Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 15, 1896 · Page 13
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 13

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1896
Page 13
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THOUSANDS .OF- PAIRS -OF- SHOES Are sold each season by us to Men Women and Children. There are good reasons for it. Stock Always Fresh, Quality High Styles Right, Prices Low and your money back if dissatisfied with your purchase. Stevenson 1 Klinsick. - 403 Broadway. THE FIRS! nATIONAL BANK — OF — LOGANSPOBL: . . INDIANA. CAPITAL $250,000. .',., A, J. Murdock..Fr«fc. W. W. Ron. Ca«h. ... . . , J.T. Brookmeyer, Aiit. Cum. DIBICTOBS: BanklnK In al. Itc Departuient* promptly Smfetr W> Cuitomeri and Btookholdw* RM«rv« Fund nwlntAUMd. .. Business Change; jamw'..B«al»Qr Kaa pnr.chased the Pelton meat market He uow occupies «be new room.Ju«t erected to the west .of the old stand, and It te Ma Intention to run a flrrt-da» »lnop and handle a full Bne of fresh and isalt meaU. . ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ BBJ| ^^^^^^^ M ^ B ^^^^^gMMI> DAltY JOURNAL SATURDAY, AUGUST 15, 1800. QaiUiifloiwer.—Hothennel ; Sutacrlbe for The Journal, i Spring cbickeas.—F. G. Klenly'e. 1 500 basket of peaches, 13%c.—Trout. Sngar cired'hatas lOclb.—McCaffrey &Co.- •'•'••--• ' • ' ' ' Qeo. Harrijon bai the fln*rt line of bammocki In tba city. Ladles' .tao shoes, chol.ce- $2.50.— Aaron Grecnsfelder, TWrd and Market streeXS. . , . 700 baskets of peaches arrive tomorrow morning. Watch our prfees,—Mc- Caffrey & Co. .Railroad ehoee, pateot laced congress,. $2.00.—Aainoo.GireensXelder, Third and Market streets. .-•;•••. 75-cenit laundei*d shdrt today at 35c each.; tl*e tliatsoid'at 30c, 15c; all good* go now at 1ihe Twi'de Palace. Poach seasoD.l8 .thirty days in advance of toslt year. Don't delay, purchasing. Brice 17c baskot—McCaffrey & Co.' : You need Hood's Sarsaparffla to enrich and pnrlfy your Wood, create an appetite• and ; glTe sweet, refreshing •leep. '•• . ••••: '•• - •'•":' • " ' ••"•'•" '';• • •;' ConalSer a momenit, yon, -inay". .be the lucky, one, make a guess today,..it -won't wwt you a ceuit: ' -Bee Patent AdjostabF;| • Umtrella,.Roofs. Your Umbrella Hade as Good as New While You .'' Wait.; : ; '. ',.;• .'• DEWENTER The HATTER And FURNISHER THEY MEAN BUSINESS. Sound Honey Democrats Issue Call For National Convention The National Democratic headqunr- tere te now a busy place. Thursday the call -for the National convention 1 o£ September 2, to be held at IndUmnpoMs.wa mailed to the several state -headquarters A request was also sent aslcLng the mem bet's of the provisional National -com mlttee. to iroport at once the dates flved on tor the State conventions, called foi tlic purpotee of selecting delegates to the National convcmtloh. Tlhe following States Jiave caMcd conventions: Vermont August 18th; Maine, August 20tli: Texas, August 25th;'Keu±ucky, August 25th; Illinois, August 2Sth.; New York August 27th. Connecticut held her con rcntkxn last Wednesday. Tlwre wMl be no State convention In India™', In every Congressional dte trlot, however, on 1ihe 20th. of this mooth a mass coii'ventlon wMJ be iheld to elect delegates 'to the State convention, for the nomination of electors; and the selection of pemnainetrt members of .the .State central committee. The State com!md.ttee will probably be given the power to ohoobe -el-eators at large and delegates at large to the National convention!. It Js promised Uiat several prominent Democrats wili be present-at tte In- ddanapolls eonvontlom. THere -Is .an enormous denwund on .the committee -for sound '-money literature, and. Secretary 'Wilson has ordered more than a car load of-goQci matter for distribution. ORGANIZE ATT LUCERNE, Sound Honey Club Started Last Night, and a Rousing Meeting Held. . W. T. Wilson addressed d large crowd at the school house at Lucerne • last jilgh't. The auditors numbered ovfcr one'hundred and fifty, and the. sound money arguments of.'the speaker were iieard with' attention," Those who were not able to gain aii entrance to die building, .heard the talk from the doors and windows. • > • At the close of the talk-County Organizer Gaimble-organlzed a McKinley Sound Money club, in wlilch fifty mem.