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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 41

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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7T SUNDAY MORNING UAKLAND TRIBUNE. DECEMBER 6, 1908, 41 UNFURNISHED FLATS to Let HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS APARTMENTS. HOUSES FOR SALE ROOMS AND BOARDING. A- NICBLY'furnislhed Toom for' run-. nlpg hot, cold water, excellent table service; exclusive neighborhood; large grounds.

1170 Madfson st, cor. '14th. FURNISHED HOUSES FOR jaw; A GOOD CHANCE For a Business Woman Millinery or modes de Paris; large tore and 2 elegantly furnished rooms; un all day; rent $25. Apply 634 13th at. Cottages month'.

near San Pablo ave. and 62d cottage Of 3 rooms, well. One of "P300 for Poultry; cost owner this amount to build, une-naif cash reijilired. (636i.) $2000 and $2750 4 and roonf0n 'ou. want- These are adjoining and have store or Hi i I nt T.

i il1 "we low et coming business property, (31) $3750 5-rOOm rnftafa V.o 1- V. i i i Dandv tr, wniuow. jiign nascment, at ntn ana AiarKei you with nUn 18 business property. I will provide jou with plans for remodeling into ilats if vou wish. AjlSZ) $2500 close to 3Sth and West sts.

Rent $25 per month. $2250 se to Grove and 27th sts. High basement' cottaee of rooms and bath. Could be made 'into fiats $2150 Rent $21.50 Tier of street: Y't muns. anHoiuteiv De sold.

Mviv $H00 iXt r'Pr montn- cozy cottage of 5 rooms and bath" cioie to East 14th thisfeUer 50x100; easily worth I WO fr TZltL offered for $5750. renting for (191S) flea Wo AmiMfa 2018 BROADWAY, HONES: OAK LAN 4342: HOME A 31.T.2. APARTMENTS TO RENT. The Charlton Apartments, in the new building on the southeastern- corner of Pan Pablo ave. and 23d st.

have been opened and suites can be secured by ap plying on the premises. These np.rt meats are much larger, lighter and airy than Is -usual; they are wHWn 1 block of the Kev Route station. within easy walking distance of the City Halt and on a car line that will carry passen-eers to any part of Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley and Frultvalo tor one -oont far. This Is the best building on tne avecue. Apply on the premises, 696 23d st.

Oakland. Apartment Vue-du Lac Beautifullv ifiintert faclna- Lake Mer rltt; view unsurpassed; all outside and sunny; beautiful court; car passes the apartment; 3 and 4 furnished and unfurnished rooms: terms reasonable. 3d ave. and East 16th st. Phone Merrltt 3.

APARTMENTS, of four furnUhed or un- lurnisneq rooms, wun private oaiii aim heat; no children. 800 14th st. Burchard Apartments Elegantly furnished; electrlo lights. steam heat: bath In each suite: 1 block to Key Route Inn. 1R69H Broadway.

BUENA VISTA APARTMENTS 1411 Brush. 2, 3 or 4 rooms; new, select: private bath, wall beds: roof garden. ELL-CAL-DERE Beautiful itew furnished apartments; steam heat 826 14th et COLON1A 1405 West st and 3 -room suites, housekeeping; modern, homelike; $20, $25. and $30 a month. FURNISHED 3 and 4-room apartments.

"Dundas" Apartment. 808 San Pablo. Madison Park Apartments NINTH AND OAK STREETS 2 short blocks to San. Francisco trains 2. 3 and 4 room Suites.

Everything new. and thoroughly modern. JEach suite a complete home. Magnificent view. Ideal location.

Rates Reasonable. No children under 10 years. Mori -Ell Apartments 827 Grand ave. In exclusive residence district; near Lake Merrltt: 7 blocks from city hall; 2 blocks east of Key Route Hotel: have 3- room apartment, handsomely turnisnea, $30; cars east from 14th and Broadway, stop at the Murl-Ell. ROSLYN APARTMENTS Cor.

19th and Telegraph Two to 4 rooms, furnished and unfurnished; suites $20 up; single, $8 up. San Pablo. Apartments 1007 San Pablo Avenue Furnished and Unfurnished Single Rooms and Apartments Bright and Sunny Private Baths, Free Phones, Strictly Modern 2 Blocks Key Route Station Reasonable Rates. Strictly First-Class St. Regis Apartments Changed hands; newly furnished, steam heat 2 and 3 rooms.

25th and Grove sts. St. Nicolai Sixteenth and Clay Oakland's finest apartment house; modern In every respect: steam heat and elevator; prices moderate. The Stettiner 33rd st. and Telegraph arve.

Just completed; finest apartment houso on the coast. Every elegance and refinement at a. odern home. Two. three and four-room furnished and un- furnished.

Open today for guests and reservations. The Francis Apartments Four and 5 rooms, batn; neatly furnished, $35 to $50. 2035 Channlng way. near Shattucit ave. Berkeley.

The Severn Apartments Most up-to-date In Oakland: steam Seated: has 2 apartments left: sun all day. 1616 The Don Furnished housekeeping suites from $12 up. 32d ana San Pablo. Waverly Apartments 5SD ANT1 WAVERLY STS. Three large roomsr large closets, steam heat; terms reasonanie; just openeu.

STORES AND OFFICES. FOR rent Warehouse or manufacturing site, 150x100, on northeast corner of 1st and Jackson; has 150-h. p. engine readv to work; make us an offer. Lay mance Real Estate Co.

460-462 8th. DESIRABLE REASONABLE Excellent place for light manufacturing plant, business college or showrooms for commercial traveler. One room of 20CO square feet can be thrown together with room of 1400 square reet. ah out side rooms: elevator service and all elec trie wiring done. Smaller rooms adjoining can be used for offices.

Apply manager of THE TRIBUNE and see roomB tn new -itiinursni ouuaing. DESK room for rent, $6 per month; front office. Bacon Block, oaKland. uai. FOR RENT Store for barber shop, quire 811 Clay st In SEVERAL arood office rooms for rent in THE TRIBUNE Building; rent" very reasonable.


