The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 17, 1955 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1955
Page 10
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WHERE TO GO WHAT TO DO ALGONA** 2 SPECIAL EVENTS NEXT WEEK! '7 CITIES OF GOLD' with Richard Egan Michael Rennie replaces "The Scarlet Coat" Tues. - Wed. Nov. 22-23 Thanksgiving Eve MIDNITE SHOW WEDNESDAY, NOV. 23 at 11:30 p.m. "FOOTSTEPS IN THE FOG" with STEWART GRANGER JEAN SIMMONS Behind The Movie Sets WITH BUDDY MASON Mrs Helen Ernst Hey Kids! Special Morning Show 10 A.M. (Adm. 25c) Saturday, Nov. 19 If the next Academy Awards include presentation of an Oscar for direction of the year's best bathtub scene, Allan Dwan should win. hands clown. Not that the amazing Mr Dwan specializes in dunking lien lines. Let's just say that this veteran director is a past-master at anything thai pertains to cinema arts. It jusl so happens that Mr Dwan's extensive experience in sudsing leading ladies rccenlly resulted in his filming the best bathing sequence that's been "shot" in a month of Saturdays! * * » On a closed set at R.K.O. Studios the production of Producer Ben Bogeaus' picturi/.alion of the Bret Harle classic. "Tennessee's Partner," Allan Dwan had curva- ceious Rhonda Fleming decorating the soap-bubbles in a bathtub of 1U49 vintage. What's more, in the overall composition this mate-,., antique tub takes on Ihe charm of a sylvan pool, if you'd rather look al props than watch Rhonda. * * * With the alluring Miss Fleming reclining in a billowy foam of photogenic bubbles. Mr Dwan played with special effects, lighting" and camera angles until he had "painted" a breath-taking creation of beauty mi a celluloid canvas.' 1 Sounds easy? Perhaps, but even with the pulehriludinoiis Rhonda, it's a task for an expert. Shirley Temple Randolph Scott m "REBECCA OF SUNNYBROOK FARM also 4 COLOR CARTOONS and FREE Super-Glider Airplanes lo Every Youngster! * * STAR * Soapsuds- just don't bubble up into an artistic froth that half- screens. half-reveals, yet holds a rich, thick texture under the intense heat of sun-arcs for lung periods of time. Just the right amount of glycerine- must be added. Then, compressed air. not too little — not loo much, is forced into the sudsy water. Sometimes a small amount of powdered milk is required to give the mixture a better photographic whiteness. Certain camera-lens fillers may be used lo give the foaming mass a quality of fleeciiu ss. Even the body makeup is the product of many lests and elimination by trial and error. A waterproof 'shading that tints Ihe skin effectively for the cameras, while remaining unaffected by the soapy \*.'ater, has to be used. To a man like Allan Dwan, who has walched bath scenes evolve from their technical infancy, all this preparation is routine.'The early experiments with soapsuds agit'ated by air from bicycle pumps; Ihe countless retakes using various fillers: the trying and discarding of one tyne of light diffusion after another — all have contributed a portion of know-how towards perfection— and all have hem fitted by his advice and suggestions. It was in*1918 that Sylvia Ashton was pholngraphed playing a few scenes in a bathtub during the filming of a picture called "Old Wives For New." A year later. Gloria Swanson appeared in a bigger and better tub for "Male and' 'Female." When this film rude a tidal wave of box-office receipts, as il swept across the country, a veritable' Soapsuds Derby was launched. Like all trends fostered and abandoned by a public with ever- changing tastes, this one ran it.