Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 2, 1973 · Page 6
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 6

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 2, 1973
Page 6
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1 Jfclesburg Register-Mail, Galesburg, 111. Mondoy, July 2, 1973 .Author Susann Wants Hand inFilm *f By KliElMER HOLLYWOOD (NBA) , t> J<a<ct{iieftine Susann Is dealing ., from feftiWig'th this time, !'* "This time," she says, "it's ""going ito be ddiBferent.'' ^ iMss Susann as the lady £-whose books are automatic '1ftesil >*eJier8 amid the movies *"ftiaicte from them are, so far, The lively Arts ; tuitarttttic bombs. That's the " area She wants to change and she feds she has the muscle :'*to do it. *" Her new book (is "Once Is Not Enough." It's her third ~ novel and the third that became the Number One bestseller, a feat (that hasn't happened before, It's like a rookie becoming Most Valu- aMe Player his first three years in the big leagues. And, like her earlier ones, it will undoubtedly become a movie, although Xhis time she's dicftatiing strong terms. SHE HAS SET Ithree conditions for the movie stale and ithey aire firm land steadfast conditions. First, she is insist­ ing tot she write the screen* play, after consulting with the dftredor. Second, she and whatever studio buys the book wM agiree on a list of 10 mutually saifefacftory directors and the ullfcimaite choice must come from that list Third, she wartts a percentage of the gross. She got a $1.5 million sale ifirom her second book, "The Love (Machine." This time, she says, she isn't concerned about upfront money like that. She feels that if the pic toe is good — and with her doting the script and OKing the director she feels it has a shot — then ithe percentage of the gross will take care of her financial requirements. Another novel which has Hollywood excited is "The Covenant," by a delightful young woman from New Orleans named Paige Mitchell. She uses settings she knows — New Orleans and Mississippi, with the emphasis on Jewish communities in both places — and it should make a cmckerjack film. Her book already has been sold (to producer Stanley Jaffe) and is destined to become a major movie. Miss MiibcheM hopes it turns out beater than previous efforts to show the South on film. "THE SOUTH HAS never been honestly captured on lilm," she says. "I hated •Sounder' — it is a Disney lilm for liberals. It presented a distorted view of blacks in the South. "The hero (Paul Winfield) was arrested for stealing food for 'his family. That would never happen — the South is a paternalistic society. Blacks could be arrested for sassing a white woman but never for stealing food for their fam* fly." She says she cannot think of a single motion picture which presented a true picture of the South — "and certainly it wasn't 'Hurry Sundown.* " When it comes time to make "The Covenant" into a film she wants to be for away. She has no yen to mess with the screenpky. She isn't even overly concerned with the casting — "I don't think in terms of actors.'' This is rather curious, because she is now associated by marriage with the Hollywood community. Her husband is Abe Glronis, a screenwriter. BUT, AFTER A childhood in New Orleans and 14 years living in Jackson, Miss., she thinks of herself primarily as a southern girl. She says the reason why so many sou/therners write books (isn't because they're brighter or more literary than people from ©tther sections "but it's because they have more to write about. "It's all around them," she says. "All you have to do is walk around with a notebook and you'll find stuff for novels. It novelists need conflict, that's why southerners are novelists — lite there is always a conflict." Rattlesnake Religion The band played and the snakes swayed at the National (spotted coat) is Rev. Richard Williams, Columbus, Ohio. Convention of the Holiness Church of God in Jesus Name One worshiper was bitten by a rattlesnake during the cere- yesterday at Newport, Tenn. The snake handler in the middle monies. UNIFAX Public Television Lands'Supersleuth' s na ke Cult Worshiper Bitten by Rattler at Convention By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - The i £jion-commercial television network is in constant dire need of Entertainment figures with * Television in Review popular appeal, and it looks as |f one has been landed for the •upcoming season. — Notice BAR-B-QUE RIB SHACK North Hendenon St. Closed JULY 4th, 1973 Orders Can Be Filled Tues. Evening, July 