The Tacoma Daily Ledger from Tacoma, Washington on October 21, 1903 · 4
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The Tacoma Daily Ledger from Tacoma, Washington · 4

Tacoma, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1903
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"r r ’ int tIAILT LfcUGER TAUOMA WASHINGTON WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 21 1803 1 1 1 ' il ' i i j i ! 1 n 1 l 11 H i: FI tc ! l’l SI j: Ff III THE TACOMA LEDGER PUBLISHED BT TUB TACOMA LEDGER COMrAXY 8 A PERKINS Entered at the Pontofflce at Tacoma Washington as second class matter Permanent Home Fidelity Building Eleventh and Commerce Streets Ei stern Business Office 43-49 Tribune iHiiiillnp New York City Western Busi-iwsr Office 510-T12 The Tribune Building Clil I’a go The 8 C Beckwith Special Agency sole agents foreign advertising Washington D C Office 1417 O street N W SCB9CRirTIOX RATES One year by mall in advance Six months by mall in advance Delivered by carrier per week SUNDAY One year by mall In advance Six months by mail in advance WEEKLY One year by mall in advance Six months by mull in advance 1750 3t- 15 $2 100 $100 60 TELEPHONES 1 p department or intended for editors or re' Sirtera should bs sent over Telephone sin SOL Messages for the advertising or circulation department should be sent over Main UL COMML'XICATIOXS All messages pertaining to the editorial Mall communications should not he addressed to any individual but to The Ledger REWARD A reward of $25 will be paid for Ike arrest conviction and punishment of any person stealing copies of the Taeoma Ledger In thle city TUB TACOMA LEDGER COMPAXY CITY OFFICIAL PAPER TACOMA WASHINGTON Oct 21 1908 Weather today— FAIR EFFECT OF COLORS s Belief exists that colors have a definite effect A recent article purporting to be scientific in source set forth some of these effects Subjection for a month to purple rays would cause madness White would bring on blindness Yellow would do one thing green another and so on down the list To the last color alone is given the quality of beneficence That the blue sky is not malign in its influence is explained by the statement that the sky is not blue but green which might be a satisfactory explanation except that it is not true Without doubt there ' is some basis for parts of this theory The eyes subjected to a continuous glare of white would ' give way before the strain for they are not' constructed to endure such a test Hence the suit reflected from an unbroken area of snow leads- to blindness unless the vision be in some measure protected There iff no demonstrated reason for supposing a bath of empurpled light would change the subject to a driveling idiot for while he might emerge from the experience in such condition it would not be a change More than twenty years ago there arose a fad for blue glass Invalids housed themselves beneath a canopy of it and awaited the flush of health After a while they died or got tired and the glass was sold to the person who cultivated conservatory pabbsge About that time there was written a song that summed up the situation One verse and the refrain ran something like this: ’Twill take the blossom from a strawberry nose Cure a woman of too much tongue Restore the bloom of youth to age And Is sure to make an old maid young Oh it’s blue glass blue glass A great discovery sure -If you happen to be sick It will cure you mighty quick So try the bluo glass cure The mention of scarlet was inadvertently omitted Science gives it a place also It iff supposed to promote criminal tendencies So it does Shake a scarlet rag at a bull of morose tendency and take notice REFUSED TEN MILLIONS According to the Kansas City Star Thomas Day of Idaho has refused an offer of $10 (XX) 000 for a mine in Idaho lie is making out of the mine now $30- 000 a month Until recently he had never iosseeed at one time as much as $3000 lie is a plain man of simple tastes and habits llis refusal was not a silly notion nor tlie exhibition of a high' principle but it was due to good common sense The millions would have been a burden to him lie would not have known what to do with them He would have taken upon himself a load for the 1 tearing of which there would have been no compensation ‘’Plie Master Rogue" is a recent work of tliat peculiar fiction which is the truth but thinly disguised It tells of the miserable struggles of a certain class of the multi-millionaire The chief character is a stranger to happiness lie would be a pathetic figure save for the meanness that iff his inspiration ami causes him to le despised The author of the book had studied the subject deeply and sets forth in plainest terms the proof that millions hoarded are not capable of winning comfort happiness or respect To be extremely poor is to bo extremely unfortunate but hardly more so than to be reckoned among the first rank of money kings There is no life more empty and lurren than that which knows no other ambition than to heap up gold not for a definite purpose but simply to see the glitter of it hear the clink of it and to know that in small minds I here is excited envy in weak - minds hate or fear Thomas Day is to be congratulated if there is such a man If there is no such man an admirable type has been conjured