Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 13, 1908 · Page 4
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 4

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 13, 1908
Page 4
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OAKLAND TRIBUNEr DECEMBER ' 13, 1908. TIYBO OAKLAND CITY OF COSTLY o n HOME OF C. E. BANCROFT (TO THE LEFT) ON PIEDMONT AVENUE, NEAR BANCROFT WAY, BERKELEY; HOME OF M. MAGNESON (CENTER) ON COLLEGE AVENUE, ... ............. dma, ui.iminin , f iiiaia iiu.viw x .n. v.. nATJiAJi Hi IWUiATl-'tHluu siMHitT, NKAK TELEGRAPH AVENUE. F. D. VOORHEES WAS THE ARCHITECT. ... SUNDAY MORNING, MAM COS WES ME MM YEAR IN COLLEGE TOWN BUILDING I HOMES Many Dwellings Under Way and Others Being Rushed to " Completion-Flats Now Popular. A modern flat building; has recently .been completed for M. C. Chapman, the well-known attorney of this city, on Twenty-third street, near Telegraph ave riue The building la a three-story frame structure," costing about $8000. It U of the, colonial style of architecture and ach flat contains six rooms. The ex terior of the upper floor, is finished in smooth boards, with the remainder ia hlplap. i Tl entrance" is finished In oak panels and the dining rooms are . wainscoted to the top of the doors. Architect F. D. Voorhees prepared the plans for tns structure, which is one of the most mod ern and the- most conveniently arranged flat buildings in Oakland. The residence of C. E. Bancroft on riedmont avenue, near Bancroft way, Berkeley, has Just been completed and is now occupied. The plans for this structure were also prepared by Archi tect Voorhees. ATTRACTIVE HOME. The residence is one of the most at tractive in the college town. It is of the Elizabethan style of architecture and is two stories in height. The- exterior of the first story of the home is finished in shingles and the exterior of the second stfry is cement plaster. The steps and chimneys are of kllnker brick. ' The resi dence contains eight rooms and cost about $8000. The reception hall Is finished in ma nogany, the living rooms in ivory "white gloss and the dining room in oak. All the main rooms on the first floor hae hardwood floors. The mantles are all of special make, from designs made by the architect. The bed rooms, on the second floor, are fln lulled in redwood, with china gloss. Each bed room has a private bath. All the , w lndows In the house are of plate glass CONVENIENT FLATS. Another attractive dwelling which was planned by Architect Voorhees is that of M. Magneson, on College avenue, near Oarber. street, Berkeley. The structure contains two flats and cost about $7300 The exterior is finished In shingles, with rough mlllwork trimmings. The struc ture, has a pleasing rustic effect, the kllnker brick chimneys adding to this effect. The style of architecture is the modified Swiss chateau. The Interior is finished In Oregon pine stained and polished, and all the main rooms are decorated in water colors, Each flat contains seven rooms. 1 PLAN NEW HOMES. Architects McCall A Wythe report plans under preparation for several residences and fiats. One of which,' a residence to be erected In Piedmont, will cost about $5000, and will be of the old English type of architecture and will te handsomely finished Inside. PRETTY RESIDENCE. Architect C. W. Dickey will erect a handsome residence In Piedmont Heights. The building will be of frame construction of ten rooms, all modemly finished, and will cost about $7500 when completed. TO BUILD FLATS. Architect H. Starbuck reports plans well under way for a three-story frame flat building to be erected on Grand avenue east of Webster to cost about $10,-000. All modern conveniences will be Installed. A -very pretty bungalow Is to be erected for Mr. Wood on Webster street. Architect F. D. Voorhees designed the home. The exterior will be treated In cedar shingles, the" rustic porch and dormer roof giving a very pretty