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Hollywood, Florida
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mm .1 Wmrr 7.11 r- iif yy -t? -vjv 'FvTwarr rf 4 ii-tr 4 An EdHor's Outlook ry i sjEg 1, A i 'i i 7 ments from is Cuban base continues. 1 But the great fact has been the collapse pared to Germany and Japan. While the first two, pale from the bloodletting, were determined to have peace at almost any price, and of the' European empires. The breakup while the French, who physically confronted the Germans, were wracked by political chaos am! in 1917 with the departure of India and tan, followed two years later by Indonesia from the Netherlands. The process now World War more nations have been cynicism, Hitler succeeded in inflaming a whole 1th dreams of triumph new.

German generation with way I have, it figured out on the bade of an envelope; 6n June 3, a week ago Friday, an in-: teresting date In modern 1 history passed com pletely unnoticed. Between November 11, marked i the armistice ending Wold War and Septan bef 1, 1931, when Hitler declared war on Poland, total of 7,598 days elapsed. And between Aag-r ust when the Japs unofficially threw la 7the towel, and June 3 just passed, there. was: 7 another Terlod 0f 7,598 I deny that I carry the dimension of the and revenge. bom than originally signed the.

United Nations charter. iQTcf these are desperately tri ly imagined that the Washington Naval Treaty, the Keliogg-Briand pact and the League of Nations had eliminated for all time the threat of another holocaust But after 1931 the wallpaper began peeling off. In that year, fhe Japs invaded Manchuria. In 33 Hitler became qhancellor and the next year he engineered the assassination ot. DolfuSshis I counterpart in Austria.

In 35 tte league of-Nations collapsed, for aU practical purposes, "when it couldnt bring itself to block takeover of, Ethiopia. From then on everybody-felt the rising wind. a 7 7 STILL, IN THE YEARS between J918 and 1939; the map of the world had changed little. The old imperial powers Britain France, the Netherlands bad held on to estate abroad. The Soviet Union had passed into ruthless one-man rule, but the forces of that tyranny were turned inward, not outward.

What had basically changed, however, was the relative condition of Britain and France com Pyramid of Cheops around in my wallet, and I have no faith whatsoever in numerology. But it is interesting to compare the equal periods of peace after the two great wars. 77 r7: 'v states jjlth -traditions and little Sf tte attack has certainly more nib knowledge- 7 7 -the firing of flaming arrows, at thatched 7 The old imposed are gone, and huts all over the world to make Unde Sams native governments must be harsh or unstable. It volunteer fire department run ltself to a fraa- an. age of revolution.

7. 7 zke. -t'. Yet, tnternally, things have not gone well WHETHER, IF THERE had not been the ap- for the Communists In any country tbey controL porenfly ideological, but more probaMjh geo- .7 The time of alibis for a faulty ideology doesnt political, split between Moscow and Peking, the ran forever, and the old-line Communist bad- world would have seen by now an open1 ag- ership tom between the necessity tor gressfam by. Communist tones in the Hitler mental changes' or dramatic victories abroad, manner questionable.

The hydrogen bomb 7, A Communist theoretician dies hard, a sobering thing. So the wind rising once again. THE JAPS, UNHURT dn the 1914-18 war, saw ln.the wuiing British particularly. after. Dunkirk, a chance to whip together a new empire the inevitable opposition of the USAcould be marshalled.

What has happened in the last 7,600 days? We had no period of relative calm. Stalin moved-swiftly to isolate Berlin and impose Common-. ism by Soviet military power on eight European nations. Only the Marshall Plan and the quick formation of the NATO alliance-disappointed his hope for a Red take-over of aU Europe. Mao threw mit Chiang and fomented the Korean War.

The drive to topple all Latin American govern- BOTH CALMS WERE, of course, broken by storms of varying degrees of violence. For the first 13 years after the Kaisers fold- 19 the world was, indeed, relatively calm. There was a little Greek-Turkish trouble and a per petual civil war in China, but millions still foul Mls(h) Marsh: BELOW OLYMPUS By Interlandi AroundyTown Mr. Clean tr Hems Go Down, trs Go Up Has Two Sides By GEORGU MARSH The wmd.frone Parb and New York, in case you accidentally missed the latest fashion announcement, that skirt hems going I wonder ifTarb and New Ywt are interested ina from Holly-It foHlwstthe pattern ut tip opposite tact-1 am that while hems may be going down, my temper is going UP. Its not the gropriv ety of the short ban versts 'the long hem feud.

that, concerns me. MARSH it the fact By EDDIE WENTWORTH Newspaper wire" services have running hot during the la few with repots of Buddhists burning them-selves to death in Viet Nam. Thie self sacrifices are reportedly in prate of the United States recognizing Premier. Nguyen Cao Kys government in that country. But there may be a tot more that isnt generally known.