BARN for rent. 6 stalls. Phone Oakland 3673. after 4 p. m.

Box 6241. Tribune. ROOMING HOUSES fo-r Sale A. D. ATHERTON.

'BUSINESS CHANCE AGENT. 11 rooms; sunny corner; price $525 1 A rrt TVT-i f-t ITfl 7 rooms; upper flat; price $275 17 rooms; transient; price $1000 33 rooms; sUnny corner; price $3250 14 rooms; good corner; price $4000 14 rooms; housekeeping; price $450 21 rooms; close in; price $1400 10 rooms; rent $30; price $150 18 rooms; fair furniture; price Cigar stand and pool room $1200 Notion store; new; rent $17 $250 To buy, sell business or rooming house, see A. D. Atherton, 466 8th st. A house of 18 rooms, all full; 2 blocks from Broadway; $650.

Box 6332, Tribune. FOR 8 ALE Rooming house of 66 rooms; good carpets and furniture; running water In each room; money-maker; call for further information; rent and price reasonable. 4087 San Pablo The Victoria- FOR SALE Reasonable a good paying rooming house, almost make rent out of transients. For particulars address box 6289, Tribune. FOR SALE New furniture of 8-room income bouse; rooms must sell; leaving towm Box Tribune.

FOR SALE -On term, 2o-room rooming house, paj-ing well. Call 1129 Myrtle st. after 6 p. m. JOS.

SKIRM 921 Broadway, Oakland. BEST BARGAIN ever offered 24 rooms; rent $75: refined neighborhood; clears $100; half. cash, price $550. BEST TRANSIENT HOUSE in Oakland; 35 sunny corner; clears $200, can be doubled; owner ill, offer wanted. 17 rent $50 $500 12 extra good $450 123 rent $350 1 $5500 JOS.

SKIRM LODGING house, 21 rooms, 17 furnished. rept $45, price $350. Box 6269, Tribune. 145014 ROOMS on Franklin (BC 344) $90025 rooms; fine corner. (BC 442) $2500 Commercial hotel and bar; 40 rooms: rent $125; 10-year lease.

(BC 463) $3700 50-room apartment house; rent $5 per room; private baths. (BC 474) $5500 120 rooms; rent $350; nets $500 per month; speculation. (BC 468) GEO, w. Austin, mis Broadway. (Continued.) fv THREE nice sunny j-oomaw new.

fuvit, lino JlCJJgnOWI UUW, Myrtle st, near San THREE rooms, sunny flat. 490- 23d near Telegraph also- other rooms. UPPER fiat of 6 rooms and bato. 1.211 14th st. Key at grocery, corner 14th and Adeline rent.

$23. UFPER-flat four, rooms, unfurnished; $li per montn. 1129 st. $22.50 TWO fine modern flats. In class A condition, 6- rooms and bath each, located on Jack son pear 8th.

To flrst-claas familv with references will 'give two weeks' free rent or pay mov ing expanses. Laymance- Real Estate 460-462 8th st. JUST completed, new sunny mod ern 6-roam upper flat, 1028 6th near E. 11th st. Adults only.

Address lower flat or 1057 Franklin st. 39TH, 7026 rooms, bath; large lot; open ail arounci; Mock Key Route station. Key 700. Owner, 2784 Bryant st, S. F.

8005 PBRALTA Frultvale, one house above Nicol ave. 5 rooms, bath, gas; rent $11. Apply upper flat 466 MOSS ave. Sunny upper flat corner, near ivey rcoute ana. retegrapn ave.

Key at 468 Moss ave. 4-ROOM flat. bath, fuel gas, $12. water tree, lsis Francisco st, Berkeley. Hey at cottage in rear.

FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET ARCADE HOTEL New, modern; 76c to $2.50 per day. 691 San Pablo ave- AAA OUR bachelor's bam Include everything you want and it is very close in. and only $1 to $1.25 802 Madison st. A NICELY furnished bay-window front room; 1 block to local; $8 a month. 1265 8th st.

A SUNNY furnished front room; near Key Route- Inn. 1704 We-bster near 24th. A PLEASANT warm room with hot and cold water. 1509 Franklin st. A SUNNY furnished room, $6 a month.

531 E. 14th st. FOR RENT Nicely furnished sunny front room, with heat. 180 8th st, corner Jackson. FURNISHED room for gentleman, private house, $7 per month.

763 Clay at. FURNISHED room; convenient to cars; upper flat; rent JS. 1133 Chestnut si. FURNISHED rooms, suitable for 1 or 2. 265 10th st.

Golden West Hotel NW. eor. 8th and. Franklin. Rooms 60c to $2 per day; a week and up.

Hot and cold water in all rooms; elevator: near the theater; postoffice In building. A. Sonnlchaen. proprietor. HOTEL ST.

PAUL, cor. 12th and Clay European plan; 200 furnished rooms; day; $2.507 wk; elevator. LIVINGSTON Suites of two and three rooms; also single rooms; hot and cold water, phone; convenient to car line. 33" San Pablo corner of Athens. LADY, alone in small cottage near Cali fornia College, East Oakland, will give room free to lady for care or rooms.

Address box 6148, Tribune. LARGE sunny front room; new furniture; bath; convenient cars, trains; suitable or 2. 1018 Filbert st. LARGKiuhny room, month; use of kltchenMf desired. 654A stt NICE sunnv room, connecting; bath, pii vate family; lblock from 2 car line.

5015 Dover. NEWLY furnished front room, sunny. electricity, phone, bath.1404 Grove st. 18th. NEWLY furnished front room, suitable for two, $3 a week.

440 San Pablo NICE sunny furnished and unfurnished rooms. 814 13th st. ONE or two sunny furnished rooms: all conveniences; central. Phone Oakland 6629. 1274 Webster st.

