Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 15, 1896 · Page 12
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 12

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1896
Page 12
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. ,-v--- •••-.- »."••' I r « i 1 r C UliJS H CORNER. 'On new fall goods. While many merchants are'stnck on unseasonable goodd •nd are using every means possible to put the,m onto tlielr customers, John Gray comes to the close of rhe season to grand shape and Is able to take advantage of the very low Eastern mark- Mi for cash and gives his customers ttean new fre»h goods away below old" «UTied"over, stock. . P. ; S.—Come and s*e the difference. DAILY JOURNAL r»bll*h*d every day lo the week (except Monday) by the Loransport Jour:, '"-. nal Company. President , . Vice PreiJdent -CL W. QRAVEB .................... Secretary , fj. B. BOTER ................... ...Treojurer - B*rlo« per Annum .................... '.... .14.89 :.»>rlo« per Month ............. .'.... ......... « Ofllclal Paper of City and County: . (Entered a* seoond-cla*§ mall-matter at tfe* Logan»port Post Office, February t "" SATURDAY, AUGUST 15, 1806. REPUBLICAN TICKET. For President. WIIAIAM McKINLEY, JR., of Ohio. For Vice-Pre»laent. QARKETT A. HOBART of New Jcraoy. For Governor, JAMES A. MOUNT of Montgomery Co For Lieutenant Governor. W. 3. HAGGARD, of Tippecanoe County For Secretary of State. WILMAM D. OWEX, of Caas County. • For Auditor of State. AMERICUS c. DAILEY of soone county For Treasurer of State. JFRED J. 8CHOLZ, of Vandcrburg County For Attorney General. WILLIAM A. KETCHAM. of Marlon Co. For Reporter of Supreme Court, CHARLES F. REMY of Bartholomew Co. Tor Superintendent of Public InBtruotlqn, r> M GEETING, of Harrison Count. For State Statlstlcan, ft J THOMPSON, of Shelby County. For Judge of the Appellate Court. First District. "WOODFORD ROBINSON, of Gibson Ce, Second District. W E, HENLEY, of Rush County. Third District D W. COMSTOCK of Wayne County. Fourth District. JAMES B. BLACK, of Marlon County. . Fifth District. : . U Z WILEY, of Benton County. Electors at Lanre. H. G. THAYER, CHAS F. JONES. For ConBf e * 8 i GEORGE W. STEELE. For Joint Representative. WILLIAM T. WILSON, of Cass County. TOT Reprosontatlve^-CHARLES B LONG- J-or^Proiecutor-CHARLES E. £ Wor Clerk— JOSEPH 'G. GRACE. Vor T?ei«Mer^BENJAMIN F, KEES- For s'heriff-I. A. ADAMS.. J B " for BORINQ - dLASSES;-. 'THE"'FIBST AND MOST DEFENSELESS, TIMS OP UNSTABLE MONEY A '' FLUCTUATING'.. CtJERENOY.- Domocratlc .platform, ;1S92.' • ; ; } Tor Commissioner, Third District— ABRAHAM SHIDELER. &'•-. ; COMPARE THEM. :':.':. l(f ',: "The Republican party' U unreeerved- fc '.:••'•*& for eound money! it caused tbe en- S;.-.'-..jctment of the law providing for the ;fviui.-r*BBmptlon of spede payroenta In 18719; then every dollar ha* been as good gold. "We-are unalterably opposed to every calculated to debase bur cur- or hnpalr the credit of our coun- • toy. We are therefore opposed to'the . .free coinage of 'silver except«by tater- ^jjttlottil agreemeDt with the leading v<!ffln(mercuu nattons of the world, which - we pledge onrselves to promote, and un- •••1H then «uch gold standard must be pre' ' ' AN -UNCALLED-FOR INSULT.' No gratw 111*1111:; 'ooiiiil lie ' offetetl ropii ta.bl e ' oftlxcns' tlia-n . -that . cou-ta i trail d'n tbe .Pli^iros suggestion^ ln'st .eveutaj; thnit the Pu.niiu.udie employes slgiied the caM foi'S rto'uud.moiiej-; 'woufLtl suil UieJir priiK«Iipl«fi- f»r :i .job on tlue roiid. 