Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on August 14, 1903 · Page 7
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 7

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1903
Page 7
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EG ;0 CHRISTIANS ARE THE CAUSE OF , .. .MUCH TROUBLE IN MACE- '. DON1A. CROWNS THE EFF0RT8 OF ANY MERCHANT WH0T AIMS TO GIVE THE PURCHASER VALUE FOR HIS MONEY. , Ths H. C. Capwkia Co. ' ' Cor. 12th and Washington Streets, Oakland. PfflLIlT T 1001.7 f Do You Always Think Far Enough ? It's all American fault to skim over things to read on the surface and digest on the fly. We read a book inTau evening a newspaper in ten minutes an advertisement at a glance, , , It's true we're a progressive, wide-awake people, but how much we lose! Tate the Lace House daily announcements, for instance every word; the exact truth. Thinking far enough would soon make you realize that the best values as a rule, are always found in this store; ours are good, dependable goods at reasonable prices. The wonderful growth of this store increasing sales year after year in limited quarters is as clear as the sky if you think far enough. First read carefully then think. It-will mean dollars in your pocket in the end: Style and Dignity Combined - That just about expresses tht new Fall tailor suit Idea. Put no Just a mention that economy enters Into the argument, for prices are certainly lower than values, and the word-picture is complete. From a number of exclusive styles only one of e.ch priced front I1S.50 to $45.00 listen to the details" of two: f - $1850 Ladles' Suit, fashioned to the hour; made of a new gray and white mixture; coat Is of 84 Inches long, has velvet collar, full sleeves, four pockets, , belt across the back and Is lined throughout with gray satin. Skirt has seven gores and Is stitched at bottom. $25.00 Nobby Suit made of fine Cheviot, In either navy or black; coat in cut-away style, 80 inches long,, turn-over collar, coat sleeves and lining of gray and white y striped taffeta. Skirt has seven gores, and lap seams. This suit Is very nattily cut and tall , ored throughout. Time for Warmer Wrappers Approaches a and the hew wrapper flannels are here. These are fancy stripes, Persian designs, new figures and all in dark or light shades; 27 ins. wide prices ; 10c, l2c Why not select a pattern or two while they are novelties? New Black Petticoats The petticoat department is now showing a good lot of black sat teen and Italian cloth petticoats. Prices range from 75c to $5.00 $1.00 . Black satteen petticoat, flounce headed with two bands; accordeon-plaited - flounce with ruffle. $200 Italian cloth petticoat with circular flounce with ruffle headed with stich-ed bands, dust ruffle. . - .-: . "New Silk and Lace Gloves These lines have been filled this week by new arrivals. Th newsilk gloves are of fine material and come in black, white and colors prices ' ' 50c, 75c to $1.25 - Silk lace gloves, many patterns in black or white only . 75c to $-100 One of the most satisfactory of all dollar kid f loves is "The Amazon." It is a facsimile of the Dent and wears better. All right colors. Ribbons Never Loose Their Charm We never permit them to. New and beautl-tlful ribbons are-always being created newer shades, richer finishing, original designs and fast as possible we them here. A very pretty novelty is a new ombre ribbon shaded from the center toward the edges, instead of clear across. The effect Is heightened by round clusters of small brocaded dots; shades are cerise, pink, blue, turquoise, red, orange, frog green 6 Inches wider-price ' 65c Other ombre ribbons from ... . . ......... 20c yd Satin taffeta ribbon, 1 1-4 inches wide in all the more delldate shades, with brocaded flowers and bow knots; a dainty hair ribbon.... .. .. .. 12$C yd All-silk taffeta ribbon with brocaded corn flower pattern and corded edge; 1 1-4 inches wide 12c yd Sale of Muslin Underwear Samples is interesting many careful women who ap preciate buying goods at a third below their value. It should interest you, and if will if you drop in and look it over. Some sample prices 1 Muslin Gowns regular $1.00 to $5.00 . . . .... 65c to $3.25 Muslin Petticoats regular $1.25 to $11.00.... 85c to $7.00 Muslin Drawers regular 6O0 to $3.75 ................. 