The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 17, 1955 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1955
Page 20
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Two Algona Women Tie For Yeast Bread Recipes STAMP PADS, ink, rubber stamps, daters, etc. at the Upper Des Moines Pub 8 . Cc . office supply fheckwriters, of/ice Supplies, at the Upper Des Moines, Algona. Entries Deluge Judges In Contest Finale Modern homeinakers fully appreciate the excellent bread and rolls that can be purchased at bakeries or made from packaged mixes, but this week's Alpona Merchants - Algona Upper Des Moines recipe contest proved that they are not letting homo bread baking become a lost art. In fact, due to improved yeasts and other ingredients plus thp know-how handed down from the old-fashioned days, breads are better than ever. You should just sec the entries the judges had in this yeast bread contest! There is a whopping number of them; they are mouth- wateringly good and there's an • amazing variety. Though the judges regretted the fact that everyone couh'ln't win, they finally gave the nod to two Algona women.— Mrs Carrie St. John and Mrs Walter Zentner. Mrs St. John has an unusual Tomato Bread and Mrs Zentner. Plymouth Bread. Thanksgiving time reminds us of Plymouth, so this bread, using corn meal and sorghum, is especially approprtrit There were several entries received in the mail Tuesday, also, after judging had been completed. You don't have to make just one batch of yeast rolls at a time, you know. You can make up a large quantity, store them in the refrigerator and use as 4-Algona (la.) Upper Des Moines Thursday, N6v. 17, 1955 needed. And you can make the brown and serve variety at home. Mrs George Bauman of. Lakota and Mrs Harry Rartelt. Titonka. both sent recipes for them. Mr? Bartelt writes that her recipe ha- been used by her mother and her for at least 25 years \viMi some revisions on the method tn the last few years. Mrs Otto Richtor of Elmore. Minn, has a refrigerator roll recipe for a largi? quantity. It uses 20 cups :if flour. Mrs Wilfred Stoeber of Fenton has an excellent All- Bran Refrigerator Roll recipe and Gladys Barker of Cedar Rapids, a Corn Meal Ice Box Roll recipe. Mrs Art Wiese of Algona has a refrigerator roll recipe and Mrs Ken Geilenfeld, Algona, has Butterscotch Pecan rolls and Mrs Sclmar E. Uhr of Swea City, Butterfly Orange Rolls. Mrs Ben Reid, Mrs Carrie St. John, Mrs Margaret Fraser of Cylinder and Mrs W. A. Hammond of Wesley all sent recipes for Oatmeal Bread using dates and raisins. If you are looking for sweet breads to serve for a holiday coffee party we have really good ones. Mrs George Wellick of Britt has an Apricot Braid and Mrs Albert Mitchell, Fenton, a Date Nut Yeast bread. It's Sugar Bun Loaf from Mrs Waller Zentner and its made in an angel food cake pan. Mrs Ken Geilenfeld has two recipes that sound like first .cousins to that delicious concoction, Kollache. She" calls them Polish Filled Sweet Rolls and Prune Brunch Rolls. Mrs C. H. Simpson has a Rosy Ring Bread, made in a ring mold and chock full of goodies like maraschino cherries, raisins and nuts. Mrs Wallace McArthur has a Raisin Stollen recipe which makes a perfect Christmas Bread. For dinner rolls, most of us M OR-GAIN) You Can Look For STlAW GAINS EARLY MARKETING When you feed your fattening hogs Mor-Gain 35% Hog Supplement (Ideal for Dry Lot and Poor Pasture) Yes, you can really put those gains on hogs faster. Market them in less than 6 months. Economical, too, because it takes only 40 