'Not a man whose unine Is al- taoJicd to thji-'t call -'.would- couitinue In- filii- uiiii>lo>- at tli« Pauiuimlte. company for a niODMsait If tlm.t.eiriiployimejit was oai oondWan, tlio-t toe should vote, nga'tnst his l«>n«sit convictions. . Tlie Inflijeuce' of iJife caM oiinniot be belittled In tbnt way. Nor can, the POutwe hope to bpl- <rtor up fl weak cnuse by Insulting the nemo/orate wlio In slgulng. Hint call,d!.s-. played iradopendeuce. It Ls but natural to .expect that the cmployw'as a wliole wffl resent tMs to*udt, aiid no bettor ar : gumonit in favor of sound monej- exists/ thau te .found 1-n tluc Phaiios- method of prauiotljiff tlie freo silver fraud. '/ Xlie Democratic employes of the Pan-, handle are and were for sound money .^ Tbey stood with Uie Pharos on, thnt^ piK)(poisltloii. WJim tlhe Pharos flopp'edv for tli-e sake of the local county patron-'? age 'they «rf used to sen their principles : .for a jolb, ns the Phai-os did, and remained .consilstomt sound money men. And now tbe Pirn-roe, wlulch sold out for a job, n-ccusea those worthy citizens,, wlio have been coustetent and honorable, with doing that which in fact It only is guilty of. The Democrats who have ronmtocd honest and trae tx> tlieli- convictions retain the respect of tbe comuiiunaty. The Pharoe te an object of cojitemupt the State over. Its servile ari- at-chtetlc utteraoces, ite attempts to destroy both, labor and capital. merit the uah'dBal condeninaitkxn wlii<di lts, s oowi-se occa*Mie. No self-respec'dug •raith-oad raaa can, suftei 1 Wie disgrace which a support of its-policy lovo-hres, We,, the uradiersligined raHi^ay .employes, represen!t!l|nig every department of midway service, do'hereby.pledge ouirselves to, use our YOteg and, tofluen'ce for Htlve defeat of 'the flree col-mage of silver ait flue fartticomitas -NaWoinal election, '''"beHtovtag ttnait sucfh'fpee cotangent silver** tflie ra*I|o- of Iftto l,--when the .coni- miercdiul iwitlllo ila- mow '(ban 31 -Ssd- i, would lie fajuiitous. to oiuir personal .In'terests: 'ins wage earners as well as disastrous to the United States as a ma-tiion. ; We are opposed to ifflie- f ree npd uoitmJJtedvcolnage of sfflTer •- •- •-••-. 1st. Because our pMeent'.'pay won't, qulljte enable', us to buy everything on. eanth and' we have no desirel'lio haj^e'i'ffialt pay cut to two, , 2d. Because we prefer to IMJve what few • doGtas we cam worth 100 cents apiece, not'S3 cemtB., .i ,> : :'.?.-,;;';-.-',;t,; Jl i ; ."-..". 1 .:. -,--•- : : ' ••' -" '.••••'• - 3d. Because we do .ncit, see. why We .should be any...betiber off, M Hie price of 'emyMug we Oiad : *6 taiy-'Wis^ouTflediand our wages remained the same: ' 4tli. Because; though the ratio may now -be 1C niion out of work to one who has a, Job,-we Bave no desjlrejto..jjjtyell the ratio by tamiug i»=*- men out of amploymcnit. ... . '...„..,-,,• •' ' -,,:•.' • , """ "••--'• - fo^ai queatkroe as a body, we '"VIra favor of ithe present stund- , gold, silver or paper, worth ;j^nr,elt tine Rdmk', Monday, August 17th, fey 'Miente ; Sound Money club, * REPU|BLICA'NS— - . - ^':-jpHA : RLES GRAY ,.. . '. & . '$. K. GREEN •'. W-li. E. JEN-NESS . • . ' - •• '• ' E. W: ALEXANDER "All our silver and paper currency : be maintained at parity with _ r ._ w and we favor -all -measures de,. -: ilffned "to malntnJn inviolably the obit[i>- - gtOone of the United States and.all our |£y ••»«wy, whether coin or^paper, at the $'-....