Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 30, 1947 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Thursday, January 30, 1947
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TEMPERATURE REPORT 35 30 35 9 a. m 3d Noon 30 Midnight 3 n. ni. 0 a. m- • 'A Progressive Newspaper For a.Progressive Community" THE WBATHEB MaauchiMetta, Rhode I»Und and Connecticut—Intermittent riln tonight and Friday. Little changn In temperature. Fifteen to 2'mllen per hour easterly -wind* tonight. Vol. LXXI, No. 25 ESTABLISHED 1885 THURSDAY, JANUARY 30, 1947 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Otnti LATE . . (Uy United I'rens) DISMISSAL ASKED Prtrolt— 'The government him aslii'd .Inline I'U'iird In .Detroit 1'VoVriil court to <Ii*iniHH wiUU- InK :iiril iimki'-rendy tim» oliiiim In It" 1 Mount Clcmons, Midi., fntli-ry rnmpun.v |>nrl4il to por- t;|) |KI.V CJWT. oOo TOIINAUO HITS Montgomery, A la.--Ambulances hnvc bci-n rushed to the Mndlxon park c-omnuinity. about eisrlu ITiilr.K onsr nf "•rjnltto-.-.ery. Alfl., wh"rc n. tornado struck today. oOo HANK UOHMKI) Nrwlunil, N. C. — Thrci* m«;n hnvt- held up Ihc Avcr.v County hunk in .Nnwhimf. X. C. The trio fscappil with *!>r,,l>of», nftV>r look- In* five mitomiTs uiul the hank presiili-nl's <l:ilighter In u vault. Tho rr.hhi'rs flril into till* mimn- talitH Ti'iiWMHce. nOo ASK CHAXOE Bridgeport ••••Tv.'o Ansonla mnn, rrc-ently acquitted of m u r d e r ch.irK''*. .'ire sc-eklnr; a chnntre of VIT.IIC in theif .frijil for cririspli'. nf" lo tin-ilk and enter. The fire-used arc Joseph Onba- rhti.^ki and Edward Comcowich, who last December were acquit- I«l of the killing of Stratford policeman William F. Schrleber. -••—oOo—— HAN SOUGHT Washington — A c-otU Industry upokcMimn hut ur^ed Coii!T<:»«t to tiike iiwiiy the power of John ],. I.i'wiV United Mine Worker* to tiring ulxiiit 11 nation-wide coul strike. ,1. I). Ki'uiK'ls. a lender of southern operators, linked tlie Si-iiaN- l.nhiir committee to rurli Lewis hy tuinnlng industry- wide rolled! vc Imrjfiiinijiif, . oOo 0000 I'EKMNG .Miami, Fin. — An A. F. of L. executive council statement s;f,'ru-cl hy John L. Lewis says that "un era of good feeling" IB si'ttir.K in on the industrial front But the statement warn.s that proposed anti-su-ike logislu-tion Is o threat to • industrial peace. oOo HKNT CONTROL Washington—Commit (<•<> hearing* hrtve opened on proposals tr> extend rent control beyond it» June .'<U expiration date. Re- |iul>lieari Senator Ciipehiirt of liHltunu -:i,\-.s Die bunking jfroup will try to find the mysterious "hlKlier-iip" who almost pressed Ol'A into ordering a JO per cent rent increase lust night. oOo—- SATES VVu. i ihinj.'ton--Seet'etfiry of State Marshall .says; tho povernment is Ki'ttinn hank about 2G cents) on tho dollar in its disposal of .surplus property overseas. In a written quarterly report to Congress, Marshall says the sale of leftover materials to war-ravaged countries has been a major factor In. their rehabilitation. oOo SKCON'D TKIIM I'alm S|irinj(s, Cnllf.—Chirn- X»'H imt|;i>iii|; Mayor Kdwiird -I. Kelly predicts u xer«>iid tvrni for President Trutnun If the IJi'iimcrut* "RO on the ottenHlvf." The national Democratic e.nni- inltteenian is vacationing with Ills wife. oOo Snlem. Ark.—At least eight persons now are known to h»va ilii:cl in the freak storms which hit the midwest uncl southeastern states.. Three tornadoes, striking in quick .succession, uc- countcd for five de:iths in nortli- •rn Arkansas and southern Missouri. OOO CIO STATKMKNT Detroit--The CIO has Illocl .1 brief with F(!cii>r:ii Judge Plcard accusing the Justice Department of trying to clnmp what It culls "slave standards" on American labor. The .