Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on June 29, 1973 · Page 28
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 28

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1973
Page 28
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2§ fotesburg Register-Moil, Galesburg, III, Friday, June 29, 1973 Copper Miners' Pay Demands Pose New Threat to Chile's Government By PHIL NEWSOM tJPI Foreign News Analyst For the second time in,less than a year Chile's Marxist president, Salvador Allende, is calling upon the Chilean people to avoid civil war. Foreign News Commentary And for the second time in a year he is turning to the military to help keep public order, Both are a measure of Chile's Internal strains which have been increasing steadily since Allende took over two and a half years ago at the head of a "government for the workers." It is a source of the greatest embarrassment to the government that the focal point of the present crisis is a strike which began last April by 12,000 workers at the- El Teniente copper mine. El Teniente is the world's largest underground copper mine, taken over by the Marxist government from American copper interests in 1971. Filled With Ironies The miners are demanding- a 41 per cent pay increase as their share of a legislative package passed last year. Copper is Chile's chief source of foreign exchange. The strike is estimated to have cost the government more than $45 million and has forced it to suspend copper shipments to European clients. For Allende the strike comes at a particularly bad time. To help woo voters prior to elections of- last March the government stepped up the / D /family Testicle Problem Needs Treatment Dr. Lamb import of foodstuffs and unload ed much of its own limited supplies. As the economic crisis has deepened, the government has depended on its copper earnings to finance its continuing import of food, oil products and spare parts necessary for economic survival. The strike is filled ironies. It is the government's first confrontation with blue collar workers, and it chose to make its stand against the miners once expected to be among its most ardent supporters. Many of the miners are Communists or Socialists. with. Government leaders now dub them "fascists" and ordered police with armored cars and tear gas to turn back a miarch on the capital by 4,000 of the striking miners. At least one striking miner has been killed and another wounded in attempts to turn back strike-breakers Into El Teniente by the government. In congress, where the opposition holds a majority, impeachment action has forced the dismissal of the ministers of labor and mining for violating the constitutional rights of the miners to strike. Within the government Com­ munist-Socialist coalition, Allende has come under severe criticism for meeting with strike leaders and for a number of conciliatory gestures he has made to get the miners back to work. The effect of the strike has been to divide the country into warring camps Professlomal people, Including doctors, students and some private termers have supported the miners, contributing food and medicine. Allende continues to have the support of large segments of the poor and of labor, including the leftist Central Labor Feder' ation. By LAWRENCE LAMB, M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb — I am very much concerned about my brother's problem. When he was born his testicles didn't descend. At about the age of 11 he went to a doctor to begin treatment. If the shots weren't effective, of course, an operation should have been performed on him. It seems he never got the operation. Now he's a grown man. Can anything be done for him, or is it just too late? Is it pos sible for him to have any kind of sex life. I don't know why my parents neglected this important situation. Dear Reader — Undescended testicles should be treated in young boys before or at the onset of puberty. One or both testicles may be involved. If an un­ descended testicle is not brought down at this stage of life, and it is neglected until full maturity has been achieved, the testicle is usually