The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 17, 1955 · Page 28
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 28

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1955
Page 28
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(-Atom (la.) Upf»*r v Thursday, Nov. 1 Iff I ,J Um Creek Corn Dial Nets $4,625 Last week's Upper DPS Moincs carried jthe story of the "Corn Festival" gleaning and shelling bee conducted by members of the Letts Creek Immanucl Lutheran church. The net result now stands at $4,625.65 as a result of the efforts of the congregation. Forty- four men and women went out and gleaned several more fields, adding $500 to the total for the church, not previously reported. Those who gleaned the fallen corn were: Mrs Ervin Wetzel, Mrs Elmer Pejahn, Mrs Art Zumach, and the Messers Ervin Wetzel, Art Zumach, Edwin Lieb, Albert Mc,y4r, Edwin Luedtke, Edwin •Wlchtendahl, Wiliner Wichtendahl, Leonard Pompe, Ray Kading. Ray Laabs, Art Rusch, Fred Boettchcr, Wm. Boettcher. Martin Schmidt, Herbert Hackbarth, Edward Potratz, Walter Bchnkc, Robert Fuerstenau, Don Radig, Orvillc Kressin, Ortwin Ki'essin, Tom Schuller, Herman Riggert, Lo'uis Berninghaus, Harold Gross, Albert Willrctt, Albert Metzger, N. Reissner, Dick Kuecker, Gerald Kuecker, Kcrmit Kuecker, John Kressin. Fritz Ncwbrough, Harold Riggert, Elmer Ruhnke, Alvin Potratz, Gerald Radig, Ben Schmidt, Ferd Mittaq, Herman Hintz. Those who offered their fields {or gleaning were: Mr Art Rusch, Mr Wm. Zumach and Mr Ortwin Kressin. Herman Hint?, had charge of the shelling. This marks the fourth year In which this project was carried out. LEDGERS, LEDGER SHEETS, columnar books und pads, general bookkeeping supplies. Many forms carried in stock, and quiok service on those wu may not have. Upper Des Moines, in the NEW newspaper building, Algona. la. .. 13.25 1.00 16.85 631.50 ... 20.45 . . 10.97 .. 1.95 2.00 8.59 45.0& < NOTICE OF SCHOOL ELECTION PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to the qualified voters of the Algona Community School District, in the County of Kossuth, State of lo\ya. thai a special election has been called und ornered to be held in and lor said School District on the 5th day ol Beccmber, 1955. whereat there will be submitted to the voters oi said Algona Community School District, lo be by them voted upon, the. following proposition to-wit: "Shall the Board of Directors of the Algona Community Sch«ol District, in the County ot Kossuth, State of Iowa, issue bonds in an amount not to exceed $544,000.00 .for the purpose of carryuig out a school building program consisting ot erecting and equipping two elementary school buildings, procuring two school sites, erecting and equipping an addition to an existing scnool building *nd. purchasing land to add to the site already owned and procuring and Improving a site for an athletic field in and for said School District?" The po|ls for said election will be open from twelve o'clock noon until seven o'clock P.M. of said day and for said election the whole of said Community School District has been consolidated into and will constitute one voting precinct and the polling place therefor will be at the High School building located In Algona. Kossuth County, Iowa, at which time and place all of the qualified voters of said School District are hereby notified to appear. *> This notice is givcij by order of the Board of Directors oi the Algona Community School District pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 2sifi. Code of Iowa, 1!IS4, and to a sufficient petition with the requisite signatures in accordance theiewith and as ordered by a resolution adopted by the Board of Diiectors on the 26th day of October, 1955. Dated at Algonn. low«, this 20th day of October, 1955. Inez Wolf Secretary. Board of Directors (Published Nov. 3, in. 17 and 24. 1955, in The Aljjona, Iowa. Upper Des Moines) NOTICE OF SCHOOL ELECTION PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to Ihtt qualified voters, oi the Hurl Community School District, in the County ol Kossuth. State ol Iowa, that a spe- ciiil election has been called and ordered to be held in and lor said School District on the Uth clay ol December, I!i55, whereat there will be submitted to tne votc.s ol said tiurl Community School District, to be by them voted upon, the following pn,position, tow it: "Shull the Board of Director* o! the Burl Community School District, in the County of- Kossutn. .Stale of lov. a, issue bonds in an amount not to cxereii $25ll, lor the purpose ol carrying out .1 .school building progrum consisting oi reconstructing ;md equipping the present school building and constructing and equipping an addition theieto in and lur .-aid School District?" The polls for s,uid election will be open from twelve o'clock noon until a'.'Vcn o'clock p.m. ol said day and in: s.i.d election Uie \\hole oi ^aid Cnin- munity School District has been consolidated into and will constitute one voting prei-inct and the pollnm pl.icc tiierelor will be at the Bun Ca\ Hal! located in thu Town ot Hurt. Hurt Township. KoASul!) Counly, lo\va. a'. winch tune ;md place ail oi the qual- 11 led voters of said School District aie Jxei'eby notitied to appeal. This notice is given bj order ol the Board of Directors of the Bun Com- nrjnity School District pursuant u, tl.e provisions o< Chapter li'.ifc. C'ode "! loua, 1954, and lo a suilicient pi • with the requisite signaluies in accordance therewith and as oidcreu bv a resolution adopted by the Board ut Directors on the 7th day ol N'o- r. 1955. Dated at Bull. loua. uii» 7tu day of November. 1U55 Mrs O. H Graham Secretary. Boaid 01 Directors 45-4li-17-4a 65.35 _ 42 02 towi' Sutt'Batik, wiYhhoiduig tax 271.80 Soc. Sec. Fti|Kl, soc. Sec. tax ...139.61 North Central Public Sen-. Co., gas bill 4,967.24 Diesel SerV. Co., fuel oil 4.066.37 Marsh Instrument Co.. mdse. ... 38.76 National Cash Register Co., serv. 23o.OO Iowa ElcC. Supp. Co., mdse. 1.373.70 Graybar Elec. Co., supp 5.02 Midwest Svtpp. Co., supp 39.98 Northland Elec. Supp, Co.. mdse 1.086.87 Schneider Elce. & Eqpt. Co.. mdse. 60.50 Terry-Durln Co., supp 134.67 Chester Bro7.. scrv - -10.00 Algona Machine Shop, supp. .... 36.60 Thompson Dist. Co., supp - 30.0j> Algona Laundry, supp. _• 34.67 Arnold Motor Supp., supp 1.96 Cook's Radiator Repair, supp 4.9a Funk & Deim, supp. ... 13.09 Pratt Elec. Co.. supp 2.0o Grecnberft Auto Supp., supp. .. 8.96 Sicg-Forl Dodge Co., supp 6.50 Ready Mix Concrete & Lumber Co.'. rrtdse j.lfi Kossuth Oil Co.. gas 53.1S. Kent Motor Co., serv 5.28 Douglas Wildin. mdse. rid - 3.00 Sanitary Supp. Serv.. supp. 74.40 Kohlhaas Hardware, supp. . .