ROOM for rent; gentleman; 48 Meado sunny; biocK rrom ey noma station: convenient; $8 per month. Ap ply before 6 p. m. i ROOMS, close In. 110 to "fl5 per month; nnwlv furnished, eas.

bath free. 218 Son Pablo ave. Rmvr 2 single beds, gas plate if de sired, bath; single, 2 persons, $7. 8799 West st. ROOM In private family of 2: close to 22d and Broadway Key Route; $8.

320 24th Oakland. SAN PABLO rooms, $2, $2.60, $3 Route. 837 Furnished week; near Key SUNNIEST and nlceet rooms in the city, in a lovely home, close in: best of references; only $6. Box 6349, Tribune. SITNX'Y front room.

2 large closets, run ning water suitable for 1 or 2 gentle men, llio MarKei cor. inn. SUNNY front room, nicely furnished for 1 or 2 gentlemen or lady; reasonaDie. 1236 Crtestnut st. SUNNY furnished rooms for housekeep insr or otherwise: modern; close In.

450 21st St. SMALL sunny room for single man; cheap; bath; phone. 1007 Oak, st. SUNNY front rooms, single. $1.75 week; double.

$3 week. 608 8th st. THE ANNEX lilt Jefferson, cor. 12th Elegantly fur nlahed aunnv rooms: hot and cold wa ter; w4th or without private bath: phone In every room; from $15 per month up. THE HALLER Rooms.

Open all night 804-808 San Pablo cor. 22d st TO LET Two newly furnished rooms, with bath; near Telegraph. 539 42d st. blocks rrom 40th st. Key Route depot rent of -rooms $10 and $11.

TWO most comfortably furnished con necting rooms, same as ilat; gas for light and cooking; bath, laundry and phone. 1B6Z. 19th ave. THE STANLEY Fur. rooms, with hot ana coia water; reasonaoie.

sits lircn st. cor. Webster; phone Oakland 7424. THREE nice furnished rsoms, with or without board: phone, bath and use of piano. 1522 Franklin st TWO finely furnished south front bay window sunny suit rooms; strictly mod em; references.

724 14th. TWO furnished rooms, either single or en suite; gas and oath. 98 E. 14th st flat C. Linda WbUl.

THREE nicely furnished rooms, buffet kitchen; right in town; 825. 663 15th st THREE large sunny uppetr rooms, or single; bath, gasj 615 15th st. VERY large sunny double parlors, with gas grate: also 1 sleeping room; reas onable. 525 22d st. Phone Oakland 4106: one block from Key Route Inn.

WELL furnished roomp 2 blocks from Broadway and narrow-gauge station reasonable. 312 14th st- Unfurnished Rooms to Let! TWO unfurnished rooms; walking dls gas; no objection to light house Keeping: reaaonabte. 713 10th st TWO sunny unfurnished rooms for rent 1063 Oak st. Phone Oakland 1281. TWO unfurnished front rooms, street.

463 Rose MOVING AND STORAGE. BEKIN OF COURSE. 68 Broadway. COOK-MORGAN Storing' Moving Co. Furniture, pianos, mercnandise pack' Ing and shipping.

Office 503 14th st phone Oakland 8216. DRAPER DRAY STORAGE CO. Transbay service; furniture and piano moving, unice weoster Tunnel sts. Phone Oakland 2050. FURNITURE atorfd In separate rooms at reasonable rates, porter.

466 8th Phone Oakland 1990. LYON Storage and Moving Co. Packing iand shipping. 4S7 14th st; phone Oak land 2071; Horn A2071. AAA CAN YOU BEAT IT? $1.25.

to $6.50 week; gaa, phone, everything' free: children taken; near center, depot, park, electric. 802 Madison st. A.A. 463 21ST st, near Broadway Furnished housekeeping suite, also single rooms, gas, bath and phone; near -Key Route. AAA TWO nicely furnished housekeeping room, with large wood shed; reasonable-.

853 40th st. APARTMENT, 3 rooms, bath; elegantly furnished; housekeeping; adults. The Mentone, 658 8th st. AAA TWO sunny "completely furnished housekeeping rooms. 558 20th near San Pablo ave.

A LARGE housekeeping room, son all day; phone, bath. 1067 Grove st-, corner 12th. A LARGE sunny front bay-window room, pinning water, gas, $15. 1110 Jefferson st. ADELINE 1033 2 sunny furnished momg for also single room.

A LARGE front room for light housekeeping. 558 19th st, near San Pablo. AA SUNNY room, with private bath for light housekeeping; adults. 572 10th st. AAA THREE housekeeping; cosy rooms f6r light $20.

530 Williams St. A TWO newly furnished rooms for Hsht housekeeping. 665 18th st. A FRONT suite for housekeeping; also single rooms. 413 19th st.

A. A. SUNNY furnished rooms for house keeping. 1610 8th st. COMPLETELY furnished sunny house keeping room: bath, gas, phone; very reasonable.

435 Moss nearTel. CLEAN, 'sunny housekeeping rooms, sin gle or en suite; launary ana gas; reasonable. 1407 Castro st CLEAN suite of 3 rooms nicely fur nished; gas, bath, laundry. 1133 Myrtle. CONVENIENT housekpg.

furnished; reasonable; nr. Key Route. 3805 Grove. DESIRABLE housekeeping rooms, also furnished rooms. Apply 56r Broadway, over Osgood's.

Phone Oakland 2935. FIRST-CLASS board, reasonable terms. for gentlemen; on car line; 5 minutes to heart of city. Address box 6202, Tribune. FURNISHED housekeeping rooms, large yard, every convenience; rent reasonable.

771 5th st. corner Market. FURNISHED apartments, $16 to $22 per month; running water ana gas; omer rooms also. 407 San Pablo ave. FURNISHED housekeeping rooms and use of laundry, bath and coal heater.

1820 13th ave. FURNISHED housekeeping rooms, cen tral, near -Telegraph. The El Neldo, 514 18th st FURNISHED rooms, light housekeeping, or single; private, central 1222 Web ster street. FURNISHED front room, wlth--elcove; housekeeping; private houseS20 16tai. FURNISHED, 1 or 2 housekeeping rooms, gas, bath; reasonable.

