Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 3, 1963 · Page 26
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 26

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1963
Page 26
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26 GolesburQ Register-Mail, Golesburg, III. Thursdoy, Oct. 3,1963 OKAY LUNCK/VlOURfeOVeHw.) MR. DITHERS TIME GET BACK t'V' "THIS IS <J TO VvORK ( THE LAST ' GAME • OS HIP 3 DAGWOOD, YOU EVIDENTLY NEVER HEARD THAT FAMOUS OLD CHINESE PROVE(?3 if NO,S!R-\ WHAT'S V^TMAT? HE WHO BEATS BOSS jffiT IN GAME OP CHANCE ~^ WINS ONLY SWIFT KICK ) v U IN PANTS r -^Pjp /fVAWN!) IT'S TOO LATB 1/ TO 60 HOME I HOW ABOUT ME SN00ZIN' HERE TONIGHT, ELMER? . I DON'T A-J .WANT HIM f TO MAKE A HABIT 0 BCfrt7WECRAI <3SSLlRe k RAMPER.THEIR.P06/ HIS D06M0USF IS AS N(CE- SOME- IP MM FEEL UP 10 »Ti 5EHAT0R PllPEFPEft HAVE VOU JOIN HIM FOR DlNHEg._^4 JWAPOkMlf* ro«iow\^« FIASCO/ TMIS N0UH6 M«M HMf|6P _ tHWSWWlMltffJItNtY^ APlOMSOFAPlfflWt ADMIRAL* <4i I WON DO? IF ^HOULONT OX DOWN ON MACTAVI^Mfe VITAMIN©? WELL,, I THINK HIM TCO MANV/ y, • Pit OH.-" Radio and Television THURSDAY. OCT. 9 WHBF-Channel 4 5 :00 Leave It to Beaver. "Brotherly Love." 5 :30 Cronkite—CBS News. 6:00 John Ravencroft—Newa. 6:15 Don Wooten—Weather. 6:20 Don Sharp—Sports. 6:30 Password. 7:00 Rawhide. 8 KM) Perry Mason. 9:00 The Nurses. 10:00 Jim Koch News. 10:10 Weather Show. 10:15 Sports Final. 10:30 Tightrope: "The Getaway Day." 11.00 Theatre 4: Slatterly's Hurricane." WOC-Channel 6 5:30 Huntley-Brinkiey. 6:00 Report to Area 6. 6:30 Temple Houston. 7:30 Dr Kildare. •8:30 Hazel. 9:00 Perry Como Music Hall. 10:0n Report to Area 6. • 10:30 Tonight Show 12:00 Midnight Headlines. 12:02 Sea Hunt. WQAD-Clumnel 8 5:00 Maverick. e:UU Weather. 6:05 News. Sports. 6:15 Ron Cochran News. 6:30 Flintstones. 7 AO Donna Reed. 7:30 My Three Sona. 8*0 Jimmy Dean Show. 0:00 Sid Caesar Show. 9:30 Naked City: "Nickel Ride." 10:00 Weather. 10:05 ^ick Richmond Newa. 10:15 Murphy Martin Newa. 10:25 Jim King Sports. 10:30 Steve Allen. 12:00 News Final. WTVH-Ownnel 19 5:00 Cheyenne. "Trial by Conscience." 6:00 Ron Cochran—News. 6:15 Local News, Weather and Sports. •6:30 The Flintstones. "Little Bamm-Bamm." 7:00 Donna Reed Show. "Whatever You Wish." 7:30 My Three Sons: "Did Ya Ever Have One of Those Days?" 800 Jimmy Dean Show. 0:00 The Sid Caesar Show: 9:30 DA's Man: "Shakedown." 10:00 Murphy Martin—News. 10:10 Local News. 10:15 Hollywood's Finest: "Trail Street." 11:40 Evening Inspirational. WEEK-Channel 43 5:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 1020 12:15 CBS News. Peoria Today. Password. Rawhide. Perry Mason. The Nurses. Peoria Tonight. The Late Show: "In the Good Old Summertime." At Day's End. WMBD-Clwnnel 31 5:30 Huntley-Brinkiey. 6:00 Locai News. 6:10 Weather 6:15 Sports. 6:30 Temple Houston. 720 Dr. Kildare: "The Good Samaritan." 8:30 Hazel: "Dorothy Takes a Trip." S 00 Perry Como'a Kraft Music Hall. 10:00 Harrison and ttw News. 10:15 Weather. 1020 Gordon Joyner on Sports. •1020 Tonight Show. 12:00 EvenX'ij Meditation•—Denotes Colorcast. The island of Marajo, at the mouth of the Amazon River, is twice the size of Massachusetts. Station WGIL, Radio 1401) KUOCyel— THURSDAY 6:00 News. 6*5 Public Service Show. 6:35 Coach's Corner. 6:50 Music. 7:00 News. 7-05 The World Today. 7:35 Music. 10:00 News, etc. 10:15 Music Till Midnight. News on the Half Hour FRIDAY 4:55 Wake Up Show 6:00 News. 6:05 Wake Up Show. 6:15 Farm Fare Program. 6:35 Wake Up Show. 6:55 Robert St. John Reports. 7:00 News. 7:05 Weather Forecast. 1:10 Sports Scoreboard. 7:15 Wake Up Show. 7:30 Local News. 7:45 Morning Show. 800 News. 8:05 Weather Forecast. 8:50 Notes on Modern Living. 8:55 What'a New in Pink & Blue. 9:00 News. 9:05 Bulletin Board. 