3. He will appear, of all places, on the "Masterpiece Theatre" series, which normally is known best for its dramatizations of major literary works. His name: Lord Peter Wimsey. Occupation: Supersleuth, a very rich one. Origin: Created by writer Dorothy L. Sayers in the 1920s. Wimsey, portrayed by Ian [Carmichael, wL! be offered to American video audiences in two "Masterpiece Theatre" serials, both of which were produced by the British Broadcasting Corp. "Masterpiece Theatre," in short, is altering its approach in the new season. In fact, the first half of its 1973-74 schedule is described in a press release as its "Mystery Season." On Oct. 7, when ""Masterpiece Theatre" bows in for the new *»»• PIZZA • • • All You Con Eat (425 $ ausa 9 e ° r Cheese I Per Person TUESDAY VEAL PARMESAN Buy 1 Get 1 Free 0z for a family of fun" 1824 N. Henderson St. Phone 343-0213 •AW. semester, we will meet Wimsey as the five-part serial "Clouds of Witness" gets rolling. And after this brief series, he will return in the four-part tale "The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club," which begins Dec. 2. In between these two serials, "Masterpiece Theatre" will loffer "a three-part thriller called 'The Man Who Was Hunting Himself,' by N.J. |Crisp." That begins Nov. 11, and will probably give veteran viewers of "Masterpiece Theatre" more reason to blink a bit at the title of the series. But back to Wimsey. A "Masterpiece Theatre" summary notes: "The Wimsey mysteries take place in the London of the Are Installed AVON - William K. Richardson from the Galesburg Lions Club installed new officers for the Avon Lions Club. June 27 at the Avon Federated Church. Installed were Joe Hendel, president; Paul Crandall, first vice president; Alonzo Peterson, second vice president; Ross Yeoman, third vice president; Eugene Woods, secretary; David Peterson, treasurer; Paul Jones, lion tamer, and William Eyre, tail-twister. Hendel presented past president Raymond Adolphson and his wife with a gift from the club in appreciation for a year's service. LON HELTON WGIL'S FM Country Gentleman it IT it 10 is 13 II I 21 II IB II 31 Id II 17 14 II 17 II 14 II 31 — 35 II 12 40 W6IL-FM COUNTRY SURVEY TW Tille Ariisl 1 LOVE IS THE FOUNDATION"' —Loreila Lynn 2 XIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS —Tammy Wynetlo 3 TRIP TO HEAVEN —Freddie Hut 4 DON'T FIGHT THE FEELINGS OF LOVE —Charley Pride 5 TOP OF THE WORLD —Lynn Anderson 6 TRAVELIN' MAN —Dolly Parion 7 YOU GIVE ME YOU —Bobby G. Rica 3 LORD MR. FORD —Jerry Reed 9 A GOOD LOVE IS LIKE A GOOD SONG —Bob Luman 6 10 RAVISHING RUBY —Tom T. Hall 16 11 EASILY PERSUADED —KUly Walla LOUISIANA WOMAN, MISSISSIPPI MAN Conway Twliiy ar Loralla Lynn SLIPPIN' AWAY —Jean Shepard WHAT ABOUT ME —Anne Murray WE HAD IT ALL —Waylon Jennlng* MR. LOVEMAKER —Johnny Paycheck SOUTHERN LOVING —Jim Ed Brown TOUCH THE MORNING —Don Gibson COME EARLY MORNING —Don Williams NOTHING EVER HURT ME (HALF AS BAD AS LOSING YOU) —George Jones IF TEARDROPS WERE PENNIES —Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton KEEP ON LOVING ME —Jamey Ryan SHE'S ALL WOMAN —David Houston CORNER OF MY LIFE Bill Anderson IF SHE JUST HELPS ME GET OVER YOU —Sonny James DREAM PAINTER —Connie Smith YOU WERE ALWAYS THERE —Donna Fargo MR. TING-A-LING (STEEL GUITAR MAN) —George Morgan DIRTY OLD MAN —George Hamilton IV WOMAN WITHOUT A HOME —Staler Brothers TAKE A WALK IN THE COUNTRY —Steve Norman YELLOW RIBBON —Johnny Carver RAINBOW AT MIDNIGHT —Darrel McCall I WON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AGAIN —Ray Hanlon DARLING YOU CAN ALWAYS COME BACK HOME —Jody Miller OLD FAITHFUL —Tony Booth CHARLIE —Tompall it The Claser Brothers THF GOOD OLD DAYS —Buck Owens It Susan Rave J CAN'T BELIEVE THAT IT'S ALL OVER —Bkeeter Davis AM I THAT EASY TO FORGET —Jim Reeves twenties, and are produced with ... attention to handsome detail (vintage automobiles, elegant [clubs, impeccable manser­ vants). • "... CarmichaePs portrayal of the ...aristocrat is true to (the) (literary conception: Bibliophile, music lover, epicure, fashion plate, easy to underrate (because of his languid style, but keen and quick when he must be, Wimsey also knows very well how to handle himself in a scrap (brilliant record in The Great War, don't you know)." So remember the name. Lord Peter Wimsey. A favorite of mystery-tale readers over the years. Now on his way to a run on American Public-TV.. Should be a refreshing change from "Mannix." Cottage Assistant Begins Duties Ronald A. Hytoff has begun his duties as new assistant administrator at Cottage Hospital, according to an announcement by A. M. Bondi, hospital presi denit. A native of Evanston, he pre' v;'ously was mental health administrator at the Elisabeth Ludeman Mental Retardation 'Center at Park Forest. He has a bachelor's degree from Northeastern Illinois University and received a master's degree in hospital administration from Georgia State University in 3972. 