- cnurse. From lime lo time, a particularly artistic sequence would revive public interest once more. Then, everyone would help glut. Ihe market'and crowd Ihe screens Local Talent Will Stage Variety Show In Theatre "Fair Weather Varieties," an all local-talent stage show, will be presented on the slage of the Algona theater this Friday evening at 8:30, according to announcement made today by the theater management. Included in the acts lo be presented are The Corn- beaux," a five - piece swing orchestra! Mrs Helen French, dancer; "The Driftin' River Boys," weslern music; acrobatic dance by Karen Hutchins and Mary Laing; and The Andrews Sisters (a pantomime with.Tommy Zender, Charles Clark and Larry Hudson); John Moxley will also do a pantomime with recorded music; and Mr and Mrs Dean Flanders will present a modern dance. Bill Steele, manager of ihe Chamber of Commerce, will act as master of ceremonies. with bath routines until audiences sickened of them. * * * Les V. Wildin A veteran of Allan Dwan's experience has the advantage of having watched this parade of cycles through the years. He senses the approximate interval that must lapse before the public is due to renew interest in a half forgotten trend. Consequently, he can time a revamped approach almost perfectly. He loads his guns with all the accumulated knowledge of his subject and aims both barrels at the box-office. Then, as the bursting jackpot signals the start of another cycle, he gracefully withdraws. By that time he's either occupied with brand new idea or is saying to himself. "Hmm. It's about time they were ready again for an entirely new treatment on their old favorite, the Hmm!" Haitie Wilson YAK ALGONA, IOWA OPEN SKATING WEDNESDAY SATURDAY & SUNDAY NITES Available For PRIVATE PARTIES f , - . ' 22 nthone 826-LJ LeRoy Lau, Owner ******** SIX WINNERS ! Look on this page for your name. If it appears individually, you may' attend free Iho movie, "It's Always Fair Weather," showing Sunday and Monday at the Algona Theatre. Audience Awards Ballots To Be Cast Theatre Lobbies Manager Dick Phillips of the Algona Theatre, which is participating in Ihe National Audience Awards Poll for the selection of the best picture, the best performances .and the most promising new personalities, announced today that all votes cast in the election must be deposited in a special ballot box which has been set up in the theatre lobby. Ballots are available at the box- office. Nov. 17 through Nov. 27. WESLEY NEWS Mr and Mrs Roy Kollasch and family, Mr and Mrs Kenneth Have'rly and family and Mr and Mrs Dennis Haverly and family were Sunday dinner guests iii the C. E. ' Kollasch home in Whittemore. Eunice and Connie Studer of Albert Lea spent the weekend al the Herman Studer home. Monday evening dinner guests at the Clarence Nelsiijn home were Father Linus Eisenbacher of Armstrong. Rose Nelson, James and Margaret McBreen of Livermore, Joe and Ed Eisenbacher and Vincent Eisenbacher's daughter, Mary Eisenbacher of Elsie Willrelt Mr and Mrs Calvin Meineke and a friend, Dean Vangunder i.f Jefferson were weekend guests in the parental, N. F. Webe. home and enjoyed . pheasu:.. hunting. . Henry Svvansons had as then weekend quests Mv and Mrs Kucone S\vanson of Rockforcl. Ill'- Mr and Mrs Leon Swanson ami daughter of Mason City and Maynaul Swanson of Minneapolis. Minn. C. M. Whitehill HE'S IN THE MOVIES! HAL MARCH Master of Ceremonies of Ihe $64,000 T. V. Program Has a riotous scene in IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER" playing Sunday - Monday at the Algona Theatre (Don't Miss It!) HE'S IN THE MOVIES! HAL MARCH Master of Ceremonies of the 564,000 T. V. Program Has a riotous scene in "IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER" playing Sunday - Monday at the Algona Theatre (Don't Miss It !) IOWA'S WONDIRSHOWPLACI The SURF CLEAR LAKi , IOWA FR1., NOV. 18th LEO GRECO And His Pioneers SAT., NOV. I91h KIETH KILLWOER And His Orcheslfa TUES.. NOV/22nd Sludebaker-Packard Auto Showing HENRY CHARLES ORCH. WED., NOV. 23rd The One and Only PEE WEE KING And His Golden West Cowboys THURS., NOVr24 Thanksgiving Nighl EDDIE ALLEN and ORCH. Condol Wood Each member of the family is entitled to vote, but individual ballots must be obtained for each. Each voter is entitle*! to choose one name in each of the five categories. Manager Phillips stated that results of the voting will be tabulated daily. A committee of local citizens will check the results at the close of voting Nov. 27. and final tabulations will bo senl lo National Headquarters. ENDS THURSDAY: "WE'RE NO ANGELS" Barry's Recreation League Standings Hawkeye Lanes League Standings Published each week through Courtesy of Morck Dist. Co. & Storz Brewing Co. i ON OUR STAGE—FRIDAY, 3:30 P.M. "FAIR WEATHER VARIETIES" THE COMBEAUX * HELEN FRENCH, Dancer DRIFTIN' RIVER BOYS ' ANDREWS SISTERS KAREN & MARY * DEAN AND SALLY FLANDERS • JOHN MOXLEY, Pantomime * BILL STEELE, M. C. SCREEN: FRIDAY & SATURDAY AMAZE PRISON-WITHOUT-BARS! WITHOUT GUNS! WITHOUT WALLS! 