- 4-48 Matt Parrott & Sons Co.. supp. 31.53 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., legals and supplies --- ; -- 50-23 Advance Pub. Co., legals & supp. 47.76 N.W. Bell Tele. Co.. serv. - 56.84 Petlv Cash. misc. cash --- 37.2i Water Fund Payroll, payroll 7,21 Frank Ostrum. labor )S-=' Walter Peterson, labor . l^ Eldon Moore, labor 36.2o r.inst Thiel. labor - 54.60 Reakus Helmers, labor rVsn Reiner Helmers. labor - J51.2 George Welg. labor . 1B3-K Clarence Helgcson, labor 93,25 Eugene Helmers. labor i'on Max Helmers. labor - J £,' Morris Harbour, labor S..JR Iowa Slate Bank, withholding tax 42.80 Soc. Sec. Fund. soc. sec. tax ... 63.4;> Thorpe Well Co., supp. 538.08 Lelghton Supp., Inc., supp. 255.92 W. D. Allen. Mfg. Co.. supp. Rapid Thermogas Co.. supp. Funk & Deim, supp. Lee Hatcher, serv •-Miller Lumber Co.. supp Kossuth Oil Co.. gas Hopkins Sup. Scrv.. gas .Stale Hygienic Lab., wtr. sample Pettv Cash, misc. cash Post Transfer & Storage, frgt.-.- Deposit Fund Richard Van Tassel, ct al, deposit __ Tl(c"operatfnB"sVa4cmcnt for the Electric and Waiter Departments for the first nine months of the year 1955, were presented to the Board Next meeting date was set for Nov. 16 1955, at 7:30 o'clock p.m. Meeting adjourned. .Kohl Secretary /S/ Allen K. Buchanan President of the Board Board Proceedings BOARD PROCfEDINGS REGULAR JUNE SESSIONI 1955 A. D. THIRTIETH DAY AUGUST 1!, 195j The Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County met in regular session pursuant of adjournment. Those present were 5 D. McDonald, Chairman in 'he Chair and members were A. M. Kollaseh C. H. Newel. H. S. Schcppmann and John H. Rode. Absent: None. . Motion by H. -S. Schcppmann and seconded by John H. Rode that budget be approved as read and published. Ayes. All. Nays: None. Motion earned. Motion by C. H. Newel and seconded by John H. Rode to buy Art Metal files for Treasurer's Office from Matt Parrot 5. Son Co., Waterloo, for $662.87. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. On motion adjournment was taken until Sepf. 1. 1955. %. 0. McDonald, Chairman Board of Supervisors ATTEST: Marc Moore, County Auditor. * * * BOA'RD PROCEEDINGS REGULAR JUNE SESSION 1955 A. D THIRTY FIRST DAY SEPTEMBER 1, 1955 The Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County met in regular session pursuant o< adjournment. Those present were 5 D. McDonald, Chairman in the Chair, and members were A. M. Kollaseh C. H. Newel, H. S. Scheppmann, and John H. Rode. Absent: None. Motion by John H. Rode and seconded by C. H. Newel that taxes be suspended on the following property: 1 Part of Lot 13 of Auditor's Plat ot the N'/j of the NE'/ 4 of Sec. 19, Twp. 99, N. Range 29, West of the 5th PM, described as follows: Commencing at the SW corner ot said Lot 13, thence E 118', thence N. 65' thence W 118' thence S 65 feet to pt. of beginning, property ot Andrew 8. Dcma fterg, Swca City, Iowa. Trailer house, property of Robert Eff Stewart, Burt, Iowa. Two room building, property of Verna E. Anderson. E 81-' Of Lots 5 & 6 of Blk 19 Way's Addition to Titonka, Iowa, property of Gebkca (Gertie) Jansson, Titonka, Iowa. LoM 10, II, 12 Block number three in the town of Lakota, Iowa, property ot Agnes 8. M. B. PrinAyes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by A. M. Kollaseh and seconded by John H. Rode that the Insurance Policy of Western Assurance Co., I. E. Wortman, Lakota, agent, be renewed • in amount of $6,000.00 on movable con- fpnts of Court House. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by A. M. Kollaseh and seconded by H. S. Scheppmann that the salary of Dorc Freeh, employed at the County Home, be raised to $100.00 per month, effective September I, 1955; and that Ihc salary of Mrs. Badgby bo $100.00 per month, effective September 1, 1955. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by C. H. Newel and seconded by A. M. Kollaseh that the payment of thr claims allowed at this meeting- of the persons and firms listed immediately followed be ratified, allowed and confirmed: Ayps: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. , County Fund Kohlhaas Hardware, Office fan $ 64.95 Northwestern Bell Telephone •;Co., Telephone Service .... 244.78 Hutzcll's, Supplies 2.7 W W. Sullivan, PM, Postage . 30.OC V.' W. Sullivan. PM, Postage . 2.00 George R. Tcllier, Helping Sheriff ..-..:-.. 5.00 Ceorgu R. Tellicr, Helping Sheriff -.- - -- 8-00 ijona Municipal Utilities, Utilities, Court House _.... 139.3 oona Municipal Utilities, Utilities, Jail - --- - '8-56 •Jorth Central Public Service- Co.. Gas service, Court House 22.00 .'. W. Sullivan, PM, Postage 10.00 cnh Central Public Service • Co.. Gas Service, Jail ----- 13.43 ,;•, roll, County ___.-.- 6,023.64 .'. W. Sullivan, PM, Postage . 100.00 jch Brothers, -Supplies .. 117.05 ^cr> Brothers, Supplies _.--.-- bO.52 Jvroll, County 3,630.47 iiaonj Hardnari.', Office fan ; - I 7 9, r > .ohlnaji Hardware, Supplies -50 W. Nitchalb, Commission on Fines . . - 14.27 o^ter Furniture Store Table top Work . . . 9.80 : ort Dodge Paper Co., Supplies 41.18 •uri Dodge Clean To*c! Ser^:e, Towel Supply - 10.00 Khpto Loo.e Company. M Wood, Milear)* .. Burroughs Co., Typewriter Re pair -Kohlhaas Hardware, Supplies . „ Dr N. F. Chapman, Vet., Rabies Investigation Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., Telephone Service L. W. Nitchals, Office Expense County Treasurer, Advance Cash Asseuaf Fund Payioll, Assessor ......._.-. 1,178.09 1.56 6.60 24.00 234.35 137.76 58.42 09 'cheidcmjin Construction Co., Hauling --- 3,922.47 James H. Mcrrymari, Bridge Construction 1,801.50 Everds Bros., Project No. 530, Final 7,882./2 T. 8. tradlentloft fani ' Dr James K. Hill, Inspection . 101.70 H. W. Hartman, Indemnity -- 26.66 Arlo Ranndy, Indemnity 73.36 Fidlar i Chambers Co., Supplies Koch Brothers, Supplies _ ..... L J. Immerfall, Mileage 4. School of Instruction _____ Clark & Clark, Subscription ... Treasurer, County, Advance Cash . .. .......... - ...... Fidlar i Chambers Co., Supplies ______________ ..... Monroe Calculating Machine Co., Inc., Rental ------ ..... Harry E. Ward, Labor ... ..... Jrnkins-Fergemann Company, Supplies — .- .......... -G. D. Hart, Board Meetings, Mileage . ............. -_G. R. Krause, Mileage ...... J. E. Smith, Mileage . ........ Pred E. Munyor, Mileage .... Henry Loerwsld, Mileage ..... E. L. Hanson, Mfleagc -------Howard V. Andrews, Mileage _ Simon Elbert, Mileage ....... J. C. Mawdsley, Mileage _____ C R. Krantz, Mileage ----------Theo. I. Wallentine, Mileage _. Court Fund Payroll, Court __________ ..... C. H. Ostwinklc, Fees --------Donald M. Wood, Fees ______ C. H. Ostwinklc, Fees ..... ____ Dtnald M. Wood, Fees ______ C H. Ostwinklc, Fees . , . Donald M. Wood, Fees ______ Utility Proceedings Minutes oi Proceedings ol tin.- Board o: Trustee's of the Algona Municipal nil Hits. A meeting of the Bojid oj TiUiteet ojt the Algona Municipal Utilities wa: held! in tilt City Hall. Citj oi Algon;, Iow«, Nov. 1. 