effect. The bungalow is one and one-half stories high and will contain seven rooms, all finished In Oregon pine, panel work and beamed ceilings to prevail In the downstair rooms. Cost estimated at $4000. "y.r-)-in id w mw urn wywr i V w w w rw hut w -wr- gPfOl RTDT fi'f PJO' ; 1 , t KU.M a,KV.TIO OF BUILDING BEING EHECTED BY THEODORE GIER OX EIGHTEENTH SIHUO', SEAK REPORT OF BUILDING PERMITS GRANTED LAST WEEK .Summary of building trermlts applied for at the Board of Public Works for the week ending Wednesday, December , as compiled by Walter B. Fawcett. secretary: No. of Permits Amount One-story, dwellings 20 $21,290 One and a half story dwellings One-story , dwellings ...... Two-story flats n-stnry store Onc-stoYy restaurant On-tory planing- mill.... 1 30 1 1 1 1 J.000 $31.2:10 4.000 8'JO : 400 4T.0 Alterations, additions ana repairs 35 15.425 $70,025 $32,850 14.115 860 5.900 10.995 1.575 12.640 Total REPORT BY WARDS, First Ward Second Ward ......... Third Ward Fourth Ward Fifth Ward 6 25 7 4 3' IS 7 Sixth Ward Seventh Ward . . . i . . . Total ,'CG $76,025 o ' : . , h i Mii' t", r' ""'ill .'p" $ ' j j ji. I I i llf vT -c-tV?- Ill ft j ,l,.rAfry--MY :uj W"- I, -I l"1 iv 11 ' GIER BUILDING IS ft: J I : ligffi mearlYfinished p ! & -rr JIJ Wine Merchant Expects to En- fffe ; y lrr-r- " ' Ti 'Vi: - ' ter New Structure First of 'K!k:: J 1 Year; Costs $35,000, , H ly -- t " 1 . ' . - : , E AHE UNDER Wi Great Activity Shown in Number of Permits for Construction of Pretty Residences. Mrs. M. Mlckels has obtained a permit to erect a two-story residence on the northeast corner of Apgar and West streets. The dwelling is to contain ten rooms, and to cost about $4000. Mr. and Mrs. II. L. Kemp are to erect a two-story, seTen-room home on the west side , of Vernon street, east of Wel-don street. The residence -is to cost about $4000. " Emma N. Dunlap. has Had plans drawn and has obtained a permttjjr the erection of a two-story residence at the southeast corner of First avenue and Boulevard, to costsnbout $5000. E. Larger Is to erect a two-story, eleven-room flat building1 at the northeast corner oL. Webster and Hawthorne streets. The structure ,1s to cost $4000.. O. A. Schroeder Is planning to build two cottages .on .the west .side cf Market street, south of Fifty-sixth street. The dwellings are to cost 52000 each. BUILDING RECORD FOR NOVEMBER LARGE ONE A comparison of the buildinjj operations of Oakland with those ot tha cities of the country for the -nonth or November makes a good showing for this city, though the total nmount of money invest ed, in buildings has not quite gotten bark to' the figures of last year. Tha figures compiled by 'the Construction -New of Chicago covering the operations in thlr ty-elght cities in all parts of the country SAN PABIX) AVENUE. , CHARLES BUILDING PERMITS. Martin Katch, alterations, 529 Sixteenth street; $10. E: . Gill, alterations, 54S Fourteenth street; $50. W. Kemp, alterations, 630 Mariposa; $150. Harry Leber, one-story six-room eot-taga. east side, of Eighth avenue, 40 feet rurtn of East Nineteenth street: $2450. t Mrs,, Augarellh, addition, 779 Apgar Street; $80. v Mrs. M. Mitehels, two-story ten-room dwelling, northeast corner of Apgar and West streets; $404)0. John Lanzer, two-story seven-room dwelling, southeast corner Fifty-seventh and Genoa streets; $2700. Cort A Greuner, one-story flve-roorr d welling, northeast corner of Fifty-first and West streets; $2000. , Cort & Greuner. one-story four-room dwelling, north side of Frfty-firt street, TO feet east of West; $2000. I L. H. Sanford. one-story four-room dwelling, west side of Lawton avenue, 420 feet outh of Hudson street: $300. F". Blumenthal. alterations, 840 Washington street; $100. W HOMES CONTRACT IS LET TO IMPROVE FLATS Murtle Sullivan has had plans drawn by Architect A. W. Smith for a modern flat which he is to erect on Thirty-sixth street, between Grove street and Telegraph avenue. The