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Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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THE LARGEST FURNITURE AMD CARPET HOUSE OH THE COAST- CUPID MEETS WITK MUCH OPPOSITION PATTOSIEN'S PRETTY PARLOR PIECES THEY COST LITTLE AND YOU! GET THE IIEWEST PATTERNS GUARANTEED UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE iADElM OUR I OWN FACTORY fil Annual Clearance Sale Mother Seeks to Prevent Har riage of Young Couple Who are Under Age. The HIGH-PRICED Downtown Dealers Can't Compete With Us. The closing put sale of Jackets, Cloaks Suits and continue all during this week The greatest closing out of Ready-made wear will prevail. The balance of our Millinery will be closed out at tremendous sweeping reductions. Remember that the big discounts 'we offer in our dlf" ferent departments still hold good until the end of this Big Sale.

ABRAHAW1SON BROS: (incorporatbd 465; 467, 469, 471 THIRTEENTH STREET S. Corner Washington Street The letter reads as 'follows: "L.s Angeles, Jan. 24,, 1903. "County Clerk. Alameda county, Oakland, Cal Dear Sir: I wish to oppose the issuance of a marriage license, In the event thlt should be applied for at your office, to Edwin M.

Clinton, aged 19, of Los Angeles, and May Bell Darr, aged less than 16 years, also of Los Angeles. have refused my consent to this marriage and Mrs. Darr, mother of the girl, also opposes it. I am the boy's mother. Kindly keep this notice before you, and oblige.

BLANCHE E. JARCHOW, "208 East Thirty-second street." Invite Comparison In Quality and Prices III the Time. OUR OWN MAKE PARLOR SUIT mahogany, magnificent carvings, first c'ass upholstery; verona or silk brocade covering. Downtown pricef 14s. Onr price.

$100.00 C0HD0LA COUCH polished frame, covsrinjj in a choice of velours silk tapestry. T)own-towh price $20. Our price ROCOCO COUCH To "ted 'bevel edge or 8 row tnfcing, covering of fine Frerzee prasb. Downtown price f35-' Our price $26.00 PAHTASOTE COUCH retrihf best and popuTar imitation o' leather, oft spring head, full length, colcrs, green, tan, red, olive, jjiwntown price $17 50. Our pzice SI2.UU animus in solid crotch ARMCHA'R spring seat, OUR OWN MAKE BEAUTIFUL PARLOR CHAIR There are now but 33 of hem left, after a sale of two weeas; frc.

a lot of 90. This wek will aee the end of them. They are of an unsually pretty frame, with back of solid mahog4ny veneer ing and inlaid work, band polished bsst spring uphilstery, covering in fancy silk datmsk or imported French Downtown stores wonld get 6 or more for it. Odds and ends Sale pr.ce only ul I.UU PARLOR CHUS fine silk trimmings and fringes with hi-iw cord, soring back and seat. Downtown price 25.

Our $17.50 price -ve ivIADE FOR THE STEAMER IN COLLISION mahogany, barrel-shaped arms, tufted and sides; mm fin silk damask covering. Downtown pnct $5 5- Our price SWU.UU CLUB. suggestions being considered In connection with the Beecher memorial is one to place in Plymouth Church, Brooklyn, a series of eighteen stained glass windows to typify the struggle for religious and political liberty and commemorate great leaders tn the movement. Some of the scenes suggested would be. Savonarola preaching religious liberty, Martin Luther post- Ing his defiance of rRome on the doors of his church, incidents in the life ol Cromwell and in the French revolution, Patrick Henry exclaiming "Give me liberty or give me death," Webster re- plying to Hayne and Lincoln at Gettysburg.

Stained glass experts express the opinion that the broad straight windows would be admirably Special Sale Bedroom Suits This Week f4S.oo suit quartered oak, carving" $225 00 birdseye sui Suits, suit, A SHE WAS RUN ASHORE IN TO SAVE HER FROM SINKING. ORDER LONDON, Jan. 26. The British steamer British Prince, Antwerp to New York, was in collision today three miles from Dungeness with the British ship Waterloo from Iquique, Chile. The engine room and stoke holder of the British Prince filled rapidly and she was run ashore.

