Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 1, 1909 · Page 10
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 10

Oakland, California
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Saturday, May 1, 1909
Page 10
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10 SATURDAY EVENING, OAKLAND TRIBUNE. THE MEppLEB ' " 'i EVENTS - iifc'50fefT;v f frW1 (Coh.i From Preceding Page) trtaklng one welcome, so thpre are many ruests In her attractive home in these spring days. ' .An interest (rift group of friend? en-Joyed ft charming afternoon with Mrs. Eeatley on. Thursday, and among the friends who shared her hospitality were Mrs. Oscar Lunlftg, Mrs. Arthur D. Thomson-. Mrs. John F. Connors, Miss Mollle Connors and Miss Thomson. , jj v VISITING THE MISSES MORRISON General and Mrs. Dougherty f Fruitvale have been spending some days In San Jose, where they have been the guests of th Misses Morrison, who so often entertain delightfully In tkelt beautiful home, which bears the namj of "Paradise." i . The Misses Morrison gave a large luncheon this week in honor, of afrs. -Thomas P. Ashburn of the Presidio, who leaves for the Kast In the near future. It was a beautiful rose luncheon and General and Mrs. Dougherty were among the guests. 0 w PARKERS COMING ' BACK TO CITY : Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Tarker (Noelle De Oolla) are planning to return to Oakland to make their permanent home here. They have been spending some months In Angeles, but Mr, Parker's business' plans have changed, and their friends are very glad that a happy fortune brings them again to our part .of the state. jl jl j THEY WILL TAKE IN VIENNA ' Dr. and Mrs. Louis Lohse have been traveling extensively in Italy and are planning to go In the near future to Vienna, where their home will be for om time. ,Dr. Lohse Is -to-study In the large hospitals In Vienna, the hospital which has become famous all over the world as leading the uay along so rnany lines of research. -NOW IN THEIR, NEW HOME Mr. and Mrs. William Pierce Johnson are now occupying their new home . at Linda Vista and Mr. and Mrs. Lq- kens have once more taken possession of their large home on Jackson street. where they are to spend part of the summer. Knch year . they ; entertain : many house guests at their delight-: ful country pUco In the Siskiyou mountains. 4 i" SHAKESPEARIAN SECTION OF EBELL LUNCHEON A generation a?o the old fashioned TalraajuvS-Jn the month of .May, con- talnetl ay legend which ran: "About this time look out for balmy weather's? In this age and in Oakland we might say; "About this time look ou for the complimentary " luncheon," especially In club circles. Or. Saturday last the Shakespeare section of Ebell gave a luncheon In honor of Its curator, Alias Julia Colby, Who has had cfiarge of the section since the resignation- of Mrs. J. R. Scupham, a -.year- ago. TWrtysl members sat down at the beautifully decorated table. Mrs. K. p. Xorker presided as toast mistress-and she catted upon Mrs. Bunnell, who spoke to "The Beauties of Shakespeare." -"Miss llorton. talked, of 'faOur Past Presidents," and Mrs. J. R. gcupham, who is one of the brightest and wittiest speakers in the EbeTl club, had as her thrrne. "The Joys and Sorrows vof a Curator." . XMlss 'Jleaton I gave a recipe . for apeech making, and, after quotations from great bard by all present, Mlss.-Colby responded appropriately. ' On "Wednesday Mrs. Y. D. Ogden was the complimented guest at a breakfast i' X given by the Living Writers' section, of which be is'. curator. On next Friday Mr.L. F. Cockroft will entertain the Living Issues section by an excursion to MuirWoods, near Tamalpals. ' On May 14 the Art" and the Tourist sections of the Ebelclub will unite In a large picnic to be held In the grounds of Mrs. A.' M. Rosborough's picturesque home! In Fruitvale. All these affairs will be the occasion of much Jollity and good feeling, and for that sociability which the strenuous work In .the sections sometimes pre vents. , J . v ' JUNIOR ASSEMBLY CLOSING-FUNCTION The Junior Assembly held its closing gathering. n Maple Hall last week and nver was there a .more successful winding up of a series of dances. r0 kTUH - .r !'