Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 4, 1963 · Page 11
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 11

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 4, 1963
Page 11
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flew $ooh -Added to ike eJUlk H» following mm books have bm mutm it tht Otlesburg Public Library: TWB GENESEE, by Htt* W. Ctont. tin anNMi lUrsr and IU wkk, fertlte tality bava play* ed a major ttk in America's history. Thli MW addition to tht Rivers of Amtrica strict trices Its dramatic and colorful history. DICTIONARY OF THE AMERl- CAN INDIAN, by John Stouten- bafgtr Jr. TbJa comprthtmtv work la one of Indian history and lort that can larva aa * depend* able source of information for tht student, researcher, or the reader interetted In tht American lit* dhM. TROY AND THE TROJANS, by Ctrl W. Blefen. The excavations of tht fabulous city of Troy, beginning in 1870, ia presented In this authoritative book by a pro* lessor who was field director of one of the expeditions. The text has drawings, plans and illustrations of the many finds made at the site. MODERN PSYCHIATRY, by Francis Bracelant' and Michael Experts Spoo^ /£e uSAian Mid,, 9 Russia Anyone* By Erie Nicol and Peter Whalley. Harper and Row, publishers Inc., 49 East 33rd St., New York 16, N. Y. pp S3. What a spoof! The history of mother Russia is full of drama, sometimes bloody and sometimes grim, but never funny. Now, two Canadian authors have turned this history into a comedy of errors and the Russian hierarchy cannot do anything about it but maybe read the 93 humorously illustrated pages and smile subtly. Authors Eric Nicol and Peter Whalley give an unsystematic account of Russian history hop- scotching from Cathy the Great, to Ivy the Terrible, Alexander the Not So Great, Peter the Nearly Great at Everything, Nicholas I, Definitely the Un-Great and Joe the Glorious. The end result of the authors' research work is several loosely knit essays which are anything hut literary and could be read in an hour. The book shouldn't really be touched by persons untutored in legitimate Russian history lest it leave an everlasting erroneous imprint. Make Rassians Fat At times it picks up a moral theme advocating that the only way to defeat communism is to make Russians fat and affluent. Let them worry about faulty TV nets, bad washers and electric can openers. This will immerse Russians in a bath of luxuries and .•should make them forget about decolorising the world, leaving it with one color-dull red. But more frequently the authors devote their pages to nonsensical absurdities which are at times mirth provoking. Russian art, for example, has never really got off the ground, according to Messrs. Nicol and Whalley. R's because the country is too cold to paint nudes. "Even after the revolution nobody got any closer to that kind of painting because nobody was urging workers to get on with central heating," they write. Ever Heard Shy-Kowskl? The authors approve Russian music especially the composer who wrote symphonies for a lady he loved but was too bashful to speak to-Shy-KowsW. The authors claim that Russia's Czar Alexander gained several territories in the Caucasus that entitled the Russians to call themselves Caucasians and eat in any southern restaurant. But people were not pleased with the czars and early in the 20th Century the royal family was taken into a cellar from which only about 20 emerged alive, later moving to Paris, London and Hollywood with the title of "Grand Duchess Anesthesia." Before the czars, Russia was ruled by the House of Rurik Vladimir the Great, one of the rulers, got rid of his 800 wives by embracing the church, the authors relate. "This left him with one wife and made him a saint. To celebrate his death his sons murdered one another." GALESBURG YMCA ADULT EDUCATION COURSES REGISTER NOWI COURSES TO START WEEK OF OCTOBER 14, (Unices Listed Otherwise.) Those registering will Indicate their preference for meeting timet. CaU YMCA 343-2188 for information end registration. CONTRACT BRIDGE BEOIHNEftS' BRIDGE— Course designed for those who have never played bridge as weU as for those who wish to review the fundaments of the game. Opening bids, responses, and similar forms of play are discussed. Open to both men and women. Walter Buswell, Jr., Life Master, Instructor. Cost— f 10.00 lot tea lessons. LAW FOR THE LAYMAN A course concerning wills, inheritance