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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 18

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 18

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:

OAKLAND TRIBUNE DECEMBER 20, 1908, CENT EMRIA LE MS GRAND MARCH WITH YOUNG GIRL 1 Benefft Given to Captain Diamond MAY HAVE ADJOURNED AVOID TEDDY'S MESSAGE niured9 Congressmen Act Mysteriously i 18 SUNDAY MORNING, to Captain Diamond, who will soon leave- WASHINGTON', Daa. 19r-3ongress ad- to the secret service and report a plan for resenting the lmnutations Journed today until January 4. The two contained In the annual message. This looks somewhat like a breakdown houses were in session about fifteen minutes. It was officially explained that there was a desire on the part of the members to get home. But among indi on the part of the Senate. The resolu- Th benefit entertainment Ust' night for Captain Diamond. In the Rice Insti tike, proved a success. About three hundred friends and acquaintances of ths centenarian took part In the grand march, which wm led by Captain Diamond, who celebrated his 113th birthday last nlgnt. Miss Marin Monteith, a thirteen-year-old girt, was his partner. It was a pretty picture, which represented extreme youth and old age. for Ban Diego, wnere ne oopea to regain his health. I The songs, dances and musical sketches were greatly enjoyed. Many of the performers scored decided hits. Those who took part In the program were Mrs. Charles Rice, Miss Bessie Mundler, Althea Johnson. Marietta Bos-worth. Daisy WrlghW Miss Myrtle Johnson, Charles Rice, Bessie Mundler; and Captain Diamond. uon smtnonses the committee to sit during the recess. This was taken to mean The proceeds or the attair wm ue given WOMAN! BELIEVED TO HAVE iFIRED. CHURCHES CHICAGO, Deo. 19. The pyromanlao who last Thursday set fire to three church viduals there was no concealment of, the fact that it was regarded as wise to get through as soon as possible arid adjourn, lest at the last minute the President would change his mind and send In that special message on secret service to the discomfort of 'the members during the Christmas holidays. "Nothing-but. routine business, and very Uttle of that, was disposed of. In the Senate Assistant Secretary Latta, with several communications from the President, was compelled to wait fifteen minutes before the message could be presented, the reading of the Journal vnai no time would be lost In entering upon the task. It was least expected that the com-: mittee would to prepare a recommendation as to what; disposition should be made of the President's message to which exception was taken. But the councils those who favor proceeding carefully and without a show of undue haste or passion have prevailed. Hale Not Active Another evidence that Senators are not rushing headlong Into any unfortunate position. If they can help it. la that thara buildings In Englowood is belloved by the police to a woman. It Is said she was arrested a year ago on a similar i MADE QUARTER MILLION BY SELLG SANDWICHES NEW YORK. dW. 19. Angelo Basso, i renowned for selling the "biggest sand-J wtch In- town" for a nickel, will be burled today. He was famous In the Italian, colony and hundreds gathered at. the bier 'last night to honor his memory. the low rate for the "biggest sandwich. Basso leaves an estate valued at $250,000. He sold sandwiches for forty years and was a familiar, figure around Madison Square Garden, where Ms Immense sandwiches proved a boon to weary spectators during six day races and the old six day walking matches. charge, was found to be demented and was not prosecuted. Letters written being completed in the meantime- But then by her; have been compared to two received by a woman member of one of is, bacwardness on. the part of Senator the churches set anre, ana tne nana-wrttlng Is declared to' be identical. All the letters were threatening. -liale of Maine, acting, chairman of the appropriations committee; to- take a most prominent part before the country in the deliberations before the committee. J'he AMY DAY there was no' discourtesy to. the President meant in this. Senator Lodge, the President's friend, was one of those who objected to an interruption of the reading of the Journal. Presidential communications are frequently held up in this way. The Senate has a dignity, to hold up, which even a President must respect. May Be Breakdown The Senate leaders have decided upon a thoughtful and deliberate course in carrying out their plan to rebuke the President on the secret service, matter. There will be no meeting during the holidays of the appropriations committee, which Is sub-committee of five, which will doubtless be appointed by Hale to the secret service and to suggest action on the message, will probably not be presided over by him. It now looks as if Senator Hemenway of Indiana will be chairman of the subcommittee. When it is remembered that Senstor Hemenway's term expires with the present session of Congress, and that he will not be re-elected, because of the la the the town. The dainty llttlo lady had her eyes fitted to glasses today at the Davis-EIfsn Optical and tomorrow she will visit a prominent florist. The letters will close on the 2Sd, and the cerchan-dlse order will be awarded on Christmas day. It you haven's followed this series of Amy's shopping adventures It is not too late to get the back numbers now. DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S WIFE'S FUNERAL HELD SAN JOSE. Dec 19. Mrs. James H. Campbell, wife of the former District Attorney of this county, was burled this morning from 6t. Joseph's fact that the Indiana Legislature chosen last month is Democratic, it will be seen that there is a method behind this probable action. Senator Hemenway will have nothing to lose in case the Senate should get the worst of its fight with the Not Enthusiastic THE EILERS MUSIC TO CELEBRATE THEIR REMOVAL TO THE 5 'I The Indiana Senator, however, has not yet agreed to the proposition. It is believed that he will, but it is too early to say, for. certain. There, is a feeling In the Senate