to 50 Ibs. plus 6 bushels of corn per hundred pounds of gain. Try it, and let MOR-GAlN convince you thoroughly. like a bread that is a little less sweet. Mis Joseph Strobbe has ;t £<)ixl imp called Twinkling Rolls.. Mrs Joe Kenno of Irvin- ton has Penny Puff Buns and Mrs Bin Reid. Algona, Tender Crust Rolls. Both Mrs W. A. Hammond of Wesley and Mrs Stanley Black, Algona have But- torhorn Roll recipes and it's Crescent Rolls from Mrs Selma Uhr of Swea City. Mrs Ethel Farrcll or-AVhitteinorc sent Light As Foam Rolls and the recipe can be varied by substituting corn meal and bran for, part of the white flour. Mrs Wallace McArthur has a good roll recipe using potato water and mashed potatoes and Mrs Margaret Eraser, a Quick Yeast Roll. Nothing smells better than home made bread baking and it's really not such a hard job to make it. Mrs Arthur Wiese, Algona has a good recipe which makes either 3 big loaves ot bread or 2 loaves and a dozen rolls as a kind of a bonus. Mrs Ethel Farrell of Whittemorc has a recipe she composed herself. She buys her yeast at the bakery. Mrs Ben Reid makes home-style Wheat Bread and Gladys Barker of Cedar Rapids has recipes for French Bread, Swedish Rye Bread and Blue Cheese Onion Bread. Mrs George Wellick of Britt has a recipe for Nut Bread using yeast and there was a very interesting recipe for Cocoa Bread sent by Mrs Bill Laubenthal of Algona. You will find our two winning recipes for this week on the special contest page together with the messages from the sponsoring Algona Merchants. • This week's contest concludes the recipe program for this year, but it has certainlv been an outstanding event with great, widespread interest among housewives. We expect to run another series sometime after the first of" the year, so watch for it. In the meantime, many thanks for your great interest. —GRACE. Plum Creek Elevator Co. Phone 105 — Algona Benefit Party At Plum Creek The Plum Creek Homemakers held a benefit card party in the community room, Nov. 8. The committee in charge included Eleanor' Gardner, Florence Blench, Pearl Elherington, ' Madelyn Frit-be- and Marjorie Bode. Prizes went to Mrs Edward Kain, Mrs Harold Bode, Stanley Gardner and Edward Kain. All funds raised will be used to pureruise a new pump for the community room. The next Homemakers meeting is Nov. 16 with Violet Davis. 32 YEARS The William Lalks of Smnncr recently visited with his sister and brother, in Flachsmeer, Germany. It, was their first visit in 32 years. Mr and Mrs Lalk came to America in 1023. UDM Classifieds Pay Dividends COLD WAVE COMING This 6* * 9' porch woj enclosed with a Warp'i Win- tfow Material for only $11.50. That's teti Ihan Ihe cost of one fllaii window. Make your own Winter-proof itorm doors and storm wlndowi; turn windswept porches in* to warm, cozy roams. (Tack on right over icreem.) JUST CUT AND TACK ON FOR STORM DOORS AND PORCH ENCLOSURES Mary Louise Froehlich Jo Be Bride, November 79 . WvR-0- GLASS J £t6A« MASTIC OVH 'A' (YlRt »ASE_~Q.Nir 351 UN fl SCREEN -GLASS FOR LOW COST STORM WINDOWS flASTIC OVCR A Wldf MESH-ONLY I7« 1Q FT All 36" WIDE <*!,..*., .