ' in a larger size that would better fit their new substitute. ..In the intervening years, ncf matter where we met, or how .often, the Wagner lad would clutch his trousers and yell: "Oh,no you don't, Mason! You can't have these trousers, either!"— Our present meeting was no exception. After the familiar, greeting, he announced, '/Nice to meet you on the way back from a hospital, for a change!" All of which brings us back to Harry's opening statement. He quickly added, "Have you evj»r been conked with a full ox-yoke, Buddy?" ' * * .» Somewhat puzzled, we askedl "And just what is a full oX- yoke?"—"It's a yoke with ..the oxen still in it, you dope!" was the enlightening reply. Now this made sense. - Smelling a story, we pressed him for details and were rewarded with the following tale, which we'll try to tell in his words: "Well, Buddy, as you know, I've been doing a bit of "extra" work lately, so when' I heard that the great C. B..was doing a remake on his "Ten Commandments," I ankled over td the Paramount lot. You know how DeMille never forgets a face. 1 sometimes think he has to make those gigantic spectacles to give all the old-timers he likes a little work! He's got a memory like the idiot-board' for a whole troupe of elephants. If you ever delivered exactly what he wanted on a DeMille show, he'll never forget! •••*.«* Milton Dettman * * * .. "In no time, I was getting a deep Egyptian sun-tan in a body- makeup spray booth. Then I was fitted-in enough bed-sheeting to make a \slip-jcover (for the U.S.S. Missouri. After that, they lustled us out to the location, seems that this is the day that :he Red Sea' has its grand open- "ng and it looks like all the people in Hollywood have joined all ;ha animals in California for a *ace to get across with dry feet Defore the whistle blows and the Red Sea closes its Dry Passage Department. . • ' "Well, Bud, they assign me to a big group with ox-carts and every kiml of animal-drawn .ipJe from goat-Wagons to pony-rigs,. with people scattered.', n between. They're all set to stage the large, economy-size DeMille version of the first and ast land-rush to be staged bc- .ween walls of \yater. When C. B. fires the starting,gun we take off down a steep hill on a gallop "or the water's edge. So far, so good! * * * You know how I like animals, Bud. While our competitors on he other hills are getting ready and shuffled into position to race us for where the hole will open n the ocean in another shot, I M »eal pglsey with the team of oxen behind me. If they get to ike me, maybe they won't step on my heels on the vyay down, fust when we're getting chum- ny, lunch is called. I save the apple from my box-luncn and 'onect about 3D more from guys vho don't like apples. Then I tuff 'em all in the folds .of my heet-ensemble. ' * • * "Well, Bud, afler lunch I start tuf/ing 'those long-horns with pples—and do they love 'em! *Vhen they'd finish one, they'd lose the folds of my wrap-ar&und mtil I led 'em another. Then, ight in he middle of our Apple "•estiva], we get the signal. Off ,ve tear, down this hill-but I'v» till got apples and they know t! Sp, they're racing hot on my eels after more apples. Well, Bud, that heavy cart gels to roll- ng so wild that it's pushiing the xun along so fast they can't stop Worse yet, so fast that I can t outrun 'em,. My sheet' suddenly snags -j- I stop — they keep 6n corning. Then.the lights go out! well,-Buddy—boy, I got