building is to contain nine rooms and will cost about $3600. J. 8. Meyers had let a contract for the altering of flats at the northeast corner of Twenty-third street and Telegraph avenue into a store and apartment building. The present structure will be raised, and the new building will be three stories in height. There will be three stores on the ground floor and eight apartments on the two upper floods. Meyers plans to make the stores among the most at tractive on Telegraph avenue, and they will have marble fronts, plate glass windows and tile entrances. The work is to cost $6900. . SOUTHERN PACIFIC WILL BUY NEW CARS About January I the Southern Pacific is to ask for bids for eighty or eight-five electric cars to be used on the Alameda and Berkeley trolley systems, and additional contracts will be let later. prove that building operations ae breaking all records, as the y-ar closes. During the month permits were taken out in 37 of the largest cities, according to official reports, for the construction of 882S buildings, involving a total estimated cost of $44,555,217, agatnst 5904 buildings aggregating in cost $22,615,982 for the corresponding month a year ago, an increase of 2635 buildings and $21,939,235, equivalent to 97 per cent. Nothing like this remarkable increase nasVtakea place in any corresponding period mVyears, and it illustrates to a high, degreejfhe force and recuperative possibilities as w?!l sh ihe enterprise of the people of this country. 1 MAU, ARCHITECT. . Nettle Earl, alterations, 462 Fifth street; $20. W. E. Boyd, one-story four-room cottage, east side of Division, 55 feet south of Hampel; $1500. Frank Rosa, one-story five-room dwelling, west side of Fourteenth avenue. 102 feet south of Grand; $1750, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Kemp, two-story seven-room dwelling, west side of Vernon street, 180 feet east of Weldon; $4000. H. Koenecke, alterations, 1214 San Pablo; $300. Mrs. S. C. Hammel, one-story ! four-room bungalow. 18 Wayne avenue. Ik the rear, additional cost $200. Franks Broadheod, one-story flve-room cottage, south side of Aileen, 0 feet west of Shattuck; $200. J. Rehan, one-story six-room cottage, west side of Waverly, 120 feet south of Twenty-fourth street; $1500. F. J. Roza, alterations, 228 Thirty-fourth; $50.x Emma N. Dunlap, two-story eight-room dwelling, southeast corner of First avenue and Boulevard place; $5000. aw UN urn '. nw my lip ig The new Gier building, which Is being erected on Eighteenth street, west of San Pablo avenue, is rapidly nearing completion, and the owner expects to occupy it the first part of next year. The structure, plans for which were drawn by Architect Charles Mau, Is to be used entirely by Theodore Giers win company. ' The structure is two stories in height and Is 62x90 feet, at the present time, but the owner Intends to enlarge the building so that it eventually will be 120x 30 feet. At the present time the cellar, which Is 12 feet deep, is 120x90 feet. The building has been so constructed that when the enlargement is made two more stories can be added. The structure is of brick and steel and will cost about $35,000. The front is of pressed brick, while the stores will be of ornamental Iron. TO EBEC ERECT T STORK BUILDING A, Friedman Putting up Busi ness Block at $20,000 Expense; Bercovich to Build, - A. Friedman has had plans drawn by Architect Charles Mau and is now reaiy to erect a two-story structure on the north side of Eighth street, between Clay and Washington streets. The building. which is to cost about $20,000, will be so constructed that two or more stories can be added at any time. Friedman says that he intends enlarging the building within a comparatively short time after the first two stories are completed. The structure Is to be 50x100 feet and will be arranged for three stores on the first floor and. twenty-four rooms on the second. The owner states that it Is likely