Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 5, 1909 · Page 34
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 34

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1909
Page 34
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OAKLAND TRIBUWF If -t v j 4 A UDirDOIIStOoirQ ion OGSlD Following- Is a rummary of the tmlld-JngT permits applied for at the Board of ! Public Works for the week ending- Wed-ineadfly, December .1, 1809, as compiled rfcy "Walter B. Fawcett, secretary of the-.Board: - -No. ' Permits. Amoimts. 1- story dwellings 14 $28,320.00 1 -story dwelling ........ 2 8.450.00 2- Mory dwellings 5 19,450.85 1-story store 1 600.00 1-ftorv. 8 -room office i..ti4nn. i 9 3Kft no 1 'V. .lU.LJfS ........ ...... a. , - " Sheds, rarag-eg 5 1,574.00 Alterations, additions and repairs .-..20 5,947.00 Total 4S t59.G91.85 REPORT BT WARDS. First -ward 18 27,?22XI0 .Second ward 5 4,200.00 .'Third ward 440.00 'Fourth ward 4 3. 840.00 (.Fifth ward 11 17,233.85 F Sixth ward 4 550.00 Seventh ward ...3 6,600.00 . Total . V. 48 $59,091.85 PERMITS. Odd ilEne Gofty FirajrilHinig , wo0'" i i V-1 alteration?, 1210 BUILDING FoIIo-tvlr.g- is a detailed statement of 'th3 applications for buildiija; permits filed 'with the Board of Public Works for the week ending "Wednesday, December 1, 1909: j Wood . Tatum, repairs, 610 Thirteenth street: $70. Chris Flanagan, 1-story. B-room cot-. : tae-e, wost sloe of Prospect Plapo, 90 'feet south of Twenty-ninth streetT $1900. C. H. Comforth, 1-story. 5-room bungalow, west side of Glnn avenue, 112 foot north of Ellin; additional cost, $6U0. E. C. Simmcns, 2-story. 9 -room, dwelling and 1 -story. 2-room frarasre. west Bide of Vernnn street, 184 fet south of Perry street; $"1C0.S5 and ?24V J. A. Erickscn, ' 1-story shd. north side of Thirty-first street, 135 feet east of San pp.hlo; $K0. i J. S. Meyers, alterations. 1603'4 Broad-wav; $150. . M. I Lindberg, 1-story barn, 5713 Dover, rear; .$50. i Norrls & Alien, l'-i-story.. 5-room dwelling-, west si.le of Wood lawn, r280 feet south of Moss avenue; JlnOO. ! L. Mitchuir, alterations, Pu7 Webster 6tret; $140. Miss Sadie Goldstein Thirtieth street: ?50. : Mrs. K?te Rex, 1-rcom adrlltlon, 630 . Fifty-third streot; $142. I - M. Panelll, 1 -stor', 4-room dwelling. 17 Tenth street, rear: $1140. : George Shrider, '1-story. 6-roora dwelling-, north sld cf Fiftv--?fth str-et, 230 fee-t west of xver; $l'.r,0. W. E. Taft, 1-story, i-rrom bunsralow, .southwest - corner of OeiIc Gnjve avenuo and Pedestrians way: $2500. I J. Acllman, alterations, 1010 Washing ton street : $30'"'. v A. Martin, Blrcrations and repairs, 802 Xir.th street- SlOO. J. Centini, tiUerations, DOS Seventh street; $50. ; . i , M?rv Warner.-l-storv ".-room dwelling, couth side of Kast Twxnty-sevvnth ' ereet. 3C4 feot ecn-cf Thirteenth ave- , i nue; $1400. i Bonl & Klracerlck, alterations, 1 417 .Thirteenth street; $S00. I I Freldman Realty Company, alterations, 670 Frarklin street; 175. i i J. C. Bonnetta, alterations, rS4 Willow- street: $:KiO. - i i F. A. Muller, i-story, 6-room. eottaar'. south side of .A1.-ntraz avenue, C20 foet east. or lover; lMm. t. t E. K. Wood Lumber Company. 1-story, 8-roor.i ofritT luii'.illnc sontheriSt corner of -Frederick and Kins:; $23."0. John Herr, alterations, 2S San Pablo avoniie; .$.".00. ' I ! E. F. Schmltz, l-etorj',- B-room bungalow. nrth side of Kortyi-f ourth street, 75 feet east of Diamond; $2750. Mry W. Weaver, lire I repairs, south sif.a of Forty-sixth ."treet 2zZ feet east of- Market street; $000. j Mrs. Albert, fraragpe, 272 Santa Rosa avenue, rear: .