Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 9, 1909 · Page 8
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 8

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 9, 1909
Page 8
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SEPTEMBER 9 1907. 8 THURSDAY EVENTXO, Attractive JMedlev of Clever Acts CITIIlj Corning to Orpheufn Next SNeek (correctly :! Made OAKLAND TRIBUNE i ft ft S$y i OAKLAND. Y s Oiiterwear . i . J For, Our San Francisco Autumn Season Rough Tweeel Suits Demi-fitting- long coat effects; fashionable plaited skirt; colorings; raisin, mulberry, catawba, artichoke, amethyst, taupe, smoke, etc. i 1 . Blue, Grey and Green Cheviot Suits Chic in shape and neat in Specially selected to sell at . Automobile and Street Coats Built on new lines, made very modish and distinctive in their .attractiveness, j - - Geary, at Stockton, Union Square.. SAN: FRANCISCO. j . WED AT ALTAR S OF TIGER LILIES Miss Lucy King and Lawrence Harris Are Married at - Pretty Ceremony . - SAN FEAXCISCi. Sept. 9. The wedding of Miss Lucy King; popular society girl, and Lawrence Harris, a prominent young business man of this jcity, was; solemnized at , the home of i the bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Kins.; in Washington street, last night. The Rev. Father McQuaide read the service before an altar of tiger liilies. Some 100 ifriends of the young1 couple Witrressej the jfrettv ceremony:. ! SEMI-WOODLAN D EFFECT. An .aisle of small pillars formed a . pathway for the bridal party, and each Ifcillar was wreathed 'with the green clinging fern, and carried a crown of tiger -lilies, artistic bouquets of which stood in talfvases,' adorning the comers oT the"rooms and a dado of grape Vino : tv.en the bouquets gave a seml-wood-1, 'I effect to the decoration . of ; the rooms. The dining room was trimmed with hanging clusters of gladiolus, while the hallway was adorned ;with palms and an occasional bunch of'itiger lilies. ' ' , j The marquee, where supper was served, was . sopTof irsely decorated with ?f" aufiumn foliage and heavy fruits Iti ar-" bor fashion that the great canvas looked Hike a dense bower of frilit and flowers. ;jjn the center of the .marquee was the bride's table, where .the decoration was . American beauty roses and the delicate asparagus fern. THE BRIDE'S GOWN. , The bride was given. In' marriage by lier father, Joseph L. King, and :thrre were, mors than 100 guests, present.; The liride wore a gown of ; white : sat in Slmmd wltb rnr "Id Inco that1 ins If ntwinrrn Oakland aodl appearance. $27.50 been In the family for many years, and the elaborate gown was finished with a square court train. She wore a voluminous tjille veil . that fell in -foils to the hern; of the train and carried a shower bouquet of stephanotis and lilies -of the ; valley. She was .attended by h.r . closest. friend. Miss Edith Simpson, as ' maid of honor, and Miss Simpson wore a gown of American beauty satin, embellished witjff a yoke of white lace, while Miss Ehel I"e.-in, the bridesmaid. . wore a similar gown, and both; girls .wore short tulje veils. The office' of best man was filkil by "Joseph King Jr., and the ushers "were Percy King. - eorge Puller, Robert Eyre and Roy , Pike.. ' A briLllant reception followed and the of warm cens-rHtnla.rions. A forward's I the'y left for a short wedding tour of the south and. on their return will make their home i this city. EFFETE WASHINGTOMANS GET TOO MUCH "CHICKEN" WAFHIXGTOX. Sept. 9. Of chickens young and chickens old, chickens tender and chickens tough, chickens hot and chickens cold, ' Washingtonians have had enough. . . .. Owing to the enforcement of the new-health' regulations requiring the maintenance of certain sanitary conditions In chicken coops and barn-yards and the fire regulations governing the proximity of hen coops to residences, owners of egg producers wjthln "', the city limits- have tp a :large extent . found it more profit-able to kill off their fowls' rather than meet the law requirements. . As a result chicken dinners have become quite a fad with