the first floor will be taken by one concern, which will have a single store. The second floor, which will be used as a lodging house, will be modern in every detail, containing gas and electricity, steam heat and hot and cold water service. The fronts of the stores are to be of perforated Iron and ornamental iron work with prism glass windows. The front of the building is to be of pressed brick, of cream color. There Is great activity in this section Of Eighth street at the present time, and arrangements are now being made by J. Bercovich of Bercovich & Bercovich, to erect a three-story building on the south side of Eighth street, between Washington and Clay, opposite the structure to be erected by Friedman. It is expected that within a short time this block will contain only business buildings, the old houses, which now occupy the site, being removed. HOMESTEAD PROPERTY WILL BE DIVIDED UP Another one of the. oil-time Iioroe- steads which have made Fruitvale known far and wide as a region of Irees and ffower-embowei3d residences is to fce put upon the market and sold in subdivisions suitable for comfortable homes. The property at the corner of East Fourteenth street and Twenty-sixth avenue, " known as the Surrhyne place, is the latest - to come into the market in response to the demand for nearby sites for residences. This Is Worth Reading. I.eo F. Zelinskv. of 68 Gibson St. Buffalo, N. 1, says: "I cured the most I wnpoylng cold sore I ever had, with Bucklen's Arnica Salve. I applied this salve -once a day for two days, x when every trace of the sore was gone." Heals all sores. Sold under guarantee at all Drug Stores. 1 SHOWS LARGE TOTAL OF $72,025 R.- D. Nixon, alterations, 452 Tenth street; $100. J. R. McLaughlin, one-story five-room cottage, east side of Cherry street,- 40 feet north of Forty-eighth; $1200. J. C. Rohan, alterations, 836 Washington; $10. W. A. Cook, alterations. 735 'Fifty-eighth street; $250. William Hoffschneider, alterations, 5G4 Forty-fifth street; $290. Mrs. S. D. Wright, alterations, 855 Webster street; $15. High Long & - Co., alterations, S70 Eighth. street; $20. Mrs. Augusta Peterson, alterations. 4o5 San Pablo avenu$; $1S0. Pacific Fuel Company, alterations, northwest corner of Fourteenth and Franklin; $50. P. Gaskill, repairs, 410 Fifth street; $900. ' G. S. Gonxales, one-story three-room restaurant, north side of Thirty-second, 40 feet east of Louise; $400. White Baking Company, brick bake oven, southwest corner of Fifteenth, and Market; $500. . - PLANS DRAWN FOR APARTMENT HOUSE Preliminary sketches are being drawn ! for an apartment house which Frank Conner intends erecting in Berkeley. Thees sketches are being prepared by Architect C. M. Cook. Conner intends to erect a structure containing eighteen rooms at a cost of about $20,000. The proposed structure is to be three stories in height, and there will be six apartments on each floor. A. Sllversteln is toj erect a three-story fiat building on Alice, near Nineteenth street. Each flat will coqtain seven rooms and the building will cost about $8000. Plans are being prepared by Architect C. M. Cook. BUILDING PERMITS ISSUED IN BERKELEY Permits for the week include: Two- story seven-room dwelling on Ellenwood near Cambridge; cot. $36fi5; ownesr, F. B. Standish. Alterations at Adeline and Fairview streets; cost $380; owner. H. S. Patton. One and a half story two-room cottage on Seventh near Bancroft; cost $200; owner. C. S. Hadley. f One-story five-room cottage on "Webster near College; cost $2000; owner, B. K. Denbigh. Two-story fifteen-room dwelling on Channing and Waring; cost $10,000; own er, S. O. Johnsoni Two-story six-room barn and garage on Waring' near ! Channing; coBt $2a00; owner. S. O. Johnson. One and a half story five-room dwell ing on Bancroft; near McKinley; cost $2858:' owner. P. A. D. Veuve. One-story - one-room addition at 1307 Kaines; cost $60; owner, M. R. Barba. One-story two-room addition at 2424 Roosevelt; cost, floO; owner, M. W. Be dell. ' One-story two-room church building at Tenth and Grayson; cost $1000; owner. Ji..raftirtlliilIJrf'lll S O I r r,T TWEEN CLAY E. Larger, two-story eleven-room flats, northeast corner of Webster and Hawthorne; $4000. , J. W. McLaren, one-story, six-room bungalow, north side of Forty-ninth, 200 feet east of Telegraph; $1950. California Standard Mill Company, one-story planing mill, 518-20 Second street; $450. Wallace Emerson, repairs. 