40c to $1.95 Eider Down Sacques Rather early just now, you think, but In a few days their use may be imperative. Choose while the lines of novelties are unbroken. Prices from 90c to $4.95. $1.00 A ripple eider-down saeque, of unusual qual ity cut extra long, sleeves full, shell-edging all round; in red, pink, blue and - gray. : The Corset Department is now fully prepared for its Fall business. The airy, ventilated summer corsets have been succeeded by thosenow in demand. Here you will find the new shapes in Thomson's Glove Fitting Corsets, "R. & Q.", "Wj. B." "gJSf popular makes; prices from....$IUU XO 53 5" $The Equipoise Waist, which protects health and agree, with style-all sizes- j$ $m r : . t ta 1 110 HEWS OF THE CHINESE STORY LONDON, August " 14 Neither- at the . American nor at the other interested embassies Is anything known regarding the statement made in last night's dispatch Werner's Hair Tonic "Excels all others" ' - Stops hair falling, makes ft grow, 'cures Dandruff v . At Druaaists. SOe m bottle. from Yokohama i that Prince Chlng had secured Russia's consent to the use of President Roosevelt's good offices in connection with the Manchurian difficulty. , AVell-informed Russians here do no understand that there is any question pending with China tn which the good offices of President Roosevelt are needed or have been ordered. CALL Oil PRESIDENT, OYSTER BAT, I U August 14. Financial ' legislation and other work of the proposed extraordinary session of Congress were discussed today by the President and his callers, who Included Secretary Shaw, Senator Cul-lom and Comptroller of the Currency Ridgely. Considerable opposition has developed to the idea of calling the extra session in October. The point is made that many Senators and Representatives will be engaged during October In their State campaigns and that it would be politically unwise for them to leave their States at such a time. It was announced that no definite conclusion regarding the date of the extraordinary session had been reached. . - ;. .. . . AFRO-AMERICAN LEAGUE. A largely attended meeting of vthe Afro-American Council - of Alameda county was held at their hall, 876 Broad way, last Thursday evening. J. B.. Wilson, president of the' council, presided, and P. W. Moore officiated as secretary. After the regular business had hn transacted 4he following - delegates were eieciea to actena tne nmtn annual session at tha A f rrw AmTlr rt srtat-A rv,i..ii to meet In Pasadena August is, 1903, to represent -Aiameoa council: J. B. Wilson, Richard Leonard and J. B. Wilkinson. - ft ; BOY BEATING HIS WAY TO MOTHER'S BEDSIDE. 1 Eddie Taylor, a l-year-ld boy was in the - Police Courts this morning charged .With violating the sleeping-out ordinance toy sleeping In a bos car. To Police Judge Samuels the youth stated that he was beating his way to Los Angeles where his mother lies sick, so he was allowed to depart. FAINTED AND FELL DOWN. Warren C Crabtree, a young clerk of this cay, was taken with a fainting Spell while "coming down the stairs from the third floor of the Slake A Moffitt Building yesterday about 4:30 p. m. H fell several steps and struck on the right side of his head, suffering severe abrasions and contusion of the scalp. He recovered himself sufficiently to walk to the Receiving Hospital and have his Injuries -attended to. IiONTXN, August 14. Both houses of Parliament assembled today to wind up the business of the session. - In the Bouse of Commons, several questions were asked relating to matters of International interest - Premier Balfour in a general reply said there had been an unexpected delay In the Venezuelan question, which however, was not due to Great Britain or Germany, who had taken parallel action but to the fact that France and Spain objected to the use of the English language by the tribunal. . . - -' - The question had been left to the tribunal . Itself to decide. He believed that ; the court, whose members the Czar had been .requested to nominate, would meet on the date originally fixed. - Regarding the complaints that the Government was showing a lack of sympathy with Macedonia, Mr. Balfour pointed out that one of the deep sources of mischief was the dissensions among the Christians. It was not the Turk alone deep as his guilt undoubtedly was, who was responsible for the miserable conditions. ? It would be folly to forget