1955, at 7:30 o'clocl, Present were-: Allen Buchanan, t-' R. MeQuitton. M. J. Bradley. T. Jam. Palmer. Supt.. and Ira Kohl. Seen tavy. Tb* minutes oi the meeting uf Oct 17. 1955 were read and approved Motion by McQuioton and becuiidi by Bradley that the vouchers pa\ ble fee approved and authoil/ed jju afc audited- Motiori carried. All vo'ii C.M. St. CM. St Liahl Fund . P. Si P. R.K. Co . P. &. f K R. Co.. Frtigluwavt. frgt payroll . . ... Bil.Veu. labor . Edwin WckLaar. lalxir Mervln Hentgcs. i..bui . irgl frgt 2!iU.28 28 1 1.788.21 133.1 1UL- i tmpio>crs A/ u t u o I Cub Company. Insurance - . Eincroit Register. County Get Notice - . - . Ribbon e. Carbon Supply Bud- f/,U ice, Supplier John M. SchLilK-r, MD er'i Fet-s jchn M Schui er'-j Fee'. John M Sci-.uiter. unCf'i Feei Julin M. ichulter • oner'i Fee^ it.-* nal Corr.rr.unit> '. Telephone cjIK Free Heinrich. Ma[. Supplier Cjron- Coron- J, Cor- 5.76 3.55 53.60 21.43 10 35 46 63 I 1.70 Ccunty Treasurer, Advance Cash Drs. Schultz & Schultz, Blood Test State Institution Fund C. H. Cretzmeycr, Physician Fees Leo J. Cassel, Attorney .Fees .1. D. towa, Attorney Fees Ralph Lindhorst, Sheriffs Fees _ C. H. Cretzmeycr, Physician Fees Leo J. Cassel, Attorney Fees _. L. A. Winkel, Attorney Fees ._ Ralph Lindhorst, Sheriffs Fees C. H. Crctzmcyer, Physician Fees J. D. Lowe, Attorney Fees L. A. Winkel, Attorney Fees _. Ralph Lindhorst, Sheriffs Fees • Road Clearing Fund Fflrm Service Co., Supplies Kirdie Manufacturing Co., Equipment Bangs Disease Eradication Charles L. Nitchals, Indemnity Charles A. Osborn, Indemnity . C. A. Rochleau, Indemnity Maintenance Fund Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., Telephone Service . Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., Telephone Service Scheideman Construction Co., Hauling Chicago & North Western Railway Co., Freight Myron Johnson, Labor A.lgona-Municipal Utilities, Utilities Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., Telephone Service Scheideman Construction Co., Hauling - •lorth Central Public Service Co., Gas Service James H. Merryman, Bridge Work Everds Bros., Proj. No. 745, Final :vcrds Bros., Road Work Standard Oil Co., Supplies .. Chicago & North Western Railway Co., Freight Payroll, Maintenance Wheeler Lumber Bridge & Supply Co., Supplies Thompson Distributirxj Company, Supplies Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., Telephone Service Walter Hans, Gravel Central Iowa Telephone Co., .. Telephone Service K & H Co-oporativc Oil Co., Supplies . Algona Machine Shop, Repair Work Sieg-Fort Dodge Co., Repairs -_ Paper .Calmcnson & Co., Equipment .. ._ Pink Supply Co., Supplies Lynch Oil Co., Supplies Algona Impl. Co., Supplies ._ Linde Imp. Co., Supplies Swca City Blacksmith & Welding Shop, Bolts . East End Foundry, Inc., Bee Supplies Dukehart-Hughes Tractor & Equipment Co., Equipment _ A. B. Tweeten, Supplies Stomac Motor Express, Freight <Mipto Loose Leaf Company, Envelopes j _ viyron L. Johnson, Labor .... Varren Deibler, Labor ..... -_ Empire Steel t Tool Co., Supplies .ambles, Swca City, Supplies _ Opsals D-X Service, Boot iicks Cities Service, Tire Repair Rock Island lun\bcr Company, Supplies .. Northern Lumber Co., Supplies ?ced Hardware, Supplies Cook's Welder's Supply, Oxygen Tanks r cnton Cooperative Elevator Co., Tile "rank Flaig, Supplies ........ Hcrbst Insurance Agency, Insurance --..._„... ... Town of West Bend, Electricity •uslav Potlhoff, Gravel .. W. F. Smith Tire & Battery Co., Supplies _. . .. Rov E. Heins, Gravel .. Elmore Concrete Products Co., Supplies _.._.- . . Flaigs Gar.igc, Tire Repair F. S. Norton & Son, Tile . . . .. Rcflexite Corporation, Supplies Chicago 4 North Western Railway Co., (County Treasurer) Advance Cash Arnold Motor Supply, Supplies Hilton's Super Service, Supplies & Parts . Iowa State Industries, Metals Goplerud Lubricants Company, Diesel Oil _ Hcvcy Implement Co., Parts . . Jim's D-X Service, Tires Miller Lumber Company, Supplies . . Kohlhaas Hardware, Supplies West Iowa Telephone Co., Telephone Service . . Vivian Equipment Co., Flange Henry Rustemier, Dirt Tilonka Implement Cu., Inc. Supplies _ . . The Thomas Company, Supplies Cook's Radiator Repair, Repairs Grecnhcrg Auto Supply, Supplies Frank D. Fisher Chcv., Part:, Hopkins Super-Service, Repairs W. R Smith, Tiling K'oisuth Motor Company, Parr. All Wheel Drivo Co, Paris 4 Equipment - C'Obe Machinery & Supply Co., Supplier W. C, Brown Supply Co., i.gnb Cohn Bros., Inc , Supplier Standard Bejrmgs Co of C?'e-, Moine 1 .,, Parii lov.a Machinery i Supply Cj 'Parts Kent Motor Co., Parts Farm Service Company. Gas Cc-ll.ns Oil Co., Grease' D-X Sunra-, O.I Company, Oil Gibs-Cook Equipment Co. S'jp P''es by Motors, Lauor E:n,ore Concrel. Products Co Dram Tile Scheideman Construction C;. Proiecl No I Final Construction Fund irdi Bros 4 Elmer D^le. -Uckpihng - amor 4 Boyse Construct ion Cg , Bridge Project leideman Const Co . H.tiling 211.50 8.68 37.89 i 2.50 4.60 31.80 24.27 33.75 87.75 4.48 2.94 4.20 3.92 2.52 3.92 5.88 1.54 .63 3.08 4.20 716.14 5.00 6.96 4.00 3.00 6.00 8.68 7.14 * 10.00 7.50 7.50 10.00 25.49 7.50 7.50 10.00 1.98 7.50 7.50 10.00 25.34 84.00 1,762.50 150.00 50.00 5.11 20.15 ' 16.70 4,559.48 1,091.03 115.50 10.16 6.70 1,540.30 3.28 213.50 280.16 1,130.26 1,749.03 951.16 10,211.36 4,242.49 19.87 43.30 25.00 18.30 15.57 .75 150.29 284.18 13.30 112.15 5.3 6.55 1.10 30.00 6,101.88 4.00 7.45 1S.4I 43.50 43.50 137.21 12.93 3.57 3.75 5.28 21.63 29.62 6.25 14.16 13.81 4,416.24 .85 4,136.50 187.28 2,166.50 23.59 9.32 22.75 108.31 Mvron L. Johnson, Df. No. 4 _- V/arrcn Deibler, Dr. No. 4 County Fund, Examiner Morton W. Bittinger, Collins, Thompson & Willis, Dr. Dist. No. 5 County pond, Examiner Andrew Elbert, Dr. No. 9 County Fund, Dr. No. 9 County Fund, Dr. No. 12 County Fund, Dr. No. 27 V/ P. Hcmphill, Dr. No. 46 __ G D. Hart, Dr. No. 46 County Fund, Dr. No. 51 __.._ V/. P. Hemphill, Dr. No. 68 -G D. Hart, Dr. No. '68 W. P. Hemphill, Dr. No. 69 _. Fred Beitz, Dr. No. 69 G. D. Mart, Dr. No. 69 W. P. Egan, Dr. No. 69 Schram Bros., Dr. .No. 80 G. D. Hart, Elmore Minnesota Concrete Prod., Dr. No. 80 W. P. Egan, Dr. No. 80 G. D. Hart, Dr. No. 80 Fred Bcitz, Dr. No.' 80 County Fund, Dr. No. 80 W. P. Hcmphill, Dr. No. 82 ._ G. D. Hart, Dr. No. 82 W. P. Egan, Dr. No. 82 County Fond, Dr. No. 82 Collins, Thompson & Willis, Dr. No. 83 W. P. Hcmphill, Dr. No. 80 _W P. Hemphill, Dr. No. 85 .V.'. P. Egan, Dr. No. 85 G. D. Hart, Dr. No. 85 Irvin Johnson, Dr. No. 85 County Fund, Dr. No. 85 Robert Hamilton, Dr. No. 90 .