tax, loans, contracts, etc. Instruction by members of the Knox County Bar Association. Cost—110.00 per couple. (Suggested that mas and wife attend together) INVESTMENTS A course on Common Stocks, Preferred Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds. Instruction by L. E. Ubben and Frank Marshall, Registered representatives of the New York Stock Exchange. Cost—110.00 per couple. (Suggested that man and wife attend together) SQUARE DANCING GROUP Learn while enjoying Square Dancing with your friends. Instructor and Caller, Orla Moore. Group meets each Saturday evening at 7:00 P.M. in the Jungle Room at the YMCA. Cost—Sl.00 per couple each evening. ART WORKSHOP " You will start wherever your Interest lies and will be helped to develop your own style. You will learn the meaning of color, line composition, light and dark, and how they combine to make your picture, You will try the different media: pastels, oils, water color, or charcoal. Open to both men and women. Instructor—Mrs. James strong. Cost—110.00 per person for 10 lessons SEWING BCOmMINO tEWINO—Learn the basic steps in learning to sew under expert guidance. Instructor—Mrs. Don fultz. Cost— 110.00 for ten lessons (1 hour classes) ADVANCED DRESSMAXINO AND TAILORING—You will learn how to fit a basic pattern, and the construction of a completely lined two- piece basic ensemble and/or the tailoring of suits and coats. Members should already have some sewing skills. Instructor—Mrs. Harley Olson. Cost—110.00 for 10 two -hour classes. BEGINNING AND CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH Learn to speak Spanish. Expert instruction by Mrs. Inez Mears. Maximum of ten students. Coa|—111.00 per person, for IS week's course, BEGINNING INTERIOR DECORATING Course will include Design principles, color relationships, and harmony, evaluation and historic background of room structure and furniture, and arrangement in relation to living concept*. Instructor—Fred Rsthgeber, Cost— 911-00 for • week course Time—7:90 to 1:90 on Tuesdays LOSE WEIGHT THE V't WAY Course will consist of one hour in Gym and one hour in swimming pool. Instruction in various exercises and games in the Gym and instruction in beginning and advanced swimming in the pool. Instructor—Mi«« Louise Snawver , Cosi— «|.M for tea week course of YMCA mtnakeiship. Class meets Monday and Wednesday—g:30 to 8 :30 P.M. Fee can" apply »t close of course, on full YMCA membership. ADULT CO-ED SWIM INSTRUCTION Semi-private instruction in beginning, intermediate and advanced swimming skills. Course taught by qualified YMCA Swim Instructors. Cost—f LOO each class or full YMCA membership. Course will meet each Thursday evening 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. The winds of change blew over Russia, however, and a man named Karl Marx transformed it into a storm. According to the satiric commentators, Marx finally wrote "Das Kaput" in which he described his theory of dieteti- cal materialism, a fat-free philosophy for people who were not eating much anyhow. World War I helped Marx expound his theory with the aid of Lenin who "sneaked back to Russia in a sealed railway car, the introduction of a European package tourist plan." The revolution was on and the peasants were organized into huge farms called collectives because whatever the farmers grew the state collected it. Joseph Stahr came on the scene and was called the man of steel because he invented the Iron Curtain. And so the authors go on, slaughtering history just as Jerry Lewis butchered the Cinderella fairy tale on the screen. —J.J.Z. Entertains Chapter W Chrysanthemum arrangements decorated the home of Mrs. H. Dale Gunther when she entertained PEO members of Chapter W in her home at 1943 N. Broad St. Thursday afternoon. Hostesses for the luncheon were Mrs. F. C. Webster Jr., Mrs. J. L. Bjorkman and Mrs., Sam Swanson. Yellow and white mums in a white footed bowl centered the table where serving honors were shared by Mrs. H. L. Rogers, Mrs. B. E. Malstrom and Mrs. Jack Hinchliff. Reflections on the past summer were briefly recounted by each member and presented a composite picture of Stateside, Canadian and European travel, golf, weddings, family fun and visits since the members last met in June. Miss Wooldridge... (Continued from page 10) READ THE GALESBURG REGISTER-MAIL WANT ADS Miss Janella Lentz, Mrs. Pat Cush- Ulso, Mrs. Don Camren, Miss Kristin Johnson, Miss Mary Mesetz, Mrs. Richard