• pment standard,..the•standard, of tlte |X :'--moat enlightened nations of the earth." I'.-;. ' —Republican platform; • , . *!p "We demand the free and unlimited !'§ «lnage-of both gold and silver at the |i ; 'v. present legal ratio of 10 to 1, without $&•••' watting for tbe aW or consent of ftny j£p-miner nation. 'We. demand that .'tbo ; i'• itandord-«llvcf dollar shall be a full |:/' fcgal tender, equally with gold, for all ;':t -Jebts, public BK& private, and we fav- f£-, ; .-•••» »uch legtetatJon as will prevent the % .<>4«monetlmUon of any kind of legal ten- fey '-'tee money:by; private contract.—Demo|:'' : •. iratic platforni. •%"• We demand free and unlimited eota- |y, igeof isllvw and gold at the present le- railo of 16 to 1—Popolto* platform, FREElTlLVER "ARGUMENT." A dastardly .attempt to array labor against car(ltall was miade Friday evening. Ike Pta roe Bold: "There ore two mighty forces oper- aitlnig to tnte campaign^ Oine mighty taree Is the producing of miU03ons,.who by reason of the Increased purchasing. power of gold ftnd the reward of their. toll unreanamerarLye.,. * * * ..Another .milghry force— a force composed of money 1 lenders, high salaried; 'officials and professional men- are directly Interested Jn jualnt^jmilng tlie purchasing power of 'gold." - . TJie Jionesit oMJzenij .who advocate sound money know, as the . Pharos knows, "that there cannot be, one coin for *he poor, another for the rich. If gold to the money £of tbe. capitalist, It la; the imoncy for the wage worker. Moiiey. nwiet circulate :ilreely or.dt ceases to be. imoney. If the pqor -man cannot get. the. cqulvaBcat of gold *or 'his; wages :the emipJoyor camiot get.lt for his profits. There can be no difference. .Tbe Pharos argument <te absuid and dte candUiBlonis aiuarchlstllc auid.dtoreputalble., It knows : better. It knows that thtere JB no argu- . men* iln favor of ftree silver. It knows •tliait dt muat arouSe ttfe prejudices of. the most Ignoraint if it would succeed. IB order ito emphasize, to own infamy it double leads Its sedlUkws utterances. Let there -be an «mipua-tiliC;00iiidemiiatioii of tMs -at the polls.. .' !'.' WJilte we do not flestre-to' respectfully request and of money, wMel , 100 cents, to meet yviiitolj us,,ait«. g!ol< for ifflie -puirpose of forming 1 ''a* 1 " -DEMOCRATS— : - . 1 S. B. KERLIN ,<.:"••• ( .«•"£•"« . . L. M. DOOLEY 5 $ "•;. JAS. SULLIVAN •' $.. / E. F. KEARNEY /• A. J. HOCKENBEAMER M.D.RYAN- - ,, S. P. ANDERSON J. W. EARX.Y "''•'" HORACE E. NEWCOMET H. H. KNOWLTON • .i£. . -.: J.W.HAMILTON .y.,-rr:-. :.~' H. WHITE .,., ;.,„..'" ; 't H. K, ORR y-'? A. E. GARRETT ' '.,'.! /;;;; JOHN G. GALLAGHER '' £ GEORGE W. HILL ''-'•', v '. i$ M, CALLAHAN ; •']' D. MAHONEY ':"' -•"•' . C. D. HE'RRICK - • ' C. E. KLINCK "••''• J. .T. HANNON- • .-•••-'• ,, F, J. TREMP •' •"•••'' i' OHRIS SGHIELE' - '••• •'-" C. F. HARDER ; V O. J. MURPHY M. FARRELL ; • ; E. K. STOUGH -"'•'••• '. GEORGE B. SPALDINQ : , JAiMES.GOSS - ;: '-" : - : " M. DIXON : ' .REPUBLICANS— " ; '"' B. B. IDE '"" W. H,LENNON H. F. BERGMANN ' " '" CLARENCE LEE '' : ' ' R. B. MATTHEWS ' : ' S, W. SHAVER C. R. BELL C. L. CASE v;-.