- Ccunty Fund, Dr. No. 94 County Fund, Dr. No. 110 County Fund, Dr. No. 115 .. County Fund, Dr. No. 116 Clarence Morall, Dr. No. 133 .. County Fund, Dr. No. 133 .. G. D. Hart, Dr. No. 166 Buchanan Abstract Company, Dr. No. 166 .County Fund, Dr. No. 166 ._ G. D. Hart, Dr. No. 184 Leonard Harmon, Dr. No. 184 County Fund, Dr. No. E-K 2 .. Hancock County, Secondary Road Fund, Dr. No. 46-3 ._ County Fund, Dr. No, H-K 3-46 Wm. Henschen, Dr. No. 46-3 __ H. V. Clark, Titonka Topic, Dr. No. H-K 4-56 D. L. Lcffert, Dr. No. H-K. 4-56 lounty Fund, Dr. No. Han-K 4-56 _ Kenneth Limbcrg, Dr. No. 87-5 ohn Limberg, Dr. No. 87-5 .. County Fund, Dr. No. H-K 2 .. pencer Concrete Products Co., Dr. No. Humb.-Koss. No. 2 Count! Fund, Dr. No. H-K 8 ._ E. White, Dr. No. P.A.-K. . W. P. Hemphill, Dr. No. P. A.- K. No. I Fred Beifz, Dr. No. P.A.-K. .. 1 31.50 25.50 44.21 133.05 148.74 ' 22.50 26.34 26.31 12.45 2.50 6.06 5.07 2.50 15.59 57.12 12.00 43.66 10.00 4,160.00 15,134.00 40.00 112.48 4.00 100.17 15.04 21.76 8.00 21.77 268.59 75.47 12.96 8.00 27.61 111.20 29.89 7.95 23.02 .4.92 37.70 24.12" 7.87 24.54 9.74 4*.00 151.62 30.06 100.00 24.27 2.55 13.53 9.15 6.30 36.18 27.63 45.60 41.60 6.40 142.14 32.91 2,775,19 37.03 10.46 5.98 10.61 Led yard, In the W. P. Egan, Dr. P.A.-K. No. D. Hart, Dr. P.A.-K. No. 1 . County Fund, Dr. W-K No. 3589 14.97 Ralph H. Wallace, Dr. W-K No. 35-89 224.33 Thoo. Lorenbush, Dr. W-K No. 35-89 ., 4.00 Leonard Harmon, Dr. W-K No. 35-89 28.41 L. J. Kuchcnreuther, Dr. No. 35-89 4.00 Ccunty Fund, Dr. W-K No. 68136 9.90 Hancock County, Dr. No. 61-1145 3.54 Collins, .Thompson & Willis, Dr. Tri. 84 349.26 Payroll Fund Joseph V. Hamilton, Labor & Mileage 36.44 Dean G. Parrott, Labor 49.65 Jacr.ucline Laing, Labor 159.62 Pearl Dahl, Labor 166.48 Irvin H. Ethenngton, Labor 178.22 E. H. Telkarnp, Labor 183.90 Doro Freeh, Labor 39.82 Charles H. Newel, Meetings 8. Mileage 422.61 h. S. Scheppmann, Meetings & Mileage 417.45 John H. Rode, Meetings & Mileage _ 458.94 5 D. McDonald, Meetings & Mileage 381.37 A M. Kollaseh, Meetings & Mileage R. K. Beck, Probation Officer Edw. G. Looft, Labor Wm. A. Fitzgerald, Labor Wm. Rath, Labor 'om Trcnary, Labor Douglas Wildin, Labor icinder Krominga, Labor Clarence Pnebe, Labor -_ Joble L. Crouch, Labor :. M. Downs, Labor ... _ Deim, Labor Orville Weiland, Labor Jrban Ncuroth, Labor •crdinand Meyer, Labor _ irncst Godfrcdscn, Labor RicMrd Tutflc, Labor Hoffrnan, Labor John D. Fraser, Labor Thclma Spurgeon, Labor H. M. Smith, Labor L. M. Merritt, Labor Al Granzow, Labor _ William L. Clawson Labor Herlan Wichtcndahl, Labor Richard Reynolds, Labor Ray Keefe, Labor .. . John Eller, Jr., Labor Donald Frideres, Labor . Lorn Stockwell, Labor Ralph Morkla, Labor . Clarence Henries, Labor Harry Helmke, Labor Howard O. Esser, Labor Raymond Baade, Labor W. A. Hedrick, Labor . . Dicl- Baade, Lsbor fd Blanchard, Labor .. Jes:- Halverson, Labor _ Alvin Ewing, Labor Henry Zwiefcl, Labor C. t. Zaugg, Labor 2.30 Paul A. WHIey, Labor ... 15.21 Gecigc Wermga, Labor . John M. SchulttM- M D. mud. care 55.57 Rusk Drug iS; Jewell y, mud. supp. 70.50 Husk Drug & Jewelry, med. supp. Dr. John M. Schiitter, mod. caie 174.40 "r. I'. V. J.-inse, inccl. caie 2.95 Klorenc-e Bagby. labor 3.48 Algonu Co-op Creamery, provi- ison Produce & Feed, supp la Machine Shop, repairs MucUey, repairs i parts Co 48.00 8.6 6.23 46 69 75 00 sions 462.02 98.90 123.76 105.58 70.13 246.66 91.10 240.77 295.62 246.66 266.66 233.58 266.66 280.66 243.58 271.68 195.73 195.73 343.65 217.32 440.75 331.89 444.45 243.62 234.44 219.30 162.55 164.87 169.70 278.90 267.68 297.16 329.94 254.80 237.68 246.66 247.68 233.58 233.44 245.97 257.68 271.68 267.68 257.68 i.M l.ini o.llli 6.11(1 37.01) 7.411 101.4(1 151.811 K TV Trey, e Amount of $39.60. Marie Halverson, of Ledyard, In the amount of $38.58. Ayes: all. Nayes: none. Motion carried. Motion by C. H. Newel, seconded by John It. Rode that Wm. Sanders of Swea Township be allowed a Homestead Exemption refund 'of $35.35 which was missed. Ayes: all. Nayes: none. Motion carried. Motion by H. S. Scheppmann and seconded by John H. Rode that Eli Barger of LuVerne Ind, be allowed a refund on Homestead Exemption in the amount of S4BM3. Ayes: all. Nayes: none. Motion carried. On motion adjournment was taken' until October 3, in5S. S. D. McDonald Chairman Board of Supervisors ATTEST: > Marc Moore. County Auditor BOARD PROCEEDINGS Regular September Session 1955 A.D. Second Day October 3, 1955 The Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa met in regular session •pursuant to adjournment. Members present were S. D. McDonald, Chairman in the Chair, C. It. Newel. A. M. Kollnsch. H. S. Scheppmann and John H. Rode. Absent: none. Motion by A. M. Kollaseh and seconded by C. H. Newel that the following quarterly reports be approved, County Offices: Clerk of Court. Auditor, Recorder and Sheriff; and J P. Nemmers. Justice of the Peace, Bancroft and C. H. Ostwlnkle. Justice of the Peace. Algona. Ayes: all. Nayes: none. Motion carried. Motion by John H. Rode and seconded by C. H. Newel that Insurance Policy No. :)7-24-9G. contents I Excluding County Records) be awarded Royal Insurance Company. Burt Savings Bank. Agent. Ayes: all. Nayes: none. Motion carried. Motion by C. H. Newel, and seconded by John H. Hode that a refund for Homestead Exemption be allowed Martin Gabel, Swea City Inc.. in amount of SG2.50. Ayes: all. Nayes: none. Motion carried. Motion by H. S. Schcppmarin and seconded by A. M. Kollaseh that the payment of the claims at meeting tor those persons and firms listed be low be ratified, allowed and confirmed. Ayes: all. Nnyes: none. Motion carried. County Fund Algona Municipal Utilities, util. 24.5fi Algona Municipal Utilities, util. 141.50 NortU Central Public Service Co. gas service 3.GO North Central Pub. Serv. Co.. gas service 22.00 W. W. Sullivan, P.M.. postage .._ 12.35 W. W. Sullivan. P.M., postage .. 15.00 Payroll, county 5.714.48 Ruth Ann Bemis. typing ._ 30.00 Advance Publ. Co., printing ... 12.00 Advance Publ. Co.. publishing_-208.30 Advance Publ. Co., publishing.. 10.29 Matt Parrott & Sons Co.. supp. 104.27 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co.. telephone service __ 273.85 Ralph W. Lindhorst. room & board of prisoners ._ _ 182.70 Joyce Hayden. mileage 53.13 Ralph W. Lindhorst, mileage 118.53 Donald M. Wood, mileage 42.57 Upper Des Moines Publ. Co.. supp. 3.15 John M. Schutter. M.D.. coroner's fees 14.78 Upper Des Moines Publ. Co.. supplies — * 3.85 Koch Brothers, supplies 1.10 Burt Savings Bank, ins _._103.!12 Upper Des Moines Publ. Co., printing 18.00 Koch Brothers, supplies 2.M Klipto Loose Leaf Co.. supp... _ 17.8! Andrew A. Fangman. meeting & mileage 4.00 A. J. Renger. meeting & mileage 4.00 Albert C. Kollaseh. meeting & mileage . 4.00 Starlite Drive-In, refund, cigarette permit . ... 37.50 A. A. Fangman, meeting & mileage 4.00 A. J. Reneer. meeting & mileage 4 00 Erwin Heldnricr. meeting and mileage ... 