Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on November 4, 1904 · Page 3
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 3

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 4, 1904
Page 3
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE NOVEMBER 4, 1904 3 FRIDAY EVENING (ff) -J r r ff-m V7 l 3 I J I 1 -5; - The 'Taft & Pennoyer" $3.50 shoe is the best $3.50 shoe made..- That's a broad statement, but its truth can be proved. ) The best shoe men in the United States make them. We have instructed tbem to put the finest material and workmanship obtainable into them, and charge us accordingly. ; As a result jve-pay more for our shoes than do other retailers, but we get a shoe ahead in style, of better, material, more skillfully made, and in every way worthy to carry the Taft. & Pennoyer guarantee. X Of the sixty styles carried in every width and size, here are a few: ' A Blucher Lace Shoe, comes in; patent Corona colt, with a dull matt kid top, hand-welt sole and military heel. It is a very swagger model.. $3.50 A Winter Oxford, of gun metal calf combines beauty of l.ne with stoutness of material. It is a Blucher and has a ribbon tie; military heel and. welt extension sole On the foot form last ,..$3.50 A Button Boot, of Corona patent colt, is one of the nattiest street shoes shown. It has a low top, large flat buttons, welt extension soles, rrillitary. heels, and is cut on the new swing last. , $3.50 A High Boot for winter wear comes in velour calf. It is laced and on the Blucher model. Like the others it has a welt extension sole, military heel, and exhibits , the popular swlny last , $3.50 A Dress Boot of Ideal patent kid will please your . sense of the beautiful. It has a matt kid top, hand turned sole and Louis XV heel..i $3.50 A Dress Shoe may also- be had in Ideal patent kid with Cuban heels and hand-turnedoles. ' It is but.- toned and cut on the plain toe J.ast.... $3.50 (Third Broadway Entrance.), Cold Weather and Low Prices Crowd the. Underwear Counters Shoppers have- scarcely been able to reach the un- ; derwear counters ''this week. Cold weather has had much to do with it, but quality and low prices more. Space permits only a mention of the offerings: -, . WOMEN'S UNDERWEAR, i Vests and drawers heavily fleeced; vests have high neck and long or short sleeves; drawers are made with the French band; an extraordinary value at. .50c . Vests and drawers of wool and cotton mixed, white or' natural, a splendid winter garment 75c French band'drawers and vests in white or natural; Australian wool except for. a little cotton to prevent shrinking .$1.00 the garment f Non-shrlnkafole vests and drawers either in. white! or natural.. . . . $1.50 the garment) The celebrated Munslng underwear, wool plated fori warmth; the name is a guarantee of the superb, quality and fit of the garment.- Vests and drawers.. $1.00 and $1.50 Combination suits . $1.50 and $2.00 For Dr. Delmel's Linen-Mesh, Dr. Jaeger's woolens and Ypsilantl underwear, we are sole agents. (Third Broadway Entrance.) CHILDREN'S UNDERWEAR. Vc-:s. pants and drawers In natural wool; sizes 18 to 30; a 75c value; on special sdle at. 50c Union suits for children, of wool and cotton mixed; all sizes bothJboys and girls; the celebrated Munsing make . $1.00 the garment (Third Broadway Entrance.) - MEN'S UNDERWEAR. Fleece-lined Derby ribbed shirts and drawers In win?, ter weight; a splendid garment for .....50c Winstead's shirts and drawers of wool aiyl cotton mixed; winter weight .$1.00 the garment Under-garments of Cooper ribbed balbriggan; the finest woven; f of cotton, but of extra heavy weight.. ..... .. ..