- bers were em-oiled.' The following ofH- cers were chosen: 'President—WmiT. Baker. Vice President—Samiuel Ballenger. Secretary—John Herd, Treasurer—J. T. Walker. Tlie isound money cause te gaining recruits from 'all parties' In the nelghbor- •hood .of Luceni-e, and Uie,H«pu.blicans ta tliat section are cprresiponidlngly. hopoful. -•-••• RAN AWAY FROM HOME. . A telegram was received at poBce headquarters yesterday affternoon from the authorities at Pern, asking the offi- .ceiB here to be on the lookout lor a boy natncd Harry 'Gleason who ran away from that place yesterday morning, llowlng'.is a description o* the.lad: Thirteen years old, dark complexion, brawn eyes, black halir, did not have any coat or -hat when he left and wore a, ragged shirt amd pair of old shoes. He te supposed to have come to. this, city. . . .. ' . . ' , - - - A bicycle .party .of. eight 'headed by. Lizzlp Felker.rode to Royal Center and. return last evening. After- the ride a" luncheon -was served at' Miss FeJker's home on the Southsi.de. ' The followl-iig peirsons w.pix; In the.:party^Mteses Sadie aad Daisy ...Grace, Maggie .Peltoo and. Lizzie Felker .aid, Messrs. Henry- Stoli; Earl: an<l .'..George -Riddle : and • Francis Bowman. -. • ••• • ••••:••'.-. / .-••'• ••"•••'.... : Brought Against Otto Henry Becker and Louisa Duessng Wants Twenty Five Hundred Dollars. Divorces Wanted--Johri Baldwin ! Ditch Contract Let. ' Louisa, Doess-leg, the nged German woman- who was «>•• brutally assanlte.d by-Otto and Henry S. Becker..June ,30th Oast, 1ms brought suit for dauuiges against, the two Beckers In the'sup: erf $2,500, attorneys Jotai G. Meek. ; an'a F-ramk' Swllgart flJlihg the complaint.yes- terday evening. Tlhe complaint al'Iegea that on June 80 the defendants entered the dooryard of plaintiff and, while She was w ;her own promises, committed an assault upon' tow, to which Is added. the {further charge of assault and.Jjflt tery.. Plaintiff alleges-that sh.3, was .confined to >her bed by reason of ..the In juries she received at the time, and that her daughter, who was working out as a domestic. Hind was reoedvliig two: dollars per week for such work,.wa<5 conn polled to abandon her ^Ituntlon to care for -hftr 'mother; that the daughter was arway from her work six weeks -by rea son of sue-Ill necessary attentions. The plaintiff herself was capable of aiming and did earn botore she was.disabled by said assault, town three to five dollars per wieek working out, tat that she has bwsi unable to perform such work otace said assault. Slie asks Judgment in th ' sum of $2,000. The divorce docket is almost keep- 'Ing .pace with the number of marriage licenses Issued. Three divorce com- pl'a-Tnts wore Died yesterday and, what Is' the more remarkable, all were on com- platot of tihe-hiisbands. Klstler & Kiet- ler fl'led the comiplaliat oi£ Prank P. Coyle vs. M'lDnite Coyile. Platattff "alleges cruel and InlHimnu treatment on the .part of hJs wtfie; wlvoin. he married nine years ago. He ailso charges that defendant has been guilty of improper mod tomoqal conduct 'In that she has consorted with .men amd women of. evil repute. '' . . : • Jamete Dompsey is suing for a divorce from/tils wife Mary. .In the complaint filed by Attorney John. B. Smith the plaintiff alleges .that.defendant abandoned - hlm Jn January -hist and has'slncs refused to live wteh, hiim as Ills wife. Wiffitom F. MeCtoeb, by Ms attorney, John B. Smith, 'Is an applicant for.the severance'of the marital vows',-which blind Btan to Ollle S. McGtaeb. • Plaintiff changes Uiat defendant abandoned 'him August Id-last amd has since refused to live with' him.' He charges ,cranJ and inhuman treabmtent and adultery. . \' Sanmiel E. Gross Js sutog John H. BarafUsld on a note, demand being made for $1,000. M. F. Mahoney Is plaintiff's attorney. ' * , .