not capable of producing sperm'cells. If one testicle is properly descended it can produce sperm, and such an individual will be able to father children. When neither testicle is descended before maturity is reached, then "the man is almost always permanently sterile. This does not mean that he will not be able to engage in sexual activity. The testicles have two main functions. One is to produce sperm cells, and the other is to produce sex hormones. The undescended testicles still produce testosterone and the individual involved can be just as masculine as any Dther man in all respects. He has the endocrine make-up for the normal amount of sex drive. The testicles have to be located outside the body to produce suitable amounts of live sperm cells so that a man can father children. The control of the temperature of the testicles is essential to a man's fertility, but not to his production of male hormone. Dear Dr. Lamb — I have often wondered about the children of paraplegics, healthwise. After I read your article about paraplegics having children, I was prompted to ask a few questions. Wouldn't the cause of the para plegia determine the health cf the child? Could a disease cause this to be inherited, but obviously an accident would not? Then I was wondering, in particular about polio. Is polio a disease that can be inherited or not? If a woman had polio when she was 25 years old and a few years later gave birth to a healthy child, would this girl be healthy and, if she has other children, is there a possibility of the polio being inherited? Dear Reader — Many women who have had polio have normal children. Polio is virus disease, and, while it may damage the nervous system that affects the muscles particularly, once the disease is over, the individual cannot transmit it to anybody else. It's no longer contagious, and it's in no way an inherited disease. You should think of it in the same light as chicken pox, measles, and other virus diseases which really are contagious diseases and not inherited diseases. Paraplegics have damage to their spinal cord. This affects the movement and function cf their muscles, and the location and the amount of limitation depends on where the lesion is in the spinal cord, literally, how many nerve cells and which ones are affected. This is not a kind of problem that's inherit(Newspaper Enterprise Assn) ed. Children's Heart Operations Encourage Stanford Doctors STANFORD, Calif. (UPI) Doctors were encouraged today after an operation to repair holes as big as silver dollars in the hearts of the Costello kids- three tecn-aged brothers and their four-year-old sister. "The surgery went very well, with no complications," said Dr. Edward Stinson. Stinson and fellow heart surgeon Dr. Norman Shumway performed two-at-a-time operations on the youngsters Thursday. More Active Lives The boys ''will be playing baseball better than ever in a couple of months," Stinson saicl. "The children should said there were no complications of two-hour operations. All four children were born with a hole in the muscular wail between the heart's upper chambers. Leakage of blood through the holes caused improper flow, an imbalance of pressure within the heart and insufficient pumping of oxygen- carry blood to body tissues. As a result, the youngsters tired easily. Kevin and Karen, the two smaller children, had holes small enough to be sewn up by the surgeons. The holes in David and Richard, roughly the size of silver dollars, were patched with tissue from the recover quickly and be able to I pericardium — the membrane- lead more active lives." juus sac surrounding the heart. But first David, 18, Richard,' Hospital officials said they 15, Kevin, 13, and Karen, 4, J had asked the San Francisco must spend two or three days Giants for autographed pictures! in intensive care at Stanford and baseballs for the Costello i University Medical Center and boys, all avid baseball fans. ! an additional three to live days, 'HP to Friends J in the pediatrics ward before! When David was put under! they can be discharged. [anesthesia, the spokesman said,! "I'm tremendously relieved,";his