New Castle News from New Castle, Pennsylvania on October 1, 1919 · Page 5
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New Castle News from New Castle, Pennsylvania · Page 5

New Castle, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1919
Page 5
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NEW CASTLE 'NEWS, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 19 9 Big Mummy r j tt uiant noax ,f upposed Prehistoric Relic In Michigan Quickly Loses , Interest. TOWN POLICEMAN FOOLED FOR TIME aologlsts and some common try Just studying to be professpru arrived tare hhis afternoon by automobile, fiiey were nomewiiut puzzled by tUu reiorls hecaub-e of tiio WBll-kuowu fact thai Central Micblgau'a structure- and composition do not! permit 01 any finds mora prohlBtorlc thun some cow that might have be- i;"inb imreu wneu OBu laud wag etill 5-3 uii acre hereahuutB. GHant Wuoden-Uimded. "The only chance for anything very prehistorio, as you might eay," said Prof. Botraer. "Is that thero Ie an old pont tied here, cavevod by glacial day or gravel." The U. of M. group triBd to look hoperul and waited patiently for Patrolman Niermstn to come to toe door the patrolman beinc" busy far the moment with other matters. One loot nt the "giant" aud the, ! group of sr.iinte scientists last its aienity. Jn fact, that look const! tuted the investigation." ilierell be no learned rtlscuKsinn as io winetner the Jackson find ret ibbbuis an ancient rtolicocsphal race, ifs too ammrent that u giant is wooden-headed. Patrolman Nlurinan. does not BRITISH MISS WORKS WAY AS SHIP STOKER JACKSON, Mich., Oct. 1. A few days ago the country's KCientLsts were agog over the discovery of the mummified body of a slain, pre historic man 12 reel high in the backyard of u policeman iu this city. Just sb tiho local hotels were expecting thn nrrival o trainloaila of archaeological "buKS" from all parte LMr to to Uedded fo Xi ho lZllV l.t w..BloBeht to do. H I tetlh?atte? pt , " uj uiu mou seriously, however, and will mi iil1 rh e s ) hai , ', tonnw Permit the proletary to view -- evi-wxi. luiuusil U1I: OOC nbot02ranhq np 'corpse." " sudden, i mave BHid ho probably suffered fruni dementia nraecox. thus exnlnlnincr how he got Into Jackson prison some 40 or 26 years afro, Material He Used. j This diagnosis would have satis- neu them witih Jlnmiic's misdeed even it the state of Michigan re-lused Id accept it. Due to his peculiar slant, .Tlmmio wan slntOBt fran tically iaierested, one might say, in mo mysteries of the human body. He loved Id probo tkeni and lie used tD reproduce the Amman form in raore or less diviou imitations with ol now uones, canvas, wood, ailimnl tpfifli mirl m,, klT. . in ecu Laioley & WithiuKton nlant. then having a branch' in the. prison under the old labor cDiilract Byslein, JimmiB used to pat in liia spare tinin raaMng dummies oC tho human form. Finally. JimmiB madft his i "o resistance" 12 feet hiEli, with eyes of Oriental olrcu laxity. ie did euuu jod panting the hair on. lint. the teeth wero the mautiirnipep Tim "anas were pretty lair and the feet well, Uhoy're somewhat nff mii- jnggesting even further departure tint race, .Ilmmle got out or prison. He had a collection of dummies. He disappeared; so did most oC the dummies Then Patrolman Oriel Nierman found Jimmle'H greatest work Fridaythe 12-root oneabout two test under the surface in his back yard, and thero you have Jaclison's "prehistoric man" rivul of Pithe-! -.lathropus and Ihn irent fmm .-.. 1 derthal, Gerronuy. j Forcarn K Vivm a Cow. The "prehistoric eliint" Is . nizable at tho first dance ub i,rt i,. longing to the reigning fnmllj i f pri .iiuLcn. nis loreariris aro niartn nf iao ungn nones of a cow, jimmy Leathers strove mninlv nr exterior effect: such little things us ramus or ulna or a tibia or fibula tho arms and lugs did nnt l.njimr him ot all. You can't sen 'em nnv-way, so wliy bother putting ;,m j a frmsmuch as all us anfhroDolo- "51" aarisc that even befnre iha; naleolthic a.ite the priniatus had de-i i.opca ll.1..e CUlllUIIKlV C011srril-t- d aids to twisting and turning the! lands and feet in order to rievnirm !iii.