The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 17, 1955 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, November 17, 1955
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x S'tatc „— j Iowa City» aeoittr By Huss Waller • * * Bill Reinders of Algona has a sideline that is both a hobby and also a business. He has the equipment to produce folding banquet tables and chairs, and has been making them — and selling them — for sometime now. Along with it ho is doing a little advertising in publications reaching groups which might be interested in such products, and has been sending them over a pretty good area. He orders the trim and metal parts, of course, but does all of the woodworking and final assembling himself. • » * Quite a few folks seem to enjoy having parakeets as pets. Scouts tell us thai up at Swea City, Editor Bob Schwartz has one, and that it can talk. Of course it only says one sentence — "I'm a Democrat." • • • One of the most popular things before the election was the development of "pools" on the mayor's race. The general idea was to pick a number, which in I urn gave you a numerical lineup of the older in which the candidates would finish. P. S. Don't tell Mi Country man, though! • • # The outspoken commandant of the new U. S. Air Force Academy says that they are getting young men in the air academy who cannot even do one chin-up, or fojtu or five sit-ups, and that he believes our young men are pretty soft physically. He suggests k-^s time in front of a television set and more time in outdoor games. He might have something at that. • • • Readers will recall our mention of the Ottosen soldier. Sgt. Paul Watnem. who with his wife left recently to drive to Alaska over the A lean highway. He made it. completing the trip in a week and a day. Driving distance was 3.923 miles. » • • Something new in the way of a roll call was presented at a meeting of the Ladies Rural Club at the home of Mrs Eugene Hofius, Ottosen, recently. Each of the ladies came with a different hair style which was the roll call. • • • Election result* were pretty slow coming in a week ago Tuesday night at the city hall, with an unusually heavy city vote. "What are we sitting here for?" liskcd someone. "Well, I know why I'm sitting here." replied Mayor Byron Richardson, "I'm ju.-it overcome with curiosity" • • • Judy Muriagh, daughter of Mr and Mrs Eugene Murtagh of Algona. is one of the Scottish Highlanders of the University of Iowa who intends to make a tour of Europe during the summer of 1956. The Highlanders ton mi Europe in 1952 for eight weeks. They will sail from New York July 16 on the Queen Mary. • • • If our news from Titonka is a little less for a week or two it's because our correspondent there, Mrs George Sachai*. and her husband, are getting acquainted with Deborah Jane, who arrived Nov. 10. Last Nov. 9, however. Mrs Saehau didn't forget to call us with the Titonka town election results, despite the nearness of the stoik. • • • County treasurer Rosella Voigt was surprised by a letter she received this week. It contained 60 cents and u note of explanation. The sender of the money admitted sneaking into the county fair years ago, and he had never felt quite right about it. The money was for the gate admission which was not collected when the fellow crawled under the fence. • » » ' One of the mysteries of the day is what turn the farm program will take, and it's going to turn somewhere. Many have come out for production payments for hogs. How does it work? If hogs are given a support at say $17 a hundred, and the current market price is $14, the farmer would get a check for $3 from the government on hogs he sells, at the $14 figure. It is reli.vfclv reported that the President and Secretary Benson are preparing a plan of their own, one to tako acreage out of production and pay the landowner accordingly on a "rental" basis. Land chiefly to come under this plan is reported to be "marginal" lands. If that's the case it's hardly worth while to build any more dams to irrigate more "marginal" land, is it? ^ f Over in Uganda they threw a birthday party for their King, and as a present gave him silver equal to his own weight. However King Freddie only weighs 150 Ibs. Might be worth putting on a little poundage, eh Freddie? • * * Famous Last Line— (Murray Warmalh, Minnesota coach) "Whan you get b*at 3i to 0 you got no alibis: you v« jus* been outpl»y««U" dltome* ISTAEUSHED 1169 Entered as second class matter at the postofflce at Algona. Iowa, Nov. 1. 1632. under Act of Congress of March 3, 1879. ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1955 4 SECTIONS - 28 PAGES PLUS 16 PAOfi TABIOIO VOL 91 - NO. 46 Burt, Algona Eye School Bond Vote New Supervisor Example Of What Made America KossiHh county's newly appointed supervisor from the 2nd district, Jens P. Sorensen, is a good example of the stock thai has buili mid-west America. Jens was born 62 years ago in Denmark, and came to this country in 1914, Four years residence was then required to become a ciliien, but before the four years had elapsed, the United States entered the war in Europe. Jens promptly enlisted in Sept. of 1917. His unit prepared to go overseas, and at thai point the U.S. Army aided him in obtaining his full citizenship. After that he served 13 months in Europe with {he army. Returning from service he began farming in Union twp. in 1919, and by 1936 he own- ed his own 120 acre farm, where he has since lived. In the meanwhile he served for 15 years as a township trustee, has been connected with three different farm programs as a township officer, the AAA, PMA and ASC. He also served on the machinery rationing board during World War II — all nonpaying jobs it might be added. Mrs Sorensen is the former Myrtle Gould, ari Algona woman. Sometime in the near future they expect to move to Algona. Jens was recently appointed to fill the supervisor post left vacant by the sudden, unexepected death of S. D. McDonald of Algona. The new supervisor is a member of the Methodist church and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Claim, Counter-Claim Over Concrete Work Go To Trial J Above/ 2 Inches of Snow Here \ * Wednesday Is First Day Of 16 Page Roto In U-D-M Today This week's Upper Des Moines brings to its readers the monthly issue of the Farm and Home Section—16 pages of top-flight reading and pictures for the whole family. Features of the, November section are many delicious recipes for the homemaker. tips for the farmer on modern poultry housing and preparation for winter and a feature on dolls that all little girls will enjoy. The Farm and Home Section is brought to you once each month in the Upper Des Moines. Adorn Reding, 72, Dies Of Injuries Adam Reding, 72, Rodman man. died Saturday at St. Ann hospital after suffering a relapse following injuries received in an automobile accident on highway 44. four miles south of Whittemore, the night of Oct. 28. Funeral services were held Wednesday, Nov. 16, at 9:30 a.m. at Sts. Peter and Paul's Catholic church at West Bend with Rt. Rev. Msgr. Francis Schultes officiating. Burial was also at West Bend. , In the crash, which was officially credited to Palo Alto rather than Kossuth county, cars driven by Lyle Waechter, 19, of Ottosen, and Harry Prentice, 57, of Rodman, collided when the latter machine began to make a left turn toward Rodman from the highway. Reding received a broken leg, broken wrist, bad facial wounds and other injuries in the mishap, and had been hospitalized since the crash in which both Waechter and Prentice were also injured. Reding was riding with Premice. Several Reding. children survive Mr Hunters Get Lost In 'Africa' Sexton — It isn't always safe for "Big City" hunters to run around loose. Bob Braun brought a group of men from Mason City, including his boss, into the area to hunt pheasants for a day. He returned to the car with his limit and waited for the rest, who had wandered off into another area. They failed to return, and Bob got really worried. Then they appeared, with some youngsters directing them. Seems they got lost near Algona's "Little Africa" and claimed to have walked for miles before being "rescued." A trial before the district court will open the November term of court hen- next Monday. The trial will be by judge without jury. Judge G. W. Stillman will preside the first week, being succeeded by Judge Narey who has the regular term assignment but will be unable to preside for the first week. The petit jury will report Nov. 29. There will be no grand jury. Kenne Vs. Winkel Counter claims will feature the first case next Monday, in which Theo Kenne is plaintiff with Dr. J. B. Winkel of Algona named as defendant, in an equity matter in the form uf a mechanic's lien foreclosure action. Kenne is asking Judgement for S2.439.60 from Winkel. He claims that he has never been paiti for cement work he did in connection with the construction of a new home for Winkel. McMahon & Cassel represent the plaintiff. Says Work Inferior In a counter-claim. Dr. Winkel is asking damages of $4,525 from Kenne. Winkel replied to the original plaintiff's action declaring that he admits non-payment of the bill, but he charges that poor and inferior workmanship by the plaintiff made it necessary for him to tear out the concrete work and have it replaced. He said it also forced a delay in occupancy of the new house, and thus extra expense. Winkel is asking a counterclaim judgement for $4,525 as a result. He is being represented by L. A. Winkel, and Linnan & Lynch. Real Winter Kossuth County was smack- dab in the middle of a cold blast that sent temperatures scurrying downward, and as a result, local citizens tasted the most severe weather of the new winter. We didn't match Wyoming's 35 degrees below, but early Wednesday morning after the tempera* lure dropped to a frigid two degrees above at 8 a.m., a one above reading was registered at midmorning, disproving all theories that the sun brought warmth with it. Snow accompanied the temperature drop, and a strong northwest wind made everyone head