Mrs. Harry Kelso of 1022 NE lOUi SL, Hallandale, has a brother serving in WENTWORTH Viet Nam. He is Glenn E. Baker, a soldier who rose from the ranks of private to Ueutes- ant Colonel since Pearl Harbor. Thats what we need Mtdeer cafes fa discussing polities Instead ef these telephone shows on radio! i i I I Here rquote portions of the letter: Guess youve all been getting gruesome accounts of the self-immolations the Buddhists are The spectacular tone of it tends to give a distorted picture tack in the United States.

I know when it fir started, Dot (Ms wife) wrote say: Well, if they dont want us there, why dont bring our boys 4 I- 'According to the- calender we have Just-recognized, the mothers of our families, and soot we are asked to recognize the fathers. Advertisements ten us what to buy, Editor's Mailbag that just about the time I take that last slip stitch the final garment and congratulate' myself that thanks to my determination and diligence, my wardrobe is mnrln (hem) line, a high one, with 4he accepted style of Paris and New York, tbe fickle fashion designers toss a bombshell into my closet and announce, in effect: Now that you have shortened all those clothes, weve decided to wear them ONE PARIS SPOKESMAN, in proclaiming the forthcoming move down- ward, said the shot-short skirt is as dead as mutton.1 I have news ferhim! Standing just under six feet high far my. flat. feet, I can most positively. assure, him that fa me the short, "short skuf is never a dead issue.

On the contrary, if he and his New York cohorts decide to lower hems, it simply means that I wiU probably be a fashion bust fa the entire While a short dress truly appears shot on me, there is really no such specimen as a long dress on my. leggy frame. The announcement concerning new hemline included another french fashion designer's erudite comment, to wit: Fashion must be both fctegant and respectable. I interpret this to that dressed in the fashionable" short skirts of this years styles, we have been nothing more than uncouth slobs. THE fashion industry, from New York to Paris and back again, is of course, -geared to (me thing and 1 dont mean creating fashionable elegance.

The motors on those high-styled sewing machines are geared to creating big, fat -bank accounts. That explains why the style scene is scheduled so that weak-minded female? like myself, who play the designers silly game and attempt to follow the years accepted hemlines, find that as soon as 7 our. wardrobes atch up -via th needle- June 19 A Triple Celebration Day ACTUALLY, THE BULK of the country does want us and needs us bere The Vietnamese are not all Buddhists by any means. 7 And reganhng the suicides, were rot' even sure they are. At least sane of the bodies already burning merrily before the Buddhists Opened the gates and Look that poa mm that burned herself.

for ur cause. Of course by that time it was just a boning copse; could have been murder well never know, the colonel wrote. 0 7 "And in one case, in Hue, they (the monks) poured oil on the body every boo and relit the fire, just to keep up the tension and tor the benefit of the press photographers. (Accompanying Col. Baker's tetter was a news picture dipped from Sat gon English-language papa.

It shows a man pouring oil on the body of bon-' tag Buddhist) On June 19, 1770, Swedenborg said, the Lad Jesus called together the 12 -disciples and sent them into the universe to proclaim the new gospel that He, the Lad Jesus Christ, was now -ruler and that His teachings were to be followed. In view of the astounding and revolutionary things that have happened or earth since 1770 we can assume the disciples have been very active in their DR. CONNOR what each mother needs and the essential needs of it father. We are made buying conscious the time these, two days cone around on the calender. Let me remind you of one thing, when you say Mother and Father, you mu immediately admit there are some children involved in the situation.

