Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on November 10, 1904 · Page 2
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 2

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1904
Page 2
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE NOVEMBER 10, 19(34 ROCKEFELLER III UNIQUE ELECTION OAKLAIf A PLACE FOR HEALTH. J FE. 111 BilS. OWNS BLOCK OF STOCK HARRI- COLONEL LYNCH LOSES A MADE WITH ADOLPH r LORSBACH. BET MRS. WM. SINKWITZ PARTAKES OF TAINTED FOOD AND IS NOW SERIOUSLY ILL. WOMEN HAVE A LIVELY ROW AND ONE OF THEM i APPLIES FOR A WARRANT. ' DEATH RATE LOWER DURING OCTOBER THAN FOR CORRE ' SPONDING MONTHS. MAN MAY ALSO BE TERSStED. . t THURSDAY EVENING Pill PO SOU COULD fJOT AGREE III HE HOUSE, 'A'- 'v.. v.-- f -''' i -Wt '$H' TO iprn - LOS ANGELES. November 10. Presl-4rtt E. P. Ripley, of the Santa Fe, in an interview , here today stated that it Wa a fact that John D. Rockefeller, Sr., and , James , Stillman, president of the National City Bank of New York, had 4 purchased $C5.000,000 In Santa Fe stock. Mr. 'Ripley stated that he was not aware as to whether this Indicated that E. K. Harriman would be Interested in the ownership' of the Santa Fa or not. although the fact that these gentlemen had been acting; concertedly ln several large deals recently, would seem, to lend some slight eblor .to the statement. He believed, how-, ever, that Rockefeller and Stlllman had made the Investment In Santa Fe stocks simply as an investment. 'Regarding the vacancy in the third vice-presidency of he road by the resignation of Paul Morton to accept the cabinet portfolio. President Ripley stated that the -place would not be immediately filled. Asked aa to the financial los suffered by the Santa Fe during the recent ens' ' - ' extensive floods In Arizona, President Ripley stated that as near as the damage could be estimated at thia time, it would reach in the neighborhood of a million dollars. POLICE OFFICERS ACCUSED OF TIFT. (Continued From Page 1.) Hceman, who, in answer to the reporter's questions, said : "My father has gone to Portland, Oregon. He lost his father. He went Tuesday last. He will be Home, I think, Monday. If you want to see him you can call this afternoon, mamma will be home then and she can tell you just when he will be here." y, - WILL PROVIDE FOR FUTURE FORESTS ,' CHICO. Cal.," November 10. The bureau of forestry wilt endeavor to pro-Vide for future forests by seeding tleahed ground. Where trees are cut some are left standing for seeding purposes and ground will be sown broadcast with pine seeds. It, is believed .that tthls in time will make a larger and finer forest than now stands. . A large number of white flrs and cedars will be left standing on account of the' cost of getting- them out. It is expected that in time the pines will crowd j these -out, leaving clean forest . pines, j : The jbureau of forestry is now preparing a -bill to be presented to the next Legislature providing for a State Forester and ten district fire wardens, the object being to prevent fires from destroying large tracts. i ' PAID. UP CAPITAL, .- ,$ 300,000.00. - RESERVE AND SURPLUS, 23O.OO0.O0 ' i DEPOSITS - 44,035,311.80 MF Officers. , ' ) M .: WH; O. HENSHAW, President B - f CMAS. T. RODOLPH, Vice-President ' W . A. E. H. CRAMER, Ceahier I f ... t Board of Director ' I Wm. O. Henshaw, C E. Palmer, ; I I ' - Chat. T. Rodolph, Tljoe. Crelltn, , ' 1 . I ;i R S. Ferrelly, Henry A. Butters, I I . - H. W-Meek, s Co. E.Grant, I . 1 C. H. King, " Thoe. prather, I ' 1" I S. F. Martin. I ft j .. ';(. Ret PaW on ad Savings Deposits, 3.25 m " , ' J, ; A General Banking Business Transacted. " " '' m V'ThclUnfon 5caihss Bank; ' vv Broadway CvThlrhecnhh 5h '" NSSr ' . ' ' ' J j THOMAS E. WAYSON OF GEOR Gl A, DEFEATED POPULIST CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT. DOUBLE in BY SHOT III OR SUICIDE. SOUTH (Continued From Page 1.) BODIES OF MAN AND WIFE ARE FOUND NO DETAILS. SANTA 'i MONICA, Novembef 10. The bodies of Robert McCann and) his wife, both about 60 years of age, were found at their home in South Sanja. Monica tiis morning. ' The coroner was notified and he ordered "Undertaker Guidinger to remove them to his place in this city. It i3 undoubtedly a case of murder or double suicide, No detail are obtainable at this time. ELECTION RESULTS IN MARIPOSA '' V MARIPOSA, Cal., November 10. In lariposa county, 1074 votes were cast with tbif following result: ' Roosevelt, '461; Parkr, 513; Debs 100; Gillette, 416; Camlnetti. 