Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 29, 1904 · Page 3
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 3

Oakland, California
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Thursday, December 29, 1904
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE DECEMBER 2), 1904 3 THE:;Ej&T:EST. OF TWTSA 0WSTAT THURSDAY EVENING BflUBSES- wum OFFICIAL raiLtBt. STEAK ; IS STILL I Mrs. Bruce Metcalf is Arrested on Suspicion of Having ' Committed Murder. : 8AN FRANCISCO. December 2f. Early this morning; Bruce Metcalf a photographer, was shot and killed In a room at J8 Seventh street, which he was occupying with his wife. She was arrested on suspicion of baring murdered him. " To-day she told a story to the police which implicates a man named Edward Pierce Keeley with whom she had been keeping company, " The woman, who had filed an application for divorce, nset Tier husband yesterday. During (the night 'they were heard quarreling and soon afterwards other lodgers inf the house were startled by THEY TALKED OF AMERICAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIA- TION MEET8 IN i i ; CHICAGO. CHICAGO," Deo. 29. "The Theory of Money," was the topic discussed by the American ' Economic Association at the University of Chicago to-day. Professor J. Laurence ' Laughlin of the University of Chicago, David Klnley of Illinois, and A. Piatt Andrew of Harvard read papers, after which' discussion was opened by William A. Scott 06 Wisconsin, Xhe afternoon cession was devoted to a discussion of the "Open and Closed Shop," papers being read and speeches made by a number of college professors, ' business men and representatives of the trade unions. ALL CREDITORS : i PAID IN FULL , NEW YORK, December 29. Vice Chancellor Stevens, In Trenton, N. J., to day made an order confirming the report of the receivers of the New York and, Nevada Copper Company and discharging them from further duty. The report showed that the property of the cfompany had been sold te Edward T. Toland and others for $452,100 and that all creditors were paid in full. GHOATE WILL NOT ! RESUME PRACTICE . ; 1 LONDON, December 29. Joseph H. ' - Choate, the- American Ambassador here, does not Intend to take up law practice when he. returns to New York, as re-ported In the press, here. He declares he has been away X6v long from the bar to resume practice at his age. PROCTOR HELD. CENTER VILLB. Dec. 29. "Doc" Proctor did not,. Introduce any evidence this afternoon. j-After a short argument he was held to answer before the Superior : Court on a charge of grand larceny. His bail was fixed at $2,000. MONEY." established 1K7 The Oakland Bank of Savings Broadway and Twelfth Streets Interest Paid on OFFICERS httao W Requa Precldent : Henry Rogers Vice-President W. W. Garth watte Cashier , J. Y. Kcclseton Ass) Cashier Authorized Capital ;CspitaI and Reserve Paid Up Deposits July 1 1904 AQeneral Banking two pistol shots. The police found Metcalf dead on the floor with a bullet wound in his neck. His wife had fled to another room, where she was taken into custody. She declares that she is innocent of the crime, 1aut says that a man resembling Keeley came to. the room while she and ber husband were engaged v in an altercation. Metcalf, she asserts, knocked her down, when the door was broken In and the shooting occurred. The police are looking for Keeley, who Is a structural Iron worker. Mrs. Metcalf says she was born In Auburn, Cal., and was married, to Met- calf in Sacramento twelve years ago, BO IV i REMAINS OF UNKNOWN MAN FOUND FLOATING IN THE BAY. Vincent Campbell, a sixteen-year-old boy residing at 867 Campbell street, while out rowing wth a companion near, the Key route pier at noon to-day, found a body floating in the water. He for some reasons did not tow the remains to a pla;.e of safety but notified George G. Gane who is employed at the pier. He towed the body in and attached It to the pier. Deputy Coroner Quellin was notified and prepared to bring the body to tne morgue. The unknown is oescnoea as navmg a DISCOVERS DODT. lle-ht pnmrltinn - blond hair and 13(7533 smooth shaven. The deceased was dress- ed In a long Prince Albert coat and a pair of patent leatner snoes. He had a silver ring on his left hand. There were no other distinguishing marks that