Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 29, 1947 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1947
Page 2
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PA015 S—NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.). WEDNESDAY, JAN. 89,-lM7 DREW PEARSON rx^ ON °the WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Henry Ford II Staged Secret Discussion With Big Business Over Labor Problems; U. S. Steel Asked By Ford To Lower Prices \Vnsliiii K v;ton-—'U. fc>. business rnoyuh enjoy reading news stories Icakini;' oul ui' \Vliitu ilouso c;il>inot. sessions, Imt don'I :iI\vays relish having 1 reports ol' their own closed iltinr iiu'i-'tmii's in Wall Street appear in the press. Di'spito denials, liowever, here is a plny-by-plny ac- cuiini ol' a n-ci-nt New York discussion which Henry Ford .11 staged with .representatives of Standard Oil ot' New .Jersey, V. S. Sfx'L'l, mid others ri'gnrding 1 labor relations, What happened )( t the meeting was important. It gives interest in:;- insight into Mr. Ford's determination to start a price decrease. Although the two-hnur confei i.-nci> v/aa supposed to be confine ID laboi'-rruiruiKcment problems, a interDHtlntr wi-gument took ploc ln'twcon atrjtrpsslvo John BI J-'onl vlce-prcjielenJ in charge o l.iljor rnUitlons. find U. S. Stcc Vice-President John Stephen .•liiout the high cost or Mtefcl. Euga jminttxl out that prices were got tlnK --'o high, many consumer, simply couldn't afford to buy. M suw^teU L'. S. Stcnl givn the en tire ocor.omy a break .by cutting not rr.UIn;,'. prices. After all, ftrgued Ford's right h:md rmifi, any change in stee wui;i'j or pi'IerH would sot n. trent for- the t-ntiro nation. It woulf orrtainly help the light agalns iiillriUun. v.-Gi'ld labor-man iigi'rnent negotiations. r;, S. Steel's Vice-President Ste j>hun;< repJUid that, while pi-Ices rind profits were high, lie tlltln' Uiinlt they were too high. He -sale that indu.ttry's stockholders hsic fc-o.iir through Home very loan year; in thi; 'SO'a. passing up illvidend> v/hlch they were now entitled to rtilli'ct retroactively. Eugas prc- icnti'd iik'Jlnxt this, but Stephens WMH adamant. Ford Executive Vice-president TCil Hroech swung in behind I3ugas jiointln;: out that tht> stGCl Industry didn't have to fucp the con y.iunci 1 directly, therefore might not kriuv/ haw much cofijnimpr prc;i- mi iv w;iy piling up agtiinst high prifCS, Profi.'syor Theodore Ynctama. cli ri'iii'jv of I'usuarch for Com iriii.ti-i! cm i^ccmomic Dovolopment. Irjt'ki'd up Ford by pointing out that prices genurally wen; too high Vriov havi> gone cluur bfyond th'. 1 :';mj,'<: of thu average woi-Ring man, f'.'iniMiri'iii'-nl tun) \Yi<<Mlm! I $55 to $3500 1 I:\CM SIVKI.V AT— IflERPONT'S 2 KoKNtiTi-il .JnwrlrfH. Amrrlnm firm £ IC!» HANK ST.—WATEllUUltY Ynctama said, and he pointed specifically to department store prices, the prices of cfood, textiles, clothing, and movie admissions. Professor Sumner Schllctcr of Harvard agreed with Ynetama, arguing that it would bo wise Industry to lower prices now or face u just demand for higher wiiges It wouldn't like. Standard Favoru Decrease Standard Oil's Frank Pierce, an expert labor relations m«n, also put the match to -the hlgh-prico boys, arguing that Industry had to exercise Its leadership by cutting pricey. "Yes," Pierce said, "industry will have to .cxcroUo its leadership by exposing the food and steel trusts which have created such an outrageous situation." Pierce didn't mention it, but possibly he had in mind the recent .study of government 'economists which shows how the food Industry's profits have soared as much as 250 per cent in recent months. Armour's increased ita profits 231 per cent for the first nine months of 1946 over the same period of '45, Sunshine Biscuit's profits after taxes .rose 122 per cent, United Biscuit's profits rose 205 per cent, the creameries of America mnde U7.3 per cent more, while wages dropped to a level lower than on V-J Day. Finally. U. S. Steel's Stephens fakl he thought the others were being a little rough on him. The way to lower prices, ho claimed, was through high production and fewer strikes, To this, Ford's Bugas retorted that, with prices fo high, strikes were inevitable. Annual Wane Pierce of Standard Oil then ho- gun a. blunt di.