4.00 Albert C. Kollaseh, meeting and mileage 4.00 Kossuth Co. Agricultural Exten. Dist., quarterly appropriation 1.250.00 Harris Janitor Supply Co.. supp. 83.15 Fidlar & Chambers Co.. supp... 3.12 Fort Dodge Clean Towel Serv tec, towels -- 6.GO General Typewriter Exchange. typewriter repair 15.00 Gordon Rogers Co., supplies 22.00 lliilzeU's supplies 3fl Jenkins-Fergemann Co.. supp. __231.24 E. H. Bradley, pris. support .... 7.00 Hutzell's, supplies _ 1.34 Upper Des Moines Publ. Co.. printing ..- 10.00 Upper Des Moines Publ. Co.. printing ... .- 8.61 Richardson Furn. Co., window shade 1.05 Burroughs Corp.. add. machines 300.00 Stnmnc Motor Express, frgt 2.0ft Burroughs Corp., maintenance— 16.5' Monroe Calculating Mach. Co.. Inc., maintenance - .. _.._. 21.00 Long's Studio, films develop.. sheriff 11." Kohlhaas Hdwc., supplies _ l.nn L. W. Nitchals. oftice expense..111.07 North Cen. Pub. Scrv. Co., gas set vice -.. -._._ .-. 22.55 County Trt-as., advance cash — 33.40 Court Fund G. A. Cowing, witness 521 Chester G. Holdcfor, court reporter _ 2:15.40 Payroll, court fund .1.219.80 Donald M. Wood, mileage ... n.63 C. H. Ostwinklc. J. P. fees . 5.00 C. H. Ostwinkle, J. P. fees .. .... 4.0(1 Ralph W. Lindhoi'Ft, Donald Wood. dep. H. Ostwinkle. J. Ralph W. Lindhorst C. H. Ostwinkle. J. P. fees . C. H. Ostwinkle. J. P. fees . . C. H. Ostwinkle, J. P. lees . .. Ralph W. Lindhorst. sheriff's fees C H. Ostwinkle, J. P. lees Ralph W. Lindhorst. sheriffs fees C. H. Ostwinkle. J. P. tees . W. H. Steward, constable's lees Herbert Newmeyer. witness A. C. Welp. witness tiyron P. Richardson, mayor's 'lees - . .. Bvron P. Richardson, mayor's 'fees - - . County Treasurer, advance cash, witness fees Co., supplies .'. 24-00 Hopkins Super-Service, repairs... 17.50 Town of West Bend, electricity . l.2o Karbrite Manufacturing Co.. parts. 72.00 Pederscn & Peterson, tile repair 20.83 Central Iowa Telephone Co., tele. service -..- 15.HO Hilton's Super Serv., supplies t -.444.7fi The Algona Ins. Agency, ins. .... 19.0G Kohlhaas Hardware, supplies .... 13.B3 Hulzell's, supplies' -GO Titonka Tele. Co., tele. serv. .. 24.GO Cownn & Cowan Co.. supplies 1,848.18 Ready-Mix Concrete & Lumber Co., supplies 133.55 Standard Oil Co.. supplies .. 17.85 Willcmssen Hdwe., sand shovel.. 8.98 G. D. Hart, labor & mileage _.- 11.33 Bancroft Co-Op. Creamery, equip. rental 2.00 Globe Mach. & Supply Co.. parts 1P2.30 Paper Calmenson & Co., equip. 1.229.7G Sieg-Fort Dodge Co., parts 40.05 Dukehart-Hughes Tractor & Equip. Co., Inc., supplies ..426.30 Standard Bearings Co. of DCS Moines, supplies f)2.6n Fort Dodge Machine & Supply Co. parts 18.18 Hawkeye Maeh. Co., parts 24.80 John T. McGuIre Co.. sloping _.292.50 THohka Implement Co.. Inc.. parts 27.M Percival Motors, parts & repair 211.77 Bennic Eden, labor 22.00 Fangman Welding Shop, welding Orville Nolan, snow fencing George McVey, tiling F. S. Norton & Son., supplies .. Farm Serv. Co.. antl freeze Elmore Concrete Products Co.. tile _ _ D-X Sunray Oil Co., grease Algona Machine Shop, parts Pink Supply Co.. flagging Snap-On Tools Corp., torcometer 27.0G West Telephone Co.. tele. ser. .. 6.33 Ollic Foertsch. tiling Schultz Bros., parts James Elsbecker. parts P. R. Irons, parts Cook's Welder's Supply, supp. Thompson Distr. Co., tools Socony-Vacuum OH Co., GabBy Motors, repairs Northern Lumber Co.. supp. 11.71 Dltsworth Construction Co.. labor 150.00 Swea City Oil Co.. oil & zerex 21.23 Ricks Cities' Service, gas & oil .. 5.46 Scheideman Const. Co., proj. No. 5, final 171.14 Richardson Bros-., parts 8.55 Algona Impl. Co.. parts 42.41 Scheideman Cons. Co., proj. No. 3. final 720.33 Scheideman Const. Co., proj. No. 4, final .506.60 Skelly Oil Co.. dicsel fuel 1.092.88 Construction Fund Everds Bros., proj. No. 70 22,730.58 Scheideman Cons. Co.. hauling 2.379.0'7 John T. McGuire. road work ..23.099.31 Everds Bros., pro]. No. 746 .,..2.657.63 Everds Bros., prnj. no. 74G. final 1,695.73 James H. Merryman. labor and equipment 658.00 W. E. Wiemer, stockpilfng 100.00 Everds Bios., stab, base 1.308.12 Algona Equipment Co.. clay 1,243.95 Columbia-Southern Chem. Corp.. supplies 8.013.12 Wyandottc Chem. Corp.. supp. 7.051.05 Concrete Prod. Corp., pipe 622.08 Swaney Oil & Equip. Co.. chemicals' Algona Equip. Co.. clay 2.449.50 Armco Drainage & Metal Prod. Inc.. parts 938.PR Advance Publ. Co. printing 6.00 Scheideman Const. Co.. hauling. 2.5(1 10.00 50.00 1.32 25.50 5.76 15.00 9.85 50.00 31.74 15.96 5.35 72.40 44.43 oil '_. 56.00 42.00 Co.. 4 . Co., Dr. E-K W-K No. Dr. W-K "Dr." W-K . W-K No. K. No. P.A.K. P.A.K. No. .107.4! Co.. proj. no. . - 435.82 Const. Co., 79 1.029.08 dr. 5 15.00 5 . . 28.GG 248.50 S1G.OO I 1 70 13 ?4 M D. Cor- fra . Tjber Construction Compj". RjjJ Work f-.e'.Js Bros, Ptoiect Nc 1141, Lpr-er fjc-i MoinC- 'Publishing Co., Budget Estimate - E Mailer, Bee Inspection Greenberg Auto Supply, Supplies L i Mucke... Supplies . . Mileage Jc : ct R*IIJM R.-io'n . Hayden Vy Luv.if W l:"di I. Conslruchun Br.j-, . Suf facing ,>h",L,oii. Land purchased . in Studcr. Rojd Meeting Icman CuTistrucI iun Co ..i r.g •' c. bo>sc- Construction Bridge Project No. 79 . CiOi , Proiect No 746 . B.-ua Project No 746 16 95 367.74 50,50 110 SI a.7.80 1.25 bO.OO 34 84 12,084.17 47.47 290.52 24 65 101.34 23.57 126.12 1 15566 1520 66.65 9o 72 1 3(3 7 1 50 2-15.77 40.S93 47 7.007 86 1,07204 81 2 50 6. 7 6 L'. 3 7 2,982.94 I (J54 SO 100.00 17 50 U4 (II 7.:to B.5(j 24.0(1 aken sheriff's tees 12.00 sheriff's fees 7.00 P. fees . 4.00 sheriff's Ices 7.02 5.00 5.0( 5.00 3.0(1 5.on 3.00 8.00 8..If irbf 6.0(1 i .00 .137 .fid dr. dr. no. no. no. 82 . .. Products no. P.2 no. 82 82 82 dr. Co.. & Fristcdt. dr. Prod. Co", dr. fl.OO f..7!> ti 23 31 20 4 00 3500 GG.40 '31.00 Hfi.OO 7.98 10.91 92.00 91.10 Bonding i. 9 261 76 3.165 20 I b,870.84 9ct 95 .'10.04 L. S .\oi tliu-cslerh Bell Telephone telephone service ^. Graham's Dept. Store, clothing and supplies . . . . Ainu- t'heniieal Co.. supplies. Linde Impl. Co.. parts Kohlhajia Hardware, supplies .). C. Penny Co.. Inc.. clothing und supplies ... ... Thompson Distributing Co.. twine cnui spray . . 134.81 B i D Distributing Co., bread 77.8;: Algoita Ice Cream & Candy Fue.. locker rent ..«.._ ^J. On motion adjournment was t until September 12, 1055. Chairman Board ol Supervisors S. D. McDonald ATTEST: Mare Moore. County Auditor BOARD PROCEEDINGS REGULAR JUNE SESSION 1955 A.D. Thirty Second Day Sept. 12, 1955 The Boaid of Supervisors of Kussutli County met in regular session pursuant ol adjournment. Those present v. ere S. D. McDonald, Chuirmaa in the Chair, and members were A. M. Kollaseh, C. H. Newel, H. S. Schepp- mann, and John H. Kude. Absent: none. Motion by John H. Rode and Seconded by A. M. Kollaseh that the minutes be appixived as read. Ayes: all. Nayes: none. Motion carried. On Mulion adjournment was taken until September 20. 