I am not pleading so called Children's Day when gifts are given and it looks like another Christmas. I would just like to remind you that years ago every church had a Childrens Day once a year. Now some churches do, but there are many that do not; WHY NOT? Let us look the children. They are little people who are dose to the truth, these are the little people who can see all the beauty of the earth, that -adults have learned to take fa The children are eager, curious, and today they are reflecting the march science this generation. Sure we reflected the march of science when we were children, put these children are being stuffed with modi more wisdom than we ever saw.

These children are the rulers and leaders of 2000 A. and deserve the help and care we can lavish upon them, for surely these children win have a FANTASTIC future, We have taken their prayers away from them in school, right a wrong, we have taken the Bible of the schools, right a wrong, surely the church mu help put the prayers and the Bible in file mind the child. I thoroughly believe that the person who helps a child helps humanity with a distinctness, and we do it with an immediacy, which no other help given to hmnan creatures in any other stage of their life can possibly be given again. "'If wesincerely "8eek'ld they wm recognize and respond, but if we sedt to help them with uliertor motives children know this too, and rebel and shrink. I believe this is true of (nr own children we try to help.

to like a John Wayne by the youth of the nation they are now put on a par of Mickey Mouse in meaning, if not in amusement, among members of the beat group. The policeman is rot paid enough. Almost any employer pays his employes more in comparison to the hazards of their wort and the skills required. A policeman is called upon to have the wisdom of Solomon, the mercy of Christ, and the courage of a frontline Marine. If he ever does anything wrong he is held up to public ridicule like a Judas.

But if he does some- WILLIAM RAWLINSON Police Under Paid And Unappreciated Editor, Sun-Tattler: Sunday, June 19th is a triple day of celebration this year. It will be Fathers Day in millions of households, the Juneteenth wiU be celebrated and the day wiU be remembered by the Swedenborgians. The Juneteenth is celebrated in sane parts of the South in honor of the visit up the Mississippi River, shortly after the Civil War, of a U.S. gunboat. The boats captain stopped at river landings and ordered Negroes to be actually freed as some were still at wort for their masters.

June 19th will be remembered by the Swedenborgians, a group whose sacred hordes (kept right -beside the- Bible)-contain- eyewitness accounts of the experiences of Swedenborg, the scientist who could visit and talk with angels, dead people and demons. Swedenborg reported that all were mice living people here on earth and other planets. He said there wore 600,000 inhabited planets. He said the Lord, after some centuries in heaven following His ascent, eventually took all power in heaven and on earth as He predicted it had been given to Him. Edita.

Sun-Tattler: -t. In answerlo your recent atv thing right it mmaiiy. gwa un- and thread routine, the rules' of the gamw are changed and we have sewn ourselves right of style. The recourse would be to remain fashionably independent Fie on the decrees Paris and New York. Lets gfend up and assert ourselves! By the way, as long as Im standing, would you take a quick took and see if my skirt is long enough? and also true of children who belong to someone else.

In the interest religious life of a nation, we mu recognize the children that mu be converted to religious if we intend to have religious influence in the nation of tomorrow. The child that creeps across your living room floa casts the shadow of things to come in tomorrows, world, I HOPE THE PEOPLE back home arent letting these suicides sway all only 5 '(at the time he wrote' the tetter) have beat burned. Weve had more than 3,506 (at the time. he wrote the tetta) Americans kilted fighting tor this country plus pou tag billions of dollars into it' 7 But we read where President Johnson is facing increasing; pressure from the FuIbright-Morse grobp in congress, plus the uninformed public. I hope hell be able to hold out tide on the.

cost to the taxpayers due to men leaving the Po-" lice Department it should be noted the causes extend far beyond shortsighted officials. Respect fa law and order is out of fashion. Ask any police- -man and he will tell you that today youngsters and many adults think more of the survival the fittest than they do of the-Ten Commandments. Policemen are more often on the defensive than the offensive. Where once they were looked up 4...

recognized until he fails to do it in the future. But it is safe to' assert that recognition of the problem and interest in its solution will help. An avalanche can he started by a small stone once it is set in motion. The citizens can do this by setting an example of respect fa authority and. also by instilling children.

