Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 3, 1963 · Page 20
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 20

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1963
Page 20
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20 Gojesburfl Register-Moif, Golesburg, HI. Thursdoy, Oct. 3, 1963 THE DOCTOR SAYS Hunt for a Good Tonic Is Just Another Illusion Newspaper Enterprise Assn. By WAYNE 0. BRANDSTADT, M.D. By W. G. BRANDSTADT, M.D. Newspaper Enterprise Assn. What is a good tonic? This is a question most doctors are asked frequently. In the back of the inquirer's mind is a vague idea that if he could just get hold of a bottle of the right medicine, he would feel better. Television commercials have done nothing to dispel this quaint idea. On the contrary, they work night and day to persuade us that somehow life is a disease that can be endured only if you take their product early and often — with an extra portion for good measure on Sundays and holidays. To my mind this attitude is not only an exaggeration of the truth, it is a shortcut to disaster, also. The word "tonic" means any agent that favors good muscular tone — the comfortable state be­ tween complete relaxation and extreme tension. Thus a breath of fresh air might be a tonic to a person who had been cooped up in a stuffy room. For some persons, a cold shower acts as a tonic. But I long ago gave up the idea that everyone can benefit equally from such an experience. Perhaps, the best tonic of all is a good laugh, but even a good cry may have a tonic effect on some persons. To get back to the subject of drugs, they arc very necessary for some conditions. The few but ever increasing number of drugs that have a specific beneficial action on a certain symptom or disease arc a boon to mankind, but we are too quick to take drugs at the first twinge of pain or frustration. Learning to cope A PERFECT JOB EVERYTIME ROLLER MUSH MCOBY ON Grand Slam Cue Now Is Revived By OSWALD JACOBY Newspaper Enterprise Assn. The late Ely Culbertson had one of the most fertile minds in bridge. His writings did much to popularize contract in its early days. One of his ideas that failed to gain acceptance during his life was the "grand slam force." WEST 4 Q 10 862 V85 • 10 5 2 4 J 10 9 NORTH 4 None VK764 • AKQ8 8 3 *AK4 EAST * A J fl 5 4 •/J3 4 94 4 7 6 3.2 SOUTH (D) 4K73 ¥ AQ10 9 2 • J7 4Q85 South West North East 1* Pass 5N.T. Pass 7 V Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— 4 J Rubber Base LATEX SATIN , WASHABLE . LATEX SATE, Wall Point Reg. $5.70 Feature For Featur It's The Best • Super Tough And Super Washable • Dries fast In 30 Minutes • tasy Applying, No Brush Marks • No Usual Paint Odor ' The new MasicrCraft Latex Sal in rubber base wall paint is exceptionally easy to apply with either roller or brush. Anyone can eet professional results. Makes painting a much easier job. This bid was a jump to five no- trump to ask partner to bid a grand slam if he held good enough trumps. In most cases good enough trumps would be a suit that included two of the top three honors. This Culbertson bid has gained popularity lately and today is used by almost every expert. It does not come up often, but when it does it certainly makes grand slam bidding easy. South has a rockbottom minimum bid, or the nearest thing to one. North doesn't really care much how weak or strong his partner's opening is. All North wants to know is if South holds both the ace and queen of hearts. The grand slam force reveals this very simply. He wastes no time in shilly-shallying or getting unnecessary information. All he does is respond five no-trump. South is now in the position of the Light Brigade. He is not to reason why, he had just to do or die. With the ace and queen of hearts he promptly bids the grand slam. He isn't too happy with the force until he sees the dummy. Then it is all over but drawing trumps and chalking up the score. PAINT PAN SL« .te 89c Mastercroft Point—Washes like enamel 16 Colors SEMI-GLOSS * *L99 Mastercroft Floor and Woodwork Hi Gloss FLOOR ENAMEL * '1.59 9 Colors. Reg. $1.77 WALLPAPER Per Bundle ^3e00 Room Lot. Each bundle contains 10 singe rolls. Wallpapers average 10x12 room. Borders and ceilings extra. 4-inch Nylon Paint Brushes Reg. $4.60 t a? A • r *r SALE 2.99 VINYL LINOLEUM FLOOR COVERINGS Best grade. 