The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut on March 22, 1951 · Page 29
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The Bridgeport Telegram from Bridgeport, Connecticut · Page 29

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 22, 1951
Page 29
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IPIT 1 iiPt.1 t IM I'lni Hrlilrii AI. i'tnar i% 1 \ I t 1' 1 « pi p ·», tnl irn fe. lap nmfe T R U C K S FOR HIRE !·· l 1 1 IE II* " tm i..rt |P J l p t p t t ttwt. t i n e ir nnnlhpr mirp pi 1 -ion MhPi *n r 1 Mdnpipr fjinillv tt* AI ^ fiiifl. U 1' S liBlj|i 1 .liiih-p Htppli- (Ininilliir KH\ ('mill. «lin niunsr tin slltilp nzn* nf Pii)i1lnn. 1 hlilnnn inurili i l Mi unit Mil MI^HF! nnil t t)rh thi 1*1 i 111 lit j rn milling; IJIIA i hllil In I^MI^ nit In ir hu rnn n i nrnl It l»*n* i h 1 1 TIPI n^ll i* WESTPORTER ASKS $75,000 DAMAGE! Al|p(;i'l niliri'|ur' 1 nl»tlfln In rnn npUK ^Inrp IPI! Imlnv in IhP film .r H IT.KKKt cliimiK H nit Inn Itt Sit |ppr it»r i riur t n H null HKHlnrt I.niilfi Wnlf^rn-i Ml I Tin il (linl lie iiiiiclinicit Mi V.'nlf.-i-ir'-i hu.illu'v. kntimn nf (h "Mllforil Nrnn niiiirn ' nt 2H Rli rr u t i ' i t . Atllfonl, ln*l June H A^ iniil of Ihp l tnn«nrtlnn, Mr tlrnrlv i liilmnl. Mi Wolf«on irprr ruTptn! Dint 1 Gtnnlto, nn rmplov of thi" itoir fot IS vrnif uoittil IP tniln uJtli Mr. Riixlv nnd not opcr n liu^lnfuji tit i t i t P t l ronipol Ltlni \iltli tilm Mr. Ciuinltn ndl ontv loft hl^ pm [iliuinint. Mi [luxly nllr;ii tin L i *l AM IT 1 (ifipriMil U In IM n nu 1 lit n* h h MII*A ii nn ' )*P|P + H NPM Kinim/ + T \i ii *li nn H f i im tin* filnlii t i f f f r-ttilill-timi nl Win 11 lir |iuii hn.i'il .thp · Mllfnii r lilf i iiln|il'ilnl, ll illil n KMII n nil JJ (KMi. Iml ** lujiii^pil tri |IMH) r \ifi k n f t i i Mr (JmnK'i i]n nnl hit np«» 100111 Mr. Fdiirly niilil IIP milti th* "Mil find .\PIIH Ituori ' FIN Jl 500. Inn Sf[it 11 Thr uti IP hr- drildlfd. wnJ foicpt) HI n ipwiilt of llif niHrcprr Inp; thp Ititfntlon* nf Mr Cinnlto SUMMER M A N E U V E R S FORT MrPHKRSON. fin. Mnirh 21 - ilNSl Morn Ihfin lOOfHW) ml tllurm BIU! Hitmen \vlll jjartlclpalf In Kx*rrljif Aoulhrrn Pinn npnr !-irt KinMK. N. C., iliulnR Jiinr unit .Illlv. Thi- [mrpoup nf thp Jolnl Atniv-AIr Knur unitn In lnici- xnnnn Automobiles TRUCKS lifltirl tr*. k *pPhpli»^lT rfi qftitttlitnnl w l l U A pticr 1 nnl* · «|P*-PIH| IEUI Tnnl pi' ±.U\* Irmk ft iniU *-JHHJ««»li. =1"i liirTlrld A*r Tf\ · 4111*1 4l|ri PI f i . t tt**H. f\* rllrnl i .tiklllli'rt 1*HM NtT,lf] * l-ri. r I't; » rhMiip *i ".. II Illtti IHILH,K L i , inn m t l**vlf wlltt Ikfilr |ri IHHI nihr* Orl|[inH| vwntt i A)| ^ i m \ ft i :i' n ttp i-f-HHim. TI iKi-t i tn "-T^ipi 111.1.; Pitll i 1 it tt k Imill. S P W mPlnr t int|||h4iMT. 1 111 Ml ] HI J F« !· j| flFlL UTT J 1 ! 