529 11th. st. FOR RENT Two nicely furnished rooms for housekeeping. 621 16th st. HOUSEKEEPING rooms and bath; sunny side; close in; fine location.

808 13th. HOUSEKEEPING suite, suitable for 3 people; all conveniences. 573 loth st. HOUSEKEEPING and furnished room. 514 4th st.

LARGE sunny bay-window rooms, fur nished housekeeping, electric ngnt, water, gas range; rent $16. 1611 Fair-view st. South Berkeley. LARGE sunny front room, alcove, grata, buffet kitchen, electricity, phone. N.E.

corner Franklin and 20th sts. LADY, living alone, will give room and board to two voung $20 each. 1507 Market st NEWLY furnished housekeeping rooms gas, electricity, bath and phone; near San Pablo. 930 34tn st. NICELY furnished rooms for Ught housekeeping: reasonable.

Apply 1611 13th East Oakland. ONE sutto furnished housekeeping rooms. one block from S. P. ljnone, batn ana gag.

941 Myrtle st. ONE. two and three rooms furnished for housekeeping at istli st. SUNNY furnished housekeeping rooms; use of bath and phone; $15; also one large bedroom, with grate. 513 19th st SUNNY parlors, grate, kitchen, for housekeeping; central; reasonable.

228 9th St. SUNNY rooms, family hotel; centrally located; convenient to trains. 562 8th. SUNNY housekeeping rooms, gas Included. 618 15th st.

$2.75 up. SUNNY corner housekeeping room, gas, bath, stove. 583 5th st. SUNNY furnished housekeeping rooms. 729 Myrtle st THREE furnished housekeeping rooms, running water, gas grate, electricity, bath; reasonable.

525 22d 1 block from Key Route Inn. Phone Oakland 4106. TWO sunny desirable rooms, 5 minutes from town; unfurnished and light housekeeping privileges, or would furnish bedroom for gentleman: private family; references. Phone Oakland 5778. THE housekeeping rooms are clean and sunny at 1625 Grove free phone; $2.50 per week up.

THREE unfurnished rooms; modern; electricity included: $18 per month. 643 Poirier et, near Shattuck. THREE furnished housekeeping rooms; reasonable. 1016 Jefferson st, bet. 10th and 11th.

TWO or three sunny corner furnished rooms; large yard; adults; 277 8th central location; convenient to locals. TWO housekeeping rooms; phone ani bath; will rent separate if desired. 527 18thst: TWO front rooms for housekeeping, with use of bath and laundry; rent $18. 835 34th st. THREE furnished rooms, kitchen, two bedrooms, reasonable 942 Magnolia st.

THREE sunnv housekeeping rooms, complete, $18. 563 38th st; no children. THREE unfurnished rooms, yard and barn. 1743 Adeline st. TWO or three unfurnished rooms, with bath; furnished if desired.

172 6th st. TWO housekeeping rooms, gas. bath, laundry. 572 62d near Telegraph. TWO and 8 rooms, housekeeping suites complete; very cheap.

541 19th st TWO excellent sunny rooms! for light housekeeping at into troaqway. 525 32d Two nicely furnished housekeeping apartments; private house; very convenient; $16; gas; extra quiet couple only. i 3 SUNNY furnished housekeeping rooms; bath; near Key Route. 569 A Jones st. 4-ROOM furnished suite, bath and gas; A An.

1J1A near gumij ncn. mu niuan bi. 1880 BROADWAY Two nice rooms, also single rooms: 676 18TH st. One housekeeping room; grate, running water. TO LEASE.

Clay. Street S00 Feet Frontage Owner will build 4 stories to suit tenant on secured leaae for 6 years. Address Owner. P. O.

box 87, Alameda, Cal. MOTORCYCLES BICYCLES INDIAN motorcycle, like new, for sale cheap. 68738th st, Oakland. NEW "bicycles, $17.60 up; new motorcycle, $145 up; $5 Hartford Tires, motorcycle and bicycle sundries at wholesale prices. Agency for the world-famous "Thor" motorcycles.

A. Freed, 1507 Market st, San Francisco. SNELL bicycles, tires, sunartes, motor cycle supplies, repairing; Installments. W. L.

Loos A 12th and Jackson sts. AJJTOjv TWO new touring cars, first-class order used 2 months; great sacrifice; top equipment complete. 34 Telegraph ave. CAJTIROJRAIN San Francisco BrazinjrCo. BraJters of cast Iron, broken and cracked cylinders a specialty.

121 Beale st Phone Douglas 2858. ARLINGTON HOTEL." and dining-room, cor. 9th and Washington sts. Special rates lor room and board for families and permanent. A LARGE' sunny room with running water, grate, mission furniture; reasonable.

368 Webster sf A 1302 FRANKLIN Table board. $20 month; alBO rooms; hot and cold water. A NEWLY furnished rooms with board, $25 13th st. Phono Oak. 6282.

A SUNNY front ro-om, with grate. 1803 Franklin et. BOARD and room for man and wife in familyt of wife can do light household duties part payment; nice home for right party. Phone Home A-1368. mornings.

BLAIR-ATHOL, 1308 Madison Double rooms, with fine table: large ground. BOAR.D and room, between 9th and 10th Btsi Appiy at 967 Market Oakland. CLOSE to business section, pleasant bay window room with hot and cold water; excellent board for one or two gentlemen. 756 13th. DESIRABLE sunny front alcove room.

excellent table; references. 658 14th opposite library. ELWOOD. 692 Sycamore Rooms with board; rates reas. Phone Oak.

6269. FIRST-CLASS board and room for busi ness man in sma31. private family, home comforts. 2444 Ashby east or Teiegrapn. pn.

Berkeley 5185. FINE rooms, with board, one with- prl vate Dainf rates reasonaoio; excellent Hotel Madison, 11th and Madison sts. LADY having nice home would like young lady to room, board; good home to right; party; parlor, piano; terms very reasonable: object company. Call or address 779 East 14th st. LARGE sun nv-rooms, with board, in pri vate family; home comforts: 2 blocks, to narrow-gauge station on Franklin st; central location.