-iction attacks the government for asking Piciird to throw the original portal pay cnso out of court. Plcard Is hear- in;; further arguments In the Mount Clemens, Michigan, Pottery Worker s claim which touched off- the wave ot similfir sui't.s. Morticians Sign Pastor For Benefit Hoop Game Ths Merry Morticians basketball ::'un w-lio. until yesterday were •I'.c.d iJii^Jit underdogs in the com- !euble Iron tenm In a regular dusty lo.iguc game last night. The Iron .-- - - ;oam came through with it one- ;nx Marcn of Dimes benefit game polnt victory. iiffiinst the Post Otnce Big Five, The fact that the two most prom- l- .. ltl=> . ni ,, nl hnvp sud dcnly be- inen , figures in the Malleable win come overwhelming favorites. An also plav witn the Knights haa move on rhe part of Man- ngi/r Kddlc Noldc of the Morties is ih; reason. Yesterday, Manager Nolde sign- od up the Rev. O. H. Bertram, paste:- of St. Paul's Lutheran church is a member of tho Morlics. Th,; move caught tho Post Office completely by surprise. riev. Bertram has had eonsider- fibJu basketball experienci.% He played centc-r on. the varsity when he attended Coticorclia College (if Moorhe-jd. Minn, Later he played on the Immanuel Lutheran tuam of mad» rho Purple chancea look ler in t.he opinion of many, • Everyone con'neoteri with the benefit tomorrow night is donating Mi s services. The Y is donating use of it« facilities. Felix Zembruski and his "musicians who will play for danoinig a.fter the games are nnt chareing. The players are offering their services as fire tht four otllcials: Ed Mariano, Bob Ruccio. Russ Weaving and Ed Fox. Charles DnCarlo furnished the arivertisinK art. There will be nn in nannecl.ion with the af- Danbury. Having a player of the! fl(lil ' - f>tnl ' 1 ' ' nen taxei. Rev. Bei-trani's ability makes th^ ' "••-'--'- Morties a .sub^ttintially stronger outfit, and many observers art wondo.'-'lnfr what move Conch Ed McCarthy of the Post Otrice will take to counter. Kn!i;lit.K Favored The Purple Knights have also been moved into the position, of favorite over the U. S. Kedsturs by .another surprise development of ye.'jtfrday. Thij,- is the unexpncteil Tickets for the benefit are for ,-:ale at the following outlets Andy'a Campus, OLion's Dru<r, Church street; Naugatuck Sport & Auto Supply, Wlnslow court, and the Naugatuck Drug and Gus' Snroke Shop, North Main street. The following members of the .sports section committee • are assisting Postmaster Frank T, Green in putting on the event. Spec Shea, Frank Stica, Joe Zefcnder, Tom Egan, Bill 'Benson, Walter Ploski, defeat or the Kodsters by thw Mai-1 Fritz Klambt and Ed McGrath. BE'ACON FALLS Town Meeting Called For Discussion Of Beacon Falls Town Hall Plans Decision as to the construction of a new town hail, razing the present one, or renovating and moving the present one to the rear of its site, will be discussed and recommended to ihe Board of Fi; nance, by electors of Beacon Falls at u town meeting to be scheduled for Thursday evening, Feb. As a result of a meeting last toriee and in the schools where, it is reported, the children have been very cooperative in the cause. Mrs. Chester Garvin is chairman for the local drive. Cluiruh Not* The members of St. Michael's church are requested to receive Salvation Army Makes Annual Plea Chairman Norman H. Wood Announces 3,000 Letters Sent Out Yesterday The annual appeal of the Salvation Army for funds with which to continue its work in Nuujfatuck and throughout the world was opened here today by Norman H Wood, chairman and treasurer . of the Naug-utuck and District Com- Gormley Announces Resignation Of Supernumerary; Two Additional Expected Before Next Board Session Three Wives Claim Him As Their Husband mil tee. Quota for the local drive has night of the town hall building , lio 'y communion in a body this fund committee, selectmen were notified to call a town meeting, Wilfred A. Swan reported today. Although the town meeting can authorize the new construction, or any decision as concerns the towr. hail, a recommendation must go before the Board. ot Finance for fina.I .