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Mnr.h 21 !nii-r IxiilE* iOf1n\" nrhrdulrd n run- nrp Intfi in ih» ln\ mill Sin'" 1 n\ **mmta*innfi t A Itirr t 1 1 ll nn Ihr* r n n l i m p r t * . t\ rt If^ Ion i n uir hin irr r hi 1 * uri»i MM nil of hunting fifth In FT nr t rapplnp llc*n*r* it Diitd lr drvotrri to thr * pmchA***. jirn- dutllon. pjopagntlun it ml con^nii- I inn of fiMl nnt £jimr * h Mil r thnt rnt i h i n»t +rtf t Inn A nd liv .St^trv HnmrJ i Funil Thf Iritl nff ii i I 1 Jth nml M mir* irrtJi ui S r rm^nl fit tin* l [ l Itm rif n n* i*. Miifju^h hi |Fn(i tii-M lounit Tin- (Join nor until nl n In INNKEEPER FREED IN ASSAULT CASE NEW HAVKX. M n i r h 21- Tn A Sulllvnn, nf HVii River htiert/ f^trncA rhat hn ,... Mil foid. H found pntJtled (n ft H-' * the «ho If fiiUinUnn" rrn** lo npemir n tonil^l ham* nt 1 ]odcln£ on piopetlv nt 144 \Vmt Rivrr » t i r * ( * MllfoicL. In « ni^n^o Jiiijpe John (*omlr\ t In Hiiprrior t c (IfAClMfl th C'otnMli^- nkmn HJtl nnfl fitldrcl " I h f i c mr H com I Jiidp.p foFTil^^ 'H itfcHion i nrifli mt nn ^ai ll**i f | f k«Lnn In Mr SnllKnn'n n nd Clti nm fn \ m hv .Jn-rlt^ Ahr iihjp ni M i kli* friini Ehr "frnrrjt1 tn Mil for rl '1 f m n «iiiH, AII^ 21 Mi t(it).f\ N n * iif hr tn n In t^n-** hv ,r{| h\ f hr 41 H l f \VillJiH m f i Ir t i l / M ll hn t) 1 m\ n JH ill ui fnr n ml T hr 1 ni .ii* 1 ^ . nn,l nnn»unril · nn M n l r h ;7 »,,.,,,,11,,,. u, l|,p if n i In^ t rM ni ili Mr Siilllv H n. ^ hit ipp| n* r*« It u nn I \ rstn ttn\ Coxntnor M h Si on Nio hlchuay Kituntlnn I'VriMi "V Hi jitti uLil II.IH Ind n j I ^ t lint f i M fnxv'lt U i r^lilrnt j* n i ·* uj In A I Mil fitfi ( mimi|-HMfii t Mill ft* tiitn ].i*t ^ii r rk in ^.v JtbUi n ^ ln hl« i* 1 1 |i(ii u t fni it hill ttn\ \Ktt i/l nj t\ i\t ^ i mi rit \ hi. :li » ji ^ 1 n 1 n h 1 1 n If h I Hr l 'mil in I 4**J*»ni*T ^rtuiT n i f i H u iflfl r*-i rm h *J t h* m t Inn i n* i *'lli rt( d\ ir h hr ^IK h r^r* t J r |n ^i r n rnj ii^^i^Il ni T h » nTlr-MTuiM] » a f Ji pi rn** In MT- Of I in itf i h nin nn Mi J*' r i iFirl In -T I- **h ] '* IM! « J i j f| ] pi · r ' f 73 Mnlu ftturr, \\n* /oun'I inn*n *-M In Tn^\ n * imt T \ rul 1*1 fJiy ht JuUt^ Kiftnk V McM ilinn Mtu, Chnt lottr I.indiiUMt. uf ^ Hl)]s)*olnl ronil. rhur^r d t h »l Mr tJn^r fori ihlv pjrrtni h**i /MJMI liM pJm P And MY**n Hhijinrrk ti^] in [ hr fru * miJ k t \ k Thr l-iinc nf nllimiltnt: lli-i-n^Ft m.' Milfnul Mnlni i ntut on ihr · |IM|/in · TAHW .PA III I rr, pi,'I- I" fi-li nn.l K.mir "ten kins I'nM mini. ,,,i t ,,,-lrp } [ o » i , r l Irihti- lYIIliK A II IKY H l l W I Hn , ntiP nf th» .r.nli.iVPiKh,, hlah- -.m, ,^h.lJ,Hnl. nhliilnr,! H llrrni r "HUB/l 1 UR I T U TT Ll IN U.S. INCREASES * of HIP lUiD Li-EL*lnlhi* h^^Liin j tn oprintr n 20-iuiim lnHi^r- in MM h|* li j*|m I Mm n jn cu-r*! I IIP \\ rM t*IM^i *l j t*rl ptr np^r I V funrt Im ArlmtnlHtfritiim of fftlLini; in Tnhcr Sup! A i t h t j i Hnjil- of Mll- rut rv I hi ouj^h on n pi r (1^0 fn| riich Sr nnt fir Jut nh A Ki»r Ilitinn t II- N f \ \ 1 I'll rn i Sf nnd 1 ( h ill m in nf tht- FL^II