9x12 ft. widths <1 1A sq. Regular $1.59 SALE | T |7 yd. Greet Guests At Maquon Home MAQUON — Mr. and Mrs. George Ryan entertained the *oI- lowing people in their home Saturday evening: Mr. and Mrs. Bill Daily, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Eack of Knoxville and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Moorehead of Gilson. Cards was the entertainment for the evening. Harry Lewis of Dubuque, Iowa spent Sept. 26 at the home of his sister, Mrs. May Boyer. with stress can be a tonic, too. I have known people who by ignoring minor irritations have been able to keep going long after their pill-taking contemporaries have fallen by the wayside. So when you ask me what is a good tonic, I can better tell you what it is not. Aspirin, penicillin and vitamins arc not tonics. Neither are laxatives, iron, liver extract or caffeine — although admittedly all these drugs may under certain circumstances have their legitimate uses, both physical and psychological. Observe the rules of good living with a well-balanced diet, plenty of restful sleep and work at a task you enjoy and you will never need to ask for a good tonic. Q — I've had a postnasal drip for a couple of years. At night when I'm lying in bed it often makes me choke or gag. When 1 clear my throat I get up some stringy mucus. How can I get rid of it? A — The cause of your trouble is etiher an allergic rhinitis or a chronic low grade infection in the nasal sinuses. Allergic rhinitis usually responds to the antihistamine remedies used for hay fever. If you have a chronic sinusitis your doctor may want to try an ephedrine sulfate nasal spray. Almost any other kind of nasal spray you might use including weak salt water would have the disadvantages of paralyzing the cilia that keep the mucous secretions from the sinuses moving outward. Bids Opened On Repair Of Dam St. Arnaud Electric Co. of East Chicago, Ind„ submitted the apparent low bid of $236,426.70 to the Rock Island District, Corps of Engineers Tuesday to repair the government dam across the Rock River at Sterling-Rock Falls, the engineers reported today. One other bid of $270,728 was received from W. A. Johnson Inc. and the Patton Plumbing and Heating Co. of North Chicago. The government estimate for this project was $228,371.95. The dam is being repaired as part of a program to rehabilitate the Illinois and Mississippi Canal and then to turn it over to the State of Illinois for use as a state park. Water to operate the canal comes from Lake Sinnis- sippi, which is formed by the Sterling-Rock Falls dam. Work is to be completed by November 30, 1984. The repair work will consist of the following items: Repairing the movable portion of the dam and replacing steel members and concrete as necessary. New electrical wiring, including a new lighting system, will be installed on the structure. A new steam boiler plant will be built to facilitate ice removal from the tainter gates during winter operations. A new hoist will be provided for the tainter gate*. Plans call for completing the boiler plant by Feb. 1 so it can be used the remainder of next winter. The navigation lock at the south end of the dam and a flushing gate south of the lock wilt be replaced by a concrete headwall, which wil be built on the upper sill above the lock. The gates and operating machinery wUl also be removed from the lock. The three principal fertilizers are phosphorous, nitrogen and potash. READ THE WANT ADS! List Toulon Home Guests .TOULON - Lyle Elliott of Chicago spent the weekend with his mother, Mrs, Dwigbt Elliott. James Olmsted of Flanagan visited Over the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rex Olnv sted. Mrs. Mae Stockner has returned home After spending a few days with Mf. and Mrs. C. W. Carter at Holcotmbe, Wis. The Carters are former Toulon residents. Verne Roach is a patient at the Veterans Hospital at Dwight. His family visited him Sunday.' Delmar Franklin, who was se­ riously Injured in an auto accident May 11, was moved Monday from Chicago RehaWlltatton Center to the Foreit Park Home at St. Francis Hospital in Peoria. He is showing slight improvement. Agree to Play NEW YORK <UPI> - Manny Mota of the Pittsburgh Pirates, first-baseman Julio Becquer of the Minnesota Twins and Joe Christopher of the New York Mets have agreed to play in the Latin-American All-Star baseball game at the Polo Grounds on Saturday, Oct. 12. i n il i . ... .. in.,, im READ THE WANT ADS! HUNTERS' ALWAYS BAG MORE THAN THEIR LIMIT AT ARLANS! 28" HUNTING ARROWS I II' U ****** Arlan's Price! Made of select oxford cedar wood shaft with 3 point botkin pointl Sporting Goods Dept. Hi Ruggedly Made SUEDEGUNU CASE Gauge REMINGTON EXPRESS SHOTGUN SHELLS 111 Waterproof I Insulated HUNTING TROOPER VEST.-—HATI Arlan's Price! Arlan's Price*' Hunters' favorite! No ether shell •torches the performance of lb* IK plastic shell! 25 Arlan's Price!, Handy case for any size rifle or shotgun! Sporting Goods Dept. 26" and 28" TARGET ARROW \ Has large game pocket, shell loop pockets and covered license holder. Sporting Goods Dopt. 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