-decision. Four b'lds were received last week on the proposed construction, but as the figures exceeded by many thousands the $60,000 proposed for the new building, the committee decided to bring the matter before a tou'ti meeting immediately. Mr. Swan said the committee will recommend a new town hall be erected, rather tlian to ra p ;e the present hall, o:- ronovat 1 . 1 it and move it back from present site. He said figures will be quoted on uil operations including the new construction and how it would be financed. Drive On Containers for the March of | Dimes drive now in progress have been placed in local stores and fac- coming Sunday, Feb. 2. Masses will be heard at 8, 9:15 and 11 o'clock. Visitors Mrs. Edward Mann and her son, Lawrene, of Brooklyn, N. Y., were recent, visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Richtcr of Wolf avenue. Mrs." Mann is-the" former Jane Richtcr, Jury Duty not yet been set., Mr, Wood said but 3,000 letters have gone out to business organizations, industria groups, employes, professional people and friends of the Salvation Army. Mr. Wood's letter follows: My Dear Friends: The Salvation Army served throughout. World War II without making a nation-wide or special campaign for funds. Now, with the war over, our needs are such that a. special appeal is being made throughout the country to meet national as distinct from local and general operating; requirements. New England has been assigned its pro-rata amount, and each local Service Unit/ is asked to share this I'i'sponsibility in a combined appeal for national, regional and local needs. Our rural program of health and welfare services will continue, As in the past, part of your gift will be administered by your own local Service Unit Committee. We invite your financial assist- once and enclose a gift card and treasurer's envelope. Please make your check payable to The Salvation Army, Sincerely yours, I NORMAN F. WOOD, Chairman. Naugatuck and District Committee ' The committee includes, In ad- | dition ; to Mr. Wood', Harry E. Benham, Charles L. Berger, William G. Boies, Harold W. Brown, T, F. Butterfield, H. E. Chittenden, Mrs, C. E. Fenniman, Frank T. Green,. Rudolph M. Hehnlck, Ronald E. Jones, Robert E. Lowell, Joseph f Raytkwich, Jr., C. P. Rodenbach, Theodore Russell, Raymond J, St. Spinning mill worker Kvcrntt Welch (left), 36, IN shown in a Philadelphia, Pa., court where he was confronted by three women (right) who claimed he murrled them without intervening divorces. The trouble begun when Wel<!h returned from his latent honeymoon und found detectives awaiting him. They had-been summoned hy the father oC his third brl'de, • Thelma Ganthcr, who visited Uic home at hit* son-in-law to find another Mrs. Welch, not his daugrliter. The, wives, shown as they appeared) at the hearing, are Cleft to right): Tlielmu Ganther Welch, ] f), wife No, X; Mn». AnUHette Piw.i Welch, 22, No. 2; and Mrs. Augusta Owenhy Welch, 34, wiVo No. 1, who has three children hy Welch. lie was held in $2,500 hull. (International Soundphoto) Elks Slate P.E.R. Night Wrinn Appointed Chairman St. William Lee, Si 1 ., and Mrs. Har- ' John and John H.. Tatigian. old RicTitcr have been called to ! ' jury duty in Now Haven. Youth week Services in observance of Youth Week, Jan. 2C to Feb. 2, will be conducted Sunday by the Pilgrim Fellowship of United church. All m umbers of