-| • I>T; R.'C: BARNARD GHAUNCEY M. ABBOTT "/W.S. PARKS LEWIS- KING '• AJM. WILLEY : -.A.;H. THOMAS ROBERT W. WEIR J. C. SULLIVAN G.jH'ENSLEY . N.JA. IRVINE ' A.!O. DAVIDSON 1 RUDOLPH BERNDT 'H.JE. MEGINNESS C. iA. BUTLER GEOJttOE CRAWSHAW •••' CH-A'RLES LAING • ;Ti A. FRANKLIN 1 E. W: GOHL "j." W. CALDWE-LL •R. ; A.' WINEMILLER •IT. 6. POTTS •' : ' Vl j: W.-VANLOON "• W. ! O. EVANS l| -F, E. WOODLING V JOE OLARK ;> W.jBRBWER ! - WILLIAM H. LEGG 1 "JOHN Y; WOOD '"'A'Jw. HUTCHINSON '. J W,JH.-iGBBEN • ; ''GEORGE, MANRING ' • tX FOSTER* W. H. GIFFORD jy;r- We bold to the tise of both gold, and .'•liver as tlie standard money erf the • •oontry, anfl to the,coinage of,both gold Jtnd rilver, wtthoot discriminating •gatnst either metal' or charge for milnt- K.'ife, but tbe flol»ftrmrt of coinage of 'both mctato mOW 'be-trf'.equal Intrlnflie > and exchanifcaMe value or be adJuBted .^tbrongb taternntloo«] agreement .or by •och mfegnordB' ot legislation as' eball •tarore the mohi+eoaoce of the parity ,'-'•* the two metabi and the: equal power *t MTM jr doliar.at all rlmei to the mark&:..'•«• and In payment of debt, and w«de- mand that ail paper cntrency shall .be ;ltept at'par with and redeemable, hr coin. WB MUST INSIST UPON KTHIS POLICY AS, ESPECIALLY FOB THJD "PBOTBO- IT IS NOT AT ALL PROBABLE THAT -THE NEXT HOUSE WILL HAVE A MAJORITY FAVORABtE TO THE ,FREE.COIN AGE! OF SILVER; AT A RATIO OF 10 TO A- WHEN IT BECOMES A DEM,ON- STRATED FACT THAT THERB. IS NO DANGER OF THIS COUNTRlf PEESONAL. . '' Mto3 Bessie Stouffer Is vtolting at -In- dlannpolls. .- : .;.'...: "-;''•• Mrs. "\V. W. Di-mmock of KokomoMs VteitlJig here. -• • . •.- • ,- v •-• ! •;Master Wfll-iace Hauk te visiting relatives at Peru. . •"•''•' .E. "Li. Rogers oC Waba.sii wios ID the 'city yesterday. ' •..,-.-•.- . F. Si Moore of La/fay^te was here-. .yesterday on i'f r \riaa finrt.r Gertrude Close Is ente4a,l|alny. 'Mtes : Rose Gh-st of .Marion, -.. :• <*-x'. '• Peter Hfeitey of Monrtpelitor Js .vtelttngj relatives and frJends-lm tlie.clty.- • ;Mrs. H. B. Thompson and .daughter of Richmond, are .visiting In the-.aty.:-'>;: i "'•'Mlas- Gertrude -. Overman/ :of • -Pratt' dtireet JB visiting Meads -ait -Palmro»it.->'' Mr. art! Mrs. E. B. MtOoanell -have refcu-nnedi ifrom an outtog at St. Joseph at -tire September school open ' ' Miss Jessie Keller and Mlaa A'mcll Beamer are vJsi.tln'g at Monterey. John Rose, Jr., and wife ot Indiana 'polls, are visiting relatives in-the East 'end. ; ' . . [ . , .; -...••• ./ W. C. Evans, of Danville visited friends here yesterday while enroute to Lake siaxliikuckee. Mts. P. N., Dill has returned to hei home In Nebiiaska after a visit .with, her brother, D.' M. Watis. . Mo?.: John E. : Bames and daughter, Mrai; 4- W- Funk, have returned from a trip; io Niagara Falls. . . !.' W.; : 0. Fisher te entertaining his uncle til ^Jsoer'of Plymouth, and liias Ella Thrcihjer of'Cosliocton, ObJo.. ADOPTING THE SILVER ARD IN OONDUCTINQ THE NESS "OF THE .COUNTRY, PROS-' FERITY WILL COMB AGAIN"ANO-' : WITH LOWER. TAXES ON .THE NECESSARIES, OF LIFE, EVERY, KIND OF BUSINESS WILJt, BOO.U AGAIN.—Pliairos editorial,. Mftrcb _J2.^ isoc. ".' „.:'. .... ' •' It ajppeaiu that, the nomlina,tlou of Joiiiblua Strange by tlie. Populists was after -.all only. -a scheme to /hoodwiak Popullste. -»iho bellev.e In takling .theira strniEght. Jo/ah,,!