1217 Harrison st. LARGE sunny front room for 2 or 3 gen tlemen, with or without board. lolO West near 20th. LARGE sunny, front room, with first-class board, for gentleman; also table board. 540 23d st.

LARGE'sunny room, with board, for two gentlemen. 104 7th near uaK sia. NEATLY furnished room, running water nam ana pnone; Doara aesirea ai $4.60 a. week. 166 10th st.

PALM INN. Newly furnished; under new manage ment; strictly flrst-class family hotel modern improvements: large grounds near Key Route; prices reasonable; must be seen to be appreciated, on Zatn st. PLEASANT furnished room, with board. for two, private family. 523 4lst off Telegraph near Key Route- ROOM8 with board, German cooking.

suitable for 3 or 4 gentlemen. 714 17th. ROOM and board, home cooking; also table board. 720 14th st. SUNNY rooms, with board.

538 32d between Telegraph and Grove. UP-TO-DATE board and rooms; reason able. 1112 Alice st VERY desh-ahle front sunny rooms with running water: use of bath and phone; excellent home cooking; course dinner served. 1217 Filbert st. Tel.

Oak. 7233 $6 PER week, board and room In pri vate family; newly rumisncd. 70 Jefferson st. ROOMS AND BOARD Wanted BOARD and rooms wanted; family hotel preferred; suite of 2 rooms and bath for gentleman and wife, with board with price and particulars box 6354. Tribune.

GENTLEMAN desires room and board In small private family; German pre ferred. Box 6340, Tribune. RENT of 5 or 6-room new flat in ex. change for room and board for lady 10 minutes from business center; none but refined adults reply; references Address Mrs. H.

S. Hoor. 901 Fell st, San Francisco. ROOM and home board in refined family by couple, Frultvale "preferred; $45 to $50. Box 5155.

Tribune. ROOM and board for self and wife near 22d et. Key Rout station. Address boj 656, Tribune. ROOM and board for two in private fam ily; very reasonable.

1220 Webster. SINGLE gentleman, would like room and board with modern conveniences, with in walkinar distance of 8th and Broad way; state terms. Address Box 6266 Tribune. WANTED 2 sunny rooms, connecting, if possible, and board for man, wife, nurse and three-year-old child. Address Box 6359, Tribune.

YOUNG couple, both employed, with board and room in refined home near 22d Key Route station. Address Box 6272. Tribune. YOUNG man 'would like board and room. centrally located; must be reasonable; state terms.

Box 6257. Tribune. CmJLDKEN BOARDED. INFANT boarded: will have private home comforts. Address box 6350, Tribune.

HOUSES ROOMS WANTED FURNISHED room wanted; clean and reasonable; between 7th and 16th, Castro and Alice. Address box C360, Tribune. FURNISHED room for two young men. with place to cook; vicinity 23d ave. station.

Box 6287, Tribune. To try to sell property or to find ten. nanta BY THE USE OF A PLACARD la to trust your business affairs and In terests to CHANCE. To use the classified ad columns Is to practically ellmi- nate cnance from these things. WANTED Within walking distance of hatns.

Dy gentleman, large tunny furnished rdom. bath, running water, telephone; refereiices given. Address box 5104, Tribune. WANTED By lady (alone), one or two uniurnisnea rooms; light housekeeping. WANTED Furnished room by man.

Upper Frultvale preferred. 6168, Tribune. FURNITURE FOR SALE. A MAHOGANY parlor set; about 100 yards of Axmingter velvet carpet; a lot of hall carpet and some chairs and miscellaneous piece's left over on account of moving from large house into smaller one; splendid condition; for sale by owner to any private party; no dealers wanted. Address private owner.

Box 5160, Tribune. 'AH," yes. If you pass by H. Schellhaas, you will pass a bargain; drop In and see our display of furniture; our prices are right The Busy Corner, 11th and Franklin Oakland. AND It will be like getting money from home if you patronize H.

Schellhaas, the furniture dealer, 11th and Franklin Oakland. BIRDSEYE maple, oak and Mission fur- niture for sale; owner must leave town; bargain. Box 6291, Tribune. FURNITURE for sale by private party; fine upright Also lot of odd pieces, furniture, dressers, chairs. Iron bods.

522 18th st. near Telegraph. NEW princess dresser wardrobe, full size Iron bed, springs and mattress. 364 Va 10th st NEARLY new furniture for sala cheap, by the piece. '459 38th st.

very SPECIAL AUCTION. Robt. Jacobson. auctioneer Household goods and furniture of 7-room cbttage. to be sold at public auction on Monday.

December 7. at 10 a. at 162 5th near Jackson. WANTED Cash buyers for furniture and household goods. H.

Schellhaas, the Busy Corner. 11th and Franklin sts. YOU pass an opportunity when you pass our store. H. Schellhaas, Oakland's furniture dealer, cor.

11th and Franklin. $500 FURNITURE of 8 rooms; cash or time. Key at 516 18th st, near Telegraph ave. TYPEWRITERS. NEW and second-hand I bought sold, rented, repaired, exebang Smith Bros, 452 phone Oak.

yowng Box -1 FOR rent FurnUhed bungalow, 9 roomi, 2 baths, every modem convenience; ltuated In heart of Piedmont's best residential district; large grounds, fruit tree, flowers, etc. Inquire 3. T. Fen-berthy. care Wlckham Havens, 1212 Broadway.

FOR RENT 12-room house, completely furnished, suitable for boarding houser owner and family (4 adults) wishing board and rooms; all employed during, day; references. Box 922. Tribune. $75 9-room house. Vernon Heights, 280 Lee furnished; modern.

F. F. Porter. 8th st. FURNISHED house.

5 rooms. 692 36th bet. Grove and Telegraph; near Key Route. NICELY furnished cottage. 6 rooms and bath.