could be seen wHile the body was in the water. HE GOES IN METCALF 'S OFFICE WASHINGTON, December 29. President Rosevelt has appointed J Hampton Roosevelt has appointed J. of the Bureau of Manufactures of the Department of Commerce and Labor. Mr. Moore is president of the National League of Republican Clubs and formerly was city treasurer of Philadelphia. He has accepted the appointment. , 4 ,- THE NAPA MURDER. NAPA. Cal.. Dec. 29. Dr. F. W. Hatch, general superintendent of the State Hos"-pitals and president of the State Lunacy Commission, is continuing his investigation of the killing of patient Louis at the Napa State Hospital on Sunday. Attendants T. D. Shanahan and Oscar Retz-man, who are accused of the crime, will be arraigned at 4:30 o'clock this afternoon. It developed to-day that Louis had clothes on shortly before his death on Sunday but when first seen Just after hie death he had none cn and none were to be found in the room. Louis was committed from Yreka, Siskiyou county, in 1902. It Is alleged that he shot at a man shortly before being sent to the State institution here. Savings Deposits BOARD Of DIRECTORS Isaac L. Requs James Voffltt Arthur A. SmltH Henry Rogers Keraoa Davis A. Borland W. W. (Urth watte $ i.oeo.coo.oo 943,000.00 10,800,000.00 II Business Transacted ESTATE, Sensational Suit Brought By Heirs in Stockton, STOCKTON, Cal., Dec. 29.-Murder ia practically charged to the late C. A. Bachmann, In a" suit filed against the estate of the deceased to-day, by which it is sought to obtain 25,O0O damages for the'children of the late. Bessie Maupln. Mrs. Maupln brought suit against Bachmann during his lifetime, alleging that he had beaten and otherwise assaulted her while she was his housekeeper, in consequence of which she wanted $10,000. There was a lengthy and somewhat sensational trial, during which the plaintiff was under the Influence of liquor a greater part of the time, and several times had to be ejected from the courtroom. She lost the suit. Mrs. Maupln died at St. Joseph's Home June 17th last, as a result of the injuries she.. received at the hands of the late C. a. Bachmann, declares the complaint filed to-day in the damage suit for $25,000. The plaintiffs are all children of Bessie Lang, sometimes called Bessie Maupln. RACE ENTIIIESfOR TOMORROW. First race 6 furlongs; 2-year-olds: maiden fillies; purse. xady Redhead 108 True Wlng "8 6730 Lucrece ins 7629 7576 7498 7573 7606 7533 5907 Pearl Water. . ios rarcooia Belle ios Juua south ios Princess Wheeler. 108 Saccharate ios Macene ios Elba ios Smilax ios Apollonia. ios Onondulum IOS Glendene. . . ios Maid of Fermoy 108 7425 7587 Second race 6 1-2 furlones- 2-year olds and up; selling. 624 Brennus .109 7637 7612 6756 7561 7633 7621 7435 7537 7617 7633 War Times ,.100 ..104 ..109 . . 99 Hipponax. Sherry. . , Sir Dougal Box Elder. .100 Molto io Carllee 104 Salto". 95 Dotterel ...104 Flaneur 104 Karabel 104 Hainault 104 The Cure . . . 103 7617 6722 7630 Third race Futurity Course; 2-year-olds; selling. 7635 Gallant Cassie 102 7569 Meada os 7635 7599 7606 7606 7372 7414 7623 7629 7606 7623 Alone 102 Golden Buck 107 The Reprobate ' 107 A Lady 103 Grenore 103 Chestnut ..106 Erodun 102 Sweet Kitty Bellairs ... ir3 David Boland ..107 Jerusha 102 Fourth race 1 mile, 50 yards; 3-year-olds and up; Belling. 7646 Sunny .Shori. ... ' 100 7565 7633 7643 7638 7595 7621 7638 7633 7341 Waterspout 94 Homage 95 Sugden 100 Barrack. . , 103 Scotsman. 104 Bard Burns 107 Wenrlck. 99 , 104 96 2-year-olds and Briers . . Hogarth . Fifth race 1 up; purse. 7609 Channel. 7629 Bearskin. mile; 103 88 7652 7622 7639 7547 7604 Tennyburn. . . 88 Serenity t03 Ferryman. . . . . 84 Maxetta. . . . . 99 Downpatrick 88 Darksome 103 Technique 99 Monia. . . . 107 7607 7607 7607' Sixth race 1 ; 1-16 miles, S-year-olds and up; purse. 7614 The Lady Rohesia. . . ...... 98 7634 7572 7625 7634 7626 7620 G. W. Traherh I....107 Badua. . ........ . . . .101 Magrane. . . . . . . . .... ....101 Inlc IOS Leila. 98 Colonel Anderson . . . ...... 