••..-• AN OLD CASE. ..'••,. The dl'beh. known as hue "John Baldwin ditch," in Deer'Creek township, was. let' for construction yesterday. The dlWh was petitioned for some two years ago, and a remonstrance against its construction was fought through the Circuit court amd to the Supreme, court. The Circuit court 'sustained the .petitioners and ordered tike-ditch establish^ ed. The Supreme court affirmed the dfr «l»lon of the lower count, and the ditch was advertised to be let yesterday, There were ten bidders on the .contract for excavating and putting to tie.tile and n-lltng In: It wjll necessitate some. figuring .to tell who the successful bidders !.are. Mlltar, Simmons & Todijun- ter of Young America were awarded tlie conlrract for 'furalsuilng ttoe eight and ten. Inch tile for 'the upper'.end' of' the ditch, the elghfc-ilincli to be fwnlsHed. nit seventy cents per rod, and the ten- Inch 'at' ninety-seven •' cen'te.' • '\VdlLi-a_m' Dewelse wltl fnraash the twelve arid' flf tee.-tocli tlle'ifor the lower end of !tlie' diimln nit $1.20 for tie twelve^noli and $2;08 for the flfteenrlnch.- 1 • ''•••' Will AddJsoa of Indlanopolils, who sells toys and notions for Charles Mayer & Co., of India napo/Hp, Is at the Mur :; dock../Mr. Addlson probably carries more, sample trunks than any .man on the road. Ko has .eighteen big packing cases, stuffed fuM of goods, and- were 1 It not that he Js such-a genial gentleman,!'the railroad baggagemen would. liaite tlie.slgh't.of-him. •'.-.'.• BevJUe : of the old Ottos, went to 'hfe 'home in Indianapolis, yesterday, He" will,; finish the remainder. of -the.; season'wjitii the OutlngB. : . \-.. I for McKinley Caps, sc for Bryan Caps: = ; : V I irrust do more business, I don't care for profit, I WANT BUSINESS, 60c for choice of anjr Straw Hat in th.e store worth :up to $2. I will guarantee every dollar (cash dollar) to possess the purchasing at the .Merchandise Displayed in Front ot Store and! Show Windows witfi prices will convince you that we are in earnest A 0S?Wation Towell Rack and Gomb Case with Mirror, FREE witk OTTO KRAUS "Of Course" ', FREE COINAGE OF IRON. Georgia Han Who Will do the Sil- •ver Cranks 100 Better. • Attaita, (Ga.) Journal: Alexajidcr P. HuM, of A*lflinW,...«s ;«• sta«ng iC-*o : l Be xlocs'tfoit bellievc to half-way •measrn-es. Idea te, to .tame for him.' He is to see the sifovenlifres and to go them 100' petals bettor. -HeUe ore hite-dojlarnibton, posliaioinj and argumenit: H«iyiliDg bean deeply impressed by ttie!nirgiioven*9 ot Judge Ouiissp, Bryan, Stewomt, Jones amd other silver leaders, and espectally gi'Ieved, shocked and lioMitfled \iy the 'aiwiful. crime of 1873,' fls so luraM'ly depdcbed daily to tlie columns of -the AjOanrta Canstlifcuitlan and otlner sMver orgams, I iiave chnaged m'y views ••on tlte momey quttstton!, and am neady to matatnto Che propos!!tliion» 'fol- Hor\v,lliijg l!n Joint debate or newspaper oanitiwea'sy. -'..'."I accept the argument of tJie advo- of sllvoiv awl agree wllthi their lj' as fair as te goes. Hmve>:er, it does no go far enough. • Lot us have plenty of ramedy-4n fact, enoughi to make debt a^ud povsrty thtogs of the' pasit, reMws of the dairk ages. I am In favor of ;the.'free and unitanlited coinage af-p4K ; .tron "nit thte raillto ot 16 to l.wltli gold by the Umllted States alope, inde- pendenUy of all aaHIons and oara prove by th* beat : aavthorliry otrtainoibte that siiclJ a policy on the part of the TJnWed States j-wiaj-aifce' pricey', 'put plenty of nioncy: to circulation,' and gdive the lion- est debtor a chaiuce to pay his debts,' 1 .thereby mafclng tiie whole coumtry -pros porous. .•)••• •• "• ••-.'