- M " i Get a bo of St oarns9 Eoctrfo riATzr.d ROACH Pssto OuranteJ to exterminate eockronche. rsts. mice, wa.terbucs. eio. or money refunded. om. bos ttei )t . bat tt.tt, SnM mmlwn or scat sMfrtu prtpt4 on jrlt of r.-. TtAHNV ELECTRIC PASTE CO.. . CHICAGO. ILL. About two hundred young people have thoroughly enjoyed these evenings throughout the season. The music has been by Von Helms' orchestra and the .decorations have been specially attractive. At the'close of the last dance supper Was served In the banquet hall and the bright colors of the pretty gowns and the enthusiasm of the young people made a charming picture. The ichaperones were also entertained at supper, which was a pleasing Innovation. It Is expected that the assembly will be held again next season, with perhaps some different regulations. i The patronesses who have given so much pleasure to the young people are Mrs. Prentiss Selby, Mrs. J. R, Scupi ham. Mrs. N. A. Acker, Mrs. Arthur Crellin, Mrs. C. W. Armes, Mrs: Edgar Stone. Mrs. William High. Mrs. L. F. Cockroft, Mrs. Charles Wetmore, Mrs. Sam Breek. J r , .vt fcJ ARBOR VILLA MAY DAY FETE ' Preparations ' go busily forward for the. Arbor Villa fete the great May day festival In which so many people are always interested. The cost of admission has been raised to a dollar this year, so that may affect the attendance, but as the admission is twice what 'itwas last year, the financial returr s will probably be as much as in past years. The weather, is, most -auspicious Just the weather for al fresco entertainments, and one can help charity, and have a good time as well, when the spirit of spring beckons, to us in the great wo'rld of the "Out of Doors." 5 4 NAZIMOVA THE SENSATION OF THE HOUR The fortnight's engagement of the remarkable Jiussian artiste, Madame Nazlmova, at the Van j Ness theater, across the bay, has been an artistic triumph and a social success. . Large theater parties have marked every evening this week when the wonderful woman has been appearing in Ibsen's "Doll's House" and ne:;t week 'with two bills, "Hedda Gabler" and "Madame Coquette," promises to be f equally as good and even more popu-lar. On Monday evening there were a number ' of large theater parties occupying all of the boxes. In one box Mrs. Patrick Calhoun entertained Mr. and Mrs. Horace Pillsbury and Joseph Sidoc Tobln: "Mrs. Calhoun wore a pale blue satin decollete, and Mrs. rillsbury a brown gown with a large brown picture- hat. Decollete gowns are greatly in vogue for theater wear just now and no one can feel out. of place at the theater in a low gown. Mrs. James C. Jordan gave a theater and supper party In "honor of Miss Ella Margaret Bender, who is to be married at the end of May to Philip Young of Boston. Mrs. Jordan's other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Deer-ing, Mr. Elack, Mr. David A. Bender and Mrs. Richard Derby. Mr. and Mrs. Cuyler Lee entertained at dinner on Monday evening in honor of Admiral W. TJ, K Swlnburne After dinner they too occupied a box at the Van Ness. Arnong' Mrs. Lee's guests i were Mrs.' Robert t. Woods, Mlsa Elizabeth Woods, Miss Marian Miller, Ed-Ward M. Grecnway, E. T. Constem and A.' T. II. Poteet of the West Virginia. In the Monday night audience was Mrs1 Philip Lansdale, Miss , Sydney Smith and Miss Bertha Sydney-Smith, Mr. Horace piatt, Dr. Harry Tevls, George de Young , and Charles de Young. .. - . I"- Jl . . DINNERS OF THE WEEK Most of the dinners of the week have been In honor of Miss Margaret New-hall and her fiance, Athol McBean, who are to be married In Trinity church on the 12th of MayJ Every evening between this