102 Apprentice allowance.. FAST OVERLANDS SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 29. On December 30th the Southern Pacific Company will Inaugurate the Golden " State limited train between Los Angeles and Chicago via El Paso and Rock Island system. This train will be provided with the highest class of equipment including dining, observation and library cars and modern sixteeneectlon tourist cars; also drawing room sleepers between San Francisco and St. Louis and Santa Barbara and Chicago. A second fast train via the same route will leave Los j Angeles daily at 1:45 p. m. carrying Pullman standard and tourist sleepers and dining cars and making the run to Chicago in less than three! days. The Sunset express between San Francisco, IjOS Angeles and New Orleans will be continued upon former schedule but with Improved equipment including com posite-observation car containing gentlemen's smoking room and large ladies parlor with observation rotunda, at the rear of the train.: I : . -: V : NO DECISION. DENVER. Colo., . December 29. Chief Justice Gabbert announced this afternoon that the Supreme Court had not found time to consider the petition of Governor-elect' Adams to open all the ballot boxes used in Denver at the election and determine the ' extent : of the frauds. . He added that a decision might be given tomorrow. . BOARD. Commission Tells of Work of the State Pharmacy. SACRAMENTO, December 29. The special commission composed of John J. Davis, Dr. F. W. Hatch and E. R. Lukens, appointed by Governor Pardee to investigate the affairs of the State Board of Pharmacy, has submitter a report to the Governor. The report says the funds of the board have been properly accounted for, having been Investigated toy W. W. Douglas of the State Controller's office. The board paid Into the State treasury $3,405.12 upon a request for a settlement. The controller's office found two items of objection during the investigation. One of these was a set' of per diems'and fees for hold-over meetings and the other a sum aggregating $287 for attorney's fees, said to be unnecessarily incurred. In regard to the charge that favoritism has been shown at examinations, cribbing allowed and discrimination practiced in marking papers, the report states: "We do not believe there was any conscious favoritism shown any pupil in the examination room, though liberties given to outsiders- did work to the disadvantage of certain pupils." No testimony was found to show hat nny questions had been communicated to any favored pupil in advance or that discrimination was shown In correcting papers. The report states that the board made . - 5 . . . lowmcr iroressor Flint or tne cnlleee of Physicians and Surgeons to be present at i a Joint examination of the students of his I "heads I win and talis you lose" proposl-school and the students of the University.' tion that Is being worked on him, and of California. Rivalry exists between the 'he has now brought suit against Mrs. students of the two institutions. The report recommends that the board apply to the Attorney General for an opinion with rererence to the statute concerning the payment of fees forajenewal tf registration and concerning the0 rule adopted by the board requiring $5 to accompany all applications and affidavits for registration. Some of the members of the board suggested changes to the pharmacy laws, one of which was an act making adulteration of drugs a misdemeanor. HE LIFE. 5? M. LEARNER DRAGS WOMAN FROM IN FRONT OF A : TRAIN. An unknown woman bad a narrow escape from death this morning and was saved only by the quick action of M. Learner, a groceryman residing at Fourth and Webster streets. Mr. Learner was standing m front of his place of business at Fourth and Webster streets when he noticed a woman just about to cross the Etreet. The 10:15 o'clock narrow gauge train was approaching at a rapid rate and the woman would apparently cross the tracks just as the train got there. "I whistled at ber," says Mr. Learner, "in an endeavor to warn her of her danger, but she paid not the least attention and started to walk slowly across the tracks, apparently oblivious of the proximity or tne tram, wnicn was not more than twenty feet away. I rushed forward and. seizing her by the dress, pulled her on the track just as.the train went by. "She di'd not say a word to me; just opened her eyes, as If from sleep, lowered them again, and passed oh down Fourth street toward Franklin. She was "very dark and might, almost have passed for a mulatto or an octoroon. She was poorly dressed and I think that she must be crazy. I had never seen her before." TilCES EMKRY VILLE, December 29. The services of Jockey Domlnlck who is at present riding on the local track, have been sold to E. E. Smathers, the price paid being $6000. Jockey Dominick is to report at New Orleans by January 7. FIRST RACE. Bronze Wing (Fountain) 18 to 5 ...1 Emma Reubold (Greenfield) 10 to 1..J Troy (Travers) 11 to 5 ............. Time 1:02. , SECOND RACE. Sad Sam (Greenfield 11 to 20 ........ 