the residents of the National Capital. r - . COT.I.TDKS VTTII lit'ILDIXG. While' propelling himself along homeward, at an-unusually high rate of pppcd at,;an early hour this morning, II.' AVi'ghu a night watchman living 'at Kif'th and Franklin streets, colli.dt'd wkai a building. He put on revf rse geaiting ami backed away. The building was intact . but "Wright was not so fortunate. He "had a contused eye brow, which Steward Piatt sewed tncothpr at the Rece!v;nsr H"cpi"l: We sell more than gas. We sell gas plus delivery and the two combined are covered in the term "gas service." - j j ." . : -I This service differs very much from the delivery department of a mercantile house or dairy. It is constant every one of the twenty-four hours and 365 days in the year.. It is at your command instantly for. the case of sudden sickness in the early hours of the morning, as easily a it-is for the preparation of the mid-day meal, i : i f !' "'.!' . j It is a service that must be prepared at any and all times to be sufficient to' the greatest simultaneous demand. ' Everyone appreciates the fact that many. more gas burners are ill operation from 5 to 8'o'clock in the evening than during any other period of the day. It is also apparent that the darker and shorter the day, the heavier will be the gas consumption. Our works must be large enough to care for the maximum demand of the average day, and, the maximum demand of "the shortest and darkest day in the year. ' This means that during the most of the time albig percentage of our capacity stands"idle. I ' ; ''!: "''! Besides this we must at all times, in our gas holders, retain a large reserve supply: of gas to be used in cases of accident or emergency at the works. " Heafi Go. iM f lit SABEL JOHNSON at the The autumn months are here and all the theaters of the entire Orpheum '-Cir- cuit are in operation. The tide of vaude-vllle offering will be accordingly found stronger and higher class than ever, and a glance j at the list of attractions booked for : the i Orpheum theaters is sufficient to indicate wh-a glorious season the corning year at ,the Oakland Orpheum Is to be. Nothing but the best and the best constantly, regardless of the money It takes to secure the stars of .the vaudeville w-orld -this is to be the slogan of th management which has given such a ph:ising outlook for the theatergoers of; Oakland. . Next week's program -will b .an excellent one. There will be a sprinkling of novelty throughout. Itwill Include American and European -Ttfts. all blended iiji : -delightful porporttons. Clever people will dissport behind the footlights for the '. delectation of the Orpheum crowds, lilt will be a vaudeville show par exeelU-nc;e. "THE. QUAKERESS" COMING. John Hvams and" Leila Mclntyre, well-, known musical comedy stars, come in a new vehicle quaintly termed "The Quakeress." which is said by Eastern writers to be a remarkable comedy of ;-l.-veimess ami bv far the best vaudeville offer insr these popular favorites have vet been seen in. Miss Me Intyre, w ho lias becoiine associated with dainty an 1 ircenious roles of simplicity and Inno-cense has been fitted to a nicety in the roieof '-The Quakeress." who has stage T aspirations. The offering, is full of' bright witticisms, simple humor and clever " song.- and it is said to be one of the distinct vaudeville delicacies of the season. , George! W. Cunningham and Herman Mar!"!!" will nr"-'"t an offering nop.y- lUULI'U'JIUill.UI" Thirteenth and Clay Streets V Ft!' i I-is Okkland Orpheum Next Week. prlately called "An Acrobatic Talkfest." It is all this peculiar title lmples, combining acrobatic comedy, singing, dancing and a routine of clever -witticism. which alone would rank as a specialty. The character comedian of this team, appearing in a grotesque costume, ner- lorms some acrobatic stunts which nrn really, sensational. A remarkable con-tra.stis the quiet manner In which his partner, who appears In street attire. goes through his portion of their novel sketch. STATUE HORSE. When an animal act ' Is announced In connection with a vaudeville show, old- timers are Inclined to entertain the iila. that something ancient or purile Is ilii -ail. It you go to the Oakland Or pheum next week and see the perform ance nr ine i. nesterneiil statue horse vou-will be convinced that the new- thintrs under the sun happen occasionally In the most unexpected ways. This beautiful white animal is made the fhblect of a jseries of wonderful pictures "Dead Sol-rtler,", "The Wounded Horse." 