date and that holds a dinner. or some festivity In honor of this popular engaged couple. On Tuesday evening of this week Miss Helen Chesebroug'h entertained at a large and delightful dinner In honor of Miss Newhall and Mr. McBean and on Wednesday evening Miss Helene Irwin entertained at a large dinner In their honor and afterward her guests occupied two boxes at the Van Ness theater. Miss : Irwin's guests were Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Irwin. Miss Margaret New nail. Miss Elizabeth New- hall. Miss Marion Newhall, Miss Mar- jr.rie Josselyn. Miss Julia Langhome, Miss Helen Chesebrough, Miss Jennie Crocker .Miss Genevieve King. Athol McBean.' Arthur Chescbrough, Temple; ton Crocker, Stewart. Lowen'. Frank Preston, Walter Dillingham, Raymond Armsby,' Duane Hopkins and Prescott Scott. -iN'o engagement announcements were made at the dinner and society Is still left In doubt as to which of two suitors is to be the favored one. WEDDINGS - , OF THE MONTH The wedding of Miss Caroline Mills and James C. Fletcher of Japan was very quietly solemnized at the residence of the brides grandmother, Mrs. Simeon Wenban. on Wednesday evening, only the Immediate relatives of the two families being present. The bride wore an exquisite gown of white satin,' almost'rntirely Covered with lovely old rose point. . ' Her only attendant was her eonsin. Miss Ethel Dean, who also wore white. as the entire family fs In mourning because "of the recent death of Miss Mills' aunt, Mrs. Shawv the mnlhpp nf VTIgq TT?tH.l Tinn Ta f?sv , . ' 1U ... . ing she has a coterie of j-i between now and the sailing of the to meet Miss Peasle:y at ihi next steamer for Japan Wll be spent by Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher at Del Mont. They will' make their home In Yokohama. Many other' bridal couples are 'at present at Del Monte. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Sef ton Jr. were ' there for several days, having motored down from San Francisco In the new automobile which was the gift of the groom's mother to the bride, j They are now at Paso Robles on their way to San Diego, which is to be their future home. They are going all the way by motor. ' . ' ; Mr. and Mrs. J. Russell Selfridge are spending the first days of their honeymoon at Del Monte. They will -'I ' 1 Miss Laura peasley, a charming East- tton In honor of his- sister nnrt tirritlir-ln ern visitor; is the happy ! inspiration for law that 'is Mf they do not "disappear a round of pleasure. With her mother, at the time of the proposed: affaif. i Mrs. D. ' W. : Feasley,,, she. is dividing -her . -Another marriage . which is of interest time with t her relatives, Mrs. James R. to a large circle of friends .will-1 be j that Burnham knd Mrs. Chailcs D. Bates Jr. of. Miss Elma Phillips and'Oeorfed W. On Friday Mr3. Bales entertained at aj MacLead, which is to be an eveiit of delightful bridge patty at her artistic. August.; - - . noine in tne jaKestde district, u rns even- i - . - .tf t 14 . . . , . . ouns people ey at the Claremont Country Club. Covers will be laid at dinner for the following: Shirley Houghton Wlliard "Barton Jr. Tom Knowlcs I)r. Percy asGkill Dan Hobson A. Rudolph Schilling ' Arthur. Kales , Mr. and Mrs. Burnham . Mr. and Mrs. Bates Miss Peaslev Miss Ruth-Kales Miss Rose Kales Miss Elsa Schil-1 ling Miss Arline Johnson Miss Josephrne ' , Johnson Miss Glyds Meek Mrs. Dr W. Peas- ley -x. ' After the dlnner the party wil' repair to the ball "room to en.ioy ; the Saturday evening dance which is- a sj)ecial feature of the club. , - ! !' jp : I; WEDDING-COMES AS SURPRISE. Coming as an entire surprise to all save the parents of the young couple, the marriage of William H MeCutcheon of 215 Eighth street, to Miss Sophie Waters of 2126 Magnolia street, was announced T1 fill rf1a 7 Ai'.nin a. of- o .vw. a i.n I . -.1 spend the summer in Ross Vallepwd . house party at tne homa ;of the