that the Christians committed atrocities on Christians.. : The Government was still of the opinion that the best policy was to support the Austro-Russian endeavors to improve the administratlonw Dealing with the protests ' against puzzling the House on the fiscal condition, the Premier thought there was no necessity for undue hurry in discussing the matter. There was no pending fiscal question before Parliament, nor would there be one during the currency of the present Parliament. With a final fling from Winston Churchill, who seemed doubtful whether the present Parliament would meet again and who characterized the Premier's policy of transferring the 'fiscal discussion from "Parliament to the country as that of a demagogue, the sitting was suspended. Subsequently the House was summoned to the House of Lords to hear the King's speech prorouging Parliament read. The speech was of little general interest. The most interesting portion of the speech to America deals with Ireland. It says: 'The warm expressions of good will with which I was everywhere received touched me. My visit enabled me to realize how much was being attempted to improve the housing accommodation for the working ' population, stimulate commercial activity; advance the methods of agriculture, develop technical education and provide for the sick and infirm. Much remains to be done but It was with feelings of the deepest gratification that I noticed signs of increasing concord among all classes in Ireland, pFeaag-ing as I hope a new era of unitedCr forts for the general welfare." Y Referring to the Irish land bill, the speech says it offers inducements to the land owners to continue theirs res idence among their' countryme and provides facilities for improving the conditions of life in the poorer districts of the West. It adds: "This reform, by removing the ancient causes of social dissension, will, I heartily trust, conduce to the common belief of all my Irish subjects." Reference is made in the sneech to the general anxiety regarding the situ ation In the European, provinces of Turkey, to the great progress made In the work of re-settlement and pacification in South Africa and the improvement in the conditions of agriculture and finance in India. After the reading of the King's speech, Parliament was prorouged until November 2. There has probably never been a prorogation of Parlian-ent Which for the future of the Government was so uncertain as is the case of this occasion. Many ' believe there will be a dissolution in the autumn, though this information does not support this belief. Mr. Balfour speech at Sheffield at the end of September, is awaited with the keenest interest as it will contain a pronouncement of policy which will possibly force either the Duke of Devonshire, a pronounced free trader, or Colonial Secretary Chamberlain, to resign. . The members of Parliament will curtail their holidays the Free Food Leaguers in order to open the fiscal campaign as speedily as possible and the followers of Mr. Chamberlain to repel the attack. DOHERTY BEATS LARNED. SOUTHAMPTON, L. I., August 14. In the tennis tournament today H. L. Doherty beat W. A. Larned In the first set, 6-1 on games and on points 39-23. H. I Doherty won the second from W. A. Larned, 6-2; points 29-26. H. L. Doherty won the third set and the match 6-1 on games and on points 25-12. . DECREASE IN SALMON PACK. PORTLAND. Or, August 14. Ac cording to salmon packers, the packing on the Columbia river for the season, which closed today, will show a de crease of 50,000 cases as compared with last years pack of 300,000 cases. STRENGTH IN FOOD. A Woman's Work Mads Easy by Strength and Health. A widow writes: "When I began to use Grape-Nuts I had so much trouble with my stomach and was very ner vous and as I make, my living by really hard wofk, X need au the strength possible for I have two boys to support "I began eating Grape-Nuts simply to try the food but soon noticed that my trouble was going and my nervousness was much less so I continued to use Grape-Nuts food with the result that I am now entirely cured. Grape-Nuts always agreed with me and when I work the hardest it seems to me I enjoy them and need them the most. They satisfy me. better and seem to do me more good than meat. i "My younger boy who Inherits a weak constitution from his father who