n nrl (tii mr i ormn il t^c. i- kid Ihr Si^nnJf rom vtl nn thr NJL nut «rt- Thr pnrJcy moh^ .Sinte und A Slni nncL nilttcr, rnllnj for the* in* lu^Lan nf t ho \\ onJ "i onnrr\ ntlon*' In thi* or- hlJI, nnd thr iv a* don to thr "lfi«* foi ct tfupt jrln rj It hnl ^f^ pitrri u ith nnfhnritv in in m )i U^pn»r^ hv t hi 1 Hmi nl Irr Im^n A p i j l ? iniT tn I-Vlii iuit ^ rtrlr- 1 ill it Inn* »[). Ihr MilTutd nn .iit ^1 hcjitxr ;nf«. nml In By V £ R N H A U G L A N D WASHINGTON. Mnnli I'l - i [nr I h A itn'i k ,\'i nn^ i n IUT \ ^ i»« 1 hnir P nt nlf n i rjnv *»^t k i-.** tinn-r* n l ^ t i t t T u t tluin ^in r Thr r imipl.ilnunT irstilird Hint '!;." M cnt t f i Uir inn In i olNv I \ir\ \\ff^'n « H f i * .Hlii- hii.| hi r-n i in t t l o ^ rt| Hint i Ji 1 * n Imi |un ul L hr I 'pint r nt P ( I in^ r ho i i \ * * M .Hli** r ^ M t r i i f t Mr 1 »^ 1. MI( hi-i i.Hi NiiriH. h SJic ji M sin- P uti i F d T l " Ji i \ nnd lit* 1 lu*t Ijiin l^i p ill ]"» Ml - Tluxrf 1 1r*^t if mil ihn "-il MI 11nir 11 id In- Hi i Ihr h* t " }\t *.i\i[ i · iiir t' T L p |h* l i l th f f t j f i * rr^ n I lit « rl*i* I » * *^tl I n T f * * i d \ Irw l*mrl I U P I Ahnl nn f |» In r r 'Mr i HIP I I t t * T ^ J } * * n in T r . 1 r + ·:!·*· · P . I T , , i T P . H M»l i Ii . r f i r t . i i H '··· phfltr l«r t-iM* T *·* ' *·· * --I i MI i-i fn.r^riii i IMF | j * t Lm.i * 1 I* * · f f * · * I I I H . f | i , | _ , , H , t l !· fr H 1 * i i n r »i ir r« i MI r J n 1 1 · r "funl lit n^iici jti* " strpA to ij^ 4 I Lr'i. MK* hr^jin t r *m htm F\it i nlrnn n ( t ^ n r hunr -^ \tn*i rill Fr IV JH n hr i* tnlij lh» ^ nnh ti i Phi i · i A r n bv J ·'··'* K**r Hie Hmr fpfnt l»v nAtilnn Ip j ffii^ ockinf.f fl^h 01 i;nmr, Ihry ^oultl ( lu^i hr 1 puld frortl ll^rn^r frr monies. [ ]{i rhnncr. Mi. his toui 1^ On Jimr 3. IDfiO. nfirr Mi Sulli- \*nn lin-rt r^t-iblijihnl t hi 1 ir|et allon itiidcr H JK (*n^r t tJip zoning ntdift* (inrts f Tallin u ftf- t han^^^L to i (* I In fnr Ihr Mjltt e £·»»( u n i s 4 on how tlir v o i d M | _ Sll in van f j a inird hr hud IArn* on fin(iil f l u t \ |ritliJ fi OTH t lir f irnn 111 i litl |nn nkliiK Hliriitn nnd I till * cntlilM ro ^ r j ,, hr i\ n ^ hut If t h r \ ^lll it (\IMM iif fnp-ni tti** l^nnif Nr* 1 Jnd.Pi I hi* in Iri im I hlll» nifn n* nt }tn\ ni'iil nf nu h i ri-in i r r c nm pJllHJhilnl. l-'i^fl HIM I l ijinir 11 r [in 11- REPORT IS ISSUED ON U. S. PAYMENTS \\~\f ·V C A R E Y CRONAN (BrMjlml fgit V.'«iHn|t.« CirfiiiMidinI) WASHINGTON. March 21 --Old HKi- nnd nuivlvom Innurnnce bene- flclnitrn numbered A0.200 In Con- ncclLPiit dtiilnj^ the fluent yrai end- Ing June 30, 1BSO nc cording tn Ihr n nnufi I r epoi t of Die Staclnl fferiir- v ndminlitintlon irlenied lodn\, Monthlv old US'- brnrllH In Cun- neotlriil In riitient pni -nrnt ntntnK nt t h e pnd of (he f IHI nl \ e m were Sl.aftSOOO Tim Mule i e r e l \ e l PHV- menti n mount lnf( In Jin,RD4.000 dur- Inc rinrnl 10, Ml, or *v)ileh (731! fW)0 unit pnld In lump mini* nnd II*,16400(1 In monthlv benefit* An nf .hmr 1010 Ihpie w e r e 10.