the church are urged to attend these services. At Guam Yeoman 2-c Leonard Mitchell, son of Mr. and Mrs, Charles Mitchell, K2 South circle, has been transferred from Kwajalein to Guam. Yeoman Mitchell made the trip by airplane. Of Committee For Patrick's Dance The local lodge of Elks will hold exalted. Rulers night, Feb. Injured In Auto Accident, Woman Asks $10,000 Damages Damages totaling S1G.OOO are sought in two civil actions involving Nuugatuck parties in Water- feury •Sup'Olio" Court. Yesterday was the last day for filing: of writs j returnable lo Court on Feb. 4. Mrs. Margaret Ward, Naugatuck, seeks damages of S10.030 in a civil ] action, brought, against..Catherine <•-- mi'.- •••v-<_:'.-x.-iv::ii.--*-fndjvirtually ^-WiHIam-J. Baukat,-exalted ruler, and ^ ^inlsmMx ol the estne West Side Club Plans Intensive Membership Drive Kenneth Ralphs was named chairman of the membership committee at n recent meeting of the West Side Community Club in NAUGATUCK NEWS 'BROADCAST Today — £:45 P. M. Monday Through Friday from the Editorial Rooms Of The Naugatuck News Station WATR 1X!0 ON YOUR DIAL Delay Granted In Alleged Bogus Check Complaint John .Deegari, 46, 72 Elizabeth street, Waterbury, charged with announced today. This event is always one that draws the attendance of the members in liifge' numbers. Mr. Baukat said. Past exalted rulers will occupy all the- chairs. They will also initiate a largo clas.? of candidates. P. E. R. James W. Wrinn hjs been appointed chairman of the annual St. Patrick's dance at the', and crashed into a parked bus. —For (iiilllllv M<lmir«, Wlnr*. ll»»r». »'!•., SHOP FIKST ill I he TIlT I'uck- »«» Minn., vii flrlilur pll-rfl. 1'rainiil if "««rr, »nrHlipr* in lawn, T»l, 4**2 GEORGE ASPELL the model home on Surrey drive. Plans for an intensive membership campaign were formulated at the" meeting. Robert Kinnc was named chairman of a committee to revise the bv-laws prior to Incorporation. Others on the by-laws committee arc: Malcolm Wilson, Joseph Deluca. George Aspell and Fred Pray. Mrs. Merle Hyde was named chairman of the Valentine dance which the club plans to hold. CARSON HESIGNS Daniel J. Carson, deputy superintendent of Waterbury police, yesterday submitted his resignation to the Police Board which received H with "deepest regrets." until Monday, Feb. 3, by Judge Martin Calne in borough courl •this morning:. Dacgnn's original bond of S2.000 wan reduced to $1,000 by Judge Caine, Deegan was arrested yesterday afternoon in Union City by Police Chief John J. Gornvy and Patrolman Wilfred Even- A roofer employed by the Demers Company he allegecly cashed a bogus check for- $33,50 at the Valley Grill, North Main street, Naugatuck, according to police. At the time of hia arrest, he had another such check in his possession, police said. Deeg-an was said to have attempted to cash the second check at a-tavern on Bridge street, but the proprietor would not accebt the check. HOUSE SOLD A house and lot on South Main street has been purchased by James and Jennie Nardello from Antonio Spadola, also* known Antonio Spatola, according to a warranty deed on file in the office of Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John. PATTERSON'S VOTE Congressman James T. Patterson yesterday voted to continue excise taxes on luxury items, when the bill was balloted upon by members of the House in Washington. The bill passed the House \vi ; th a large majority vote. MEET TOMOIIROW Monsig-nor J J, Fitzgerald assembly,, local Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus group, will meet In the Neary building club rooms tomorrow evening ,at 8 o'clock. AT MEETING Town Clerk Raymond-J. St. John is expected to attend a state meeting of. all town clerks . thla. afternoon