$f.". Victor Edw?rcison, 1 -room addition, 6115 linker street; $150. 1 J. D. Eldride, 2-story, i 6-room dwell-lnrr. east sld" of Itlil-Arais avenue, 200 M'ss E. Johnson. " :ilt?r itlons. south-T west corner of Kighteentli and San PfiMo; $70. . i M. Fernandez, 2-story. iS-room dwelling-, east ldf of Zl Jirni iia.! 335 feet north of Twenty -elR-hth street: S1S50. P. Fannon,. reshinllnp. 1770 G6ss etret; $75. t M. Freeman, 1-ston' sfjore. east side of .West street, 100 f.et north of Hewnth; $000. i C. S. Entlr. 1-ttorv. C-jroori dwellinsr. n-irtli -icie .of Fiftv-fix Ih-f tree t, 200 feet west of tirove; S-1SX'. j C. A. Johnscn, 2-storv. ! 7-rr om dwelling, north si14 of LTliiu- street, 2u0 feet -west of Rosalie avenue; J5. JI0. ' J. E. Sullivan, 1 -story, ; 4'-room dwell-lntr, cast sid of Harnv.m I'oiirt, 400 feet north of Aleatraz; $10i. i : i. J. B. Paunell, four 1-story. F.-roorh dwellines. west si.le of iJimnond street. S3 1-:!. 60 2-3 r,nl 10. t f.-t south r.f Fiftv-first, ::'s so:;t:-iweJt corner of Diamond and Ftfty-iirst; $-jj00 faci Katherlne A. Ewinq, 1 -story, 4-room cot tape-, west si ; of Shatter, 123 feet north of Oavour; ?1 Harry Conders, alterations. 1243 Broadway; $200, 1 S. , A. Downing, l1, -story, ' 6-room i dwelling, southeast corner of Kast Oak and Prospect street; $1S50. S. A. Durphy. 2-etory, S-room dwellinsr. east side of Grand avenue, 251 feet north of A'elrton. $:!5u0. . - Dr. Gslvan, rcof repairs. 831 Broad-wnv; $in. DeLuchl Schuffelt iS. Co., alterations. JOuthast corner of Twent v-fourth end San Pablo; $?50. H. T. Griffin, srarafe", northrest corner of Grand ami eldon; $i;c0. Chin Ylck, alterations. 351 Etgrhth Btreet; $2?. . ; i NOVEMBER SUMMARY. . No. Permits. Amounts, repairs ...I '. 12-J 46,7"7iOO II fef i A Ay i t J" M .-t GoSoro uuuu OO'u' Urc7G Gu UC : n Elx-room modem story and a half Queen Ann House 31st st.. rear nallv s:ood bu $3800 lerfte lot, bn 31 st St.. rear Grove. Is an exceptionally pood buy at This Terms can be arranged. D.FvMINNEY 422 11th Street Just East of Broadway I Aero and Elalf AoroLof: SGQp to 61000 Suitable for truck eardenin or chicken ranches; soil. rich san.lv loam: fine climate: Southern Pacific local depot one block from lots; small parments Sown and easy monthly Installments- macada mized streets. $3650 Pair flats, 5 and 6 rooms; lot 150 feet deep ; will pay over 13& ; nice location, near Twelfth avenue. ' (525) "Exclusive Agents, laymance Real Estate Co. 1214-121S Broadway. Choice Lots in the; Higgins Tracts Onthe new Erwlght way car lln. Berkelev For sale by The Realty Syndicate ) Randall,--Troivbridgo fi IVrigh! Company 130t ntftilwav Phones Oakland S208. A 320S. Farmers and Merchants Bank new building under construction on the corner of Thirtnth Franklin .streets. ' FORSALEorEXCHANGE A nupery In Fniitvale. consisting of "CTC ot ima ana an nurserv sunnlies. A ... . . 1 ( ' l o . . , . ' ' - io.ii..-:. eieetnc motor, etc.; on the car line and 700 feet fronting n-iih street; 30 minutes' nlv tA icth onj uro-iuway. . .mis is a rare onportunitv to obtain 4 acres of highly improved land right In and - r - - . . , , " i ; . , . . in in . ii i u . ...... t. .mwijp'i i ii , iu it l ii - - in. - ... i i uj- . . . V , ' :u - - " 1,11 1 " .