- lift peijirtui In the MM* lerrlvlnc old inenl in (tint p, tia n i e i n f i p pns- belnK $n] HI, Totnt nnymrnta fur nld RRf 1 tnnec up to June 30, 1930 »aj 113,072.000. Alit lo ilrprndnnt chlldirn wfnl 10 r,H7 fnmillm nnil II 92S ctill- Jron In Hie Hint* HU nl Ittat June Milh nvrm^r monthly (jnjrnnnH totaling 1109,74 pn fnmlly with »n nnnunl totnl of 13,822.000. There IVPIC SA5 blind pridon* i»- cplvlnp nld wtilch nvrrRRrd tfl20O prr month mnklnfr »n nnnu(tl totnl of $153.000. Thf itntp rprelvpd JT.7M 000 in ^ppclnl fptlpml njt«lnlnncn f iinita (luring Hurl] IflSO Thr biPiiUUnwn i\ nn A f follow * olrl HR* ^^iilritftnr^, !.M'2IK1O(1; nlil In rirprmlint rhll- ilipn JI.72n.nO(l, nli! in hllnil, »T7 fKK) fVinnrctn ut flliU'nn irrrlvrd (1.1- A4!,OOO Tnr old BRP nnnifitnni p rf which 486 pei rent ipplled hv ttiti federal Kntetnmenl; fn.K8R.OOn for nld t" dependent rhlldren, of which 30 H per cent r«m« from Washington; »nrt (IBO.OOO for aid tn Kic blind nf whlrh 49 per cent mmn the fedeint Kovernment, l ftrnnti to the. Male for maternal and child healtti ncrvlcta (imounlnl to 107.400; for flrrvlren [or crippled rhlldren, 1129,900; nd for cntld welfare, 134.900. DANBURY SEEKS MISSING DRAFTEES Mnicli 21 -Draft i\n^ B l l P n l opprn*lnff ft tmiil^l hnuir In n ripjil- f i r m * - A r»»m?. T r l P i t tipriup .Turl^r Mn l h rl, nnil nrijultl nl tn I'l-hl i-f H inllnK 'V Tim n 'min«i-l (.Illll/. ilni [JIK Ihli iinldtt Kl^tnl Ihnl hi i n-*i ^ nliliititpil /Mini iuit \ ?i fid. nnil t hut n Lit pn^p mu*i IIP nhiiilnril fnirn llir linttid nf nr- IPI I nii'ii. Mi StiflH n n 11 fl i-i hli in - riiiitf ni. n ripiii d ii* i ht in mi ri i»r »p- iPtUnrn rui H Iliinip Afli'l B ilrlm j l m m l c i n ffkUli- IH rmt 11 of BPM'i il \\pck*, \\l\lnK which Inn | "i-triniliunK I IIP I'.ill ·- -- tithrr slmllur .ipiillrntlum AlftnlFfl. ihe nppllintjnn » H H In Oulnbpr, T]iN ciiifcl nf i \v F* fur f-poi I ^iTirn j .^ nut imjl\ Tin j i P Jihi^ial Inml* £ lp^uP,iUOH nn\«J f til hcjxsovei pr. Clnt rnt r Coll tni, m^L-it+inl Ol c t o t nf Ihf* 4oj\lc*\ totrf n irpoit- hunting rtEtpliiMonA 11 f* h.i.^pd ply upon tip i intr and Summrr M* f i nm nr*tm^ u r e a * , nnd nn( Mi A i m Mid|U M T * i ** ' nf Jurn Idnw n pi K It i t: '^ 4 ^ ^ I I · I" .·. ·I * t * I I i'l' i i ii i \ilit rt r ! ·· 'i · !'·' - '''ti k i t . · · ll.-ll .1 ll|-. « f I d f r r hh hlj J.ri.k.l. r · p ilhll Al th - I tr . Ht.H . l I fn 1 II F. tl t I I \ * Mlt upon llic nnniinl Wintft Alh^i 1 M Dfi\ . *a id In A |x rd PI 1. 