* .taiavor of Indorsing his DeniiCK;ratite.op|>onen,t,. Joe, Laataer., He Is wcaJtliy, Josh, is, .and has 'a- horror 'of lii.ylnig ou-tih'to substaDce In a hopeless, : <Mmpalgra agatast Major Steele,,who oaii dmw Josh's f plloiWiW» *n hite : own- 'pr'ecbot- 1 'Mr/Sftrange'-lB ready.'tb draw Piuit of the contest In favor of Mr. Larj-- mer. Cass counjy Popullste are notfaj:", Larllmer or, any other Democrat- 'fot. CJongresB; They ; have expressed thjeni-. selves om tills point to- county convention-. Some of them are for Bryan because be to a Popuilst, They will not be pleased to hear that the Democrats in,.'tlbe district have 'baoiiboozled Qjem, Adolph BlchaTds 1 and of Rochester : vlalted .. here : . f or ^a hours yesterday..., . - ,.:: .,•.,:,, -. ,MJas. Maggie GJAman of Llindep aye*-! ue Is visiting Piiof. -and Mrs. Stouffer a,t Greenville, Oh to. ., .., . . -,..-.-.-:, -^,Mrs. M. .H. Rea and daniiMer.-.-Luta of Race street, retained yesterday Ifrojn a tour of the Soutk. . . •'.,->y^j Misses Jessie Killer .and:,:,.Amelia ' Beamer are idhe guesfts of theU'..grand- i'parenitB at .Monterey... • . / 'The Hionj. S. P..SheerJa i . \vent to Chileago .y«iterday morbjing oo business. . ..-••,..•; .-:.'. :•.->'' Hunitlngton Herald: Mrs. Janics.Mc- Gourtey returned .from « .visit to-L^)- gansiport yeateiiday evening.: ; •,.-,<«:.. ':• '^Misses Ida and. Amelia and-,Mrr;,Gus' :Tiek's ,,t«toraed at Hudisoin Lake;, -w :>i.: Bel,, mother and.'sJster of hinve rdturaied to their horn* :af- tera 'visit With Siberilt.Adiaim6,aiildfain- f-- . . -...-:. •::•.;-;:«• -:.i ' 1 North JiUdson News: Meadamcs Sence ind Zine of Yo.uog America and Uotroffi of Logansport, Mfalted over. with Mis'; H.. H. -BngiteitH), former JB Jrrs. ,. , into nominating a fuslontet with a tight. banrel. . ... sefMr.,and,MTS. P.; F. Spainrow and. Miss Halpto, of.Lo;,i ganaport, aretl* gucsits of Mrl and Mrs;, J.-.W.' RandaM... ,.H. A... Luce_ ; of..Lnr .gainsport, was; visiting. Kiejitiond fritendsi >tiie flrat of'UJE week'.'. '.-..'• ' ..., ,..• : .Mpntl-oefflo "Journal^,Mr. t apd Mrf. Arthur Parks ..were, in Lognnspor.t today- Riie, visited' Loganspprt fijfends .itbla jnorning.... .HXra, S. P. Slieerib, of ;Lo, ., ''ifor'ia few. io.u'rs:.'; ^Ml8S-,;A f niiit,'Eor- : 'ls. ; : frilieinds. . | : . f^.-; Lajfayette OaurJcr: Oiur' Joto' WJJMn, . «ryaind'sta,tli6in.ery littuse, ^' ' 1 VJlfiS school ta- sou/cnennipartB of .'the coroty .txi:*£tfiat" ; • ,•> -aie'childwai shall not be Jaoki-njgf school JAllen has 'return<.>d to her home (T ., ^-jy;'Onto, after a pleasant visit '..wftli- the fainlly of Asa Coleinan.. / AN JOLD-FASHIONED PICNIC.' '""•Tlier^ 'wll'l be an old-fashioned picnic 'hel& -in Gottshall's grove near Webb ! CuaipeK Thursday, September 3. Every- ife'dy'.w invited to,come —'^•»'—'">' ' well-flHed," and' s-p€jnd. a : fempje, • the woods. boBket ^ ;'"'•', i^DDITlbNAL LOCAL. , father of Mayor -,[.j Cliju-ltg-Garrett, secretary to Dri Rog- era'iit,Ltong v ClJff hospital will goto Clil- cago onl business today. i jt,te: said tiliat 30 centj per huudred, .Uie; price 'if w pald.by the Royal Center creaiher'y. Is the lowest ever paid, for mUk.i- '• '\ ',....' ..'•': as a festJ-val tost nlgM at the (hbmeof J. B. Sta'.nJey, tbe affair being Tindejj th'e':dlrcctlion of .the ladles and for the'benefiit of .tbe Ninth- street, Christian chuiicJi;. ! '...'. ,.'• • ',-A-;runn,way occuii'ed on Sixth street last evening but no damage was done. nainie of the owner of tlie horse was not learned. ' •'•'' - '...'