The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 10, 1955 · Page 43
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 43

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1955
Page 43
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Ask Engineers Conlracf For Big City Sewer The Altfona eity eounc-il dis- < ussed a variety of subjects during a four-hour meeting at the eity hall Oct. 27 Hk;h on the li--t m iirpoi! -in" was consid; ra!i.,n .,f ei-m -e r ; I.. be.t;in \vork immi .liat-.iy ,,;-, •,}•:• big storm a wo>- ),; ojec't for i i'< inrtheas! and oast si eii -DS .if Al- fiona. A lotto- from Buell & Winlor, Sioux Cl!v. mlonmd ihe city 1h;it thev would not !,-. availnbie at this time due to pr< vii u • com- mittments. M. \V. Billing, r. representative of Collins. Thompson and Wiihs. Marsha!!?.<w!i v r- aske.l by members of the c, iiin- eil to pi-'-s.nt a propose contact al the m. Ming Thu.-sda* . Nov. X It is iiiv-i rlaui as to the i \-ict length of !;:,'... ,-,.,,o;red f.-.r the ('•ngineeriiig portion "I" the portion ul th.' pr»jecl. therefore mipo. ib'e to ascertain wh«-M ihe actual du;;Mr,:! \vill ;.-i • un.lei- w;iy. If. and when, fin-illy comp!< fed in total, the ;.t-<im -ewe-;- <• >r,s- tl'Uctl'i!! W.i-l!d .--. rve ,iil I i,, ,.-.-• persons livui:: in an ;•!••-.i :"-n"rally b-iunded h> Mci"; ; . .. .; ' •.:, i'n tiie Mjijth. 'th'- '.<i<; t' -;• ,' n hi:;i,wav 1.! on t'-." north, p ;: .| the city limit* <>n •)-,.. <•;•.' !"'....• men' - !,a\-e i:---\ (>"en ob'air' d ,.n all p; ; ]>• ! !y '.vhieh v. ill lie ci...-'..- <"'(!, but the city plans to gr, ahead as it is possible to do so." A written proposal, presented i'V f.vevci- Bros.. ;h" firm which 'i 1 ' 1 ; lib-.! nut ion ...f hoi mix '"• '.-old ijiix as a base in .some instance--, wa- okay.d by the city H-" additional cos! piobably will not exceed $8,000. At the Time time, the city accepted tin ''ii; b and Duller portion of the proj'rt from Glover Construction. A local representative of North Central Public Service. Join Don-.van. requested that hi's company b" given protection in Ihe fuf pro when various c;!y jr.i- proveiiv. n's ai. msde. Thi com:<'U;\- 'oM'M-'s po -ibif. d.'iinai;;' to :' ' equipment, and wants it avoid"d. A possible answer is being :nves!i::atod by city officials. Lir.nai 1 . urA I.yn'-h. law office was employer! by th" city to defend policemen Al Boekelrnan ,-t!'i I!ichar;l Groi-n in a di'-'tric* •:-:e 1'iii.r. widow of Robert Pofer h 'Hi ' : in a clinse la- t summer M- Pi f'vr is suing the city and '.': : - i .'."•> p- !iiT-:i:' n over the in- • ' :'•". P.. Be-'. M,s Hi-.-e! I) L;r-- bv. K,-'!'\v I.urnlv r Co., John and F/o.-.:, C, Roadman and Ml - II S ;!'(••': '' >n; -inner ,Te ••..-. L,-;. ; 'n- brook was instructed to obtain :•: ---!' 'd b.•;•.--.-. .