up there ought to be such a man He has an income more than sufficient to gratify every sane desire Why should lie or anybody else desire to pass this limit? SNATCHING AT A WREAT2L No sooner has a brow been -crowned with bay than envious fingers grasp at the wreath trying to snatch the wearer bald-headed Cresceus is no exception The gallant horse knocked a quarter of a second off the mile trotting record and now there is an allegation that the track was 180 feet short Confirmation of this would spoil the whole business and the bay become no better than dry fodder If the 180 feet of essential space be lacking then Crcsceus has not broken a record for notwithstanding his speedy clip he could not go the distance in a quarter of a second To offset this slanderous assault the president of the fair association controlling the track declares that there is a mile and seven feet over Seven feet isr not much and neither is an inch unless on the end of a man’s nose but it is worth considering It is enough to add just a little glow to the radiance of the glory won by tlie horse If Cres-ceus can go a mile in less than two minutes lie is a wonder but if he can not only do this but throw in seven feet for good measure he is a peach DOWIE GETTING HIS DESERTS The people of New York are to be congratulated upon the reception they have given Dowie They go to see him in ex' actly the spirit they might take a look at a new monkey in the zoo Having satisfied a natural curiosity they go away having no time to waste in listening to the blithering of a fakir Dowie went to New York for the one purpose of gain lie wanted to line his pockets His idea was that he could swell his following and thus the total of tithes lie had been so successful in increasing the number of adherents that he laid aside the comparatively conservative methods by which this had been accomplished and tried to take by storm rather than by chicanery and stealth Here waff where he made his mistake To use a phrase not wholly refined New York “is onto him” There are people there ready to bite at a get-rich-quick scheme but they are a little choica as to the bait They are not impressed by the coarse work of this charlatan Probably Dowie will get out of the metropolis a wiser person chastened in soul depleted in hoard and more ready than ever to denounce the world' tho flesh and the devil a trio embracing all that declines to embrace Dowieism and pay a liberal fee' for admission to the fold of the prophet ' BASIS OF ARBITRATION Arbitration has not yet accomplished a perfect work Thus far it has been employed in cases where the dispute involved would not have led to war The hope lias arisen and still exists that in time it will be the substitute for war Arbitration cannot be deemed successful unless characterized by mutual good faith this going to the extent of a willingness to ‘abide by the decision - Castro a renegade cutthroat of South America agreed to submit certain matters to arbitration and rebelled1 at the verdict Then the nations that had regarded him as a ruffian were confirmed in the opinion llis act was not a surprise That Canada shouldTn any measure imitate it is a surprise One result is that the contention is in one sense exactly where it was in the beginning The United States h in possession of the territory and holds it by virtue of proper ownership Canada stands without and casts envious eyes across the border It is impossible to avoid the conclusion that Canada has been hoping all the time that the United States would yield out of deference to England and the promotion of amity That the people of Canada ever supposed they had a case is not to be assumed for to do this would be to impugn the intelligence of the Canadians They essayed the futile task of simulating sincerity and when they failed as was inevitable it was their cue to accept with graciousness IN EXTRA SESSION The necessity of coming to some understanding with Cuba is apparent The calling of congress' in extra session is evidence as to the opinion of the administration The men who ‘ will have the subject under discussion are all anxious to be just and at the same time conserve the trade interests of this country There hag been failure to “set together” for more than one reason The feeling existed that too great concession would be made to sentiment in the approval of a treaty satisfactory to the islanders The logic of the situation is that the United States does not owe anything to Cuba There is a debt but it is all in the other direction The people of this country saved Cuba and restored it They still await with reasonable anxiety some expression of gratitude Some members of congress who are willing to do for Cuba all that could in reason be done were convinced that the plans proposed insofar as they related to sugar were not for the benefit of Cuba but solely for the benefit of the sugar trust There is a common notion that this trust is not in need of aid and that its efforts to destroy the domestic beet sugar industry were not such as could be consistently encouraged Doubtless during vacation the members of congress have devoted thought to an important subject they knew was certain to come before them for new’ and final decision It is the duty of this conn try to proteet