-iory prize ngninrs. thn -wlirii '-iub-ect ot Jackson's find may in nsmisseu. even if JJmmfe r.p .i.m , nnnnt gotion himself into Jackson prison wltlt all that snare time nn Jii.i fiaods One other proof that Pstrnlmsn ierman will not orcupy a niche of fame nlnnf; with the scientists lies a i.iib lari mat tin; JacSson itiajitV .nn loars just line a pleco of eau- are plainly Know, t cioti'i. hnow just what to do about it," ho said, and hiH somewhat uibu air gave trnth to the words. rncy ve kept me awake all day and all night," he said referring to tho thousands of people who have tritd man6" a KlimI)ES r ,,,e "Prebistoric Jackson generally appears to hate the idea of giving up its chances Inr fame alongside the Java man, tho bro-Magnons and the Neanderthal gent. Word of the university verdict Bpread rapidly, but the genoral attitude was summed up by the taxi-1 driver: "Helclin that cop maltes a lot otl ilium-., Einiwin 1 1 nit. just the s:i Mission Board Will Meet Friday '""""S nrasinn ji'iannca Ai First, Christian Cliurch, Stuto Op. suiiiser Hore. Hiss Elsie Taylor nf Pittsburgh. state organizer; Mis. Mnrgarel Hpeer Gibson and Miss p-ranccs McDowell County Public Welfare Nurse, have' uuen pecured as sneakers at thn r ins nf the Woinan's Christian Board n i .-.mns of the eount- Cin I;.f,.r, el.urches which will be held iu the . .ui luiDLian taurcn on Friday teruiion from 2 until 4:40 o'clock. Tt.peaKersu from outside socletiea irill I,:ULl- ""dresses. Mm. A. D. Monies, president of the coun'y or-ganiaatiou, will preside and the mueic will he in charge of the county se-creluiy, aire. William Thatcher. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS Mary B. Minteer to Eva Cox, Second ward, H, EliaabDtb. Greer to Ommnila rnn. tonzi, Pifth ward, Si. Giovanni Latifisa- to Antnnin n. earelli. Third ward, (1, 20(i , ""'n K. U-K, In y-vlx:u cF,.,.. rtiss Bljte Vi'k0 After three unsuccessful attempts to stow away on vessels bound for the United States, Miss Elsia Wilson, twenty-two, of Liverpool, England, finally succeeded in Eettiin: across by shipping as a stoker on tho American hliin V attsburcr. Her hsiir clipped, she dressed In a sailor's uni-f form and got uslion- on a borrowed : snuor s pass Ueiore he was detected. She is being held by (he authorities at Hobokeu, .r, J and probably will be sent hauls. Sailors aboard the Plattsburg said that alias Wilson neia her own with the grimiest veterans of the stoke hold. Clinton Men Hurt In Auto Accident i noir .uaciuiie Comes In Omit a With Itig Xniek of Hoad Cuutractor. . WAUMPUii, pa., Oct. 1. inQIam Voung anil David Stattx ot Clinton, narrowly ca(tl serious injury Tuesday morning while driving to thei;-work at Koppol in an automobile. Their maohinc collided wilh one or Ihe big trucks of P. F. Connelly, the uon-traclur for the section ot: Hou'.e No. 77 between Clinton anil Koppel. Young was thrown through tho windshtpld aim was lerrmiy cut about the face arm badly sprained. The injnvil rn.-n were removed to the office of Dr. Shields in Konliel when', a niiTnhei- nf stitches tiatt to be taken in the wounds of 1'oung who v. i ; Hi. n drought to his '. Til- .:;i.,,ii..i1j;:.-. ,,.,,1;, recked. m t 1 jm&L FIVE Smart Fashionable Hats HIS is an unusually delightful collection of Hat modes. Fabrics and trim ming effects are new and authentic. Rich shades of amber and nasturtium appear frequently in this moderately priced display. That soft lines arc in vogue, is evident in shirred brims and crushable crowns. Bows of ribbon, strictly tailored, and colorful embroidery vie with ostrich for favor as trimmings. You are certain to see a great number of black hats during the next few weeks and these models follow faithfully the most wanted lines. As each and every mode is possessed of decided individuality, we believe, an inspection will prove very much worth your while. The showing is one keeping with the popularity of Euwer's French Salon. PRICED $5 $25 vas warp and woof separated. Stirred by the slowing reports nf find" at .Ini'lrson. a whntn n.... "r '''vr;(f. pf Mi. I in,, M-t, nti.i. 1 headed by Prof. Canmbdll Rnm' Includinp two KeolDgists, a doc-a botanist, a couple of etb- N"!! c,l!I;. W. PI, Shorn Third ward, SI .ToE&pii a. White ban, rst ward, $1, S. James Callal); First ward, Si. Katherino M. Allen to Nunc;- Jane njuut,, m-iv Hiimington, 51. B. P. Means to Harry S. "Winger New Wilmington. S?.25t). fe ' James McCleoahan to Alice Mehard New Wilmington, it. uayid 3. Preston to J t Second ward, 52,250. n. J. McAIcer to Ufary A. Thon-D'o Third ward, SI. Mrs. Ethel Pnrks. who i in charge of thu rlnanciat departmenl of the Democratie National Com-nnttee, s.undled law before entering WBT.OOMK HOME. Saturday will be observed at Koppel as welcome home day for Die soldier hoys of Koppel, Clinton and Haytdale. The Gay's progTani starts at I.