1( e lit irrtoi Matrmrnt thnt llljl nild^Jn nil ii V E n ^ r n t c j i v m\ f ii n n n |iu PI i ri I r rr)cl ttuftu-\rn\ nf f - I Ji "0 pn i r i i f r l ' c l j i i p nn! r^d Ilir V^r1 I r n r n t o M n-'v IH hi Mioii*in mi ii n' id n L)» *iMiji»ii N i hi l hut finju« n(K- fli- 1 t Hlr\ nf \\ il r fu^ I 1* liLfih ^ tirn fpiii»ulnM"fi fr \ r( 1^ l i » \ t n ml n gr* hi ul jn^h|lji| km nfh n in ft n (tlrtM pptditUitpt h n t ll | 4 » I luii tt Hrttt* i hf mM \V|j|4^i $15,000 IS PAID IN DANBURY xiu^h hln (.oiinnpl, Alrxiindrr Wfnnlih. of New Haven, Mr. Sulll- vnn t hrn brought n n Jtctlnn nf mandnmun to the Superior rourt for NPIV Hnven nKftlnn( the t o w n th* loun mn Adnlph J CONGRESS BLASTED IN LABOR CONFLICT Inllonn." IIP nun) 1 he Jiinunv ICtftJ iii v (hut tlip I'm Kir (Ijwny hid n \\ln- tn Inf? watei fowl populrtt Ion nomr- wjint brltri than In-it year, p.n- In »hil* thp Ccn- t t r i l f l j « « v lolal win do« n t.v. fIjiNi.'ii.ipp! f K w r t y ihnu nrl -, i p t i v * i \ " from 19-iO lh« * "ttitn-n ?mM Thr Attuntu 1K wnv A t i ruit nf i oni r p - ' I T l i n i T j l rif tl.^fMlJ v i i 4 H i T r [ r r i i l I I K ] J ( \ bs M i r I in M if I A Mm U*. ] t.ilil.ui v i*-l- M i l j i N t l r i r r l x f « ' l Ihr i*ntn(« ttt tn t tniili»np1 4 + l^ir Ii ^ r I · ti lt*» n I -nn Os t H Mi * I'm Li m L,: I ii ill h hlrrl milt i** * k Ink' J-J E *il ij'i rnri^rn In Sii|pp'i im i f mi 1 hi 11* » ;jilti-*t V J 1' J Jiji n* Im I tit T tn IP i N ^ * i in It . ft ji. Hihrl t hr III rn f p J t U r i N*' I *on K j \Vnlln n, rif t hrit i it \ . ^ U \* BH i»p- I fi it jji^f (h* 1 \ I'hu !·· u lii'M it *t i in k ] A n d kl]lril Mi f*n l Jtrf IMI J In i it*- H Dftnliurv, nn*U Ihp UnMu L Tow n Ifnr Mr I*nrk?i T thr ]jl.iintjff t Inlmrd. unt HtnmlinK nnr hp dlfliildrd ,-mio ht ] ilA B n» unvlnc n Tim hi It; hi ndtllllun TO his « Ifr. hr Irft iflT-r ·. j., f 4 i a | t . ·) . ^ n f li*1i !·+ I* I f t 1 J T J.r _ T* t r * t '.it tJji* "J h * I t * - r M** T + | * 1 *+ .V IN I If r f- I" *r » .... .1 1 ^ * r 1 k ill r I I M r » , r ^ ,, ', kn ·Itlh. r E ji*ri * j 11 1.1 l\ 11*1 r M (i r MM t ii un i IP i i f" i * ,, It II \ S n H 1-i^ \ * P H r * + r I T. It.- . P* J 1. * , + f | -t- w* In WASHINGTON M.ilrh 21 - I AIM Ttlr hpricln (if t h p AM. unit Ilia :IO P n c h nflftpilrrl toiliiv thJit CnnRi ^rift !« t o lilnnir for tl)r mnhlllmlinn ir|iinbl)le lin BII^I* II cnncttct · wmk Dffpnne PrndUctlon *el. Af'I, PipiUtnt WIIHum flri-rn. Bttrtte.'dlnK n rimf^inncr nt CIO. AFIj, muchlnlntn and ml) union official? nt · precedcnt-mnklnR nn- llnnx\Mr itttlv. Pnld ConjII p ns bnil "tnHfd the people" ' In adopting the Drfenar Fiodur- tlon tict lust yeni," Green us Id In n piepnrcd Kpccch. "CJonfci^^A ^xrnt out of il.i « n y to hud Hie IHW w i t h jpteinl prlvlkfte lor business Intcr- CKtfl. Under thnr law. uhlch txplrrn on June 30. It^H virlunlly Impoast- blr to »t nli I hit thf ciml nf llvln);. "In tlrfricnc* In t h e t e a l cntatp Inljhy, Can^r^tirt ttclrri tn tfAcuntrol f^ntfl In nbrdlrnrr to Ihr finnnrtal Intrr i^nl * of t h* tin I Inn. It Adnplrd In \ ln« ji 1 hnl *onk thr pnui jind Uplll f tllF I ll ll. ' ^rrtrnd, 1 hr Adntlnlnl Mil Inn Itf- Minip InMiTiniAl rrl l\ rim t PUT ticm- n r v MiRlltlnn tlint