Santa Ana Register from Santa Ana, California on January 8, 1924 · Page 4
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Santa Ana Register from Santa Ana, California · Page 4

Santa Ana, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 8, 1924
Page 4
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1 4 SANTA ANA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 8, 1924 - a 4 4 I 1 1 STARS CAUSE TROUBLE LOS ANGELES. Jan. 8, Jen - tils Strong liTed with her husband, Eugene, for 17 years in complacent happiness, then she commenced studying astrology and decided the stars told her to leave him, the ha band testified In divorce court here. MAKES MONEY BY ARREST LOS ANGELES. Jan. 8. F. Burnett may be a vagrant, but he' been aronnd a hit and speaks French. Ahead of Barnett in police court line was a Frenchman whose English was nil. Barn en translated his plea, had Ms own case dismissed and paid $1.50 for his services as interpreter. ALL PAY FINES , LOS ANGELES, Jan. 8. "The court fines himself $2, a dollar a minute," decreed Judge Monroe arriving on the bench two min utes after the hour. Two minutes late a couple of attorneys appeared. "The court fines you both 4," the judge announced. Every body paid. 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Johnson and company, on the owners deeding to the city suggesting changes in present strips necessary for the widening, methods of keeping city books by The street is now of irregular the heads of the various depart - width, most of it being forty feet tnents of the city, the city council In event owners fail to present meeting here last night voted to deeds, it was intimated, widening ment at 7 o'clock next Monday eve - would be done under improvement mng, dispose of whatever business proceedings, which would entail may require attention and then KJ considerable expense. ' into executive session with a repi A petition signed by holders of resentative of the accounting and to per cent of the frontage was discuss changes in the bookkeepj presented, to tne council meeting we system. las night, asking that the street be The firm estimated it would cos widened. approximately $1400 to institute i Orders Drain Changes new system, Including an audit. As A communication from W. O. inventory of city property was no ALL "DOMESTICS," "READY TO WEAR" AND "STAPLES" ARE INCLUDED IN THIS ENORMOUS OFFERING IT Tl H Hill, 1401 South Main street, brought to the attention of the trustees the information that grade conditions at the corner of Hobart. and South Mian streets caused Hill's property to be flooded when there is rain. According to W. O. Knox, city engineer, it will be necessary to install a combination curb and gutter to permanently remedy the condition. The city en - included in the estimated cost. Poies Ordered Changed Relocation of a telephone pole tk a position three feet south of ltss was put forward by the - nation,! present location in front of thi rnnwnf Inn which mt nt nultlmn home of Mrs. J. R. Medlock, 821 North Main, was directed in ordel to permit Mrs. Medlock to put irT a nriveway. W. O. Packard, citv electrician was directed to arrange with the! " " gineer was instructed to do tem - Southern California Edison com porary work that would afford im - pany for the changing of poles on mediate reiier to Hill for the win - Fifth street necessitated by the n ter. ' sta Uation of an ornamental lisrhU ihe city engineer also was di - ing system. The poles have been reeled to correct a drain condi - abandoned by utility and will be tion on the northwest corner of maintained by the city for string - North Main and Sixth streets, ing of wires for the fire alarm svs - t;ompiaint was made that water tem. The cost will be approximate - stands on the corner because 1300. inadequate drain facilities. Paving Contracts Let Contracts were awarded Oples - Aska Crash Compensation Hope Hatcher, whose machine was struck and damaged by a po by and Dahl for paving Spurgeon lice car the night of November 25, street, from Seventeenth to Twen - was instructed by the council to tieth street, to Steele Finley for present written reports from eve paving Fairview avenue, Folwer to witnesses as to whether the driver! Bristol, and for repaving in front , of the city machine was using a of two lots on East Fourth street. I The bid on the latter job was 80 i cents per square foot Opening of Pacific avenue, from Eighth street north to Washington avenue, was discussed in ronnec - ! tion with a subdivision proposed by L. E. Martin in the northwest part of the city. Martin was directed to present a petition, for the opening. . Hearing of protests against the proposed opening of Richland ave - slren at the time of the aoeldent The accident happened as Thatch er was turning onto Booth street from West Fourth, and was due in a measure to wet pavement Re - I pair of the car cost $90. and Thatcher asked the council to re - j Im burse bim. Police in the machine! say that they were sounding the siren. Thatcher said the siren was! not used and that he had witness - es to prove it Application of C. C. Kirkenham - Tease between the oil compan and Yerrlngton and Keller after.! previous community lease, whiC included the Yerrlngton and Kell properties, had boen abandoned. Neswmder, it is said, is a tempting to - have the ' communii lease declared valid, so that ti veils drilled would' be under elaiV of the community lessors. ) IT TP w s ano - w ooieos At prices that speak for them8elves,, The first complete platform evi adopted by the Democratic pan 1 in 1840 and renominated Va Buren' for the presidency. Part of this platform were incorporate) into the deliverance of every Demi cratio national convention prior to the Civil war, and its. leading ideal have reappeared in many of tht party platforms of years . i nue, from Flower to Shelton street, for appointment to the police force was set for 8 p. m.. January 21. Ac - j was referred to the police commlsJ cording to J. W. Ogletfby, pains are sioner. JJIP - M LOSS W RESULT OF OUAKES Hi - Y Club Hears Boys Work Chief the last 6 ! - III! " ' 5 "Pi T " - It Jc i fi'Mw - iifj i ave.4 x - IRS. HI TWr ilil - mi.XJM mm . mmw . mi wisv . a i - n i a. , ... we - jit im . x ajr. ,:mm 15c $1.79 $1.79 $1.79 $1.79 $L79 $1.19 . : ?1.79 36 inch La Jura and Af Radium Silks . .v. . . ..... L.Afc. . . X Ts f 36 inch Fancy $1 Lining Silks ........ . i 0 U 54 inch Tweeds and Homespuns . ............. . . . . &&) U $4.00 54 inch English . ; JO Aft Chiffon Broadcloth ; . . . . stssi c t O 36 inch Novelty Mohair 54 inch Sergei many colors All Silk t Pongee ...... 1 .r. . . . l . . . !) m 95 c ...?1.39 .89c r Domestic Values That will convince you of values we are giving PER CLOTH d durability and so many pat - OUTING 7c ed in this offering. ' Regular 7. A. McDill, boys work secretary of the Santa Ana Y. M. C. A addressed a meeting of the Hi - Y club last night on "Thrift - Saving Time, Money and Friends The meeting was held at the home of Ray Adkinson, athletic director of the high school' and leader of the Hi - Y club. Two candidates, Les - TOKYO, Jan. 8. The Japanese ter Moon and Morris Davis were navy Is staging a fifty - mtlllon - dollar initiated into ,the organisation. At comeback - but the time that will " J Ui" v ... i were served. ;. .. Wi required, for that comeoacK is not known. v To a layman's eyes the Japanese navy seems - about as good as it was before the earthquake, so far as - ships are concerned. For fighting ships, afloat in the water, were not destroyed, or even dam aged to any extent. Two Meii Slain In Chicago Union War 7 CHICAGO, ' Jan. 8. Fearing further outbreaks in Chicago's labor war. which last fight re - The damage was done on land suited in one death and the wound - to arsenals, machine plants, stores ing 'of two, police mobilised to - and supplies all the equipment day to v. guard - Union meeting for making and maintaining the 'places. floating fortresses. Naval officers j John Gilmore was shot to death say all this shore damage can be and John Dunne was seriously repaired and replaced for Yen! wounded in a gun battle just out - 100,000,000 (fifty million dollars). side, the doors of the Bridge and Meanwhile, until those repairs Structural Iron Workers' union, i and replacements are made the while a meeting was in progress, fighting force at sea is weakened Both were said to have been by not having the usual supply . leaders of one faction in the or - backing from ashore. , Iganisation. Officials here now minimize the damage done to the navy as fighting sea force. The damage ashore is obvious. - But they say the fleets are not greatly weakened for combat purposes. But there is a technicality, for fighting ships on the sea must have oil, shells, guns, replacements, supplies and the shops and stations ashore that supplied those things were for the most part destroyed. Ki - lj i un . 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Sixty roomers in a lodging liouse at 542 ' Wall street were forced to flee for t their lives when fire extent possible, and conversations early today gutted the upper floor with numerous authorities, it end burned the roof of the struc - seems to me that a fair appraisal of i turn. - .A, v . ithe condition is: The navy has ' Many occupants' - of the house ! been hard hit, probably cocnider - ! dashed into the street in their ably in excess of the official fig - j night clothes escaping just ahead ; urea. But money and a year's!0' the rapidly spreading flames.: time can put the navy back where 1 Policemen and ' detectives joined it wasthat is, stores of oil can ! firemen In arousing the residents be re - established, arsenals, ma - !and helped prevent fatalities, chine shops, ways, etc., at the na - Another rooming house adjoln - val base, can be rebuilt Whether ' fog caught on fire but little dam - or not the people will stand for 8 resulted. ' spending the money is yet to be y" Beenalthough the chances are the aa - reem?!. wnnia h.v. Koan that they will. A group of. foreign correspondents were permitted by the naval authorities to make an inspection of Yokosuka recently. This was the great naval base twenty miles south of Yokohama. It was almost completely destroyed. Vast quantities of supplies, Including 70,000 tons of oil, were burned. Half a dozen machine shops and the electric plant, are about all that remains. Temporary Structures But sheds and shacks and temporary structures are going up, oil is being bought, supplies are being accumulated. Two submarines in the harbor were slightly damaged, and have since been re paired. Oout of the thirty seaplanes at. the base .twenty - nine were damaged and sixteen of these have been repaired to a point of servv lceability, officials say. Otherwise, according to 'the authorities, no damage was done to completed fighting craft. . - The "Amagi," a ba tlecruiser in the ways under construction, was warped in the keel. By agreement with the Washington treaty signatory powers, Japan will, therefore, scrap the "Amagi," and substitute scrapped.. The "Kaga" will be con - j verted into a seaplane carrier, as the ' Amagi would have been. It Is a technicality resulting from the earthquake, and making no lm portant difference in the scrapping scheme. . " - - Irony of Quake ' The "Satsuma," "Mikasa and "Akl" are now being scrapped at Yokosuka. v We saw the guns and turrets taken from some of these and workmen ripping away at the others. Amid the general scene of desolation it seemed singularly ironical that so much time and effort and - expenditure were nsces - sary for further destructionfur - ther destruction - of instruments created at great cost and for just one purpose that they might destroy, ffhe earthquake demolished so much but didn't harm the ships that have to be scrapped! "confidentially "I I'll I. II , I. . . ., ... ' ' f. ' ' 00000 - '' and Bank the Balance : - VV" 1' v , "i , " - v - ;;. , ':"s" : The Dawn Electric HEAD NOSE THROAT EARS KONOOITS to HMihea. DfiMW. CoM te BiL Dry Noa Ctarrk. Cot4a at 11 ktnda. Doctor. DtUta. Mara.a neonates KONOOK's. sOtfwnaMu AiKfwnayM ma. JJmiteapolisJ peaking ;. The way the Dawn Washing Machine has taken with the women of Santa Ana has i ,. r ' ....., - ..,. .;. - , . - itw - been more, than pleasing. 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