Skates, Miss Marge Kuglin. Mrs. David Shreeves, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Leila Raggio. Also, Mrs. Alice Colver, Mrs. Richard Patterson, Mrs. William Cooley, Mfcs. John Hayes, Mrs. Gene Wooldridge, Miss Sharon Woodward, Mrs. Forrest Bonham, Mrs. Richard Sargeant, Mrs. Robert Hix. Mrs. Harlo Miller. Also, Mrs. George Sage, Mrs. IsabeUe Livermore, Mrs. Ray Cooley, Mrs, Earl Cooley, Miss Betty Cooley, Miss Janet Cooley, Mrs. Bonnie Bair. _ Also, Mrs. James Tucker, Mrs. Edna Cooley. Mrs. Holland Kenney, Mrs. Holland Fields, Miss Ellen Fields, Mrs. Howard Houk, Mrs. John Mark Wolf. Also, Mrs. Ernest Swanson, Miss Ann Swanson, Mrs. James Paulsgrove, Mrs. Mervyn Stevens, Mrs, Lois Sapps, Mrs. Robert Steele, Mrs. Leonard Headbioom, Mrs. Bud Putnam, Mrs, Charles Pickrel, Mrs. Lawrence Stickell Mrs. Wayne Woolsey. Also, Mrs, Evelyn WestfaU, Mrs. Ida Becker, Mrs. Darwin Moore and Shelly, Mrs. Lawrence Gal- S ean, Mrs. John Block, Mrs. Harry larrison. Mrs. Nellio McCoy, Mrs Donald McLaren and Debbie, Mrs. Harold King, Miss Mary Ruth King, Mrs. William Wadham, Mrs. Eph Hughs. Also, Joe Alsteadt, Mrs, Gary Nesbit, Mrs. Evelyn Swickard, Mrs. Robert Humphreys, Mrs. James Ramp, Mrs. Dwight Vansyckel, Mrs, Russell Sh ver, Mrs. Mary Jane Cruiser, Miss Linda Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Tice, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hoss'er, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hossler. Also, Mrs. Bernard Walters, Mr. and Mrs, Dwight Vansyckel, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Shaver, Mr. and Mrs. Murel Tice, Mr. and Mrs. Fay Wooldridge, Mrs, John Derham, Mrs. Ralph Shnver Mrs. Jack Oberslate, Mrs, Russell Martin, Mrs. Larry Martin, Mrs. Arthur Howerter, Mrs. Ear? Bowman. Also, Mrs. Lesley McCoy, Mrs. Chester Steele, Mru. Ted Lofgren. Mrs, Herman Sternberg Mrs. Lawrence Eastberg, Mrs. Robert Graham, Mrs. George Dredge, Mrs. George Mehelcie, Mist Jean Schultz. Vary Chip Dip Hostesses who serve new dips with potato chips become increasingly popular. Here is a dip with delicious taste and desirable texture. Cucumber Crunch Dip Blend: 2 c. thick sour cream 1 c. cucumber (peeled and chopped) Vi c. chopped chives Yi c. parsley, chopped ft c. thinly sliced radishes Salt .-nd pepper to taste READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! Stock, flu's li • comprehensive and balanced picture of the work of psychiatry, told in terms the intenifent layman can understand. \ _ SHORT CUTS. TO BETTER GOLF, by Johnny Revolts. Known as the greatest pre "trouble shooter" in the business, Johnny Revoke's book , will start you right If you are Just learning the game, or tell the experienced golfers havhv; trouble how to get back on their game. A FINGER IN EVERY PIE, by Victoria Case. These are heart* wanning stories of the men and women Who were pioneer settlers in Oregon and the Puget Sound country SPORTS ILLUSTRATED BOOK or THE WETFLY FISHING, a complete guide to the art of fishing the wet'fly, with new angles for every angler. THE LOS ANGELES DODGERS, by Paul Zimmerman. The complete story of the Los Angeles Dodgers, probably the most colorful team in organized baseball today, with all-time Individual records and team rosters. RUG MAKING, by Mary Allard. The techniques of rug making are described in detail with step-by-step photographs as illustrations of the many ways to take yarn and weave it into rugs. RICH UNCLE, by Carlton Keith.' In this new mystery, Dr. Faber finds a body in the back seat of his car, and he hides it in a snowbank. CHOICE AND TRAINING OF THE FAMILY DOG, by John Holmes. The first object of this book is to help people to get a dog they can train and secondly to advise them how to train that dog to be a contented asset to its owner. Dr. Scores Again of Random House, Ine. under eo cans. A child's learning to read can turn from pain to pleas* ure with a prescription for Dr. Seuss's ABC. The letters' association with delightfully humorous context Is the sugar coating on the fdL This Beginner Book makes the child's introduction to the ABCs a happy experience and sets a fun pattern for his approach to the excitement of the sound of letters and learning how those sound- grow into words. With repitition and alliteration the letters and their sounds seep into the child's consciousness as drops of, water wearing away stone, but faster! The youngster may grow up with colorful characters in his extensive