died of consumption has been greatly benefited by Grape-Nuts, He makes his breakfast of Grape-Nuts and milkCand the result of this diet has been that his stomach is much stronger and his appetite increased and altogether he is like another boy. "I notice this about Grape-Nuts that when I eat tbem and go away to work they seem to stay by me and sustain me better during the day than any thing else I eat." Name given by Pos turn Co.. Battle Creek, Mich-Send to the company for particulars by mail of extension of time on the $7,500 cooks' contest for : 73$ money prizes. Satisfaction or Your Money Back 18 THE MOTTO OF WM. nn JWU nn LnJ THE READY-TO-WEAR CLOTHIER Cor. Washington and Tenth Streets 11 VY SPECIAL UV H m SATURDAY TO SATURDAY Suits for Critics Men are often very critical folks they .know exact, ly what they want when going to buy clothes.. Critical men can come here with a preconceived idea of what they want and their desires can be satisfied in every de tail. The only thing that they will find different from what they expected win be the price. It win be an agree Able surprise to them when they find out what a good suit we offer at from HIP to The range of values of these suits run from $12.50 4 $18.50 choice patterns seasonable goods. Every suit; is guaranteed. Money back to the customer if dissatisfied. A year's repairing free. PERSONAL A! ENGAGEMENT OF A BERKELEY YOUNG LADY IS ANNOUNCED. The engagement of Miss Myrtle Striker, daughter of John W. Striker of 1601 Louise street, Berkeley, and William C. Lyon, sons of A- T. Lyon, formerly of Bancroft way, Berkeley, but now of Honolulu, was announced at a reception held last night at the Striker home. The announcement came as a complete surprise to the friends of the young people. Miss Striker is a graduate of the Berkeley High School, where she and Mr. Lyon first became acquainted. She is known to her host of young friends here by the pet name of "Bonny." Her father has for years been a prominent Republican and has served several terms in office, including that of Town Marshal, Deputy Sheriff and a term as member of the Street Department. - William Lyon is a rising young business man in the Haw&Han Islands, where with his parents he resides. The wedding will take place next month as the young people expect to be In Honolulu by October 1st. INFORMAL LUNCHEON. An informal luncheon is to be given next week by Miss Arline Johnson at her nome on Merrimac street, in honor of Miss Ruth Kales, who leaves soon for the East. The guests will be Miss Kales, Miss Mattie Milton, Miss Emily Chickering, Miss Ann McElrath, Miss Helen Chase, Miss Se villa Hay-den, Miss Rose Kales, Miss Johanna Volkmann, Miss Elsie Schilling, Miss Lillian Saltonstill, Miss Margaret Mee, Miss Kathleen FInnegan, Miss Lucretia Burnham, Miss Marion Walsh and Miss Jean Clift. t WILL HAVE DANCING. After ;the regular business meeting this evening Oakland Lodge. No. 123, Fraternal Brotherhood, will hold an open meeting at which dancing will be enjoyed by the members and their friends. Oakland Lodge at its last meeting accepted six' new candidates and those will be initiated August 21st. The ladies on the Reception Committee will serve refresHments this evening. A large attendance and good time is anticipated. INDEPENDENT ORDER OF FORESTERS. Dr. Oronhyatekha, Supreme Chief Ranger of the Independent Order of Foresters, In a' recent speech before a gathering of Foresters, made the announcement that he is working on a scheme for the establishment of a centrally located Orphans' Home and School, upon the lines of the well-known Masonic Homes scattered all over the country. The objects of the Foresters' Home will be the caring for the orphans of Foresters who are left without a proper guardian to train them and direct their education toward careers of usefulness. The Institution will be under the immediate control of the members of the order, and the High Courts of the different States iWill, under the plan proposed, nominate the children who will 'be admitted to the Home. - i t If the scheme is worked out in accordance with Dr. Oronhyatekha' s designs, it will make the Foresters a mighty power for good, and the members of the order should take this matter up personally and individually and render their Chief every assistance in his project . 8. A. Williard of Court Oakland has been appointed .