Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 3, 1963 · Page 24
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 24

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1963
Page 24
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) 24 GolesburQ Register-Moil, Gotesburg, III. Thursdoy, Oct, 3, 1963 Market Reports Today New York Stock* NEW YORK (UPD-Stock mar ket midday prices: Admiral 22 »/4 Int T&T 50% Aldens 23 Iowa P&L Allegh Lud 41 Vt Johns-Man 48% Alld Chem 51»/4 Kennecott 78te Alld Strs 53 Allis Chal 17 Alum Ltd 26te Alcoa 66V4 Am Air 28 ABC Pmt 30 Am Can 45% Am Cyan 58% Am M&F 18'A Am Mtrs 20% Am T&T 129% Am Tob 28 Anaconda 50te Armour 39% Atchison 28% Avco 24 Vi Bendix 51 Beth Stl 32% Boeing 34% Borden 65te Borg War 49 Case 9% Catplr 43te Celanese 51te Celotex 26 Cent Soya 27% C&NW 27te Chi RI 28te Chrysler 85% Kresge 28te Kroger 29% Lib McN 15V4 Lockhd 38 Mar Oil 56 Maytag 38Vi Min Hnywl 121 te Minn Min 62te Monsanto 58% Mont Ward 37% Nat Bis 55 Nat Can 15% Nat Dairy 63% Nat Gyps 47% Nat Ld 74% NYC 21% No Amn 49% Nor Pac 48Vi No St Pwr 34te Olin Math 41% Outbd M 14 Pac Tel 32% Penney 44 Vi Penn RR 20 Pepsi Cola 57% Phil Pet 54% Piper Air 30% Pure Oil 42% Qua Oats 66 RCA 71% Cities Svc 67 Coca Cola 104V4 Rep Stl 42% Colum Gas 29Vi Revlon 43 Vi Comm Ed 50% Cons Ed 86% Cont Can 46 Cont Oil 64Vi Deere 64V* Diana 9 Douglas 21 te Dow Chem 59% Du Pont 245% Eastman lllte El Auto Li 24% Sq D 43V4 Erie 3% Std Bds 73% Firestone 37 Flintkt 21% Ford Mtrs 54% Friden 44% Rexall 36te Reyn Tob 39Vi Safeway 60% Schenley 21Vi Sears 99% Shell Oil 44% Simmons 42% Sinclair 45% So Pac 33 Sperry 17% Oalaibure Hog Market Galesburg Order Buyeri C. B. A Q. Stockyards Market active, fully steady Bulk of eastern shipping hogs, $15.15-$15.40. Top, $15.65, Quotations: 200-230 $14.90-$15.65 230-260 $14.65-$15.60 260-300 $14.25-$15,15 Sows: 300-500 $12.00-$14.25 Chicago livestock CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Hogs 5,500; butchers steady to 25 higher; mixed 1-3 190-230 lb butchers 16.00-16,50; sizable number at 16.50; 230-250 lbs 15.75-16.25; 2-3 250-280 lbs 15.50-15.75; couple loads mostly 3s 325-335 lbs 14.25 to 14.50; mixed 1-3 300-400 lb sows 14.00-14.75; 400-500 lbs 13.25-14.00; 2-3 500-600 lbs 13.00-13.50; closing 13.00-13.25. Cattle 700; slaughter steers and heifers steady; load high choice to mostly prime 1,128 lbs 25.25; couple loads choice 1,050-1,100 lbs 24.50; mixed standard and low good 21.00-23.00; load high choice and prime 1,004 lb slaughter heifers 24.25; utility and commercial cows 14.00-15.75; canners and cutters 11.50-14.00; shelly canners 10.00-11.50; a few utility and commercial bulls 17.00-19.00. Sheep 400; a few small lots of choice and prime wooled slaughter lambs 19.50; bulk good and choice 80-100 lbs 17.00-19.00; cull and utility 12.00-16.00; cull to good slaughter ewes 4.00-6.00. Fruehauf 28% Gen Dyna 25 Gen El 79% Gen Fds 86Vi Gen Mtrs 78te Gen Tel 27% Goodrich 54te Goodyear 40 Grant WT 26 Gt Nor 54 SO Cal 65 SO Ind 62% SO NJ 70% SO Ohio 66 Stude 8 Swift 39% Texaco 70 Texas Inst 83 Un Carb 107% Un El 26% Un Pac 40Vi Unt Air L 36Vi Utd Corp 8% Utd Fruit 21% sows Greyhound 46% Utd Gas 38Vi Gulf Oil 49te US Gyps 86te Homestake 48Vi Hupp 8 111 Cent 51 Inland Stl 44Y« IBM 454 Int Harv 57% Int Nick 62% Int Paper 35% US Play C 25% US Rub 46te US Stl 55% West Un 32% Wstghs Ab 28% Wstghs El 38% Woolworth 73 Yng S&T 122% Peoria Livestock PEORIA, IH. (AP) - (USDA) — Hogs 