iiilrt thft i rm^t in CnnRi r*n. Anpjirrntlv. tt |pfld^d In ApppftAr In or rlrl to rtunir rnnprrnl Inn f i m 'Thin pnlir\ nf nppp.i^rmpnt T x resulted In t h p nppnIntmrnL or lR hunmnji f\ruuihrn tn Him"*! ·veiy ni(fnl(lcjint pnnlllnn In de- "Tha icnults ipeak for thcm- *elvc*. Not a single i ccom men da- lion by labor rcpreacntatUea In the defenie progrum wag adopted. Our views were either iKnoied, or tho rvnct put Inlo * f f e ( t our proporinH \\ua "We derided, llicitfnte, to tahi JL dinniallr Klep \\'m vnt erl unanl- nuiunly fnr t h e uilhdmival nf In- Inu repirnrnta(lMn ftnm Any lr- f*njn- Kfrnclet In M hie h thry w o i f ten ing " « fni1*U to npppnt f«r fn- kntn Mir Arm\ MoruFnj . nn'l rr thrlr ra^rj*: tn 1 h* \f, S *Hornr\ If tlir^ *rf not lo I Ant Unou n nrlcjrrnfl \Mirt Hull Ponl dlntr.rt. And Rnfnnri A, Michnucl of Oxford utrrr-t, Beth* L Thirtv-one of 34 men \\ho l«ft antjiu y Motidnv f»r thrlr AI my PMimlntitlonK In New lixv- r\t ncccplcd fni nervJce* One \\nx rrjectcd, nnntlirr trmpar- r^ justed und thn third tirld o \ r r foi fuith^r Amonjr the 31 to Fort D^venn, Mans,, iv*r* volun- Alfred J. QnnchRpr of Brook- George WilUamn of Bt»w- r r N. Y, p Churl CH K. Sharp GIVEN $300 BY HEAD OF RFC, BENTON SAYS i v|i* for ttie Henind t-omecutlve PIU, A ' riy»nv" hm n i h l t i a i v I oun- clfli ie^, ^vhi^llv un i eco^nirpd h\ lurk^. Tbe Cniral flvmiy Includrii ntntm frnni thr Ka^lei n flloiiei of tile (tft Idol--- nmont- them (,'olnia do And W oinlnK -- to the KaMn n hnideii nt (he Dohotaii It Int'lurlen Tp\n)i n i m r l p l l n n H nr the nthnj fKunyn n t e nelf exjiliinntm i . In Ibe Inienloilrd n t e i " . Ihr ^ e t \ l i n jijlit, ftllikx ai roiinl ed for 7% ppi cent of Ihe ^ * J ^ t e i f o ^ l |ni]iu- latlon, Krnup II ppi i c u t . innlii ciRht pet i enl, nnd lit a n t nntl a«»n". cnrh lenii than one pri rent. Tbe. jH l n \ e n t o i v the major \\lnlrtlnc RtouniH In Atnik.i, Ciinndn, Unlteil Ktnlc*. llcilru and the Weat Indlen. In the I'nited H(nl«B atime, 1 300 rooimrat- tnf; nhanr\rui took pnit, bv plane car . boat and on foot. The service no lancer relrHiPi PJI- tiniate^ aq tn Ibe total untet fou I population. Official* R.IV (he t o t n l flKlliea rnn never bp ninre than ap- ]itn\lma[on nnd me onlv nnfui- ifiK tn the pudlli . MVe 1 1 V t^ f rtli ilLite 1 1 end* I nt h ei than numtirt* M f^nttnni unid MEDICAL GROUP BACKS MENTAL HEALTH PLAN The hud lieen I r nn-f i r i eil f i om Rupei lor ourf tn the 1 T S nlntrlct mini. Nr \v 1 To \ en. n here It «n» HtheiliilPil fur n jury inn I Indnv hefnip Juilf " . i t i o l ! C Htnc'k* « he n the nciPTtiPnl »i« lem-hed Thrnloie A f.enrii and the firm of linldMPln Bnrt l'i c U W P I P oiin- M k - T P r 11 || t l P H t * t ...11 I i rn -r plir m |J jijjt- | · f t f f M t i P i i ; r* i t.f nipt · ···I r mi n t t f^r rnrrt\nj it i '-'-ill M- .. M «t Hirr L'jj.r. T - v + r" ^ (· '» I i+nfi . nn 1 [irpi * I** it ** I *t H hi u pi* * ·« t r irf» t i.