1 Sol Llchtenstein (Davis) 5 to 2 .....J Mlmo (Travers) 12 to 1....... 2 Time 1:144- THIRD, RACE; Andirondak (Travers) 1J to 1 Barney Dreyfus (Davis) 6 to 1.....2 Batidor (Fountaine) 7 to 1 :ilm 1:42 1-4. in I . Ih. Red Bluff Supervisor Vil Be Prosecuted For Felony, RED BLUFF, Cal., December 29. Three separate criminal complaints have been filed against George W. Vestal, supervisor from the First District In this county, all charging fraud, corruption and malfeasance in office. The complaints were sworn to by R. Lee Black, and charge Vestal with felony in being interested in the sale of meat to the County Hospital. Mr. Vestal, in addition to being a supervisor, is also a local butcher, and the complaints allege that he is interested in the contract td sell meat to the county, which contract Is In the name of William Henning. CHI'S. CASH SOMETIMES HE GOT THE COIN AND SOMETIMES HE DIDN'T. When the store runs at a profit New man Cohn claims that his mother-in-law, Mrs. Elizabeth, J. Schetter, asserts her ownership of the establishment; when it loses, however, she says that it is the nPnn.PTV er frtriTl anil nravita hln . n good the deficit. Cohn claims that It Is a Schetter to recover 11231.42. whi'ch. he claims, he has put up to make up the losses of the place. The store in question Is a little notion bazaar in San Francisco, which goes by fits and starts, and at times makes money and then again loses it. Cohn says that the place belongs to his mother-in-law, but that he has advanced money at different times to help her meet her obligations. Now he wants hi's money back, and Mrs. Schetter tells fclm that ' the store is not hers, but his,1 and that the money he put up was his own loss and not hers. The suit was to have come to trial this morning before Judge Melvin, but owing to the illness of Mrs. Schetter the case was put over into the new year. DOES NOT LIKE CRITICISM ' ST. PETERSBURG, Dec. 29.-B. A. Al-exandrovsky, former Russian commissioner-general to the St. Louis Exposition, has resigned his position as head of the Red Cross in tne field on account of criticism upon his administration. He will be succeeded by Prince Vassflitch-koff., ' M. Alexandrovsky has been offered a high position In the hospital service by General Kuropatkin and also the position of Prince VassilitchkofTs chief lieutenant,, but he has not yet decided which he will accept. The change is incident to a complete reorganization of the Red Cross service early in the coming year. The Red Cross has already spent about $5,-500,000. It has now over 20,000 beds. From the fund of the Empress, which Is independent, $750,000 has been expended. LETCHER ACCUSED BRYAN, Ohio, December 29. The greatest sensation in Williams county for years was made public today on the arrival of George Letcher, the alleged firebug, in carfe of .officers who kidnapped him from the officials in California, where he had escaped. As soon as Letcher was in Jail a secret indictment was made public. It wag returned October It and in it Letcher, Delos Pratt of Toledo, Sol Wynn, who killed himself In Toledo; Ira Bryant, a Hudson, Mich., merchant, Frank Pratt and Jack Pagre, all are charged with causing & fire at Mont-peller, Williams county, on January 4, 1884, with Intent to defraud an Insurance company. Pratt and Wyan are indicted as principals, and the others as accessories. Page has confessed and Is being held by the State as a witness against the others. ; -Letcher, when arraigned today, pleaded not guilty. . " " ' . CASSIE'S TELEGRAM. ' . ( CLEVELAND, Ohio. December 29. Counsel for Mrs. Chadwlck ' said today that nothing would be done in regard to securing bail for Mrs. i Chad wick before next Tuesday. If then. - Mrs. Chadwlck has sent the following telegram to her husband. Dr. Leroy S. Chadwick, In care of Sheriff Barry in New York, to be delivered immediately upon the doctor's arrival from Europe: "Come to Cleveland with Sheriff Barry immediately. Do not fight extradition, and avoid loss, of time and money. .