« GUARANTEE* n along the eos" '"' ' uuv FOR GARAGE, BARN, POULTRY AND HOG-HOUSE WINDOWS HOLD IN • HEAT KEEP OUT COLD Flexible Shatterproof Lasts for Years llff <Q*UY THAN GlAtf Let in Sunshine Vitamin 0 (HEALTH-GIVING UURA-VIOUT SAYS) NOT SOLD BY ORDER HOUSES (Toke.thii aJ with you io your Dealer). STOKM WINDOW Kns ,AI YOUR LOCAL UtALfcki TAPE ON ... OK TACK ON AS LpW AS 39<? St. Benedict —- Saturday, Nov. 19, has been chosen, as the wedding date of Sanford Mitchell of Lone Rock and Mary Louise Frpehlich of St. Benedict. The wedding will be at 2 p.mi Saturday afternoon at the St. Benedict Catholic church. A large crowd attended the shower in honor of Miss Froehlich, Nov. 11. D6or prize Was won by Mrs Heinie Eisenbarth. Marie Bruning received the plate pnze and low in "500" was won by'the bride to be's. rhother, Mrs Dan froehlich, and high by Mrs Clarence Arndorfer. Gifts were many and lovely and will be journeying with the newly mar- vied couple to Phoenix, Ariz, where they plan on making their home. Infant Baptized ,• . • ... On the afternoon ; of .N9v. 13, the infant sort of. Mr 'and Mrs Charles Colwell'was baptized by Father Ahmann in the St. Benedict Catholic church. Sponsors were Mr and Mrs Marcel Reding of Algona. The little lad was named Bernard Leon. School News The St. Benedict school grade pupils' pl'ays were presented the evening of Nov. 13 to the public. The school hall was practically full. The children all did well in the various parts they portrayed. TJie Sisters are to be congratulated on their time spent' with the pupils to help them present their talents. East St. Benedict Club Last Wednesday Mrs John Ludwig and Mrs Ben Dorr entertained the East St. Benedict Study Club by having Don Potter, National Health Director for this county and Miss Joyce Hayden, county nurse, on the program.' The picture, "Tuesday's Child," was shown. Mr Potter talked on the problem of doing something for Retarded Children in the State. Each member brought a guest and the following besides members were guests: Mrs Art Leek, Mrs Virgil Bierle, Mrs Art Rosenmeyer, Mrs Francis Froehlich, Mrs Bill and Bob Mayer, Mrs Mike Arndorfer, Mrs Ed Arend, Mrs Roman Thill, Miss Marie Lou Meyer. , Nov. 9 —W. H. Eaves, Sioux Falls, Cessna 170; Bonanza from Des Moines landed. Enjoy A Trip Mr and Mrs George Arndorfer of Wesley accompanied Mr and "Mrs Jack- Kutschara and daughter, Ida Mae on a trip recently/ They left on Friday Nov. 4 and returned on Tuesday, Nov. 6. They journeyed into Missouri and went through the Ozarks, on into Arkansas and Oklahoma. The George Arndorfcrs have a son, Melvin, at Camp Chaffee, Ark. They all spent a couple of days with Melvin. While attending church services Sunday they saw Harold Grandgenett, son of Mr and Mrs A. J. Grandgenett. Choir Dinner Held The choir dinner the evening of Nov. 10 was enjoyed by the 21! attending to the fullest degree. Father Ahmann was our host. Ho also took the group to the show, "To Hell and Back" a show telling of the bold and very courageous life of a 19 year old boy in army life, a true story. Thu show was a good one. On Nov. 8 Mr and Mrs Harold Thill became parents of a second son. The new baby boy will be named Jonathon. The other is named Jeffrey and is past two years. Miss Mary Lou Meyer spent last week in North Dakota visiting relatives. Sne made the trip with her mother of Storm Lake and two of her aunts. Daniel Edward, the infant son of Mr and Mrs Edward Foertsch. was baptized in the St. Benedict church by Father C. A. Ahmann. Mary Lou Meyer recently spent the weekend with her parents at Storm Lake. Algona Airport Log HOSPITALS Oct. 28 — R. A. Boxworthy, Indianypolis, Swift; Cassaciay Ret'r., Dus Muiiu-s, Bonanza. Oct. 30—Wisness Machine Co., Harlan, Stinson; McCullough's Air Ambulance to Iowa City. Nov. 3 — A Bonanza from Dos Moint's landed; Fred Marcus, Waterloo, Bonanza. Nov. 6 — John Turner. H.>ld- rid.