$1.00 the garment Medltcott's, under-garments of Scotch wool in natural only . $1.50 the garment For Dr. Jaeger's sanitary woolens Dr. Deimel's Linen-Mesh, we are sole agents. In addition we carry thev celebrated Lewis underwear which recently took the grand prize at the St. Louis Fair. (Second Broadway Entrance.) . . Winter Hosiery There's untold comfort in cashmere hose when the cold days come. We are ready to supply you with that comfort. , Women's cashmere hosiery in all black, black with gray soles, black with gray foot and in Oxford and Shetland gray; the best wool stocking knit .'i . , ............50c the pair Children's cashmere hosiery at from ...... .25c to 75c the parr (Second Broadway Entrance.) Steamer Rugs Have, Many Uses The name is a misnomer. They're not merely steamer rugs. Nothing makes4 a better couch cover. Tlley add comfort to the; invalid's airing. They make su-" perb automobile and carriage robes. They have a hundred uses. . The Taft & Pennoyer stock includes the finest Scotch and English rugs. They are thick, warm and in - attractive patterns. Prices range' from............. V tT l I. MT IW L- .....j... . .pr -ww w fitw vwn M VESSELS ; COLLIDE If FOG. Endangered By Heavy rlst Hanging Over New York, 'v--ar.c-H-- NEW YORK, Nov. 4. A thick blanket of fog which settled down over New York City and harbor during the night seriously disarranged traffic both by land and water to-day and resulted in at least one serious accident. The ferryboat Columbia of the vv all street line was run Into and sunk by the Norwich uner, City of Lowell. There were about low passengers and seventeen teams on board the Columbia. All of the passengers were taken on in saiety, dui eigne or ten norses were uruwiieu. The City of Lowell was coming down th river and in the dense fog struck the Columbia, amidships, just clear of the paddle wheel. The uoiumDia noatea around for a while and began to settle. A hawser was thrown from the City ot Lowell and the Columbia made fast and all the passengers so far as known .we taKen oh Doara tne steamooai. juaienrwe hawser parted in some unaccountfite manner, and the Columbia nnauyjggtnK near one of the slips of the UnionwFerry Company on the Brooklyn side. THe uaraen city, a ierryDoat piying Between Long Island City and isew York, collided during the fog seven times with various craft before she reached her slip in this city. She bumped into the big Sound steamer Matne and a hole was stove in the ferryboat's side. The hole was far above the water line however, and the ferryboat did not sink. The Garden City had 100 passengers. Glove TaJk Good and we'll talk of no other kind, because we know nothing of any other kind. We have good gloves other! kind. We have made good gloves and sold them for many years and our education is complete up to date. But we are always learning:" The MONARCH The King of Gloves ARB BATTLED WITH A SAILOR. OAKLANDERS HAVE rich ma CHARLES MAU. AND SONS STRIKE IT RICH NEAR TON-OPAH. Charles Mau, the well-known architect, is highly elated over recent developments in a. group of mines situated about forty miles north of Tonopah and controlled "by himself and his sons. The property is incorporated . under the name of the Pactolus Mill and Mining Company, Mr. Mau being president. Mr. Mau has recently visited the mines which are being developed under the supervision of his sons and was more than gratified at the showing. At a depth of 200 feet in the Pactolus there is a four-foot vein of high grade ore showing much free gold. Experts estimate that it will average $200 a ton.. Mr. Mau brought down with him a number of rich specimens. Since his return a letter from Louis -Mau informs -him that the veinhas improved In appearance. He states that there are fully 3,00(1 tons of ore on the dump that will average jau a ton. uniy aeveiopment. work is being done at present, but Mr. Mau. is now contemplating the erection of machinery that will enable ore to be extracted on a large scale. NEW DRAMATIC GLUBJS FORMED BERKELEY, Nov. 4. A new university dramatic club was formed by the Thespiahs of the State University to-day. The meeting was called at' the request of Professor William Dallam Armes of the English department. The new organization is not Intended to be a rival in any way to any dramatic club at present existing in the