'Th Donrf K'harger," and others which are amazing- ! lllirr. i Miss Catherine TIaves and Mis Snhol Johnson, heavyweight comediennes, who c aiiranv uisLiiiKuisneu inemse ves In many American comio operas, come lrfO n novei travesty called "A Pream of B'.aby Days," in which, bv a novel transformation they revert to the rlav of hildhood, without losing avoirdupois, maglne a two-hundrel-pound ' "Huster irown'' and some idea can be gotten of he rousing fun they evoke. It is road burlesque, happily brightened with ornic scenes and clever songs, and it t handled in a sc ream in el v funnv tnnn. her .by these two accomplished, ' though uiimiiiunc, comeoiennes, "Jack the Giant Killer" is hold! Tier t feptions on the stage at the matinees hese days, giving souvenirs to all. Joseph Hart's "Bathing Girls" are dnother big card this week. The entire ; how Is attracjling big crowds. MANAGER C.P. HALL GOES TO NEW YORK Manager Charles P. Hall of the Macdonough Theater left for New "fork Tuesday jnorning on the limited. He expects to "be absent three weeks during which time he will sign up tjnbny new attractions for the local playhouse. Mr. Hall has made some fjplendid contracts this year, including fjuoh plays as "The .Merry Widow and the Devil"; "The Climax"; Blanche Kates; "The Merry Widow"; Frances Starr; George M. Cohan,- David War-field and many other prominent people. ft BILL OF FEATURES AT THE BELL Italian Nightingale" and the Three Rohrs Are the Big Attractions The new bill at the Bell Theater this eek contains plentv of snan and vim front start to finish. The- Thr IRohrs in thslr cvclina- pvhthitin the revolving globe have the most sen- itionai turn on the program and one f the most thrilling acts, in vaudeville flnside a circular caee these' three iring wheelmen race ud and down nd sideways apparently defying the fiws of gravitation. During the nro- ress of the exhibition one of the Ifeohrs is v.-heeling in such a manner ..it he ts, so to speak, at a certain oint in his path, wheeling on his ear. The-splendid reception accorded the ifted "Italian Nightingale." Vera De Bassinl, is a worthy tribute to the harming, vocal artist. Her -wonderful nee has been trained to the extent that her Imitation of the notes from violin areflo true as to defy de-ction. Blossom Seeley. late sou- ilrette with the-Kolb & Dill Co.. is a popular number in her songs and ances. This vivacious comedienne is t the front rank among the coon houters and her efforts in that line ere heartily applauded. The Clarence Sisters, two Australian girls with the pDnquet "Australian Nuggets" are rk-al charming In a specialty of a somewhat different nature than the ordinary vaudeville turn. Mitchell & aln. Introducing "That. Frenchman" i!nd the "Other Fellow." are a host p themselves, jwith plenty of good gitimate comedy. Murphs'. Whitman 'J To., in a high class playlet dealing dith political intrigue in a small city s(re finished performers and hold the merest of their auditors throughout. The excellent motion pictures for the eek add materially to the pleasure of the, biii. ISfow for Business The holidays are over, the seaside and mountain resorts are mostly closed, Summer '09 has gone into history and Fall is here in earnest. - "t As usual, we anticipate the season's needs for women and children this Fall more completely than ever because of the guidance afforded us by twenty . years of experience. Our buyers have returned from New York and their big, careful purchases have followed them. , Our Fall Fashions show is such as will satisfy. you. The - more you have 'studied the vogue of the season, the more you will appreciate our efforts to supply what is right. 