last words were, "Say hi toi said their mother, Ruby Costel- all my friends in the Babe Ruth lo, wife of unemployed truck, (baseball) League," in his driver David Costello of Santa;hometown. Rosa, Calif., She said the! The hospital estimated the family was grateful for many'cost of the operation and letters and donations of blood hospitalization for each child at for the open heart surgery. ! $5,000. The spokesman said Stinson, who described the ; they were iuliy covered by surgery as "garden variety,".insurance. I sleepwalkers, shift - workers, night owls ind out-of-town customers! Others Welcome 1 OOl This is if! The join* Chevrolet-Weaver-Yemm double offer time limit sale is rapidly approaching deadline time! This is the last call for people who still haven't had the time . . * or the opportunity ... to investigate. For all of you Weaver-Yemm extends the hours of this one big sale to the stroke of 12 midnight tonight! Don't you think it's worth a few moments of your MIDNIGHT TONIGHT 5 time to check? Remember sale ends Saturday, June 30th at 5:00 PM '"l/l, '''''h'kiUm 1973IMPALA 4-DR. SEDAN List Price $4,468.90 Discount $ 780 90 DELIVERED PRICE Price Includes: Factory Air Conditioning, Turbohy- dromatic Transmission, Power Steering, Power Disc Brakes, Radio, White Walls, Wheel Covers, Tinted Glass and 350 Engine. Everything on "Make us an offer" basis! '73 Chev. Monte Carlo '71 Vega Kammback S.W. '71 Ford Ranch Wagon V8, Auto., P.S., P.B., factory Automatic P/Steering. All Power, Factory Air, Air. Buckets. Silver- %A*]AA New Tires, Green %^%%AA 36,000 Miles Black Vinyl Roof __ "T / *T*T Green Interior. Al'Tl 1 Solid Beige '72 Chevelle Malibu 71 | mpa | a Kingswood '72 Grand Torino 4-Dr. 4-Dr. H T All Power, Factory 9 pass Wag Autornatic , Powe r V8, Auto. All Power, Factory Air, Gold w/ $3244 Steering, Power Brakes, Factory Air. Solid • $< Black Interior ^A^l^f Air , Luggage Rack/ Dark Gree n Brown, Clean A_ 7» 0Chey ; ToAwnsman SW y 1 "*! $ 3244 '™ Fi °* Convertible All Power, Fact. Air Interior ta&&m v v ^ Speed $ ( M g at:hfng e Tri m _.„ $ 2944 '71 Vega Kammback S.W. Solid Black. _„_„. , 7 , , , An UT Auto. Fact. Air. Blue '72 Comet 2 Dr. Sedan 72 Impala 4-Dr. H.T. B!ue Bucket Seat5 . A „ Power> Fact> Air> B|ue Automatic, Power Steering, with Wnite «N Power Brakes, Factory Air, Brown '70- Dodge Super Bee T 12 000 Miles, with White Vinyl $^jLAA All Power, factory Air, , ' Roof. SHARP!! — ^Q**** So | id Black, $*)3A/L 71 CheV y*" Ton P'ckup , 70 r „ • in . Black Bucket Seats _ XtrfW All Power. 39,000 Miles. 72 Gran Torino 4-Dr. So|id Ye||ow %( Red, Full Power ttAAA '72 Plym. Valiant Scamp Black Interior. > Factory Air —— & 1*i*t A „ p Fact Air> Gold B|aek Hn f e hh« e lr Cne '70 NOVO 2-Dr Vinyl Roof, 13,000 Miles. /? Y «?« Hafchb « k C P e " Lai £Sr >1844 £~ -2944 tt^-~* o , A r\ c J 69 Chev - Impala 4-Dr. '71 Ford Torino 2-Dr. 70 Torino 4-Dr. Sedan Low Mileage, All Power All Power. Blue $^^AA 6 " Cy1, Strai 9 ht Stickl Factory Air $' With Black Top X .2*4*4 20,000 Miles. Green. $*1 CAA Green Gold '70 Buick Skylork 2-Dr. HT wi,h Bl " k " 71 Fury MI^Dr. H.T. Automatic, P.S., P.B. '72 Ford Galaxie 500 All Power, Factory Air, Factory Air S ^O/LA 2-Dr. Hardtop, Dark Green, Golden Brown $ 4 '%£ k J Vinyl Roof A -A . fc f fc f Green Vinyl Roof, ' >*\AAA Saddle Interior kl „ , Full Power, fac. Air «J fe f* s f fe f L _ _ .. _ '71 Monte Carlo 69 Mustang 2-Dr. H.T. V8, Auto. All Power, Factory '69 Pontiac Lcman's Cpc. V8, Power Steering, Automatic, 0 ,^^.^3444 pi :^g_.__ $ 1744 B ^«,e ,_ $ 1944 Just one example... Brand New 1973 Chevelle Malibu 2-Dr, H.T. With Turbo-Hydramatic transmission, power steering, radio, outside mirror, 307 V-8 engine, back-up lights, disc brakes, windshield washers . . . everything you need and want in a new car. This is not a stripped down model, at this low low price, it's a beauty. TO LATE to worry about Pro Jul 'ice or Help us make our double quota and help yourself to the biggest savings time! o iicasoiwhli Rclu,cd! v r; OUcr MILL i.i'i Li)! 2195 N. Henderson St./Galesburg/Ph. 343-7101 i

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