at the Hotel Bond, Hartford, Y's Men Induct Seven New Members At Recent Meeting Following the monthly business meeting of the Naugatuck Y's Men's Club, seven new mcmbc-rs were impressively Inducted into the local Service Club. Lyman Hodgman wa s in charge of the new member induction ceremony. The group of new men inducted inciud- _ «d Norman Wood, ' Donald Bur- j Triano; Chaplain, Jeremiah L. hukar, .Bruce Fisher, Frank How-! Callahan, Jr.. Secretary, John F. lett, Russell Weaving, John Rcnouf McGroary; Treasurer, James M, W-rinn: Trustee, Harry A. Fager; Trustee, Jc-hn H. Tatigian: Trustee, Arthur W. Swan; Inner Guard, Myles F. Keating; Tiler, J. A Harry Peterson. of the late John Aim, Naugatuck, and the City of Watorbury. The plaintiff, a passenger in an automobile owned by Aim and operated by the woman defendant, claims she was severely and permanently injured Jan, 4, 1940, wnen the car skidded on a patch of ice on Robbins street, Waterbury, club. He will have full power to name his own committee. The affair is scheduled for Saturday, March in. Following are the past exalted rulers who 1 will occupy chairs on Fe.b 4 Exalted Ruler, Joseph E. Sommers; Esteemed Leading Knight. Bernard E. Lindcihl; Esteemed Loyal Knight, James , E. Sweut- man;-Esteemed Lecturing Knight, Edgar E. Leach; Esquire, Louis G. and Fred Conover. Members of the Induction team performing the ceremony were Wesley Coe, Walter Harris, Harold. Burt-ell, Frank Molen, Wilson B. Kirkendall, Bradford Smith, and Lyman Hodgmen. Wilson B. Kirkendall, 'president of the local chapter of Y's Men's International, presided at the business meeting at which a number of service projects were discussed.' John Thibodeau, • chairman of •the Membership Committee has announced that the club contest was concluded with lust night's meeting with -the team under .tho leadership of Lament Kirk being the winners; the next teams in order at the finish Included Walter Harri.s. John Thibodeau, Jim Hub-1 bell and Harold Burred.' •••••• Mr. Thibodeau also spor-sored an Informal photographic contest with the selection .for the- most unusual picture going to Parker -Matthews Wos Coe, chairman of the Program Committee announced that at next week's meeting, a speaker from the F, B. I. has been secured and that this is to be a gues't night program, •.• ... $50,000 Damage Caused By Fire Flames which swept the warehouse of the Mayflower Colonial Shops of the Metropolitan Furniture Company in Printer's court, Waterbury, yesterday, caused damage estimated at "at least .$50,000." Furniture and home, furnishing stored in the five-story building ere destroyed by the blaze. The fire started in the basement of the warehouse in' the rear of 156 G' - and street and was .caused by a defective fire flue -In the rear, of .the furnace, according: to Lt. The accident took place neir an overpass i j hat forms a pnn of. Grandviuw avenue, according to the C3inp!aint. It is claimed the defendant city plowed-snow from o roadway adjacent to a concrete retaining wall on Robbins street and left the snow along the road -where it molted and ran down into the street. The plaintiff,, who claims the water f.-oae on the street, charges the city of Waterbury with negligence in creating a dangerous condition and nuisance by maintaining the wal! and adjacent roadway without proper drainage facilities. . •• ForecloMire ,. .The First Federal Savings and Loan Association of New Haven seeks foreclosure of a SO,400 mortgage on property on North Hoadley street, Naugaluck, in a $G,000 civil action filed against Richard A. and Louiaso Brown and Nau- galuck Development Co., Inc., all of Naugatuck. The Browns, according lo the ,v:-it, the mortgage, dated Nov. in. 19.15, when