*» m*r » T l n t ]. ff i* U * r H a r f n * r h p r I Hl[ I hhi-P T L i . "fc r tni WIT i) n IIH Ur|*r rr \trnt I It 1,\ I r t i r t r dmirr|[ T jplrl * ^ iniit rf - r ! r ^ H i r n | P K . t * * J * i"i 1F r 4 I T ' . i. »t Mf H"J for MM The I n w firm of », U n i t t'pnon nnd SPI OT . I\'HIPI hnr\. re|irpipn'pil 1 nn k- QUITS AUSTRALIAN COURT IlA A iml illi M-iirh 21 -- (liri JlenlKnailon of iv INI- i M 1 1 1 - j i r in 11 1 r un i )ir. 111-1 nn Ml r t IT, t.. fiuri' r « n l 1 1^ \ . t - n r.,.. ,i N.I "Mk'l \ , l l , . ,r ' . -I I l,*r. T,l r i r t fh I l,,r. IrtHltt I · *»jiiiL ttrt ^ · j y » r . f j Ihn-Fi fn U«.rt.} t * I'r 1 ftril i f i *i"Hr*.» * T I · i r r ] t | i » r * " El f IhflntrLij.r. » pr In I *·» it*' ^ ft'. lt"F»» l h l Url 1 j . | , f t i r HP I'l .1 II '! 'HI · * t 1 n.* Ih^ Ni:\V 1AVBN', Marrh 31 -- (IT 1 ! The Ronnectlrul F1B.1P Medli'nl un It r*v\or* formallnn nf a State Commi'rlon nf Mental Henlth a* propnped in tt\o hills to he heard by lej;liilatl\e committee April 4 Or. Franklin S. Dn Boh. chairman or the nnclety'* Committee on Mental Health, SB Id the propnied bllln meet requlremenli nponnrrd liv the norlety ulnce 1U4I. The plan ould pi e.'erve the integrity of enrh ntnte hospital And the Mann- Trulnlnc nchnol. anil nlio provide a c e n t r a l depnrlment rnnc nnd .fnnu^h to riMortiiint* itollf jttiprrviH.p np-rratlon. hr jintd *Thr* t^n lijlt^ nl^fi hn\o ^i)pjort r»f th* Jnint Cnn/miMf** *m * fftntr upplnntrd hi* t h ^ prnpo^prl mm- nlnninr. Th* n**^ . « * f i m n i l n . . " 1 o . n JfiTON, Mnn-li 2 J -- 5 p n - ! * n ' * 'hr***- mrmWr* nppioinirrt h\ nlor Wll'lnm lifnlon (H-C'onn nali! i ' h p fro^rrnnr T h r v unnltt piittmil In an intnvien \ r a t e i d a v thnl he "· received 1300 from RFC Dliertor Walter E. Ccsgiltt I nut Keptemhei, but did not tefinrd it nn ft cam- pnlgn contribution and therefore did not repot I it to Fll hrr hedern! or S t a t e agencies for li.itmft nn polltknl funds Mi. Co«gilff tc«tlfyinc Mandnv btfoie the Kulbilghl IllC Investl- Ballng cnmmllteo, under oath, Ka!d, "Yei. I did conlilbule to hid (Btn- ton*a cBtnp'li^n." Senator Bcnloti c.iid Ur, Coagrlff si BO collected nonie Additional N*\v York rltv Mud rflrm^rlv o f , monfrv ftom bnnk*r ft tpndu nnd Pnnhmv nnd John H. Wntkln^i of W* f ^ (n Him, Th-il nljin, ftcrordlnp 1 n t hi .SrhH'm v, 1* not ft i nip ilpn i mi tn hut Inn. P«Hd I V X A nnl irpmt^it foi r^j»r lnM nf ppFf h*n ii*i hAd T h e Ne«- Yitrk fun f l r » t Bomtn»c« for appointment b\' the Gn\ernor of Mental Health. Cnmmljmloner WHAT'S THE NAME, PLEASE? DALLAS!. T e x -- (Li'Pl When pro fontbiill'n briRhteiRt lookle, Doak Wnlkei , \vah nummoned for Jury *ervlccfl. the «t ate'* atlotney. a labjd IJnlveiAity of Texas fan who remembered that the Docker helped S M.U, beat tha Longhorna three time* In a. row, WHB unimpressed. "Mr. Walker," the attorney aakpd « llh a notable ihow of air Jrlin Ijilhnm ftoni "I" 1 Auntralinn hljin rnuit H.ia annminr- rl loclay. He vnt the Iniie ^t1»^enl^ r In (he hlj;h rnuiCn TPI rnt fi-t 'let i- nion that a jjovainmrnt flfl o'ltlmv Inc the Communist p i r t v «»* not \nlld. *i f tfh h Ill*f · · h ·I 1 I T»*|||P IT* r 1* HiT^lr t ..