Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 29, 1947 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1947
Page 6
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1»AOK •—T» AUflATtJCK NEW8 (CONN,), WEDNESDAY, .TAN. B0,~1MT Garnet Performance Against Torrington Poses Question Most Local Observers Are Speculating On Whether Team Can Snap Back For Leavenworth Meeting The qucvit.'on before the house Is, can the Greyhounds come baclt? Obviously off form against Tor- rlngton Saturday, the N«ugatuck regulars will h;ive to smip back before Saturday It' they expect to reverse the result of the llrst meet Ing with Tech, most observers agree. Bill Tracy's Tigers have yet to he tamed. Twice conquerors of Torrington, the team which heat the Greyhounds '16-23 Saturday they have afro managed to come through unscathed from battled with Hlllhouse. Atwonla (two) an<l Naugatuck, In addition to winning primes against teams of lesser calibre. However, the previous game; with Nnugatuck went into an overtime period before Tech emerged victorious. Naugatuck had a one- point lend with one minute and 40 second* to go when Tech put on a five-point scoring burst which them to emerge a Naugatuck led tot- most enabled winner. of the game, Many who saw the first game ctimc away with the oplr.lon that Naugatuck would win when the teams clashed again. However, Leavenworth has continued to travel at the pace It set that night; whereas the Greyhounds gave evidence Saturday of having slowed down. Nevertheless, any local observers believe that If the Garnet can regain it" old lire in practice this week, It will not only bo able to give Tech (i battle Saturday, but will have a pretty fair chance of scoring ft win. Everything, they say, hinges on whether or not the Greyhound slump was down. only a one-clay lot- A North Carolina stnte statute In 1782 required residents to attend Church services and to carry guns and six rounds of am.-nunltlon. Rocky Graziano To Appear Before Athletic Commission New York, Jan. 29—(UP)—Mid- (Ik-welKht boxer Rooky Graziano hn.H two tougn opponents ahead of him this week—maybe toughsr than anyone he hns met in the ring, One — District Attorney Frank Ho can of New York, who jays he's going to question Rocky some more about the lighter's admission that he was twice offered .$100,000 to throw a fight, The other opponent—the New York State Athletic commission. Graxlnno will appear before that group this Friday. And it may conceivably result In an edict barring Grnziano from ever entering the prize ring again. The big complaint is that he didn't tell of the bribery attempt until he was questioned by the district attorney. . Meanwhile, three other gamblers have been involved in the effort to fix the New York-Chicago professional football championship game. One man Is already in jail In connection with a basketball scandal back in February of 19-15. By TOM EGAN VETERANS LEAGUE AInrlne* (3) Murphy 87 92 07—276 Connelly 90 90 84— 264 Benson 97 108 113— 318 Pctcivon Clark 80 97 88 80— 2&8 98 92— 287 Total 451 476 476—1403 Gold Star (1). Spencer 85 Pusitcl PoslUi ............ 78 Rackl ............ 85 85 . 85— 255 96 74— 271 77 76— 241 SO 93— 264 Mazanskl 105 98 84— 287 Total 454 432 412—1318 CONTINUOUS 1'JiHFORMANCE FROM 1 V. M. EM] fm/sPOLI RUE MADELEINE INNABtlU-RICHAIttlCtlNTE FRANK lATIMODE WALTER ABtL - SAM JAfFE A 20lh Conluty Fox Dramatic Ihl 7nH SMASH HIT! Wally Brown Alan Carney "Genius At Work" Ed's note: Today's offering is the product of J. Joseph Carrier, retired bowtal employe, who has been keeping close touch on the prospects of the Post Office-Big Five ever since they signed to p)ay tiiu Merry Morticians In the March of Dimes' benefit at the Y Friday night. MCCARTHY PLANS TO STOP