351 Twflfth street; $30. Roscoe Havens, alterations, 1075 Clay street; $400. B. T.- Haraa, alterations, 309-B Seventh street: $80. S. W. Coon, addition. 1780 Twelfth avenue; $190. E. Deglar. one-story four-room cottage, northeast corner of School and North streets; $1000. Cormack & Wishart, one -story five-room cottage, north side of Thirty-ninth street, 280 feet east of Grove; $1600. J. A. Graves, one-story store, west side of Grove, 50 feet north of Fifty-third; $890. O. A. Schroeder, two Jobs one flve-story cottage and one two-story cottage, west side of .Market, 76 feet and 148 feet dgg H 1 3,H rBm: J j Q:b3 Jgp : 1 J 1 tiil:Mnl''eM iEsifflii: T TO BE ERECTED Dow Company Lets Contracts For a New Alameda Establishment, ALAMEDA, Dec. 12. The George E. Dow Company is .'proceeding steadily with its plpans for its big plant on the north water front. Secretary Russell of the Chamber of Commerce announced today that the company had let the contracts for the many buildings which the firm is to construct. The company makes pumping engines exclusively and has its plant at present In San Francisco. It employs about- 200 mechanics. The Bank of Alameda is expected to build its addition early in 1909. The bank planned to build this year and had practically decided upon the plans for a large addition, to provide additional banking room, and also Include a business block, but the change of the bank from a state to a national institution caused the divergence of a considerable amount of the bank's money and caused delay in putting the building plans into execution. The bank owns a valuable lot just north and immediately adjoin ing the present bank structure at Park street and Central avenue and the build- ing of the addition will make a solid line of modern business structures to and beyond the . Water Company build ing. Presbyterian Mission. Two-story eight-room dwelling on Oak Knoll Terrace, near Garber; cost $4738; owner, J. ' J. ' Mason. One and a half story four-room addition on Spring; cost $450; owner, W. F. McClure. MONSTER PLAN - : - vmi, - n mA T T rDLVTrl?T 1 V . imtmillV rV TXtltXTX CT? TTT.'T HIT- I AND WASHINGTON. CHARLES MAU, ARCHITECT. j STRUCTURES ARE GOING UP ALL OVER south of Fifty-sixth street; $1990 and $1900. J. S. Meyers, changing dwelling to stores and apartments, northeast corner Twenty-third and Telegraph; $7500. A. Jonas, repair roof, northwest corner Eleventh and Broadway; $35. Frank Batamale, alterations, 2 Telegraph avenue; $100. G. C. Woodward, addition, 584 Chet-wood; $95. Owen Dobson. alterations, southwest corner Twenty-second and West streets; $65. E. Holmes, one-story five-room cottage, north side of. Sixty-seventh, 600 feet east of San Pablo avenue; $550. U. Yaccarmo, one-story flve-room cottage, .north side Sixty-first street, 615 feet east of San Pablo avenue; $1000. W. A. Sleep, one and a half story seven-room dwelling, 2420 Woolsey street, 50 feet west- of Duncan; $2000. Real Estate Security Company, one-story four-room dwelling, east side of Fourteenth avenue, 211 feet southwest of East .Twenty-third street; $1550. Mrs. T. P. Scanlon, two-story six-room Attractive Homes Being Erected, as Well as Apartment Houses and Big Business Buildings. BERKELEY. Dec. 12. If the present rate of building operations In this city continues for the next v two weeks the month of December blds ir to be the banner month of the year in the otic of Building Inspector Bul. In