At high water the steamerwas refloated and, assisted by tugs, headed for this port. The headgear of the Waterloo was carried away. IN BEECHER'S MEMORY NEW YORK, Jan. 26. Among the 2C and heavy roll on bed -00 cn head.

This week tbdO.QU $160.00 quartered oak suit, pretty colonial design, mirrors, on 'bureau and washstand suit. French p' ate beve td mirror, serpentine front bureau. This week $37 DRAPERY SUGGESTIONS A tine lot of goods at great reductions All 50 Inches wide. 60c Fabrics at your choice, yard. 37 1-2c $1.35 Fabrics at your choice, 75c $2.75 Fabrics at your choice, yard.

$1.50 $5.00 Portieres, reduced to. 3.75 $8.50 Portieres, reduced, to 6.75 85 Solid Oak 2-Plece a 1 suit, odds and ends of three-piece mi mhrmt on shown in our lotn trt windows at a reduc lion of liardwood suit, goMen oat finish. A splendid birgain for the money. This week BUG BARGAINS Down Our Town. Price 810:8 Maae-Up Hugs $10.00 9x12 Rdyal Wiltons 5(fiW-3 35.00 8x2 Granite ArtSquares 3.25 8x4 Granite Art 6 00 8660 Blgelow Axminsters 12.00 2.65 4.40 7.50 14.75 9x12 Tapeatry Brussels 20.00 Mission and 16th StS.

I 11 I I j. 1.. 1 IT Ml PAYS TO TRADE IN THE MISSION What is home TRANSACTED BY CEHL MILES SUPERVISORS. You Get Our Absolute Cuarantoe of Superior Construction. OUR OWN MAKE STUDENT'S CHAIR heavy large spring bick and feat, covered in different velours or tapestries.

Djwn town price I nft $20. Our Slw.Uu ARMCHAIR Renaissance pattern, mahogany frame, tufted back, deep spring seat, imported tapestry or velour covering. Down- PARLOR SUIT SetSS anized birch," good upholsering, choice of velours tor coverings jwn- ROMAN clawfeit covered in plain or figured ours. Downtown price nfl $40. Our price.

tDuU.UU oval mirror, oval nead an 1 loot panels to match. Tois week JJIOZ (90.00 suit, with delicat: and rich carving in shield effect on n' head and foot. This week $70 $120.00 mahogany suit, beautiful shaped mirror, front dreiser. This week $95 CARPET BARGAINS Down Our Town. Price.

INGRAIN CARPETS, 900 yds. short ends 90c 50c BIGELOW LOWELL. BODY BRUSSELS, 70.0 yds, short ends $1.75 $1.25 BRUSSELS CARPETS, 1000 yds, short end's, 10 to 20 yard pieces 1.25 65c WILTON VELVETS, 600 yards left 1.50 95c 1 6th and Mission Sts. LEADER OF OUR ARMY RECEIVES MANY CALLS FROM OFFICERS. PARIS, Jan.

LleutenantGeneral Miles, the members 'of his staff and fcis family arrived here from Berlin yesterday afternoon and are now at the Continental Hotel. This morning the General and his. staff called at the United States Embassy and later Ambassador Porter returned the visit. General Miles also received the military attache. Captain Mott, and other American military and naval officers and friends.

He probably wll be received by the Minister of War, General Andre, and other French military notabilities and will Inspect the -military school and other features of the French military system. CASTRO DEFEATED. NEW YORK, Jan. 26. President Castro's troops have been defeated by the Venezuelan revolutionists in an Important battle about forty miles west of Puerto Cabello, says a dispatch to the Herald from Willemstad, Island of Curacao.

Scattered bodies of the de feated Government soldiers are arriv ing in Puerto Cabello. Their commanding General was captured by the revolutionists. 1 THE PANTHER INJUREu. NEW YORK, Jan. 26.

Persons in close touch with the blockading forces say, according to the Herald's Puerto Cabello (Venezuela) correspondent, that Fort San Carlos, Which commands the entrance to Lake Macacalbo, has been captured by. the Germans and been blown up. They also report that the German gunboat Panther has been disabled artd la being towed by the German cruiser Falke to Willemstad, Curacao. TRUNK COMBlu. NEW YORK, Jan.