groom. u 111 take a house In San Francisco fo , Th,e young people Were married nearly the winter. Important wedding dates for May are May 12, which is the date chosen for the Newhall-McBean wedding, , which Is to be a noon affair; May 19, which 13 the date for the small house wedding at which Miss Edith Berry will become the. brid$ of Lloyd j Baldwin, and' May 22, when, in the afternoon. Miss Ella Margaret Bender will become the wife of Philip Ybung of Boston. Mr. Young is expected to arrive very shortly and will spend. May, June and July In California. In August Mr. and Mrs. Young will go east and will spend two months at Cape Cod before returning to Boston, which .is to be their future home. EUROPEAN. TRAVELERS Never has the summer exodus to Europe been so heavy. Among those preparing to go aboard very shortly are Mr. and Mrs. Francis Grace and their small son, who will spend the summer and fall In the British Isles and on the continent. Mr. Grace comes of an old Irish family, wvijft estates In Ireland and rituch fv-the time will" be' passed there. 1 Mr. &h&,jjyyOsgood Hooker" whose trip to'Europe was postponed by he death, jof Mr. Hooker's mother, have H f t ?or Europe and will spend the summer there as they had ! planned. They were acompanied by Miss Hooker, who will Join her sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Lent, there. j-j -I Mrs. William . Gerstle and Miss Miriam Gerstle have reached Paris in safety iand have Joined Mrs. Mark Gerstle there. They will spend- the summer together on the continent and Mr. Mark Gerstle, w'fio has beenaway for over a, year, will Return home.'. Miss Maren Froelich, who has been seriously, ill In Parls.yaut is now con- two months ago at San Rafael, only their parents being present and the affair was kept, a profound secret until Thursday night, pending a complete refurnishing of the home where Mr. and Mrs. MeCutcheon will hereafter" reside.- The bride is a talented and graceful young woman and her hosts of friends will not only be; surprised,' but delightea at the news of her marriage. Will MeCutcheon, is secrc1rry of a prominent furriiture-and real estate company and the president, or alcalde of the 'Charros Club. His popularity among a particularly, large list of friends is due as much to his lovable personality as any other feature of his sterling character. j ' The marriage is Uhe culmination of a romance of - several years, the' bride having been engaged as" bookkeeper? for the firm of which her husband is secretary. , ' ; r - ' J Only relatives and a few friends were present at thet party Thursday evening and the ceremony of christening Muriel, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will Gernrlch the latter a sister of Mr. MeCutcheon, was also sojemnlzed by Rev. Paul Stewart of the Hanna Memorial Presbyterian Church. . - Following this the announcement of the marriage was made and amid showers of congratulations the jcoupfe led the way to the dining room where a delightful repast wasseryed. Music helped to fill the intervening time. Mr. and Mrs. MeCutcheon will . not indulge in a honeymoon at present, owing to business reasons, but will doubtless take-a jour ney later in the season. Among those present were: Mr. and Mrs, W. H. Miss Mattie Mc- Ml ! i v HP i A CM'' . '-'!."-! -'': . .. : - I- . : 8- - . ! ' .1 ! j I . - I ; ( It' r LUNCHEON GUESTS TOLD PRETTY - SECRET. ,An interesting social event took place yesterday afternoon at the new residence recently completed by Mrs. Fish on Piedmont avenue. --, At a prettily appointed lunch at which twenty-four" young lady friends were . her g.iesta. Miss Annie Webster Fish announced her engagement to Robert Noble Burgess. - c Miss j Fish js the only daughter of .Frances Webster Fi.sh and the late I-a.