- " " 1,11 '" ! '""v. f' ' - -H'-r11 ,':"1 ' 1 U; f . f e, , 1 "frfV . I . I - , , . . THE WOLCOTT-HODGH CO. Brosrdway. Oakland. LEWIS & MITCHELL REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE BROKERS Removed to 1262 Broadway Springfield F. & M. Insurance Co. dubGrf Oryanf Real Estate and Insurance nOTARY PUBLIC Why Not OWN A LOT OR A HOME IN CENTER OF GREATER OAKLAND? YOU CAN BUY NOW ON VERY EAY TERMS. lilS Broadway. OaManSv DoYonWant$3C'J Per Annum Here In tlio Ideal Income Iroducer t RICHABD J. MONTGOMERY 4003 Telegraph av.. eornerI40th tt., ' Central Oakland. Ia tke hdow of lJnd Titt th heantifnl rlose to- Key Route, business renter; in vrirra belt: is a new, strictly modern biitii basement heme: on a hearr concrete fnnn.iar in : j-fSt:' finish: pli7i perch; rxms t.-i-tefuMy t'rte..: sanltsry nickel plunUng: open Mrenla. e w.th :i ash-chute: (separate baii and tiiet: ; f!net kitchen with rtown-te-date conTenieuces; basement for ample storage; carpenter shop ar, 1 fruit cool closets; lawn in: cement walk; str?ot work complete.1. Price for immediate saJe oriy S2f.0. Very small payment to responsible partr. Phone owner at Piedmont 1S42. or IIQLGOLIB REMJY CO. (Investor of Capital) 306 Sail Pablo Arenue Oakland, Cal. Greater CALL AND SEE Oakland nelicopt Flying er Machine 408 15th St., bet. Broadway anq i-ranklin CHAPIN&M0RR1S Home Builders Building Loans 1 Telegraph Avenue Oakland Rooms :i9 trnd 211, Second Floor First National Bank Buildlne. Oakland. CaL Tel. Oakland 35!. The five-story Thayer building nearing completion on corner of Fourteenth and Jefferson streets near Iivihppton. $400. Walker & anj Marl; Bradhoff, tt streets. flats ;i5,- fnphreys, lot inda, $7500. on Total ...i ?!' $344.7rfi.Sr) K?w Construction ......117 $-C'7,?;'O.S5 Alteratior.B, addltior.. an 1 ' ; HEW FACTORY TO !: BE LOCATED HEfiE Prosperity of Greater Oakland is Stronger in Evidence. Each Successive Day j Since the bond nrti annexation elections business has Wen extremely good with me, and is srettingr tetter everyday. A fine piece of property for i a factory Sate on tho Western Pacific and rfouthem Pacific for the account of . Kate A. Mihews, T. F. itinney has Just old to the Hudson Lumber company, on -which they have put in spur tracks and started to put up tiro factory, where fhey will employ nl.out 2000 men. While : price of tlia lanj v.as a trifle l?s feC $7000, tile imrrovments will cost several times this amount, and will "lie to operation in about ninety days. Another sale Just made on' tho southwest corner of Twelfth and Custro street, where th purchase price was about 4'J0 per foot, vacant. Indicates what property In this district is worth at this time, j ; The following is a list of recent safes by F. Minney besides several others on wr.ica tuics arc D--int soarohcj .preparatory to being closed in a ft-w oats j ' Account of E. E. Grir.r.ell, one-fifth interest in Cherry Lynn tract. 11450. i Account of H. H, MclXinald. lot cn East Twenty-fhtrd street, r.ear Twenty-first avenue, JS59. " Account of Continental BuHdlngr and Loan - company, nine-room bouse and lot on Portland-avenue, $4000. Account of Walker & Bradhoff, flats oo Iledmont avenue, J450. j . -cin.-Nt of K;"te H.. Tyson, lot on Jersey s;;vbt.iw-ir tA-ttas street, Jl.'GO. : Account of WtiUanr J. Close, lot in Oakland P"spwt oniestead, $1125. euat tit Wi' ijn Mullen., factory on i Valdez street, Account' of on Fifty-fifth 000. ' ' ' Account of W. R. iru corner of Summit and I Account of Fred Tate. Apartment house on Sixtieth stre.et, J13.00D. Account of J. B.