that the House made a mistake when it passed the Perkins resolution asking' the President to submit the evidence on which he based his statements abou Congress and the secret service. Senators say this action Invites the President to stir up the matter more than it is, while they believe the best way would have been to put him in the position of practically assaulting Congress, if he should have in the future furnished any evidence against Congressmen that he might have secured NEW I i EILERS BUILDING, 557- 559 12TH ST, OPPOSITE by means of the secret service. THE 0RPHEUM TO MAKE BUTTER AND CREDIT A REAL WHICH MOVE WAS NECESSITATED BY THE WONDERFUL GROWTH OF THEIR BUS-INESS IN ALAMEDA COUNTY, PROPOSE TO OFFER SPECIAL PRIZES FOR THE BEST LETTER (PERTAINING TO SUBJECT MENTIONED BELOW) FROM ANY BOY, GIRL, MAN OR WOMAN, RECEIVED BY THEM UP TO 10 P. M. CHRISTMAS EVE. ALL LETTERS ARE TO BE RESTRICTED TO 150 WORDS. Eastern Dealers by Giant I rust becure a Corner on This CHICAGO. Dec. 19. rhe'butter trust' is the latest combine fto send thrills of anxiety through the of the First Prize $20 in Gold Coin Butter, to a certain extent, lias ALTERATIONS FREE been ''cornered. A group of Chicago, Elgin and Eastern butter dealers has pooled its interests, and it Is said that it intends to send the price soaring unti butter will be a on the dinner Second Prize $10 in Gold Coin The most phenomenal success of any redaction sale ever held In Oakland. Read these reductions: table, instead of a Tieeesslty. Supply Butter The! entire -amount of butter in the warehouses of the country is a Uttle more Third Prize $5 in Gold Coin than. 40,000,000 pounds. Just-about four days' supply. Meanwhileether owners of large amounts of butter are playing Vs $30.00 SUIT REDUCED TO 2Q00 an adroit game. They are profit taking to some extent. close market observers and" at; the same time giving the independent dealers SUBJECT Impossible to duplicate this price. Like sketch. the Impression "they are holding back for higher quotations. The rapid expansion of the Eilers' business has been the wonder: of tHe piano trade and "In this way," said a South "Water street "they will dispose of their $37.50 SUIT REDUCED TO 25.oo holdings before the smaller fellows Jump in and cause' competition." Whether the butter cows will be able to thwart the high-price campaign of the pool Is now a question of much moment Like sketch, beautifully trimmed; colors to select from. for housewives. 5,000,000 Cows .00 $52.50 SUIT REDUCED TO 35 Out of the 20,000.000 cows of the coun try at least one-fourth, the creamery ex perts say, are constantly supplying cream for butter making. Judging from the public for several years. Eilers' houses, noted as the houses of highest quality, sell practically a'll that is best in American pianos, including the glorious Chickering, the first of all American pianos, and the elegant Sohmer, as well as the hand-made Hazelton, the renowned aristocratic New York masterpiece; also the beautiful Decker, then the now world famous Kimball, Hobart M. Cable and Schuman also the- best of inexpensive makes which can be definitely and positively guaranteed. Controlling as they do almost the entire output of several Eastern factories, and with forty stores distributed throughout the Pacific Coast, what is the advantage of being able to select your piano from the lines of the thirty-eight best manufacturers in America instead of. merely one or two? Representatives of The Oakland Tribune, Oakland Enquirer, Berkeley Gazette, California Zeltung" and Alameda Argus have kindly consented to officiate as Judges of this contest, and all letters will be opened and awards made by them. Names of the successful contestants will be published In all of the Alameda county papers not later than December 27th. ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO EILERS MUSIC EILERS 557-559 TWELFTH OPPOSITE THE 0RPHEUM, OAKLAND. very swagger garment with a great deal of class. Like sketch. receipts of the last two days in Chicago and New York the milk supply is gaining. Monday and Tuesday 18,000 more pounds of butter arrived in Chicago than the same day of last wek. In -New York the Increase was 26,400 pounds. .50 $65.00 SUIT 42 REDUCED TO This suit Is generally seen at the class suit' houses. Like sketch. And Credit at These Prices According to the gossip in South Water street, the butter cornier- last June was engineered by T. E. Purcell Co. of this city, the Fox River Butter Company of Elgin and Eastern produce dealers. "I have large holdings, but by no means a corner," said Mr. Purcell. "I am not in a combine. The talk about a corner Is a new attack on the butter interests by the butterine manufacturers." 'saai GIFTS THREATEN STRIKE FOR XMAS 'i' What Is more acceptable than a pretty and serviceable piece of Fur Neckpieces Coats and Muffs; all reasonably priced. New York Association Makes i Demand Which May Cause Walkout; Waists In all styles, beautiful lace effects. NEW YORK, Dec. 19. Members of the Liberty Dawn Coach Drivers' Associa tion and the United Teamsters of Ameri Petticoats ca, representing 8000 drivers and chauf feurs in this voted today to go on In silks. strike unless certain demands, which they have made, upon their employers are granted forthwith. According to a jTjk4Q In air materials for day and VVJQld evening year. statement made today by Edwin Gould, secretary-treasurer of the Liberty Dawn Association, 100 men by two of the largest livery companies struck this morning. Upon the. outcome of this movement will depend the future movements of the employes. DR. McNUTPS INJURIES DECLARED NOT FATAL SAN FRANCISCO, Dec' 19. Attend ants upon Dr. W. F. McNutt, Jr, who was seriously injured in an automobile vi-reck at Sutter and Polk streets Friday night, declared tonight that their pa 1058 Washington betnth and 12th, Oakland, Cal. tient had every chance of recovery. Dur ing Friday night and today -Dr, McNutt was during, the after noon- became more- himself. It found LJtf that' there of the skull. IT A as feared Immediately-after the accident. mm.

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