-n the imdei-n,-,'^- nd <' d. . •••:;.•< -,i! hu:hw;.v ]<;':') as :' .-r. 1 - : >: Ah'ona from t! ..'• n.-.rth. Ti " ': e- b'T would b>- .-••ril./:- t" Mi-.- «.".o "n S-.ut'n Philhp street Fwr.,i Oi;y- Swea City Man, ^ Armstrong Girl, Remember wed At Nashua To Get Your CARNATION M. s Ruth Carlson, Oscar Rerg- firen, John Larson, Donald Swanson and Misses Emily Moline and Margaret Carlson. Mrs Oscar Linde will have devotion.-- and music will be furnished by Mr- Wendell Ditsworth. The Luther League will meet Thursday evening. Nov. 3. The menu committee includes Eclrys Peter.', m, -Susan Benk'le, Lowell Greenfield. Dennis Lund and !3ruo<* Gabby. Mrs Dorothy Miller and children. Ardeil and Keith, visited over Saturday and Sunday at the. home of the Rev. and Mrs S. Hammer. Mrs Miller is the widow of the late Glen Miller, who farmed west of Swea City at the i time of his death. ! The H.-v. and Mrs A. M. Young- Cjiiisl and daughters Anita an.i Darline attended Homecoming a! Gustavus A'dolphu,-. St. Peter Minn.. Oct. 30. The Youngquistr- I have a daughter and son attend- in L; school there: Lorraine of Ihe i senior cia.s;-- and Don a freshman. j _ ___^ | Goetz-Ellingson ! Nuptials Oct. 23, Buffalo Center j Bonn,e Leu. daughter of Mr I and Mrs Oscar Ellingson. Buf- I falo C'-tii. r. b"cai)ie the l-,r:d»- of j Ja:i!. s Fi'-d-rick. son of Mr and | Mr-: Herman GtKtx. Jr. Led'-ard in a c"! oniony conducted bv Ri-v L. G. Mathre in the Betlilr-hem Lutheian Churcii. 1'ulfalo Center. Sunday. Oct. 23. at 7 p.m. Organ- ' l -t W.-'< JuDH'ta We-M-1- of Buf falo Center and Edward Elling"i! and Sharon Ander-ori WI.TC Tiie bride's a'teivian's \vere !:er sister, Ml-; Rn.-h.ed CnX-or, Ksll;erv!llr. nvid ..f ;-. .-..,,,-. : . r -d D'.i is Kav and Jar,; . Kav GOI \-/ :••• :- of '•!" br:de^'i- .-.m. br:(ie- :i:v. : - P.-ur.i ]:, Gav C-xson = : ; -v, r:.:. .Tarn" Richard-• n | •II- i: :h'i : - \ver- Vn -;] l^d-!;er I •r.d K"n:a ;); BiJvar.c- j : P.e-! ::;an -.v,- R-,eh, i; i C,.-:,or. I 1 -nd D. nald J.:.h.-,,, n ;,;-..i Garv I Hi Jinks Devoted lo "Behind The Scenes" Items From Algona High School. and Mrs Don Ferris, daughter of i homo of their parenls, Mr ami Mr and Mis Henry Orthel were | Mrs Win. Boyken. who took part in the \vo.d- .'••.- •:' .'• - ! v •' :'. .-,••'! •'-.,. .-, i r.. i.-,-.' -. •. i•-.. r-;i'-'!', '• ••• ;::"i . ••]• •-:'-• "•' ! ;. : '/' ;; ' ".; • Ci ; i: ' ' |V; ' H ••' ;1 •. -i ; ' •'! '-' \\ -. .- ".'•-.•'': .\ r,.; ' .; i ' . • • -;; *. ; ".• '' ! • • •,< t *.i. ;- -, ... ..! ;>... },., H.-.-'p'.;,' ;- ; - ;.,'•;'! ' ' • •• • -. :-..-• •', -! 1 -i -,'e t :, :'..: T: .. • : S,v . (/:•,. \T."l.ii--- o: '.).'• H.,pe el; ',';. --.TV- i i i ,;-, r..'chen ho-t. >-e- an i -!m- j I ing i"..:r. host- \V're Mr and Mr- ' i John B.-niamin of Buffalo Ci-ntei- j Carol Jane H,.;h.-,iH ;• v.