University, but on the contrary will, it is hoped, prove a decided help. The purpose is to unite the dramatic talent both in these organizations and without, the social features being practically- eliminated. The idea is to produce a play each term in the Greek theater. The first one will be presented during commencement week. A considerable sum has already been realized from entertainments in the Greek theater, and since the plays to be produced will be under the management of the faculty committee, this fund may be drawn upon to make up any possible PARKER RETURNS TO NEW YORK " Tho Finest Glove In tho World." Thisjs the verdict of the glove experts on the genuine "MONARCH" Glove. There are other fine gloves, but no pique sewn. glace kiP5rarfIuite approach the Monarch" in exquisite finish and strengtn or BKin..:.w pan spite of the price, they are tceedingly cheap gloves, for you buy more than ,f our fingers and fa tnumD you ouy biil,c, ru, DURABILITY and : SATISFAC TION. Monarch Sachets-Free We have several thousand "Monarch" Sachets, which we have just received from Europe to advertise the "Monarch" Gloves, exquisite and lasting perfumes of different odors. Tomorrow Saturday these Sachets are free to all who accept our invitation to call and get one. The "Gamossi" Glove is the finest ladies' glove made. We build Ahem and know the valueNjf every skin and every stitch that goes into them. As leaders in high-grade French kids they have been in a class by themselvess for years. They cost $1.50 a pair and are better in every $vay than most $2.00 gloves. ' '. THE AMAZON is; the facsimile of the world-famed Dent, but is made better and costs only $1.00 pair. Comes in mahogany, beaver and ox-blood. Our Dollar Leader We call it "THE. MOSS" and we're proud to give It our name. It's the best dollar glove that can be bought anywhere today. It's a perfect-fitting kid, wears ' well, is dressy and shade arei here to match any dress $1 pair-'" New Silk Gloves A splendid lot of ihose extra quality, 2-clasp, silk gloves has just come in. They have double-tipped fingers, and the shades Include the new grn, navy and brown .50c pair : j Perfect Glove ) Cleaning j is a specialty with us. Most n?od-ern process, safest and most satisfactory .....10c pair Complete Line of L mbrellas Umbrellas re-covered and repaired. Patrolman Feeley Has Fierce Contest in the Street " Shore leave and unlimited quantities of claret was too much for the mental balance of Manuel Silva" a sailor on the steamer Sierra, and as a result, he was arrested for drunkenness by Patrolman Feeley, In East Oakland last night; It was not until the drunken sailor and the policeman had wiped up the unbituminized -portion of the street, that the former was under control and would submit to tho arrest. -So badly injured was the sailor that he had to be taken to the Receiving Hospital where forty-five stitcnes were taken in his head, face and btdy. The surgeons -at the hospital counted fourteen cuts and bruises, on his face and body of the man from the sea. After having his injuries dressed, Silva was taken to the City Hall and charged with drunkenness. The arrested man wag later released on $6 bail which he forfeited in the Police Court this morning. polfceman Feeley escaped with but few injuries as a result of the encounter with the belligerant sailor. V V PITERS ADOPT PROPOSITIONS. ; . , AND NO WONDER SUCH OVERCOATS AS WE ARE DISPLAYING WOULD CAUSE OVERCOATS TO SELL IF THEY WERE HUNG UP ON THE EQUATOR. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY IRRESISTIBLE THAT'S A GOOD WORD TO USE-IRRESISTIBLE ONE gentlemanV SAID YESTERDhY: "I NEVER IMAGINED OAKLAND HAD A STORE WHERE SUCH AN EXCELLENT AS- SORTMENT OF. CLOTHING WAS HANDLED AS I SEE HERE." OUR DISPLAY PROVES OUR BEING MASTERS OF THE OVERCOAT SIT-UAT.ON. PRICES $2.95 TO $35 AND AT FRACTIONS BETWEEN CALL TOMORROW AND LET US DEMON STRATE. C. H. HEESEMAN THE OVERCOAT MAN II07-III3 WASHINGTON STREET INDIA NAPOMS, Ind.. Nov. 4. All of the propositions voted oh by the International Typographical Union have carried witfi the exception of one, that pro vided for an increase in the salaries of the international president and international secretary-treasurer. The court of the referendum vote was as follows: To harmonize the international constitution and general laws, 19,944 for, 4,515 against; to increase the salaries of the international president and secretary-treasurer, 9,436 for. 15.275 against; to allow unions distant from headquarters more time to make reports, 23.257 for, 27 ni;airist: to mkc more effective the law regarding failure of locals to file reports and obey laws and legal mandates, 22.438 for, 2.15S against;- to" require that all appeals shall pe in written or prtnte form only 22.954 for, l,52fi against; tb establish the eight-hour day, January t 19S6: and levy an assessment for thafe. purpose, 19,483 for, 5.398 against. GLOVES AND UMBRELLAS ONLY : 455 Thirteenth Street NEW YORK, Nov. 4. Judge Parker returned to New York to-day from his Connecticut tour. At the Union Station in Hartford a large crowd gathered to bid him farewell, and there were a number of receptions at stations through which the train passed coming to New York. . Judge Parker will spend the day at the hotel receiving political friends and advisers. DERANGED MAN IS MISSING Frank B. Gonzales, thirty-fiye years of age, has been reported missing to the police by his brother, Jf. M. Gonzales. The missing man resided with his brother at 1091 Third street He is ' said to be simple-minded andft is thought that poeslbly much harm may have befallen tiim. mm SCHOOL V M ALA CONVENTION. EDA COUNTY RELIGIOUS ORKERS WILL MEET ' . NOVEMBER 15. ! - AT THE MAGDONOUGH " Sousa's celebrated band will play at the Macdonough Theater this evening. There are special artists with the band. Sousa's Band does not need to be boomed. It speaks for itself. "An Orphan's Prayer" will be the attraction at the Macdonough Theater at the matinee Saturday and Sunday and also Saturday and Sunday nights. "Glittering Gloria" will play at the Macdonough Monday night and White Whittlesey will open his engagement Tuesday evening next. SOCIETY MAN IS FOUND DEAD MOBILE, Ala.. November 4. Th-; body of Hunt Chamberlain, aged 30, bookkeeper for a wholesale house here, and prominent socially, was found today in a secluded spot in the western part c.f the city. There was a bullet hole through his head and a revolver at jhis side. He had not been robbed. j A POSSIBILITY. Taft & Penoy Broadway er Fourteenth That Became a Fact and Pleases Many People. A. R. Lewis. M. D., in a lengthy ar ticle in the columns of the American Journal of Health, savs concerning fcair: "Its deterioration is a. eonstimiJ source of worrlment'to humanity, con sequently bald people are readily, deceived by fake hair restoratives. The wish that a hair preparation win 'fill the bill Is father to the fancy that it 16 likely to do so. A Fare case in point Is that of Newbro's Herplcide. which actually does 'fill the bill. It destroys the parasite that attacks the hair root, and prevents dandruff, falling hair and baldness." Sold by, leading druggists. . Send 10c in stamps for sample to The Herplcide Co Detroit, Michigan. Bowman & Company special . "The Big Boy and Girl" and other problems are to be discussed at; the annual . convention of the Alarfleda County Sunday "school Association which will meet in Calvary Baptist Church of this city on Tuesday, November 15, day. and evening. There will be addresses, conferences -and discussions on all subjects relative to Sunday School work. j Intthe morning the chief features will be "A Half-Hour With Our Text Books," Rev. Dr. Bordman, pastor j of Tenth avenue Baptist Church, East Oakland' and an address by CZiarlesI R. Fisher, general secretary. His" subject, will be "What Constitutes a Front Line Sunday School." The afternoon session will comprise, a discussion of the question, "Should We Require -Home Study?" The discussion will be opened by Rev. Charles T. Walkley; rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church of this city. Then will follow a conference on "The Evangelization and Christian Nurture of Our Pupils." The teachers work will also be considered. 