- Mills, fifth street, near West, Account of Margaret house and lot on Lake s Account of Father Lev enteenth street, near Ca ' Account of L." I. Curtii on Twelfth avenue, $427)0. Account of Marlam K. pfacdonald, on Fourth avenue. $7500. Account of II. IL reIjeon, house and lot on Sixth street. West Berkeley, $3500, Account of Katie A. Majthews, 64 acres in San Leandro. $C530 Account of William p. Humphreys, business property on comer of East Fourteenth street and Thirteenth avenue $48,000. . Account P. Calou, southwest comer Twelfth and Castro streets, $55,000. Account Xntalie Kleenian, stores and flats on corner of Iast Fourteenth street 5,500 flat on Thlrty-$7500.-. K. StarbucJt, reet, $30,000. ', flats on Sev- , house and lot! flats and Thirteenth avenue. $35,000. Account Natalie Kleenian, house and lot on corner- of Lake street", $25,000. and Madison REVIVAL 1(1 JHE REM MARKET Banks Making Loans More Freely and the Buying of Property Growing Brisk V "Apropos of the carrying of the recent bond and annexation election," said A J. Snyder yesterday, "ai general buoyancy has been felt in the real estate market, not only in business Investments, lut in renklev.-e propertiffs, building lots, subdivisions .m.l tracts in the suburbs, with strong indications for a continued increasing activity. I BANKS LOOSEN UP. ' "And now that the banka are putting out money at 6 per cent,i a great incentive to building has been noticed arl many new, buildings are seen in the course of cojistrnction la all parts of the. city. . ) "With an increasing tendency of confidence and activity prevalent amotng the loeal anl out-of-town buyers tlie rnarket will undoubtedly continue) very strong. - - 1 .Lmi jf .. i. .n ail y 1 ,; 3 irS- o i it - r I: Trf i-Lf 'f ' ' ' : ;N V V--- J i-J I - ... .t ,ia.n U 1 m ".'r.-r. dailMHWIjilUliHMIHltf . " -- Ztia- - ' ' Brand new Swiss chalet, 8 rooms; beautiful front; eastern exposure; every convenience; look at it now whilA it Is being completed; this is the last one of 72 houses completed; and sold. Taylor Bros. & Co., Cheap Lot $775 SACRIFICE Xesrr 26th and Grov; bank mortgage of $400 can remain; 6 net; lot is easily worth $1009: .: handy to 22d street Key Route and Grove and San Pablo avenue car line; Jut the lot for a builder. (2570) Realty and finance Co. Broadway. JEFFERSON STREET We have a fine buy on north side of street, just off -Jefferson street; lot 37x100, with a good 9-room house. This property will advance in valuevery fast, soon as Jefferson street is opened. Adams Point Snap $175040x125 ; fine view ; hill $600 cash, balance south frontage, pronertv: onlv easy terms will handle this. PERKINS SMITH CO. EXCLUSIVE AGENTS. 1 Telegraph art. Here's a Bargain 60x100, opposite Lake Merritt Park; convenient to all street car lines, within five minutes' walk of both broad and narrow gauge locals ; adj6ining land held at $140 per front foot. Price $6500. It's a dandy location for an apartment house or family hotel. J. H. Macdonald& Company 1052 BROADWAY. BUILD YOUR HOME IN J y We Will Pay for It VICKIIAF.1 IIAVEiiS, In 1212 BROADWAY. ROGUE RIVER VALLEY FRUIT WINS TITLE Klnrj 1236 BROADWAY. ! Grand Opening Today SCHOOL STREET TERRACE Upper Fruitvale. Everybody r Invited, ; Bright-Merrill Comply 1232 BROADWAY, Phones Oakland 214 A3014 REAL ESTATE INSURANCE No. 5 ; Telegraph Avenue tion your fruit. of the AppIV World" at the Na-Apple Show, Spokane, Wash. Place orders now for this world-famous I Am the Builder of Twentieth Century Homes I always have a few sample houses on hand. If I cannot suit you with these