. • •••'• •"••• "N ; ow, In the first place, It may' be urged l>y : -«>ra<e 'who do mot uadcrstoiwl tine subject of staiudnrd of value' that a. f iiefrjcotaage adt "for Iron would not rafc.its prlioe to a K«l|to.af ll>. to 1 with gold.'"-jr»>!th«m.I reply that .the' stamp of tiling govetmaneait amid tlie 'legal tender 'iqualMeB' :;of 'thb toon- • dollar would jmistfliniay 'mnke the buMlon value Of pJgijrion-jtiliie'Kiimie.nB'ihe mint value.' 'For :wiio, would' part with aii oiince of tills 'ipixjctous ;metal • for aniytM.ng. less a-' tifjeiantat value? '(Stotwa.rtr Jones oind ' 1 -*-' |l inn.y-"be' urged .thai'our be -oreiricrowdied with pJg ., repl|y that the prtwe of pig irop iiaiyipkjb6fln !: rateed"ftrom $7.50 a toa to amiio!<3|f Ifl-'tol' willth .gold the world oy : er"jnb one would esrpcctaMy care; to cMry'ik.;t»^ihe''ffltoh», since the mfat priioe coiiM^l* ! -'o:bi(nilined flnywlhere in the open man-ket.' (Atianta/ Constlta- Mon.) Ne^t'lt'-nujy be urgwi thjit gold ain<a'8l]|ei^woMld''gO out of circulation. _ reply;! flrst. 'Tihiis .is a mere a^uimp- Moii 'oif:! Hh*."t)6ofe • of -tiie' monej' power WhllcSfi,''' i 'itbyey'.'-oainjndt: veriify:' (Atlanta. 1 ConiB'tttliitton); second, 'Suppose', golii. d/nd'i«dll'r«ir,'',do-gp oiuit of cLiviiilaitfon, 'Js tlbere inot-ntenity of -pls'lron. to take t;beta' iplnceialid gUvc the. people plenty of '' inomey power, by th«" 'Wall street shaa-kB' aind tlie 'Boittl street Shyloeks' Himt we could not aJowe go cm a piig'Iron bas.ie withoot an toteimaitionail agjiee- menit, 'To saicli dastai-ds as dare to lay a Ifisnilit to the porwer of the Ain.erican people to do whnt tJicj- plwase, iudepqnd- ejifiy of aM natlwns, I hurt their cowardice and lack of piitriot'.sm back in their dfleaB bif ciroulaiting atamdard of value; ' gold - would- Stiji be potential money: jrii'ittale;'-though not In 'claieula- iosif.anu .woiilid; : lend. thelir help toward railsl/ng prices aad causing general pnos- periry...' . ."Th«njagidiri,' : 1it'n)ay be urged tinb pigiillixwi'ataffljdiard of value that; ivn-geis vfould'not nlise' In pi-opoiitloai.,tn'. pri,ce8'. : Enhe reply-to, 'Wages woiild,be; inpeM^u t/o'rlse^. slpoemo man wooji|]; V if obi' -jinoiigh to "work for f 1' a" da-^.' ' " ''ouM make ?1,000 a day pickloip.- lityi nnJte'aind okl ,ho.rse shoes, and? oawytagililiein '[to t'hkj millnt for coinage.',; , i 'it -may be.'urg«d by 'the be' ''In 1 "The 'crime' of deinonetizlnp p!K Iron took place atwirt 2,200 -yeans ago, when oentato 'goMolatoais' nod 'sLlvedtes,' in ardor to increase the purchastog pwvet erf their iU-go*ten) weaMi, secretly and '•like tMteves In the wight' got. She de- inoinetizatiiioai act passed repealing the good, oM 'frEie-oolinage act of Lycurgius, tliie 'Mend of our araocKtors' daddies.' Todajy CliiJma fc the only country on aarltili luoincBt emough to co-Jo Iron, aod th'one the'htippy laborer can 'cany hojne the wages of lite honest toil in a wheel- v kiiaxw.! (Aflanta." Constitution.) "A ruinous fall in iprlces followed the demonetization! of tooin amd has conti'n- ued for upVard of .2,000 years. . I have calculated tine losses «mitaifll<xl upon' the homes* people of the world by that ruthless aot, buMlie figures are BO anonmoua I Bear a revodubloiL wiffll easuc If the pe/opte , learn how gaienit^y Uvey have beem robbed. But facts are facts, and ith'e best way to rigtht.a wrong. -Is -to meet .lit squaideliy. Tlhlat loss te $2,000,000,000, : 000,000,000,000,000,000,000.' (Coin's 'Finamctol School.') "Im ooinKluislian; I insist .that the free ootoage of pig iiron wiJl do eve.rytbing ffljat Is oliataed for sflvex and Infinttely more. Uite people -will be rtch arid,. prosperous. T!he 'once poor mian can pay lite dfebte with hils old stove. Rail- i-oads cap declare dividends ao old rails and WOTiWkut rolltog stock. The- small boy .cap' pick up old naito amd horse- sflioes anough do support Ms familly. In fine, poverty 'and debt can' no longer exist."