581; Gay-lord, 28; Lorigan 416; pooling, 497; Walker,i81; Fette (Assembly) 442; Jones, 5S9; White 63. -- COMPLETE RETURNS - FROM MODOC ALTURAS, Cal., November 10. Complete returns from Modoc county are as follows: Roosevelt, 555; Parker, 445; Lorl-gan, 555; Doollng 445: Gillette 536; Caminette 440; Creighton (R.) for the Assembly 451; Peterson (D.) 549. DEAD IN BED; MONEY IS GONE TO.NOPAH, Nev., November 10. Samuel Warwick, of Waco, Texas, was found dead In bed in a lodging "house today. He arrived here two weeks ago with about lldOO, but only $39 was found in his pockets. His death is attributed to heart failure. RATE OF f3!8COUNT RAISED. CALCUTTA, November 10. The rate of discount by the Bank of Bengal was today raised from 5 to fi per cent. Hendrlckson and attempted to make his escape. He however, succeeded In 'getting away lnthe darkness. To-day he was found at the residence of C. P. Barnes, where he had been rooming for four months past under the name of Fred West. i . He Is only about twenty-two years old. HIS CRIME. The crime for which Klnlry Is wanted was one of the most sensational In the police annals of the State. After a series of burglaries In Oakland, during the fall of 1903, Klnlry, together I '5- wlth a pal, Frank Goldstein, was detected on the night of November 27th, after at tempting to enter a private nouse there. A pistol duel between Offteer Smith and the burglars ensued, 'n which the officer shot, and killed Goldstein, and was pursuing and firing at Kfniry, when' the latter turned and shot the officer dead. He succeeded in making his, escape from the city, and while a search for him I js been kept up from the date of the crime, no trace of him had been found until to-day. BOMBARDMENT AT T RUSSIA'S MILITARY WAREHOUSE IS SET ON FIRE BY JAPANESE. VTOKIO, is ovember 10, 8:30 p. m. A r report from General Nogl's headquarters before Port Arthur, dated November. "9 says: ' "The enemy s military warehouse; sit uated in the northern part of Port Ar thur, was bombarded November 6 with heavy siege and naval guns. The bom s bardment caused a conflagration. 'On the afternoon of November S the magazine of an old battery on Sungchow mountain was exploded, ty our shells." OHIO STRONG FOR ' ROOSEVELT COLUMBUS, O., November 10. Chair man Dick, In an informal statement to day, says that returns show Ohio went for Roosevelt by a plurality of 240,000. The Republicans-elect twenty out. of twenty-pne Congressmen and carry seventy-one out of eighty -eight counties. . GENERAL'S NEPHEW IS KILLED ATHENS, O., November 10. Frank Grosvenor, nephew of General Charles H. Grosvenor, was Instantly killed in a runaw'ay accident In Rome township to day. A lantern that 7 he - carried In the buggy exploded end set fire to the wreck, almost cremating the body of Grosvenor. Will Skinner,,, who was with him, was un-Injured. OLYMPIA BOUND FOR GENOA. GIBRALTAR, November 10- The United States cruiser Olympl sailed today Xor Genoa. ... ARTHUR Whether Colonel Lynch will default In the. payment of an election bet and give $10 to some charity or wheel his neighbor Adolph Lorsbach. in k barrow from.' Fruitvale avenue to High street and back again Is a matter that is interesting a number of friends and acquaintances of the two men. Lyncn came from "(Ad" Kentucky and is a democrat and he agreed that if Roosevelt was elected to give Lorsback a ride in a wheelbarrow from one street to another and back again. The blocks on the San Leandro road are long and the distance to be covered under the conditions of the wager Is at least a mile, and it is believed will tax the strength of ihe doughty Colonel to the limit. . If Roosevelt lost and Parker was elected Lorsbach agreed to ipll a peanut with a' toothpick a distance of a quarter of a mile while Lynch fanned him. The bet was made in the presence of Court Stenographer Riley and It was then and there agreed that If either of the men defaulted in the payment that he would give Riley $10 to be turned over by him to the most worthy charity. Lorsbach has not yet been treated to his ride and Riley is waiting to see the agreement fulfilled in one particular or the others. : NEVADA IS REPUBLICAN RENO, Nev., November 10. There are still about seventy precincts to hear from In this State. A conservative estimate places Roosevelt's plurality at between 2,500 and 3,000. Yerington (Rep.) is elected Congressman over Van Duzer 'Dem.), by about 100. Nixon (Rep.) for United States Senator, will control the legislature by about three votes. UTAH INCREASES THE MAJORITY SALT LAKE CITY,' November 10. Additional returns from Tuesday's election covering every county in the State, have increased the majority for Roosevelt so much that it is probable that it will-not run short of 27.000. Parker had a plu rality in only- one county. In Salt Lake county, out of a total of 31.000 votes, Roosevelt received 