for shelter. Snow measured from an inch to two inches in various sections of the county, according to Weatherman Stu Albright. No serious damage of any kind was reported. A check of various firms and departments of state. county and city government in Algona proved that the city street department and state highway department had snow plows working, but no county roads needed clearing. Plan Bazaar To Feature "The Unusual" Saturday Each Vote In December On Expansion Proposals Voters in the Algona and Burt Community School districts were facing the issue of whether thev do or do not favor bond issues for school expansion purposes which total $794.000. Algona Community School district voters will ballot Dec. 5 on a proposed S544.000 bond issue. . Burt Community School district voters will vote on a similar issue Dec. 9. for a bond issue totaling $250.000. The two bond issues are already bringing debate within the districts concerned, and increasing interest between now and tune of voting is certain. Saturday is "Bazaar Day" for members of the local P. W. O. (Presbyterian Women's Organization). Most every organization, al one time or another, has a bazaar, but the P. W. O. group, which will hold its event to which the public is invited in the Moose Hall all day, Nov. 19. has tried to introduce some new things. In the above picture, for example. Mrs Netha Mathes is seated in front of samples of her hobby, the ar The telephone company, water I ranaement of dried material into table bouquet arrangements, some ' of which will be included in bazaar sale items. Mrs Dorothy Cook, general chairman, is at her right, and is holding a flower garden quilt made by Mrs Joseph Skow of Wesley, and tied by Mrs Carrie Redem.ske of Algona. Other bazaar items will include aprons specially imported witf, native handwork from Puerto Rico, pecans direct from Alabama, and corsages made by a relative of Mrs Claris Kresensky in South Dakota who has nationwide fame for her arrangements. The group will serve lunch at noon, and coffee all day. Committee members assisting Mrs Cook are Mesdames Andy Crawford, Laura Holcomb. Edna Mitchell, Stu Albright, Art Krause. May Schenck and Myron Brower. (Upper Des Moines tlashfoto). department of the city and the city engineer received no calls due to damage. The city's blacktopping program came to a screeching halt, at least for the time being, but at least one sewer project was still underway Wednesday. It is probable sewer work can continue through most of the winter. Low temperatures each day during the week were below the freezing mark, while the high of;,: 53 degrees was reached Wednes-' day. Nov. 9. A sixth of an inch of rain was registered Thursday. Nov. 9 Nov. 10 Nov. 11 Nov. 12 Nov. 13 - Nov. 14 Nov. 15 (1 in. S) H 53 51 45 42 34 38 38 L 21 21 27 21 18 Many motorists got a chance to walk to work Wednesday Golden Wedding TUonk*—Mr and Mrs Oscar £. Miller will observe their Golden Wedding Sunday, Nov. 20, with open house between the hours of 2 and 5 p.m. Neighbors, friends and relatives are Invited. There will be a program starting at 3 p.m. Gets Deer With Bow & Arrow A Lone Rock man, Edwin Luedtke, bagged a deer in Emmet County Oct. 31 with a bow and arrow, placing him in a very select group. Only 12 deer had been bagged with a bow through Nov. 7, according to the state conservation commission. Only ten deer were killed with a bow last year during the entire season. Archers have until 4 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 20 to try their luck. Unsuccessful bow hunters may also hunt deer with guns during the three-day gun season Dec. 3-4-5. There is no way of kpowing how many bow hunters have been in the field during the present season. Luedtke is the only man in this entire area who had bagged a deer up to Nov. 7. According to local conservation officials, three deer have been found dead recently. All were shot illegally and left in the field. Three More New Cars On Display Three more new cars are on display beginning Friday by Algona automobile dealers. Schultz Bros, will have a new 1956 model Clipper and Studebaker on the floor, with special entertainment also planned, as announced elsewhere, featuring the KGLO-TV musical group. Russ & Ky's will have a new Nash on display at their showroom on North Main St. An announcement 15 made in today's Upper Des Moines, also. N. W. Bell Raise In-State Distance Rate A small increase in rates for some long distance calls between telephones in Iowa, effective November 28, was announced lo- day by Mr. J. L. Claude, manager here for the Northwestern Bell Telephone Company. "The increase", he said, "will amount to only 5c for the initial three-minute period for most station-io-station calls. Some station-to-station rates will not be affected. For person-to-person calLs, the increases will be either 5c or lOc for the initial three-minute period. Most person-to-person calls will be affected. However, some will remain unchanged. "The costs of providing telephone service", Mr Claude said, "have continued