26. It is announced that a meeting of trunk manufacturers will be held in this eity tomorrow with a view of forming a combine. The meeting Is the result of a proposition recently made to Western men to form one general association Instead of two! The manufacturers of trunk supplies have asked to be allowed to come into the combine, the capitalization of which will be NIGHT WIRE CHIEF DEAD. KANSAS CITY. Jan.

26. Abner night wire chief and electrician of the Western Union Telegraph Company in Kansas City, formerly assistant chief operator of that company in St Louis and later super intendent of telegraph of the CottoiH Belt Railroad, is dead at his home in this city. EASTERN WEATHER. CHICAGO, Jan. 26.

Temperatures at 7 A. New York 26, Boston 16. Philadelphia 28. Washington 24. Chicago 24.

Minneapolis 36, Cincinnati 32, St. Louia 42. I I PARIS. Bell who but who of as Board Hears Reports and Acts Upon without warm water? No home need be without a plentiful supply. The Deasy Heater has solved the problem.

It heats more water in less time, and with less gas, than any other heater ever made. THE COST -Is very small. Heater complete and set up $1000 or $12.00 according to pipe needed. That trie course of true love does not I -run smoothly is illustrated In the case of Edwin M3 Clinton, aged 19 years, and May Darr, aged 16, both of Lob Angeles, are anxious to be united in marriage, have met with opposition from their respective mothers. Fearing that the young couple har eloped and may make application In this county for a marriage license, Mrs.

Blanche E. Jarchow, mother of the youth is desirous of assuming matrimonial responsibilities, has written a letter to County Clerk Cook to forestall the Issuance of a license. Articles of Incorporation were filed today by George E. De Golia, as attorney, the new social organization called th "Claremont Country Club," in the County Clerk's office. The objects and purposes of the club, set forth in the articles, are to associate together "to promote social Intercourse among, and to furnish pleasure, happiness and health to its members." For that purpose the.

corporation is au-thorizedlto buy or mortgage all necessary real or personal property, "to foster, encouraged promote, advance and create interest iri and the practice of and enjoyment of golf, lawn tennis, baseball, foot ball, la crosse, steeple chasing, hare and hounda, bowling, polo, trap shooting, pigeon shooting, riding, driving, billiards and all other outdoor and indoor sports, upon" the property owned by the club. To Issue bonds, to secure payment of indebtedness generally to do anything necessary to carry out the purposes and objects the club." is no capital stock and the articles specifically announce that pecuniary profit is not the purpose of the organization- The place of business is at Oakland, California. The Board of Directors 2 are seven and those chosen for theTirst year are: Edwin Goodatl, Frank M. Wilson, F. W.

Van Slcklen, P. E. Bowles, S. B. McKee, GeorgeW.

McNear Jr. and W. P. Johnson. The other incorporators, in addition to NT PELEE IS EXCURSIONISTS HAVE A NARROW i ESCAPE AT CITY OF ST.

PIERRE. CASTRIES, Island of St. Lucia, B. W. I Jan.

26. The RoyaJ mail steamer Esk tool? over 400 excursionists to St. Pierre, Martinique, Saturday and returned here today. I She reports that while at St. Pierre, at TO THE ROOTS.

A School Boy Digs to Find Food to Build Him Right. A good, straightforward letter was recently sent by a bright, clever youth, which, shows his ability to go to the bottom of a trouble and rectify it. He says: "I attended High School for throe years, but made little progress. I did not enjoy good health; my food was-not properly digested; this caused headache "and hence I could not study. I triedi taking exercise in the football field, but was unable to stand it as it always! increased my headache.

"Durtna- the summer noimays 1 db-gan eating Grape-Nuts and the benefit was Immediate, the headache stopped, my food digested properly so that I had no? more stomach trouble, my general hialth improved, my weight increased and my brain was clear and "Thef result was that this summer I procured Junior Leaving and Junior Matriculation Standing. I also took my place on the- football team as halfback and played in all the games of 1901. "This wonderful increase in mental and physical health I' attribute to no other cause than the nourishment I got from Grape-Nuts. I recommend them to everybody who desires health. am only a boy of 17 years, but my weight is 148 pounds and this weight was procured solely by the use of Grape-Nuts." Name given by Postum Cereal.