I CAN BUILD TO STTT YOU. B. F. Durphs new Grand Avenue Terrace residence. NORTH BERKELEY REALTY SALES Newell-Hendricks, Inc., report the1 sale during' the past week. of twenty-six lots in Falrmeunt Park. K'-trents, Park Nos. 6 and S, and Sunset Terrace. These tracts all lie along the line of the Southern Pacific electric extensions In North Berkeley and Albany, and It Is doubtless due to tne construction work now going on rapidly on the Main street line "ffiat this large sale was made in the last few dayT' All real estate men handling North Ber--f keley property unite In reports of a f?ret increase In business in the face o f bap weather and anrroaohine holiday season. HO E BUILDING Country Real Estate Ninety two iires In Ftxrwood tsHpt, Mendo cino county; railroad at the place; 8n acres rich Talley land, balance roliinsr, covered witt) oak timber: livln? stream flows through the place: splendid house of 10 rooms, pantry, bath and toilet, completely furnished; larjre barn, room for 100 tons hay and 20 head of stock; good granary, woodshed, amokehouse. shed for wagons and Implements, cattle shed, chicken-house; water piped to buildings; family orchard and all kinds of berries; f:irmlnr implements. 3 wasona. 2 saddles, 4 ffts of harness." 2 horses: eTerythlng complete; a rare bargain; price $6500. N. K. SPECT AKD T. M. 6HIDELER, 26 Montgomery St., Bun Francisco. ALAfilEDA Jome Costly Residences About to be trected-Fraternal ' Halls and Apartments - The sum of $61,- on new dwellings SALES Or THE "The sales of the past tered In no particular ranged from Fruitvale to Piedmont, the Santa Fs WEEK. Week were cen- loaality. but "U-est Oaikland, Tract, CentraJ Oakland, some of the earns being; as fol lows: "Mrs. I F. "Webb, bungalow In Fruit vale: lot 45x125. "Antone V. Nunes, lot on the east side of Vnion street, 156 feet iouth of Twen-ty-cii;ht'i. "Jos.-pli D. Scott. flal on Piedmont aveime. north '' Ranwych. "IJ. K. Shaw.' lot on eaat side of Wals-worth. avenue, rtnier of !Walk. 45xl?5. J. Suckmas, on west eide JgJ- worth avenue, south of Fuirmont, modern house of eight rooms. Bell C. Avery, store and flats on west side of Grove, north of Forty-fifth street. Richard D. Rlkon, modern bururalow, 465 Edwards street, east of Telerraph, "Dr. Hennln; Koford, modern bungalow, 461 1-Vi wards street, near Telegraph. "J. S. Burpee, lot on the east side of Ehattuck avenue, south of Sixty-third street; 4SxlOQ. "K. Xtndden. lot "r;Kt Linflen, south cf Thirty-stcond Ftret-t; 4'.xl32. &. Carlton. 2,0 feet frontapre on Four ipfntn aenue n?ar T.i'r.fv .i,.v. n r. upon which modern bunsalowa will be. I Luilt at, co-r" 1 which la -being-erected. 't ALAMEDA. Dec. 4. S38.50 was expended in the city of Alameda during: the. month of November. Building Inspector John Pavies reports a rise In building circles that has not been experienced for many years. j Joseph Dumey, who recently purchased a lot In Oak Park tract at the northwest corner or I'aru sti-eet and Dayton avenue, broke ground this week for one of the handsomest residences in Alameda, which will be erected at a cost of $25,000. Hamilton Murdock. the architect for tha new residence, has designed one of the most aftistic homes In tha bay cities. Tha architecture- will ba of the. old Spanish type. . Mrs. M. E. Walker of Hawaii has purchased tha 100x150 lot at tha southwest corner of Grand street and San Antonio avenue frcm Lewis & Shaw, at a cost of S7000. and will erect a commodious dwell- in? plac.' tlire in