2000 of the nation's toughest, convicts R HAWKEYE American League W Sluders luirm — Wesley 33 Tilonka Indians ft Brandt Buiek ... -,!. Hamilton Hatchery - -' Baker's Livestock ~» Sjugrcn's -j' Linus Club -|j Corwilh • -• --• 1- Sorenson Mir. & Imp. .. •> l-Iohinson Produce J-i liefli L.ickers -- " National League W Algona Produce . 31 Ernie Williams Pontiac-Cadillac 2J fleadv Mix Condole 2(> Wesl'Knd Bilhard.s ...24'2 Bancroft Oil Co. - ?'Burl Cn-op Kiev. -- Koxs. I'o. Imple. - -1 - Scvn I'p - • - - - -°'- j...,,, 20 Kline Williams .1. D. U' 1 ^ Kuud h:.-, B"de - 1:' Kay'.-, .i.u'K .13 Pione Hibred --------- 25 1! 13 17 17 1» 19 Weslern League WHAT KEEPS THEM FROM CRASHING OUT? Titimka I',Mil Mi ichants ,1 .'! Omaha W 30 30 L 13 15 IB 23 'j 2-1 21'j 2!) 31 L Id 10 15 15 Plantation \^ Albright Aero-Serv. 11) Rapid Thcrmogas jo Sargent Feeds 14 Thomas Skelgas 9 Kossulh Motors - - - o Classic League W Bcechcr Lane Appl. ---32 S & L Slore 31 llamms Beer 304 State Farm Ins. 27> 2 Plantation _ 23 Seeley Farms 22 Tilonka John Deere .--.22 Hub Clothiers - 21 '-j Miller High Life, Brill 17 >Root Hdwe., Wesley ,..15'2 Burl 11 Scobbu Skelly Serv. ..lO'i- Mixed League W S3 Sinclair Oilers .. -. .. The Has Beens The Vets . . - . . The Buckaroos — Conoi'0 Service - —22 Brand! Buick 20 The Aces . . . . . - -Hi Farmer's CD-up Sot.. Wesley 17 Sargent Feeds - 17 Standard Oil . lr> The Strudels -12 15 16 22 24 24 2(i 31 32 L 12 13 13'u 1G 1 21 22 22 22 '••' 20' -I 29" •• 33 32'i L 7 !) 14 23 23 25 28 33 BARRY'S Wednesday Women W L Druggists' Mutual 22 5 Cook's Welders IB 1 - 8'- Thuente's 14'a 12 1 -. Moose 13 l -i> la'.a Coast-to-Coast 13 14 Bancroft Co-Op 10 17 United Variety ^ ' 8 '^ Welp's 8 19 Thursday Women W L Sharp's _ 20 7 Hood-Winks _ .10 11 ASC 14 13 Bill's Service 14 13 Van's .Cafe 14 13 Storz-ettes 14 13 Bradley Bros. 9 IK Wallburg Texaco 7 20 Monday Men W L Bode Billiards 24 9 KCs 24 9 Miller High-Life 21 12 Mouse IV Hi Bode D-X .--13 21) Clark Grain ---12 21 Don's Phillips GO - 11 22 Scluilte flee -10 23 Tuesday Men W L Paul Seeley Fai nis -- 21 12 Hamm's 21 12 Moose -.- 19 14 Blatx ....... -.!« - 1 Peterson Cain 1 > I ( > Russ & Ky --17 Hi Barry's Broncos ..13 20 National Piiiard - r ' 2H [~£vffy invitation of »fi«JJ«ac/»r'j Digeit sensation! ] EllY HJRSCH • BARBARA HALE • CHESUR MORRIS • ' " PLUS COMPANION HIT The above Bowling Standings are Presented to You Each Week Through The Courtesy of IVIORCK Distributing Co, <\ND THE STORZ BREWING CO. like a re-freshing dip, Storz has what it takes to satisfy your thirst. Each golden glassful is a toast to pleasure — Bitter-Free pleasure — with no lingering af- tertcsts. You'll find it less-filling, too. That's why smart moderns agree Storz is truly A. !VS J£ Fi 3 1? /S PLANTATION WHITTEMORE, IOWA Friday, Nov. 18 SPIKE HASKELL Sunday, Nov. 20 LEE BARRQN Thursday, Nov. 24 Thanksgiving DON HOY Friday, Nov. 25 ANDY DOLL Sunday, Nov. 27 CLEM BRAU Friday, Dec. 2 BABE WAGNER No Advance Booth Reservations Door* Onpn nt YOU! COMING Tues. - Wed. (NOV. 22-23) THE STORY OF THE FAITH THAT BECAME CALIFORNIA! 2Oth C»ntury-Fox prevents MOVII TNIATMt! YOU are the star in this FIRST POPULAR NATIONAL MOTION PICTURE ELECTIONI YOU MAKE THE picture! performances! ...most promising new players! YOU go to the movies! You know what't bttl! YOU VOTE FOR kWTODS TNUBMT, MOV. B" Mmvvfc MMMT, MOV. V* by DE IU*£ • ST!Pro?.-GV:C STUM) mm mm jflp •VOTE FOB • Th» b«it motion pictur* of ttn y*ail • TK« beif performance by on octorl • The btil performance by an octreul • The mo it promiting new ferr .'ol • The moil promising new mole) ALGONA*, SUNDAY and MONDAY (2 Hits) CHARISSE GRAY PLUS 2ND HIT SENSATIONAL! THAT WON Ctd r i in £ DENNIS MORGAI Qood, »t ASK FOR YOUR $30.QO G. E. CREptT fi |p W ft gewjqg Marine Cp. on the G. E. Automatic Washer & Q. £.'

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