Battle Creek, Mich. There is a reason why Grape-Nuts should correct a delicate physical, or a sluggish mental condition. The food is highly nutritious and is predlgested so that it helps the digestive organs to as similate other food. It is also rich in the phosphates that go directly to make up the delicate, gray matter of brain and nerve centers. PLANS ARE COUNT 111 MM I RY Many Matters of Importance to Taxpayers.

adapted to pictorial treatment. Dr. Wong Him The famous Herb Doctor, for 4 years past at 115-117 Mason street, San Francisco, has to 667 Geary, neat Leavenworth! Treats all diseases of, tht human body. Testimonials at office. G.

ANGELI Dealer In fine imported Liquors, Brandies and Whiskies, Port Wine, Angelica Sherry, and Cigars; choice Groceries Fruits. Provisions. Grain. Poultry, Egra Butter. Wholesale and Retail.

Ftm livery. 1801, 1803, 1805 GROVE STREET, Cer. 26tl Phone Main 192 15" 3 fed Lectures i 4 ti i 1 fl 1 THE ORIGINAL EDITION LEFT.) with views of the world's famous the identical discourses delivered These lectures are now publish volumes, comprising over 4,000 pages of and 4,000 views, picturing and describing the whole a only Stoddard can do it, -hk the above named directors, are as follows: George E. De Golla. Anson L.

Blake, J. i. Ames, A. S. Macdonald, Chas.

Mills Gayley, A. H. T. R. Hutchin son, Ernest K.

Folger, C. O. G. Miller, Captain C. Minor Gopdall, Arthur Good all, Dr.

C. M. Cooper and A. Schilling. It was stated at the meeting of the in corporators that an option has been ob talned for the purchase of 120 acres of land owned by the Adams estate in Claremont, at the foot of the new road going to Walnut Creek, as a site for the new club grounds.

The site Is In a beautiful location, commanding a view of the bay, has on It pler.tyj of water, nd is an ideal place for a country club house, with plenty of room for the enjoyment of the various sports mentioned. The plan, as outlined by some of "the incorporators, is to begin construction, at once of a fine newclub-house, and the laying out and improvement of the grounds for the enjoyment of the various sports, so that by summer the club can move into its new quarters. The membership is to "be limited to 330, but this membership Includes the families of the members. A large number of the prominent people in this vicinity have already signified their intention of becoming members of the club, so that now Its success is an established fact S. B.

McKee has been chosen secretary of the rnrnnra IIah o'clock in the afternoon, Mont Pelee erupted. At that time there were more than 200 persons ashore and great alarm was felt ior ineir safety. Volunteers from the passengers who hart remained on board, assisted the rrww in hastening to the rescue. After forty minutes of excitement the passengers wer hrnuo-h i krCLUXV 111 safety. Apparently about.

800 feet of the the volcano has been blown away. JUSTIFICATION. When a young man puts salt and pepper on his buckwheat cakes and doesn't notice his mistake you are perfectly Justified in asking who the girl is Ohio Stale Journal. Made in France. Here, are some examples of French newspaper wit: Enables any one to play artistically on any piano any piece of music! ever written.

It is so artistic that great musicians use and endorse it; so simple In operation, a child or the most unmusical person can play it. The Pianola of 1903 is now here. We want every one to oome in and hear it. Plays the piano so perfectly you cannot distinguish between the Pianola and the human fingers. The Pianola is the only satisfactory piano player.

There are more Pianolas sold than all other self-player combined. There is but one Pianola and we arets exclusive agents. KOHLER CHASE KNABE DEALERS 1013 1015 BROADWAY Bet. and nth OAKLAND. The Oakland Gas, Light Heat Co.

553 Thirteenth Street. 3E 1 STODDARD'S Travel to furnish the County Assessor with a ttran3cript of jpersonal property mortgages from March 1899. to March 1903. TWO CLAIMS. Two claims, aggregating $11,470 for the support of inmates of the home for Feeble Minded Children, which were presented by State Controller Colgan, were referred to the Auditing Committee and District Attorney.

REQUISITION. The requisition of County Assessor Dal-ton for five desks, five chairs, five office stools, ft filing case and "a general cleaning of the windows, was referred to the Building Committee. WANTS AID. The application of Manuel Amarantes Pleasanton. who is ill and has twelve minor children support was referred to Supervisor Horner.