20J00. and Parker 8,100. GREETING TO EMPEROR NICHOLAS KOENIGSBURG, Prussia, November 10, Emperor William has commanded Gen eral Baron von Der Goltz and Governor von Moleke of the province of , East Prus sia, to. go to Si&valki, Russian Poland, when Emperor Nicholas reviews the Russian troops there, and convey to him the German Emperor's greeting. Suwalkl is only a few miles over the. Prussian frontier. RUSSIANS ABO ATTACK JAPANESE OUTPOSTS BUT ARE DRIVEN BACK. TOKIO, November 10, 8:30 p. m. Man-churlan headquarters, reporting, November 9, 'says: "On the night of November 8 two companies of the enemy attacked bur outposts, but were completely repulsed. "All is quiet in' other -directions." REPUBLICANS IN MINNESOTA ST. PAUL, Minn., November 10. Returns received here show that the next Minnesota House of Representatives will have 107 Republicans and twelve Democrats. , WHAT THE MINISTER SAYS Is Most Convincing '1 thought I would, write you what Pyramid Pile Cure has done for me, I hd a most aggravated case of bleed' lng piles; Indeed I dreaded when I had to go to stool. One flfty-cen.' box cured me. I feel like a new man. I have recommended it to others as being the most wonderful remedy known. It Is indeed a great blessing to suffering humanity. You are at liberty to use this for all it IM worth, and X hope It may do good." Rew W. K. XJarr. 455 No, Holbrook SL, Danville. Va, Clergymen (like all professional men who lead sedentary lives) .are especially addicted to piles. In various forma, and are continually on the lookout for a remedy which will give relief, with little or no idea of obtaining a cure. Recognising tills fact, Rev. Mr, Carr consents to the use of his name In order that other sufferers, may know there Is a are called Pyramid -Pile Cure, which is sold h druggists everywhere for the low price of fifty cents a package, and which- will bring about lor every one afflicted with piles, the came beneficial results as in his own case. Be careful to accept no substitutes, and remember that' there is no remedy "Just aa good.' A little book describing the causes and cure of plies Is published by Pyramid Drug Co.. Marshall. Mich and will be tent free for the asking. All sufferers ar advised to write for H. as It contains, valuable Information on' 'Mi SBbjSCt 0 oflCr S Ptomaine poison germs that lurked In a cad of beans may cause the death of Mrs. William Slnkwltx, the wife of the Lwell-known express . manager of 618 Fifteenth street. The sick woman partook of the beans two days ago and since that, time has been falling rapidly. Mrs. - Siukwita has been taken to the East Bay Sanitorium where everything (possible Is being done to save her life. ai me lime nne aie me poisuneu iu m bub did not notice tnat it was ta.'nted, but it is now believed that air must have reached! the interior of the can before It was opened. MOTHER SAYS SON IS NOT INSANE SAN JOSE, ..ovember 10. Mrs. Susan M. Fox has petitioned ! for a writ of habeas corpu& to release her son, Albert M. Fox, from the asylum at Ajnews, He was committed by Judge Hebbard of San FranclsQp, January 31, 1902, at the instance of, hfs father, and the mother now says that he was not insane at the time, but suffering from alcohol, and has, ever since his committment, been In his right mind. The petition will be heard tomorrow. kanIasvHeF want to vote TOPEKA, Kan., November 10. The Kansas Equal Suffrage Association at its annual session in'Topeka today, decided to petition the Legislature to allow the Kansas women to vote for President and to take up the full .question of suffrage later on. FRANCE RECEIVES PEACEJROPOSITION PARIS, November 10. Ambassador Porter presented to Foreign Minister Del-casse, . today, the American proposition for re-assernbUng. The "Hague peace conference. No definite response was made, as M. Delcasse will go over the matter carefully with the other ministers. The tendency in governmental circles is apparently favorable to the proposition. disputW be SETTLED. THE EXPOSITION'S ARBITRATION BOARD TO DECIDE AWARD QUARREL. ST. LOUIS, Nov. lO.