they obtained title to the properly Dec. 18, 1945. The defendant company is named in the suit bv virtue of another Six Police Vacancies May Confront Board Of Warden And Burgesses At Meeting To Be Held Tuesday Night The resignation of one supernumerary patrolman of the Naufa- tuck police department has been . received, and two more are expected before the scheduled meeting of the board of warden and bur- Kcttsea is held Tuesday evening, according; to a statement today by Chief oohn J, Gormley. The resignations are the result of a "clean up" of the .supernumerary patrolman roster by the chief, in which he has said he "intends to clear out the deudwood." The chief presented the names of three supernumeraries to the borough board at* its last meeting, saying that they have been contacted three times and hod not appeared for duty. If three resignations ar« received, there would be- six appointments to be made in the police department, the other three being to fill the two vacancies created by George Kogut and Stanley Levandoski, and the nunitng of an additional patrolman as provided by appropriation at last May's freemen's meeting'. The three supernumeraries named at the January meeting; of the boa-rd were notified by registered mail to appear before a meeting o r . the police committee and chief held last night, hut they failed to appear the chief said. Although no action wa» taken by the committee last night it discussed the supernumeraries request for a $20 fee on New Year's Eve .'J-OIM private individuals and a $10 desired for other duty. Not ReapoiMlble The responsibility of the borough regarding a. supernumerary .work- In-?-On private jobs wsn discussed and an opinion by Borough Attorney Martin L. Calne W^B read. The entire opinion will be presented to the board meeting Tuesday. It is the opinion of the attorney that supernumeraries would have no recourse against the borough while on private jobs since the work is performed for the sole •benefit of private individuals. Under such conditions, the supernumerary working on a private job, if he is injured, Mr. Caine is of the opinion that he would not be mortgage -for $005.18 dated Dec. IS, ; emjilpd to benefits of the Work- 19-1:3, which it holds on the prom-) men's compensation disability pcn- The plaintiff alleges the mortgage note is in default for nonpayment of taxes on ihe Grand List of 10-15 and interest and principal on the riote. Three Organizations To Sponsor Lincoln Day Dinner February 20 Gold Star Post Meets Sunday 'A ' 'meeting: 'of Gold S!nr post,. Cntho'.ic War Veterans, will be -held after the 9:30 o'clock Mass Sunday nl St. Hedwig's pavilion, Comma-nder -Henry- -C. Rack! announced today. Several impartnnt matter? arc to be discussed, including reports t'rpni. thq bingo. a'rxl .raffle committees. To Preside Congressman James T. Patter-, ; — son will be the principal speaker I complete to date, are beinjr made at the annual Lincoln Day Dinner to be sponsored here by three Republican organizations February 20. The dinner will be held at the St. Michael's Parish House, start- iny; at 6:30 p. mSponsoring: the affair will be the Naugniuck Republican Town Committee, Young- Republican Club and the John Ei-icUson Republican Club. Arrangements, which "• ait: not by a committee including Henry Zwiok, Mrs. Anna Erk. Domenic DeCai-lo, Fi-nnklyn Hotchltiss. Harold Sutor, J. Rudolph Anderson, James Lyons, Howard Sagendorf, Joseph Nyuren, Vernon Anderson and William Ploski. The dinner will be followed by the installation of officers of the Young 1 Republican Club, headed b,\ J^resident ISvere-U Donovan- sions and no forth from the bor- More Than 200 Attend Smoker •eorpre shal. Carroll, acting fire mar- — firm! O«k Fnriii milk In prodlirnl and [mnlruHtMj on Ihe farm litrr In Nunirn- luck .undrr .mm) nimlrrn and . hyptlcnli. onndUlonil . (NH» for l)»llt.f7 — All' More than 200, saw movies of the Yale-Harvard and other football games at the men's smoker last nipht in St. Michael's parish house. The motion pictures were shov.