9:25 Uncle Harry. 9:35 Morning Melodies. 10:00 News. 10:10 Music 10:35 Problems and Solutions. 11 AO News. 11:05 Morning Melodies. 11:35 Trading Post. 11:50 Farm Adviser Program. 11:50 Noon Day Devotions. 12:00 Noon Farm Markets and News. 12:15 U.S.Weather Forecast. 12:25 Local News. 12:40 Music. 4 00 News. 4:05 1400 Club. 5:00 News. 5:15 Fulton Lewis Jr. 5:20 Music. 5:30 Sports Parade. 5:45 Wall Street Report. 5:54 Weather. 6:00 News. 6:05 Capital Assignment. 6:35 Music. 7:05 World Today. 8:30 Corpus Christ! vs. Knoxville. 10:00 Nightcap News. 10:15 Music Till Midnight. Nawa on tha Halt Houi. Station WAIK, Radio 1510 KlioCTCl— FRIDAY 6:30 Sign On. 6:31 News Headlines. 6:32 Farm Report. 6:50 Weather-Watch. 6:55 News Around the World. 7:10 Local News. 7:25 Speaking of Sports. 7:35 Astropuider. 7:55 Paul Harvey News. 8:00 Local News. 8:15 Werthc Watch. 8:25 Hospital Notes. 8:30 Viewpoint. 8:55 ABC News. 9:00 Breakfast Club. 0:55 ABC News. 10:00 Local News. 10:45 Town Crier. 10:55 ABC News. 11:00 Local News. 1105 Tradio. 11:30 Viewpoint. 11:55 ABC News. 12:00 Omnicast-News. 12:20 Farm Markets. 12:30 Paul Harvey News. 12:55 ABC News. 100 Local News., 1:15 Obituary Report. ! :25 Flair Reports. 1:55 ABC News. 2:00 Local News 2:05 Show Time on Broadway. 2:30 Viewpoint. 2:45 Town Crier. 2:55 ABC News. 3:00 Local News. 3:15 Civic Newomer 3:25 Flair Reports. 3:30 Inside Books. 3:55 ABC News. 4:00 Local News. 4:30 Viewpoint. 4:45 Local Sports. 4:55 ABC News. 5:00 Local News 5:15 Sports Round Up 5:40 Tom Harmon Sports. 5:55 ABC News. 6:00 Local News. 6:25 Flair Reports. 6:30 Viewpo* 6:55 ABC News. 7:00 Sign Oil. OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With IWr. Hoopl- UM,YAS,LADS,THE WORLD IS QJICKTO SCOFF ATTHEUMIQUE THINKIN.S OP A 6EMIUS/T. REALIZED X MEEOED A DRAMATIC STUtJTTO POPULARIZE MY LANNN CHAIRS, 60 t FEISNED 6LEEP ot>4 "THE TRAFFIC ISLAND / AS T ANTICIPATED, W (SAME ME PRECI6ELY THE/WAS6 MEDIA ADVERTISING. You MUST 6 E THS C WORLDS GREATEST ACTOR AS WELL A6 SALESMAN, MA3O(R.'6R06AN, THE COP, 6AY6 HE ^PLIT HIS MIGHT ^TICK 'OrtYOlJK' FEET BEFORE? x NEEDED/ 3 AK RED SOL), OUT OF VOUK L -$Mooz&: SALESMEN* ARB ,/V, ACTORS, CLYDE-,,., w OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. WillJarai NOW 1 KNOW V WHILE TREASURE HUMTW IN WHERE! I HEARD TH' ANDES, CAPN BAS/ F0UNP THAT OOP NAME" A, INOA WH0D BEEN FROZEN 6EF0RE.CAPU.lN -------A NEWS stony WEEKS AGO*. "^ITS DAWN. WE CAN'T SCUTTLE THI&TUB TIU.TOMAHT. WHEN I'LL •SETTLE HIS HASH FOR 0000? THIS IS -fMtof- TH 'WORST HOOMILIAVSWUN Fulton County Club Slates Style Shoiv Fulton County Republican Women's Club met recently in the home of president, Mrs. Clyde Townslay, of Cuba. Plans were made for a luncheon and style revue. Mrs. Phyllis Schlafly of Alton, will be guest speaker at the luncheon at 12:30 p.m. Oct. 17 at Wee-Ma-Tuk Hills Country Club. Mrs. Schlafly is serving her second year as president of the Illinois Federation of Republican Women, is an attorney and ran for Congress. Chairman of the style revue is Mrs. Oral Kost of Lewistown. Reservations for the luncheon are to be made with the membership chairman, who will be responsible for the tickets in her community. Chairmen must get their reservations to Mrs. Towns- lay by Oct. 14. Mrs. Townslay reported the tent at the Fulton County Fair and the booth at the Friendship Festival in Cantor were successful. Mrs. Omar reported on the 25th anniversary convention which she attended in Chicago. EASY; FELLA,,, HAVE FREE IN A COUPLE OF 5EC0NPS.' THEN„,6ET YOU TO AN AIP STATION,,/* YES, MN6 TUNKY OH. WONDERFUL \ ...BUT THERE a MOO CAN BE 1 PAY/ WONDERFUL, 1 GOTTA BEL tOURtt IF YOUA VWNPERFUL .H J CATCH IN m

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