Also tot our city officials know how highly we regard the maintenance of law and order in our community. Would we do less if anything other than a lack of quality policemen threatened the safety of our hones and families? 1 1 How 0 reat Acute Asthma Attacks Hollywood Sun -Tattler A Scripps-Howard Newspaper January 1, TO, a iha i Hollywood Sun Gomhinod Fabruary 4, 1942. with Tho South Sraward Tattlor WYN SAMUELS By DIk THEODORE R. VAN DELLEN Asthma is an allergic illness triggered by allergens such as food, furs, feathers, pollens, a bacterial infection of the nose, a- bronchi. The acute attack is an un- u.mi ex- forgetable Giro Light and tho Poo pit Will Find Their Own Way Distressed Woman Expresses Thanks 6.

W. McCAU PaMbhar JAMES WHYTE, Ukar Edita, Sun-Tattter: I would like to commend a quick acting Hollywood patrolman and also thank Mrs. Julia Harris who summoned him ARE SOME otha, tacts: Premier Ky, the man the Buddhists are op-. poring, is himself a BuddMst Bay Cromiey, a roted columnist writing fa a Saigon English-language newspaper, says a race doorto-doa survey in rural Viet Nam shows that Buddhists probably only account fa 20 pa; cent, of the. total population and even this figure is a numerical exaggeration because the Buddhists themselves are split on many fronts.

7, BEST REVISED estimates, are that the militant groups associated with the anti-government movement, Including their followers and disciples, add up tq 'considerably less than 10 per cent of the population of South Viet Nam. And get this the activists are a very small percentage of this small group. i 7 CoL Baker, Im with you. these steroid drugs are discontinued. Tho victim soon learns to control the otha facts responsible for Ms problem during the brief respite from his symptoms.

asthmatic should not smoke during the nttadc. He should drink up to 12 glasses of liquids to avoid the dehydration caused by excessive sweating and breathing. Fluids aim help to moisten the sputum making caster to bring up. Expectorants such as potassium Iodide a one of the newer enzymes a detergents are useful in liquefying the secretions. Now and then oxygen is needed and tranquilizers promote relaxation.

7 7 Dr. Van Delten will answer questions on medical 7 topics if a-wpcd, self-addressed envelope acconqianies request You may write to Mm in care of Hollywood Sun-Tattter, P.O. Box 9, HoDy-' wood, Fla. way is bard work. The individual sits up and brings into play every muscle of the rock and chest The Ups become btae.ind the.

veins engorged. The afflicted person can- rot lie down. Ultimately the chest loses some the normal bellows', motion and is likened to a stiff cage being drawn up and down by the taut neck muscles. The individual is drenched -in sweat and has. difficulty speaktag and eating.

Steep is Impossible. The sooror treatment is started the. Mgfer it is to control the attack. Epinephrine is the OM reliable and can be injected muter the skin a taken orally. Isopro-' terenol, a widely used modification' of eptoephrine, is inhaled via hand operated nebulizer pressurized containers which are carried in a pock a purse.

ACTH a catisone offer complete relief in less than 48 but the wheezing may return UWAKD H. WINTWOaTH, JR. ManoahW 1 iOSSPHINI I. OMSll 7 CtfCuMoo Manage when a vein in my kg broke the beach on Memorial Day. He tying a was mo capable in PITER J.

SULUVAN Adwortlrini Otractor MARRY FOWILL RoMI Advorlliiiig Monogor MABIL B. JOHNSON doMiflod AdvorKiIng Mowogoi -perience to the victim and to the witnesses. The sufferer caqa inhale with ease but finds 'It difficult to exhale. Wheezing 1 ivodnced by air trying to pass through the constricted or conges ted passages and is so loud it can be heard by everyone in the non. The sound occurs mainly when Mr is forced out of the tan "BREATHING the asthmatic? ROBirr w.

slinn pnducnw Monogor PuMIed ovary aftomoon oxcapt -Sunday at 2091 Tylar Straol, Hollywood, jrtdo by Sun-Toftlor Company. Snood elm PMtog. poid ot Hollywood. FtoriS. For Ctauiflod pdvortliing, phono VO 211, f2MSIt.

1 tourniquet to stop the bleeding. 1 The rescue squad should also be commended as they arrived within minutes to come to my assistance. Thanks to all of you fer helping lady in distress. MRS. HELEN JACOBY carrier, 2S canto por by I montho, $7JO AMI oddrotti Subscription prieo by wilhta the.

UMtnd SlotM, uig one month, IIJS; PnyuU hi PMrida 003. SATURDAY, JUNE II. 1966 V. wmpgamm.

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