12 13 14 IS 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 23 26 27 21 30 31 32 33 34 38 37 31 31 40 PICK HITS FROM WGIL - FM STEREO 95 YOU'VE NEVER BEEN THIS FAR BEFORE —Conway TwUty TIL I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE —Andra Willis FEATURED ALBUMS THIS WEEK AT WGIL-FM DOYLE HOLLY —Doyle Holly IHOTOUN WILLIE —WiUie Nelson 10:15 am - 5:15 pm IS TIME FOR LON HELTON & COUNTRY MUSIC Mondoy * Friday NEWPORT, Tenn. (UPI) - A huge diamondback rattlesnake, being passed from hand-to-hand during the naltaonal convention of a snake-handling cult, buried its fangs in the wrist of a worshiper Sunday. The weakened man Was carried away from the mountain church by friends. An official of the cult, Danny Smith of Mornisitown, Tenn., said later that Mud Bass had felt better after a prayer vigil for him in the parsonage and liad returned to his home in Chattanraogla. The national convention of the Holiness Church of God in Jesus Name ended soon after Hotel Talk Given LONDON MILLS - Mrs. Orpha Sellers and Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Owens told about restoration of the Ross Hotel at a recent meeting of the London M:lls Assn. Mrs. Sellers, who worked at the hotel many years ago, told of the operation of the business at the turn of the century. The building will be opened as an historic site upon its res toration. YES! Our Kitchen Is Open Monday Nights SPECIAL Rib-Eye-*1.69 Knotty Pine Tap WATAGA, ILL. FAMILY DAYS ft- EVERY TUESDAY Bring Someone You Love Bring Everyone You Love 1.39 YOU GET juicy, tender, rib eye steak or sizzling hot chopped steak, with delicious baked potato, crispy green salad, and buttery texas toast. OPEN 11 AM to 9 PM Bonanza Sirloin Pit N. HENDERSON NO TIPPING EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY! Ours is every Tuesday... when "Coney" goes for That's right. Our original and famous Coney Dog is only 15c every Tuesday. It's a wiener, golden bun, chili/ and chopped onion Coney Dog combination. What a way to put on the Dog I Over 2,300 Drive-in restaurants LINCOLN ST. A&W 1135 LINCOLN ST. Bass was bitten. Bass and four other men were dancing, dapping and singing when he reached to take the fivenfoot rattler from one of the 400 other people at the service. The snake struck him just above the right wrist. As Bass shook the snake loose, its fangs ripped open his arm and blood streamed into his hand. He continued singing and Jumping for about three minutes, then the venom began to make itself felt and he was taken to the edge of the yard of the liti'le chunch. Other members of the group gathered around Bass and began praying and shouting over him. After a while, he was helped inside the home of the Rev. Listoh Pack and the prayer vigil continued. Later, several men were seen carrying Bass from the house, but no one would say where he had been taken. "I don't know Now Playing Thru Wads. Yours, Mine And Ours LUCILE BALL HENRY FONDA VAN JOHNSON One Show Etch Might at 7:30 CHILDREN 60c—ADULTS $1.00 where he is," Pack said. A check of area hospitals turned up no snake-bite cases. Members of the sect do not believe in seeking medical treatment. Instead, they believe God protects those with sufficient faith. The bite was the second Bass suffered during the weekend. Saturday nigihit he was struck by a smaller snake, but apparently suffered no ill effects. . . . PATGARRETT AND BILLY THE RID PANAVISION' SHOWS MGM 7:00 & 9:30 Mmicky Lviitlkv < 8UATBACHAR.ACH HALD^VID ^unrnii0i^Msiuin|^m(SMin| 7:15 & 9:15 Open 7 -Shows 7:15-9:25 p.m. Now thru Wed! BEST BOND YET JAMES BONO 007 LIVE AND LETDIE [pg] . United Artists Open 6:45--Shows 7-9:10 p.m. Now thru Wed.! LEE MARVIN ERNEST BORGNINE in THE NORTH POLE Open 8 - Shows at Dusk Ends Wid! The Hot Rock HOT DOGS SPECIAL TUE. & WED. CONEY DOGS < » « -<. ^ V BURGER CHAMP 2100 E. MAIN ST. PH. 343-1009 Announcing A New Addition! Kentucky Fried Chicken Of Galesburg NOW HAS THE DELICIOUS NEW clxtra Crispy FRIED CHICKEN K «i »tM «ki) Tried ^kiikeg 1017 N. Henderson St. Two Locations — The Corner of Main & Farnham 1 1

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