.',' ,;Mlss,'ClaTa Greenewald of Ft'.' Wayne, daughter <if Dr. M. Greenewald, te Vlslt- 'cousin-, Miss" Llllie Gairett, of 528sTweUth street. •"' ' ' ' . ? The/Morgan iiiJl' south of -town Is undergoing 1 a course of repairs. It will be cut. down;- the grode : made ' longer and -will not-then -be a terror to- the of base i -piratical C08tuin<8. The ball, , Logansport player 'Is easily recognized hJi9,roakfrUp. ..:'-,--'- •-• • , driver of J. H. Foley's . , . . lIy^j|Wfl^i>n;& la<d off on aocount^of a . hile Iwnd- !" v High«e bf all in Leavening Fower^-tatest U. &Gbv*t Report. ABSOLUTELY PUBE __.j of thp"oc«an.- He does this SQ , Kkillfully that to the gull his nose look* like a fish at play. This, catches the. gullV. eye, ai^d. it at onoe dart*'down with- the BpecS of an arrow, aiming i-troight for the .little dot. The seal sees it coming-and elnk» ; a few inchc*, nnd as th^gull strikes the water with tremendous force'the seftl's jaws clo*n •upward and the gull disappears. FOSSIL MEAL. A New German Product Wbloh Bu M«O7 . A new product, called fossil meal, IB beinfflntroduned from Germany for pre- the lose of heat from radiat.'on very sore anlkle. , -vwjr m/re uume. ivamwin \>^^^ ^^*^ M^i^Jita^S 96ngift:ioiiaL.4(f|!S4itt T -iinc barrel slipped ' " and, fell on hte ;ankle. . t tbe park'thte kf- . uauaual interest.. are ifast hagBr the pu-nse, a bonafide one,'adds to the interest. A siaall. admission fee will bo; charged. R.. .Twells -liiu? resigned Ms position, a.? steuograplier-at -r]ie. Pjuihaiidle freight depot, and will enter Purdue university next month. His position is filled by Francis Bowman, who recently graduated from, Michael's •unlver.sdity In, tlie business course. . : • F, 'M. Blasalngiiaui has removed his miMlng tools from Royal Center to this city where they will be attached to tbe hoop and heading factory, at Peoria Junt-t'ion.. Tlie Royal Center saw mill was established by Henry Winklebleck twelve yeans-ago. Apa-rty of yoniug iieople enjoyed a verj pleasant dance at the piirk last night. Tliere were several guests from out of the city, among them being Mfes Emma Murphy of Marlon, Miss Jessica Anm- gtroug of Kokomo. There were thirty couples In attendance. The Mandolin orchestra furnished tbe music. A birthday surprise was given Thursday night in honor of the tWrty-fourtb blitibday aniudversary of Patrolman Hougliton of the police force. The af- fa-lr was in every way a success. It was ai-rnnged and carried out by his wife and -many friends. The Westeide Mandolin club furnished inwte for the occasion. The following graduates were turned out at the townslnip commencement at Twelve Mile Thursday night: Alfred Evans, Ira FIvecoat, Truman G. Murden, Jessie Carson, W. W. Hoover, Hul- ind it is employed" in the manufactun dali RImipler, Cliarles Hoover and CliarlfB Bamhart The exercises were very interesting. The Michael's college quartette was present and. rendered .pleasing music. Patrolman Hougliton put.Mike Gusli- Ing behind tbe bars yesterday afternoon to sober off. Mike was in the,day before but was released on a promise of good behavior. Captain Skelton gave Pat 'Murphy lodging at the bastile last night at midnight.' Pat had also had a taste of the same medicine the day'be- fore and evidently liked it; for he proceeded to "load up" as eoon as he was released yesterday. ' . which takca place