-a- in i ••n..rg - ..; the uu-.-s! t)...,k. S:-. .run V.h.-itcr- and M":-'r. Fr:. . m;t: Mr- N-'Is E:iin'-.'--.n arid J.AV R 'Van,; rut the cake, and M: s j R-,v:r.on.i Join^ .n ..rd M:s J.-hn : S:-:-;'- |; ,ured. T'ie t'.ri e-'nr' (.i ' ffoii THIS WEEK-END At Ycur Grocer's | . ' J >::'• 'i'l.-'i -:'i !!"• i 0111- i F' '-. !' H-al. S;',!; T.iiil;. M ; -^ R -. \' 1 T C'e ., r . 1 ; >;:' ' -h-.-pn^,.-. C'---- : , •• : F.s : M-..- 1 .,,-,. \' : I .,. v , ;' 1.,,-. : ', ' '.. ' ->,..., T ., ,. T-,' T:. l. :i i'i- , , . ..-> j.'.an n ':V,.:.i C, :•-, - !,:•!; .-.;-. C J •!-,- | br: ifL-r.-i.::- :;..m Ledyard high, '!••:• y- :,-. F lio-.'-inp a wedding : '.-ip o! ti Wuck to the O.^irks, t'ir ! ne-,«.- Mr ,- r:d Mrs Go..-'.;: are livi:-,- ' .,'. Esthe.M 1 !". where I,,.-, is em- i ployed. j Mr Palmer's position as AHS's ' prixe poet has been threatened , by Sophomore Mike Seiler. who ' came up with this terse thank- you note written to the people who loaned their wagon to the. Snphninnre cause: "Thank:-- aua;n for the use of your wagon. Even ihoti^:] our float came in The four Seniors who look the scholarship screening test w:li not go away empty-handed. They were permitted to keep then spc'-ial pencils used on the test, which is; probabiv all that they'll get. * * * Other lests laken by AHS Seniors recently include the Kude; Preference, i.e., Would you rather n. Be a bell boy in a hotel b. Carry ou* th.v dirty dishes in a re.-;au;ant c. Live by yourself on an islanci ...and the Ohh, State Psycholo- --,' de-i^ned to show college aptitude, concerned jn the main with word relationships. * * • Freshmen girls who were initiated G.A.A. this year wi'l probul.ily never be able It. look at another or.ion without turning green. An onion wa- the;r constant c •> m p a n i o n throughout th." day of initiation. v,-.jrn s!vh:-n!v ai-ound tiiei, j neck-. At the n,:'lation. ai'.e, pushif.g a v/i'h tiie: r.'•'.-(.- through a molasses L-nc^ • crack, i- bleiri and other sue:!' ' .•njo\-ab!e- t,i.~k-. they v.-c-re rev. a;rl::-i with a -d' heious-lfiokins pi'-'ce of pn. r-.'ii.-uriing ail sort.-. u:.:cju..' ;r.:;ii':-i;!-nt.-. • » » Here's my recipe of the week s" 'I':-' ail \. >u ia:t:. s may try H •>'.'•' Tii i.-v • i y.,u \v!t ; . daugh- '-v ' ! :.::.; •'.•••.-:•• .->•• /.iiiyeci wit'r ';".-• ',.• ,I-.M e- o! :-..xV,r.j; ano'lit; Onion Meringue Pie • 2 cup.- deter^um : -j cU|-i £.,,: !:,• 3 cups sr.;.;r e; earn 2 V.-a,-p --!:.::•!•< -.f atVivnia 1 v. e!i-.-i reride,] ch ;•• b.,y M:x i:-:-.:..e,:.. !i-- ::.. „ ougiily. .-dd -.-•,••:•!-.:! ; ,.-.-.- -.;,;, •;•..-. pour ;nt ! ;.H '.,.• '.. :;::er.'.'-. :-..i: .;-, ..ven t- bake !•.; '.• :. :-..::-..;•.,.-.