4,600; 1-2 200-230 lb butchers 15.75-16.00; 1-3 190-260 lbs 15.50-15.85; 1-3 270-425 lb 13.75-14.75. Cuttle 300; choice 1,000-1,200 lb slaughter steers 23.75-24.25; good and choice 900-1,200 lbs 23.00-23.75; good and choice 800-950 lb slaughter heifers 21.75-22.50; calves 7; prime vealers 28.00-29.00. Sheep 100; good 85-120 lb slaughter lambs 16.00-17.50; cull to good slaughter ewes 3.00-5,00. Galesburg Oroin Market Consumers Grain * Supply Co. 12:08 P. M. Corn $109 Oats 62c Soybeans $2.54 Grain Futures CHICAGO (AP) - Conflicting reports regarding possible sales of U.S. wheat to Russia caused a further downturn in most grain futures on the Board of Trade today. Heavy selling at the opening depressed nearby wheat contracts more than two cents a bushel. Other grains and soybeans also declined at the start. Speculative interests were the most active sellers of wheat. On the downturn commercial support developed and prices rallied from the bottom, recovering part of early losses. Wheat was te to IVi cents a bushel lower, December $2.06te; corn % to % lower, December $1.19%; oats % to 1 cent lower, December 71 cents; rye % to 1% cents lower, December $1,49%; soybeans were unchanged to IV2 cents higher, November $2.73%. Markets at a Glanco Bv United Press International Stocks higher in moderately active trading. Bonds firm. U.S. government bo vis steady in quiet trading. American stocks irregularly higher. Midwest stocks higher. Cotton futures firm. Grains in Chicago: Wheat, corn, oats, rye, soybeans mostly lower. Hogs steady to 25 higher, top 16.50; cattle steady, top 25.25; sheep steady, top 19.50; dressed beef steady, top 43.00; dressed pork loins 1.00 higher, top 47.00. Eggs and Poultry Knoxviile Road, Galesburg Red Rowe, Hatchery Large clean Eggs 22c Under grade Eggs lbc Leghorn Hens 3c Heavy Hens Interior Hog Prices SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP) — (USDA)—Interior Illinois hog prices (State-Federal); Receipts 28,000; demand good, butchers and sows generally steady; 1-3 190-240 lbs butchers 15.00-15.75; mostly at 15.25-15.65; 1-2 200-230 lbs 15.6516.00; 1-3 240-270 lb 14.50-15.25; 1-3 280-350 lb sows 14.00-14.50; 1-3 350 to 400 lbs 13.00-14.00 ; 2-3 400-500 lb 12.00-13.00; 2-3 500-600 lb 11.0012.00. Tomorrow's Estimates CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA)-Official estimated livestock receipts for Friday are 5,000 cattle, 6,000 hogs and 300 sheep. Bushnell Livestock Market is steady. Top, $15.75; 190-260 pounds, $15.25-$15.60; 260300, $14.75-$15,25; sows steady, bulking at $12.75-$14.50; cattle, steady; lambs, steady. Chicago Produce CHICAGO (UPD-Produce: Live poultry too few receipts to report prices. Cheese processed loaf 39 %-44; brick 39te -43Vi; Swiss Grade A 50-55; B 49-53, Butter unsettled; 93 score 59; 92 score 59; 90 score 58 l /4 ; 89 score 57. Eggs easy; white large extras 39 1 /-!; mixed large extras 39te; mediums 32; standards 34Vi. READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! Final Grain Review CHICAGO (AP) — Wheat and other grain futures were under selling pressure late today on the Board of Trade but soybeans^ firmed on increased demand. Trading was irregular most of the time with declines and rallies occurring frequently as traders remained uncertain about the outcome of a wheat-to-Russia deal. A late report from Washington quoted Secretary of Commerce Luther Hodges as saying President Kennedy has delayed until next