- rayette I. Fish, formerly of Contra Costa county. s ; ' ..... She, Is a general favorite among a circle to whom the engagement will come as a pleasant surprise. " . . '. . , Mr. Burgess is a well- known young business man of Oakland and San Francisco, i j Although no date has yet been fixed the wedding will probably occur some time in the late summer. i ; DELIGHTFUL FAREWELL PARTY. Mrs, F. E. Buckley' gave a charming affair - at her artistic home on Monday evening.; The rooms" were elaborately decorated for the occasion with La France and Duchesse roses. Five hundred furnished an interesting diversion for the evening.: ( At the close of the games J dainty supper was served. ! f M,r.' and Mrs. Buckley are leaving on Monday; for their bungalow in the hills where: they will enjoy the summer months. Those ; who enjoyed the : hospitality t of this charming hostess were: Mr. and; Mrs. F. M. Cerrinl Mr. and Mrs. F. J. White -i ' Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Mrs. J. C. Pratt Mr. and j Kennyj George Douglass viiik i,,. ..,,., 'the afternoon: for which about fifty in ? ,! v8 vitations have been issued. Mrs. Ella Hotalingy in Switzerland. Mrs." Ilotaling and her children have pow' returned from abroad and are spending some .weeks visiting Mrs. Hotaling's relatives in the north. Later they wHI come to California for the summer arid will spend part of the time at the Hotallng ranch in Marin county. v-" '. f : Mr. and Mrs. Horatio P. Livermore and the Misses Livermore are In Dresden, where they are having a delight- fur time musically and socially and have been presented to the Kaiser and his family, who are In Dresden. t ?t S I HAVE LEFT i ' V FOR NEW YORK Mrs. George T. Ma rye Jr., left for New York; and Washington 'on Sunday morning. After a few days' sta, at her home - In Washington, Mrs. Mare. with her small, daughter and nurse, will leave for Carlsbad, . wh'ert the summer will- be spent. In the autumn Mr. Marye expects to join his family there and to escort them home. Mrs. Marye will be much missed, as she has been a factor la the social life of San: Francisco all winter, entertaining much and being entertained. She is-a charming, cordial, delightful woman, with a warm, hearty manner and a handsome face and figure She has been, a very popular? guest- -and a delightful hostess and she w-ill be genuinely missed. Mr. and Mrs. W'illiam Mintzer, who have been in San Francisco for ten days on business, left for Philadelphia on Thursday. "While in town they were at the Fairmont. Mr. and Mrs. Mint-sser are very popular, and have been much missed during the winter they have been away. They have given up thelr-.European trip for : thi$ summer, as-Mr. Mintser'is not very well, and with their children and Mrs. Tewsbury they will spend the summer quietly at ' Mr. and Mrs. Wr. H. Brown Mf. and Mrs. E. J. - Muller j , Mr. and Mrs. E. G. .Hill i '..'-,' Mr. and Mrs. F. M. , Gray; Miss Nellie Potter INTERESTING ANNOUNCEMENT. Judge and I Mrs. George Samuels announce the engagement of their daughter, Sadye Phyllis to Mr. Irving Magnes. Migg Samuels will be at home to her friends on the afternoon of Wednesday. May 12, from two to five. . : The brides-elect is an exceedingly at tractive-girl and has a host warm friends who, will be most sincere in their congratulations .upon this happy occasion. Mr. Magnes is a . promising young at torney, a graduate of the State Vnibver-sity and of the Hastings Law;. Colloge. He . ' is practicing '.in this city, where he and his-j bride will make their future home, The wedding will be. an event' of June V 1 , v . SUGGESTS YE OLDEN DAYS. An original affair was that given by Mr.