-. .,;v.l leave —SS ding party. ^ Mr and Mrs Loren Hans left Friday morning for Fremont. Neb., where they visited at the home of her brother and family. Mr and Mrs \V\\\l- Bcehfel. I'.'ei' the weekend. iVIr and Mrs lilliv P.;.vk"n and lamily of Ames a- k"n were \vc;ekend TITONKA NEWS :: Mis D u;;.lci Dies In Pasadena *•''•:-. K::,, c H.-:'•.-:•;--.-n. ;;:. -i:---i ; D..'b,,'.-.^" -,- ~" ; .' .^.".':,". ';: . Oi-tol.-» - 30 at Pasadena. Cah; - lt ' •'•'.;'"; '-'.'.' i- ",',., "i '.;'.'." "„ -'- \va-t,'.:n ;<!>,; r-.M-d in A:-:J H ..,.,, •]-,,: .,,'.,, ' ; -.., ; ; v "^ '. ,;;'., ;:;;;;;,'„ : ", 1 ,; 1 ,. . ta "4 >t .. l ; li . ! \" 11 ^ i!: ,! .,v u j "'"--i R-nua j.,y and - v.- t! ,:-,..rt ;;;;; fi y''-';;''' R ;.';'?'''c'/.V'';'^' 1 '.;.:; • ' ^ ~'^ d ' ^ J - L-in-,..:.;;!, •.•"•:•!•. Sh v • •"• "'•'•'•« • \ -'• ^n'i'MV-"!-;. 1 ';;''''^: 1 ;',-. £~:'y.^\'•'•*' I 1 ••-.nicn... . Oes--, ^e.c.u-: ;.:> •; L'-i;;- U-. ,:vr- c7o nn " ! r.-u; and Mr and Mi: !Un:y 51>80 ° Or!:.el attuidid ihe v.-t-ddn-:.'. •! •\ >',ivi ;- :.iap[)!e p.i::y :; : .i:i D --nri.-: .!»-.,n Sartor S;.tu:.;;v !y ' 'i-h: !;• ' >p pra e. Sl.fiiiu ;,i a Oct. 2P. .U .Mas..n C;'v :llli "•••'> P '•'<:• -"''s held rece:-.:l\- I) .nna Jean is the riaujhU;- of •' K;.J..i-.-i Ti.e T .p 10 pon:«.-s ::v Dr. .ind Mrs Gu:d--i Sar'-'-r !>.••:!;.- --.]!" avi.^C'.i * 1.090. ..:,-) Intern,ill. L. uis Ot.--t-.-ir--v-i.e- CLEAN CAN MEAN! Gef more kinds of clothes more thoroughly, safely clean with exclusive "New Way to Wash"! tinghouse Only *New Way to Wash" has this Agi-Tumb!e Action! Ai;i[.ii T v.tnes huili into Mvlei of wash LIJM.CI :nurt- it,un»:i;li!) I ...h |.l.-^- i., ihishe.i. liluJ. uin.hlc.l. turnc-J j) il 11 \\eie the only piciL in the Dunn:; iniMn.T. :ii;u.iloj \.n\c-i lilt u«Jj iiom dirty \\a^lI ji;J rinse ".Her. PER W€EK . AFTER SMALL DOWN PAYMENT • Exclusive Api-Tiinihlc Accion flu>lu-s, lifts, turns an<J tuinhK-5 c\i.-r\ puM.- to get all tlu- dirt out. • New Pu>lihuttini Laundroguidc gives time and tempera-* ture for all fahru-. degrees of .soil. • Ne\\ C'olor-lil.nui. Controls liyht up to show phase of c\cle, auioinutK control can be set to choose any phase of cxtle. • New Soap 'N \V.,u-r Sa\er and ^Viph-to-S.ive Door measure exactly, sa\e snap and up to 10 ijalloni of water. WESTINGHOUSE DRYER...DOES MORE THAN DRY • I'xilusive Direct Air 1'low S>-.(t.iii blows fresh air ilirectlv into clci'.hcs- dries f.iMer than an> oilr.r clr\cr. • New t.'ulor-CilaiKe I'miiroU. • Hand) Loading no binding, no stooping 1'ound oa no other drjtr. YOU CAN 0£ SURE...IF E APPLIANCE Larrv D Boyken. son of Mr and Mrs Eilert D. Boyken. was disharged fiom the army last Thursday Oct. 20, and is home attei sei ving two yeai.i. He had overseas since April I. and h.-.d returned to the -; shortly before being dis- ',". He served three months op,,i beion... being transfer- i-i'e.'