1929 Magnolia St. PTFJ3MONT-NEAR-THE-LAK Nerw 7 targe room house, partly furnished, hardwood floors, 2 fireplaces, gas and electricity; artistic and first class In respects; large lot; fine view; two blocks from car line; for rent or lease at a bargain. Address box 634S, Tribune. 8-ROOM bungalow, furnished, wall bed. n.

electricity, bath and Instantaneous boiler. one block to Shattuck or Grove t. cars; 5 minute' to Key Route; $25. Kreek Halm Court. 4980 Dover St.

$17 COSY 3 -room cottage, completely furnished; new stove, sanitary plumbing; large fenced lot: near I-orln. Ap-plv 614 69th cor. Shattuck. UJJFJJRSHEjDJjUjES A FINE opportunity for tire right party; a large 15-room house in first class con-ninn iitriViia fnr hnardlnr house; cen trally located also large stable. Apply F.

K. Mott lOflO Broadway. BEAUTIFUL modern new 6-room bungalow; rich woodwork' and fixtures; cooler, pantry, convenient to Key Route and S. will rent to careful tenant for 27.6n. Owner, 1033 54th st.

Piedmont 1356, A -6059. For Rent nAirn htimralow. large lot. blocks from local trains and street cars; only $22.60 a month, water included: also nice flats, from iz up. inquire Pablo cor.

59th. pnone nrammn iTa T- vinrta of rooms and bath renter near 8th: rent $30. Apply .1033 Linden st. FOR RENT House 5 rooms, bath, gas and electricity. Call 627 Shattuck ave Oakland.

unt'ar tn- rni miiiVrn unfurnished; cor. 29th st. and Telegraph 10 rooms, bath, two toilets, cement basement unde entire house, range in kitchen: large lot and lawn. Appiy owner, 1314 Telegraph ave. Tm rimhunit Modern 4-room house.

'water free; rent $15. Inquire W. II Parkhfll. 627, Jones Elmhurst nntov nf moms and bath: all Improvements; rent $22.60. At 458 nve htwen Telegraph ave.

ana Unhv also a stable for 7 horses; house and stable. $25. i v-v ttai7 hlflrh. drv base ment, large yard, with flowers and barn. 454 37th east of Telegraph 1 rent $26.

ItORE with living rooml for small fam lly. 317 E. 12th ft I-ROOM modem house. 72 Lowell Ess. Oakland Heights.

4th ave. car; block; Broadway 12 minutes; primary blocks; fine neighborhood; $27.60. Lambing, 464 Wn St ib tjik mitaM nf rooms and bath; Laurel near Piedmont; blggost barraln in town. (III). Austin.

1018 Broadway. i.odA wtiuii. acres, chicken house, sUble. Address M. D.

Nichols, corner San Pnhlo and University Dtrmr- ley. :1 1772 9TH st. Six rooms, high basement, cottage Just finished; modern; adults; rent reaa. 1 block from train and cars. 6-ROOM cottage, all modern Improvements; 1820 Woolsy rent reasonable.

Phone Berkeley 3962. $17.60 MODERN S-room. cottage, on 64th water free; large lot. Owner, 848 12th st. FURNISHED FLATS TO LET A NICELY furnished 6-room nai.

4089 Howe opposite Key Route. Phone Oakland 5959. COZY sunny corner flwt for rent fur- nlshed. 4 rooms. 84 54th st; also unfurnished new cottage, 4 rooms.

FOR RENT -Small upper flat. 3 rooms and buffet kitchen, private bath. Deasy heater. $27.50. 675 Apgar between Telegraph ave.

and Grove. FIVE rooms and bath, partly furnished, $20: adults only. 610 45th st, near Tel egraph av FOR RENT Furnished 6-room upper flat; furniture for sale. 712 Telegraph ave. KEW 4-room furnished flat; piano, gjss range; Deasy heater; very desirable; must be seen to ue aprrci-iaieu.

87tn bet. Tel. and Prove. PARTLY furnished three-room lower flat. bath; stationary tubs: yard; rent rea- sonable.

Apply 1114 Campbell st. TWO furnished flats, one of 5 rooms, sunny; one of 3 rooms; downstairs. 85 22d st Hi 88TH st Sunny fist. 6 elegantly fur- ntehed rooms; near Key Route station; adults. UNFURNISHED FLATS to Let unner flat 6 rooms, new and modem coal grate; rent reduced; on Key Route car line: convenient to local.

Phone Merrltt 771. Apfly 454 E. 18th st A 6-RXXM sunny flat. 2 blocks of Key Route: reasonable. 678 24th st.

FOR RENT Ten minutes from Broadway and 12th st; new and 6-room flats, commanding fine view; finest climate eJt of the lake. King st, between Cambridge and Hopkins. Keys next door. Owner's address, Mrs. H.

8. Hoor, 901 Fell st. San Francisco. FOR RENT Modern 6-room flat; con-venlent to Kev Route station. 1062 18th st, between Linden and Chestnut, Oakland.

rOK RENT Nice 6-room and bath upper fiat, on San Pablo" close to 224 st. Key Route. Apply Ellis, 46S 11th st, Oakland. FOR RENT Elegant 6-room flat. 659 Apgar t.

half block to Telegraph, two blocks to Key Route; shed for auto, stall for horSe. TOR RENT $12; lower flat 4 rooms and bath; large chicken yard. 1071 25th ave. One key next door wouth. POl'R-ROOM upper sunny corner flat; Mnrshall-BteaTns bed; gas range; adults only.

804 31st st. rOR RENT Separate flat of 2 rooms and bath. Apply 91S 28th st, west of San Pablo ave. FLAT of 4 moms and bath on sunny side. 1211 Linden at, cor.

14th st. LAT, seven sunny rooms, bath; good wpair. 101 ntn st. LOWER 6-room flat In a very nlco neigh borhood; $22.60. 1104 Market Oak- land.

HODERN upper flat 1 rooms; key 661 10th adults, fnone uk tiuu. MODERN upper 6-room flat; walking distance: $17. 803 Prove st SKW modern udiht flat. 8 rodms. bath.