1U55. S. D. McDonald Chairman Board of Supervisor;: ATTEST: Mare Muure. Counly -Auditur BOARD PROCEEDINGS Regular September $e*»ion 1955 A.D. Fir»< Day Sept. 26. 1355 The Bo.ird of Supervisors oi Kossuth County. Iowa, met pursuant to adjournment in regular session with the lollowins members present: S. D. MelJouald. Chairman in the Chair. H. S. Seheppman, C. H. Newel. A. M. Kol- I.IM-II and John 11. Rode. Absent: none. Motion by H. S. Seheppman and se- euuded by A. M- Kollaseh thai refund of Homestead Exemption be allowed the following: B. E & Myrtle I. GUbeilson. of Led- jurd Inc., iu the amount of S5ti.70. Douy Wtldin. ol Algona. n. the ..mount of 'SU2.3U. (.'lias. B.i.-l)uiu m I.LClyaid in Hie amount ol jol! UU. Albert Boekelman. mars-hall's fees Stale Institution Fund C H. Crelzmeyer. phys. lees 7.50 Leo J. CnsseJ, altny. lees . . 7.50 L. A. Winkel. attn. Ices . . . . State Sanatorium, x-ray :>.(>i> C. H. Cretzmeycr. phys. ices . 7.50 Leo Cassel, attn. lees . . ".fin H. G. Buchanan, atln. fees 10.00 llalph W. Lindhorst, ollicer's fees ^li.24 C' H Cretzmever. pins iees 7.511 t.. A. Winkel. aim. fees 7.50 Gaylord D. Shumway, attn. fees 10.00 Haiph W. Lindhorst. ofiieer's fees 18.54 L)r. H. D. Meyer, witness . 5.14 Dr. C. H. Ci'etzmeyer, phys. Iees 7.50- Leo J. Cassel. attn. tees . 7.50 .1 D. Lowe. altn. fees 10.00 Ralph W. Lindhorst. ol fleer's lees -I.8C Halph W. Lindhorst. mileage and meals .... 1M.10 Road Clearing Fund Pavroll Fund, load clearing . 2.<)T!i.mi Sl.indard Oil Co.. luel 50350 Assessor Fund Payroll, assessor 1.178.0!) Hutzell's, supplies 3.f!,'i L. J. Immerfall. school of instruc. 50.38 Gordon Rogers Co., supplies 14.50 Keystone Envelope Co.. supplies 80.7!i Advance Publ. Co.. printing 26.50 Titonka Topic, subscription 2.00 Monroe Calculating Machine C'o. rental - 43.51 Soldiers' Relief Fund George Palmer, lood 4: rent 25.00 Algona Municipal Utilities, util. Boh Swijjgum, rent - GO.00 Honsbruch Drug Store, medicine 27.50 St Joseph Mercy Hosp.. hos. care 104.OS) Dr. E. M. Kersten. t-are - 110.0(1 Davis Uti Service, rent 54.00 .^aron Wheeler, care 40.0(i Fairground Fund Kot-.sulh Coimlv Agr. As.s.. partial ' ' . u,000.00 appropriation Institute Fund Glei'.da Mahrey, lees 54.(iC Oscar Thompson, lee.^ U2.GI: Mr. Herb Silvey. fec-s . . - 43.95 Donald Emery, iees . .... 10G.44 Esther Boi-hlie, tees - 42.68 Mildred Middleton. fees (J0.20 Dr. Miles ZinU. ices . . . . 43.02 Maintenance Fund Chicago £: North Western, frgt. 711 f-5 Scheideman Const. Co.. hauling 4.193.91 North Con. Pub. Ser. Co., gas service - 3.72 AUun.i Municipal Utilities, ulil. 14.30 North Weslein P.ell Telephone Co. t.'lephoiit- SL i \ iev - . - 6.3o Walter L. Kockl-.-r. tile work 11-44 Faber Const!. Co . equip, rental 1.G83.75 James H. Mcnvman, equip, rental ... " --- 780.00 Gixeabei'K Aulo Supply, parts 5G4.G!i Kossutli Count. 1 . Imp. Co.. parts 53G.94 North Westein Bell Telephone Co..^ Klcphunc scrv ire LMj.2;> CnLintv Tieasin,< r. advance cash 221 Uiiuiiiiiioui Material & Supply final 895 & 89G 119.11 Scheideman Const. Co., road no. 543. final 19.17 Elmer Dole, road no. 876. final... 78 B9 Scheideman Const. Co.. road no. 512. final Scheideman Const 1139 & 79. final Crarfter S; Boyse bridsc proj no. Drainage Fund Buchanan Abstract Co.. EB Advance Publ. Co.. EB dr. George McVay. WB dr. 5 Karels Brothers, dr. no. 20 _.. . Elmore Concrete Products Co.. dr. no. 20 6. IE W. P. Hemphill. dr. no. 33 10.78 D. Hart. dr. no. 33 20.98 W. P. Hemphill. dr. no. 4« . 3.50 D. Hart. dr. no. 4G 5.00 Carl Cartel <V Son. dr. no G8 1.172.85 W. P. Hemphill. dr. no. 68 . 40.88 Frank Wolf. dr. no. 68 . 4.00 W. P. Egan, dr. no. 68 . ... 12.00 D. Hart. dr. no. r>8 . . 72.08 Advance Publ. Co.. dr. no. G8 14.33 Shumway. Kelly & Fristedt. dr. no. GP. 2.5.00 W. P. Hemphill. dr. no. 69 - 21.98 G. D. Hart. dr. no. fin .. 31.75 W. P. Egan. dr. no. Gil 4.00 Schram Brothers, dr. no. 80 .. 4.72000 Elmore Tile & Cement Co.. dr. no. 80 ... .4.742.GI W. P. Hemphill, dr. no. 80 ...... 34.-14 G. D. Hart. dr. no 110 . ._155no W. P. Egan. dr. no. 80 . 1G.OO G. D. Hart. dr. no. 80 .. (J2.G3 Shumway. Kelly Jt Fristedl. no. (10 W. P. Hrmphill. \V. P. Hemphill. G L) Hart, di W. P. Egan, dr. G. D. Hart, dr. Elmore Concrete dr. no. 82 Shumway. Kelly no. H2 Elmore Concrete no. 85 . - ... . W. P. Hcmphill, dr. no. ^13 G. D. Hart. dr. no. 113 . Buchanan Abstract Co., dr. no. 132 Upper Des Moines Putal. Co., dr. no. 132 .. Upper Des Moines Publ. Co . dr. no. 133 . .. . - 1200 W. P. Hemphill. dr. no. 16l> 43.9K W. P. Egan, dr. no. 166 .. .. 12.00 G D Hart.'dr. no. IfiG . 9728 Harman Const. C'o.. dr. no. 184 1.000.00 Harnvm Const Co.. dr. no 181 377.17 Shumwav. Kelly & Fristcdt, dr. no. 184 - ,- - 5.00 Advance Publ. Co.. dr. no. 184 785 W. P. Hemphill. dr. E-K no. 4'4.99 Ditsworlh Construction Co.. Labor 15(l.f)0 Swca City Oil Co. Oil *. Zerc-x Hicks Cities Service. Gas ,t Oil . Scheideman Const. Service. Prnj. No 5. Final 1 Richardson Bros.. Paris Mgona Impl. Co.. Parts Schcideman Const. Co.. Proi No. :i. Final Scheideman Const. Co., Proj No. 4. Final SOii.fill Skelly Oil Co.. Diesel Fuel 1.0(12.88 CONSTRUCTION FUND Everd-i Bros.. Proj. N'o. 7(1 2'.',7311.58 Schcidcman Const. Co., Haul- ins! . . 2.379.U7 John T. McGuire. Road Work . :!H.U99.:il Everds Bros.. Proj. No. 74ii . 2.IJ57.G3 Everds Bros.. Proi. No. 746. Final 1.WI5.73 James II. Merryman. Labor vS.- Equipment 1158.00 W. E. Wiemer. Stockpiling 100.00 Everds Bros.. Sub. Rase 1.308.12 Aluona Equipment Co.. Clay 1/24395 Columbia-So lit hern Chemical Corporation. Supplies ... 8,013.12 Wyandotle Chemicals Corpor- tion. Supplies 7.051.05 Concrete Products Corporation. Pipe 0'2'2 H8 Swaney Oil >V Equipment Co.. Chemicals G.110.91 Algonu Eqpt. Co., Clay 2.419.50 Armco Drainage & Metal Products. Inc., Parts . !)3H.!)8 Advance Publishing Co- Printing U.liO Scheideman Const. Co., Haul- ins, Final 8!i.") .V aiifi 119.11 Scheideman Const. Co., Hoad No. 54:i, Final 19.17 Elmer Dole. Koad No. S7IJ. Final VB.JHl Seheidemail Const. Co.. Road No. 542. Final 107.4.4 Schcidcman Const Co . Proj. NIL li:i!i .V 79. Final 435.82 Cramer oi: riovse Const. Co., Bridge Proj. No. 7!) 1.02908 DRAINAGE FUND Buchanan Abstract Company. EB Dr. No 5 ' 15.0U Advance Publishing C'o., EB No. 5 28.iU George McVay. WB Dr. No 5 248.50 Kurds Brothers, Dr. No. 20 . Hli 00 Elmore Concrete Products Co., Dr. No. 20 . 6.48 W. P. Hemphill, Dr. No. 38 10.78 G D. Hart. Dr. No. 33 20.98 W. P. Hemphill, Dr. No. 4(i .. 3.50 G. D. Hart. Dr. No. 4U 5.00 Curl Garrett & Son. Dr. No. 08 1.172.05 W. P. Hemphill, Dr. No. UH . 