-i-The four mem bers composing the World's Fair arbitra tion, committee have been called to ei. Louis to settle the dispute between the local management of the Louisiana Pur- r&hase Exposition and the national com mission as to tne rigni oi me u pass on the awards of the jurors whose duty it was to judge exhibits. Most or the awards have Been made public. The committee is composed of ex-Senator Thurston of Nebraska. ex-Congressman Allen of Mississippi, members of the national commission and Charles W. Knapp and Judge -Boyie of St. Louis. In case of disagreement these members have authority to appoint a fifth arbitrator. , BRIEF TALES. On one occasion Joseph Chamberlain was invited to Liverpool to make a speech. If was to be a great celebration. The mayor, who was to preside at the meeting, had arranged a fine dinner for the guest of donor. A distinguished assembly surrounded the table and at the right of the host sat Mr. Chamberlain. For a couple of hours the company chated over the food and finally the coffee was served It was at this Juncture that the mayor leaned over and whispered to Mr. Chamberlain: "Tour excellency, shall we let the crowd enjoy itself awhile longer or had we better have your speech?" Miss Lola La Follette, the daughter of the governor oi' Wisconsin, has a ready and rather caustic wit. It is staid that at a meeting held in Madison for a charitable purpose. Miss La-Follette was one of those who passed through the audience with plates for contributions. A rich miser sat in a seat alone, and when Miss LaFollette extended her plate to him he said grimly: "I have nothing nothing." The young ' girl knew the man was wealthy and with a little smile she said: "TaUte something, then. This collection, you know, is for the poor." A negro hack driver in Washington was driving along the street when he encountered a funeral. A long line of coaches was behind the hearse, which was moving along at a lively rate. The negro was superstitious and did not want to come between the carriages in the funeral procession. He tried to drive around in frrit of the hearse, but could not make sufficient speed- After drivlng-alongslde the hearse for two blocks the negro called out to the driver: "Sa. boss, hold up an' let me go past. My passenger Is in a hurry and yours Isn't." : 20 LA, l" AND HAIRPINS. . When Zola was last in London he Instanced the egotism of the capital "I" In English as significant of English character; the number Of waif and stray hairpins to be seen on the pavement was another. , On this last subject" Mr. Vizetelly, who told the story, has returned to the charge. An analysis, of some pigeons' nests in London has revealed the hairpin as one of the stock architectural materials. ' In his argument of the wastefulness Of English women Mr. Vinzetelly, says the Saturday Review, might go on to an analygii of the sparrow's dietary wiueh -would reveal as outrageous a waste of bread as of metal .; HarkinT-So you really imagine that smoking benefits you. eh? - La r kins I know It does. My mother-in-law leaves the room tie minute 1 tight my pipe. , The endeavor of two sets of people to live In the same house resulted this morning In ,an application at the police station for a battery warrant. The complainant is Miss Falicita Principlaso, a petite maiden of 22 years, who declared that Mrs. Margherlta Freila played f oot-b&H with her. According to Miss Princlpiano, she was sweeping the stairs at 308 Harrison street, where she lives with ner brother, and Mrs. Fresia with her husband, when the latter pounced on her without an apparent provocation. The younx woman says she was thrown to the ground and severely kicked and beaten until she was compelled to scream for help. The real cause of the trouble will probably not come to light until - the row is given a full airing in the Police Court. COfSTEIS LIABILITY. DR. J. F. RHINEHART ASKS MORE THAN A THOUSAND DOLLARS DAMAGE. The Southern Pacific Company does not believe Dr. J. T. Rinehart and family wis injured to the extent of 11,157.20 for the going astray of their trunks of clothing prepared 'expressly for a visit to Springfield, Kentucky, and in an answer filed to a suit to recover this amount, this morning denies any liability in the matter. The humiliation of being stranded in his home town without a change of raiment for himself or family, the doctor maintains is certainly . a matter for the consideration of the eouft and $1,157.20 a low enough estimate for balm for injured pride. The trouble all' came about by there being more than one Springfield in the United, 'States and while Rinehart checked, his baggage to (he town in Kentucky his trunks went to the town in" Illlnoisltnd then on to the place of the same name in Massachusetts where the guns are made. In the mean time Dr. Rinehart was wearing out his patience in fuming over their non-arrival in the Southern town. The month spent there was occupied by Mrs. Rinehart in securing another outfit and the pleasure of their trip was spoiled. When he returned he began an action against the company and demurrer and answers are now being filed preparatory to getting the ' issue squarely before the court. INDIANAGdES WELL FOR TICKET INDIANAPOLIS, November 10. Secretary Sims of the Republican State Committee said today that