to increase substantially while telephone rates have been at their present level," Mr Claude pointed out that the continuing upward trend of wages generally has made increased telephone wages necessary." legion Stag Friday American Legion members and their guests will enjoy a stag party and fish fry, Friday evening, Nov. 18, starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Legion Hall here. There will also be a cribbage tournament Nov. 29. Tuesday evening, Santa Glaus In Algona Next Friday, Nov. 25 Santa Claus is coming to town —and Friday, Nov. 25 id the big day for all children in the Algona area. Plans for the annual appearance of the fat, jovial, white- bearded old fellow were announced Tuesday by Chamber of Commerce Secretary Bill Steele who guaranteed a reindeer and helper will be here with St. Nick. There'll be the usual free sack of candy for all children. Santa will arrive in a fire truck at 1:30 p.m. and go directly to his house on the southeast ccrner of the courthouse square. He will begin giving away candy at once, and continue until about 4 p.m. The reindeer is a novel new innovation. It is a young one which is so tame it can be petted by the smallest youngsters with- oui fear. He will be led up and down State street by Santa's helper for all to see and feel. The regular free movie at the Algona Theater will be featured during the afternoon. ^, Luncheon Planned On Tuesday, Nov. 22, there will be a luncheon sponsored by the League of Women Voters at the Johnson House at one o'clock. Guest -speaker will be Mrs Jane Hutchins, Des Moines League of Women Voters representative. Mashes A Finger Lone Rock—Louis Broesder is a patient at the Estherville hospital since last Friday when he mashed a finger in a pump jack. Sheriff At Meeting Sheriff and Mrs Ralph Lindhorst were in attendance at the State Sheriff's convention at Cedar Rapids, Monday and Tuesday of this week. 1950-1955 Including General Excellence low* Prw* Ass'n, 1955 1 \\ FARM SALE CALENDAR Algona Upper Des Moines Farmers having sales can get their dates listed here by contacting the Upper Des Moines. where farm sale advertising reaches the largest circulation 01 any publication in Kossuth county- Monday, Nov. 21 — Leslie Cassem sale, '2 north and 3 west of Ledyard, or 8 north and '2 west of Bancroft. Sale includes cattle, feeder pigs, machinery, etc. Full details of farm sale in UDM today. Quinn Ar Clark, auctioneers: State Bank of Swea City, clerk. Tuesday. Nov. 22 — Louis Simpson Sale. '•_• mile north of Catholic cemetery at east edge of Algona, highway 18. Sale includes tractors, machinery, 86 head livestock, and many miscellaneous items, all listed" in detail in Upper Des Moines today. Reiling & Leek, auctioneers; Exchange State Bank. Wesley, clerk. Wednesday, Nov. 23 — Orval Jones, 1 west Armstrong sales barn, 1 north and 2 west. Selling 37 head cattle, 154 head hogs, machinery. Ad in UDM today. Clark & Clark, auctioneers; First Trust. Armstrong, clerk. Nov. 23, Wednesday — Walter J.Fandel, 5 miles west and 2 miles south of highway junction 169 and 18, Algona, or l -> mile south and 3 3 4 miles east of Whittemore. Complete details in Upper Des Moines today. Nov. 30, Wednesday — Alfred Schipull, Lone Rock, closing out sale including dairy herd. Quinn & Clark, auctioneers; Lone Rock Bank, clerk. Tuesday. Dec. 6—William Titus, complete closing out sale on farm located '1 miles east. 14 miles north and '-i mile east of Wesley including a full line of machinery and 36 head of Hereford cattle. Reiling & Leek are the auctu>n- eers with the First State Bank of Britt as clerk. Complete details of this sale will be listed in the UDM at a later date. Every farm sale ad which originates with The Algona Upper Des Moines carries Weather Insurance. If weather forces postponement of your sale, your ad and bills will be reprinted without charge with the new date selected for the sale. $544,000 Is Local Plan The Algona vote is based on a proposition calling for new construction and equipment, the procuring of new school sites, adding to present facilities and acquiring and improving a site for a new athletic field. School officials have designated the evening of Monday, Nov. 28, as time of an open forum to discuss the bond issue. The meeting is to be held in the high school auditorium here. Two bond issues for school purposes have been voted in the past 10 years in Algona. totaling $410,000.'This present bonded indebtedness will be retired by 1969. There is still $305,000 outstanding in these bonds. Strong proponents of the proposed new-bond issue say that increasing school enrollment makes the new expenditure necessary. Others question the size of the expenditure proposed, and whether or not the purchase of more real estate is necessary. Earlier the school board appointed a Citizens Advisory Committee to study the matter, and this group recently approved the outline of the proposed new bond issue as presented by school authorities. A G0 r ; majority of those voting is necessary to carry the bond