-icussion of the guaranteed annual wage. Sooner or later, he claimed, i/itlustry would have to face the question of j guaranteeing year-round employment to workers. In the past, Pierce explained. Standard of New Jersey used to lay up Its tanke fleet each winter, throwing thou sand.3 of men out of work. Eventu ally, however, Standard found tha by pushing ita line of home-hca! Ing fuels, it was able to provid year-round employment for it fleet ct' ships and all their crcw.3. "The engineers employed by in dustry," • Fierce said.. "have able to develop production technology to Its hig.hest efficiency, but they have .Ignored or-ovei'looked human technology. There's no reason why the auto industry, can't work more than seven months a year. Not to do BO is a waste o manpower." Young Ford replied that he hopec to see the day soon when ; tlie auto industry won able to provide Ita workers with year-round employ mcnt. It was a few days thoreaftei that Ford mncle his sensational announcement reducing the price of is cars. No Lumc-Duck Jolm Here's some bad news for Demo criilic congressmen and senators defeated in the last election who -mve been prlminfT the White House for-federal jobs. President Truman has adopted a new policy—no lame-duck appoint- nents, barring exceptional cnsus This is the story behind the hope of Senator Jim Mead's friends 'to and him a diplomatic post or some other top job. Truman and Mend arc old and close friends, fought shoulder to shoulder In many Senate battles, and when Truman became vice, president in 194-1, Mead succeeded lim as chairman of the War Invcs- (gating committee. However, several times recently when White -louse advisers raised tho question of putting" the nble New Yorker somewhere on the federal payroll, .Truman replied with a flat "No," "If tho people of a state or a Congressional district have decided that they don't want a man in Washington by voting him out of office, why should I go against their judgment by appointing him to some job as a reward for being defeated?" the president Baid So for, none of Truman's advisers have thouRht up a good answer. Note — F. D. R. believed that when a man had long experience in Washington, that experience should not be lost. Men who really know government are hard to find, and he believed in appointing defeated congressmen to administrative positions. Other presidents usually have followed the same course. Capita) Chaff Italian Communists and Socialists are fighting tooth and nail against the re-establishment of a new Italian government under Christian Democratic former Premier Alcidc De Gasperi, even 'though De Gasperi has just returned from the U. S. A. with n. quarter-million dollars' worth of loans and promises... Movie moguls are so worried over selling their pictures in Europe th;it they are sending Col. Frank McCarthy, close friend of Secretary of State Marshall, to head the Paris office of the Motion Picture association. McCarthy had boon expected to take a top job in the State Department, but will be Hollywood's European trouble-shooter instead.. .Private power find fertilizer Interests are using Senator McKellar and his Tennessee feud ugainst David Lil- to block Gordon Ciapp from ' becoming Lilicnthal's TVA-succes-i sor, 'i i ' * • Red Cross Plans One-Day Campaign Hartford Wtaess To Raise Major Portion Of Quota Sunday. March 2 —circle the date on your calendar—has been announced by the Naugatuck Red Cross Fund Committee as the date for the big one-day campaign to raise the major part of the quota in this years fund campaign. On this date Red Cross workers will canvuss the town from door-to-door to give each resident of the town an opportunity to contribute to the fund. Francis P. Flynn, assistant choir- man of the Naugatuck Chapter of the Red Cross Fund Committee tor 19'I7, while talking to a meeting of ( the Red Cross Public Information Committee, said 'that''this 'year's | A Bridgeport Herald writer has drive will emphuai/.e the resldcn- | been accused of attempting to have tial solicitations, under, the chair-j a court witness change her test!