- and i Mrs. H. L. Bonestell last even ing at their attractive home in Ternal street. ; The dinner decorations and even the costumes of the guesfe were typical of the i days -of '49. The pleasant affair gave 'rhucbpleasure to all present - and many were the congratulations tendered the charming hostess. Amotjgi those who enjoyed the hospi tality jfi Mr. and Mrs. Bonestell were: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mr 'and Mrs. Burr Newell: Eastwood Mr. and Mrs. George Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Wilhelm ' . Searles Mr, and Mrs. WillardMr. and Mrs. Wick- Williamson " ham' Havens Mr. and Mrs. WTilliamDr. Porter Ede Mf. and Mrs. Harold MisaITeauneman : Havens. . i - -. "t j St : '' LINDA V'STA CLUB MEETS. The members of the . Linda Vista Club Mrs. Samuel J. Taylor, on Linda Vista Terrace, j The membership of ; this con met last (evening at the home of Mr. '.-ana genial coterie of card devotees includes Mr. and Mrs. Edward Breck 'M.Walsh Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Miss Armstrong and Miss Ostrander are! Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hubbard' ; prospective brides, whoso friends are i a. Heron .' I Mr. and Mrs. George planning many pretty complimentary ar-jMi and Mrs. J. F. Ismon fairs during their, pre-nuptial days. Wiggins Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Miss Cole is making an extended visit' 0r. and jIrs. Edgar Houta -on the coast, where she is the guest ofi L. Dow! Mr. and Mrs. T. C. friends. Several delightful affairs are!Mp end Mrs. a. F. Coogaq in prospect for this fair easterner. I coffin i Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Today Miss Ostrander is sharing the Mr and Mrs. John Butler " honor with another bride-elect, ; Miss Douglas Eby Mr. and Mrs. W5. S. Graham Mr. and - Mrs. C. V. Newell Mr., and Mrs. W. A. Gernricli Mr. ana Mrs. W. A. MeCutcheon Mr. and Mrs. A. Shirk Cutcheo.n . Mrs. Lenard Mr. and Mrs. Hugh MeCutcheon ,, Samuel Parker Mr. and Mrsk George V Walter H. Miss Muriel Martha Gernrich Mr. John Ferguson William Herbert Mr. J. Wesley Fer- Graham guson . . Mr. and Mrs. Warner Mr. and Mrs. Arthur MeCutcheon ' . -. MeCutcheon . : Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred George Waters Jr. ; MeCutcheon Miss Millie Hurst "Rev. Paul Stewart Bruce McCall , f 7 Jt ,4 , "' ""CARDS FORELABORATE AFFAIR. A trio of interesting girls Miss Vera Cole of Minneapolis; Miss Gladys Armstrong and Mis Edith Ostrander, are the inspiration for a charming affair to be given on May 8, by Miss Florence God-' dard. ' . Five hundred will be the diversion for Can't Fool Anty Drudge. Glib Soap Canvasser "Vm representing: a new naphtha soap. Let me leave you a cake for trial. . It s tpe best launrjry soap you can try, and far ahead of what you re using.". i that so! See here younjr fellow: There are I no substitutes f or ' Fels-Naotha soap, no more'n there is for an honest dollar. ! You can't 'bunco me with, a worthless imitation of the genuine Fels-Naptha.,", ; Anty Drudge Four million hours at least of hard disagreeable work are , saved the women of this nation every week by Fels-Naptha soap. That is 208 million hours, or 26 million working days of 8 hours each every year." j Isn't that be proud of? health, in the a record for Fels-Naptha to Then theres the saving in wear of clothes, and in lots of other ways as well. More than a mil lion women are -using Fels-Naptha every wash-day. - . Fels-Naptha in cold tak es or It lukewarm water about half the time it would take by the old-fashioned hot-water way. Try it next wash-day yourself. Soap your white; clothes with- Fels-Naptha, roll them and let- them ; soak for 30 minutes. Then give a light rub, rinse thoroughly, and hang onc the line. j j; No hot fire to blister your face, no steaming suds to scald your hands, no nauseating smell about the house, no back-breaking work over the" washboard. Isn t it worth trying ? ; j v Directions for washing all kinds of clothes, and many other . uses of Fels-Naptha, on inside of the red and green wrapper, j Follow them carefully. Hale's Honey. ol llorehound and Tar 00 Reduces inflammatioa Removes soreness Tones the rocal chords Clears the voice Helps Speakers and Singers All Druggists sell it rikfrn Toothache tropa v Care .none Minuie Blanche Southache, at