itself It is not called upon to make concessions for which there can be no returns The subject is to be considered as a business proposition and as nothing else It is in the hands of the republican party an organization that believes in protection and not In experiment and that through protection has placed this country in the commercial lead Reciprocity is an exchange of benefits not the bestowal of unearned favors COLOMBIA'S GAME Colombia is too small a speck to be permitted to block the scheme of building an isthmian canal The United States is forbidden by the essence of its constitution and by its avowed principles from constructing the canal through Colombia excepting with the consent of that turbulent and selfish entity Russia under the circumstances would do as has been done in Manchuria England would re-enact the pleasing role of guardian taking the Colombians under her wing and making them assume the attitude of liking it Probably the United States is tlie only great power that would allow itself to be bullied abused and delayed by the whims and crotchets of a people who have proved themselves unworthy of confidence and incapable of gratitude The payment offered to Colombia is liberal and the advantages that would accrue to it are notable The plan of the Colombians is to get more They think that this government is bound to build the canal and that it must have this particular concession If the charter granted to France shall expire by limitation as it will in six years from now Colombia reckons upon receiving not only the share now tendered to itself but also that which would under existing conditions be paid to the French Decision as to the proper place to build the canal is not for any but the judgment of experts to determine It is to be remembered that many who have devoted much thought to the subject favored and still do favor the Nicaraguan plan It will be hoped that in the end their course may be justified and the canal digged and operated without any relation to the wishes of Colombia It is a bad neighbor and to cultivate more intimate relations would necessitate nice diplomacy for the avoidance of constant friction ANOTHER YELLOW MONSTER There must be no assumption that the caption lias reference to a new Hearst paper It refers to a story published not far away in the guise of a special telegram Sometimes there is a fool at each end of a wire but probably there exists none who would telegraph such stuff or who would receive and pay tolls upon it Suspicion will be aroused that the tale was received in some other way Perhaps it was dreamed Dreams are cheap and if they occur after a hearty meal on something indigestible as water-logged securities might easily take the form of the narrative in question The strange condition portrayed Is said to prevail in an Iowa town There a fearsome monster pf the air hovers in tlie sky It seems to have the manners of a bat but more magnitude The exact dimensions are not given but from the terror inspired one might reasonably suppose the thing about the size of a whale This idea is dissipated by the statement that the -visitor was once detected in the act of climbing a telephone pole probably with the purpose of tapping the current and finding what people were saying about it One peculiarity is that by night the head of the monstrosity throws out a blinding light like that of a locomotive and in daytime the bodj’ emits an odor by the side of which the smell of a specimen of the genus Mephitis becomes as the odors of Araby People have shot at the thing and never got n feather hair nor drop of gore They have reached such a stage of fright that they stay indoors and tremble There is no statement as to wliat they think the thing intends to do with them The last seen of it was as it disappeared into an abandoned coal mine Science of the local brand explains that an antediluvian animal must have come out of a trance An easier and far better explanation is that at the little town of Van Meter Iowa there is a wooden - headed copper - bottomed double-riveted liar AN INSTANCE OF NERVE In some respects the attitude of Russia is almost comical In relation to the treaty of the United States with China opening the Manchurian port of Moukden this feature comes into prominence The signing of the treaty according to the press of St Petersburg is an indication of American aggression For assurance colossal and impressive this verdict rises close to the point of an actual sublimity It may be worth while to review briefly a few truths already I ' familiar On the pretense that it was performing a part of the duty of restoring peace to China Russia took possession of Manchuria It was there an interloper It had no shadow of title nor did it pretend to have It sought to make it appear that its intention was to occupy the territory for but a brief time It went wj far as to set a date for evacuat- Congress is made up of a body of hard-ing a date it never expected to observe j working men who have not the privilege rud that no intelligent student of at- I °? charging for overtime fairs thought for a moment to have been made in sincerity China still controlled Manchuria as a matter of law Russia controlled it as a matter of fact The United States desired open ports there It could