- nianahip of Attorney Helen L.'Mc-| mony. Donough. It is hoped that the greater part of this can be done In the one-day solicitations- For those unable to donate on March 2, a follow.-up opportunity at a later dati> will be arranged for them to do their share. As In past years letters will go OIK to residents of the community, but this year there will be no return envelopes for donations as the recipients will be asked to hand their donations to 'the Red Cross workers when thuy call. What's Doing In Naugatuck k calendar ol events foi today, tomorrow and every day Tonight Naugatuck High School swimmers against Hillhouae team at Y. M. C. A. pool. St. Francis musical revue rehcare- al. 'Council of Catholic Women meeting. Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs meet for special planning. Basketball, Industrial League games at Y. M. C. A. Columbian Keljekjh lodge, instal- ation of ofllcers. St. Michael's Men's club, smoker. Desert-bridge, American Legion auxiliary. .Jan. .'ill Gra-Y Club meeting. All Ame.rican Veteran:; meeting- St. Francis Mcn'a'Club meeting. Jiui. 31 Past Noble Grand Club meeting. Basketball, U. S. Rubber against Purple Knights at Y. M. C. A, Pond Hill Community club card party. Bakery sale, St. Michael's Guild. Registrars of Voters sit. March of Dimes Henefit, Basketball, Merry Morticians against ?ost office and Purple Knights against United States Rubber Co. Dancing after the games to the music of Zembruski's orchestra, at he Y. M. C. A. Naugatuck aevie of Eagle 'Past Presidents Night." .Hi),'b Si'hooJ junior ci.i.s.s dance, f«b. 1 Naugntuek Y. M. C. A. Junir> Leaders' Corps meeting. -•"IT Reelect Head Of Library Trustees ; Harris Whittemore, Jr,, wag re- olccted chairman at the annual meeting of the board of trustees of the Howard Whittemore Memorial library lost night in the Children's library. Carlisle B. Tuttle was re-elected secretary and trensurer. Mr. Tuttle's annual report which \vus read at the meeting', s-Jio'wed a gain in both «dult and children's book circulation. Member.' of t.hc board of .trustees are: Mrs. Harold D. GibtuU, Hilding Olson and James P. Sweeney. The charge i.9 made agaf.nst William F. James of Hartford—who does a column for the Bridgeport weekly. A witness in Superior court at I Hartford—Mrs. Helen K. Lyons— says that Jumcs offered her $1,000 If she would leave the city for several months.. Mrs. Lyons Is state's wltnena against two men—Salvatore Man- nrite and John Trikaki.'i—who are charged with assaulting her in a restaurant. went, but at C p. in., juat about wpen Mra. Algrcrl had. given up hope, her hu»b-.uid arrived in Eoa- ton from Rome. RADIO EXPERTS Since 1025 SWAN'S 15 Church St. — TeL 26W KEEPS HIS DATE Waltham ,Majs —(UP)— When Grunlano C. Algwi left for Italy in Sep'tembcr to see his .aired mother for ttie first time in 86 years, he told his wife and six daughters to expect him home for Christmas. Dec. 25, 1940, almost came and If You Want to Buy or Sell REAL ESTATE See "Tony" Farrar Tel. 4233 GOING AWAY? GET YOCB LUGGHGE At FISHER'S 111 South Main SL, .Waterhurv R&P • METAL WQBKB *> H» MAIN BTftKRr < pcrt Welding of All • or»lr>», .Shei*. Met*| i Ornamental 8U«| Wotk Sheet and Bar Mf*«| •«. -.1, U7T ^^ J AMUAKY FUR SAL| UNDER WAY V» N. MAIM STREET WaUirbury Tel, WEISS' Ben Franklin Store STEEL CABINET* 12x18x54 inched — tll.N 12xIXxG(l InchcM — tlfi.K 152 CHURCH STREET White Enameled ' ' Man Awarded $4,056 Compensation As the result of an accident whilo working for W. J. Megin company. iNtiugatucH, Peter Pontelandolto. 73 Bradley avenue, Watcrbury, will receive compensation amounting (.