WEAVING By Joe Currier All this brave talk with which members of the Post Office Big Five have been holding forth about what they will do -to the Merry Morticians is just BO much whistling while walking past the cemetery, ut night. Actually the Big Five looks forward to a hard fight. And Coach Ed McCarthy, a basketball strategist from back when fathers name in gold letters was on a shaving mug in the barber shop, has given considerable thought as to what plan of battle would produce best results for the mailmen. Yesterday in Postmaster Frank Green's office McCarthy announced his intentions of springing a coup d'etat. Man for the Job "Russ Weaving is the Morties' high scorer, but I've got .the answer to that," Ed told the postmaster, "I'll put Bud Stiber on him. He won't score then." "If you put Stiber on him or anyone else, the guy wouldn't even move, le.t alone score," Green said. "I did not intend my words to be interpreted literally,'.' Ed told Frank with just a touch of hauteur. "I meant I would assign Stiber to the task of guarding Weaving. I shall instruct Bud to get between Russ and the basket whenever Weaving has the ball." The Plan "What pood will that do?" Green wanted to know. "Just picture yourself," Ed answered. "Weaving has the ball. He's dribbling clown the floor. Stiber id between him and the basket. He can't dribble into Buddy, because that's charging. Therefore, he .has to go around Stiber and cut for the hoop." There was a pause. "Well,?" asked Green. "Well," replied Ed, "by the time he does that, the period will be over," o coiix-rt - wniti-r '-'•*Cp/<r i /»t n - .limp Alyyson k - 5C ^ 1 ^ 1 ' "'*" Buster" 1947 Marks Our 104th Year of Successful Rubber Footwear Manufacturing With This Record of Achievement Behind Us We Look Forward to Future Security and Prosperity For Our Company, Our Employees and the Community UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. "Serving Through Scl Naugatuck Footwear Plant J Conn. Sulnrh'tl men nnd wnnii>n cnn ret 11 loan hcrr. A I mm of 9100 rosin £30.4iO when iirniniitty rc- ptiUI In 1" monthly <'on*t»<'tiUve nHliilhiH-iitM or .-mil. Don't borrow nit If n luiin Irt tin* ht'nt nolu- jjiin, Kivc IIM n Humce in t*ur *Yr»" ivnn't .von? (.'UHIP iu wr ?h»no \V«t erbury Limn* Kiibjcrt to Hrg "tV" MrrhNP No. ItiC. l.oiinx UP (<> !•*> IIHIN, THOMAS J, MAONfcllt. Mcf. At Y Tonight Coach Alox .Sullivan .will send hie High school swim team against the natators of Hlllhousc Hlf? 11 this evening nt 8 n'eloclt at the local Y pool. The Naugatuck iteam, which la the first In. the history- of the high school, has been in two previous meets this season. They dropped a meet to tho'hlgh- ly capable Crosby squad in the lat- tors 1 pool a week ago. They placed third last Saturday In a triangular moot wl'th Hamcien and Hartford Public in the Trinity College pool in Hartford. Coach Sullivan has high hopes for n win for his charges tonight. Conch Sullivan will place his dependence on 'the following for victory: Billy Scranton whose SDociulty is the 50-yard free style; Charlie White, a consistent winner, who swims the 220 and 100- yard blcast stroke Howie Nixon, who competes in the 100-yard free style and Brady and Klonski, 100- yard backstroke artists. Rubber, Malleable In Feature Dusty Game At Y Tonight Manager Ed McGrath's U. S. Kedsters wlio ninet the Purple Knights in the March ' of Dimes basketball hoadliner at the Y Friday, will likewise play the main attraction tonight in the regular Dusty league session at the Y. They meet the Malleable Iron team. Many Dusty league followers believe the game will be close. The Rubber are reputed to be the class of the league, hence the Ironmen will go all out to knock them off. On the other hand, the Rubber- men will want