* * ** f * frlli^r* *l|«1 .n*» r * i tf , f » f * rv* I M ' P P 4 - f i Ij-uptp ri ?«· ,i * P Un ' r ^ -rf * T ],-.*,r** Daily Fire (Noon Y««terd»y to Noon Today) T U E S D A Y i'33 pm--SUIl nlnini f^iT-i T U P In MIKl m H Itn-e p l i r e t Itjirk "II duty ; "iO ]) 111 7 4 8 p m.--Still n l i i m r'.Hl.lilBli f i r e ndj n fill «'l l.i" llinlmi mi nm 1 Nn il'ini I«P Mm It NH flu Is 1 f ?.% p rn S,1! p.m.--Still nlnim J^li'iil i'lr- i*ll| In Hitlni; fif null'll "!1 ponli in irnr nf it»elhriK In ill) Mfrilim u t i e e t Ownei Mrn Frank C l a r o t t l tfinml flour oirtipnnt. IlJiriME' 1 ullRbl Uni k 1111 duly fi "IK ]i rn. T O D A Y No 41 la i m* "» M t r r !·:.[·. r t h r* . I r "hi ju -i-i npir fr in ·*M rp*fr i -i.-.»j*.*,t M^ rrn»li i- * 4 1 mtf · i iltul**l u it) nr . it Hr fn» i f. - p.- '« ( Ti L T * r i'i r * i r « jn«ii- it \* M 4 ]ri:i I*, t ( 4i u *» "i.t t 1*+ I n ITT f f iT-nlrpf* HP * f|, |.f Bl \J ( * ^inl [rj-ri-l * rrf A T l l tjjr tain.* In * [ + * - j . f " jpt m T r \ * f ? H i « t f-Oh.- ..r 11 F | FI * .i.| t » h^JrEr; FII- tfiHPi r f jipji.l * b l p In iml-r H| *EP|E L +,^\ I t tt.t I «* I f In cm* of F I R E call i-2123 MUt* By or,lr nf (lie t HIM .,1 olil nlitr* or f t\i ifttftn pn II Ht Jllll lit* ·IHI \*i tp l ·! f "" Hrli).i-l"rl. m Mur u .III ll'.l ·! f "" ti III tljp f nllr^ Ifl, 1, n i -IIIH ITif ht t.r I !.«· I r - l t . '·........"- " · ' - ' · ill It \tl I r i I M4. ] IP INM i f* fi ||MM Ili^r "fl Hipmi r f » l n t m^ . ] mt* »Tli tjiMr» I i - i l ^ r p p IT Pin rpt pr L +\tr i ultrr. ' ' Un I - M I Ji "IK nr*" I Mi r iTM?Vr*TM'i' 1 ** i"»i1+-r -Uf iir"! , ,^h* " H"T in*r J'f^'^-.r q t . i h t p p ' * * 4i i*«* l» ·"·! ' r """" "i 1 !;,.,! HUll-l I 1MI1M- .1 i i*? r i'i ii ,, t \ i * Ih. r.ntr.+ r ji,. n it tt si * CJ'irir M - l M I IT q l t p fi II mt r h » i*' « T i n t H in* fp r rr · 'I *TJI t i m *|(*^H"J 1 id it *r* l*k .I * * * c * · h' "Itt I IM II nr til I HI n h^llr .Ml f t A M'l M I nt pp* t^n »J PI I" FI r » w f t+Hlt cnn A I HMU X 4 \ XI A ' . M 11. t Mil ll ] r rn f r#t["nlMp f. t 11* MHt c-on I J JPllihnr n|1 fl- Tl 1TP llJl »^|r' r i^trsji K H\II t PI 4 M -. I I'tf 1101 ^1 MMJl I roolrjictrd h^ mr oM^rn rt*pn ill IH t.A»-f [· ii lien !,·: r ir* "nhnt hiiflnrnn a r t In" f nlll Mil A Ml VI Ft MlllLK i* f **i£mri»lMr' ^^r t n * i^ r ' T nnn* ollfr 1lt«n nti«rlf API li )n \VII it rr r T i l l 1»f i n i r t [ . n * l h m jtiili n. HIM t n J n i \ n t f* t r i \ \ N M [us i TintM nf r]pir,itlin rn Ay A -- \\la !·» HI It t^r f J - * r un f-n . * p r | »mc ] ^ F T T « v J l t * * -- rfp'pr r n-M |t If T

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