from unof ficial reports from eighty of the ninety-two counties the Republican national ticket had received a plurality of 74,000 In Indiana. POLICE QUELL STUDENT RIOT TRIESTE, Austria, November 10. A demonstration here last night In favor of the establishment of an Italian uni versity at Trieste, between the opposing factions, resulted in a collision and coun ter demonstrations. The disturbance was not of a serious character. A dozen per sons were Injured, the police in terveijed ana a iew armi c im. TO RE TRIED FOR FORGERY SAN FRANCISCO, November 10. Ed ward Patterson was today sent back to Detroit in charge of a detective to answer the charge of having forged his step-father's name to a check. - Prince Fushimi has a long Japanese head. He will get here too late- for any one to attempt to run him for Vice-President. M A GUARANTEED CURE FOR PILES. Itching. Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles. Your druggist will refund money !f PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure you in six to fourteen days. 50c. y I Ledgers and Any Kind of Blantt Boolls Med and $ . bund To Order BooHs Open FLAT That the death rate in Oakland for the month of October was lower than H has been during any corresponding month for five years past was brought out last ntghtf in the monthly mortality- , report tendered at the regular meeting of the Board of Health. There are but fightv-two death? during the month, or a -percentage of 11.84 for the vear based on a population of 83,000. A total of seventy-seven biVths was reported for the month. The number of sanitary inspections made was eighty-nine. . Dr. Charles H. Rowe.- the cltv chsmist. rePpr'ed having examined ten samples of milk for formaline preservative and found that none of it had been used. Of eighteen samples of milk txamined for richness none were found to be below the standaM. During the session he Board wn addressed by M. J. White. Secretary of the California Society for the rrevehtion Of Cruelty to Children, on the law reeentlv passed by the local City Counc-. relating to homes for children. Mr. White discussed the operation of t-e law which will require the registering of children's homes. JAPAN WANTS PEACE. (Continued From Page 1.) this stage of the war, should a friendly offer, prompted by that sense of humanity which Japan cannot voiceffor fear of being misunderstood, emanate from the United States and Great Britain, but nothing can be done until the fall of Port Arthur." Baron Hayashi intimated that he thought that- the fall of the fortress would not be delayed and added: "In the meantime I have no dout that the powers who are now so willing to express their desire for peace will confidentially exchange views in the hope of arriving at some suggestion practicable to both belligerents." ' RELATED TO BOTH. A late story of Irish wit Is Jocated: in New Orleans. An Irishman boarded a train in which every seat except one was occupied by two people. This seat had as occupants a young sport and a large, shaggy dog. The Irishman stood ";y the seat expecting that room would be made for him. The young man did not take the hint, but regarded the other, who was poorly dressed with ill-disguised scorn. At last the Irishman remarked: "That's a foine looking dog ye have with ye. What breed Is it ?". 'It's a erose between Ta skunk and an Irishman," wat"he cupeling answer, assure men, its a relative of both of us," was the instant report. Exchange. IN OLD KENTUCKY. i In the wild mountains of Kentucky the old parson had just performed the marriage ceremony. . , "And now, children," he said, softly. '1 hope my services will bring you sunshine." The lanky groom brought forth a brown demijohn. "Teas, parson," he chuckled, "and they've brought you moonshine. Here's your wedding fee.f Baltimore Herald. TO CURE A COLO IN ONE DAY Take Laxative Bromo Quinine ; Tablets. All druggists refund the money rf It fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signature Is on : . If You Buy TOAir Furnltiire And carpets before seeing eur etock and getting our prices, you .will be almost sure to say. "I am sorry I did so." Discount for cash, or easy payments. C. W. Kinsey, 627-529 Twelfth street, between . Clay and Washlneton streets. TO BE WITHOUT SIGHT! .1 Is lost sight. v Many a person' future is spoiled owing to the eyes being neglected. Consult us. CIIAS. II. WOOD Optometrist and Manufacturing Optician 11S3 WASHINGTON ST. OAKLAND I - ' - Sign "The Winking Ey." ; i isr Ml Paper Ruled and Punched To Fit Any Loose Leaf Ledger . ; Music and Magazines Bound and Rebound in Any Style I THE TRIBUNE Phone Exchange 9 J 7 i

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