1 Feel as free in our store as in your home. Come and learn; nor feel under any obligations to purchase. ' HEAD FOB WESTERN JESUITS Rev. Herman Goller of Spokane Appointed Superior Over New District SANTA CDARA, Sept. 9. Word was received yesterday by Rev. Richard A..' Glecson, S. J., president of Santa CUwa College, of a chtenge affecting the whole Jesuit order In the Western and Pacific coast States. The California-Rocky Mountnin mission is a thins of the past and in its place a province with Rev. Herman Goller of Spokane, Wash., as Its head is created. . The order comes direct from Rev. Francis Xavier Wemz In Rome. The man who has been appointed superior over this new territory" 's one whose name is -well known in Catholic circles. A nephew of Rt. Rev. -Mgr. Herman Goller. pastor of St. Peter and St. Paul's Church of St. Louis, he pursued his studies at Woodstock College, Woodstock, . Md. The newly created provincial was ordained in the Society of Jesus In 1S99 by Cardlnal Gibbons. After enteringthe Jesuit order Dr. Goller was sentto the then new theologate at St. Ixiuls, Mo., where he lived one year. TEACHER OF PHILOSOPHY. His next oixler was to Spokane, Wash.; where he taught philosophy to the young Jesuits, at the same time, performing the duties as prefect of studies at Gonzaga College. He was eventually made rector at that institution. During the absence of Father Se la Mott he acted as vice-superior of tho Rocky Mountain mission. Two years ago. this mission amalgamated with the California mission and both were given the name of the Calirornia-Rocky-Mountain mission, with Very Rev. George de la Mott 'as superior. This was the fwst preliminary step toward the making of the mission a province, which culminated today. IS NEW DISTRICT. By this decree the nevly formed province of California has been detached fronr-the Turin province, to which It was i formerly subject, and from' the Italian ( a.sistancy and has been rendered a parti of the Knglish assistancy. This change! effects rather the Internal government and will not modify the status of the various Jesuits. j In losing Rev. Herman Goller (Gonzaga College parts with a man who lias been closely identified with Its growth., and progress for many years. The new provincial is a personal friend of Rev. Richard A. Gleeson of Santa Clara College and of many professors at the local Jesuit institution. For Rev." George de la Mott, S. J., the retiring head of tha Cajifomla-Rocky Mountain mission, nothing but praise is heard on all sides. " 1 MRS. T1NGLEY SCORES i MRS. ANNIE BESANT DENVER., Sept. 9. The basic principle of Theosophy received a sordid jolt today when Theosophists of Denver received pamphlets sent out by J. H. Fua-eell, secretary of Mrs. Catherine Ting-ley of the Point Loma. Cal.. soc1et3. attacking Mrs. Annie . Besant. president of me general l neosopnicai society, wno j will lecture here Thursday night. The pamphet bears the title, "Mrs. Annie i Pesant and the Moral Code-A Protest," and accuses Mrs. Besant of upholding I Immorality, especially through her sup- I port of C W. Iedbetter, her associate. I Mrs. Besant became head of the Theosophical Society on the death of Mme. Blavatsky. its founder, while Mrs. Tlngley heads an : offshoot of the parent organization. ARKANSAS AVIATORS USE ZEPPELIN FLYER NEW YORK. Sent. 3. Dr. John A: Riggs and Joel Rice of Utile Rock. Ark.. are constructing an airsiup hi -low uiu Morris Park race track In this city with the expectation of taking part In the eon-tests, during the Hudson-Fulton celebration. While they are maintaining secrecy as to the details of .their invention, they say It ' Is modeled somewhat after the famous Zeppelin airship, only not nearly so large. DON'T MISS LAYMAN advance showing in I 'all MILLINERY Frldav and Saturday. 