-- special morgan, iaer for the - district- comprising Alameda County, and it is expected that a large Increase in membership will be the result of his work, as Williard is a rustler. Members who know of anyone who . Is morally and socially eligible for membership should i Talking 4 nriAA MUG LBS - - ' -w t t o o t , We carry a complete line of talking machines, of, various makes, sizes, and prices ranging from $10.00 to $75.00. '(Easy terms if desired.) We also carry the largest assortment of records carried by any house in Alameda county. Visitors welcome at all times. KOHLER & CHASE 1013-1015 BROADWAY, OAKLAND, CAL, help out the good cause by notifying Brother Williard in order that he may call upon them. R. M. Mott, Financial Secretary of Court Oakland. No. 1237, I. O. F. has tendered his resignation of such office, on account of press of other business. Court Oakland acted on his resignation on Tuesday evening last and Mr. O. C. Vosa was unanimously elected to fill the unexpired term. WOMEN OF WOODCRAFT. Oakland Circle, No. 266, W. of W., have prepared an extra program for Saturday night. The committee in charge is trying to excel every other home social. Games and valuable prizes are on the program for the evening. There will be dancing.' Visiting neighbors are cordially invited. The Circle is receiving applications at every meeting and a boom in Woodcraft Is looked forward to. PERSONAL. Miss Robin Rucker has returned to her home in Merced after a visit of several weeks in Oakland. A. S. Frasier and daughter, Mrs. J. B. Hart, of Merced, were in Alameda Wednesday attending the wedding of Miss Jessie Dodge- Mrs. Grace W. J. McClure Is visiting relatives in Callstoga. Judge H. Z. Austin and family have returnedo their home In Fresno after a visit to Oakland and vicinity. M. B. Harris of Berkeley is spending a few days in Fresno, previous to a trip to the mountains. ' Professor and Mrs. Joseph Le Conte of the University of California are spending a few days with Dr. and Mrs. Norman D. Kelley at Fresno. Professor Le Conte scaled the north palisade of the middle fork of Kings river, being the first to accomplish the climb. Frank Bush of Napa went to Berkeley Wednesday to resume his studies at the State University.- The Misses Pearl Curtis and Geneva Mower of Napa went to Berkeley at the same time. , Arthur S. Randall, Forrest M. Towle and John Page of the Standard Oil Company, are guests at the Southern Hotel, Bakersfleld. J.-E. Henderson,; of the firm of Lutch and Henderson, undertakers, and family, have moved to Hotel Crellln for the winter. - . ' -., - Mrs. Frank R. Howard, nee Davis, has gone to Join her husband, who has been in the North for the past six months on a business trip. She will visit Mr. Howard's iolks at Clay, Sacramento County, Mr. Tobias Kaufman of 263 Twelfth street and her daughter Oussie, leave today for a two weeks' pleasure trip to the Bella Vista Ranch, San Mateo County, to visit relatives. - W. L. Jepson and A. B. StubenTauch of Berkeley are guests at the Hollen-beck Hotel, Los Angeles. ? Will Markley of Fresno has entered the sophomore class of the State Uni-verslty'Nat Berkeley. J. H. Bailey and wife are spending a few days in Fresno. T. S. Harboe is a guest at the Na deau Hotel, Los Angeles. Alec. M. Johnson Is a guest at the) Natick House, Los Angeles. J. A. Moody is a guest at the RosslyH Hotel, Los Angeles. W. T. Clarke of Berkeley is a guest at the Rosslyn Hotel, Los Angeles. Alice Schmits Is a guest at the Hol-lenbeck Hotel, Los Angeles. H. A. Morrison of Berkeley is a guest at the Ramona Hotel, Los Angeles. J. F. Roberts is a visitor at Avaloiv Catalina Island. W. J. and J. H. Sage were in Ban ford recently on business. A For Sale. A superior Une of new and secondhand Cook Stoves. Our prices are the poor rn's friend. H. ScheUhaas. com be iicTtrnui anu rranunn street. Phone Main 395 Geo.A.Russell The Reliable GROCER 406 Fourteenth St. Athenian Club Building. Bacfrfrofin the Holiday o means a re-introduction to your grocer. . Perhaps you were not altogether satisfied In every parti ular before you went away and would like to try somebody1 else. , Try Russell. . We never attempt to take way satisfied customers from - other grocers, but - - If dissatisfied, try Russell.'

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