to win tonight's game to bring an "unsullied local record against the Knights Friday who have won nine out of 11. The other game on the program will show the Hifrh School Vets against the Cheriiical. Zephyrs Play Red Devil Brewers At New Haven Manager Otto McCann's Naugatuck Zephyrs will travel to New Haven tonight to meet the Red Devil Brewers of that city in a regular state league contest. -MI members of the squad are requested to moot in front of the Y at 7 o'clock. sters, •ri . ShouldProduce Gangsters fake Racketeers For RideAtYMCA 'Captain Lorraine Giancarll's Gangsters had to...come from behind last night .to earn a victory over the Racketeers In a girls' basketball game at the Y. Final score was 51-44. -'ii-.'-.'-i: Betty Swcetman and Lois Barlow shared scoring honom for the winners with 11 points each. . Center Anne Delancy was next in line with 10 points. Lodraine Grant led the losers with 10 points, followed by Jean- ettc O'Cor.nell with 8. The load changed hands several times during the game until the middle of the third period when the Gangsters went out in front, never to be headed. The score: G:ins«t<;rs b f p B. Swcetman, if D 1 11 L. Barlow, rf 4 3 11 A. Delaney, c S 0 10 D, Boctteg-cr, Ig .4 1 9 L Giuncarii, rg- 4 210 Totals; - 22 7 51 Racketeers b f p J. O'Dbnnell, If 4 0 8 S. Hughes, rf 3 1 7 L- Grant ' C 0 10 J. Ravcnacroft, c 2 0 4 A. Kopp. Ig 2 0 4 K. Sullivan, rg- 3 0 6 P.. Halloway 2 1 3 Totals ' ' 21 2-14 Score at half time: Racketeers 35, Gangsters 32. Referee: C. Pier- sail. Time: four S-minutc periods. Rubber Team Has More Impressive Performers; Knights Have Longer Experience As Unit .To Offset Mc<»ratb.meh Advantage The meeting of the U. S. Rubbe; and Purple Knights bosketoal teams In the March of Dime: sports night Friday at the Y should g-o a long way towards settling the question of what ibaskctljal team is best in the borough. When the Rubber team an nounc'ed its stai-studrtcd lineup nrany local sports followers expressed the opinion that it wa-s thr trong-est squad - to represent th' borough in years'. However, thi Knights have been consistent win net's this season, and no one may discount their record. Unable to list as formidable team on paper as the Rubber Co. the Knights, nevertblcss, hav been functioning as a unit over considerable period of. time, ant their supporters claim that the smoother team play which the Knights have achieved as a result of this greater experience wil more than offset the individua brilliance of Ed McGrath's per formers. Manager McGrath, however, wil rely on such capable performer.' ns WMlly Yackowski, Tim -Edmonds, Hal Peterson and others to earn the laurel for the Kcd- sters. Manager Waller Ploski, of the Knights, expects to have his squad lake the floor at Cull.-strength to garner another victory for the Knights. FRIDAY-SAT-SUN FINANCE CO "T f*. I CHARLIE" KFNNtDY 7 BUDDY EANELlI CANflElDSMITH-MACKlPiSMOHD SALEM FOR RENT Our New CLARK FLOOR WAXING MACHINE Today - Thursday NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEABT BUCLDINO TEL. 5213 "THEY WERE SISTERS" U. Slubber Badminton Wins The U. S. Rubber badminton tea.m recently defeated the Waterbury Y .<quad. Results follow: U, S. Rubber (4). Watnrbury .Y (S) Singles—J. Sullivan-C. F. Welch, 15-13, 10-14; won by U. S. Rubber. J. Tata-H. Cieslcwski, 15-7, 15-8; won by U. S. Rubber. Doubles—J. Sullivan-H. Cieslewski vs. B. Shoarin-C. Welch, 15-1, 15-7; won by Watcrbury Y. D. Post-H. Anderson vj. H. Pinter-E. Drab, 15-4, 15-S; won by U.S. Rubber. J. Tata-C. Toothakcr vs. V. Galgot-P. Brown, 4-15, 15-4, 15-5; won by Waterbury Y. H. ' Pintcr-C. Toothiiker vs. B. Spcarin-E. Drab, 15-10. 