473 Twelfth at.. akm Block. SEES TAFT ABOUT PANAMA GOVERNOR Goethals Opposes Politician a's Successor to Governor Blackburn ' NEW YORK, Sept. 9. olonel George W.. Goethals, chief -.engineer of the -Panama Isthmian Canal Commission, has Just arrived here from Colon en route to Beverly, Mass., to consult with President Taft-concerning a successoi: to Governor J. S. Blackburn of the canal zone, who submitted his- resignation last week. Colonel Goethals .expected toreach Beverly secretly, and withbutany one knowing about it. His narnef was not on the steamship register and when he was identified he was greatly surprised. He admitted" that he was on his way to s&s. thePresldent and that the President eVtpected him. Concerning his mission iPolonel Goethals said: POLITICIAN XOT WANTED. "It is most essential for the progress of the canal that the new Governor should be a man who will help to build the canal and not a politician who will make trouble. As soon as I heard that Governor Blackburn had resigned, I decided to take a month's vacation and see the President. "The condition in the canal '; zone must be either harmony or friction and the selection of a man. for the place is of the greatest importance to myself and the rapid construction of the canal." When asked abouP the renewekl reports that the lock system was to be changed to a sea level canal jCdlonel Goethals laughed. f "There's nothing In It." he salcl. "T DO YOU WANT TO K.R A PRIZK? IF SO, ENTER THE GREAT BAI.I.OOX PtZ ZIRCON TEST OF HIE II. IIAVSCHII.DT MUSIC CO. PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED TO THE NEATEST, MOST CORRECT AND ARTISTIC ANSWERS. One Fprlglit Grand Piano One Piano Player" One Talking Machine Outfit One Laly's Gold "Watch One Gentleman's Gold Watch Can You alloon O O V ; Oi.'.Q ! ' Take any number from 3 to 14 Inclusive, and place in the e!i?ht-circles (or balloons) and one inMhe center square, so when it Is figured horizontally or perpendlf tilarlyit . will make 2 7. The same number cannot be used more tlfen twice. All answers must be In our 'Store by September 13, 1JN9, at 6 p. "m. Send your solution on thfs-QC a separate shet, but do not use more than one shett of paper,' Write your name and address plainly. Every person -sending- an answer will be notified by. mall. The judges will be representatives of the papers. . Theirdecision will be final. Send your answer to desk No. 5. H.E-lauschi 420 I31h Street i BOBS ill 10 SHELTERED Mi Pseudo Fireman Tells of loss of.Roll--Takes.$197 From Friend irv-Neecf pretending that he had been robbed of $70, James Rendlnell. who says h Is a resident- ofx'Youngstown. Ohio, and that he is also a member of the fire department thre, called on the police yesterday and told his story ; ot misfortune. Investigation of Detective 'Kyle developed that the story told by Rendlnell "was false, and it further developed that soon after tellir the police of the sup posed robbery.i Re'Kiinell made the ac- quaintance of A. .1. poster, a tourist from Cleveland. Ohio, and before the twain parted company Foster was minus a wallet containing- $197. A warrant charging grand larceny has been sworn out against Rendinell. The man wanted for larceny Is alleged by tae police to have -tried to obtain money from local f.remen by telling that . he had been robbed of every cent he possessed, and also that he was a fireman of. Youngstown. He.waw unable to collect anything. He met Foster in a billiard hall and Is clleged to have repeated his story of being robbed of $70. Foster took pity on Rendlnejl and took him to his room. When he awoke tliis ' morning his bank roll of $197 was mirs-ing. i vi was a believer in the sea level plan. but I have changed my mind through, ' my experience on the isthmus. Thi trouble with the sea level plan is the Chagres river, which overflows its banks and sweeps all before it. A cut about a mile long between Georgona. and Malathin, completed- two wneks ago, was two feet above the level of the Chagres, but three days before I sailed the river overflowed and filled the cut with sand and other debris" 1 UJ U L il l. JO One Violin Outfit Ttvo Hundred Glass Vases Firty Merchandise Orders, ranging from $25.00 to $100.00 each. Solve It ? Puzzle i Music Co. Oakland, Gal. o v c

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