(Signed.) "CASSIS I CHAJDWICS. COUNTED Members of the Crew Are Standing the Vessel. By NEW YORK; j December 29. The freight steamer Drumelzier is still ashore off Oak Island, beach, where she struck Sunday. The members of the crew can be seen standing under the steamer's bridge. : The steamer is practically In the same position as last night. The sea is breaking agaiflst her, but not so heavily, the galej which blew during the night having died out somewhat-At low tide she was seen to foe well coated with ice on the starboard. The British ensign is flying fcem the stern and a wrecking tug is stfill nearby. It. was thought possrtrle at Fire Island today that; the life boats could get through the serf at that point and take off the crew if they wanted to abandon the steamer. The big ocean going tug Kathefine Morgan left Sandy Hook before daylight today carrying the Sandy Hook life saving crew and towing their life boat for Fire Island in an attempt to take off the crew of the stranded steamer. Captain McLellan, inspector of the life saving service in this city, last night ordered the Sandy Hook crew to make a desperate effort to rescue the imperilled men and "to take their big boat for tat service. The tug towing two serf boats of the Sandy Hook life saving station reached the Drumelzier this morning and sent a surf boat to the stranded steamer. Watchers on shore marvel that the crew has not succumbed to exposure or been washed overboard. All day yesterday the steamer was swept by mountainous waves that left only her funnel visible from Fire Island, and the chilly blasts of last night had coated her sides, deck and rigging with ice; The crew had not been taken off up to noon. JACK I In order to prepar for his flrht with Marvin Hart, whic takes place before the San Francisco lub on the evening of i Tnnnnn. ft- Trtl. V. 1 1 . 1 oreu heavyweight of the world, took up his resldiice at Link Dennis' sporting headquarters, 1751 Seventh street, West Oakland, this morning. The husky heavy will have the valuable assistance of "Denver Ed." Martin. Sam McVey and Billy Woods in preparing nlm for his engagement with the hard-hitting white fighter, Johnson Is surrounded with all the appliances that could be desired by a fighter at Link Dennis' gymnasium, and already in fair condition, he will be enabled to get In the finest form possible. He has at his disposal besides a well-appointed gym., up-to-date steam baths. The seating capacity of the quarters iiai been enlarged in order to accommodate the large crowd of fight fans who will call to watch Jonnson at work each day. BLIZZARD SWEEPS OVER MICHIGAN CALUMET, Mich., December 29. The blizzard which has been sweeping Northern Michigan the last three days has caused one death, numerous accidents and paralyzed business generally, causing heavy 'financial loss. ir- ; MOSCOW, Dec. 29 Irrefutable evidence has been obtained at- headquarters that the Japanese are not only hiring Chinese Danaits to operate on the Russian flanks, but that thev are enlistlner -Chinese undr Japanese officers. ; , The Japanese are adopting cunning expedients' to defeat the surprise attacks of the Sussian scouts from which they have self ered much. They cover the steep approaches of their trenches with water, which freezes, forms ice slides and make the scouts slip and fall in confusion. In other places the Japanese scatter millet stalks over the approaches, the crackling of which gives them warning of the presence of Russian scouts. ; It DEPEW WILL WIN. - NEW YORK. Dec. 23. Senator Chann-cey M. Depew said ' to-day that he had won in his campaign for re-election to the United-States Senate. Me made the announcement after a conference, by appointment, with Governor Odell, Speaker of the Assembly Nixon and State Sen-Eton Elsborf and Maitby.