15-0; won by Waterbury Y. J. Lockwood-H. Anderson vs. V Galgot, P. Brown, 15-8, 15JO; won by U. S, Rubber. NEW ENDS Chicago, Jan. 29—(UP)—Owner- Couch Curlcy T-.Mmbtvnu of the Green Bay PacUcrs announces the signing of two new ends by the National league team. BnUi \ve:-o 1946 college stars and both arc 21 years old. They ;u-c Bob Skoglmid of Notre Dame — seventh in the player 1 drul't—and Southern Methodist star Eugrene "Red" Wilson, a standout in the last East-West game. NOW ALL RECORDS for ENTERTAINMENT HELD OVER 2nd BIG Week Classified Ads Start Here Announcements Waste fat from cooking, fat rendered from tallow or meat trimmings, and hardened vegetable shortenings may be used to make home-made soap. GOLDIE'S Camera Shop Enlarge™: Federal, Sunray, nejur, Kcyzcr t 17 Grand St.. Wtt>y- Tel. 5-1875 j 2nd PIC HIY Tyrone POWER Gene T1ERNEY John PAYNE Anne BAXTER .Clifton WEBB Herbert MARSHALL f —PLUS . . tt Short Subjects Ultorr • Ytri MUTDH NSMAN »t LADY' VAlllr •( *• tOHUlf ALCAZAR Today - Thursday NOTICE ORCHESTRA—All sizes available for dances, entertainments and all social events. Wtby. 3-4037 or 3-73G1. NOTICE Ashes removed—rubbish removed from cellar. Sand and gravel. General moving. Tel. 4292 or 4702. Employment Help Wanted—Able LONG — Established automobile agency baa openins: for qualified auto mechanic. Mwut be thoroughly familiar with minor and major repairs. Steady work and libcra wages for right man. Call Mr. Theriault at 4-5767 for interview. WANTED—News Carriers !n all sections of town. Inquire Mr. H. T. Dillon, News Office. KKCKNT College graduate chemist or chemical engineer for work as an assistant chemist in Rubber laboratory of a plant located in southwestern part of Conn. State in detail in first hand-written letter, age, education, experience If any, and remuneration expected. Write Box A, Care of NatigatucJc Daily News. Ilolp Wanted—Female RELIABLE Mother's Helper wanted. Pleasan-t home in the country. Live in. Write Box B, care of "News." Waitresses Wanted—Married women for full or part time work- Andy's Campus, 166 Church St. For Sale Houses for Sale TWO Family House on Greenwood St. Three rooms in each apartment. Immediate occupancy. Car or sec Joseph V. Rosko, 3 Union St. Tel. 492R-2952. NEARLY NEW—1 family house of six rooms. Built with pre-war materials. Oak floors brass pipes hot water heat and garage. A. Shepley, tel. 2433 or 6144. FOR SALE—6 room. 1 family .furnished house. New Frjgidairc. Ronsonably priced and immediate occupancy. Call Naug. 5110 between 6 & 7 p. m- FAIRCHILD ST.'—Between Gorman and Lewis. A brand new 3 family house —all modern improvements. S12.000. Patsy Labriola, Real Estate Agent, 172 High St. Tel. 3458. For Sale Real E«tate Waterbury's Leading Business Broker. JOS. HALPERIN TEL, 4-58J2 BROWN BLDQ,. RM. 2ST 20 E. MAIN, WATERBORY THE NEAGLE AGENCY REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 83 Bank St., Wtby. Ts> • Wanted' To Rent WANTED —APARTMENT Of I OR 4 ROOMS. NAUG. OR VIC. INITY. TEL. 2011. For Rent To R«tt FURNISHED —Heated room for gentleman.'All modem Improvements. 'Tel. 2968. Announcements 11 fjont and Found LOST—A spare wheel and tire In vicinity Naugratuck and Union City Saturday morning. Tel Vi<> tody Box Lunch, 3309. Reward. lla Personal*. WHY Run Out of Fuel Oil. Let ua deliver on our ADTOMATIC D& LIVERY SERVICE. Q,uality»u»r- anlecd. Quantity proved by prinl- • ing--meter sealed by the state. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. Pbont £,236. MARY'S BEAUTY Shop. Ill Sprint; St., U. C. Open daily from i to I p. m. Saturdays from 9 to 6 p. m. Permanent waves, cold wavts, shampooing-, etc, Tel, 6108. CARPENTRY — Pointing-, window washing, window glass replaced, floors rcfiniehcd, storm windows installed, locks repaired and replaced. (ServiceCall, $1.75), painting and papering our specialty. Home Maintenance Service Co., Dial Wtby 4-7136 after 2:30 p. m. Attention Students—Graduate name cards by Kraft. Sunshine Notes. Personalized Stationary. Tel. 3889. •jttWING and Alterations to do IB my own home. Tel. 3232. MONUMENTS Special Price* On All Memorial W. RICHARDS—2«0 80. Main St. Nauiratuck—Dial S487 Announcements (2 Announcement* •'OTc SALE—1 Room House and gnmjje. All improvements except bath. Lot 100' x 100'. Call 321,' after •! p. m- KOU SALE—Curtiss St. 3 family 12 rooms, store, 2 car garage. Four room houbc with large piece of land. Scott St., two family house, 31 rooms. NewHav^en. Rd— one family house, one car parage, large barn and seven acres of land. JOHN HKALY, Tel. C031. IEAN'8 KNITTING STUDIO — Yarns, Rug Yarns, Crochet Thread. Instructions free, daily 1 to 6. 20 Diamond St., Union City- Tel. 3172. TRUCKING—Ashes & Rubbish removed. Sand, gravel, wood for sale. Attics and cellars cleaned. For prompt service, call 4216. SMITH-SHEA Automotive 13s Truck Dealers. TRACTOR — Trailer, complete, , Dodge, WFA31 Tractor; Frcuhauf WESTERN SECTION — Two family house with modern apartment vacant for new owner. WALTER H. HART, INC. REALTOR -- INSURANCE lohn C. Kiernan Eve. Naug. 5707 20 East Main St., Wtby. 4-3129 VACANT 4 room cottage, fully furnished. For further details, call A. Shepley, 24G3 or 5144. FOK SALE— On New Haven Road vacani 9-room one-family house. Al improvements. Al condition. Could be easily converted' to two- fainily. Kour large rooms and pantry on first floor, five rooms nml bath on 2nd floor. Barn and 20 acres of land. To settle an estate, priced reasonably.. A. Shcplcy. Tel. 2433 or 5144. 20-foot box. Low mileage, Wcst- inghouse air brakes. Call Wtby. 3-5358. _ 1!(40 DODGE—2 ton truck. Rack body. A-l condition. Good rubber. Tel. 3524 after 6 p. m. U Autos For Sole 10*1 PONTIAC four-door sedan. Black Privately owned. Tel. 4334, IS Anto Dealer* THE THOMPSON MOTOR CORP- 70 RIVERSIDE DR. TEL. 5813 STOP IN TO SEE THE NEW KAISER SPECIAL TODAY DELIVERIES ARE VERY GOOD Sulo on Women's- Bowllngr Shoes i Small sizes, $3.50 NAUGATUCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY "RUSS" WEAVING, Prop. Winslow Court TcL 88M REFRIGERATION SERVICE Electric Appliance Co. 1244 Baldwin St. Wilt. — Tel. 4^1242 HUSIMCSS TRAINING FOR VETERANS New Classes Feb. 3rd »•**«$*•* if %JS> JL COLLT:GK 24 Ccntnil Avc. Wwtorhury Phone 4-8772 WALKER TURNER Tliblo i»nd Floor Model 15" DRILL PRESSES $90 to $111.75 .Complete...With Motor (' Q K P V T*l* < MjlU.SUMH.liS> a SAVINGS ST yen TOOLS CARS WINTERIZED CHAPPIE'S AMOCO GASOLINE SERVICE STATION ' 218 BRIDGE ST. TEL. 4890 Mc.MILT.AN MOTOR 'IILS Ollies Radiator Shop 18 PROSPECT ST. TEL. 5541 Union City Auto Radiators Repaired, .Cleaned und He-Cored Work Called For und Delivered ALL WORK GUARANTEED OHIe Lc l>uc, Prop. MEN'S und WOMEN'S SHOE SKATES (Including White Shoe Skates for Women) Boys' Hockey Skates ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE 80 SOUTH MAIN ST. Nanentuck, Conn. TEL. 6162 . LOT on Riv'arsidc Drive — lying between two II igli ways— 1,420' frontage, 75 to 100' deep. Must be sold immediately. Price $1,500- Louis Taylor, 75 Huntingdon Rd., Stratford. Tel. 7-3625. FOR SALE—Lot on Lewis St., between Spencer and Fairchild. ' Tel. 4935 between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. I Thtlrt wca a- Hun'go; No Earlhly LOT*. Could . Satisfy'.' Gene TIERMEY Strutting This Way In Th« Greatest Show On lc«! Opening: Tomorrow Nitjlit lit 8:00 — Thru Feb. 9 flpne BAXTER WIffU'li Herbert MARSHALL MAT- SUN. FEB. 9 .—MATINEES 2:30 P. M. SUNDAYS FW. 2-»—SAT, HI. • Donna Atwood and The Escorts -»X.«O-»».TB-*>:«* fuel. T* Tlclrate On «•(• Mow ,''-.? THE ARENA "™, W<$1

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