not deal with Russia without recognition of the rights of that government and no stich rights existed Attention was called in these columns to the circumstance that Russia was the real ruler that it would seek to annul any arrangement entered into by China that the latter was helpless Notwithstanding this condition there could have been no treaty entered into with Russia The only course for diplomacy was to deal with the legitimate owners and whatever happened thereafter to maintain the privileges thus acquired The treaty to open Moukden was made during the period when Russia proclaimed its purpose of retiring and while the claim was spurious and known to be spurious the folly either of negotiating with Russia or intimating officially that Russia was playing a game was manifest The United States did the only thing there was to be done and did it with a seemly and necessary haste Now the treaty cannot- be disturbed by Russia without disturbing at the same time relations that have been friendly These being the circumstances Russia having essayed the theft of a vast area and the practical subjugation of its people seeks to censure the United States for declining to become accessory Because the United States has chosen to be honest and just and to safeguard its own commercial interests Russia declares it aggressive Surely the editors of that country are conscious of their ridiculous pose It is well that the treaty has been concluded Nobody hopes that Russia once in undisputed sway of Manchuria would open a port to any vessel not flying the emblem of the czar Russia cannot be permitted to have all it wants there are other peoples on the earth The Associated Chanties has warned a brutal father that he must reform or take the consequences Such consideration was more than the fellow deserved When a policeman catches a burglar in the act he does not warn him While Tacoraan think their climiaite about perfect they will plead guilty on its behalf to an occasional suggestion of fog Some people have to go to Walla Walla and other will go because the trip is pleasing with something to see at the end It is said the sultan refused to receive the joint note of Russia and Austria Surely a gentleman has the right to choose his own correspondents One member of a 'murderous Wyoming mob has confessed implicating thirty-live of his associates Now he seems likely to be mixed up in a second mob but in a different role Pleasant Armstrong is to be hanged by the authorities of Oregon That will not be pleasant Armstrong The Whitman county lover who committed suicide in the presence of his betrothed ought to have been more considerate of the girl’s feelings A suicide of the better type does all possible to avert a scene A 1 200-pound steer was dressed In Denver in the space of three minutes and thirty-eight seconds This beats the record but ifie steer gets no joy out of the distinction Sir Hector MacDonald the idol of the British army one of the ablest of its officers and a hero who had battled his way from the ranks as will be remembered killed himself rather than face trial on-a shameful charge Rigid investigation has demonstrated that the charge so hideous that there has never been open mention of its nature was a slander The committee failed tk fix the responsibility for the slander but the guilty man is a murderer and ought to execute himself Dowje has had a frost in New York There exists a prejudice there against imported fakers generally It is rather a pity that the Canadian commissioners have chosen to act the part of pouting kids ' the Perhaps Mr Parks may have honor of getting on the editorial staff of the Star of Hope a paper published at Sing Sing An Irish farmhand in Connecticut has accumulated $5200 out of his wages To do this required only thirty-two years and he had six days of vacation at that Now he is happy with a fortune that will keep him the rest of his life back in Ireland whither he has' 'sailed There are many points of view Some Americans would regard this fortune as about enough to supply them with a good time for a week and they would make or lose ten times the amount in a single day Dr Babbitt of New York announces tfhat he has discovered the secret of controlling sex prenatally Similar announcement have been made before Nature however keeps right on and docs not seem to know tliat a course has been laid out by science Whitaker Wright of London has been indicted And he thought he had made away with enough to put him' in the financier class An ex-convict caught with powder for the apparent purpose of blowing up rail- roads is apt to lose the “ex” And now the Russian bear is growling at the United States Dear dear Let’s run That fraudulent promotion business has no standing cn this coast and no excuse There is too much that is genuine and in need of exploitation Aberdeen is not the sort of town io mind a little thing like a fire A PROVOKING HABIT Both of the men were middle-aged One was paunchy and content 1-looking the other lean and alert They live in the same neighborhood in Eckington Their conversation on the rear platform of the outbound Eckington car began amicably enough says the Washington Star ‘Sumptuous fall weather cli?” said the fat man sniffing the brisk air enjoy ably “One thing’s certain