news for youl You ain't neyer been cold* 1 cocked 'till youjve been conked on the back of the ,old gourd with a full ox-yoke!" Xtra Specials ForAlgona Movie Patrons Two "extra - special"' screen events are scheduled soon at the Algbna theater, according to announcement made todajf by Dicli Phillips, manager. : "Not As a Stranger," the adaptation of one of the best-selling novels of all time, comes Sunday and Monday to the screen of the Algoha, with Olivia DeHavillarid, Robert Mitchum, .Frank Sinatra and Gloria Grahame as its stars. The • story deals with the loves, the aspirations,' heartaches and triumphs of a doctor, and has been read already by over ten million people. Another top picture of the year, "Lucy Gallant," with Jane Wyman and Charles Heston, starts Tuesday, November 29 for a three-day engagement, "Lucy Gallant" tells the' story of a* woman whose need for wealth and power drives her to put love aside while she builds the greatest store in Texas. This spectacular picture is packed with warm, exciting portraits, brawling action and unusual entertainment. A dazzling show of furs and gowns is one of the highlights. ' Carl Grisham Ottosen Plans Santa Claus Day, December Ottosen—The American Legion Auxiliary will sell, .'lunches and hold a bake sale on.'Santa Claus Day in Ottosen in December. Plans for, this event were made at the regular meeting held ; Tuesday afternoon the ho#ie,»pj: 'Mt 6< Caroline Telford. Committees appointed to take care of -this event are: kitchen, Mrs Jake Ryg, Mrs Mike Coyle, Mrs W. G. Cooper, Mrs Caroline Telford and Mrs Ramus Olson; dining room, Mrs Richard Kinseth, Mrs Essie Cooper, Mrs Martin Me"yer and Mrs Victor Meyer; bake sale, Mrs Antone Speich and Mrs'Fred Kampen. Mrs Richard Kinseth gave a lesson on Education and Mrs Jake Ryg read a Thanksgiving Article. .This group held an all day rag sewing at the home of Mrs Martin Meyer, Nov. 15 with a pot luck dinner at noon. The organization plans to hold four of these all day rag sewing meetings this winter. The next meeting will be the annual Christmas patty with each member bringing a guest and a fifty cent gift to be sent to a children's hospital. This meeting will be held at the home of Mrs Fred Kampen, Dec. 13. Be' sure aild> read this jiage thoroughly, and if you?spot your name : anyplace, you Will receive free admittance to -the movie "Not AS A Stranger"?, at 'the 'Al- goha Theater' Sunday and Mpn* day. . Just give your name at the box office. , - ; .. ' J: ' ' Mts Louise Peiet ,-^''.^ reception of Gene Ostergaard arid Erma Justice at the .LUtrK eran Church in Rin'gSted. •' • Mr and Mrs' R6V Knpckson - attended' the vveddmg and recep; tion of Conrad Satern and Ar* lene Hedin af the St. Paul's Lutheran church . in Whittemore. The bridegroom is a nephew,ot Mrs Enockson... : ''•; Veterans Day Dinner .-,..;. vv •The local unit ol the American Legion Auxiliary entertained- th'6' veterans and their .'families .at six' o'clock dinner in'-.ithe • Comme^ cial Club Building on Veteran's' Day, with abtut 82 guests were present. .Following the' dinner the children weife entertained, with bingo and the«adults played 500. Mrs FredvKampen and W. E. Cooper received • low prizes and Mrs Hollis Cooper and Richard Kinseth won tne high prizes.' At Baptismal RiiesA 'Mr and Mrs Magnus.