-s al tlie ' ed lo Japan. Lai ry is a graduate Thursday, Nov. 10, 1955 Mgona (la.) Upper Des Mdind*-* of the Titcjnka nigh school and The Birthday Circle met wiih K, S, Elot c /ended U S;'o n |? yula Ba ! 1 Thur9da >' aflf "-»- n - l.n im'tnbers V.-I-I-P present, and officer.-; were elected as follows: I picsidont, Beula Bait: vice pros., ! Ii ma Doeyi-: sec'\--treas.. Jessie ', i;.;-h: Gift and (.'aid Committee, r- ! f'ai ni La;.-on anrl her sister, Ella Siy. be". Mystery Sisters will I ; n-v.alcd at next meeting. rvaiPtw BURT C»UI\I Mr.-- Stenxe! anrl Mis v'and hoff visited relatives of the foi er near Woden Friday afternoon j Phone 778 "The Wildest Trader In Town' Algona Silhouette ff pmirr - the urn- Windsor Kcwporl tno-iiour hardtop This is how power looks... and feels! One look at this new "PowcrStylo" Chrysler tells j-ou this world-he;itcr is long and low and lean . . . that this is how power looks! But mister, what a thrill you're missing until you pilot "PowerStyle." I i inn the word "go." you boss two real sweet performers — a Chrysler airplanc- Upe V-S engine . . . and Pushbutton PowcrFlite automatic transmission. Plus full-time PowerPilot Steering and Power- Smooth Mrakes. You'll know then—this is how power feels! Come see it, try it yourself . . . today! Two more fabulous Chrysler "Firsts"! • Highway l!i-[-i' : —enjoy long-playing rt-ti'rjs while yon clrr.c! • Nov. airp!.!ne-type Instant llcilirn: Sys- tiM : —warms your car to li-onu roorn t'.-r.ip^rj'aire in seconds. ( " New Optional "Power-Train" Gives Windsor 25O h.p.! M'.re's a :'.iti'.':\-iri>;a!led sup.T-powcr -;•• '?;\\ -- I:u ri-a-t-s hoivcpuwcr ')'• ! lieo~'s in.qiic I'J'.c . . . u.scs no extra nil ll;c move in the j'Ic" Llirjslcr il'indsor THE NEW 1956 NOW MORE THAN EVER . . . AMERICA'S MOST SMARTLY DIFFERENT CAR iFOR THE BEST IN TV, SEE "IT'S A GREAT LIFE" AND "CLIMAX!"-SEE TV PAGE FO3 TIMES AND STATIONS i You can depend on FELCO FEEDS and on the FELCO organization FELCO is a cooperative of Iowa's leading farmer cooperatives. As a member cf youi cooperative, you and youi neighbors own and control FELCO. You can rely on FELCO feeds, too Stop in and watch us mix a batch of those high quality FELCO feeds that will be fed right in this area FELCO feeds have been formulated by expert nutritionists W e mix FELCO feeds according to those formulas every week So you know you're getting fresh feed. And remember You share in the cooperative savings when you feed FELCO feeds. Ask youi neighboi about FELCO Stop in and see us soon. Whittemore Cooperative Elevator, Whin emore The Farmers Elevator, Bode Farmers Cooperative Elevator Co., Swea City West Bend E!ev. Co., West Bend Farmsrs Cooperative Society, Wesley Burl Cooperative Elevator, Burt Lone Rock Cooperative Elev. Co., Lone Rock Fenton Cooperative Elevator Co., Fenton w&4

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