the n.'ir future The orner is one of tha finest in the rlt- The home of Architect A. w." Cornelius .t- tca aoutireaat For Oest and Host itcasonaDic services Plans, Spocmcations Scc and Ootaifs ARTGnnFT STUDIO Karl H. Nicllel 211 Oakland Bank of Ravings BIdg. Oakland 4552; Home A 4952. LOANSonREAL ESTATE We have entrusted with us $55,000 to Loan On real estite. Come to our office or Tel. Oak 5621 ii. T. Minney Co. 1259 Broadway. Oakland 5621. ROGUE RIVER VALLEY ORCHARD'S CO. 1067 Broadway See samples in window. ' LOTS S750 to $1100 We have four 4ots on coiner of Mather and View sts. Take your choice; reasonable terms. GEO. W. AUSTIN, 108 Broadway. FREE BOOKLET! Jitft off the prss. containing 2." ira?- p alfioent pSoto-engraTurM of Broadmoor, tde k new auburhan tract of Half-Acre Hwm near ? San Leandro. H nroadmocr Is Intended to supply' tho 1- k mand for mall ont-of-town arreae bavins N tbe advantages ot civic improTPmeais. Th-re a U nothing like it ! the Sta'e. s,irm,i 5 was apnt upon 150 acres, an1 la ad.ht! m B IIOO.O'jO has been spent, so far, by the r erecting homes. So be sur. to get a booklet. M Mailed tree anywhere, or gWea oyer curl couutera. i ti H Frank K.MottCo. 1C60 Broadway, Oakland. Phone Oakland, 147. 93 Broadway, Oakland. Phon. Oakland i F. A. WILL REAL ESTATE A7 i ri i n 1 1 1 1 ri c S5t S. Investment $10009 Income $1380 Four, new, modern flats-, best renting district in the city, built by day labor; situated on a nortS west corner; $5000 mortgage, 6J4 net can remairu A. J. Snyder 5C1 EROAD'A'AY corner of Grand street and Clinton avenue, will be a doubi5 roofed, ten room residence of attractive and original style of architecture, designed by the owner. John Smith of the Firemen's fund Insurance company of San Francisco, has purchased-a $6000 elta at the northeast corner of Grand etreet and Dayton avenue and will start the erection of a handsome residence in the spring;. That building; is on the boom In Alameda is evidenced by the number of builtliner permits isu"-3 dnlly, ranging fioni fi. to sven and by the activity in local real estate offices. Gavin -Aitehison tz Sons recently com plete Zbm . scEjitrucUca. ct tij- laxirr-gtJUoa, - apartment houe in th city, at the corner of Lafas-ette stret and Santa Clara avenue. The rapidity with which these apartments are renting shows the increasing; population of the city, rendering; new building? - necessary. The apartment house is only one of four la Alameda. It is Colonial In architecture and contains twenty-seven apartments. Another larye building; contemplated for the near future is a theological seminary, for which a large site will be purchased. Oak drove lodge of jlasons is planning to erect an up-to-date lodge hall, and has had several sites offered which the building committee lias updr i The Fraternal Order of Eaeles ia els planning; to lnvr.n in a buiidinsr sit-, followine; the example of the Alameda lodge of Elks, whose club house on Santa Clara, avenue near Oak street, is cearir.a completion. This new building- will r one of the handsomest la the city. Iti doors win be thrown open to the pub'.is on March 17. The marsh land alonar Webster etreet and on the tidal canal la g-rndua!ly b!na occupied by factories anl it : fhe c-.r tention of local ral t.rate dears tha! when the harbor is drejgpj. there will nn be land enough on the canal to aceommo date the manufacturing- concerns that 3 - Clrtjs- ctettlriyj tcx : V r ...

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