^e, Neb., Cessna 170. Nov. 8 — Darrcll Woodle.v, Dnuuht-rty, Cessna 140; MvCu'l- louyh's An Ambulance to Iowa City. Nov. 2 — Del Leaneagh, Algona, medical; Mrs John Fude, Cylinder, surgery. 'Nov. 3 — Mrs R. C. . Kelley, Sexton, maternity; H. W. Schultz, Whitlemore, medical; Mrs Burton Thorpe, Algona, medical; Mrs Adolph Oakland,, Algona, surgery; Mrs Thomas Rich, Algona, maternity. Nov. 4 — H. J. Bode, Algona, medical; Dale Weber, Whittemore, T & A; Mrs Charles Colwell, LuVerne, boy, 7-14; Mrs A. G. Lund, LuVerne, boy.; ' Hiram Ackcrmwi, Burt, medical; Mrs Louis Hansen, Burt, girl, 7-14 (expired). Nov. 5 — Mrs D. E. Froehlich, St. Benedict, boy; Charles Adams, Algona, accident. Nov. 6 — William Yanser, Algona, medical. Nov. 7 — Mrs R. C.Kelley, Sexton, maternity; Mrs Wilbur Martin, Corwith, boy, 10; Mrs Thomas Rich, Algona, twin boys; Mrs Harold Thill, Algona, boy. Nov. 8 — Mrs Howard Barton, Livermore, girl; Mrs Howard Long, Algona, surgery; Mrs Willis Ressler, Algona, surgery; Leo G. Counley, Algona, medical (expired); Michael Woltz, Burt, surgery. Nov. 9 — Mrs Gerald Soder- bcrg, Bancroft, maternity. CALF An unknown hunter bagged a 500 pound Hereford calf, on the Ernest Luth farm, near Walnut. The calf was in an open field ot bluegrass pasture when it was shot. Ready for you now! The new NEW IDEA 95 bu. spreader As advertised in this month's Farm and Home Section BRADLEY BROS. YOUR MILK CHICKS WITH ELCO mans With good, bright alfalfa or clover hay, feed a mixture of 600 pounds ground ear corn, 300 pounds ground oats, and 100, pounds FELCO DAIRY SUPPLEMENT. MB5H If you have medium quality hay.feeda mix made of 600 pounds ground ear corn, 200 pounds ground oats, and 200 pounds FELCO DAIRY SUPPLEMENT. ••1 With poor hay, corn fodder, or corn silage, feed a mixture of 500 pounds of ground ear corn, 200 pounds ground oats, and 300 pounds FELCO DAIRY SUPPLEMENT. •••••• FELCO DAIRY SUPPLEMENT is designed to furnish the proteins, minerals and vitamins usually lacking m hay and grains. Stop in this week. Get the lowdown on FELCO DAIRY SUPPLEMENT. Try it. You'll sec the different in your next milk or cream check." The Farmers Elevator, Bode Farmers Cooperative Elev. Co., Swea City West Bend Elev. Co., West Bend Farmers Cooperative Society, Wesley Burt Cooperative Elevator, Burt Lone Rock Cooperative Elev. Co., Lone Rock Fenton Cooperative Elev. Co., Fenton Whittemore Cooperative Elevator, Whittemore The car that's going places with'tho Young in Heart' ,.. biyycat car of the low-price 3, S<Uf» ONLY BY HOMETOWN HARDWARE * LUMBER DEALERS for Instant Relief of Sore, Aching Muscles, and Tired Aching Feer, Use BEN GAY Advertised in Ibis month's FARM & HOME Section THUENTE'S PHARMACY Have you tried it? Push-Button Driving —tlio jnosl exrili/ifi automotive ncivs in ton years—and the All-new Aerodynamic Plymouth '5(> is the first low-price car to l>rin<.; it to you! Nothing could he simpler: \vitli • finger-tip touch on a button, you choose your driving ranjje. jflien Plymouth's fully automatic I'o \verFlilt; takes command! Try this magical convenience a,t your Plymouth dealer's today. With fabulous jet-age styling and blazing 00-90 Turbo- 5"orque Power, Plymouth gives you jar more than the ''other 2." JOO V-8 hp available with PowerPak in all 4 lines-Belvedere, Savoy, Plaza and Suburban. Or choose 187 hp in Belvedere and Suburban lines. In Savoy and Plaza lines you get 180 V-8 hp. If you prefer the super-economy of Plymouth's Power- flow 6-?lso available in all 4 lines-you get 125 hp, or 131 hp with PowerPak. All-new Aerodynamic J&L.YIVIGHJYH

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