-;10 p. m. and a big feature of the afternoon will ho a ball fame between tho Wampum Crescents and Koppel. There will also be, speaking by prominent, men. .r r. o clock a banquet will be served io the returned soldiers in the basement or tho M. E. church at. Koppel. A rfanc-will he held in thn eveninr; at a Koppel ball. Everybody is invited to witness the ball game and tho other features of the program and a number will attend from here, K. OP, P. SIBKTI.VR. A reanlar rcoeHno- r.r tim,v,,. " KtiiKtta of r- tlnj.. will be held this eveninr ,.; n lodge room of the opera house bund-1 ' "" "" '" ' ' n r ! ? H church at j PHA1TSR niETLVGS. PrayBrincetlng at the ProshvtBr lan church tonight at S p. m. Hev WoDds. Prayermeetinj at M p. m. Rev. Allison. AU MEETING. The Ladies' Aid of tho church met. ilils afternoon church. Quilling was tho v the afternoon. .-'.rlld l! You cant get away with it! Ni l.i!,i. o( mora ihin iWrtr.iwn .rl,-, .w b, ulfi on n', i .. ", t,J"n31 U8e McKee Standard Lens that cornpiies with the no-glare law" and adds class to your car. The ens la one piece of cryats1-elaS8 scientifically designedneeds no dimmors-no attarhments. th, fhHt ilw"d bV.thc ordinary window , , , ? 3d,dS " t0 1hfc ,mense bm of ljh' which concentrated and projected through the horizonta! prisms irom the cround to ulind flpproachinR drivers. m oa- i.. loa.r . tltIr tOBiphL S 'to H'.iMnclusive per CLASS TO SIEET. Class No. !) of the M. E. Sunriiv .'ili n-.ei'l tonmri'ow a rYer- noon st. the church. There will be a husiness meeting and election at officers. Mrs. William Kirkwootl win nave charge of refreshments. HAT-LY BAY. j Sunday wttl be rally day ;lt the Presbyterian church. It will be a general and combined rally day tor ihe Sunday school, cliurch anil Chris tiaa Endeavor. Evcrybodv is re- nupsted to Ettend the services Sunday. A good and interesting program is heincr arranged by the coin- iiuii-i-. niso a good sermon h- pastor, IVAMPlUr PERSONALS. Vrf. Wni. Mcnonaltf and Mrs. Sam-ael Sherlock- were in Xew Castle vrr-terrtay. James Sharpo was an Ellwood City visilor Tuesday. John IjiuRliIin was ;l business visit-or in Ellwood City Tucsilny. Hairy Goodwin hap returned to his ! worn- in Warren after ipemlin- x f,w ; days with his wire. ! Mrs. II. E. Woods was in New Castle today. HflKs Ufary Kerr of Pesscnier. Ihe rived hero loda id will visit Hev v ... ii.wmni.c( per pair ra!i lo iii InclukiTC, ptr pnir Win orrfr;rt by mtt, afind prjr 1 Of Iron notf mttdul oUMt. Elliott & Waddington iff N. Jeflerson St, Edward E. Hileman D fi, Wnllaco Avo. McKEE Standard LENS " "t GLASS COMPANY, JMnBM., p.. d Mrs. II. 13. Woods ri lies, W. It. Martin and family -Mrs. C. I, Hepman soenl vpat.r- day in Xcw Castle. Miss k'llzabeth Mcfiralh ban rn- tnrnni (o Youngstnwn after vlslling lier nunt and nnelo, Miss Margarm and Malliew jMetlralh. Mr. ami Mrs. B. Cohen, Sirs. Morris Kltnon nnrt Miss Dora Kiinon mo-I tor.-it to New VmOt) last, ovenlnk-. j Father Succumbs j To Brief Illness Mr. mid Mrs. Frtwtird f'Vitf, nf Bini steel, ware called in Aanim, i ore i linn a week npo by the perl- '!,; " "' Hip t, 1. 1 1 in-. School Days Are Milk Days "Pxvpfiminelaaeak Che kfanrbtlist gBit-eratfis energy, keeps the brain sharp and mil soles- active is an important -question. ftjr mothers these days when the kiddies are in school. It isn't so much a question of how: mncfa, but what Mnd of food they- eat. They need all the bodw-trailding, nerve-etrengthr-ing-clementetheycnn get in order to hare oqnal opporkmitics -with other children, who bjcv fuHj; nourished. . v -' , Rieck-McJuokin Milk Every lrvry" fn hTj'WfiiT rfDlBarBtiea aoh day Trill kctrp thorn full of pep, beeaiiee it contains ail the ele-mRTits neoessary for completo iratrifion. Bvftry drop goeg 0 raiMa red hlood. -which keeps their little cheeks rosy and thoir evwj bright. "A Quart of Milk BWy Day 'for Every Chikl" is tho rewimmetidatlon of our moat eminent natrition epccdaliftfa. Yon can givo ywir ohildren Kreok-Mo-Jimlrin Milk and fool absolutely anrs that it is safe and with fnl. Rfech-McJunkin Dairy Co. BSAVSB STREET Bfl-JI,C2BO0 ITnlon-900

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