and that is that we haven't had any too much — ” “Rain this fall” finished out the lean man “That's a fact Tlie fall equinoctial storms must lia' been side-tracked somewhere” “Fellow hates to be cooped up in an office on days like these” said the fat man “Feels more like — ” “Spending all the time between meals out in the open air inhaling chunks of ozone — that’s right” cut in the lean men flicking tlie ashes from his cigar “Air’s soaked with ozone just now” Tlie fat man resumed quiet for a little while “Surprising number of neat-looking little houses to let along the line eh?” he began again after a pause “It would seems as if the Washington folks are all moving into — ” “Flats” broke in the lean man “That’s right — all hands seem to have the flat bug here in Washington nowadays Don’t see why either Can’t see ’em myself Too much like playing at housekeeping Want some kind of a yard for mine no matter how dinky it IS “Well” said the fat man “there’s one thing about these flats that counts nowadays and that is that in the cold weather- the flatters don’t have to buy “Coal — that’s true enough” cut in the loan man “but there’s not much chance of there being another coal strike this coming winter and anyhow they tell me that folks living in flats have a bum time trying to keep warm by furnaces that don’t work and steam heat that doesn’t heat” The fat man began to gaze slantwise out of the corner of his eye at his companion It was apparent that the thing of having the words taken out of liis mouth was beginning to rattle him some The car went several squares before he opened up again “Was talking with a New York fellow about the coming municipal election down at the office” he said then “and he said that the - f “Fusionists haven’t got half such a cinch as they think they have” broke in the lean man “Heard tlie same thing myself a couple' of days ago — man who’s on the inside told me that Tammany’s prospects looked great” “Say” said the fat man turn ing around and facing the lean man “wnat the dickens is your idea any way in taking the words out of a man’s mouth the way you do? Don’t you s’posc I know how to — ” “Talk? Sure thing you do” said the lean man “ ’Souse me old man Go ahead” “Well” started the fat man slightly mollified “I was going to say that this man down at the office told me that Low is — ” “Mighty unpopular with the hustlers — the fellows that go out and yank the votes” put in the lean man “Guess that’s right too — sort of a chilly prop- osition Low personally Ife-” J' ‘There you go again with that confounded annoying habit of yours” burst out the fat man in a tone of complete exaspera talon “I should think you’d cut out that practice of — ” “Mind reading — thinking too blamed fast— that’s right” said the lean man apologetically “ ’Scuse me again' “It's an infernally aggravatiing thing to be constantly — ” “Interrupted when you’re talking — know it is You were saying?” “I wasn’t saying anything but I’ll say right now that you make m “Tired — uh-huh ’P°e I comes to that Can’t help it though— hey“n 1 “ °d d°g ”eW tnCki “Aw you give me a — ” “Pain ' Hope it doesn’t hurt much though” “If I was as chinny as you are I’d go and bag my — r “Head No you wouldn’t though You’d find it too inconvenient Let’s forget it” “Go hire a — ” “Hall Too expensive” “For two cents I’d knock your — ” “Block off But be nice now — be nice!” “You’ve got to be a regular wind — ” “Mill Well maybe I have Sorry” “I’d like to hand yon a few but here’s my — ” “Corner Well along old man Be good” The fat man swung off the platform with an angry flush on his face and then stood in his tracks and shook his fist fiercely at the grinning lean man with the interrupting habit “It would be worth ten dollars of any man’s money” bawled the fat man as the car started again “to give such a chatterer as poll parrdt unmannerly cr you a darned good — ” “Licking” sung back the lean man through the funnel that he made of his hands Several of the other men staanding on the rear platform ached to punch the lean man but it wasn’t their funeral of course and they took it out in scowling They showed by their manner though that they’d all been lashed to fury at some time or another by the imbeciles with the habit of taking words out of other people’s mouths and they ell went into the car so that they wouldn’t have to ride gny further with the irritating lean man MEMORIES Edith Turner Newcomb In Harper's Bazar An empty room and yet how full Of her since she has gone: No trifle but become a thins For thought to dwell upon The very silence misses her And mgves on noiseless feet Fearing to wake some memory Tbe brave heart could not meet Irrevocable fate Is felt In every place and look! How Arm Its Iron hand has grasped That open half-read book A Pioneer In Llterntnre New York Sun Tbe Tower of Babel had just begun the confusion of tongues “Great Scott!” cried the man at the bottom “what a perfectly lovely dialect novel!” Hastily taking it down In shorthand he made notes for the success of the season The self-made man resembles a hand organ whose repertoire consists of only one tune Energy usually brings success and suc- Invarlavly brings energy r JOHN WANAMAKER the merchant prince of Philailepliia and Xcw York delivered his first day's sales