-n by Oswald Tower. Harry Eenham, former Yale grid star, gave a play•by-play commentary as the games were shown- Prite Barzilausks, Waterbury, tacltle of lost season's Yale loam, and Earl Ziegler, junior varsity coach at Yale, were guests. The speakers were introduced by Harold Brown, toastmaster. Henry Zwick was in charge of refreshments. James Heavens was chairman of the committee in churpe of the smoker. Rev. Peterson On Radio Tomorrow The Rev. Paul W. Peterson, pastor of tlie Hillside Congrcgationa church, will apcain conduct the morning devotional service oVei .station WBRY tomorrow at 8:15 o'clock. Devotional services on this series of programs are conducted by the Naug-Btuck Protestant clergy. Rev. Peterson's subject for tomorrow will be "Clii-istitin Warfare," PAST EXALTED RULER JOSEPH K. SOMMERS of the local lodge-of .Elks, who will preside 'lit' the February 4, Past Exalted Killers' Night meeting In the lodge rooms In the Neary Bulld- iiiff.''(Story 'On Page One.) Assets Liquidated For Library Gift The gift of 54,500 by the Day Nursery to the Howard Whittemore Memorial Library was made December 7, it wjs-learned tiday. The money remained after liquidation of Nursery assets, - Mrs. Clarence Austin, -President ot the association said this morning, • —AH N'niiEiitiirlc. In l4%lklnR-nhout. Ill*' J.IMT Slmlfhukfr. tilt moot lirniillful ear-In Unfit-Id. Jj«, It *l .N'i»i*atuck. C Autv ttcrrln.—A<r t Salem Church Ushers To Meet Newly-appointed ushers of the Salem Lutheran church will meet at 8 o'clock this evening in the church, the Rov. W, R. Frendberg, pastor announced this morning. The following- have been appointed ushers Dean Berry, Donald Olson, Carlton Shea, Carl Peterson, Elmer Sanford, John Ivor Johnson, Edmund Olson, Robert G. Anderson, Oarllon Nelson, Georfre Johnson,-Burton Lundln and Free- dolt Nelson. '—l-"vrr.vlM)ri.v N tftlklnic ulinul Jnnonry CN'tintm-H ni tltr Nimit.llurk furniture :Cn.. South Mulit MrrH. II'N A rrttl minify Having rvrnl,—Adv, Two Local Men Win Patents Two Naugatuck men were issued patents Jan. 7,, according to a lint compiled from the Official GakeUa by the office of Horold G. Manning, 24 Central avenue, Waterbury. Lylc E. Shaner, Naugatuck, pat- crtl for stripping machine, unsigned to Box Blank Corporation, Now York city. Thomas G. Hawley, Jr.,' Naugatuck, patent for fabric and making same, assigned to U. S. Rubber Company, New York, N. Y. Sophomores Elect George Schuster George Schuster was elected president of the Sophomore cla*» in an election conducted at the high school this morning. Other officers elected were: Bernard Av- colile,. vice president; Loi« Pollett, secretary, and Charles Aquavia, treasurer. ATTORNEY DIES Death has taken Ally. Allan E. Brosmith of West Hartford. Bro- smilh for many years was » member of the legal staff of the Travelers Insurancu Companle*. Three Additional Donations For March Of Dimes Auction Three additional contribution* to the March of Dlntw Auction, to be iponffored by the Nuiifatuck NCWH next Tuesday night at Ui« Salem PlayhoiiBe, were received today. Frcedman'i contributed » Hheepukln-lliied man'* coat, valued at fSS. Fox Cleaner* donated » 15 credit order. Fount'* Service Station (»v« two cane» ot motor oU, valued »t M8, Starting tomorrow the cttte will be on dlaplay a* the Connecticut EJcht «nd Fowrr Co. display window on Mapto atreet.. .

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