92 Moss 4 Jetween Broadwav and Telegraph; convenient to Key Route. Phone oaniand 4771. KEW modern flat 4 rooms, bath, sras, 225 Hollts on 14th st. oar line, half block from Key Route: 115: Just tinted. SEW sunny modem upper flat 6 rooms.

$20, and water. 1024 E. 23d Upper Fnittvaie ave. car. RKTTY modern flat.

4 rooms, fronting good street; kitchen, porcelain both, mantel, laundry; low rent to steady rnmliy. 10 asm si. ivey ax corner. UNVY UDDer $-room flat, new and mod errk coal grates; water paid; neTf been occupied. Grova between 31st and 3 2d sts.

Key at 2062. UNNY upper t. rooms, large yard, S(4 18th eb one can ne convertea into. Figure out ne hie Income you -can get are 2'ixl anj Market, on Mark- rtw modern cottage of 5 and sidewalk complete. $900 at little expense, j.4822) rooms ana trtn sunny side 9fllt or a speculators part cash will do.

A COTTAGE of 3 rooms, pantry, bath, laundry; lot 25x1 owner leaving citv. 21 Wtmler heween Park ave. and Park Oakland. FOR SALE Two-stori- modern 7-ronm hor.Fe with finished attic; easv walkA distance; fine home; 1 V4 blocks tc citv park. Inquire of owner on prem- East Oakland.

FOR SALE An 8 -room oottaee. cornei. lot SIHxllC; ail Improved; can be used lis income property; cash onlv; cheap, Pfralta corner isth. MUST sell Immediately, beautiful mod. 3-ro-im bungalow, heani ceilings; built-in seats at fireplace; rich fixture; woodwork flashed with close Key and So.

it's a $3600 home for a bargain. Owner, 1043 f.roh Cat No Wedding Bell Let mo show vou this 5-room cottage witli 1 at'l. pantrv and 3 nice closet: on corner lot. blocks of S. I.

station. 1 or 2 blocks of E. 14th; $1200 cash; no reasonable offer refused, either cash or terms. Beaumont, S56 Washington. room 2JV ON terms to suit.

2 cottaees. 5 and rooms, gas and electric fixtures, paneled and beam celling; the most complete home for convenience that can be built; lr.rge rooms; seeing' means buvlng; terms, juice, location is right; 8 lot SixlOO. J3L'50; 6 rooms, lot 40x100. J3650; 2 blocks Telegraph. blocks Kev Route; piaremorit Apply owner.

E. J. 1112 Broadway. OUR LEADING SPECIAL. $2750 $650 down-.

half-acre lot: 50 chickens and ducks; dandv 4-room bun-gaUtw. plastered, mantel, bath, gnfs; near Fruitvalc ave. dimn; new: 5 rooms and' basement; up-to-date; sidewalk, sewer and sas; one block to car. CENTRAL REALTY 2712 Frujtvalkve. TI 1 IS MAY INTEREST YOU.

Easy terms lare colonial 7-roonV house; modern; witJi lot 30x127, fronting on two streets; in iieait of best residence district; near Telegraph close In; positively reduced in; price from SnnOo to $4800; only $500 leash down: balance monthly; ihink what this means to get such a valuable house close in business center, on extremely low and 'MM at once. F. M. Reed, 464 11th st-Oakland. TERMS Five rooms and bath: built for a home: 4 blocks from 23d ave.

station; lot 35x140. under cultivation: price $3350. Address box 1247, Tribune: no agents. 2 Fine, High Class Cot-; tages $860 down, balance of $2000 at 130 nr month; laige lot; located on Linden. onj of the best residence streets In Oakland, and not far from the business center of town; 5 rooms and bath; all conveniences and modern Improvements.

Can rent easily for a good rental or purchaser should be contented to live iu it himself. These places cost more than the price asked, but good reason for se'Ung. Will sell each cottage separately if desired. SEE OWNER' AT ROOM 54, 906 BROADWAY. OAKLAND.

$200 DOWN. $15 month: total price $1350; -fenced: house, houses, upper Frultvale; a minutes to car. Take Leise ave. car tk end of line, walk down to left to Persimmon st. Inquire at 3019.

$1150 CASH, balance flat loan, takes this new 5-room cottage, just walking distance of business center; good Etreet; convenient to Key Route, rigl't on car line; reduced to $2650. This- lithe best buy in a cottage I know of. 1. F. Mlnney.

422 11th Oakland. $250. CASH, balance, same as rent, for a "beautiful 5-roorw cottage. Just completed; lot 23 1-3x100; street work complete; good district; in Central Oakland. 2 blocks to'Key Route; total price only $3000.

Apply D. Mlnney, 422 11th st. Oakland. Five-room cottage; lot 25x78, situated near Filbert and 21s sts. Convenient to Key Route and car buy.

lines. A good little F. A. WILL 476 10th Sf. LOTS FOR SALE.

A SNAP IN; PIEDMONT Lot 55 150, Just back of Piedmont Springs. Owner most sell, immediately, Applv to Rives M- Saker, 1212 Broadway, Tel. Oak-landi750, Oakland 8965. EI'ILDING lot in Santa Fe tract. 40x105.

for sale 'by owner: no agents; special price. Box 6261. Tribune. BY owner, lot 60x125, Euclid Just north of Grand, Adams Point, high ground. $2550.

Apply 626 13th st CHOICE lot on Jackson near 14th, 92 feet; will divide; bargain. Call on Mr. Dav. 1220 Jackson! st. FINE elevated Piedmont lot next to cor- ner; eastern exposure; $1600; terms.

Box 6353, Tribune. FOR SALE-kLot on 8th. $750, 30-foot front i Phone; B-1209. TWO choice! lots at Elmhurst. 200 feet to car line, sidewalks, sewers; small payment down, balance $10 per month.