- - - 0 ARRIVES. it SHARP TRICKS OF . WPS. Wife Brings Suit to Recover the Household Goods, . BERKELEY, December 29. Edei of the sensational Barrle divorce case which agitated the courts of Oakland a year ago were heard this afternoon when the trial of Mrs. Alexander Bar- ; rie's suit for the recovery of the fam- : ily silverware, china and furniture was begun before Justice of the5 Peace Ed-Rar. Mrs. Barrie has accused her husband of retaining possession of about one hundred pieces of silverware, china and ' furniture .valued at $299, which, articles she says are her own. They constituted the family goods when the Bar-ties lived together in a handsome home on Fulton street; Berkeley. Now that the Barries are ligltants In a divorce case which is still pending, Mrs. Barrle seeks recovery of the -household goods". She even sues to recover among other things a copy of Moody and Sankey's hymns. At. a former hearing of the case Appraiser R. At Curry estimated the value ' of the silverware at about $30. H. ft. Sorenson was appointed to appraise the chinaware and F. W. Durgin the furniture. Then- reports are to be made dur- ! ixig the trial this afternoon, Mrs. Barrie has made Edwin arid Mar- . garet Wade co-defendants with her bus- Dana in tnis action. He is the uncle of the Wades. The name of Miss Wad figured in Mrs. Barrle's diVorce case which she brought in Oakland a year ago, alleging that her husband had brought his niece from the East and kept her here contrary to the wife's desires. It was declared by the lady that; her husband's action made the home an ) unfit place in which to rear Barrie's daughter. Judge Ogden denied the woman's plea -for a divorce and then Barrie promptly began suit for divorce, alleging cruelty. Mrs. Barrie retaliated with a c roes-complaint, charging adultery. The case is ". now pehding in the courts of this county. LUNCHED WITH THE EMPEROR BERLIN, December 29. Baron Speck Von Sternberg, the1 German-Ambassador to the United States, and his wife lunched with the Emperor and Empress today. diedX KEMBLE In this city, December 28, 1904. William Kemble, beloved father of Thomas R. Kemble of Berkeley, a native of England, aged 76 years 3 months and 2 day; - -. - THE COLUMBARIUM is now complete and genera), invitation is extended to all to ' inspect the same. Visitors v will find the most complete and up-to-dte crematory and Colunv( ba'ium in the world. Don't be afraid to ask quet tions as we take pleasure in answering all. queries concerning the art of cremation. J. R. BROWN, Supt -' Cor. Howe and Mather Sts. Take Piel lont Ave. Car. Too Late For Classification WANTED Cottage or flat,? 4 or 5 rooms and bath, completely furnished - for housekeeping. Box 869, Tribune. 1 LOST Bet. Madison and Fallon, 8th and JOth sts.-, a Roman gold Seal ring, bear. , ing the initials "W. H." ' Return to 83 8th st. and receive reward. r ONE Jewel and one Pearl gas range for sale at a sacrifice; no reasonable offer refused. 837 Washington st. x - FOR SALE Sorrel mare, warranted sound, kind and gentle, weight 950 lbs.; also cart and harness. 217 3d St., Oakland. ; : x FOR RENT $22.50 Fine flat 6 rooms and bath; close in. 763 13th st. 1 STORE to rent on 10th St., bet. Broadway and Washington. Particulars of Austin, 1002 Broadway. k FOR RENT Large upper - floor". 465 10th st., suitable for use of club or fraternal organization; 7 rooms (1 large assembly room); all modern conveniences; If taken at once can get fine carpets already down at bargain. V Apply E. C. . Thurber, 463 10th st. p EXCHANGE fine i 6-year-old road horse' for diamond earrings; value $175.. Ad-dress Box 870. Tribune Office. v LOTS FOR SALE. $150030x100. on 12th st., b. Chestnut and Adeline; all right for flats. W. S. Harlow &po., 950 Broadway. . i u LOST Tan and white dog.' at north end of Boulevard; tag No. 131. Finder will kindly notify Ellis. 8th ave. and 24tb -st.. Tel. Brook 12, and receive reward.; t ' BIG BARGAINS FOR TOU. LODING-HOUSE of 13 rooms; rent $35; jj-jj-niijNu-nuLiojE. oi 14 rooms; rent 3S; cow. ; - i SPECIAL 21-room house and bath; ways full; low rent; priee reduced $1600. . V GREAT WESTERN REALTY 0., 476 13th St. phone Red 6492. i FURNISHED front rooms; also furnished or unfurnished - housekeeping rooms. : Apply 3 to 7 p. m.. 919 Jefferson st., corJHb. n FIVE good milch cows, together with s good milk route for sale at a bargain. Apply 1782jGoss St. i x FOR SALE Team of ' mules, 11S0 lbs! each; wagon and harness. iZQi Tela -rsrapb- ave.-. -i . -

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