to so large an extent from the uncovered, surf aces of boilers, steam pipes, cylinders, and steam plant generally. It consist* of infusorial earth, obtained from certain mine* to Hanover, combined with other uub- stancefi to secure greater strength and cobesivenesg. Thi* infusorial earth la composed of millions of minute organisms; whose hollow form give* to, thfl, fossil meal Its high porosity, and eon-, soquently its non-conducting power. The use of this material, however, 1* not confined to the manufacture of non- conducting composition for steam pipe* and engine nnd boiler surface*.. It 1* used in safe making a* a fire-resisting compound, nnd by explosive manufacturers In the production of dynamite. It ie in demand for cold storage purposes, for covering cold pipe* from contact with the wanner external air. It is also employed hi chemical manufacture, as a preventive against damp; for cleaning-glass and metal; a* a tooth paste; It is made up Into blotting paper, and it is employed in the manufactui I of sealing wax. It make* tip Into flrebrjck of one-fifth - th« ; ordinary weight, with a fire-resisting quality equal to that of quartz. It ha* manyj other,-uses, one of which is filtration and it i* being: utilized for the domestic purification of water.' . ' '' CAPTURING ELEPHANTS. _'"•' Sport Thst th* HahartjBll !•. LI'S OPPOSITION TO WAR. Chlu GraenU 1» Pr*«mIiM«t- If a Man of Peace. Ex-Secretary John W. Foster contributes a sketch of "The Viceroy LI Hung Chang" to the Century.' Mr. Foster says: "Although the greatest general his country has produced in this century, I>e is preeminently a, man of peace. Conr fucius, whose disciple he Is proud to call himself, to ught^the folly of war, and the practice of ihe government and Chinese society In this respect is Inspired by his teachings. While Japan haaexalted Ihe warlike spirit, and there the soldier ia tbe idol of the people, in China the holdier is lightly esteemed, and always l-altes rank below the literary class. But notwithstanding' this peaceful spirit, there is often a, war party in China, and on two or three 'memorable occasions it has fallen to the lot of Viceroy Li to' be placed In antagonism to it. •The Kuld ja question, about 1880, brought tbe country to the brink of war with Russia, and it waa only' by his most tctive resistance to 'the war party at. Peking thai a peaceful settlement wa* leached. ' It. is now well known that he opposed, the late hostilities with Japan. The government of the latter during th» progress of the war obtained possession of and 'published certain memorials to the throne, dated In 1882, and forwarded by tbe viceroy, which looked to the ultimate Invasion of Japnn; but at best It wae merely an inchoate scheme and probably encouraged by the viceroy to lid bin projects for.the defense of the approaches to Peking. He had a better Vnowledge of the military strength of Japan' and of the- weakness of China than any other -of the emperor's ad- The enterprise- IB organized for the vmuaement of the maharajab, and take* place only once in about four yeani,. else the forest would be denuded of big; game. A small army, constating of about 5,000 men and perhaps three elephant* and. a few horsea, take part ib the hunt, says Chambers' Journal, and. '\ they .carry, tenta and provlsionB, Jnrt^ as if a campaign. again«t a powerful en-; . : / eniy were In progreas. Whenthe^pad : .