week a decision on whether to sell wheat to the Soviet Union. Another factor in the trade was statement by Leonid Mtveev, head of a Russian grain board that negotiated the $500 million purchase of Canadian wheat for the Reds, that it is unlikely Russi will buy any wheat from the United States this year. Estimated carlot receipts today included: wheat 7, corn 135, oats 3, rye none, barley 11 and soybeans 229. At the close wheat was unchanged to % lower, December $2.07te-%; corn % lower to % higher, December $1.19Vi-%; oats unchanged to % lower, December 71% cents; rye 2 cents lower to te higher, December $1.49 1 /4- 1 /z and soybeans finished 1 to 4 cents bushel higher, November $2.7575%. Chicago Groin Kongo CHICAGO (AP)— Pre*. High Low Close close Wheat Dec 2.07% 2.05 2.07% 2.07% Mar 2.08% 2.06te 2.08% 2.08% May 2.04% 2.02te 2.04 2.04% Jul 1.66% 1.64% 1.861* 1.66 Sep 1.68% 1.66% 1.67% 1.68V* Corn Dec 1.19% 1.18 1.19% 1.19V* Maf 1.23% 1.21% 1,22% 1.23 May 1.24% 1.23Vi 1.24 1.24% Jul 1.25% 1.23% 1.25 1.25 Sep 1.22 V* 1.21 1.22% 1.22 Oats Dec .71% .70% .71% .71% Mar .73% .72% .73% .73V4 May .72% .72% .72% .73V4 Jul .68 .67V4 .67% .68te Rye Dec 1.51V4 1 .47te 1.49% 1.51% Mar 1.54% 1.50% 1.52% 1.54% May 1.54% 1.50% 1.52 1.54 Jul 1.41*4 1.39% 1.41% 1.41% Soybeans Nov 2.75te 2.71 2.75% 2 .731 /z Jan 2.79% 2.75V4 2.79% 2.77te Mar 2.83te 2.80 2.83te 2.81% May 2.86 2.82% 2.86 2.83te Jul 2.87% 2.84 2.87% 2.85 Aug 2.85 2.82 2.84 2.82% Backyard Sale 129 BLAINE FRI., OCT. 4 - 9 to 5 Miscellaneous children'* clothing, household Items. Basement Sale 1503 GRAND AVE. miDAY, Oct. 4—9 to 5 Corner base cabinet, bicycles, lawn mower, clothing and misc. Items. Nothing sold before 9. Basement Sale 147 W. MARY FRIDAY—1 to 11 SATURDAY — 8 to 11 Portable Ironar, stoker controls, dishes, teen doll clothes and miscellaneous. Rummage Sale 74 S. SEMINARY FRI. & SAT.—Oct. 4 It S Sponsored by Woodbine Camp Royal Neighbors — Doors Open — FRI., 6 P.M. — SAT., I A.M. FOR SALE OCTOBER 7 - 8 • 9 - 10 • 11th 2500 Hereford Yearling Steers from Wyoming 600-800 lbs. Wo hive just purchased Sen. Barlow's yearling steen and will offer them in lots to suit the) buyers. These cattle were bought on the low time and we are going to Mil thorn accordingly. CATTLE WILL BE SOLD FREIGHT PAID ON THE BURLINGTON TO ANY OF THEIR STATIONS IN ILLINOIS. It is our opinion that we have seen the low time on both fat and replace* mont cattle. We think you owe it to yourself to inspect this shipment, as these cattle from the Hard Grass Country of Wyoming ire ideally suited for our weather •rid food conditions. RELIABLE FEEDERS CAN BE FINANCED WERTHEIMER CATTLE CO., INC. C • *Q. STOCK YARDS PHONE 342-5126 GALESBURG, ILL. Chicago Cash Grain CHICAGO (AP)-No wheat or oats sales. Corn No 2 yellow 1.3034; No 3 yellow 1.29-32; No 4 yel low 1.28; sample grade yellow 1.27. Soybeans No 1 yellow 2.77%; No 2 yellow 2.78; sample grade yellow 2.72%. Soybean oil 9Vi a. READ THE WANT ADS! FOR SALE 5-ROOM MODERN HOUSE Reasonable Taxes 289-7146 Backyard Sale FRIDAY and SATURDAY Oct. 4 at 5 — S A.M. to S P.M. 103 S. SNAPP Abingdon, III. Clothes — TV — Misc. '59 Chev. 2-Ton Truck BOX fc HOIST This truck is a one owner. 