<BratIand were present at Services'at; the Congregational Church." in Humboldt when their granddaughter Vickie Lynn, daughter 1 of'Mr-and/ Mrs Sherman Silbaugh of;Huin- boldt, Was baptized/-: Following all were dinner and sUpper guests at the Silbaugh home; 4 Lutheran Aid Hostesses - , , Mrs DeVere Newton and Mrs Louis Jacobson were'hostesses.;, to the Lutheran Ladies Aid recently in the church parlors; X Program numbers were a^ybcal solo by Martha Usher accompanied at the piano by Mrs--Merle Holt, and a reading by Mrs Ralph Richards from the Readers Digest. Mrs Olvin Haug had th'e lesson. The next meeting will be Nov. 30 with Mrs Oscar Opp^- dahl and Mrs H. J. Nielsen as hostessed. " - , " . ;-'; Oscar'Oppedahrreturned home: recently after being-a patient^at' Lutheran hospital f in Ft. Dodge: for a week following.-surgery. Mr! and, Mrs ! RayniOind^ Zinnel. and family qf i West^Be.nd visited- recently at the Edward Zinnel', home.' .' • ,' ,"^J- ; .; 'Recent Sunday visitors , at the iLoins Jacobson home" we're Mr ; and Mrs George Zinnel and Geo. Jr. of Rockwell City; ' '"' ,- r.Mr and Mrs Rby'.Telforii and ,Mr.and Mrs Edward .Zihnel and .Leslie Ann spent, the 1 weekend at the Edgar Jacobson horhe at ,Marshalltown. • ' - ...;'. ' Mi- and Mrs Bjarne dppedahl and family of Ft. Dodge Were recent visitors at the, Knut Oppe- :dahl home. ' - / : :-j.Mr ahd Mrs Wallace stJnder- berg of Ft. Dodge were' over- ,mght visitors at the Louii Jacob;Son home Saturday, and Sunday afternoon visitors there' were Mr and Mrs Wayne Vau'dt and family of Livermore. • Mrs Clara Solberg ahd Mrs Ralph Richards attended .a miscellaneous shower, honoring Miss Jane Reiman of Chicago at the Bode Lutheran Church. Friday evening. Miss Reiman will become the • bride' of Elwood Thompson later this month. Mrs Tom Olson" of West Bend visited at the Donald Usher home Friday afternoon.;,. Sundajr ;evening visitors at the: Usherfhome W^re Mr and Mrs Melvin- jEJlling- so'n. . ,. '.•:•<', • Mr and Mrs .Ahtone . Speich visited their son-in-law arid,daughter, Mr and Mrs ,PauJ Berninghaus at Rodman Sunday iafter- noon. .. . - • • Mr and Mrs Oliver'. Lee and Terry and Mrs Willis* King ahd Vickie were -Sunday visitors at the Chester Gunderson home at .Belmond. , •. , Mr and Mrs Howard Hellicksoh and.Carol Were dinner guests at the Glen Hellicksoh home to celebrate birthdays .which fell last week. Those having birthdays are Mr and Mrs,Glen Hellickson and their son Leslie and Carol Hellickson. • Kir and Mrs Richard Loos and Mrs Emma Dean of Ottumwa visited over the-vyeekend-at the Raymond Loos home. Mr and Mrs Richard Loos also visited at the Richard Kinseth home. . Mr and Mrs Earl Olsori enjoyed ' a pheasant dinner at the Marlyn Pflibsen home at'Bpde. ,-The Band Mothers met recently ( at the scnoolhouse for their regular meeting. Mrs Arlie Banwart and . Mrs Clarence Bauer were hostesses. .Mr and Mrs Eugene Hofius entertained a group at dinner for Mrs Hofius'. brother-in-law and sister, Mr and Mrs Stanley McDonald "of Hermihstor}; Oregon. fi'Don .Nelson of Denver, Colo., ws a recent'.visitor'at the-H. J. ''ielseri'home. The young man Si Attend Weddings Several attended weddings at different towns recently. Martha Usher served as a bridesmaid at the wedding of her cousin JoAnn Demro* and Lowell Benning at the Methodist Church at Nashua, Mr and Mrs Donald Usher and Ruth and Sara also attended the wedding and reception. Mr and Mrs Hollis Cooper were- present at the wedding and ,,You See It in' Algbhioil^tl'lt^gular Prices! ALGONA^ SUNDAY mid