an affair given I by Miss Effie Smille'at he' home on Fallon street. The guests of today included the members of the Alpha Phi. SoTority of which the complimented guests are members. Five hundred was the diversion for the afternoon. . .St ' ,St ON HONEYMOON JOURNEY. ' Mr. and Mrs. Harry George Ingles Anna MacLeod), left this morning upon their honeymoon Journey, which will include a trip of a month in the southern part of the state. A charming wedding had been planned for these young people to' have been, celebrated at . the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. Walter Teague, on Thursday. But "lo 'ayoid the details and fuss of an elaborate ceremony the young folks quietly slipped away and were married last Sat- uruay n . It occasioned much disappointment, but those concerned made the best of it and upon the return from the south, Mi-sTeague-wlll give an elaborate recep- the various southern summer resorts, returning to their Pacific avenue home in the fall. They have had a quiet ibut delightful winter in Philadelphia, enjoying the music but not entertaining or going out much socially because of the -death of Mr. Mintzer's sister. Mr. Mintzer was not well enough during their stay here to permit of their acceptance of any of the delightful hospitalities which were offered to them, ' i FETE DU PRINTEMPS The fete du Printemps, managed by Mrs. Eleanor Martin- and a number 'of young married women ' as patronesses, occupied Wednesday afternoon.? and evening in the colonial ball room of the St. Francis and netted quit a sum of money for the Japanese charity for which it was given. .' The affair was exceedingly pretty and, quite- good musically, and, of course, was a social as well as a financial success. Flowers were lavishly used everywhere anfl the young .women who took part wore lingerie dresses and charming picture hats and appeared as real" priestesses of spring. Each box was a booth and many things . were sold, while the hat trimming contest for gentlemen was most mirth provoking. At its! conclusion the wonderful confections were auctioned for the charity and a neat sum realized. ' ' THE MEDDLER. Mr. and Mrs.. Samuel Kelley. iCARDS FOR MUSICALE. i Mrs. Hayward Thomas and Mrs. Frederick S Stratton. two accomplished niusi-cans have issued cards for a musicafe to be given -on Friday, May 7. The affair will be given at the iiome of Mrs. Thomas on Summit street and a large number of, the smart set have been included in the invitations for the afternoon. Mrs. Stratton has a beautiful voice, which is heard altogether too seldom, she . has no equal in the singing of the German liekler in the bay cities. :.'3'1; Mrs. Thomas is a pianiste o'f equal accomplishment and those incHided In the guest list for Friday certainly., have a most delightful treat in store. I -St vst . vVt ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT. The engagement of Miss Ada V. Long and Mr. j Joseph s. Myers was formally ainnounced an at home given by, Mrs. Joseph Qnver Cunha at her, home. 3023 Hillegas avenue, Berkeley, on Saturday-last. The affair was attended by a large number of friends of the charming young bride-elect, who was- he recipient of many beautiful, engagement gifts. - Miss, ijong, while now a resident of Berkeley, formerly liyed in San Francisco, where she Is very popular among a large circle of friends. The wedding will be an early June jveni ana wui De ionowed- by a wedding trip tht-QUs.: thern. Gatifor n.ia. Arizona and Mexico. m. Meyers is well kno-n in Oakland, where he has business Interests, although a resident of Sacrarnento. ' . ;. ,1 ; ;' . $ . v " , j BRIDGE CLUb'mEETS. Miss lima Chase was a hostess of yesterday,- entertaining the members of one of the1" smaller bridge clubs. After an hour or more with the fascinating game a dainty luncheon ws served. . 