- ' •'•' ' ' " SPECIAL EXCURSION -TO- ' THE HOBO ARMY. Tramps give the railroad companies a groat deal of trouble and tlie amount of property destroyed; by them 1 to the course., of a year, makes a sang BUOT. Of ten when tramps are not permitted to rifle they take their spllte out by dainag- dmg.ratlmoiia propery or dotag. something ;to, .tenpede' work. .Putting eand or gravel to the JouiraiaJs of .cars is one of theltdTavortte tricks. : WHAT HE GOT. A boy In Fulton county, tod smoked 1,200 box* 'of cigarettes and saved the pictures, and then wrote the arm asking them what they would send lutrn to exchange for them. Tihe answer came by^ return mall: "Smoke '1,200 more and wie wilffl send you a "coffin." NIAGARA FALLS VIA VVABASH August 18, 1896. Special Train Will L«ave LOG AN SPORT at 6 p, m. lugust 18, arriTtng'Sfl*- gara Falls at 6:35 next morning. ONLY $10. For the Round Trip from Loganf- port. Tickets good on special train only, v ' GRAND FETE Reproduction of Famous War Scene* Thrilling Naval Engagement " ' Firework* at . St. Joseph Sunday FARE $2.00 - JTraln leaves Vandalia Station «fc T a. m. ReturnlnR train due to lea»B 8t..,Jo«eph at 7 p. m. will .be helft three hours BO that excursionist* may.enj'oy .he entire . THE BABY ESCAPED. • Miss'Dora !Jta»eiison' of, Campbell's laundry,-aw?,' a wheelronni carrying a c<hJld on the front of We wheel, collided Tlmmsdoy evening at the corner of- Foarflj and Market streets. Ml* Jtoer- soh was thirown to the ground, but was not seriously injured although the fall, wae a dangerous one.' Her wheel was badly damaged.i.Tdie baby was uninjured.- .•'.,.,• .-. ..• Six weeks ago I suffered-with a very severe eold; was'almost unable to speak My.friends all advised me to consult a physician.. Noticing Chamberlain's Cough Remedy • advertised In the SL Paul Voiles Zeltung I-procured a bottle, • and after;taking It a. short while was entirely well. I now most heartily recommend this remedy to anyone suffer- ng with a .cold. :: ' Wm. -Kellj 678 Shelby Ave., St. Paul; Minn. 'For aale by. B. F. Keesilpg,, drnggiflt.\ . - _".; .The tooanspoit Humane Soclelr '' ' (INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to vVomen Children: and AnimaJ* '•. • E. S. Rice—Fr««. ••, G«o. W. W«lt«r»—S«c. . i .-. : J. 0. Hlld*br«iidt-Treiw. . . W.' M. Bi»hop~Hnm«n* Oflcer. I. S. Hlw. J. C. HWtej. T. ' GeoWWultW*, J.J. HIl Peeked JuiUoe. • . _ . HTB. W. 0. Pritt Mrs. J. K. «•«. Telephone No. SO, Beporf COM of cmeltjr to Seeretuj. "'"' .ADDITIONAL LOCAL. ..Mutual teleplione No. 270 na« .placed in the Democratic headquarten. John R. Pratt, the wafl paper dealer, 'te Improving the interior of Ms Market street store, Pat KeHy and Chris Speltzle, bolfc vags, were taken- to *licdty Umlte y«6- terday m«rn1ng and told to* move. The. Panhandle IB opcrattpg «ie ste»» vgravel shovel at tlie gravel baink.bekw nmiethv toklng out gravel for use on •the North end, , . Mr. amd Mrs. Walter Uhl entertahida a-'nomiber of their friend* and' relatrwi on last Wednesday erentng *he occaf*oc being tlie fifth 'anniversary 'of tibcfc .-wedding. . . ' Mr. and Mrs.'Chester . Keen enter-': tatned a-nuimber of their friends at.deir. home on the WestsWe Tbunsday/eTW- ing in -honor of their guest, Mise'Pap- tlinna Woodford of. Terre .Haute. Ttoe evening was spent at social gajncs. Tte- fi-eshnncnts' were served. The rains and tl»e hot weather'have coniibilned to prodiioe a variety of raneBs ii» tlife back alleys that te far from "being either agrceaMe or iieaKhful. Property owners .t]jemeelT«s*«.re. respoMrfble ,for the foul condition of the jilleyway's :.to it great extent; '*AJ1 (torts 'of garbaje • ie dumipefl into the alloys and left *te> rot in Hie' toln 'and bake in. t(ie s\iii, : mating a palace liotme for millions of flie§ v . '.., •^&££ti£-£^ John |L2SulIiva^; isiipjic^ljaiitf fcy^an.All Star aation::Don f(tye$^$^Tr&C6y, : Tom , White, Billeyi/kurphir, ^oerBJer-transvBIg Tom Chandler, Big Bob.; ~^ others under direction of

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