issue, both in Algona and Burt. The Algona vote if favorable would presumably provide funds for the following expansion: An addition to the Bryant school, including three classrooms, an activity room, gymnasium-auditorium, healing plant and toilets. An addition to the Lucia Wallace school, inqluding seven classrooms. Purchase of ground and erection of a new East Side school, with five classrooms, office, heating, etc. Purchase of a site for a new high school (but not funds for high school erection) and a new athletic field. This is the "first phase" of a school expansion program recommended by an educational expert from the State University called into consultation last year. Further recommendations made at that time, but not included in the pending bond issue proposal, including complete eventual replacement of the Bryant school with a new school, elimination of the Third Ward school, conversion of the present high school to a strictly junior high, and erection of a new high school build- int; with athletic plant. Based on the taxable valuation of the recentlv expanded school district, the local school could carry a legal total bonded debt of about one million dollars. Burt Votes On Dec. 9 At Burt the vote will be based on approval or disapproval of a program to carry out a school building program which would include reconstructing nnd equipping the present school building, and constructing and equipping un addition thereto, at cm estimated cost of $250.000. There is no real estate purchase connected with this proposed issue. Several years ago the Burt school added a temporary addition on the school grounds, separate from the main school, and this has been used for classroom work, for relief of the regular building. Voting at Burt. Dec. 9, will take place at the Burt Town Hall. Licenses To Wed Only two licenses to wed were issued in the past week at Clerk of Court AJma Pearson's office. They wejit to Saaford Mitchell of Lone Rock and Mary Louise Froehlich of St. JBeneoict, Nov. 16, and Vince Bernardo of Emmetsburg and Joan Fain of 1956 Plates Here Over 250 Attend Men's Meeting Between 250 and 300 men attended the Men's Club Forum sponsored by the Presbyterian men of Algona, at the high school Annex. Tuesday evening, despite adverse weather. Merle G. Jones, president of the National Council of Presbyterian Men, was the featured speaker. He had intended to fly here from Beatrice, ^Neb>. but drove instead. He was Introduced by A. D. Crawford, president of the local club. Burton Harmes acted as toastmaster. In addition to the local club, Presbyterian men from surrounding areas and other denominations as well were present, and welcomed. Musical numbers were presented by Mrs V. K. Rising, Karen Hutchins, and Allen Reid, anu Joseph Skow led group singing. IOWA'S NEW 1956 license plales will look like Ihc one shown above, held by Marion Heinrich of the county treasurer's office. The plates will go on sale in the courthouse at the motor vehicle branch of the treasurer's office on December 1. The plates are black with white letters. This is the first year that the numeral "1" for example, will have three zeros as a prefix. (Upper Des Moines Polaroid foto). Ribs, Jaw Broken In Motor Crash Whittemore — Word was received here by Mr and Mrs Henry Lauck Jr., that their son Pvt. " Henry Lauck III was in an auto accident early Sunday morning, Nov. 6, in which he was injured. Word was that he had six broken ribs and a broken jaw. There were six in the cax and the other compactions were hospitalized. They are all stationed at Camp Carson, Colo. From the report sent here the driver of the car went asletp Two Fire Calls In Zero Weather Fast work by Algona firemen aveited what would undoubtedly have been total destruction of the main barn on the Irvin Urch farm, east of Algona on the McGregor St. road, about IIMM Wedneday noon. Straw which had been piled around a well, only a few feet from the barn, caught fire. A motorist passing by saw the blaze and notified the folks in the. house who were eating dinner. Fire trucks from Algona quickly controlled the bla/ing straw. Brisk northwest winds were whipping burning .straws toward the barn as firemen arrived. The firemen answered a call to the John Gisch home or. South Hall street at 9:45 a.m. Wednesday and extinguished a b'.a/f in the kitchen. A number of dresses, curtains and miscellaneous 1 items were destroyed, a door damaged and smukf was plentiful. Pancake Benefit Tuesday, Nov. 22 Next Tuesday, Nov. 2J, fiom 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.. is Pais.'ake Day in Algona, sponsored by the local Kiwanis Club, with pi'jcved? to go into the fund of underprivileged children in o ,Vn the public and parochial .-civi..l here. Rev. M. H Brower L, chairman of the event, wh.rh will be held in the high school annex- Others on the general committee are Md Bay. Burton Harmes, Bill Barry Jr., Dr. M G. Bourne, B. P. Joe Greenberg. cents each. Richardson and Servings are 50

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