addition to the unusual number of apartment and rooming houses that axe under construction and planned for the various sections of the city, new homes are being erected in every locality, and according to the prophecies of builders and realty men, the building totals for the coming quarter will surpass all previous records. The character of the homes which are going up, particularly in ' the suburban districts, is a source of unlimited satisfaction to all Berkeleyans. And the equal distribution of the noted improvements in every corner of the town indicates an even ajid healthy growth. PRETENTIOUS HOMES. Among the more pretentious residences for which contracts have' been granted durihg the past week is ithe handsome home which will be built for S. O. John-B0n 2402 Waring s-treet. at; the corner of Waring street ind Channing way. Th building will be two itoriesj in height and will contain fifteen room. It will be equipped with every modern convenience, and will be a decided acquisition to an already attractive section f of the city. When completed it will repf-esent an outlay of $10,000. The architect is L. A. ITullgardt. A stable and garage of artistic design will be erected on the Waring street side of. the property.! and will cost $2500. f J. J. Mason is building ' an attractive home in Oak Knolj Terrace, pear Garber street. The building Is two stories an l a half in height,, and contains eight rooms. It will cost $4738.1 One of . the most artistic cottages planned by local home-buildexs is a five-room bungalow which is being built on Bancroft way, near McKinaley street, by p. A. DeVeue. It will cost $3000. City Engineer W. F. McClure is making extensive improvements in his Dwight way home. Several additional rooms are being built, anJ many improvements will be installed. BIG APARTMENTS. f W. H. Heywood has coimmenced excavating for the ihree-story apartment house he will build on his property at the corner of University avenge and Grove street. The building will be divided into six storerooms on the first floor, while the two upper floors will bd arranged for apartments. The contract price will be in the neighborhood of $10,000. The handsome flats which Heywood has erected on the opposite corner have been completed, and the building has been named "The Manhattan." j At a recent meeting of ithe board pf education it was decide'd -ty construct handsome mission :?tyle school house on Oxford street, near the toyn line. The ' building will cost $17,000. ; FURNITURE MERCHANT TO BUILD NEW HOUSE H. L,. Kemp of the Oakland Furniture ; Company, has started the erection of a beautiful home in Grand. Avenue Heights. Kemp's house will be the first home erected upon this tract and it w'U probably be completed by the 1st of February. . ' - The demand for head-of-the-lake property, including Grand Avenue Heights., seems to keep up in spite of the detracting interests of the holiday feeason and of the rainy weather. i dwelling, south side of Euclid, 100 feet north of Ilm; $4000. i E. L. Higgins, . two-story six-room dwelling, west Bide of Royal avenue,. 450 feet south of Hudson; $1800. j Mrs. Mary Hayes, alterations, 872 Thirty-first street; $550. j Mrs. Mary Hayes, alterations, 870 Thir-- ty-flrst street; $550. ' ! Mrs. Mary Hayes, alteration, 874 Thirty-first street: $550. W. G. Baker, one-story ' four-room dwelling, west side of Thirteenth avenue, 118 feet south of East Twenty-eighth street; $1500. Chris Nielson, alterations, 399 Twelfth street; $55. t O. V. Fortln, (Iterations, soutlie4t ' corner of Twenty-fourth and "vTaverly; $100.' f C. Sacas, alterations, 370 Twelfth street; $600. . i P. J. Martin, alterations, 1 475 Tenth street; $500. i : F. H. Bolrrier, -one-story flve'-roonv cof-' tage, east side of ; Magnolia, 175 feot g south of Thirty-fourth; $1800. f - rN. Rlzzo, alterations and addition. S6f Adeline: $1490. ' i 4

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