MONDAY * IT STAND?) ALONE ! FIRST THE BOOK! and now^THE MOTION PICTURE! Now She Was No Longer A Patient ...And Is a.nephew of Mrs Nielsen. Mr and Mrs Richafld Kiropf arid daughter spent Sunday recently _with her parents, Mr and Mrs Clarence Skattabb at Wallingford, Mrs Morgan Hagen has returned home after spending five days in Des Molnes visiting at the homes of the Hagen's sons and families. Mrs Paul Eapinosa, Jr. and family of Mason City visited over the weekend at the home of Margaret Holt, Loran Daniel and Merle Holt. Russell Sands LEDYARD NEWS Mr and Mrs Max Nitz attended a custodians meeting at Burl on last Saturday evening. Mrs Tice Brack accompanied Mr and Mrs Walter Miller and Priscilla and Mrs Leo Miller of Buffalo Center and Norrna Jqhes of Rake to Des Moirtes on last Tuesday. Mrs Jones and Priscila took part in the Iowa Farm Bureau Talent Contest at K.R.N.T. Theater and won first place with a Marinba duet "Old Black Joe." They were invited for a repeat performance at, the Farm Bureau convention on Wednesday. Winning, first place entitles them to go to the Farm Bureau Federation meeting in Chicago in December where they will compete with other State winners. • Mr and Mrs Leo Willadscn spent last weekend , in Inwood visiting Mrs Willadsen's mother. Mr and Mrs, C. L. Fisk, Peggy Mayer and Neal Warren of Des Moines spent the weekend'at the D. B; Mayer home. All of the teachers on the Ledyard faculty attended the dinner- and meeting of the Kossuth County Council which met last Wednesday evening at Burt. When they arrived for the dinner they found that a fire had destroyed a part of the Burt school that very evening, Mr and Mrs R. Goetz and son Thursday, No*. 24< 195$ Algeria (la.) Upper Des Molnes-7 have been here the past 2 weeks on furlough from Alabama where he is stationed. They visited at the parental Herman Gbetz Jr. and Ralph Johnson "homes and several family eathefings have been held in their honor. They left to return to Alabama on Monday. Mr and Mrs Delbert Wont- worth and son came Friday from Norfolk, ya., where Delbert has been stationed the past year in the Navy. They have a 21,.day furlough after which Delbert will return to Providence, Rhode Island. Mrs Nitz and soh will remain here with her parents. Don't forget the "Barbershop Sings" sponsored by the P.T.A. which will be held in the school auditorium on Wednesday, Nov. 30. Albert Van Buren Mrs He weft Is Heart Victim Swea City—Mrs Lucia Hewett received word of the death of her daughter-in-law, Mrs Howard Hewett of Fairmont Minn., Tuesday, Nov. 15,' at the University of Minnesota Heart Clinic in Minneapolis. She had been afflicted with a heart ailment for the last six or IOWA'S WONDER SHOWPLACl The CLEAR LAKE , IOWA THUBS., NOV. 24 / EDDIE ALLEN and OHCH. FRI., NOV. 25ih .IOWA CORNHUSKERS SAT.. NOV. 26th JULES HERMAN And His Orchestra WED., "NOV. abth" Teenage Dance HENRY CHARLES seven years. Her husband had been told he might bring her home on Nov. 16 as she appeared to be getting along nicely. At the time Mr Hewett was at the home of his aunt, Mrs Ralph Ballard in Red Wood Falls, Minn. Mrs Howard Hewett was born Charlotte Ledebur, Dec. 14, 1920 to Edward and Rosa Ledebur, in Fairmont. She was a graduate of Fairmont high school and a member of the Lutheran church. On July 18, 1938 she married Howard Hewett at .Estherville. They lived in Fairmont until her death. Surviving are her husband and three