vocabulary but then literature is steeped in Winnie the Poo, Archy and MehRabels, mugwumps, Dumbos and a Jab- berwock here and there. In 25 years of writing in the field of child literature, Dr. Seuss, or Theodor Seuss Gelsel, has authored 21 books "with qualities a child especially needs, a genuine comic spirit and a sense of the power and joy of language" as one reviewer phrased it. -M.L.M. Follows Thru HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — James Garner, one of the few stars of a television series to move up to movies successfully, follows his role in "The Thrill of It All" with a starring part in "The Gay Place" at Columbia Pictures. Gol«iburo R»olsr«r-Moil. Golesburo, Prletav, Och .al.HMtt ft e Jj ?or lit *Deen*aqer $ooh jS>ketf Josie and Sandra Campbell, having just finished an eventful year in school, find themselves on their way to Haiti. There they are to Join their gfcbe^opping parents to sail the Pakhot, the family's Chinese Junk, to New York. Accompanied by several of their school friends, the girls reach Haiti only to learn that the elder Campbells have sold the Pakhol, and are thinking of taking the family to Aruba. The girls had counted on returning to their schools in the fall, arid are most upset by the change in their parents' plans. In fact, the usually placid Sandra, accuses her bewildered parents of being selfish and not providing a good home for their children. In the meantime, the young people have a wonderful time in Port-au-Prince where Josie Has the fun of a surprise visit from her classmate, Barry Considine. There is a wonderful week's cruise on the Pakhol up the northern shore of Haiti, and the Campbells, who are all seasoned seamen, teach the novices how to handle the boat. How the family resolves its problems to the satisfaction of everyone, and leaves the troubled country they have all come to love, is a story that only Janet Lambert, with her understanding of young people, could tell. The author of the Candy Kane Entertaitig Bible Class Adult class of the First Baptist Church was entertained recent* iy at the home of Mrs. fBffie Richardson, 253 N. Henderson St, Mrs. Richardson, assisted by Mrs. Walter Campbell and Mrs, W. A. Forsee served refreshments upon the arrival of the guests. Devotions were in charge of Mrs. 0. B. Read. Members of the class were asked to contribute caruled fruit series has added another interesting and fast-moving chapter to the interesting story of th* Campbell family. Five's A Crowd is sure to be enjoyed by girls from twelve to sixteen. or jelly, for the November Han*, craft Fair at the church. Mrs. Fred Sttilts made an Interesting report about her ft*) this summer through the tterft* west, which included Glacier National Park and Seattle, Wash. A few color slides were shown and cards were passed around which told of many points of interest As part of the program Mrs, Louise Nelson, who spent the summer in Seattle, had many beautiful polished stones and rocks she had collected on display. Recruiter HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Paul Newman is helping the Marine Corps with its recruiting drive by filming a lft-minute television plug pointing up the advantages —N. C. of serving in the Corps. ATTENTION IV ill r I j( >i I K • SUBSCRIBERS' tOO WURLITZIR PIANOS AND ORGANS GIVEN AWAY FREE! Look for details of this fabulous Wurlitzer Sweepstakes in your October issue of Better Homes & Gardens. FLESHER HOUSE OF MUSIC 64 S. CHERRY ST. It's World Series time See Your Favorite Player on Admiral Color Television at BERG'S 3 Major Improvements on 1964 Admiral Color Television GREATER DEPENDABILITY! ADMIRAL GOLD PRECISION WIRED CHASSIS 8 micro Inehee of pure 24 kt. gold applied to precision wiring by oloctro deposition MORE NATURAL COLOR! WITH NEW ADMIRAL ELECTRONIC COLOR BALANCER EASIER TUNIN6I WITH NEW ADMIRAL CONTRAST/BRIGHTNESS CONTROL 26,000 VOLTS PICTURE PO WER! 0 584 |-P P -S p § I 1 2 Z k u t & J ? 2 « f B 2-5 I-a jjgssp ^ " r 1 H 3 ^ " ^ ~ - c - B - - r ". g >- a Pf.. ^"sPs The SHELDON, Modal TiOOO Long range turret tuner with presot fine tuning for vivid color pictures p/us •harp.clear black -and. white TV. Front controls. Charcoal finish on metal. Base, opt., extra. ADMIRAL COLOR TV PRICES - *429 95 With UHF EVERY ADMIRAL COLOR TV HAS UHF TUNING! BERG 258 E. SIMMONS TELEVISION RADIO - STEREO APPLIANCES GALESBURG, ILLINOIS

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