in a wheelbarrow I They amounted to $3700 lie took that $3700 to the best morning paper in the city and spent it for ad- vertising llis success commenced then He is still advertising He is still growing Why not follow his example and advertise in The Ledger THINGS WENT WRONG Chicago News “I’m going to try to get a room with some family that lives in a house instead of a miserable little hall room in a third-floor flat” said Elise vindictively as she sat down at the luncheon club and arranged her dishes The other girl looked surprised “Even if it does cost more” added Elise ‘I thought you were living economically to save enough for that year’s course’ began the other girl looking over her tea-cup with mild interest Elise gave an impatient jerk to her id auburn-crowned head “That is true” she answered: “but that course will have to wait One must consider one’s comfort and self-respect Oh I’ve had an awful time I” “What waff It?” asked the other girl as Elise paused to secure the proper dramatic effect before setting forth the harrowing details of her suffering “Listen” said Elise leaning forward and poising a spoon “It should be a warning to you never to live in a little liall bedroom in an abominable little flat “Last night” she continued “Harry — Mr Prentiss you know — took me to the theater I’ve met him so often over at Madge’s— friend of mine Madge took pity on me long ago and arranged so I could meet and entertain my mends at her house She’s an awfully nice girL But of course I don’t like to impose on her too much — and a girl would like to sit in a parlor alone with her company sometimes and not be under obligations for the room I can’t ask anybody into the little flat where I board because Mrs Jenkins — the landlady — has let rooms to three other girls beside myself and has oer girls' beside myself and has I er folding bed in what should be the I So what could I do?? J I mVaii smaw Haatiin mmlA Aka aikew wiwl 1 You poor dear!” said the other girl in the correctly sympathetic tone which girls always use when they get a chance I usually dismissed the men at the door or in the lower hall but Harry— Mr Prentiss — has been so nice and attentive and I rather liked him Bo when we came home from the theater last night and landed in the hall in the middle of an interesting story he waff telling me of one of his trips instead of shooing him out as usual I sat down at the foot of the first stairs while he stood up leaning against the wall My! It was a graceful attitude I admired it ever so much as he stood there talking with the fon light lining down upon his lovely cur— Now what are you smiling you smiling at?” “I wasn’t smiling dear I was just listening Go on” “He’s awfully interesting and clever I was very much absorbed ift his story when right in the middle of our talk the first flat door opened the woman looked out took things in at a glance said ‘Oh’ and1 backed in shutting the door “We derided that we’d been talking too loud and so we began to converse in stage whispers Harry was so embarrassed that he wiggled against the wall like a schoolboy hauled up for being in mischief He was talking very seriously —perfectly proper — when the second flat door opened and I looked up in time to see tbe woman who lives there leaning over the banister She said ‘Oh’ too and disappeared Then the third floor door popped open and Mrs Jenkins looked over murmured ‘Oh that you Miss Norris? and popped back “Mr Prentiss was getting so nervous that I asked him not to let them disturb him “If they expected to see us spooning they were mistaken as he was standing at least two feet away Then the fourth flat man looked down' and then backed off and as Mr Prentiss drew away out popped Mrs Jenkins again “She called down: ‘Miss Norris!’ “I said ‘What?’ real snippy because I was raging “Then in her sweetest tones she said: ‘Tell the young man with you that he has been leaning against the eleetric bell push-buttons and making them ring “Harry colored and fled I was so mortified that I save Mrs Jenktna notice this morning My next boarding place positively must have a parlor!” “Of course it must” said the other girl “I’m sure Harry would say the same If you asked him” HER DREAM Chicago Record-Herald I dreamed that I dwelt In marble halls With money piled up around me They had used nice bank notes to paper the walls Yet Fate to her torture wheel bound me For I couldn’t get rid of the horrible throught That there I might linger and pine That the last title might have already been bought That no baron or duke could be mine I dreamed that I wept till my eyes were all red I hated my fortune my treasure With no coronet to wear on my proud head My life must be barren cf pleasure! I wept in my dream till the landlady called The marble halls disappeared then And I from the boarding nouse bed sadly crawled To wait on the table again Turn About FooUig'hts ”Pt 010 audence waiting Miss “Oh let them wait! I've had to wait onff “ough for a chance to keep them waiting' TRAVELING ROCKING JIOKSK Moves Over I he Floor With Life like Leaps noil Uiiund The nld-fashioned rot-king horse u has done excellent service for tlie chib dren of the pn-t is much too tame for the youngsters of the present genera tion and many efforts have lx-t-n direct! ed toward