4,0.88 Frank Wolf, Dr. No 68 - 4.QC! W P. Euan. Dr. NIT. li« 12.00 G. D. Hart, Dr. No. 68 7208 Advance Publishing Co., Dr. No. G8 . - Shumway, Kelly & Fristedt, Dr. No. 68 .. . W. P. Hemphill, Dr. No. 69 21.08 G D Hart, Dr. No. 69 3]l 75 W. P. Egan. Dr. No. Oil 4.00 Schram Brothers, Dr. No. 80 4.7UO.OO 5.46 71 14 8 55 4241 Elmore Til* A- Cement Co.. Dr. No. 80 _______ ...... . . W. P. Hcmphill, Dr. No. 80 . G. D. Hart, Dr. No. 80 ___________ W. P. Egan, Dr. No. 80 _______ G. D. Hart, Dr. No. 80 ....... Shumway. Kelly & Fristedt, Dr. No. 80 _______________ \V. P. Hemphill. Dr. No. 82 .. W. P. Hemphill, Dr. No. 82 ... G. D. Hart, Dr. No. 82 _____ W. P. Egan, Dr. No. B2 ________ «. D. Hart, Dr. No. 82 . ......... Elmore Concrete Products Co.. Dr. No. 82 _____ . ..... .. Shumway, Kelly & Fristcdt, Dr, NO. 82 .L- ______________ Elmore Concrete Products Co., Dr. No. 85 _____________ W. P. Hemphill, Dr. No. 113 G. D. Hart, Dr. No. 113 ____ Buchanan Abstract Co.. Dr. No. 132 . ...... ...... . ..... _____ Upper Des Moincs Publishing Co.. Dr. No. 132 ... ......... Upper Des Moines Publishing Co.. Dr. No. 133 ..... ..... W. P. Hemphill, Dr. No. 166 . W. P. Egan, Dr. No. 166 ____ G. D. Hart, Dr. No. 16G Harman Construction Dr. No. 184 ...'... ..... . . Harman Construction Co.. Dr. No. 184 .......... Shumway, Kelly ,v- Fristedt. Dr. No. 184 . . ...... Advance Publishing Co., Dr. No. 184 ....... .- .......... W. P. Hemphill, Dr. E-K .V- 4 Fred Beit/., Dr. E-K No. 4 G. D. Hart, Dr. E-K No. Dltsworth Construction Dr. E-K No. 4 ....... Northern Lumber Co.. E-K No. 4 .......... Karels Brothers. Dr. No. 4 ................. _____ ...... Shumway. Kelly & Frisledt. Dr. H-K No. 3-46 .......... R. H. Miller. Dr. H-K No. 5-87 ....... - ....... ____ .......... Upper Des Moines Publishing Co., Dr. Tri 84 - ........... Shumway. Kelly >V Fristedt. Dr. Tri 84 ..... ..... --------Herman Brims. Dr. W-K No. 68-13G ________ ..... . ......... Buchanan Abstract Co., Dr. W-K No. 68-136 ....... ,. ...... Ralph H. Wallace. Dr. W-K No. 68-136 ......... ________ Shumway. Kelly .S-: Fristedt. Dr. W-K No. 61T-136 ..... Theo. Dorenbush, Dr. W-K No. 3S-89 ....... Will Gerard. Dr. 35-89 ________ Theo. Dorenbush. No. 35-89 .. ...... Douglas W. Barr, No. 35-89 . ... . .. Carl T. Sunde. Dr 35-89 _____ .......... Advance Publishing Co.. Dr W-K No. 35-89 . . . .. ....... Shumway. Kelly & Fristedt Dr. W-K No. 25-89 O. E. White. Dr. P. A I ... ............ W. P. Hcmphill, Dr. N<1. 1 ............. F. A. Woodcock. Dr. No. 1 ........... . .. W. P. Egan. Dr. P.A.K 1 ................... . G. D. Hart. Dr. P.A.K. No 1 Shumway. Kelly & Fristedt. Dr. P.A.K. No 1 PAYROLL FUND Bernard Looft. Labor Joseph V. Hamilton. Court Reporter ..... ... ......... L. A. Hackbarth, Labor Chester G. Holdefcr. Court Reporter ... ........ George W. Kocklcr. Labor Pearl Dahl, Labor .......... Charles P. Terncs. l^ibor Chester G. Holdefcr, Court Reporter ...... _ . H. S. Scheppmann. Meetings & Mileage ....... A M. Kollaseh. Meetings *.• Mileage . ..... John II . Rode. Meetings Jt Mileage . ...... S. D. McDonald, Meetings o- Mlleagc ..... . ..... Charles 11 Newel. Meetings it Mileage Reinder Krommga. Labor Edw. G. Looft. Labor Clarence Pnebe. Labor Raymond Baadc. Labor Ed Blanchard. Labor Dick Baade, Labor William L. Cl.iwson. Labor Noble L. Crouch. Labor . Frank Deim. Labor . . . . Howard O. Ksscr, Labor Alvin Ewing. Labor . E. M. Downs. Labor Ernest Godfredsen. Labor Jess Halverson. Labor Edward Hammond, Lahm W. A. Hedrick. I-abor Clarence Hentges, Labor Clifford Holmes. Labor L'lnrencc H lies. Labor Clifford Johnson, Labor . eorge W. Kockler. Labor A. J. Kollaseh. Labor Etenry Helmke. Labor Harry Helmke iMrs. lleluikc:, Labor ....... Harliin Wichtcndahl, Labor Uirhard Reynolds, Labor . . Ray Keefe. Labor Donald Frideres, Labor John Eller. Jr.. Labor Henry Xweifel. Labor . C. E Zaugg. Labor Erich Willrctt. Labor Paul A. Willey, Labor ..... George Wcringa, Labor . . Orville Wetland. Labor James Walker. Labor Charles Thompson, Labor Charles P. Ternes, Labor Lee Storkwell. Labor Lem Stockwell. Labor Bert Shellmeyer. Labor John Schueler, Jr.. Labor William F. Schrader. Labor Edward Ricke, Labor Enrl L. Paulson. Labor Willard Ohm, Labor E. C. Ohm. I.nbor Urban Neuroth. Labor Herbert C. Nelhs. Labor Roi'lf E. Miller, Labor Ferdinand Meyer. Labor Harvey O. Mergcn. Labor Ralph Markla. Labor Leon Merrill, Labor John D. Fraser. Labor H. M. Smith. Co. Engineer Thelm.i Spurgeon. Labor James Hoffman, Labor Rifhurd Turtle. Labor Al Granzow, Labor 1. A. Harkbarth. Labor Bernard Looft. Labor POOR FUND Jack Lynch, Corn Picker Harold Jensen. Bull Aluonu Municipal Utilities. Utilities . . . . . Payroll. Poor Funrl J. L'. Penury Co Clothing Linde Implement t'o . Units Kohlhaas Hardware. J. C. Pennev Co Clothing Hut/ell's. Shoes Algona Co-operati\ e Creamery Co.. Milk iV Flutter Bradley Bros.. Parts lmma Helrigeraiion. Krc-e/rr Repair B A.- D DiM.. Bread Advance Publishing Co.. Sub- .criplions . . L. S. Muekev. Runairs Northwestern Bell Telephone Co.. Telephone Service Farewav Stores, Provisions Dr. C. H. C'retiineyer. Medical Care Alauna lee Cream ..V Canny Factory. Locker Rent. C'loverleaf Hatchery .v Feed. Supplies Dr. E. M. Rhillips, Medical Care HerUi;e's Grocery, Provisions Dr. H. K. Richardson. Medical Care Ur. John M Schutter Care - . Algona Locker Plant &.- Wraupinq Dr. M. G. Bourne. Care -'. Holy Family Hospital. Hospital Care Dr. H. D. Meyer, Medical Care . . The Thuente Pharmacy. Medical Supplies University Hospital, Hospital Dr. J. G. Clapsaddle. Medical Dr. C. H. Cret/meyer. Medical Care Dr. Bahne K. Balmson. D. O.. Medical Care. St. Ann Hospital, Hospital Care ........ Dr. R. R Morion, Medical Care Rusk Drug & Jewelry. Med„ ical Supplies CUrtis Nursing Home, Care & Keep 1 - - -----Robert's Nursing Hon.c, Cure •U42.6-! 34.44 155.00 16.00 62.63 8.00 6.79 6.23 34.20 4.00 35.00 B6.40 31.00 06.00 7.98 10.91 92.00 91.16 12.00 43.96 12.00 97.28 1.000.00 377.17 5.00 7.85 4.99 2.08 22.48 82.01 37.47 43.09 5.00 fil.42 17.50 25.00 3.50 37.00 862.08 10.00 4.00 16.15 2.83 9B.85 21 10 39 66 101.50 3.867.2-4 33.63 7 IB Hi 09 123.33 •"1.45 243.02 2;V.Un) 232.88 150.'18 135 13 148.5U A- Kfffip ____ ....... - ..... --.Dr. John N. Kcncflck, Medical Care ----- ......... -- ..... Emmetsburfi Nursing Home, Care & Keep ---------- - ----Dr. T. J. Egan, Medical Care Balmcr Rest Home, Care ft Keep ___________ ....... ..... -----Harvey Jergenson. Corn Shelling ..... ...... ....... ..... --Dr. Carlyle C. Moore, Medical Care ----- ...... - ....... ----O'Briens Groceries & Meats, Provisions ... ..... ......... Paulson Drug, Medical Supplies .... . ........ - ......... — L. E Hul/.ell. Blood Donor Charles Miller, Rent ...... ...'. Dr. F. X. Crotztne.ver, Medical Boys & "Girls Home, Board . Rose Hahle. Care Good Samaritan Home. Care Dr Van Patten. Medical Care Dr. C. V. Lindholm. Medical Care - ........ German Valley Store. Provisions ..... .. ...... ... Dr. Hugh S. Gcigcr, Medical - - ...... - Hospital. 145.50 15.00 20.00 3.00 51.00 18.00 70.75 20.00 ' in.44 25.00 30.00 122.00 52.50 8.00 16.00 47.00 62.00 24 00 16.50 St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Care . ».•:» Dr. H. R. Powers, Medical Care 110.00 Cook's DriiB Store. Medical Provisions . .. "•• )0 Dr A. L. Rlst. Kent 40.00 Alfiona Municipal Utilities. Utilities I - 1 ' 1 ' G R Cook, Rent 25.00 Mrs. Delta • Falvcy. Care A: Keep ...... 04 47 Mrs Minnie Thaves, Rent 1500 Lutheran Hospital. Hospital Care 11^.00 Home of the Good Shepherd. Care & Keen 'VV-J! 0 Council Oak. Provisions 14.01) AlRona Municipal Ulllitics. Utilities . . - "-I-' Department of Social Welfare. Aid to the Blind So.Hit Department of Social Welfare. Aid to Dependent Children 1,205.'IB Robinson Produce. Supplies 103.00 Dr C H. Cretzmeycr. Mcdi- Care Nut Allowed Dr. John M. Schutter. Medical Cart- Not Allowed RKFUNDS Alfred L. Krickson, Erroneous Assessment. Martin Gabc). Kcfund fur Soldier Exemption . S2.50 H B. Fred. Homestead Credit Refund 3!l WJ Eli Homestead Credit Refund 4U.4:i Douglas Wildin, Homestead Credit Refund . 62.50 Mrs Marie L. Halvorson. Homestead Credit Refund :iil.3f! H W. Miller. Adrnr.. Mary \Velsbrod Estate Examiners Item No 17 . 51 HI On motion adjournment was taken until October 12. 1955. ATTEST: Mare Moore. C'ounly Auditor. S. U McDonald. Chnirnun Bo.ird of Supervisors. HOARD I'KOCEF.OIMSS Itcsular September Session I95i A. D. THIRD DAY October 12. I'.iHt The Board of Supervisor ol Kov-uth Counly met in rt'Kvilar session pursuant to .idjournirenl Meinhrrs wcrr S D McDonald m the Chair. A M. Kollusch. C. H Newel. II S Schrpp- mann and John H Hode. Ali'-ont. None. Moton made by Newel and ^rcoiidt-d by A. M Kollasch that thr contract for stockpiling he awarded to, K.vcrds llro.. & Elmer Dole Aye... All. N.i\cs: None .Motion carried il S Schcppm.inn and .John H Hode that Die k of Sclit HU-:r,an C'on- of 1'url Dodge, !«• rc- All N.v. e«. None Motion :iyn.7n KIS.IiH 147.94 :i04 38 4n0.19 "26 .(lit 2.11 19 -'SI.44 BOARD OK 244 86 240.IP 2!>6 24 250 ii'l I 241 1(1 I 2ii4 1)7 ' 274 16 i r TI'.K roVxTY. IO\'.'A ALCONA. 1OU A Ho,i:d o! SupervisoiN <• I h Co.intY. Iowa. mPl in r -cr-MiT',, ;-',irsu."tnt *c iiul the rules of '->id on llu- 12th day ol Oc- A D . I'.iSS. and the t«l- iv.r-.iii'crs wen: prtvcr.' McUor.ald. H S Sclirnii- Cliarlcs H Newel, A M h ami John H. Hoilr. lli'-.vmc members we•; <• ah 4 t'nl Ni'iu* WHEJIEAS. the Biwrd of Su;jtr\ .Kossuth County. Iowa dirt on ti.'ior. lowni S D mann. Koll.iM 'Die fo day of I>crc;;',bt-r. 194.1. nuthi.i i.'.c c sale and ronv rv.mre of Lot', Onr. Two. Three. Si\. Seven ami K.uMil '!, 2. ."I. K 7 and 8' of Work Two <2l. H:>:>. Lawns Addition I" tr.c Town of V.'i'.iMemoK . !o'.i.a, l..irvv K D.ivlc-, and. WHEREAS <s,-nd 'd bf-inR 2" ;}'•' i deed Riven, deed Inr Surge Ine L'l!i IIH 22l>..'!5 1.16.02 13!). 48 12:1.81 :;ia '»4 2il7.6!i 2:15.07 260. '.9 250 )!» 2511.17 2:19.17 200.60 214 51 11 110 26U.M 2411. D2 261.2!' 2VU9 27875 2:12 :«> I 216.0'i ar.ii. is 284.82 250. HI 247.70 2:t7 70 .108 07 2liO HI :ilo so :i 4:t.8:i 171 00 217. :i2 181 92 181 12 421. 42 750.00 17501) 21) 15 ll.iS HI 54/J4 75. 'id it 05 .' !o di Hi. 1 o HK- lol- WHEHEA.S. thrwiBh error thr Larry F. Doyle ,iii|>e.ii i d in the in-.U'.id of L. J Do- le. and t:-,< when (Mvim bv Ko-'.ut'-; ('our'' ve.•*.•(! the properly to 1. who thereupon i-on\<-\e'! Duylr. tl-e purchaser, an! WHERKAS, the record-, (at! In C!OM: tl.e of ~.iid de- provide:! b\ Section .'*'.'7 of the < ' NOW.' THEREFORE, BE IT SOLVED by the Board ol Supcrv of Koisuth County. .low.i as. fi'll Thai thi- deed comeving the lowing do cnbi'd prc;,i->e-,. ti.-wi! liils One. T\v<>. Three. S' s Seven and K.iuht -I. 2. 3. i>. ~ and fii of Hli'.-k Two <2t. ll:a>: Lawn's Addilion .o Wl.iUcmorc Iowa. to L J Doyle is herehv i-un- firmed and .-'iipnued Suporvifor II. S Sehrppniann mo\ e<i that said resolution l;e adootcrl. s-c.-- onded bv Supervi.-oi .lohn R 'de T>-.r Chairman put the tiurstion on II.( motion and, the roll hcmtf evillrd 'hi- ftillowinK named -upervtMirs \oied 'aye" H. S. Seheppmann Chailcs 11 Newel. A M Kollaseh and John Ro'ie. "nay"' None. Whereupon Ihc ch.iu man deel.trcti said resolution d.ilv pas.-c-d and adopted and signed hi-- ai>ju"t<\,tl S D Mi'Don.iI'd. Ch.«irm,,n Board of Supervisors ATTEST: Man- Moore. Aufliloi m Ko.--.ulii County. Secrcl.iiv ol Meetmt; On motion .id-n.irnii t nt was l^il.i'U unlil October :>. I'.iS:". / ATTEST. .' M.irc Mooie L'oliul\ Atldit' 1 ! 1 S D. McDonald, t' Board ot Super\ i:'o;->. HOARD I' lii-Kiil-ir Si-ptrmin FOURTH DAY Ti.e Ho.ird ot S unly iin'l in suant ot 11.10 ia.;u, :;i:; 'in 41.20 fi.ill) 5.00 Medical Cutting Medical 15/10 12.00 54.00 liu.37 1U7 lij 148.40 131.8! Bl.UL 5-12.5.11 98 01 -i Si-s-.lon Ili.i5 A. D D.-tohei '«. 1!'.V> oiH-i \ ism .-. <-f Ko.isutl. regular >cf- ion pur- iMu-iit Tlu»>e present . .verc S U Mellon. ild. l"h.urio..n in the Chair, and n. embers H. S .Schepp- mann, C II Newel. A M Kollast h ind John H Mode. Absent. NO.II- Moimn bv Jiihn 11 Hodi' -mcl sei - imdud by II S Schcnpmann thai taxes ount ol $i7tij lie .itt.itfit. foi l-'iaiu-is B. (liscli. assessed in Aliion;. Inci . Hivercl.ilc of Hiverii.ilt Twp An ,<riilnl Tax nt $-120 to be entered in Riverdale Twp. Ayt-s All Nayes. None. Motion carried Motion 1>\ .lohn H. Rode and M-C- nded Ijy 11 S. Schfjipmann thai tin Huineslejit Tax 1-1 Virgil A id. si- M.irir Gelhaus be abated in the annul 1 -.! ol $22.70. Ayes: All. N.I.VI.-S: None. Molioi. cjrne'.l Muliua h. 1 , A M. Kollaseh ami seconded by f. 11 Nvvvcl thai t.ix on lots 11-12. Block 1. Dourle's Addition Swc:i f'it.v. be ar.ulcd in Ihc- amount of 381. n. same hems property ot Sue.i City Community School. Ayes All Nave.-,: None Motion carried Motion bv H. S. Scheppm.-n and -eeundetl by C H. Newel the Personal tax of Eugene Helmer. Al- Kon:i. in the amount of $2u.6o be abated. .the Personal Ui>. ol Win. Erpclding LuVerne Ind.. in the amount oi J2n.2M be abated, and lo .ilj.ile the.Dori la>. on id by Richard Palmer. Algonn $2.00. Aye-.-.- All. Ni-.ycs: None. Motion carried. Motion by A. M. Kollaseh anJ seconded by John II. Mode to cancel the taxes on MeAelanu-. property. Swe.» City, Luis 5-0, I'.lock 2:). Rie-hmond'.- 4th Addition to Swea C'it.v . property of the Social Wellare Board Ayes All. Nayes: None. Motion carried Motion* by H. S Scheppniann anU seconded by John 11. Hode that Alfred L Erieksoii ul Algona. receive a rt- fund tor Ye. us l!J5o-ril-52-5;i-i»4 One acre u^-cd school pui p Ayes: All Nave.- None Motion ried On •motion adjournment was ui until November 1. 1U55. ATTEST. ,\hirc Mooie. Counlv Auditor S. D .McDonald, L'luiiraian Board uf Supervisor.?. foi

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