O. box Elmhurst FURRIERS. A- COMPLETE line of "Fur Garments;" remodeling, repairing and re-dyeing of seal Jackets; lowest best work manship. 3. Hertaberg, u35 lJth bet.

Washington and Ciay sts. GEORGE iFOLTEST, OAKLAND i FURRIER. Up-to-date furs manufactured and -sold; prices reasonable; first-class work: -excellent fit; remodeling and redylng; references given. 631 15th. near cor.

Sai Pablo mv A MODERN HOMHL $4675 Mortgage can remain: close in: 34th near Grove; two stories, 7 rooms paneled wood work in dining room and hall; possession can be given at once: a bargain for parties wishing a close-in residence. 184) O. D. HOTLE Exclusive Agents, 1172 Broadway. A NICELY furnished house cf 9 rooms, modern; all conveniences: lot 30x125; beautifully laid Out: sold on account of leaving cityy no agents need answer.

For particulars address Box 6S33, Trib-une. BARO AIN-New bungalow. 5 rooms, "large porch, hall, barh, china closet, oak mantel. et; lawn. South side-efTth between West and Market.

3 minutes 55h st. Key Route station. Owner, Wallace, 1022 Crocker blda. S. F.

BEAUTIFUL bungalow or 5 rooms and bath, basement and yard; strictly modern in every respect; lot 30x100; reasonable; fine location: near Kev Route. 4166 Montgomery near 41st. BARGAIN Modern 5-room cottage. Just finished: must be sold this week: street work all done; close to Irain and cars; terms. Address box 62C4, Tribune.

"CLOSE IN" SNAP. ADVANCING FAST. 82750 Total cost of a o-ronra cottage, 1 block from San Pablo and 26th: rented for $25; that's 12 per cent; ready to move Into or present tenant will lease. SNEDEGAR-RUSSELL REALTY 968 Phone Oak. 4613.

FOR SALE A modern bungalow in East Oakland; very attractive; model of convenience; large lot; room for another bungalow; street woik. sewer, sidewalks, gas and electricity: price $3000. on easy payments: the best bargain tn Oakland today. See the owner, R. V.

Dixon, at 523 16th st. Furnished New 5-Room OW block from car. Frultvale; marine view, front and rear; owner leaving State; $2500; terms; discount for hah" cash. Box 6363. Tribune.

For Sale 5-room modern bungalow, onlv $1600: large lot. 35x100; close to station: half balance on easy terms. Inquire 5893 wan corner Tii)th st. FURNISHED four-room house, not plas tered; big lot; bargain; $180i; forced sale. Address Box 0278, Tribune.

FOR SALE 4-room cottage and lot 30x 75 feet for $900. at 1324 22d ave. Apply E. 16th st. HERE is where you can make some i money: 3 and 4-room modern fiats, fjftth lot 50xS5; on north xids of street, near Grove st.

cars; street work and walks done; price only $2800: mortgage of $1050 can stand: rented for $17 each. Call during the dav at 464 11th st. or evening at 95 Vallev T. L. Randall.

$3250 BEAUTIFUL new 5-room bungalow; 8th ave. cars stop at door; $500 cash. Owner. .1734 11th ave. bnaps 4 rooms, new; 1300 cash, balance $30 per month and interest: Park St.

7 $200 cash, balance $20 per month fnterest; 14th ave. rooms, new: only $1500; Orln st. LUTTRELL 1067 Broadway. WEST BERKELEY, house of 3 rooms; lot 39x100; $50 rash. $12 per month.

Price Box 6163. Tribune. $5000.00 NOW $5000.00 ORIGINALLY $5000 now. $0000 was original cost to owner. MODERN nair of well built flats of five rooms each; two years old.

with barn in Lot 35x110; located in A No. One residence district near Linden and isth sts. Convenient to Key Route and electric cars. Owner must have money. F.

A. 476 10th st. 5-ROOM rustic bungalow, in Santa Fa tract; almost new; lot 33.8x105 ft; owner must sell; no agents. Box 6260, Tribune. $250 CASH, balance on 5-room new cottage in Oakland.

Box 5158, Tribune. FLATS FOR SALE. FOR SALE Two flats, $2300; bargain. Owner, 1210 Virginia Berkeley. I CAN sell a pair of 5-room flats on a corner lot 35x140, and within 2 blocks of local station, at the low price of $4500 If taken within a few days; modern and in good condition; rent for $40.

Austin. 1018 Broadwajv (4473) NEW flat 5 rooms and bath, furnished complete; only been used one month; furniture for sale at a sacrifice; fiat to rent for $30; investigate this. .2562 Grove between81stand 32d sts 877 GOLDEN GATE P. F. Flat, 7 rooms, water, janitor; 4 bay-windows; rent $45; price $375.

i lii AA Carpets taken up, cleaned and re-laid, 9o per yard; cleaning, 4c per yard; la Oakland. Alameda or Berkeley, by the oldest established carpet cleaners In Oakland. Alameda Co. steam Carpet Cleaning and Renovating Works, Mrs. J.

J. Lerrl Co. 612 2d st; Phones Oak. 2034; residence, Oak. 5278; good work guaranteed.

A CARPETS cleaned and relaid, 9c per vard; carpets cleaned, 4c per yard. Berkeley Steam Carpet Cleaning Wks. W. F. Heine.

Phone Berkelev 943. A. LESTER Gold medal steam carpet cleaning, S56 Clay. All work guaran-teed. Oakland 4184.

A4184. Res. A4775. CARPET clean'g, lay'g, sew'g, uphol-ster'g. Lindley.

1217 Harrison. 6834. CARPET laying and cleaning. Phone Oakland 1325. Robert Pitkin, 850 Market st CARPETS cleaned and relald: refitting especially: all work guaranteed.

Phone C. L. Holland. Oak. 2071.

Home A2071. MATHEWSON'S Carpet Beating Works, 316 East 12th Telephones Merrltt 695, B-1685. 1 $5500 FIRST-CLASS apartment house; Income $650; rent $210; always full. Carrie Welder, 342 Telegraph. Phone Oak.

766L 1.

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