'SO CHEV. Truck with 4 nylon 8 .25:20 tires. JOHN DEERE No. S Shelter — Mounted on Chev. '37 FORD Fairlane S00 2-Door Hardtop. BOB ALLEN 375-6612 — Wataga, 111. NOTICE ANNUAL MEETING KNOX COUNTY FAIR ASSOCIATION The Knox County Agricultural Board and Fair Association will hold their annual meeting at the American Legion Hall in Knox­ viile on Saturday, October 5, 1963 at 1:30 P.M. Officers and Directors for the coming year will be elected as well as reports rendered of the 1SS1 Fair operation. W. L. FARRIS. Secretary 60c SWEET CIDER FRESH EACH FRIDAY o gal. in your jug APPLES $1.00 and up SWANSON'S ORCHARD 4 miles North of Yates City CLOSED ON SUNDAYS SHERIFF'S SALE- 1054 Blue/Gray Mercury Tudor Hardtop, Serial No. 54 SL 19166 M; 1853 Green/Gray Mercury TudOi Hardtop, Serial No. 83 ME 46680 M; 1952 Blue/Gray Plymouth Tudor Sedan, Serial No. 22183730; 1952 White/G ray Buick Tudor Sedan Hardtop, Serial No. 4 B 1041571; Cream Hillman Minix Tudor Convertible, no numbers. Sale to be held OCTOBER 24, 1963 10:00 A.M. 1153 North Henderson Street Galesburg. Illinois Willi strati NEW YORK (AP)-StMls, mo tors and sugars gained in a fairly strong stock market late this af ternoon. Volume for the day was esti mated at 3.9 million shares com pared with 3.78 million Wednes day. Steels responded with wide gains to spreading price increas es in the industry. U.S. Steel and Jones & Laughlin were up about 2 apiece, Youngstown Sheet about 4, Republic a point. Chrysler was one of the volume pacemakers again, rising more than a point while other motors gained fractions. Sperry Rand, the probable volume leader on the big board, nudged ahead. Sugars advanced in the wake of a boost in refined sugar prices Moderate gains by Alcoa, Aluminum Ltd. and Reynolds Metals followed news of price boosts for aluminum. Xerox gained more than 9, IBM 5, Polaroid 3, Control Data and U.S. Smelting about 2, High Vol tage engineering more than & point. Prices were mostly higher in fairly quiet trading on the American Stock Exchange. Corporate bonds inched higher while U.S. government bonds were mostly unchanged. Gyroplanes can be airborne at speeds as low as 25 miles an hour or fly as fast as 75 miles an hour. ROOM ADDITIONS REMODELING CABINETS, Etc. — Free Estimates — WAYNE WEBSTER 343-1720 UPPER and LOWER APARTMENTS, Recently re-decorated and cleaned. Will rant separately or together. Rent reasonable. Inquire at 314 S. KELLOGG ST. (Rear) NEIGHBORHOOD SALE 172S N. SEMINARY OCT. 4-5—9 to 7? Electric soldering iron, paint scraper, hip boots, fishing rods, radio, deep fryer, toys,' adult at children's good winter clothing, also tall men's sises and misc. Items. Rain Date Oct. 11-12 FOR SALE 22 Second Litter Yorkshire Sows to farrow soon. Bred to Hampshire and Poland China Boars. Dale Morling Rt. 2, Galesburg 342-9303 NEW YORK (UPt)-ttow Jon« 1 p.m. COT *t«ck •virages: 30 Indus 74115 Up 4.19 20 rails 171.1) Up 0.59 15 utils 139.8* Up 0.10 65 stocks 261.59 Up 1.00 -- -•' •• • •• US Backs Nationalist! WASHINGTON (UP!) - The State Department his informed Russia that the United States still considers Nationalist China as the "legitimate government in China." The department announced Wednesday that it had sent a note to Russia Sept. 19 saying the United States considered the Nationalist Chinese signature on the nuclear test ban treaty "valid." Russia had protested the Nationalist' signing. READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! WINDOWS WASHED IAVES CLEANED Dial 343-8771-342.6923 Before Noon or After 7:30 P.M. Wont To Buy 2 BEDROOM BUNGALOW North of Main. 113,000 to 111,000 BOX IN % REGISTER-MAIL PATIO SALE US OAK FRIDAY, OCT 4th 9 to S Clothing, toys, dishes, and misc. Items. Nothing sold before