POl'NDMASTER. The resolution appointing Carlo Guan-ziroli poundmaster of Pleasanton District was rescinded, it having been learned that'he does not live in the district. CREDITS. Credits were granted prisoners in the County Jail as follows: William Kidd, ten days; Byron Hastings, five days; Jo-siah five days; B. Chipman, five days; Edward C.

Nelson, ten days. OLD MATERIAL. The matter of disposing of the old material which was formerly a part of the Bay Farm Island bridge was referred to Supervisor Talcott with power to act. BONDS. The bonds of the E.

B. A. L. Stone Supply Company for the following work on county roads were approved: Grading Lake Chabot road; macadamizing roads from San Leandro to San Lorenzo, from Hay wards to Castro Valley and from Mt. Eden to Hay- wards, i The bond of Charles inert, as poundmaster of Brooklyn township was approved.

EXECUTIVE SESSION. The Board then went into executive session for an hour to discuss the matter of giving the County Recorder two extra deputies! to supply the Assessor with a list of personal property mortgages. After the executive session the Board adjourned without transacting any further business. KLING GOES TO TACOMA. TACOMA, Jan.

26. The Led ger today says: John Kling, the 6tar backstop' of the Chicago National League team, has been signed by Man ager B. E. McKibben td play the com ing season with Tacoma In the Pacific Northwest League. Kling la rated as one of the greatest young catchers In the baseball business, and both Amer-.

lean and National League agents have been hard after him during the past winter. He did practically all of the backstop work for Chicago last season. HENRY'S LECTURE POSTPONED. At C. Henry's lecture was postponed Saturday night on account of the weather.

At the meeting of the Board of Sup- ervisors this morning the following letter from the Secretary Edwin Stearns of the Board of Trade was read and filed: "Gentlemen: A rumor is current to the effect that your body is contemplating purchasing large numbers of the special editions of the local newspapers. It Is also understood that petitions have been circulated and have been largely signed, asking your body to do so. "Should you decide to make this purchase, the Oakland Board of Trade can handle a very large number of both of these publications. Wo are dally In receipt of from half a dozen to thirty or forty inquiries concerning and Alameda county and these papers supply just the facts that are necessary. Very respectfully.

"EDWARD STEARNS, Secretary." BAD STREET. The following communication was referred to Supervisor Talcott: "Representing more than one thousand tax-payers, residents and citisens. I wish to call your attention to the horrible and dangerous condition of Penniman avenue Its entire length, which is one-half a mile from High street to the Redwood road. Recent heavy traffic of contractors nave rendered it well nigh impassable, as well as the upper portion of High street. The public traffic has been diverted to the fields to avoid pitfalls In the roadway.

"Citisens and residents have displayed wonderful patience- in the last five or six years In' this matter of dilapidated roads and now simply ask that you give It your immediata'and earnest not by referring it to a committee, but by your honorable body, as a Committee of tae Whole. As the gravity of the situation requires, we you may give it -immediate attention. Very respectfully. J-ALBERT G. NYE." ROAD FOREMEN.

Reports tf road foremen vfrere filed as follows: J. J. Hansen, Dublin; Cnrl Holm, apa. Rrpwpr. Wnshinctniv lj UIIClIUUll Vv RECEIVING HOSPITAL.

The report for December of Dr. R. T. Btratton. surgeon 01 me receiving Hos pital, showed: Patients aamitten, as; patients died, patients sent to County Infirmary.

patients remaining, number of services rendered, 234. COUNTY RECORDER. County Recorder Grimm was instructed What Shall We Have for Dessert -This question arises in the family every day. Let ns answer it to-day. Try 1 a delicious and healthful Pre- ared in two- minutes.

No boiling 1 1 no akincr! add boiling water and set to cooL Flavors: Lemon, Orange, Raspberry and Strawberry. Get a package at your grocer to-oay. xo cts. eighteen years, under the title of the I I i I (ONLY TWELVE SETS OF Illustrated and embellished places and people, being during the past V. i AJ A.

ft Stoddard Lectures. ed in 12 description 5 6S. 4 ft! s- I Hi Address..

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