\'l marki of the elephant are f<iund hei* : steadily tracked down, and as »otmB« he is found a trained fighter^f hJaorrm species la urged against him. As a rule, he steadily 'retreats upon sight -of -hia .pursuers, and- thedr ob- ' ject> to.pre«B him «o as to tire htm- , out. He then atanda at bay, and tb» tug of war commence*. The oppoalngi. . . animals butt at one another with their . . heads down, and should one show his flanks, he is quickly brought to earth — When finally conquered, the wild elephant i» pressed by his pursue™ toward: water, of which he to ao much In need after his exertion* that his hind kg*. can be shackled as he- drinka. He is then kept attached by rope* to other -'ele-- phantfl until he gradually become* accustomed to bondage, and in » ttoi. months he is completely under control. The aport la a blooiileaa one, and' the elephant* when captured are moat kindly treated. - _ _, _ _ YEARa Af t«r a Abram Mari«, bachelor, aged «Oye»M, and Mia* Sarah. B. Williams, •pinster, aged 47 year*, resident* of the Quaker village of Damoecns, O., were. married .. •everal day* oga,. it iajnat learned.; The ceremony was a» simple and as quiet' as It was possible 'to make it. And yet the wedding was the culmination of a courtship of 30 year*. For an even longer time the now happy couple had attended the old brick Quaker church and hod met in the church Sunday after Sunday. A smile and a 'word at the door was about all the courtthlp this Why __ . . remarkable copula had done. vlaerfl, and he feared the consequence* j they did! not mate while the bloom of youth wa» theirs WM often **ked among the Quaker folk of the community, . but the reason i* only known to to his country.-:of a conflict." THE WILY. SEAL. How B« M*a*r<M to. (fetch SM Gall* The Mai Is probably the clumsiest an- 'mal in the world, says the New York teoorder. Sf like* to baak in the eun oil duy and when he. movee he is exceedngly: sluggish and awkward. It haa often been wondered how this-animal manages to : »ecure its favorite food, wild sea fowl. Sea gull* are so wild that it i» difficult even for man to get within srunshot of one.• 'The seal seems to realize that' t would be-a waste of time to attempt to crawl WP oO'the-gulls-a*'they rest ipon the.water and .catch them una- waree. So'ho watches until the gulls are scoring slowly through the alr.ahd Jo*e to : the waves.- Then the seal dive* nto the sea and swims underneath th* water, for BOO* distance. By this time te boa managed to swim about 100 feet the gvll ha* forgotten the presence of ti"en«ny. This givea:-th« KB! hi* op- wrtunlty. He cautiously rioeu to .the urtnc* of tb« water at *ome. distance rom^ tba point at which lie' dived, and llowa merely the tip of bit great noes o appear above th* water. Bemalnlng in thi* pt»itlon,';he give* .ji enormou* body ;a jrot»ry motion, »o. bat hi* no*B d*»cribe* * olrclt on the themselves and perhaps to Cupid. Both Mr., and Mrs. Marl* are known to b» among 'the wealthiest member* of the Society of friends in the state. They arc away on their wedding tour to Niagara Foils and the summer resort* along the jeaj-hQrg L _ J ____ - ^^_ ^ ••• . Awarded. . Highest Honors—World'* Fair. ' " CREAM B4IQN6 MOST PERFECT MADE J wwCiape Cnam of T*rUr; Powder. JFret t f Amrtiohii, Alum or any other idultennl «0 Years the

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