I. FOR SALE Hem* of th* lata Luciene Henry 571 S. Chambers 3 Bedrooms. Gas heat. Call 342-6766 or 343-9825 BOOK ABINGDON FEEDS NOW FARMERS this Is money la your pocket. NO GIMMICKS or PRIZES, JUST DISCOUNTS FOR TOP QUALITY FEED at REAL SAVINGS ABINGDON MILLING CO. Phone 89 Abingdon, III. For FALL CHECK & CHANGE SEE ... Danny Marier's Cities Service SEMINARY & MULBERRY GALESBURG, ILLINOIS COMBINATION AUCTION SUNDAY, OCT. 6, 1963 2 P.M. AT JUNCTION 41 end 116 Consign your merchandise from 2 P.M. to 6 P.M. Used furniture, oil furnace, gas station equipment, 825x20 truck tires, 14" car tires, lawn equipment, refrigerators, automatic washer, wringer type washer, elec. stove, horse tack, 1 clay pigeon trap complete, originally from Coal Valley Gun Club. A. Dillon, Manager Dele Coffey, Auet. PUREBRED CHESTER WHITES will be held in comfortable pavilion on the farm 1 mile North. 4 miles West, and '/i mile North of Little York. Saturday Nite, October 5, T963 7s30 P.M. (DST) SELLING 100 HEAD 35 Choice Boars and 65 Choice Gilts (Some gilts to be sold in groups) Our offering this year are the select tops from over 500 head. They are sired by 5 different boars, and a variety of sow bloodlines, and have been tested for Meat Certification and Production Registered requirements. We invite you to spend the evening of October 5 with us and inspect our offering of Chester Whites. Vaccinated for Cholera and Erysipelas Tested for bangs and lepto and are clean Auctioneer — Col. Elmer Middendorf For further information and catalog Write EDWARD R. SMITH, tittle York, Illinois Phot* Little York RA »-?3W Izvestia Say§ US Gangsterism li Inevitable MOSCOW (AP) - the govern* merit newspaper tevestla gave its readers a long account of the Joseph Valachi crime hearing in Washington and then commented Wednesday night: "Gangsterism is an inevitable companion of American society. Such organizations as Cosa Nostra were and will be." READ THE CLASSIFIEDSI MIXED HAY WArtTKD Can o* too —siu eowra. cart ClkO STOCXYAIIDS Warthalmar Cattte Co. Ine>- Oaltshnrf. Ilk—Tat Ml-Mll HOUSE FOR SALE Ntar Galas. S rooms. Modarn built-in kitchen. Low taxas, ally fas haai. CALL 342-3093 Oldster Walks One Mile for Just One Beer La SALLE, 111. (AP) - John Sinek, a retired gardener and maintenance man, observed his 101st birthday in the La Salle County Home Wednesday and related that he still takes an occasional mile walk—"for one beer -that's all.'* READ Th. WANT ADSl COMPLITI TRIE REMOVAL rally iMNtai *» Fro* Ksttmatat POWEH STUMP MMOVAL OLSON'S TRII SEHVICI Call Colltet - Trojan s-iisi ailsoa. ll£ OalMBtirf, I1L - S4I-MI4 Backyard Sale SATURDAY, OCT. 5 ( A.M. till 5 P.M. 204 N. SWARTS ST., Abingdon. III. FHEE COFFEE Solid Rock Maple Dropleaf Table and four chairs. Perfect condition $45.00 Double Bed, Springs and mattress, dark wood. Must sell $15.00 35 Ft. of New White Picket Fence $10.00 Electric Heater $2.00 2 Men's Heavy Winter Coats, size 42, 1 ladies' black imitation fur, size 14. All in good condition $5.00 each 21 in. TV. Dark wood. New picture tube. Ph. 343-7052 Farm For Sale N Acras— s mllas ffom Oalss- burg on East Framoni road. 78 acrat tillable. Modarn house, excellent wster supply. Adequate buildings. Contact John E. Kennedy. Ph. 343-50(3 or 111! W. Lossy after S P.M. FOR SALE BY OWNER S10.800 Oood apartment house, t furnished apartment, 1 unfurnished, gas heat, double brick garage. Large lot. Northwest district. For appointment. 