'Xt 5:45 p. m. the Sunday School workers will gather round the tea cups ana enjoy themselves. The chief event of the evening session will be an address by President Ell McClish, of the University of tho Pacific. There will also be an- address by Mrs. L. D. Sweezy, teacher of music in the Berkeley Public School. Her remarks will be illustrated by & group of Sunday School children. Other interesting features have been prepared anil the annua? convention will no doubt prove very interestine as well as instructive to all Sunday School j workers. Salinger's Saturday's Money-, Saving Grocery Spec ia to WHITE BORAX NAPTHA SOAtl- -Firiest an the world, for all-round use; equally as good in bath as for the laundry, (. bars 25c Singapore pineapple whole packed In its own juice; rrg. 25c can ; 19c SCHILLING'S BAKING SODA One pound pkg; reg. 10c 4c EGG BAKING POWDER One pound can. guaranteed satisfactory or your money? cheti fully refunded 30c K. & S. CHICKEN SOUP 20 varieties, makes 6 plates, you just heat and serve 5c MOTHER'S STARCH Caw be used In cold water as tll as hot; one pound pkg; reg. J0c..5c CITRA SODA CRACKERS 3 lb. PHg-; regular 25c .,..15c FRESH ' RANCH -EGGS Guaran- teed, per doz -. ...35c SAfetNJ5ErR'.l-,-EC""ED CREAMERY BUTTER Full wefeht.... ...... 49c two pound t V s r.''.S jr. . . i . . it rkrr I I I I II l' TtM House That Saves Yea Money, These are the proper ranges in which to cook turkeys and everything else that you .would cook properly. They use less coalf and give more satisfaction than any other range on earth. Such is the record of all who have used the s GARLAND RANGE A new feature of these ranges and one to be found-in no other ranges. Is the aluniinlzed oven all silver white; no dark places. SOLE AGENTS Pierce Hardware Co. i 1108-1110 Broadway : WILL DISMISS A POLICEMAN. At the meeting of the police and fire commissioners this afternoon Chief of Police Hodgkins will recommend the revocation of the appointment of G. V. Brereton as a special policeman. Bre-reton never qualified and the Board of Works will also meet. SuperintendentBabcock of the Fire Alarm and Police Telegraph System will advise the Board not to grant any Saturday Extraordinary money -Saving Specials in L Hosiery and Underviear Department Children's extra heavy school hose, doubel legs and heels and toes; regular 20c kind; special: Saturday 12c Children's heavy wool hose, double foot and knee; regular 35c kind; special Saturday ....t. 21c Boys' heavy fleece-lined shirts and drawers; color, brown only; sizes 24 to 34; 50c value; special Saturday ,25c Ladies' heavy fleece-lined vests or pants; silk trimmed, full finished seams; 40c kind; special "Saturday 25c Ladies fleece-lined union suits: Oneita style in natural gray, ecru, blue or cream; full finished; reg-- ular 75c ; special Saturday . . .48c 5 per cent discount on all gloves and umbrellas Saturday. more petitions for electric lights as the appropriation of $64,000 is not sufficient to the erection of additional lights. FREE. Mackintosh free with every suit. Cooperative Store. Eleventh street. Bacon Block. asnaMaMMVMHMlVMWh a ' r .-Ess Jh House That Savss You Money. Salinger's Saturday Special in Boys' Clothing Department To further introduce this department we will place on sale TOMORROW ONLY all our $1.00 an) $1.25 Boys' llnee Pants - s: l in a.11 colors . and shades strictly all-wool and extra well made for 7S6 per pair With every sale made in this department you receive"a unique -pencil box. And with every dollar purchase, a 10 per cent premium coupon, exchangeable for, toys and. furniture. . -4 "TnmWMi 1 1 1 Ksiiiawmm 1 The House: That Saves' You Money r -

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