7 Among those who enjoyed the session were:-. . ! '"" .. ;',-.' : . .' Mrs. Dan ;Belden . Mrs. David McClure Mrs.. John J. Valen- Gregory tine Jr. ! Mrs. Felton Taylor Mrs. Leon! BocquerazMrs. William Watt Mrs. HenrV Lord- Miss Alice-Knowles . Chase i ; r ' ! . . j TO CELEBRATE BIRTHDAY. Miss Frances Aileen Pprw'ln is i entertaining this evening, the occasion being the annniversary ' of her lilrthday. .The attractive ' Corwin liomf- in Vernon Heights has been beautifully decorated for the affair with marguerites and golden Spanish iris. : Thirty-six friends of .the young hostess havre been asked to share the pleasures of her eighteenth birthday, i Five hundred will furnish the interesting, diversion for the evening. .i .4 .t RETURNED FROM ENJOYABLE VISIT. Lieutenant Truman D. Thorpe. V. S. A., retired, who has been visiting relatives and friends in Sacramento and San Jose for the past three weeks, has returned to1 his home at 2532 Hillegass avenue, Berkeley. - i . . . FOR DEPARTING FRIENDS. Miss Ethel Olney will be a charming hostess of Wednesday, May 5. entertain ing in honor or Mrs. W. ' W. Hart of Berk eley, who is toleave sliortty with her husband, Professor Hart, fori a European trip. HOSTESS AT DINNER.' Miss Harriet Hall wjll be apd-ijriner hostess, entertaining fourteen f rienctsat the Country Club. Following tlidj dinnerthe guetts will mingle with danders in the picturesqie ball room ;of the i club. The Country Club is onei pt the most picturesque spots on this sidei of the bay, its members being among th most exclusive .sel;. ., . , The drawing room in whicli the guests were received was artistically- decorated with La France roses and greens, while the dining room was a ibower jof blossoms. The hostess was assisted in receiving by Mrs. Charles Carder, -Mrs. Howard Delos Noble. Misses Annette and Frances Erb and Mises Mollie T. and Cora Long. ANNOUNCEMENT DENIED. Gustave A. Fisher wishes it announced that his reported engagement to Miss Lillian O'Xeil is incorrect and was prob-. ably the work of some humurous friend. CLUB IS ENJOYING OUTING. The Tea Cup Club of Alameda will enjoy a luncheon at Piedmont . Park4 on Monday, May 3. Covers will be laid for thirty-eight. Mrs. D. Mv Wright is' the president of this very Interesting club.; SUMMER NIGHT'S PARTY.-. ps. L. S. Irgene has Issued cards for .a delightful affair to be given at Piedmont Park on Thursday evening,- May, 13. Theguests will enjoy a dance and for those: not caring for this amusement there 'iil be cards ' provided. If you desire a ear complexion' take Foley's Orino Laxative for constipation and liver trouble, as -It will stimulate system, which Is : what every one needs in the spring in order to feel well. For sarie ny wishart s drug: store. line iiiLiuurs ail duccl wuik. m. 111. ITlVTTW T1r- tin avi.tri i.iiiiv. Round Trip Tickets on Sale May 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, 31. j June 1 to 4, 14 to 19 and 25 to 27, inclusive. July 1 to 7; August 9 to 13, inclusive. . , , V September 7 to 10 and 13 to 15, inclusive. :( ' VIA THE . I - CHIGfiGO, UFIION PACIFIC 1 & nORTHWESTERn LINE $ 72.50 to Chicago, Illinois, and Return $ 79.50 to Duluth, f.!inn.9 ; and Return S 73.59 to St. Paul, HinnJ, and Return $108.50 to Montreal, Que;, and Return S108.50 to Hew York, II. Y. , and Return $110.50 to Boston, Mass., and Return $107.50 to Yashington.D.C.Vahd Return ; Tickets provide stopovers at Tnickee (for Lake : Tahoe), Niagara Falls and various Eastern tourist , ; points. . ; . '. i - . j These low rate TicKel are avaflable for pasa-i age on the electric lighted O-Cerland Limited, , - leaving San Francisco daily at 10:00 a. m., or on i fast trains leaving at 9.-00 p. m. and 60 p. tn, ! Full particulars on request, r Tickets to and from All points In Europi R. 1. RITCHIE Gen. gt. Pae. Coast, C.iM.W.Rj. 871 Market St., Fieri CWa. OL900 SanFrancltct H. Y.IUSDEL Anl PasMnger Departnot 1 - IMS IroalViy, . . OaMar.4 V (

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