343-1733. Backyard & Rummage Sales, etc. Mutt be In our office 12 noon day before) ad rant. Call 342-5161 Display Advertising Dept. Galesburg Regitter-Mall SPECIAL CATTLE SALE HINDS SALE CO. MEMPHIS, MISSOURI Tuesday, October 15 -12:30 p.m. 1 AAA H#od of Missouri's Finest I UUU CALVES ond YEARLINGS FRESH FROM THE FARMS PUBLIC SALE OF RIVER PROPERTY SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12,1963 AT 10:00 A.M. (DST) at the COURT HOUSE in the Village of Oquawka, of Harvey Brent River Property, This Property is described as: Apart of Fractional Section 14 Township 10 North, Range 6 West of the Fourth Principal Meridian, and more particularly described as follows: Beginning at a stone at the South Quarter corner of Section Fourteen (14), Township Ten (10) North, Range Six (6) West of the Fourth Principal Meridian: thence west along the south line of Section Fourteen (14), 371.0 feet to the center of the MISSISSIPPI RIVER levee; thence N 12* 15' East 468.9 feet; thence North 07* 50* East 1,397.3 feet to an iron fence post which is the point of beginning; From the point of beginning; thence along said levee North 07° 50'; East 1,241.6 feet; thence North 18° 17' East 571.3 feet; thence North 22° 08' East 554.6 feet; thence North 33° 32' East 799.0 feet; thence North 37* 45' East 354.5 feet; thence North 36* 38' East 225.4 feet to an intersection with the north line of said Section 14; thence South 89° 23' West approximately 10.0 feet ( to the edge of the East bank of the MISSISSIPPI RIVER: thence southerly along said east bank approximately 3,204.4 feet; thence east approximately 4.0 feet to an iron pipe; thence east 500.0 feet to the point of beginning, as shown on a plat of survey dated 8-1-1963, and containing 28,4 acres mora or less, situated in Henderson County, Illinois, This property is located three (3) miles west, one (1) mile south, one and one-half (1V») miles west of the village of Gladstone on the Mississippi River. Thirty (30) lots of this tract are subject to lease for cabin and cottages to persons who have constructed cabins or cottages on the property. These leases run for twenty-five (25) years and each bear an annual rental of thirty-five (35.00) dollars. Property will be sold subject to these leases. There are several open lots which could be leased in the future. Most of these leases have twenty years before they expire. Property will be sold on the following additional terms: Twenty-five per cent (25%) on day of purchase. Balance of purchase price within thirty days with possession, subject to leases, to be given upon delivery of Deed; Sellers will sell the tract as one tract and subject to the above leases; Sellers will be entitled to rentals for the year 1963; 1963 taxes due in 1964 will be paid by Sellers. Above description has been determined by survey heretofore made; Sellers will furnish Chicago Title and Trust Title Insurance to the extent of the amount of purchase price. Leases to the cabin sites will be assigned to purchaser, subject to sellers right to rentals for year loss. Leases may be inspected at the office of Fort and Fort, Stronghurst, Illinois. Premises may be seen by contacting Edward Burns, Auctioneer, Phone Monmouth 734-3350. CERTiUPI UIY - ClARAillll WIMON, Owner*. Edward Burns, Auctiawiv-Maamoutn, Ili-Pb. 734-3350. WooUey, Sttekoey & lw%*. Galesburg, IWnois-AUorueys felt ud Fart. Stretisiiril, WM*~M»nw>

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