semiring something for hjm which would he in ome respect or other a closer approach to the real tlesh-and blood thing The first step in the evo! TRAVELING ROCKING HORSE lution of the realistic rocking horse wag supplied with moving eyes and which winked and blinked with every Then tails were added which moved feebly and with the precision of the clock pendulum Horses on wheels were then provided for infantile amusement propelled by foot or hand power The latest thing in this line is the traveling hobby horse over the flow This is shown in the accompanying cut In comparing this new arrival in the nursery with the red-nostrilled tVimil which one has heretofore encountered on rockers the former suffers somewhat for the rotund lines of the latter have been in a measure sacrificed In the new addition to the rocking horse herd it is made flatter the shape being rendered necessary by the fact that the dummy horse is made in two parts— the fore and aft The proportion art pivotally secured and mounted on separate rockers The latter are eccentrically arranged aide by side so that when at rest the wooden animal reposes on all of them but when in motion tha weight of the horse and rider is alternately supported first by one set of rockers and then the other As the animal is poised on the hind part of tha structure the fore legs and their rockers being wholly out of contact ' with th$ floor are thrust forward to the fullest extent by the action of a spring but as the support is transferred to tha fore part the weight causes the parts to close up and thus the apparatus is ' given a forward bound at every awing and at the same time the legs a re given an exceedingly e lifelike motion like that of a running horse RAPID-FIRE EDITORIALS Bryan's departure for Europe Indicates his confidence In the ability of Johneoa and Clarke to defeat themselves in Ohio -Mall and Express The Warlike conditions In Ma-San-Pho — an and other Asiatic poi hyphen faminey— Rai rta seem to presage a ansaa City 8tar Organised labor should read and reflect upon the history of the goose that laid golden egg-— Mail and Express Dr Wiley should hasten to explain to the president that he predicted that the human race would become hairless not heirleu— Washington Poet The Parnell anniversary this year was but little observed When the tree falls we soon forget tbat one ever stood In Ita place— Portland Oregonian Russia fa expected to discover soma Important dlplpmatlo difference between tbe word “evacuate” and the phrase “get out’ ’—Washington Star We hope Sir Tommy will keep oh coming back after the cup for we feel awe we shall be able to lift hie appendix sooner or later — Chicago Journal Dowie expects to make $50000000 in the next two years Maybe this la one of the arguments with which he hopes to convert Wall street— Washington Star The Chamberlains father and eon r certainly giving England a great object lesson In economy They use only on pair of eyeglasses between them— Denver Republican J ' Between manifest destiny and 'benev-olent assimilation Manchuria finds herself In the situation of tho person who could not waits and never learned to two-step— Chicago Tribune Standing kneeling sitting and lying are the positions prescribed for firing by the regulations of the United StMes army The Russians In Manchuria have but one— lying— New York Commercial The hearing of the Alaska boundary case Is finished and all the usual compliments have been exchanged There nothing left to come now but the verdict— and none la expected— Minneapolis Journal Doubtless the dictionaries will make It clear that the new work “newspaper iety” means something which politicisnSr preachers chorus girls and a good many others cannot get along without— Denver Republican It appears that Tom Johnson doean’t care particularly for the governorship os Ohio He merely hopes -to compass the defeat of Mark Hanna— that is all How many men have died with that ambition unsatisfied!— Chicago Tribune All White for the Small Bey New York Timex The email boy is never prettier thafi when dressed all in white and he may bs as masculine as may be in spite of tha delicacy of his attire There are the lit tie white coats severely cut wide trimmed hats a sailor of some kind or pffj haps a white corduroy and white kid legging and mittens The legglns at the side just above the knee wits three narrow straps and buckle There are cleaning materials to be found which keep the kid in tbe state of pristin whiteness— which is necessary with white wearing apparel of any kind if it ia to look anything but shoddy A Discouragement Washington Star “Why don't you try to make some amends for your past life?” “I do try” answered Meandering Mike “But it's kind o’ hard When I tell peo- Sle dat I’m tryin’ to be honest an illustrious dey hunts up de worst job ofi de ranch an offers it to me But if I owns up at de start to bein’ a trampi dey hands out de victuals widout murmur fitlil Oat Philadelphia Press ‘Tesq says she’s ready to make up if n m is you will” naid the peacemaker ‘Tell her” repliea the obstinate J “if I had a complexion as muddy as hers I’d be ready to make up too” AU men are born without IntalllgWMS and a good many never get over It 4 I I'' 5 j

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