children James, Susan and Charles at home, her mother, Mrs Rose Ledebur of Fairmont, and two sisters, Mrs Adolph Hogland of Farmington. Minn, and Mrs L. J. Peterson, Portland Ore. Funeral services were hsld Saturday at 2 p.m., at St. Paul's Lutheran .church of which she was a member. Rev. O. F. Krause officiated and burial was in Lakeside cemetery at Fairmont. * * STAR * * ALGONA, IOWA OPEN SKATING WEDNESDAY SATURDAY & SUNDAY NITES Available For PRIVATE PARTIES "Phone 826-U LeRoy Lau, Owner * * * ** * * * STARTS TUES. -NOV. 29- Paramount pra««nu JANE CHARLTON WYMAN'HESTON., GALLANT CLAIRE THELMA TREVOR 'RITTER : WIUCAM 'ofMABeaT W»U»C£ fORO • TOM HEUMOR5 • ILUAM H. PINE 1'Vwlu.lAM C. THOM49 iM-W *, JOHN t€E MAHIN ... WINSTON MILUER » TSCHNIQQIrQB ; Doctor. If PS They " Were Flesh And Blood! stirring OLIVIA de HAVILLANO ROBERT MITCHUM FRANK SINATRA GLORIA GRAHAME ' BRODERICK CRAWFORD CHARLES BICKFORD Bunny ?artflP*F and Lqte Nsw* Events Barry's Recreation League Standings Hawkeye Lanes League Staridings Published each week through Courtesy of Morck Dist. Co. & Storz Brewing Co. HAWKEYE American League W Studer's 37 Titonka Indians 34 Hamilton Hatchery -.30% Baker Livestock 27 Brandt BuicK 27 S.iogren's 27 • Lion's 20% Boone Ridge -19 Corwith 18 Robinson Produce 17 Sorensen Mtr. 17 Hefti Lockers — 14 National League W AJgona Produce 35 Ernie Williams, P-C.-32 West End Billiards _:28te Ready-Mix 27 Burt Co-op Elev. 25 Koss. Co. Impl. 22Ms Bancroft Oil Co. 22 Britt 22 Ernie Williams, J.D. -.21 ','2 Seven-up 21 l /3 Ray's Jack'Sprat Ifi Rood Insurance 15 Western League W Ssvartz Hdwe. 31 Titonka - 31 Burt Merchants 29 Mutual of Omaha 29 Pioneer Hibred 28 Sjogren's 25 Plantation — 21 23 Albright Aero-Serv. ..20 24 Sargent Feeds 17 27 Rapid Thermogas 16 28 , Thomas Skelgas 9 35 Kossuth Motor 8 36 Classic League W L Beechcr Lane Appl. .-36 12 S. & L. Store 35 13 Hamm's Beer 34V4 13V4 State Farm Ins. 31% 16% Plantation 26 22 Titonka 26 22 Seeley Farms 22 26 Hub Clothiers 21% 26% Miller High Life 17% 30% Root Hdwe. 16% .31% Burt H 37 Scobba Skelly Scrv. —10% 37% Mixed League Sinclair Oilers 36 8 Has Beens 35 9 Vets - 30 14 Buckaroos - 26 18 Conoco Service 26 18 Brandt Buick 21 23 Aces - 18 26 Sargent Feeds 17 27 Farmers Co-op 17 27 Standard Oil — 17 27 The Strudols ..: 14 30 Hutzell's Cities Serv.-- 7 37 BARRY'S Monday Men • W L KCs 26 10 Bode Billiards 26 10 Miller High Life 23 13 Moose 20 16 Bode D-X 14 22 Clark Grain 12 24 Don's Phillips 66 12 24 Schulte Rec —.11 25 Tuesday Men W L Paul Seeley Farms...23 13 Blatz 22 14 Hamm's 22 - 14 Moose 20 16 .Russ & Ky's 20 16 Peterson's Cafe 19 17 Barry's Broncos 13 23 National Guard 5 31 Wednesday Women W L Druggists' Mutual ...24 6 Cook's Welders -.19% lOVa Thuente's _ - 17% 12% Moose .- ...15% U¥l Coast-to-Coast 13 17 Bancroft 11 19 United Variety 10 % 19% Welp's 9 21 Thursday Women W L Sharp's 21 9 Van's 17 13 Bill's --.17 13 Storz-Ettos 16 14 Hood-Winks 16 14 ASC 14 16 Bradley Bros. ... 9 21 Wallburg's 8 19 The above Bowling Standings are Presented to You Each Week Through The Courtesy of MORGK Distributing Co. AND THE STORZ BREWING CO. Like a refreshing dip, Storz has what it takes to satisfy your thirst, iach golden glassful is a toast to pleasure - Bitter-Free pleasure — with no lingering aftertaste. You'll find it (ess-filling, too. That's why smart moderns agree Storz is truly BEER

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