•> $4,055 according to an agreement approved yesterday by Harry Km/sow, workmen's compensatloh com- misisoner of Watei-bury. Pontclandolfo, who suffered 65 per cent loss of the left hand last Feb. 21, will be paid $30 weekly for a period of 135.20 weeks beginning from last Jan. 10, More than O.CCO community can ing centers have been established r.der the U. S. Department of Agri culture'!; homo food prc'jervatioi program. (Copyright, 19-17, by the Bell Syndicate, Inc.) — Attention Students — Griiduato Name Cards by Kruft. Sunshine Note*. IVr.somili/.ed Stationary. Tel. 3889 STILL AVAILABLE!! \ limited iiuinlivr of Cutliollo und I'rotf-stiidt n-llirJwitt fMlitn- <lur.i. tcloplmni) If you !Sln> ono. BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 22 I'AUK 1'LACK Teh-phono 43IM FITZGERALD FUNERAL HOME 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS F»r All Occuiloni FI.OWKHS TELEGRAPHED EVERYWHERE MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP IM AVENTB 0225 WK'RK ALTERING OUR STORE W:.tch Us Grow! CORNER CANTEEN 393 No. Mnln Street "IJom" Tellerico, Prop. DANCING EVERY FRI. NITF. ICiiv Anilr»m< mill HIM :i string* A|i|tl//u • Iflllhlil unil" Aiurrtrnn rulslm> " 1-nll l.limor I'i ..... * I'h-iily i:l I'nrklnR Sn THIO It^"^ 'I'lioMittxton Avr. \\'u(rrttnry, Cunn. SKATING Baummer's Field St. Rink Telephone 3501 THE CHINA INN 11 HiirrNttn Avo. At J<ruvrnwnrlh Wiitt'rliurv SlH'rlilllzlM* 111 C'lliuWM* IIUll Stop In After the Theater O|*rn Duil.v 11 u. Ill, lO 10 |i, in, .Hniiijuy** J 1 ^ noon to 10 p. (,'lo.wfl nil tfur .M SKCKKTAKlAt. KFI'OHTINd N'vrliwim'nt In Orritg Xliorthdnd to 100 w|iin, NV\v (irtiun hnrlnn Jun. 21, 11)47. THE 'PERRY SCHOOL C.REOO SCHOOL" Wctertv'/ Drown nid». Chrysler and Plymouth 0. M. C. Truck* J.C.Raytkwich, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing UM SOUTH MAIN ST. Telephone Vampire b.its have gullets :,o small that only a liquid diet is pos- Biblo. They have boon known to attack men in tropical climates. FOR RANGE OR FUEL OIL TEL. 5618 Bill's Fuel Oil Service 59 Woodland Street "Bill" Marlnclli, Prop. Bill's Danbury Hatter 57 SOUTH MAIN ST. Wm. Mariano, Prop. Men's Hats Cleaned, Blocked Factory Methods NEW HATS FOR SALE Hats Made to Order FOR YOUR FAMILY NEEDS!! NAT'S 410 North Main St. HUNDREDS OF VALUES. 1 January Clearance SALE at BENSON'S KIDDIE SHOP iso SOUTH MAIN ST. Waterbury CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY IN NEW QUARTERS AT 28 CHURCH STREET Tel. 3219 — RADIOS — — PHONOGRAPHS — Radio - Phono Combinations . RADIO RCPAIB SERVICE Join the MARCH OF DIMES! ! J. K. STORES CUT RATE, LIQUORS, WINES, BEERS Free Delivery Anywhere In Borough 396 No. Main St. Tel. 4979 Venetian Blinds In Huck. • I)«T Hrrvlw LEBON'S 118 No, MM» 8t. Trt. S-7ZS1 THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson BnlWlnc Conn. LEARN PHOTOGRAPHY Sixteen Week Course In Modern Photography CLASSES NOW FORMING WHITE TODAY for INFORMATION CONCERNING CLASSES Certified By The Connecticut State Board Of Education THE COLONIAL ACADEMY OF PHOTOGRAPHY Box 327 — LITCHFIEL.D, CONN. — Tel. 508 LINCOLN EQUIPMENT CO. INC. 15 Leavenworth Street — Tel 5-0177 WATERBURY 32, CONNECTICUT SAY; SHARPENING SERVICE Our new automatic electric machine will quickly sharpen any kind of saw:— BAND SAWS • CIRCULAR SAWS • CABPENTEB'8 SAWS • BUTCHER'S SAWS * BUCK SAWS • POWEB SAWS • ONE and TWO MAN SAWS Band Saws Made to Order On Our New- Electric Welding Machine! Any Size ! Quick Service! Low Prices! i ii in \knii SAND-BANUM Blue Seal Emulsion Removes scale from interior surfaces of heads and jackets of all types of farm and .ndustrial gas and Diese] engines, WHAT BLUE SEAL EMULSION SAND-BANUM CAN DO FOR YOUR COOLING SYSTEM Kegular use prevents formation of rwAfsr T OWOMM ANOTHER SHIPMENT AMERICAN MADE GUARANTEED ALARM CLOCKS FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co, 832 NORTH MAIN ST. Union City - TeL 1683 Homework 83-35 EAST MAIN STREET . . IOI7UB UNDtt AUTHOIITY Of THI COCA-COIA COMPANY IY Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Waterbury attic with TRUMPET FLOWER STUDS few featured in VOGUE This lovely dress with it's fascinating tulip yoke and brilliant stud buttons will see you through your busiest days. Made of sheer crepe, it may be worn into midsummer . . . 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